Friday, 20 February 2009

TAF launches last gasp attack on Colombo

Updated @ 18:25 GMT
EFT is glad to report that both Zlins have been downed. No SLAF aircrafts received damage. One Zlin, believed to be on a suicide mission to Temple Trees crashed near the IRD Building. The second one was downed near Katunayake. All of TAF aircrafts are now crashed or destroyed. One was shot down months ago, two were destroyed by the LTTE themselves and two downed today. The fate of the PC-7 is unknown.

Updated @ 18:14 GMT

EFT military correspondent citing unverified sources report that Black Tigers are staging a major nightime counter attack in Puthukuduriyuppu. EFT believes that the Black Tiger attack coupled with the Zlin attack is a diversionary tactic to facilitate the escape of the fat pig and other pot bellied LTTE "leaders".

Updated @ 17:59 GMT

One EFT source speculates that the aircraft that crashed over Puttalam was an SLAF F-7 that was giving chase to the Zlin. The aircraft could have crashed due to mechanical faults. As yet, this is speculation only. EFT team on its own thinks that the crashed aircraft in Puttalam is a Zlin.

Updated @ 17:44 GMT

Unconfirmed reports say that the second Zlin was taken down over the skies near Puttalam, possibly by an F-7 that was engaging it. Other unverified reports say that the second Zlin landed safely in Puthukuduriyuppu.

Two light aircraft of the LTTE air wing (TAF) attempted to bomb the SLAF HQ in Colombo, however the bomb was off target and landed near the Inland Revenue HQ causing minor damages. At least 34 injured civilians were taken to hospital, one is in critical condition. Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara of the SLAF just confirmed that one light aircraft - possibly a Zlin - crashed near Katunayake Air Force base. Unconfirmed reports say that a body was recovered from the crash site. SLAF jets are reported to be in pursuit of the other aircraft. EFT suspects that this attack could have been a diversionary tactic to facilitate the escape of the LTTE leader - Velupillai Prabhakaran. Stay tuned for further news.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I agree with Mahen about the possible diversionary act. Also, there can be another major counter attack getting formed in Puthu, and they wanted to make SLDF busy.

samantha said...

Thanks Mahen

Sandun said...
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Sandun said...

Ade Umba Ape Kollek Neda?
Umba LTTE Die-Ass-Pora unwa hondata anduwa neda?

Blucher said...

Dear Mahen

Please don't be a rat who jumps a sinking ship. Please be brave and go die with the diaspora.

Mahen said...

I'll follow you.
Please go ahead.

isurujosh said...

what the fuck went down in puttlam/anamaduwa then?

Shelly said...

so did the pt-7 that came for the ex sun god get away and give us the slip again

Shelly said...

Why the hell were the EWR guys on their job,nailing these tin cans. Its takes the Zlins awhile to get down to Colombo from PTK. after all they don't have after burners or do Mach 1++,can you confirm if one of the tiger ACs was on a suicide mission to Temple Trees?

Lalith said...

{{{isurujosh said...
what the fuck went down in puttlam/anamaduwa then?


It is Fat PIg's Two balls

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

"Black Air Tigers strike in Colombo"

Lalith said...

{{{Editor: "Badrinath" said...
"Black Air Tigers strike in Colombo"


Both tins were shot & distroyed by SLAF.

Mission of TINS were unsuccessful!!!

Lalith said...

Hi Navindran

According to the History, Sinhalese came from North India more than 3000 years ago. SL had a good KINGs for a long time.

When the TN had so much of people they started first to come SL coastal areas as fisherman by boats to do fishing. Then they settled down in the North and later east coastal areas. Since Sinhala Kings were very peaseful & generous, they did not take any action to send them back to TN. After about 100 years now Tamils are asking for a seperate country from SL.

This is very unfair. SL is a country belong to Sinhalese.

Navindran said...

Mahen below your sri lankan people say that what you all sell is punnaku. Even the soldier who fights not the keyboard kind like you,0,4460050.story
Price of Sri Lanka's army expansion is paid in grief

Email Picture
Ishara S. Kodikara AFP/Getty Images
Sri Lankan soldiers patrol a road across from a government agency in Colombo, the capital. The military says it has added 40,000 recruits in each of the last two years.
A military surge brings predictions of defeat for Tamil Tiger separatists. But many missing are among the casualties of the quarter-century conflict, and there could be more.
By Mark Magnier
February 22, 2009
Reporting from Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka -- The white tattered strips line the main road to Kuliyapitiya, hanging off telephone poles and fence posts, each one signifying another funeral, another loss, another hole punched in the heart of a family. A few miles away, in the center of town, ribbons of another sort decorate the chest of a commando at a recruiting post working to impress a group of teenage boys.

