Sunday, 25 September 2011

We are back!

Hello boys, girls and those in between. Long time no post!

Sorry we have been away, but after the Supreme Leader bid us adieu on the 16th of May 2009 (no, it wasn't the 18th), we had nothing much to write about and update you. However, we have to reactivate ourselves for the benefit of our nation. Here's why:

The LTTE is at it again, no not in Sri Lanka, but in every other country under the sun. What started as feeble attempt at retaliation (e.g. their imaginary Transnational Government) has become much more sinister. They have organised themselves after their military defeat. The fund collections from the diaspora never stopped. As the money can no longer go for weapons and their war effort, it has been channelled to the biggest bastards of them all - lawyers. Ever heard of ambulance chasers and "no win, no fee" lawyers. This kind is worse, "human right lawyers". They have been lobbying the UN (most recently at the UN human rights session in Geneva), foreign governments and even private enterprises to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka / boycott our produce.

Our government's reply has been even more feeble, flaccid at best. We almost got a bollocking at the UN human rights council session recently concluded, but due to sheer luck and good timing we escaped any concrete sanctions, warnings and rebukes. This can't happen for long, so therefore we ask our readers mainly based in the western countries to do your best, organise yourselves and lobby back at those who don't want to see our Island enjoy peace.

Watch this space over the course of the next few weeks. Our next article will focus on the foreign power that is marshalling the LTTE diaspora.