Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Last (news) Post

We are at a decisive stage of our freedom struggle. There is no denying that our leaders have not achieved our freedom via an armed struggle. However, our respect and homage must go to those who have given their lives for the cause over the past 30 years.

The result of the opinion poll is overwhelmingly in support of the LTTE to lay down arms and enter rehabilitation. We have no doubt this result is an accurate reflection of the opinion of all those who have an interest in the conflict in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), be it Singala, Thamil or other. This message could be interpreted as follows. We must create another method and/or follow a different path if we are to achieve our freedom enabling our people to live in peace. We have tried the armed struggle and have achieved little via this method. We Thamils must learn from this experience. We would do well to heed this message at this juncture and resolve to follow another path to freedom.

We Thamils who live outside of Ceylon mostly live in the Western world inner cities where different communities live side by side accepting one another. We see problems only when one community tries to create a "ghetto" mentality refusing to mix with others and refusing to progress with a changing world. Islamic fundamentalism is a perfect example. We Thamils must learn from these mistakes of others as well – A clever man learns from his mistakes, and a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes!

Along with all Thamils I have been waiting for a "Ceaseless Waves" type counter attack from the Liberation Tigers, which unfortunately did not materialise for whatever reason. I have been critical of our leaders at times and published information from reliable sources in Vanni front. For this reason I have been accused of many things in this blog by both supporters of our cause and opposes. I do understand their sentiments.

I believe the honourable thing to do at present while we have lost all major cities of Thamil Eelaam and many of our fighters have laid down their lives, is to concede our current position and acknowledge SLDF’s achievement - they have been worthy opponents. We have been outnumbered and outplayed.

Learning from our mistakes and learning from other peoples’ mistakes we shall continue our journey to freedom; it may NOT be a journey taken as a single race but with all peoples/races of Sri Lanka.

This would be my last (news) post on Ellalan Force. Running this blog has been a roller-coaster experience. I sincerely thank all who visited it, quoted it (with or without permission) and commented on it – you made it all worthwhile.

I Mahen Raviraj, along with everyone at Ellalan Force team and our sources, wish you a happy, peaceful and content future wherever you make your home.

EFT Opinion Poll follows:

LTTE to unconditionally surrender and enter rehabilitation 87.2% 33563

LTTE to continue armed struggle and achieve Tamil Eelam 7.2% 2769

LTTE to lay down arms, disband and enter the democratic
mainstream 4.4% 1713

LTTE to retain arms, enter into a ceasefire and negotiate a
federal solution with GoSL 1.2% 455

total votes: 38500


NOLTTE=Peace said...


This is your best post ever!

Whether you have Thamil or Sinhala or any other, you have said what has to be said in the name of humanity!

This is the way to go for "One Sri Lanka!"

Hail "One Sri Lanka" where everyone live and cherish as a single peaceful prosperous nation!

Bhairav said...

Instead of saying "Mahen" why can't you say "MOD" - Ministry of Defence.

I feel sorry for "thiru" who shared his email communication with MI of SLA or Ministry of Defence.

perein said...

Simply, Thank you for the post.
I hope all other LTTE supporters will realise the same.

Upul said...

I knew very early on, mahen was a sri lanka MOD pussy. The news he was claimming were full of crap, ie pothu amman captured etc.

I would completely ignore this bs poll, anyone can fake.

Upul said...

and i would ignore and be mindful of the rajapakse idiots who go to extreme lengths to deceive. remember you can't deceive or buy out god nor the ltte.

Anonymous said...

please have look how "TAMIL NUT" doesn't know who is a pilot???


we dont have other rank pilots in the SLAF....LOLZ

No_MESS said...

As someone said - In the coming days, as choices become limited, Tamils of Eelam will have to make hard decisions.

onecountry said...

I didnt call myself onecountry for nothing!!!

JWick said...

"...A clever man learns from his mistakes, and a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes! "


Sinhalaya said...

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LK Observer said...

Whether its MOD or otherwise, your news items had some info we never knew. Thanks for that.

I have one request for you;
Please keep this blog rolling, and try to educate the world that there is no genocide of Tamils. Its the Tamil Tigers that need to be wiped out!

This goes to the b*tch who is called MIA and tries to brainwash westerners with all sorts of crap.