A recent surge by the Sri Lankan army, boosted by an aggressive expansion of its forces, has prompted the government to predict that victory is just around the corner in its 25-year war with the Tamil Tiger rebels who have sought to carve out a homeland in the north and east of this island nation.

Protest Photos: Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger...Concerns raised over civilian deaths in Sri Lanka violence
Sri Lanka suicide bombing kills 28
U.N. cites Sri Lanka cluster bomb use

Amid the rising euphoria, however, some question whether these hardened fighters will go away that easily, whether the human toll will really end, whether the white ribbons will stop fluttering at every turn.

Sri Lanka has paid a huge price, in economic loss, social and political strain, destroyed infrastructure and human lives, for its long civil war. Almost everyone in this nation of 20 million has been touched.

But it's the rice- and coconut-growing areas such as Kuliyapitiya district with its 150,000 population that have paid the highest toll. The government's all-volunteer army has found fertile ground for recruiting in rural areas where job prospects are limited and the army offers adventure, a uniform and a decent paycheck of about $200 a month. "Join the winning side," says a nationwide radio advertisement.

Recently, funerals in these parts have been running about two or three a week, said Chandana Bulathsinhala, an aide to the local opposition lawmaker, adding steadily, relentlessly, to the area's estimated 5,000 casualties since the war's inception -- a staggering one in 30 people.

Bulathsinhala estimates that 99% of the recruits sign up for economic reasons, with many schoolchildren now wanting to be soldiers rather than doctors or lawyers.

"War is always cruel, but the media has promoted good war news, so more people are encouraged to join," he said.

As families in the community confront the human toll, the war machine continues to draw in new recruits. At the Kuliyapitiya Urban Council complex in town, a bus ringed with loudspeakers and posters of fighting men lures new enthusiasts.

"When you come to the interview, bring your stuff and be ready to go," advises a nearby poster showing a soldier in a Rambo-style pose.

A few miles away, Kusuma Gunawardana sits on a hard bed trying to make sense of it all, a cat curled at her side, tears running down her worn face. Her son, a soldier in the Sri Lankan army, has been missing since mid-January. Nationwide, the missing number in the thousands, the result of desertions, front lines that have shifted repeatedly and dense jungle that can decompose a body in rapid order.

Nor is she sure she can believe what the government news channels say. Her older son, also in the army, told her the situation is often significantly different from the rosy images beamed on the channels. She just wants her family back. "I can't think about what happened to my son," she said. "I believe he's still alive."

Down the road, Jayantha Perera, 33, has doubts about a quick end to the war, but for different reasons. It's been going on so long that to him the wrapping-up seems too fantastic. As he talks in a living room decorated with a military calendar and the family's foot-powered sewing machine, he remembers the pride he felt when his older brother Samantha left for the war.

Samantha hasn't been heard from in more than a decade and is presumed dead, one of the 4,000 soldiers and 12,000 Sri Lankan civilians and fighters with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam missing in the war, according to estimates by the Assn. of War Affected Women, a civic group based in the city of Kandy.

As he talks, Perera's aging father suddenly erupts into a wail of grief. It happens two or three times a day, Perera says; he's been on a downward slide since his son's disappearance. The family no longer keeps pictures of Samantha around, except for one fading shot of his regiment, to avoid upsetting his father even more.

Farther down the back roads of the community, posters glorify those who died as placards urge citizens to donate blood, using pictures of neighbors who have already signed up and shipped out as an incentive. "Brother you have not died, you bloom as a flower among us," reads a poster marking the death of a commando who died recently at Elephant Pass.

A few feet from the commando with a chestful of ribbons, Koolitha Manchanayaka, 19, waits by the recruiting bus talking to friends after signing up. The teenager is accompanied by his father and a cousin and is ready to fulfill a dream he's had since he was 17.

His parents were reluctant to let him go, he said, but he eventually persuaded them after promising to be careful. For added security, he wears a pirith cord, a string worn around the wrist, blessed by monks at a nearby Buddhist temple.

Sure, there is a risk that he will be captured or killed, he said. "It could happen to anyone, but I'm not scared," he said, his eyes alight with excitement. "This is the right time to go. If I'm not involved at this decisive time, there's no point."

