Thursday, 19 February 2009

Puthukuduriyuppu under siege

EFT Military sources report that Puthukuduriyuppu (PTK), the last remaining LTTE military bastion is under siege by various offensive fighting formations of the SLA. While the 58th division, the SLA's most lethal fighting force has taken complete control of PTK - West, the 53rd division is making rapid strides into PTK town from the south. The mechanised infantry brigade of SLA has also joined the offensive and is providing excellent support to the infantry and SF units. Most of the SLA units laying siege at PTK have broken through the first line of LTTE defences, however the Tigers are fiercely holding onto the second line defence where the hardcore cadres and top level leaders are said to be based. The SLA has suffered heavy casualties since the beginning of this month mainly due to Black Tiger suicide attacks, however since yesterday the attacks have ceased. EFT sources indicate that large numbers of former LTTE cadres are escaping to Tamil Nadu disguised as civilians. Although the SLN is maintaining an active naval blockade, the cadres are slipping through in fishing boats.
Meanwhile, EFT Political sources report that India has launched a fresh measure to deal a final crushing blow to the LTTE, the details will not be revealed due to its sensitive nature, all we can say is that even the most powerful Indian supporter of the LTTE - Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu - has withdrawn his and his party's support to the LTTE.
Basically, the LTTE in its current form is screwed, the day is not far when Sri Lanka will once again become a peace loving, easy going and fun tropical island paradise.


Mahen said...

Also ladies, the LTTE diaspora is hard at work spreading malicious false propaganda with the help of their white masters, i.e. some top level European politicos are trying to apply CPR to the dying LTTE. Await further details on this news item madams.

duzz said...

මහේන්..... අයි නෝ හු යු ආ!!!! යූ ලෙෆ්ට් ස්ම් ක්ලුස් ඇට් එල්.එන්.පී.. well im sure 80% on that LOL

onecountry said...


If LTTE is in such dire shape, why do black tigers still committing suicide missions? Are they out of their minds? What are they going to achive by giving their life?

Lalith said...

{{{SLA sometime ago declared that the 58th division gained control over west of PTK.This was actually not 'west of PTK' .but PTK west which is a large area covering the PTK area.The east of PTK is a small area west of the Nanthikaddal lagoon.This fact is furthur confirmed by the announcement of Army tonight, that the coastal village located inside the newly declared CSZ,Ampalawanpokkanai has been ovverun by the 58th div.Refer to the map in the link given below for further understanding of the ground situation.It is very unfortunate that the map at. is not properly updated for the war observers to get an idea.

Due to these developments we at CeylonDefence can predict the uniting of SL under 1 flag in a few weeks.

Thanks for the update. I was also confused reading articles.

It looks like FAT PIG almost cornered.

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Navindran said...

Captain Cook you said 2nd generation tamils dont care. In countary many do care and thats why they volunteer and help in organisations like TRO, protest against the artrocities of the government of Sri Lanka on the people or eelam.

I met a Sri Lankan recently and he was born in Sri lanka but raised in Malaysia. His fahter came to malaysia to work in the army. He is from the sinhalese community. He told me that he was sick of the discrimination by the Malays there on him. He speaks chinese and also has picked up a bit of tamil apart from knowing Malay. I told him that there are Malays in Sri lanka too. He said that even for holidays he did not want to go to a country where there are Malays.

He is a bank manager and is considered already to be too high for a non malay. He said they are trying to dislodge him from that position. He said he was moving into bussiness and was not too worried. The irony is that your people do the same thing to the people of eelam. Just like in Malaysia you treat the people of eelam like foreigners. Yet you do not wish to end your occupation of their state.

He is a nice man. In general people of eelam do not hate the people of Sri Lanka because there are alot of good people from Sri Lanka. However your people did vote in sucessive governments that reconigsed that Sri Lanka was a mono ethnic country with a mono religion. This led to the forced federation of eelam and Sri Lanka as ceylon to become devoid in 1972. Your people voted for it yet in reality do not wish to accept an eelam.

Navindran said...

Mahen what about the retrenched sri lankans are they also going to work in the army. How long before you pakis are hammered out of england.

Navindran said...

The things mahen will not report

How many more boys have to die?'

Sri Lankan army's gains against Tamil rebels too dearly bought, some soldiers' families say

Feb 13, 2009 04:30 AM
Rick Westhead
South Asia bureau

Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka–In a parking lot off the main street of this town in Sri Lanka's lush "coconut triangle," a recruiting drive is taking place.

Standing next to a red school bus emblazoned with military posters and with loudspeakers mounted in the windows, three army commandos chat with a group of young men who seem impressed by the soldiers' camouflage uniforms, special forces badges and high-cut leather boots.

Posters around this town a three-hour drive north of Colombo show pictures of local youths who have enlisted and ask residents to donate blood. Radio ads encourage people to "join the winning side."

It's understandable why the army has focused on Kuliyapitiya. Smaller farming communities such as this one, where job prospects are scarce, have been especially fertile ground for Sri Lanka's military in its decades-long civil war against the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

"It used to be that kids grew up wanting to be doctors and lawyers; now they want to join the army," said Chandana Bulathsinhala, who works for an opposition member of parliament here.