Is it true that MIA got pregnant going for a quickie inside the bunker with Prabakaran??
Or is it MIA is the offspring of Prabakarn and Thangamma the toilet cleaning woman??

Ravi said...

Mahen, I appreciate your blog. Why are you terminating it?

What you mentioned make sense. How do others feel about it is seen in the polls. But aren't they a select lot. What about majority view?

Best regards


Jay said...

you throw your arms up in the air and now say maybe LTTP was no match for SLA and maybe now we should live together in SL without creating divisions along ethnic lines.
Why couldnt you do that 10 years ago? Now two thirds of tamil teenagers are dead you dumb fuck. A whole generation is completely terrorised, brutalised and raped of any future.
I'll tell why you dumb diaspora fuckers kept funding LTTP. Because all of your other needs were met, you had enough to eat, your kids were getting a decent education and you lived in luxury so you wanted a land for your race and it was these poor tamil kids who were paying the price to achieve your selfish unrealistic dreams. Selfish mother fuckers!
SL tamils would never forgive you for this, EVER!

C. Coin said...

thanks for the entertainment... I really enjoyed your posts.. but i sincerely hope this would not be your last post.. take care.

Velavan Master said...

My final post too.. very enlightening blog. If Mahen can change I can only hope the other morons will see the light one day.

One last word on behalf of Navindran Ponnamaster, Sri Lankan economy on the brink of collapse. Obama is meeting Vaiko and planning to invade Sri Lanka:

isurujosh said...

we love you mahen plz don't go. anyway we all have been thinking that you really are MI of GoSL. the only way you can prove otherwise is by giving your exact identity, not merely a name.
that way the authenticity of your voice will reach the majority of moderate tamil diaspora.
nevertheless what you say now is true.

torrent_lk said...

We should not blame tamils for all the destruction they have done in the name of Tamil EELAM, it is India who formed tamil armed forces and destroyed our beatiful country. India should pay for all damages! Lets finish off Terrorism and Separatism let us be Sri Lankans one country one Aspiration!

KillerT said...

Nicre words bro.we all apreciate it.now that you have understood the truth or revealed your true identity please start a new blog or post independent news of the battlefront in this blog with a new name(maybe Special Force).thanks for the Service so far..

I'm not Bhairav said...

Mahen, I'm not fully sure if you are a LTTE supporter or MOD agent. But my guess (75%) is you were a passionate LTTE supporter who realised the mistake of an armed struggle. If Karuna Amman and Pillayan can realize their mistakes, its not difficult to imagine a 'normal' LTTE diaspora supporter realising the same.

Anyways brother, we Sri Lankans are a funny race. As long as you support LTTE you are our enemy, but the moment you reliase the mistake and support for unity and peace you become our hero. Simply look at Pillayan and Karuna. They are not enemies anymore, but our heros. Look at Douglas Devananda he has been our hero for many years since he gave up on the armed struggle.

If I saw you in UK few days back and knew you were 'Mahen' I would have kicked you on the face (risking getting whacked back by you). But if I see you today, I'll put one arm around your shoulder and go have a beer with you.

Lalith said...

My Dear Mahen Brother

Frankly I was very emotional and my tears started falling down at the end of the article. This is the best article I have ever read.

Although I am a Sinhalese & against LTTE, I always believe that some of the SL government unfairly treated not only Tamils, but also Sinhalese & Muslims. One time I was a hardcore JVP supporter. JVP took arms because Sinhalese young people were unfairly treated. For example, I was at the no 3 in the list of school teacher appointments. It was 1970 to 77 SLFP governemnt. My father was a SLFP supporter. But the MP of the electorate was LSSP (Kalutara). LSSP Mp received the list. They removed my name from the list.

But next year I got better result and went to Pera Uni.
My room mates were Tamils in 2 years.

We need to develop the country together and make sure everybody will get the equal opprtunity. There must be a commitment from all the political parties. We need to have good MP's in the parliament not people like Mara Mervin Silva.

I wish all Sri Lankans (Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim, Burger & others) to get together and develop the country.

