Saturday, 31 January 2009

48 Hour Ceasefire: A military Gimmick.

It is reliably learnt by EFT that the Rajapakse triggered 48 hour truce is yet another military strategy adopted by the Rajapakse regime. The Ceyloneese President Rajapakse declared a 48 hour truce in the pretence of facilitating civillian movements.

Since the 29th evening many Special Forces and Commando units who were kept in reserve during the last few weeks were seen taking up positions in the front line. This goes on to show the notorious attitude of the GOSL where they continue to exploit the humanitarian aspect of the LTTE. It is further revealed that the idea of a ceasefire was manufactured by the wily anti Thamil duo of Shiv Shankar Mennon and Palitha Kohona with the objective of appeasing the international community. Mennon has further gone on to arrange the Delhi based NDTV to carry out propaganda against the LTTE to brainwash the intelligent Thamil people in Thamil Nadu.

In the battlefront, the Singaleese Army continued their struggle at Chalai. As predicted weeks ago by EFT. LTTE is putting up stiff resistance there and SLA's 55th Division troops are trying to advance through very heavy casualties. Backed up by the tallest earth bund, the SLLI troops of the SLA have seen falling by the dozens in the event of their advances.

More information will follow in tomorrows "Special Column" .

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Update - LTTE withdraws from Puttukuduyiruppu

LTTE special battalions have withdrawn from Puttukuduyiruppu as a tactical manoeuvre in order to concentrate their fighting units in more strategic fronts. They have inflicted heavy damages to SLDF assets as well as eliminated a large number of infantrymen before the withdrawal with minimal damages to LTTE cadres and assets.

Fierce fighting is continuing in Chalai area and our ground commanders are confident that the SLA will not be able to advance in to this area. Our supreme leader is believed to be commanding from the front but senior leader Mr Amman is still being detained by the GOSL since his surrender (which I reported a few weeks back).

Contrary to what is reported on, the 152mm artillery gun was a defective weapon abandoned by the LTTE. This gun was damaged beyond repair a few weeks ago following an air raid by the SLAF. LTTE are still in possession of a number of high calibre artillery guns. However, due to changes in geographic layout of the battle fronts at the moment some of the guns are being rendered unusable as their range is incompatible with the location of targets.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mullaitivu "capture" - the truth revealed

Sources in Ceylon indicate that the Singala people of the island are euphoric about the "capture" of the small fishing hamlet of Mullaitivu. SLA units from the 7th Gemunu Watch (7GW) moved into the hamlet on Sunday while the LTTE were preparing to tactically withdraw.

Unfortunately, some of the LTTE cadres were caught off guard and were unable to withdraw in line with orders, around 200 of them are said to be trapped in the hamlet, their fate is unknown. Some sources speculate that these cadres were killed by the SLA in violation of universal battle norms. Foreign service agents of the LTTE are hard at work to lobby friendly countries to try and force the GoSL to handover Brigadier Nandanan Udawatte and Lieutenant Colonel Chaminda Lamahewa - CO of the 7GW. Once extradited, the Brigadier would face trial in Hague for war crimes.

The 7th GW are known to have suffered heavy casualties during their assault on Mullaitivu, EFT reported earlier that the SLA was facing heavy resistance in Chilawatte, the SLA was unable to move into Mullaitivu from this front as the Tigers bravely held onto the Chilawatte FDLs. The 7th GW had to resort to these desperate commando strikes with the support of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) of the SLN as the SLA units in Chilawatte were stalled. The SLA are invading our homeland amid untold miseries to our people, Wanni civilians are in the middle of an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. Basic health services have all but ceased and the people are facing severe hardships due to lack of adequate shelter and food. The safe zone declared by the SLA is a sham. EFT wonders how long the International Community is going to keep numb over this unraveling catastrophe.

EFT would like to note that 7GW is named after a wayward Singala "Prince" who wrested control of the island from the Tamil King Ellara. The Singalas' own historical chronicles - the Mahavamsa mentions that King Ellara was a fair and just ruler admired and respected by all ethno-religious communities in the island. The King was said to have put to death his own blood relations for violating Buddhist shrines. Our blog is a tribute to this popular King.

GoSL intelligence agencies who are holding the former second in command of the LTTE are reported to be changing his detention place regularly. The GoSL is keeping Poddu Amman away from both the Ceylon Judiciary system and India. Tamil Nadu is exerting severe pressure on Delhi to safely extract Poddu out of Ceylon.

The Indian External Affairs Minister - Pranab Mukherjee is in Ceylon to discuss security matters. However, our sources tell us the visit is a sham designed to appease Tamil Nadu sentiments. The Congress led Indian Government has never shown any real intentions to address Tamil grievances, the Congress washed their hands off the Tamil issue following the assassination of Rajiv Ghandhi. The visit is a show of face to the Congress coalition partners in Tamil Nadu. India is trying to fool Tamils by putting on these diplomatic displays, Tamils however aren't taken in by these dishonest tactics. Sources also tell us the India is turning its table against the LTTE and is colluding with the GoSL in hindering our liberation struggle by providing military and logistical support to the SLDF. North Indian politicos who are the kingmakers in the Congress party are pressurising the center to be anti LTTE as they fear a Tamil Nadu insurgency if the LTTE is given a base to operate in south India.

