Saturday, 28 February 2009

Breaking News - VP located in Puthukuduriyuppu

Dear Readers,

EFT's usual Sunday Column will not be published tomorrow as sensational news has just reached us. A highly placed military source has informed us that they have received positive confirmation that Vellupillai Prabhakaran is currently in Puthukuduriyuppu and is making desperate attempts to drive back the fast advancing SLA. This is the first time in a long time that he is directly commanding LTTE military operations.

SLDFs have vowed to capture the former leader of Tamil Eelam dead or alive. The coming couple of days will be very interesting, watch this space!

EFT stands by its Pottu surrender story, further details will not be revealed for reasons of national security.

We at EFT take great pleasure in aiming this pot shot at the LTTE. Basically, the Army Commander, Sarath Fonseka was known to be a man with a very bad temper even before the attempt on his life, then some demented woman tried to kill him, so his temper got worse, and now you are witnessing the effects of the increased bad temper. Let's make this analogy, an alpha lion is stalking its prey, then some puny hyena, let's name him Navindran, goes and tries to bite the lion's bottom, what do you think is going to happen?

Await Sunday Column

Sunday Column will be back from 1st of March 2009.
Please let us know what you would like us to discuss.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Breaking News - Puthukkudiyirippu captured by SLA

LTTE has lost the last main town Puthukkudiyirippu.

Will bring more details soon.

Friday, 20 February 2009

TAF launches last gasp attack on Colombo

Updated @ 18:25 GMT
EFT is glad to report that both Zlins have been downed. No SLAF aircrafts received damage. One Zlin, believed to be on a suicide mission to Temple Trees crashed near the IRD Building. The second one was downed near Katunayake. All of TAF aircrafts are now crashed or destroyed. One was shot down months ago, two were destroyed by the LTTE themselves and two downed today. The fate of the PC-7 is unknown.

Updated @ 18:14 GMT

EFT military correspondent citing unverified sources report that Black Tigers are staging a major nightime counter attack in Puthukuduriyuppu. EFT believes that the Black Tiger attack coupled with the Zlin attack is a diversionary tactic to facilitate the escape of the fat pig and other pot bellied LTTE "leaders".

Updated @ 17:59 GMT

One EFT source speculates that the aircraft that crashed over Puttalam was an SLAF F-7 that was giving chase to the Zlin. The aircraft could have crashed due to mechanical faults. As yet, this is speculation only. EFT team on its own thinks that the crashed aircraft in Puttalam is a Zlin.

Updated @ 17:44 GMT

Unconfirmed reports say that the second Zlin was taken down over the skies near Puttalam, possibly by an F-7 that was engaging it. Other unverified reports say that the second Zlin landed safely in Puthukuduriyuppu.

Two light aircraft of the LTTE air wing (TAF) attempted to bomb the SLAF HQ in Colombo, however the bomb was off target and landed near the Inland Revenue HQ causing minor damages. At least 34 injured civilians were taken to hospital, one is in critical condition. Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara of the SLAF just confirmed that one light aircraft - possibly a Zlin - crashed near Katunayake Air Force base. Unconfirmed reports say that a body was recovered from the crash site. SLAF jets are reported to be in pursuit of the other aircraft. EFT suspects that this attack could have been a diversionary tactic to facilitate the escape of the LTTE leader - Velupillai Prabhakaran. Stay tuned for further news.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Puthukuduriyuppu under siege

EFT Military sources report that Puthukuduriyuppu (PTK), the last remaining LTTE military bastion is under siege by various offensive fighting formations of the SLA. While the 58th division, the SLA's most lethal fighting force has taken complete control of PTK - West, the 53rd division is making rapid strides into PTK town from the south. The mechanised infantry brigade of SLA has also joined the offensive and is providing excellent support to the infantry and SF units. Most of the SLA units laying siege at PTK have broken through the first line of LTTE defences, however the Tigers are fiercely holding onto the second line defence where the hardcore cadres and top level leaders are said to be based. The SLA has suffered heavy casualties since the beginning of this month mainly due to Black Tiger suicide attacks, however since yesterday the attacks have ceased. EFT sources indicate that large numbers of former LTTE cadres are escaping to Tamil Nadu disguised as civilians. Although the SLN is maintaining an active naval blockade, the cadres are slipping through in fishing boats.
Meanwhile, EFT Political sources report that India has launched a fresh measure to deal a final crushing blow to the LTTE, the details will not be revealed due to its sensitive nature, all we can say is that even the most powerful Indian supporter of the LTTE - Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu - has withdrawn his and his party's support to the LTTE.
Basically, the LTTE in its current form is screwed, the day is not far when Sri Lanka will once again become a peace loving, easy going and fun tropical island paradise.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

High Profile Meeting

There will be a high profile meeting held among top EFT members at an undisclosed location in Colombo later today.
We will bring some breaking news after that meeting.

