Thursday, 15 January 2009

Indian Navy on standoff with SLN

The Indian Foreign Secretary Shivashankar Menon who arrived on the island yesterday is trying to ease growing tensions between the Indian and Sri Lankan Naval Forces. A storm is brewing off the Mullaitivu coast where the Indian Navy is believed to be forcing the SLN to lift the naval blockade from Tamil Eelam’s maritime borders. No reported confrontations have taken place, however it cannot be ruled out in the near future. If the Indian Foreign Secretary does not arrive at a settlement with GoSL, hostilities may occur. Wanni sources indicate that the tensions grew as a direct result of India wanting to guarantee the safe passage of the Supreme Leader out of Tamil Eelam and the GoSL trying to block the Leader from going into exile. The Indian Navy has been engaged in patrolling international waters in the recent past, last year the Indian Navy blew up a pirate ship off the Somali coast, it was later found out that the Indian Navy had sunk the wrong ship.
The SLAF interceptors have also been engaged in patrolling the skies of Tamil Eelam in an effort to safeguard the location where Poddu Amman is detained. The SLAF has been called into action to discourage RAW planes over flying Tamil Eelam. High tech RAW surveillance planes are trying to pin point the location of the secret detention centre where the former LTTE Intelligence Wing Head is held. RAW is trying to influence the Indian Foreign Secretary to arrive at a deal with GoSL to extradite Poddu Amman to India. If the extradition goes ahead, Poddu Amman could face trial in Indian High Courts for the assassination of former Indian Premier – Rajiv Gandhi. The Tamil diaspora is hard at work to influence India to try and force the GoSL to stop its war of aggression on Tamil Eelam, the Indian Central Government is keen to appease the Tamil lobby for fear of losing its voter base in Tamil Nadu. EFT has been in touch with diaspora community leaders who indicate that their efforts have been largely successful.
EFT has reliably learned that the GoSL MOD had briefed the US Pacific Command on the current turmoil in LTTE’s high command. Senior Naval officers of the Pacific Command are said to be frequenting the SLN offices at Trinco, and have been fully briefed on the war of aggression against Tamil Eelam. The Pacific Command is keeping a keen eye on current developments and has indicated their willingness to engage with India and GoSL to iron out any emerging regional security issues.
Meanwhile, there are signs of a concerted fight back from the LTTE in Chilawatte. The SLA has a 3,000 strong force trying to lay siege on Chilawatte. However, the SLA offensives have been successfully repulsed and with heavy casualties inflicted upon the enemy. Casualties are expected to soar once the LTTE launches even more devastating counter attacks and decapitating strikes. Wanni sources also tell us that experienced cadres who tactically withdrew from Jaffna have regrouped in Challai and are lying in wait. Military analysts believe that the SLA will suffer heavy casualties in Challai if they attempt to push further south. Already, there are signs of the SLA being stuck in its original positions in the face of guerrilla attacks from LTTE small man teams operating in this area.


Mahen said...

Hey Modayas,

Looks like you chena boys lost out to your swamp cousins in Bangladesh in ODI cricket. Ha ha ha ha, LOL!

Thoughtful Guy said...

Hi mahen.... yes yes...and LOOK..Ealam is just around the corner... HA HA HA HA

velluprabhakaran said...

coolie jaffna tamils have lost out to more intelligent estate tamils. ha ha ha!

perein said...

Why are you the only one who's not giving up the hopes?
You should hold on to google map and pick some other planet.

Pottu said...


I have written the next article for you, here it is, hope you like it:

"As the IDP crisis in Thamil Eelam soars to unprecedented heights, the
head of LTTE political wing Mr Nadesan has appealed again to the Tamiz
Eezham Diaspora to continue with their generous contributions through
one of the many charities established in the western world to gather
funds for IDPs in Thamil Eelam.

Mr Nadesan was also appointed as the acting head of Finance and Resource
wing of Tamil Eelam (FARTE) following an emergency meeting of all heads
of LTTE Central Reforms And Policy making (CRAP) group. This was because
of the untimely death of Colonel R. I. P. Sinnalingam who successfully
headed FARTE for a while now."

velluprabhakaran said...

why do tamils call themselves PONNA & LINGAM so often?

ponnadurai, sivalingam? is it an admission that they're dicks or ponnayas? ha ha ha!

Deep Throat said...

"the Indian Central Government is keen to appease the Tamil lobby for fear of losing its voter base in Tamil Eelam. "

You sure are a Meeharak Mahen!


Pakka-Lanka said...


"Hope is what keeps one alive..."

- Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption 1994)

Vibe said...

Indian Navy is making sure that the fat pig is not escaping Sri Lanka. They're making sure that the fag pig wont go to Norway on a submarine. Gets your facts right!

Also, Peelan is dead. Get on your knees and salute our flag :)

Nisal said...


Pakka-Lanka said...


Despite your name, your are obviously not a Tamil nor a Hindu...

According to Hinduism, Sivalingam is the symbol of fertility. I.e. It is the penis of god Siva. This is revered, venerated and worshipped by the Hindus. Worshipping a penis of anyone, be it a god or man, does seem rather off-putting if you are an average person. However, considering the amount of spam mail one receives a day advertising various products to alter one's manhood, one cannot deny the fact that apart from Hindu's there are a considerable number of people who worship a penis, albeit their own.

Lalith said...

After tactical withdraw from Iranamadu East and the 5th Airstrip, the situation is below.