I also wish all best to you Brother Mahen.

duzz said...

knew all along u were MI..

took the diaspora donkeys for a nice ride dude LOL!!!

velluprabhakaran said...

mahen was definitely poking fun at LTTE. once he made an abreviation of some LTTE group as - LAME.

ha ha ha! i almost fell off the chair laughing!

there were several abreviations like that. so it can't be a coincidence.

there is an outside chance that he was dissapointed by LTTE performance & made a joke out of it. like sarath made out of vaiko. ha ha ha!

another suspicious detail is the lnks panel on the right side of main page.

one link says PRO LTTE LINKS. even tamilnet doesn't make direct claims like that anymore cos LTTE is a banned terra. so it raises suspicion that he's not tamil but a sinhala/anti LTTE tamil mischief maker.

this blog was real fun & i regret the permanent ceasefire declared by mahen.

but if mahen really was an LTTE agent of some sort, his final posting is one hell of a confession.

I am waiting eagerly for the confessions of other LTTE agents.

Pakka-Lanka said...


Whether you are MOD, Sinhala or Tamil, I don't know but what you have said on this Last Post makes more sense than many of your previous posts; thank you.

Due to LTTE activities (should I say atrocities) over the past 30 years, the trust towards the Tamil people has been most understandably damaged. There is no point crying about the repercussions this broken trust brings about in the shorter term.

If all who call themselves Sri Lankans focus their efforts on repairing this broken trust (without complaining about the consequences) that would expedite the healing process between the two communities.

Naturally, there should be an extra effort and a “Lion” share of contribution from the Tamil community to rebuild that trust.

As for those who do not (or cannot) call themselves Sri Lankans or find it impossible to identify with the concept of being Sri Lankan, you should pack your bags and depart our Pukka shores. You will be the thorns in the side of Sri Lanka and you will be the biggest hindrance to our social progress. You may even be the cause for a future LTTE.

Peter said...


Mahen, I never knew you were a Sinhalese.

Please don't stop posting now.

What would my Sundays be without the "special column"?

For the Tamils, here is what I wrote when Mahen first appeared on DW:

Peter said...


இனம்தெரியாதவர்களுக்கு மின் அஞ்சல் அனுப்பும் போது கவனம்

குறைந்த பட்சம் தமிழ் பேசத் தெரிந்தால் நன்று
November 16, 2008 2:04 AM

Peter said...

He made too many errors to be a MI guy. In all likelihood, he is probably just a another moda Banda with a bit of time on his hands.

If you sent him emails or if you voted in his poll don't worry. I don't think he'll be able to do much with your email or ip address.

If he knows your address, then expect some threatening letters.

Vibe said...


If you really want to make a difference, then don't let this be your last posts. You have made a lot of posts in the past supporting the LTTE. Now it is time to undo what you have done and start talking about developing north. If you really want the best for Tamils, rally up support for that.

velluprabhakaran said...

[[[remember you can't deceive or buy out god nor the ltte.]]]

but we can fuck the LTTE very well.

that'll solve it.

await pregnancy & delivery soon. ha ha ha!

ach said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ach said...

This is just another trick of mahen's to make his blog famous.Dont worry he will come back and start posting again.:)))

sri said...

hehe i voted in that poll for 25+ times


CASC said...


You have the attributes of a truly great leader and a visionary. Be a leader in your community. Go back to Sri Lanka, join the political mainstream, and change that country for ever positively. After all, if Obama, the grandson of a woman who lives in a mud hut in Kenya, can become President of the United States, there is no reason why Sri Lanka can't have a Tamil head of state. In the early to mid 80's, India was in the throes of an armed Sikh insurgency. Today a Sikh is the Prime Minister of that country. All ethnic groups in Sri Lanka share a common cultural thread. Two generations of my family include Burghers, Tamils and Sinhalese. Likewise we have Catholics, Hindus, and Buddhists in my family. The last three kings of Sri Lanka were from the Nayakkar clan of Madurai.
The greatest Sinhala kings like Parakkramabahu was 3/4 Pandyan. and King Nissankamalla was 100% Kalinga.

Reading your article gives me great hope for the future of Sri Lanka. I thank you for writing such an inspirational and conciliatory message.

Ranil said...

Good for you Mahen
If only the other mor0ns wake up to reality!!!

Mahen said...

@ Lalith and others who wrote positively,

Thank you...!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Mahen, please do not leave.

isurujosh said...

prophecy fufiled. mahen became the most popular tamil among sinhalese blogger community.

Ron said...