Stay tune.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Breaking News - LTTE's desperate cries for attention in front of Downing Street

EFT correspondent from London reports that a former citizen of the defunct Republic of Tamil Eelam tried to set himself ablaze to highlight the purported "suffering" and "genocide" of Wanni civilians. A group of pro GoSL supporters SLAT - UK (Sri Lankans Againts Terrorism) were demonstrating in front of Downing Street when a young member of a small group of LTTE supporters who were counter demonstrating attempted an act of self immolation, the Tamil youth doused himself in what appeared to be kerosene and ignited himself, two policemen who were observing the peaceful SLAT protest jumped to the rescue of the youth and put out the fire. EFT correspondent who was on the scene reports that the policemen were slightly injured in the incident and the youth who was largely unharmed was rushed off to hospital in an ambulance. The correspondent further reports that crowd support from the British public to the SLAT protesters brought traffic to a standstill in Whitehall.

The SLAT protesters who numbered about 700 were gathered to expose the myth of genocide and false propaganda that is being spread by misguided and ill informed pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora. EFT correspondent reports that SLAT-UK presented a letter to British Prime Minister - Gordon Brown - which urged the UK Government not to be taken in by Tiger propaganda and requested them to respect the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

EFT has reliably learned that disbanded foreign service agents of the LTTE have ordered acts of self immolation from at least one diaspora member in their respective countries. EFT suspects that the youth who today attempted suicide is a member of the "Black Tigers" recently sent abroad to commit an act of self immolation in a public place. The suicide act puts the British public in grave danger, and after the acts of July the 7th, we expect the British Anti Terrorism police to fully investigate this incident.

EFT brings exclusive pictures of the protest and two photos of the youth being transferred onto an ambulance:










Thursday, 12 February 2009

EFT appeal to release civilians

Wanni civilians are confined to an area of roughly 120sq kms in former Tamil Eelam. The civilians are unable to flee to safer GoSL administered areas due to the intensifying battles between the SLA and remnants of the LTTE. The SLA demarcated a safe zone for civilians but as reported by the ICRC, this area has come under heavy indirect fire from unknown sources. The ultimate sufferers in the present phase are the civilians. EFT would like highlight the plight of the civilians below.

1. Suicide bombings and intimidating tactics.

Two noteworthy incidents to restrict civilian movements have taken place in the past five days. The first was an alleged suicide bombing of an IDP centre, and the second was intimidating fire on fleeing civilians by Tamil Eelam Police. Both these incidents resulted in casualties and were aimed at detaining civilians in the fast shrinking Tamil Nation. Civilians numbers fleeing to GoSL areas have reduced to a trickle after these two incidents, earlier in the week civilians were said to be arriving in GoSL areas in their thousands.

2. Civilians caught in cross fire

Wanni civilians are unsure of what direction to take as they are afraid of getting caught in the cross fire. The firefights between SLA and remaining LTTE cadres have increasingly turned into hand to hand combat. For example, civilians are nervous about fleeing in the direction of the 591 Brigade in Mullivaikkal as the 591 brigade is unable to secure a path for them due to fierce resistance put up by the depleted Tiger ranks in this front. The same can be said about civilians trying to flee towards the 55th Division in Ampalavananpokkanai, this division has also stalled its advance due to concerted attacks by the remaining Tiger elements. The SLA has slowed down and in some fronts stalled their advance to avoid civilian casualties.

3. Civilians being used as slave labour

There are strong indications that civilians are being made to build bunkers for the LTTE under duress. The recently captured VIP bunker which was said to be frequented by the former leader of Tamil Eelam shows evidence of forced labour being used to build the VIP abode. As well as forced manual labour, there are strong indications that professionals such as medical doctors were forcibly employed in this bunker, as a matter of fact laboratory tests on the medical equipment has shown traces of the former leader's DNA confirming that he used to reside in the said bunker. EFT cries out for the civilians that were forcibly made to build these high profile bunkers. Additionally, forced labour was used to burn down 2 Zlins that were considered to be surplus to TAF requirements. EFT hopes that civilians were not harmed during the destruction process.

In light of the above, EFT pleads with the remaining Tiger leadership to guarantee a safe passage for the civilians into GoSL administered areas. For the LTTE's own sake, we believe it is best to lay down arms and enter rehabilitation as indicated by the EFT poll results.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Last (news) Post

We are at a decisive stage of our freedom struggle. There is no denying that our leaders have not achieved our freedom via an armed struggle. However, our respect and homage must go to those who have given their lives for the cause over the past 30 years.