Meanwhile SLA's 58th division has entered the Visuamadhu junction in A35 and is struggling to wrest control in the Visuamadhu village. EFT will keep our readers posted on the new developments.

EFT would like to clarify that the Supreme Leader is still in Tamil Eelam and commanding our troops from the front.

EFT would like to request our readers to continue participating in the opinion poll. The results of the poll will be published on the 4th of February.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Ellalan Force Opinion Poll

EFT announced the creation of an opinion in our weekend column. We kindly request fellow bloggers to take a few minutes of their valuable time and complete the poll. The results of the poll will be compiled and presented on the 4th of February.

EFT also invites commentary about the future of the LTTE from our readers, as well completing the poll, please write your opinions in the comments section.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Column – Tigers go back to basics – Chilawatte is only the beginning

Coming to terms with failure

The LTTE’s military panel has finally come to terms with the fact that their conventional tactics have so far failed. The LTTE had tried to thwart the SLA’s advance by building L – shaped bunds and moats, these ineffective tactics were last used in WW1 and medieval times. The LTTE now being advised by unnamed military strategists have gone back to fighting the SLA with asymmetrical warfare (unconventional tactics). The LTTE’s previous successes against the SLA were down to asymmetrical warfare. Guerilla tactics is one of the main constituents of asymmetrical warfare, the other main constituents are small team operations, long range reconnaissance missions, ambushing enemy officers in lightning strikes, and defense in depth. These were successfully employed by the LTTE in Ceaseless Waves I to IV. The Tigers have begun to use these tactics in Chilawatte and have reaped the rewards. Although the LTTE is expected to vacate this area, they are set to continue harvesting SLA men by using the tactics recommended by the said military experts. The LTTE will use the same strategies in Challai which the SLA is trying to capture.

Mechanised Brigade

Wanni sources inform us that the Liberation Tigers have deployed the Mechanised Infantry Brigade in the Chilawatte and Challai fronts. The Mech. Brigade is made up of an undisclosed number of MBTs, Unicorn APCs, modified tractors and HMG mounted four wheel drives. The Brigade is led by an experienced commander and the cadres are specially trained in mechanised warfare. The Brigade has provided effective support during offensive and defensive operations. Logistical support is provided by the LTTE Armoured Mechanised Engineering (LAME) corps.

More defections

EFT earlier reported on leadership conflicts within LTTE’s high command. Our Wanni sources indicate that at least three Colonels from the LTTE’s ranks have defected to the GoSL side. However, the Supreme Commander’s loyalists are of the opinion that these defections will help strengthen the LTTE than weaken it. The Colonels who have defected have of late become more interested in providing a good life for their families and less interested in selflessly fighting for Tamil Eelam’s cause. Our sources further added that the main reason behind the recent losses has been the lack of motivation and dedication displayed by these Colonels. The loyalists are glad to have got rid of these traitors and are regretting the decisions that put these Colonels in charge of defending key towns, villages and grounds of strategic importance. The fate of the one time second in command of the LTTE is unknown, pro and anti GoSL sources are refusing to divulge any further information on this matter.

India's involvement

The visiting Indian Foreign Secretary, Shivshankar Menon is leaving the Island a happy man having fully accomplished his mission. The Foreign Secretary is said to have issued two requests to the GoSL President - Mahendra Percival Rajapakse. Unconfirmed reports say that President Percy has accepted both these requests. The Congress led Indian Government is increasingly getting involved in GoSL affairs to keep its Tamil Nadu voter base happy.

Civilians abandon Tamil Eelam

Meanwhile, EFT sources inform that civilians are fleeing Tiger controlled areas in large numbers to GoSL controlled areas. The civilians are said to be unhappy to be leaving behind their beloved Tamil Eelam homeland, their homes and personal possessions. The civilians have been made refugees in their own land and are residing in temporary shelters.

Opinion Poll

EFT is pleased to announce the creation of a poll. The objective of the poll is to invite opinion from fellow bloggers on the future of our liberation struggle. EFT would like to invite opinions from our readers. The poll will be published tomorrow. The results of the poll will be complied and presented two weeks from tomorrow.