You shud not give up now. pump the eellaam spirit to the carders who are still alive and try to fight.

you still have some 100 sqkm of eellaam left dont you?
and you guys are masters in building earthbunds. so wyh not try that method one last time?

so what happend to the hunger strikes and other bulshits showed by the TN jokers?

Karu said...

Use your time and energy to serve Sri Lankan Tamils in a more constructive (not destructive) and useful manner.

Mobe said...

Hey Mahen,

I have slung some crap at you but now I feel a little ashamed since I can see that you are much more intelligent than I first thought.

I do not know whether you were born in Sri Lanka or whether you experienced the black July in '83. Well.., I did experience it as a Sinhalese boy (And I'm still in SL cos I love this country and I have a few tamil friends and I work with a whole bunch of em). I did not understand the reason behind it at that time since I was too small but now I know it is the biggest most single mistake the SL politicians did at that time.

I distinctly remember that many average Sinhalese families harbored and gave safe havens to their Tamil neighbors (**) while a handful tried to hunt them down and kill them (***).

That mentality (**) is still there among the majority of Sinhalese people, but there is also a fear that the Tamil next door might turn out to be an LTTE supporter harboring a suicide bomber or a claymore.

So we have a lot of damage repairing to do.

I think in another 1-2 years once the last mop up operations are over, we won't even remember that we had a problem in this country.

So come to SL in a fresh mind.

And for old times sake here is another sling, hope you don't mind.

" You can shove that bugle right up your black ass you dump fucking tamil shit, you funded the atrocities committed by the LTTE in this country. So fuck yaaalllll tamil shits (in Europe, Canada etc..since Tamils living in SL are not too bad)"

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen, you said that blog is over. But why not return to DefWire.

You are that piper who jumped to oceans with diaspora rats.

Peter is the only rat alive now floating on a piece of junk and still singing.

Don't you think it is time to say something in DefWire?

JWick said...

LK Observer said...

Is it true that MIA got pregnant going for a quickie inside the bunker with Prabakaran??


Or is it MIA is the offspring of Prabakarn and Thangamma the toilet cleaning woman??

TRUE AGAIN!! But obviously this happened before the above !!

Puligal said...

"Where will the final stand be?"


1,000 Sri Lankan army soldiers killed in PTK counter offensive.

Jay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lalith said...

{{{Puligal said...
"Where will the final stand be?"


1,000 Sri Lankan army soldiers killed in PTK counter offensive.}}}

Yes Puligal.

LTTE will start soon to capture all towns in the NORTH & EAST that they tactically withdrew from and restore EELAM.

Are you happy?

velluprabhakaran said...

[[[@ Lalith and others who wrote positively,

Thank you...!]]]

shit. no thanks for me. after all the positive things i wrote. (about sinhala).

ha ha ha!

Suwaganak said...

Nadesan anna has given a tip on Susei thammbi's whereabouts?

LankanDefence said...

theres a new defence blog.....


Ananda-USA said...

To all Tamils,

Please pass this on to your Coworkers, Managers, Clients, Classmates and Friends so that they can learn for themselves whats really happening in Sri Lanka

Singalese Prof Clarifies whats happening in Sri Lanka
Link one

BRUCE FEIN-Former Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States -filed case against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse for war crimes and genocide of Tamil Civilians in Sri Lanka

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

English Document of Civil War in Sri Lanka, Abuses/murder Sri Lankan government made on Tamil Civilians, Politicians, Journalists, whoever questioned their actions. Statements released by Sri Lankan Presidents/officials. "...in 14 minutes the blood of every Tamils in the country can be sacrifice for a land for us" -Sri Lankan Senior Minister soon after the 1983 riot
"... Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy" - Sri Lankan President 1983
"Minorities are creeepers clinging into the Sinhala tree..." - Sri Lankan President 1993 Budhist Monks Violents disrupt a peace rally. Extremist Budhist Monks burn Royal Norwegian Flag (2005).
All the above and more are covered in this document. I will provide this document later on.

perein said...

As some of others mentioned, you do have part to play in your community.
Please do not close the blog with out fixing what you / your leaders has done.

Time to do something for the community mate. Educate all of us with your past please.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

LTTE Video of PTK front line fighting.


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

"All Vanni civilians to be jailed for 3 years"


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

"Sri Lankan army pretends to capture LTTE artillery"