Saturday, 31 January 2009

48 Hour Ceasefire: A military Gimmick.

It is reliably learnt by EFT that the Rajapakse triggered 48 hour truce is yet another military strategy adopted by the Rajapakse regime. The Ceyloneese President Rajapakse declared a 48 hour truce in the pretence of facilitating civillian movements.

Since the 29th evening many Special Forces and Commando units who were kept in reserve during the last few weeks were seen taking up positions in the front line. This goes on to show the notorious attitude of the GOSL where they continue to exploit the humanitarian aspect of the LTTE. It is further revealed that the idea of a ceasefire was manufactured by the wily anti Thamil duo of Shiv Shankar Mennon and Palitha Kohona with the objective of appeasing the international community. Mennon has further gone on to arrange the Delhi based NDTV to carry out propaganda against the LTTE to brainwash the intelligent Thamil people in Thamil Nadu.

In the battlefront, the Singaleese Army continued their struggle at Chalai. As predicted weeks ago by EFT. LTTE is putting up stiff resistance there and SLA's 55th Division troops are trying to advance through very heavy casualties. Backed up by the tallest earth bund, the SLLI troops of the SLA have seen falling by the dozens in the event of their advances.

More information will follow in tomorrows "Special Column" .


Karu said...

What happened Mahen? I guess it is a little mix-up. You can still keep the obituary intact. It won't go wasted!!

Karu said...

For those who missed the EFT earlier published report here it is again

Friday, 30 January 2009

Breaking News – Brigadier Bhanu lost the battle while artillery units hitting targets
Vanni source has reported that Brigadier Bhanu, who was in charge of the LTTE artillery and mortar units (LAMU) was seriously injured in Udayarkattu few days ago, lost his battle with his life late evening yesterday (30th Jan).
Capturing the Elephant Pass in 2000 is one of the very high point of his life. Brigadier Bhanu has joined LTTE early 1993 played a huge roll by training lot of young men / women to fight for the freedom.
During the recent war with Ceylon forces, Brigadier Bhanu was one of the great leaders who stand still and delivered till his last minute.

ETF expresses its heartful condolence in the sad demise of Brigadier Bhanu.

Await further details.
ETF team

Peter said...


Thanks Mahen.

Looking forward to the special column.

Peter said...

Also, a quick note about the previous post.

You might want to stop writing "Mr Amman".

If the moda Bandas realise what “Amman” means, they might use that as a point to question the credibility of your highly informative blog.

AK said...

Mahen, does that mean the report about Col.Bhanu's death which you published earlier (and later removed) is incorrect?

My advice is its better you give some time before you publish a report. Dont publish in a haste and later remove it as it might affect your credibility

Udaya said...
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Udaya said...

Bhanu is dead its confirmed. Pottu amman is in GOSL custody. Prabha is under seige, no escape for him

Lalith said...

It is not a tactical withdrawal!

Lalith said...


Do you believe Mahen's reports?

I don't

They are just like Vaiko's statements.

Lalith said...

Hi Peter

How are you?

Did you find a parking space for your DICK in Colombo?

Try Wellawa(hu)ththa

Raptor said...

LOL Mahen having credibility! Thats has to be one of the funniest statements I have heard ever!!!

AK is an example of one of the poor misguided Tamil people brainwashed by propoganda.

Mate its all over, or will be in a month or two's time.

tharu22 said...

"intelligent Thamil people in Thamil Nadu"

Mmm, there goes a new one! How come all diaspora tamils are stupid?

Lalith said...

LTTP Strategy

"WHILE ( area held by LTTP > 0 AND number_of_LTTP_carders > 0)

1 LTTP stay with Civillian
2 Fire at SLA
3 SLA responses
4 Civillian & some LTTP get killed & injured
5 Dispora supporters & TamilNut publish no of casualties in the web & news papers
6 TN jockers & other LTTP supportes in other countries start agitating by protesting, fasting & other crap and asking for Ceasefire
7 International Community & India ignore
8 SLGO ignores, MR/GR/SF ignore & continue to attack LTTP and defeat
9 LTTP withdraws with Civillians (By force)
10 SLA takes over the town/areas
11 Mahen & Peter write stories about tactical withdrawals
12 Dispora supporters believe in tactical withdrawal and keep the dream alive
13 We read Mahen & Peter blogs and laugh from the ASS

Jump_to_sea() OR self_immolation() OR swallow_cn()

CanSam said...


In this line of work (blogging) credibility is every thing. I am afraid you are losing it fast...
Just look at for example.
Unless you are so blinded by ideology we all know it is mostly propaganda instead of "reporting on Tamil affairs to the world" as they claim.
Don't take that road..
A friendly (journalistic) advice...

JWick said...

ELLALAN FART TEAM said ".....President Rajapakse declared a 48 hour truce..........."


4C said...

"intelligent Thamil people in Thamil Nadu"

Haa..... haaaa.... Hoo...Hooo...

Definition of intelligent -

acceptance of barbarism

or thamai

Lalith said...

LTTP attacked SLA before the end of 48 hours truce.

Read the article in the TamilNut

"Tigers launch preemptive strike in PTK
[TamilNet, Sunday, 01 February 2009, 07:05 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) forces Sunday morning launched a preemptive strike on Sri Lanka Army (SLA) offensive units that were prepared for an all out assault on to Puthukkudiyiruppu (PTK). The SLA has suffered heavy casualties, initial reports from Vanni said.

At least 3 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) of the SLA were destroyed, LTTE officials have told media. "

sk said...

sorry lanka & sinhala keyboard warriors say: tamil tigers are finished

on the ground sorry lanka's sinhala army kicked hard

Tamil Tigers counter attacked the sinhala army when the 59 division of the sinhala army was ready to attack the Puthukudiyirupu area

tigers killed large number of sinhala army while destroying three MBT(main battle tank)

fighting going on

thalivar giving sinhala army a special sunday buffet

tigers anti tank unit deployed

hik hik

No_MESS said...

Lalith - Who will catch the Fat Pig?

T4 will find the Pig dead, with an unused insulin syringe next to him.
We would have preferred to auction him alive - see my post on 18 January 2009 04:07

Single said...

"...Mahen said,
More information will follow in tomorrows "Special Column" ...."

කෝ හු‍..‍තෝ තොගේ ස්පෙෂල් කොලම් එක? ඩිස්පෝරා එවුන්ව කඩේ යවලා ඉවරද?

තමුසේ නම් මරු පොරක් ඕයි....!