The military added 40,000 recruits in each of the last two years, said Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara, a military spokesman, to reach the current 180,000 level for the armed forces.

Those with missing family members receive a death settlement after one year of about $750 for single soldiers and $1,500 for married, along with other pension and insurance payouts.

Laborer K.G. Salen Fernando, 63, of Galkapuyaya village, said his family didn't receive anything from the government when his son disappeared 17 years ago.

A decade or so back, the family finally conceded that their boy wasn't coming back, he said. But without ever seeing his body, the realization was very difficult to accept. "He died for the sake of the country, so I'm proud," the father said, through a toothless jaw. "But they didn't even give us 5 cents. We'd be happy if they paid us something."

Visaka Dharmadasa, the founder of the Assn. of War Affected Women, said the disappearance of one of her sons eight years ago was the catalyst for starting the group, which aims to make the government and the International Committee of the Red Cross more accountable on MIA issues.

The association now numbers 2,000 members. Even though it's been nearly a decade since she last saw her missing son, she said she still waits expectantly. "There's always hope," she said. "It's not going to help anyone when you deny the existence of a person."

Gunawardana's agony is still fresh, as she reflects on Tamil mothers on the other side who must be experiencing some of the same pain.

"In the north, they're going through the same suffering we have," she said. "We are running out of boys in this country. We don't need a war with the north to lose more children."

Navindran said...

Sam Perera, never stop your foul language. I pitied the soldier who died because he scarificed his life for nothing as elephant pass fell to the LTTE later. When a tamil bends over, he is a moderate, when he tries to tell you of your stupidity, he is a ltte lover.

Another idiot questioned why the guy did not want to visit countries with malays. Let me be clear. He lives in Malaysia where malays form about 55% of the population. When i was talking to him, his wife who is a malaylee gave him a call and said if they wanted to go to eqypt for a holiday.

Thats when he told me he hates to see malays when he goes overseas since he sees them everyday in malaysia. He is a nice guy. He is used as many Sri Lankans are living with the people of eelam origin and tamils from indian.

Both singapore and malaysia give official recongnition of tamil. Anyway he was one out of 8 sibilings and was born in sri lanka and left at the age of 14. Ususally non malays are denied citizenship in such cases. However as his father was in the army, he was given citizenship. Though i guess he would have taken it up at birth from the malasian high comm in sri lanka

Navindran said...

Sam i have to give credit to you. As you are a mongorel, you probabily have a good chance to masquarde as a sinhalese. Secondly if you are not already buddhist, nobody cares like a fonseka. All the sinhalese are, were and will be ruled by mongorels like you.

Just because Sri Lanka is invading eelam does not imply that all sri lankans are evil. The nice guy i met is a good example. He is basically a malaysian now. I mean i tried to point to him that malays are a minority in sri lanka and face similar problems as the sri lankans in malaysia.

Anyway for the ignorant, Sri lankan malays are generally javanese exiled by the dutch due to their uprisings against them. Javanese are different from malays. The dutch ruled a small portion of malaysia which is called malacca. Its still a state in malaysia.

Mahen is the typical stupid who is denying some village out there of their idiot. He is probabily a teenager or with that mentality, who goes into a chat room poses as a girl and gets the kick out of it. Here he tried to play act as a tamil. However he has been made a fool not only by his countrymen but also rom the people of eelam.

He is defintely not a person who adds salt to his food. He is so shameful that he said last post and now continues blogging. I mean what kind of a family do you come from. I know many sri lankans and they will never behave so shamefully.

Navindran said...

A Tamil from India and support from Eelam tamil today have set the marker by winning 2 oscars. Massive victory for what could be achieved if the people of eelam are left to their own country without be stuck in an unwanted and unwarrented federation by the british.

Paper planes would have won the oscar had it not be composed in MIA own. It was however a runner for the grammys. All the corruption and lack of any politician till today willing to take responsibility for the corruption, mismanagement etc.

Even the mission to the moon is headed by an Indian tamil. Likewise was the space program. As much as the northerners say, when the real test comes they know who to put infront. Even the same for your test matches usin murali.

The eelam people are sucessful in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of the world. Your people forever blame everyone else but yourself for your situation. You can dream in and dream as much as you want but, the thousands who returned unemployed in the comming months will have no choice but to join the army to die.

Lalith said...