The result of the opinion poll is overwhelmingly in support of the LTTE to lay down arms and enter rehabilitation. We have no doubt this result is an accurate reflection of the opinion of all those who have an interest in the conflict in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), be it Singala, Thamil or other. This message could be interpreted as follows. We must create another method and/or follow a different path if we are to achieve our freedom enabling our people to live in peace. We have tried the armed struggle and have achieved little via this method. We Thamils must learn from this experience. We would do well to heed this message at this juncture and resolve to follow another path to freedom.

We Thamils who live outside of Ceylon mostly live in the Western world inner cities where different communities live side by side accepting one another. We see problems only when one community tries to create a "ghetto" mentality refusing to mix with others and refusing to progress with a changing world. Islamic fundamentalism is a perfect example. We Thamils must learn from these mistakes of others as well – A clever man learns from his mistakes, and a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes!

Along with all Thamils I have been waiting for a "Ceaseless Waves" type counter attack from the Liberation Tigers, which unfortunately did not materialise for whatever reason. I have been critical of our leaders at times and published information from reliable sources in Vanni front. For this reason I have been accused of many things in this blog by both supporters of our cause and opposes. I do understand their sentiments.

I believe the honourable thing to do at present while we have lost all major cities of Thamil Eelaam and many of our fighters have laid down their lives, is to concede our current position and acknowledge SLDF’s achievement - they have been worthy opponents. We have been outnumbered and outplayed.

Learning from our mistakes and learning from other peoples’ mistakes we shall continue our journey to freedom; it may NOT be a journey taken as a single race but with all peoples/races of Sri Lanka.

This would be my last (news) post on Ellalan Force. Running this blog has been a roller-coaster experience. I sincerely thank all who visited it, quoted it (with or without permission) and commented on it – you made it all worthwhile.

I Mahen Raviraj, along with everyone at Ellalan Force team and our sources, wish you a happy, peaceful and content future wherever you make your home.

EFT Opinion Poll follows:

LTTE to unconditionally surrender and enter rehabilitation 87.2% 33563

LTTE to continue armed struggle and achieve Tamil Eelam 7.2% 2769

LTTE to lay down arms, disband and enter the democratic
mainstream 4.4% 1713

LTTE to retain arms, enter into a ceasefire and negotiate a
federal solution with GoSL 1.2% 455

total votes: 38500

EFT Poll to end at 17:00 GMT today

Poll to end at 17:00 GMT today.

Result should be out aroun 19:00 GMT too.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Invading Thamil Eelam on 4th Feb: A Day Dream of Rajapakse!

Preparations are underway to celebrate Sri Lanka's 61st independence day by invading Tamil Eelam though EFT reliably learns. It has become paramountly difficult for the Sri Lanka Army. All hopes of a capture was put to a halt by the heroic forces of Thamil Eelam in Chalai as the SLA continuously suffered debacle after debacle trying to penetrate the LTTE defences. The coastal stretch which is covered by thick vegetation is providing nightmares for the CAS missions of SLAF.

During the last week alone 380 young boys and girls joined the LTTE to bolster its man power to defeat the invading Singala Army. It wont be much longer when the SLA will have to face the brunt of their youthful exuberance. Showing further solidarity with the LTTE 65,000 people gathered up at Millhill Lane, London to a protest organised by the Foreign wing of the LTTE yesterday. The Tamil dominated suburb of Eastham was a virtual ghost town yesterday where all business establishments were brought to a standstill exhibiting the world the unity of Tamils towards the cause of the LTTE. A few unpatriotic elements of Thamil Eelam has unsuccessfully tried to cross over to Sri Lankan territory and has met with severe consequences by the Tamil Eelam National Guard.

The LTTE suffered a severe blow this week as the Elephant Pass hero of the LTTE Colonel Bhanu was struck by a sharpnel in his left thigh. Although the nature of the wound was not fatal the prevailing diabetic condition of the Colonel has raised concerns of amputation. We would like to inform our readers that the best medical attention is being given to the war hero currently. Meanwhile Mr. Selvarasa Pathmanathan has been appointed as the head of the International Wing of the LTTE. His vast experience handling the back end of LTTE affairs will pave the way for a diplomatic assault on Sri Lanka. He will be given the task of resolving the current financial controversy faced by the European heads of the LTTE.

In Colombo it is relably learnt that Shanmugalingam Sivashankar alias Poddu Amman is being arranged to leave Sri Lanka after his information on the activities of the Tamil Diaspora has been verified by the intelligence sleuths of MOD. Pranab Mukherjee has given the much awaited nod from India during his visit last week.

EFT wishes to encourage the Tamil people to participate in the poll conducted at as the results will be displayed on the 4th of February.