Await Sunday Defence Column at 11:53 GMT

Await Sunday Defence Column at 11:53 GMT

Saturday, 17 January 2009

LTTE hardcore units finally join the battle

In December 2008, Ellalan Force appealed to the LTTE to strike back at the GoSL forces encroaching on Tamil Eelam territory. The LTTE military panel has finally heeded to our appeal and have put their most experienced cadres to the Chilawatte and Tharmapuram frontlines. Up till now, the LTTE had only deployed young recruits, female cadres and Civil Defence Forces (CDF) to the face the SLA. The Tamil International News Agency (TINA) web outlet – TamilNet reports that scores of SLA have been killed on these two fronts. TamilNet has published pictures of the hardcore units in action including a picture of a LTTE main battle tank (MBT). The LTTE mechanised infantry brigade has in its possession several MBTs and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) that were captured from the SLA during Ceaseless Waves operations. The mechanised brigade has now come into action and is causing serious damage to the SLA. The SLA’s own mechanised brigade has been put out of action due to inexperienced leadership. As reported earlier heavy SLA casualties are expected in Challai where hardcore battalions are lying in wait. The LTTE mech. brigade has also been deployed in this front.
Meanwhile the Indian Foreign Secretary, Shivshankar Menon has travelled to the hill city of Kandy to meet with the GoSL President – Mahendra Percival Rajapakse as Percy was reportedly trying to avoid the Indian delegation by refusing to travel back to Colombo.
Await further updates.

Friday, 16 January 2009

SLA suffers heavy casualties in Chilawatte general area

SLA troopers who are attempting to advance towards Chilawatte have been beaten back by the LTTE fighting formations. There are reports of heavy casualties flowing into Anuradhapuram Hospital, the hospital wards are at full capacity and the SLA has been forced to move several seriously injured SLA men to the main Colombo Hospital. SLAF attempted to provide close air support (CAS) using Mi-24 gunships to the SLA, however, the gunships were forced to abandon their missions in the face of intense and coordinated AA fire. The gunships unable to withstand AA fire later returned to base leaving SLA units exposed to HMG and mortar fire.
The SLA has claimed occupation of the entire Ira’naimadu tank, our Wanni sources report that this is a completely false claim. The SLA has only occupied the northern part of the tank which holds the sluice gate. The LTTE is firmly in control of the western part of the tank and boat squadrons are actively engaging the enemy. As reported earlier, LTTE has well fortified defences in Chalai and are eagery awaiting the 55th division, the LTTE military panel believes that the arrival of the 55th presents the best opportunity for the LTTE to harvest maximum number of SLA recruits.
The GoSL President is today reported to be attending a Bar Association meeting in the hill city of Kandy. Source have told EFT that the meeting was disrupted several times by urgent phone calls from Colombo who were relaying various ultimatums from the visiting Indian Foreign Secretary. EFT reported on these ultimatums yesterday.
Political sources believe that obbying by LTTE diplomats based abroad are bearing fruit. On the battlefield, the LTTE is regaining momentum after the earlier reported leadership conflicts were amicably resolved.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Indian Navy on standoff with SLN

The Indian Foreign Secretary Shivashankar Menon who arrived on the island yesterday is trying to ease growing tensions between the Indian and Sri Lankan Naval Forces. A storm is brewing off the Mullaitivu coast where the Indian Navy is believed to be forcing the SLN to lift the naval blockade from Tamil Eelam’s maritime borders. No reported confrontations have taken place, however it cannot be ruled out in the near future. If the Indian Foreign Secretary does not arrive at a settlement with GoSL, hostilities may occur. Wanni sources indicate that the tensions grew as a direct result of India wanting to guarantee the safe passage of the Supreme Leader out of Tamil Eelam and the GoSL trying to block the Leader from going into exile. The Indian Navy has been engaged in patrolling international waters in the recent past, last year the Indian Navy blew up a pirate ship off the Somali coast, it was later found out that the Indian Navy had sunk the wrong ship.
The SLAF interceptors have also been engaged in patrolling the skies of Tamil Eelam in an effort to safeguard the location where Poddu Amman is detained. The SLAF has been called into action to discourage RAW planes over flying Tamil Eelam. High tech RAW surveillance planes are trying to pin point the location of the secret detention centre where the former LTTE Intelligence Wing Head is held. RAW is trying to influence the Indian Foreign Secretary to arrive at a deal with GoSL to extradite Poddu Amman to India. If the extradition goes ahead, Poddu Amman could face trial in Indian High Courts for the assassination of former Indian Premier – Rajiv Gandhi. The Tamil diaspora is hard at work to influence India to try and force the GoSL to stop its war of aggression on Tamil Eelam, the Indian Central Government is keen to appease the Tamil lobby for fear of losing its voter base in Tamil Nadu. EFT has been in touch with diaspora community leaders who indicate that their efforts have been largely successful.
EFT has reliably learned that the GoSL MOD had briefed the US Pacific Command on the current turmoil in LTTE’s high command. Senior Naval officers of the Pacific Command are said to be frequenting the SLN offices at Trinco, and have been fully briefed on the war of aggression against Tamil Eelam. The Pacific Command is keeping a keen eye on current developments and has indicated their willingness to engage with India and GoSL to iron out any emerging regional security issues.
Meanwhile, there are signs of a concerted fight back from the LTTE in Chilawatte. The SLA has a 3,000 strong force trying to lay siege on Chilawatte. However, the SLA offensives have been successfully repulsed and with heavy casualties inflicted upon the enemy. Casualties are expected to soar once the LTTE launches even more devastating counter attacks and decapitating strikes. Wanni sources also tell us that experienced cadres who tactically withdrew from Jaffna have regrouped in Challai and are lying in wait. Military analysts believe that the SLA will suffer heavy casualties in Challai if they attempt to push further south. Already, there are signs of the SLA being stuck in its original positions in the face of guerrilla attacks from LTTE small man teams operating in this area.