VP's pressure 145 105
VP's weight 144 KG

Aiyamperumal 01 KM
Ampalavanpokkanai 01 KM
Chalai 01 KM
Chilarattai 01 KM
Chu'ndikku'lam 00 KM ----- 55 Captured on 14-01-09
Dharmapuram 00 KM ----- 58 Captured on 13-01-09
IRANAMADU East 01 KM ----- 57 Captured on 15-01-09
Kaddaikadu 01 KM
Kalmadu 01 KM
Ka'ndaava'lai 01 KM
Keridattadu 00 KM ----- TF 4 Captured on 12-01-09
Kevil 00 KM ----- 53 Captured on 11-01-09
Mamulai 01 KM
Masar 01 KM
Mullativu 0.5 KM
Murusamoddai 00 KM ----- 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Periyakulam 01 KM
Pu'liyampokka'nai 01 KM
Puliyansekkaran 01 KM
Punnainiravi 01 KM
Puththukudirippu 01 KM
Ramanadhapuram 01 KM
Tanniyuttu 00 KM ----- 59 Captured on 12-01-09
Tharmapuram 01 KM
Theravikulam 01 KM
Thonikal 01 KM
Udayankattukulam 01 KM
Vaddakkachchi 00 KM ----- 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Vannankulam 01 KM
Vellamullivaikal 01 KM
Vellikandal 01 KM
Vetthalaikarnni, 01 KM
Vettilaikkeni 01 KM
Vishwamadu 01 KM

VP's Asshole ?? KM

velluprabhakaran said...


how about

vellulingam ponnakaran?

ha ha ha!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen N K;

Does EFT stand for "Emotional and Fictional Tales". J K Rowling envies you.

Pakka-Lanka said...


...or Ponnapillai Lingakaran...


Pakka-Lanka said...

This blog rocks...

With enemies like Mahen who needs friends???

Pakka-Lanka said...

Sujeewa Koka,

No I have reliably learned that it stands for Entertainment Factory of Tamileelam.

perein said...


Mahen is more possitive than VP.

Pakka-Lanka said...


I never used to talk to LTTE supporters on any blog let alone visiting a blog of such. But this blog owner made me break my vow of 0R (Zero Response) by posting some of the most hillarious of posts.

What fun...!

Pakka-Lanka said...

I won't be surprised if Mahen publishes the post suggested by Pottu above.

"Finance and Resource wing of Tamil Eelam - FARTE

LTTE Central Reforms And Policy making group - CRAP

Haa! Haaa!...precious...

quickfinish said...

yes Mahen the loss against BANG should be a huge one for for the Sinhalese

VP will arrange big celebrations for this

Pakka-Lanka said...

BTW what happenned to the recapturing of Nachchikuda on the 27th Nov 2008?

Pakka-Lanka said...

Is this old hi hi Kuttu aka Red Bird Kuttu reincarnated?

Pottu said...


Could Mahen be Red Bird Kuttu? Remember him, I mentioned long ago that Mahen could be Kuttu. Kuttu was someone who never gave up on the LTTE, Mahen is the same. Thoughts?

SenGin said...

Mr Mahen= Mr. Bean

After all hardwork of the day, we can enjoy in the evening..couldn't stop laughing

Thanks mate...Keep it up....

tharu22 said...

Perein Said:
"Hope is what keeps one alive..."

- Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption 1994)

Well in this case “Hope is what drives all Peelamists to extinction” lol

Raptor said...

You have to love these post. For sheer entertainment value they will be hard to beat.

Thank you Mahen for giving me something to laugh about while I'm being over worked and underpaid.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Why GOSL is publishing how they kill Tamils...?

This Video is a disgrace

Velavan Master said...

Mahen, my contacts are non-contactable. Has LTTE leadership tactically withdrawn from Tharmapuram? Or was it a relocation?

JWick said...

"velluprabhakaran said...

why do tamils call themselves PONNA & LINGAM so often?"

Because they all have PONNALINGAMs ie; LIMPDICKS!!

slpower said...

I think Mahen is going a great job. He is showing us that How mad a Peelam supporter could be, when they realise themselves the loosing of their dream P-world.

I also thank Mahen for giving us our daily dose of entertainment.

mkgn said...

I am extremely proud to know that our super duper eeelam king(aka thalaivar, sungod, moongoat(sorry moongod), god of universe etc.. made tactical withdrawals all the way upto Mullaitivu. It's the best ever military strategy performed in this world and in universe(star wars etc..). You idiot sinhala people, wait and see how our sungod going to fight back. He will destroy all of your military with one bullet(like the movies you find in south indian thalaivar Rajni Kanth) ahhh.....hey.. did I just dream?

Velavan Master said...

Navindran Ponna Master, what are you doing man? Did you read this?

Bloddy hell man, get on with the collapse!
I also heard Tea price is rising. You bloddy economic expert what the hell da?

Rusty said...

hahahaha this idiot mahen thinks that the Indian minister came to SL to discuss this kind of issue.. get your facts straight moron... there is no such stand off with the 2 navys..

Mobe said...

Way too much fantasy in this blog. I guess here will be Elves and Ogers and all sort of fairy creatures roaming around in Vishvamadu area soon.

I'm going back to defencenet (terra ferma).

JWick said...

Hey Guys, Murali's (not Karuna) brilliant ..... BATTING ! YES ! BATTING.... helps Sri Lanka snatch victory from Bangla Tigers jaws of defeat in Tri Nation final.

See what NON-LTTE Tamil can do for Sri Lanka! Just like other Murali has helped to defeat LTTE Tigers!!

Velavan Master said...

Bloddy hell Sri Lanka Cricket was on the brink of Collapse then this Tamilian rescues them! Adawanei!!