The recruitment has come at a cost. This area of 150,000 has buried 5,000 soldiers over the past few years, Bulathsinhala said. In recent months, there have been as many as three funerals a week.

Sitting on a sagging mattress in her cramped clay-tiled roof home, a cat curled up next to her, Kusuma Gunawardana wiped away tears as she talked about her son.

Two weeks ago, the 24-year-old soldier disappeared near Elephant Pass, a key access point to the Jaffna peninsula in the north. The police came to tell Gunawardana her tall, thin boy had vanished in a firefight against the Tigers.

"There's been nothing since then. No offers of help, nothing," she sobbed. "I want to know what's happened to him. I want to end this feeling."

Steps from Gunawardana's front door, a poster pays tribute to Alimanka, a local commando who died during fighting in Jaffna. "Brother, you have not died. You bloom as a flower among us."

Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said 3,700 Sri Lankan soldiers have been killed since July 2006.

The families of fallen soldiers keep receiving their paycheques – Gunawardana still gets about $220 a month – until a time when they would have reached age 55.

Families also get a lump-sum payment worth about $820. That figure is doubled if the soldier was married, Nanayakkara said.

But it's small solace to Gunawardana. "This government is to blame as well," she said. "How many more boys have to die? It would have been better to have him living and not go in the military, even if we had to go and beg."

The difference between Colombo and towns like Kuliyapitiya is striking. In Sri Lanka's oceanside capital, the war is celebrated.

Last weekend, at a cultural fair called Deyata Kirula, hundreds of thousands of spectators packed a fairground to see signs of Sri Lanka's progress.

The most popular exhibits were the military ones. Crowds crushed around a recently captured Tamil Tigers submarine. Children sat on anti-aircraft guns and next to grenade launchers as grinning parents snapped photos. At one exhibit, a soldier showed a pair of Buddhist monks how to work an AK-47 rifle.

But for many families, the wounds will never heal.

On Jan. 9, 1997, Samantha Perera went missing during fighting in Jaffna. Three years later, the military declared him dead, though his body hasn't been recovered.

Nine years on, the family still can't put up his photo because his father can't take the pain.

"He cries at least two or three times a day, still," said Jayantha Perera, Samantha's younger brother. "He's not the same person."

Back in Kuliyapitiya, 19-year-old Koolitha Mancanayaka said goodbye to his friends, hours after enlisting. Just as the poster ordered, he was ready to go to war.

"My family at first wasn't impressed with my decision," he said. "But they have given a good verdict now."

Navindran said...

I give this article with changing the words from balkan to sri lanka. Sri lanka under seige.

The currency pegs of the Baltics and Balkan are already under strain. Romania needs an IMF bail-out. Poland's zloty is being used as a proxy instrument by hedge funds to bet against the whole region, causing mayhem in the process.

What we are seeing is a vicious circle where falling currencies are ratcheting up the real burden of East Europe's $1.74 trillion foreign debt, which in turn leads to more capital flight.

Some $400bn must be rolled over this year – an impossible challenge. Unless this poisonous dynamic is stopped by outside help from the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the leading political powers of the EU, we risk a full-fledged meltdown.

Sam Perera said...

Navindran the LTTE Terrorist Monkey,

I still remember the day you asked if I have been to Cprl. Gamini's home, pretending to be a moderate Tamil Sri Lankan. Isn't that funny when you show your true Eelam colors today. Now, I want to tell you something, i.e. there is no such place called Eelam in this world. You will never get it in this world. However, you can get it in the land where Tamil Chelvam lives now. Please bite that cyanide capsule now.

JWick said...


This Sinhalese Sri Lankan in Malaysia who speaks Chinese and a little bit Tamil- is he also like that academic quoted by Tamilnet who do not want to reveal his name?

He does not want to go to a country where there are Malays, but somehow live in Malaysia? He thinks there are less Malays in Malaysia? I smell some STINKING thalathel here. Ha Ha!

JWick said...

"Navindran said...
I give this article with changing the words from balkan to sri lanka. Sri lanka fighting fiercely for its last days."


Upul said...

Mahen is paid a sla pussy....

To get a better feel for whats happening see

Lalith said...


What do you now think about blocking the anicat in MAVILARU ?

Pakka-Lanka said...

"...Sri Lanka will once again become a peace loving, easy going and fun tropical island paradise."

In other words, Pukka Land will revert to its Pukka roots...

Hip hip hooray!

But then there is a lot of work to be done including crushing the next enemy...CORRUPTION.

Pakka-Lanka said...


Please give us a clue about who Mahen is. He seems to be totally on our side now, albeit with some sympathy for the LTTE for old time's sake, I suppose.

I remember when I changed school after the scholarship exams. I went to the rival school (in terms of Cricket Big Match). I could not get myself to support the new school because my heart was still with my former school. It took a couple of year for me to develop a total loyalty to the new school.

Same with Mahen I think. He'll be okay in a few months.