SLA finds abandoned LTTE airstrip in Ira'naimadu

The SLA who had been scouring the jungles of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu has claimed occupation of the Ira’naimadu air strip. The air strip formerly designated as the future international Tamil Eelam Airport (TEA) was abandoned by the LTTE several months ago. The entire infrastructure was dismantled by the LTTE before tactically withdrawing from TEA. TAF had ceased operating from this airstrip in the middle of last year. TEA and TAF assets are in tact and are safely hidden away in secret jungle bases. Wanni sources indicate that the SLA had deployed close to 100,000 troops specifically commissioned to capture LTTE airstrips. So far the SLA has claimed occupation of 5 abandoned air strips. The SLAF too had tried to destroy these air strips and dropped several tonnes of expensive ordnance in an attempt to discourage the LTTE in using these airstrips for TAF operations. GoSL’s own sources indicate that the damage done by the SLAF was quickly repaired by Tamil Eelam Aviation Services (TEAS).
A detailed account of ongoing operations will follow shortly, stay tuned folks.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

India exerting severe pressure on GoSL

The Indian Foreign Secretary, Shivashankar Menon has arrived in Sri Lanka. He is reported to be involved in intense discussions with the GoSL Defence Secretary and other officials at the MOD. EFT has reliably learned that the subject of the discussions is the detention of the former LTTE Intelligence Head – Poddu Amman. Sources indicate that the Indian Foreign Secretary is pressurising the GoSL to keep the Poddu affair under wraps, and is said to be exerting diplomatic pressure to prevent the release of the Poddu news to the media. The Congress led Indian Government fears that the release of the Poddu news will anger the Tamil Nadu voters and lead to the breakaway of their coalition partners. LTTE supporters in Tamil Nadu are keen to see the Poddu Affair brushed under the carpet as they feel the release of this news will split the LTTE. Mr Menon has also indicated to GoSL that they are willing to guarantee a safe passage out of Tamil Eelam for the Supreme Leader to an undisclosed friendly country where he will form a Tamil Eelam Government in exile, and continue to direct the liberation war. However, the GoSL is reportedly unhappy with this offer and has instructed the SLN to form a naval blockade around Tamil Eelam maritime borders to prevent our leader from going into exile.
Our Wanni sources also report that at least three LTTE Colonels have defected to the GoSL side. No further information is available at this stage, however, EFT believes that these defections will not affect the ongoing operations or change the strategic military direction.
Stay tuned for further news.

Breaking News - STAY TUNED

Stay tuned ladies, another 3 scumbags ran away with white flag. Will try to get more info during next few hours. EFT regret to bring this breaking news on Pongkal Day.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

GoSL Defence Secretary set to give TV interview at 8:30pm Ceylon time on Pongkal Day

Gotabhaya Rajapakse, brother of Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajapakse and GoSL Defense Secretary is set to give a live address on national TV and Radio tomorrow at 8:30pm Ceylon time. Political and defense observers as well as the general public are expecting the Defense Secretary to announce the surrender of a top level LTTE leader. EFT has reliably learned that Mr Rajapakse will make no such announcement, instead he will focus on the following topics.
1) Failure of the SLA to locate TAF air assets.
For a number of months, the SLA regular units, Commando units and SF units have been scouring the jungles of the Wanni looking for TAF fighter jets and ground equipment. SLAF manned and unmanned surveillance flights have also been trying to locate the TAF assets. So far, the SLDF has failed miserably in locating TAF Zlins, PC-7s and ground handling equipment. The SLDF has managed to locate a few dummy air strips but have not managed to find any significant TAF assets. EFT can confirm that these TAF assets are hidden away in secret locations beyond the reach of the SLDF. TAF has carried out several successful bombing missions targeting Sri Lankan military and economic targets without suffering a single hull loss. The TAF has been the bane of SLAF’s existence.
2) Development plans for the North East
The Defense Secretary is expected to talk about several infrastructure development projects for the NE. Tamil Eelam economic advisors have informed us that these projects are doomed for failure due to dwindling treasury coffers, aid cuts from donor countries, and prevailing economic conditions. The Sri Lankan economy is on the brink of collapse with the Rupee set to deflate to unprecedented levels against the US Dollar.
3) Appeal to civilians to vacate Tamil Eelam
The Defense Secretary will make a heartfelt appeal to the Tamil Eelam civilians trapped by the SLA offensive to come to GoSL administered areas. All our sources indicate that the civilians have vowed to stay on in LTTE administered areas where they are safe from SLA harassment and intimidation. The civilians prefer to live under the rule of the LTTE than the hegemony of the Singhala state.
4) Residents to register with
The Defense Secretary is set to announce the implementation of the controversial citizen registration portal. The GoSL has decreed that all residents of Sri Lanka including those of Tamil Eelam must register with MOD administered portal. Political analysts describe the measure as unconstitutional and a gross violation of human rights. The portal is chiefly aimed at registering the details and whereabouts of Tamil civilians. Tamil civilians who are not registered or those that cannot prove a reason for their stay are expected to face severe harassment, arrest and / or arbitrary detention. The timing of this announcement is set to further upset Tamils who are observing Pongkal Day.
We urge our readers to boycott listening to the address by the Defense Secretary and request that they instead listen to the following song.
Once again, we wish our readers a Happy Pongkal.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Happy Pongkal!

