Tuesday, 3 February 2009

EFT Poll to end at 17:00 GMT today

Poll to end at 17:00 GMT today.

Result should be out aroun 19:00 GMT too.


Peter said...

Nice! Can't wait for the results.

If only the moda Bandas knew how to carry out scientific polls like this.

peter ponnaya said...

Hi hi

Barack Obama VP ge Puke erala

Mahen can you clean VPs ass, please brother, GR is waiting

peter ponnaya said...

Poll Results for: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 at 15:15 GMT

LTTE to unconditionally surrender and enter rehabilitation
87.2% 33527

LTTE to continue armed struggle and achieve Tamil Eelam
7.2% 2768

LTTE to lay down arms, disband and enter the democratic mainstream 4.5% 1713

LTTE to retain arms, enter into a ceasefire and negotiate a federal solution with GoSL
1.2% 455

total votes: 38463

Now what do you say ?

Now this is your last chance, both of you better go to Peelam land and meet VP. He is waiting with his Red Bird to greet you, ubalata ithin Pukama Thama.

Pakka-Lanka said...


As I write this comment on your blog, I break my own golden rule - 0R (zero response), not to respond to any LTTE supporters and comment on their blogs.

I hope you will not "doctor" the results, which LTTE are good at doing via their mouthpieces like TamilNut, who have been caught red-handed on many ocasions with doctored images, stories and other fabricated information.

Peter Ponnaya,

Please don't jump the gun. Have a bit of patience for another couple of hours. Let Mahen publish the results. I am not going to bed tonight until I see the results. Can't wait...

perein said...


Am I too late for casting the vote...
I'm still in queue.

peter ponnaya said...

Barack Obama VP ge Puke erala, dhen VP ge Puka Ridila wage

peter ponnaya said...

For Mahen & Peter

Gaius Zaporim said...

It seems that now even Akashi, Solheim and dear Mukherji and Karunanidhi are waiting in line behind GR, until Mahen cleans VP's ass. VP ge puka oya tharam sepa mokada danneha!!!

Ritigala Jayasena said...

VP ge puka ammo dewillai lu....

Bhairav said...

Obviously everyone knows the outcome of the poll since only pro-Sinhalese vote here but why Mahen is so curious about this poll?

Well, Mahen is no other than SLA MI.

Pakka-Lanka said...

Mahen is a cross between TamilNet.com & TamilNet.tv.

Pakka-Lanka said...

Mahen may not be as silly as he sounds.

Lalith said...

Some Norway bitches fart from the front hole !!!!

They do not know that SL has withdrawn from the controvotial Peace Keeping aggreement.

{{Prominent Norwegian politician blames Sri Lanka for violating international Law
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 03 February 2009, 10:14 GMT]
Deputy Leader of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Norwegian Parliament, representing the ruling Labour Party (AP), Marit Nybakk, on Monday came hard on Colombo government for violating the International Law. "Sri Lanka should adhere to the Geneva Conventions under the prevailing war conditions," she said and condemned Colombo for committing genocide. Norwegian politicians across political parties addressed Norwegian Tamils at a public meeting in Oslo and said they were concerned why Co-chairs of Sri Lanka Peace Process are yet to respond to the current phase of the crisis. }}

Read the following link.


Lalith said...

All propoganda by LTTP and Disaporra is finished.

Nothing left except laying down arms.

What a finish

Lalith said...

The following program explains the current war.

WHILE ( area held by LTTP > 0 AND number_of_LTTP_carders > 0)

1 LTTP stay with Civillian
2 Fire at SLA
3 SLA responses
4 Civillian & some LTTP get killed & injured
5 Dispora supporters & TamilNut publish no of casualties in the web & news papers
6 TN jockers & other LTTP supportes in other countries start agitating by protesting, fasting & other crap and asking for Ceasefire
7 International Community & India ignore
8 SLGO ignores, MR/GR/SF ignore & continue to attack LTTP and defeat
9 LTTP withdraws with Civillians (By force)
10 SLA takes over the town/areas
11 Mahen & Peter write stories about tactical withdrawals
12 Dispora supporters believe in tactical withdrawal and keep the dream alive
13 We read Mahen & Peter blogs and laugh from the ASS

Jump_to_sea() OR self_immolation() OR swallow_cn()

Lalith said...