Lalith's opinion poll.

Who will catch the Fat Pig

1 59
2 58
3 57
4 53
5 55
6 TF2
7 TF3
8 TF4
9 TF 8
10 Other Division
11 Escape
12 Surrender

Please make a selection in the Lalith's Opinion Poll.

I am collecting the names.

The winner will be annouced in two weeks.

February 23, 2009 3:54 PM
Blogger Lalith said...

Situation 0n 23-02-09

VP's Pressure 177 145
VP's weight 131 K.G

Aiyamperumal 01 KM
Ampakamam 01 KM
Ampalavanpokkanai 01 KM
Chalai 00 KM - 55 Captured on 25-01-09
Chilarattai 01 KM
Chu'ndikku'lam 00 KM - 55 Captured on 14-01-09
Chuthanthirapuram 01 KM
Dharmapuram 00 KM - 58 Captured on 13-01-09
Ettakokavilkulam 01 KM
Iranamadu East 00 KM - 57 Captured on 15-01-09
Irruttumadu 01 KM
Kaddaikadu 00 KM - 58 Captured on 15-01-09
KALAMADUKULAM 00 KM - 57 Captured on 17-01-09
KULAWEDDIDAL 00 KM - TF 2 Captured on 12-01-09
Ka'ndaava'lai 00 KM - 58 Captured on 18-01-09
Keridattadu 00 KM - TF 4 Captured on 12-01-09
Kevil 00 KM - 53 Captured on 11-01-09
KUPPILANKULAM 00 KM - 57 Captured on 06-02-09
Kuravilkulam 00 KM - 57 Captured on 10-02-09
Mamulai 01 KM
Marathampuval 01 KM
Masar 01 KM
Mullativu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 25-01-09
Mulliwavalai 01 KM
Murusamoddai 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Moongkilaa'ru 01 KM
Olumadu 01 KM
Palamattalan 01 KM
Periyakulam 01 KM
Piramanthal 00 KM - 58 Captured on 19-01-09
PIRAPPAVADDUVAN 00 KM - 59 Captured on 17-01-09
Pu'liyampokka'nai 00 KM - 58 Captured on 17-01-09
Puliyansekkaran 01 KM
Punnainiravi 01 KM
Puththukudirippu 01 KM
Ramanadhapuram 00 KM - 57 Captured on 16-01-09
Redbana 01 KM
Sinnaittimadu 00 KM - 57 Captured on 18-01-09
Sugandirapuram 00 KM - 58 Captured on 09-01-09
Tanniyuttu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 12-01-09
Thaddamodda 01 KM
Tharmapuram 01 KM
Thevipuram 01 KM
Theravikulam 01 KM
Thonikal 01 KM
Thumarankulam 00 KM - 57 Captured on 06-02-09
Udaiyaarkaddu 01 KM
Udayankattukulam 00 KM - TF 2 Captured on 17-01-09
Vaddakkachchi 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Va'l'lipunam 01 KM
Vannankulam 01 KM
Vellamullivaikal 01 KM
Vellikandal 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Vettilaikkeni 01 KM
Virakulam 01 KM
Vishwamadu 00 KM - 58 Captured on 28-01-09

VP's Asshole ?? KM

February 23, 2009 3:55 PM
Blogger Lalith said...

The following program explains the current war.

WHILE ( area held by LTTP > 0 AND number_of_LTTP_carders > 0)

1 LTTP stay with Civillian
2 Fire at SLA
3 SLA responses
4 Civillian & some LTTP get killed & injured
5 Dispora supporters & TamilNut publish no of casualties in the web & news papers
6 TN jockers & other LTTP supportes in other countries start agitating by protesting, fasting & other crap and asking for Ceasefire
7 International Community & India ignore
8 SLGO ignores, MR/GR/SF ignore & continue to attack LTTP and defeat
9 LTTP withdraws with Civillians (By force)
10 SLA takes over the town/areas
11 Mahen & Peter write stories about tactical withdrawals
12 Dispora supporters believe in tactical withdrawal and keep the dream alive
13 We read Mahen & Peter blogs and laugh from the ASS

Jump_to_sea() OR self_immolation() OR swallow_cn()

JWick said...

No-win-dran said
".........the thousands who returned unemployed in the comming months will have no choice but to join the army to die."

And the millions westerners who have lost their jobs due to successful frauds of LTTE terrorists have no choice but join the peelam Tamils in cleaning the toilets !!