EFT would like to take this opportunity to wish all our brethren in Tamil Eelam and around the world, a very happy Pongkal! As you know, our dear brothers and sisters in Tamil Eelam are facing a war of aggression from the Sinhala armed forces, the Tamil Diaspora has thus decided to cancel Pongkal celebrations to express our solidarity with the long suffering population of Tamil Eelam. Pongkal is a traditionally a festival to celebrate the harvest season, due to the never ending offensives from the Sinhala forces, Tamil Eelam farmers have been unable to tend to their fields and have instead become IDPs living off WFP handouts. The "Mannar Rice Bowl" which has witnessed bumper harvests during the time it was administered by the Eelam Agricultural Team (EAT) is currently a scene of desolation and isolation, and might as well be called the "Dust Bowl". We sincerely hope that these displaced farmers will tend to their fields in the near future once the EAT reassumes control over these areas. Best wishes for Pongkal!

Await defence news tomorrow.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday Column – Confusion among SLA Military Intelligence Wing

It is reported that the GoSL Defence Secretary and brother of Sri Lankan President – Gotabhaya Rajapakse is currently on a personal trip to the US. The Defence Secretary is a US citizen who started his career as gas station attendant in the US after retiring from the SLA. Over the course of many years in the US, Gotabhaya progressed on from humble beginnings to the IT field, and is reported to have done professionally well in his last job as an UNIX Systems Administrator. The Sri Lankan defence establishment is eagerly awaiting his return from the US so that he can effectively direct the MOD (GosL Ministry of Defence) in handling the Poddu Amman affair - which so far they have done a shoddy job. The absence of the Defence Secretary is a contributing factor to the non release of Poddu news to the media as the whole of the MOD is in a dilemma on what direction to take. The scene at MOD is that of a herd of sheep awaiting their shepherd. Wanni sources have indicated to the EFT that Poddu Amman is being treated well by the SLA military intelligence and is cooperating with various other intelligence outfits.
The Indian security apparatus, primarily RAW is known to be engaged in intense discussions with the SLA Military Intelligence wing. RAW is reported to have requested the extradition of Poddu Amman to India to face criminal proceedings there for Poddu’s hand in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister – Rajiv Gandhi. The congress led Indian government is very keen on seeing Poddu face trial. It is worth noting here that India and GoSL does not have an extradition treaty currently in place. The pro congress Tamil Nadu (TN) politicians are said to have expressed displeasure at RAW’s current moves as over 95% of Tamil Nadu voters support the LTTE’s liberation struggle. The Tamil Nadu politicians are also not happy that the Poddu Amman affair is being swept under the carpet by the GoSL. They would like to see the affair made public so that they can galvanise TN support for and display solidarity with the supreme leader of the LTTE.
In the current theatre of operations, the blog owner can confidently report that the LTTE is fiercely resisting SLA advances. The LTTE has resisted attempts by the SLA to advance east of Iranamadu and along the A35. EFT reported on two key events in the past week i.e., the SLA commando infiltration attempt at Puthukkudyiruppu and the rescue of stranded cadres in EPS. The SLA commando infiltration attempt is related to the surrender of Poddu Amman, and the EPS rescue is cross verified by the fact that the GoSL has declared that the cadres withdrew to Mullaitivu, and further that only a few Tiger bodies were recovered in EPS.
EFT has heard of a rumours circulating that Colonel Soosai, commander of the Sea Tigers is getting ready to defect with around 1,000 cadres. Our Wanni sources could not confirm or deny this rumour and would only go on to say that Col. Soosai is still executing his duties. Col. Soosai was commended for his coordination efforts in the successful docking of two ammunition and weapons bearing vessels that pierced through the Indian and SLN blockade and unloaded its cargo at an undisclosed location. The source further added that Col. Soosai managed to patch up the strained relationship between the supreme commander and Velavan Master – former Kilinochchi in charge. The supreme commander has expressed his renewed confidence in Velavan Master.
Meanwhile, the LTTE Foreign Service agents are said to be mediating a conflict between the various European LTTE Diaspora fund raisers. The Diaspora fund raisers are said to be jealously guarding the remains of the funds meant to finance LTTE military operations. LTTE funds have suffered losses due to prevailing economic conditions. Diaspora Fund raisers are in a quandary on whether to release the remaining funds to the LTTE finance wing as they have been taken in by rumours of increasing leadership conflicts within LTTE’s high command. They are also said to be fearful of Poddu’s interrogation outcomes as it would blow the cover off LTTE’s overseas fund raising activities and leave them exposed to criminal proceedings and civil litigation from jurisdictions where the LTTE is banned.

