Thursday, 8 January 2009

Coming up - Ellalan Force Sunday defence column

Dear Readers,
Please stay tuned to the Sunday defence column.



Nisal said...

Ellalan Force Sunday defence column - Your weekly entertainment dose.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Until then watch this,

Peter said...

A short update at

Velavan Master said...

Looking forward to it. Any news about Red Bird?

wijayapala said...

As posted in Peter's blog, in case he's too much of a coward to allow his fellow LTTE bootlickers to read it:

Greetings Eelamoids.

Has the counteroffensive started yet?

Eelamoids should not throw stones in glass houses. If they believed in the concept of a multi-ethnic polity and society, then their struggle could be considered to be just.

Instead, the Eelamoids have an equally if not more racist outlook than the Sinhala nationalists. They not only want to create a mono-ethnic Tamil state, but are willing to endorse the physical extermination of anyone who does not meet the criteria of "Tamil."

In support of this racist goal, they have fabricated a history of a primordial "Tamil-only" state from their own imagination, since they are not familiar with the Tamil ola leaf traditions in Jaffna or Batticaloa. A familiarity with this tradition would reveal that noly only did the medieval Sri Lankan Tamils identify Kalinga Magha as the founder of their civilization, but that Magha himself originated from the same line of Vijaya of the Mahavamsa, thus legitimating him as a true Sri Lankan king.

The Mahavamsa is not the end-all or be-all of Sri Lankan history. Nevertheless, it is an invaluable resource for deciphering Sri Lankan history, and it has affected the minorities' understanding of history as well as the Sinhalese. The Eelamoids use of the term "Ellalan," which appears in no other source than the Mahavamsa, demonstrates this.

Navindran said...

Sri Lanka is going into spiral collapse. Theres no way its going to recover. Anyway if the writer of mahavamsa had said something about Mahindha, he would also have been shot.

slpower said...

Mahen ,

Hey, my kid need a fairy tale for today as well.

Susan said...

Do something now. It might be over before sunday.

Rajan said...


LTTE kills Lt. Col. Nalinda Kumarasinghe in Jaffna
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) currently withdrawing from the Jaffna peninsula delivered a big blow to the army on Thursday Jan 8th as a high – ranking army officer was killed.

Lt. Col Nalinda Kumarasinghe RWP, RSP was killed in a booby trap explosion in the Puloppalai area of the peninsula.

Lt. Col Kumarasinghe was the commanding officer of 5 Gemunu watch which is attached to the Air Mobile brigade that is a component of the 53 division

Lt. Col Kumarasinghe was moving along with his troops from Pallai in a south eastern direction.

The carefully booby trap exploded as the jeep they were travelling in went over it near a turning point on a dirt track.

The signals officer in the vehicle was also killed.

Two others were injured.

Altogether the army has lost twelve men in the past four days in the peninsula.

Around 55 men were injured.

The bulk of those killed and injured was due to landmines, pressure mines, anti – personnel mines and booby traps.

Lt. Col Kumarasinghe was an excellent commanding officer and had excelled in recent fighting by inspiring and leading troops

He was the highest – ranking officer to be killed by the LTTE in the northern fighting

He was elevated posthumously to Col rank

Thoughtful Guy said...

mahen we want daily dose of fairy tales..not a weekly edition... hmmmmmmmm..... :-( Come on man...go hard on that valium and come spawn a super brave commando rescue....

velluprabhakaran said...

sunday, monday, punday. makes no difference. LTTE gets bashed everyday.

quickfinish said...

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