Situation as at 04-02-09

VP's pressure 168 122
VP's weight 136 KG

Aiyamperumal 01 KM
Ampalavanpokkanai 01 KM
Chalai 00 KM 55 Captured on 25-01-09
Chilarattai 01 KM
Chu'ndikku'lam 00 KM - 55 Captured on 14-01-09
Chuthanthirapuram 01 KM
Dharmapuram 00 KM - 58 Captured on 13-01-09
IRANAMADU East 01 KM - 57 Captured on 15-01-09
Kaddaikadu 01 KM - 58 Captured on 15-01-09
KALAMADUKULAM 01 KM - 57 Captured on 17-01-09
KULAWEDDIDAL 01 KM - TF 2 Captured on 12-01-09
Kalmadukulam 01 KM
Ka'ndaava'lai 01 KM 58 Captured on 18-01-09
Keridattadu 00 KM - TF 4 Captured on 12-01-09
Kevil 00 KM - 53 Captured on 11-01-09
Kuravilkulama 01 KM
Mamulai 01 KM
Marathampuval 01 KM
Masar 01 KM
Mullativu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 25-01-09
Murusamoddai 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Moongkilaa'ru 01 KM
Olumadu 01 KM
Palamattalan 01 KM
Periyakulam 01 KM
PIRAPPAVADDUVAN 01 KM - 59 Captured on 17-01-09
Pu'liyampokka'nai 01 KM - 58 Captured on 17-01-09
Puliyansekkaran 01 KM
Punnainiravi 01 KM
Puththukudirippu 01 KM
Ramanadhapuram 01 KM - 57 Captured on 16-01-09
Sinnaittimadu 01 KM - 57 Captured on 18-01-09
Tanniyuttu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 12-01-09
Theavipuram 01 KM
Theravikulam 01 KM
Thonikal 01 KM
Udaiyaarkaddu 01 KM
Udayankattukulam 01 KM - TF 2 Captured on 17-01-09
Vaddakkachchi 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Va'l'lipunam 01 KM
Vannankulam 01 KM
Vellamullivaikal 01 KM
Vellikandal 01 KM
Vishwamadu 01 KM - 58 Captured on 28-01-09

VP's Asshole ?? KM

Lalith said...

Lalith's opinion poll.

Who will catch the Fat Pig

1 59
2 58
3 57
4 53
5 55
6 TF2
7 TF3
8 TF4
9 Other Division
10 Escape

Please make a selection in the Lalith's Opinion Poll.

I am collecting the names.

The winner will be annouced in two weeks.

Lalith said...

VP's own jail built by VP himself

{{ MULLAITTIVU: TIGER terrorists’ long list of bizarre network of underground bunkers, luxurious homes, storages, camp complexes, etc received a new dimension on Tuesday (3) morning when the troops uncovered a far-fetched colossal Torture Chamber cum an Open Prison of the LTTE in the west of VISUAMADU area, reminiscent of the yesteryear Nazi Era torture chambers, Auschwitz, the Jews death camp.

The entire LTTE Prison complex spreading over five acres in extent has been fenced with barbed wire rolls to a height of about 10 ft and includes tiny cells, made of concrete and cement with only thin openings for ventilation. All the metal doors to the chambers can be padlocked from the outside as the photos depict.

Bringing memories of age-old royal punishments (Dandukanda) meted out to traitors in our old kingdoms were a pair of metal handcuffs, found weilded to the ground with concrete, inside one of the dark Torture Chambers in the complex. (see photo)

The entire complex has been guarded through four turrets of about 30-40 ft from all four corners of the precincts. A huge canopy-type metal structure without any air openings appeared to be a heating chamber where LTTE traitors would have been confined to, from time to time, depending on the nature of their offence. Perhaps, it could have been heated using generators as a method of severe punishment thrust to those traitors by putting them into the chamber, the ground troops maintained.

In addition, a huge metal cage and an underground bunker were also uncovered from the complex. It is believed the prisoners, defying LTTE orders might have ended up in those two places too, similar to those confined to the one said above regarding the metal canopy-type chamber. }}}

The link to see photos


thiru said...

bhairav, i have to agree with you on this one....Mahen i knew abt ur plans a few weeks back as soon as u started this stupid opinion poll, this blog is visited mainly by singhalese and u knew it and are trying to hoodwink the IC by trying to show this as a unanimous division, the reason tamils didn't come and vote on this opinion poll is becos they knew ur intentions as soon as u started pushing for ppl to vote for this poll.....an SLA MI can never be too smart for anyone to figure out after all the modhaya mind has it's limits!