Await Sunday Defence Column at 1200GMT

Due to on going developments among senior members in Vanni and the current rate of activity inside the Colombo based Directorate of Military Intelligence we are compelled to delay the Sunday column for few more hours.
We are hoping to educate our readers with the latest information.

Therefore please bear with us.
EFT apologises for any inconvinience caused.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Poddu Amman surrenders to GoSL

Poddu Amman, LTTE intelligence wing leader and former second in command of the LTTE has surrendered to the GoSL. The surrender took place in an undisclosed location when the LTTE veteran handed himself over to a SLA Special Forces unit. This news does not come as shock to loyal followers of the LTTE as our supreme commander had fallen out with Poddu Amman for his failure to effectively target the GoSL military commanders and top politicians. The President of Tamil Eelam banished the intelligence wing leader a few weeks ago, and ever since then Mr Amman had been looking for ways to give himself up to the GoSL as he feared for his life from LTTE loyalists who were unhappy with his performance. Mr Amman has been taken into Special Forces custody and is held in undisclosed location where he is being interrogated by Sri Lankan security apparatus. Our source has relayed to us that the surrender of Mr Amman will not affect LTTE operations in any way as he was gradually relieved of his duties, and is not known to hold any sensitive information regarding the LTTE. A replacement intelligence wing leader has already been found, EFT will not disclose her name for national security reasons.

Breaking News - STAY TUNED

Stay tuned guys, major news is emerging. Hope to publish in the next hour once I get 100% confirmation and verification. The news is very worrying and disheartening.

Supreme Commander alive and well

A malicious rumour is circling in Sri Lanka and abroad that the Commander in Chief of the LTTE and the President of Tamil Eelam, Velupillai Pirapaharan has been confirmed killed by an SLAF air strike or captured alive by the SLA. The Ellalan Force Team (EFT) managed to get in touch with our Wanni sources and we can confirm that no harm has befallen our leader. The Commander is safe in the Wanni and is directing his troops from a secret location. I urge all readers not to believe these completely unsubstantiated claims.

This coming Sunday, we will publish our first weekly defence column.


Thursday, 8 January 2009

Coming up - Ellalan Force Sunday defence column

Dear Readers,
Please stay tuned to the Sunday defence column.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Fresh conflicts among SLDF top brass

News has just emerged of a major conflict brewing between the top brass of the Sri Lankan defence establishment. The conflict has reached epic proportions so much so that the Chief of Defence Staff (CDF) Air Chief Marshall Donald Perera was not able to defuse the tension. The CDF was forced to request the GOSL President and the Defence Secretary to step in to mediate the conflict. Sources indicate that the rift set off when the commander of the SLA – Sarath Fonseka accused the SLN commander - Wasantha Karannagoda of being accountable for the deaths of SLA infantrymen from LTTE mortar and artillery fire. The army commander is said to hold the Navy commander responsible for the failure of the SLN in blocking arms shipments to the LTTE. It is a well known fact that the LTTE received a heavy load of ammunition over the past few weeks through the eastern Tamil Eelam sea belt. Reports indicate that the rift is still ongoing with neither the CDF nor the brother duo being able to mediate the conflict. The SLA commander is not in speaking terms with the SLN commander and has not mentioned the contribution of the SLN (or lack of) in recent propaganda speeches and during interviews given to the media.
Meanwhile the SLA is reported to be taking its time in occupying EPS as the area is heavily mined and booby trapped. Clearing operations are underway however these are being slowed down as the SLA fears LTTE snipers who are stationed in Pallai. There is also ample proof that most (bar three) of the LTTE cadres withdrew safely from EPS as the GOSL propaganda outlets are confirming only three LTTE deaths.
The GOSL has once again attacked the free media in Sri Lanka. Government backed thugs have set fire to the independent MTV/MBC complex in Depanama. RSF and media activists in Sri Lanka have condemned the attack and demanded that the GOSL conduct an independent probe.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

SLA Infiltration Attempt Thwarted - Puthukkudyiruppu

News has just reached us that an advanced team of SLA's Commando regiment, operating several miles ahead of their FDLs, tried to breach LTTE defence lines in Puthukkudyiruppu. The surprise operation was intended to wrest control of the LTTE's new administrative capital and main military garrison. Wanni sources indicate that this operation ended in utter and complete failure with the SLA suffering heavy casualties. Two SLA captains and a major were killed by direct LTTE fire. A large haul of weapons was also captured by the LTTE. Among the recovered weapons were sophisticated hardware including night vision goggles, portable fire finders,Global Positioning Systems and RPGs used by SLA commandos. The jewel in the crown was an advanced communications equipment used to call in SLAF air strikes. The SLA has its in possession only a few of these comms hardware that can communicate directly with Kfir / Mig-27 jet pilots.

The SLA spurred on by empty "victories" in Kilinochchi and Jaffna underestimated the strength of the LTTE in its Mullaitivu hinterland and tried to take on the Tigers in their own backyard. The doomed operation has resulted in loss of morale among SLA commandos.

LTTE commandos rescue stranded cadres

A number of LTTE regular cadres were stranded between the Muhamalai / Kilali defence lines and the EPS complex due to the advancing SLA infantry units. A sudden breakdown in communications meant that the cadres were not able to withdraw timely in line with the orders. The tactical withdrawal from the national front was in line with the plan devised by the LTTE military panel. Military and Human Rights conventions allow for the safe withdrawal of combatants in the face of enemy advances, however, the SLA did not adhere to these conventions and indiscriminately fired on the withdrawing guerrillas. A reliable source has informed this blog owner that an elite commando regiment and a sea tiger rescue vessel was sent into bring back the trapped cadres. Braving heavy enemy fire, the commando regiment and the vessel managed to sneak through enemy defences and bring back all the trapped cadres safely back to LTTE administered areas. The blog owner is of the opinion that this is one of the most daring commando missions successfully executed in recent times, and the LTTE high command has decided to confer the highest military honours on the rescue teams as commendations for the extreme bravery displayed.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Tiger vacate Elephant Pass

Amid soaring casualties and without the support of the mechanised infantry brigade, troops of the SLA's 58th division have moved into the Elephant Pass complex and the surrounding areas. The EP complex and its immediate environs were systematically vacated by the LTTE over the past two days. The departure of the LTTE from EPS was always part of the strategic plan devised by the LTTE military panel.

Therefore LTTE leadership have asked the battle formations of EPS to adjust their forward boundaries further north.

The last remaining cadres to leave EPS were from the LTTE's elite IP and CA commando teams. They had stayed behind as it was an ideal opportunity for maximum harvest of SLA platoons. The cadres used covert land routes and sea tiger troop transport to vacate EPS. The SLA suffered heavy casualties during the offensive, numbering over 300 KIA, this was possible as EPS area is open terrain. The LTTE launched numerous artillery and mortar salvos on the advancing SLA units and caused maximum damage. The LTTE did not suffer any casualties itself, the cadres are safely back in LTTE controlled areas.
Elephant Pass is synonymous with national embarrassment for the SLA. In the bloody history of Elephant Pass battles, the SLA had suffered two of the worst debacles in its short history. In the first battle of EP in 1991, the SLA suffered over 1,000 casualties. The SLA managed to defend EP amid very heavy casualties, the LTTE casualties were very low. In the second battle of EP in 2000, the SLA suffered its worst ever defeat. Over 3,000 SLA were killed when the LTTE commanded by Colonel Bhanu and comprising mainly eastern cadres overran the Elephant Pass complex and completely liberated the area. In the latest battle, LTTE inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy before strategically withdrawing with its weapons and cadres intact.
The LTTE's overall strategy is now very clear. They have decided to forego occupation of symbolic towns and villages to regroup in the Mullaitivu jungles and launch guerilla raids on the SLA. Yesterday, the SLA suffered over 53KIA 2 miles east of Paranthan when LTTE commandos launched a surprise ambush on the advancing SLA units. A few bodies were captured and these will be handed over to the SLA via the ICRC shortly. A large haul of weapons were also captured during the clearing operations.
Check back for further updates.

LTTE withdraws from Oddusudan

Reliable sources have informed this blog owner that the LTTE has completed its tactical withdrawal from the Oddusudan township and the surrounding areas. The tactical withdrawal follows LTTE successful harvest operations against the advancing SLA infantry units. Heavy casualties were inflicted on the SLA troops with over 150 SLA KIA. A large cache of weapons was also captured by the LTTE when SLA commandos entered the town in the early hours of Saturday and fled leaving their weapons behind. The LTTE for its part suffered no casualties and withdrew to the jungles with all its weapons and cadres intact. The SLA has moved into a virtual ghost town, there are no civilians or LTTE left in Oddusudan.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Heavy fighting continues

Pro GoSL propoganda sites are claiming the occupation of Oddusudan and mentions that they have "entered" the township. The blog owner can confirm that a few SLA commando teams did enter the town in a pre-dawn offensive, however they were driven away by heavy mortar and HMG fire. Following the commando withdrawal, wave after wave of regular SLA infantrymen tried to advance on the town, however, the offensive was successfully repulsed and the LTTE is in full control of the town. SLA has sufferred heavy casualties and the LTTE managed to capture a few bodies, light arms and ammo. The bodies will be handed over to the SLA via the ICRC shortly. This is not the first time the SLA has claimed occupation of a town and later retracted, Kokkavil a few months ago is a good example.

Meanwhile, the SLA has yet again sufferred a major debacle in Muhamalai. Following the euphoria of occupation of virtual ghost towns, SLA troops manning the Muhamalai FDL were ordered to advance into LTTE territory. Once again the offensive was completely beaten back with the support of arti, mortar and HMG fire from LTTE formations. The SLA after retreating, have repositioned themselves in their original FDLs. The blog owner is of the opinion that bravado and morale of the SLA troops are very high, leading them to take disproportionate and uncalculated risks. The LTTE were well prepared for exactly this type offensive after vacating Paranthan and Kilinochchi. Therefore, they were able to successsfully repulse these offensives.

The SLA is facing the same fate at EPS, some pro GoSL propoganda sites had claimed that SLA is on the verge of capturing EPS and some even went ahead to claim that EPS was occupied. We have been informed by our Wanni sources that the LTTE is fiercely defending EPS and the SLA is suffering heavy casualties. The SLA expected the mechanized infantry brigade to virtually walk over EPS, however the mech brigade's leader - Ralph Nugera - was seriously injured by LTTE arti fire. With Nugera convalescing in hospital, the mech brigade has suffered a severe blow as the new leader has very limited battle experience, therefore, the mech brigade is being kept out of action for fear of major setbacks due to inexperienced leadership.

Fierce counter attacks by the LTTE are expected in the coming few days. Watch this space folks!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Breaking News

News has just reached us that Mr Prabhakaran was heard chastising Velavan Master over the radio sets during the final stages of the defensive battle in Kilinochchi. One of our Wanni contacts has got hold of a copy of these exchanges, and the blog owner has been informed of the contents through this source. Mr Prabhakaran was reported to have been furious over the defensive manoeuvres executed by the cadres under Velavan's command. The leader was reported to have sworn at Velavan as he was withdrawing againts the supreme commander's specific orders to defend Kilinochchi at all costs. Mr Prabhakaran was reported to have told Velavan to never come within his sight again. The LTTE intelligence wing has started internal investigations to assess Velavan's future as an operational commander.
Await further details.

Friday, 2 January 2009

LTTE withdraws from Kilinochchi

It is now confirmed that SLA has taken control over Kilinochchi, the capital city of Thamil Eelaam. However, pockets of resistance could be seen as some fighters are returning fierce attacks against the invading SLA. Almost all of A9 highway up to Paranthan is also under the control of SLA.

These developments are most disheartening to all Thamils and if there should be a counter attack it should happen NOW. As I said in a previous post, it is very difficult to get military information from the LTTE hirarchy at the moment. Our usual sources have fallen silent and we can only speculate with regards to the Tigers' future plans.

With due respect to all our fallen heros and the existing leadership, we need to do something right NOW. We should not and cannot wait till we have even less land area to operate from. We must muster up all our resources NOW and launch the counter offensive as our frontlines north of Elephant Pass would soon be cut off and thus untenable. If Muhamalai & Nagarkovil lines fall it would exponentially reduce the area we are in control of.

NOW is the time for action...

I invite all bloggers who are yearning for Thamil Freedom to unite right here on the blog by expressing your views and aspirations.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Iranamadu withdrawal

With the LTTE's tactical withdrawal from Paranthan, the strategic and tactical significance of Kilinochchi has been downgraded by the LTTE military panel. Thus, the LTTE has decided to vacate the Iranamadu junction and Iranamadu general area as well. SLA reports that they faced virtually little or no resistance when advancing into Iranamadu junction, the obvious reason is that the LTTE withdrew its cadres and assets from these areas a couple of days ago. The LTTE is expected to withdraw from Kilinochchi in the coming few days once the military assets and cadres are moved to a safer location.

The LTTE's cadre strength and armoury is at 95% capacity. The ammo dumps are well stocked with supplies that reached in from the eastern coast last week. The battle hardened and well trained cadres have hardly been used during the current operations, and the modern arti and mortar rounds have not been utilised yet. Thus, the LTTE is expected to launch devastating counter attacks in the coming few weeks. The true might of LTTE's military strength will come to light once the SLA attempts to advance along the A35 towards Mullaitivu.

Meanwhile, the Tamil diaspora around the world is reported to be disgruntled with the LTTE's tactical manoeuvres executed in the current theatre of operations. They are rumoured to be unhappy as the image of the LTTE as a fierce and feared military and political force is fading. The blog owner would like to clarify that the LTTE never has and never will play to the whims and fancies of the diaspora. The LTTE does not conduct operations according to the wishes of the diaspora. The LTTE will not defend non tactical and non strategic locations whilst sacrificing hundreds of cadres and wasting ammo to help maintain the ego of the diapora. All the LTTE asks of the diapora is continue funding our freedom struggle.