Friday, 29 May 2009


EFT to publish official channels to help the war heroes soon.

Monday, 25 May 2009

LTTE split imminent

Kumar Pathmanathan (KP) and V. Mannivannan (Castro) row intensifies

The fact that KP (alias Selvarajah Pathmanathan) and Castro (Veerakulasingham Manivannan) dislike each other is an open secret. The row started when KP was appointed “Head of International Relations” an empowered role and Castro was appointed “Head of International Secretariat” a largely ceremonial role. KP was charged with weapons procurement and had access to millions if not billions of dollars worth of funds, Castro on the other hand was left to coordinate diaspora affairs. However, the wheel chair bound Castro (injured following a mortar attack) is the darling of the diaspora whereas KP has little or nothing to do with the diaspora. There is no love lost between KP and Castro, it is said that both Vellupillai Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman favoured KP over Castro. Castro is known for his hard line stance and for his ruthlessness, Pottu sensing rivalry, clipped Castro’s wings about two years ago.

In the current scenario, Castro’s activism may have triggered a schism in the LTTE diaspora. Following the Pottu affair, Castro regained his position in the LTTE. Castro has galvanized diaspora support around him and is trying to push KP out of the scene, LTTE media’s latest position is clear evidence of this, it is a well known fact that LTTE media is run and funded by the diaspora, they did not publish KP’s latest statement confirming the death of VP. Intel does not think KP will fight for the LTTE cause as he's a businessman and is not under pressure from the diaspora. Castro on the other hand must give the illusion that he is committed to the LTTE cause, how he achieves this without KP’s contacts, business acumen and more importantly the vast sums of money remains to be seen. As last note, we must mention that VP always had faith in KP.


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Breaking News - LTTE finally admits that their "Supreme Leader" is dead

LTTE, you have been had!

A short while ago, Selvarajah Pathmanathan, alias KP - chief weapons smuggler and Interpol wanted terrorist issued a statement to the BBC that their leader, Vellupillai Prabhakaran was killed in "fighting" on May the 17th. LTTE have declared a national week of mourning and promised to fight for Tamil rights using non violent means, a most startling change in position.

Here is the original BBC news article:

General Sarath Fonseka is live on National TV - ITN now (5:00pm BST - 24th of May).

This is it, its over, the final nail in the coffin, LTTE has been confined to the history books.

We ask our readers to ponder on the following

1 - What is going to happen to the remaining LTTE funds, conservative estimates say the booty is close to $1 billion, you may remember that it was EFT who first revealed that the diaspora were fighting over the funds when the first sign of LTTE's military prowess was under question.

2 - Think about why KP has suddenly come to the fore, who is he (apart from a gun runner), why did he first say that VP was not dead?


Monday, 18 May 2009

We are truly ONE NATION under ONE FLAG

This is by far the most humbling post EFT have thus far had the privilege to publish.

Though we had the information confirmed to us several hours ago, we only indicated this to our readers with an informal update to our main post. This is because we considered it our national leader’s honourable duty to officially announce to the world that the war against LTTE terror is over with the conclusion of the humanitarian operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces, the Police Service and a host of other agencies working together with the people of Sri Lanka.

We are extremely humbled by the commitment and sacrifices of all who gave their limb & life for us to see this day. There are many who worked hard to make this day happen. We do not need to tell our intelligent readers who, what, when, where and how this amazing task was achieved.

It may be an opportune moment to acknowledge our “ladies” who have been an inspiring readership, spurring us on in what we did. We were going to fold our blog with the announcement of Ellalanforce poll results. However you requested us to carry on and here we are at the most exciting time of our nation since independence. For us this day is several times more significant than independence from Britain.

With our hand on our heart we can say that from the very beginning EFT has been utterly committed to ridding our motherland of filthy LTTE terrorists. Our original intention was to take the terror-supporting bloggers for a joy ride. We achieved that with some remarkable success. By then we realised that we can go a step further and offer a forum to our readers to discuss defence matters in a serious yet fun environment. Only you can be the judge of how we went about achieving that.

While we celebrate the occasion let us spare a thought for the thousands of our war heroes who gave their lives for a most noble cause; let us dig deep to do whatever we can do to secure a better future for our motherland and all its peoples.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Government commits PR disaster

The LTTE international ring has started counter attacking the Government's claim of victory by exploiting the gaping PR left open when the President decided to delay the victory announcement.

Mouth piece of the LTTE - TamilNet has released a pre-recorded messags claiming to be from "Colonel" Soosai claiming that the GoSL is refusing to negotiate LTTE's terms of surrender and that "25,000" civilians are at risk of death. Pro LTTE media sources like the BBC have quickly picked up on this message and is broadcasting this as headline news. GoSL is at risk of jeopardising its reputation by sheer ignorance, laziness and incompetence, delaying the message puts us at risk of international sanctions and delay or cancellation of the IMF loan. When the country needs the the President the most, he is resting after his short flight from Jordan, the excuse given for the delay is that the Government instituitions are closed and the President is unable to get accurate statistics, facts, etc. to include in his message. How about identifying the Government servants they need to get the facts from, charter a bus, go their houses, knock on their doors and take them to their offices and get them to give the information they need. For our part we can confirm that the message from Soosai was NOT released this afternoon and not a single civilian is at risk of ANYTHING, they have ALL been RESCUED.

We urge our readers to lobby their Government, Ministerial and SLDF contacts to get the President to deliver his message without further adieu.

President's address to the nation being prepared

The President will address the nation on tuesday at 9.30 am SL time - Updated @ 10:40 BST

We have been reliably informed that the President, his closest advisors, PR gurus and Sarath Fonseka (recently arrived from China) are discussing the message that is to be delivered to the nation and international media. With such an important message such as this, there are several factors (mood of the nation, mood of the international community etc.) to be considered in drafting the contents of this speech. Therefore, the preparations are taking longer than expected and we hope that it will be delivered later this afternoon or evening. As soon as we get the time of delivery, we will let you know. EFT requests its readers to be patient, it is the message we have all been waiting for.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Silvas Liberate the Lankan Coast

Updated @ 17:57 BST

Cabinet Ministers have been briefed on the final result, it is a positive development and what you were hoping for. A media conference will be held tomorrow to highlight the reconstruction and development plan for the Vanni. The President will address the nation soon after his return. Government will declare next week as liberation week.

Apologies for not disclosing the specifics, but we have to respect the wishes of our sources.

Updated @ 16:16 BST

Pictured above are the creme-de-la-creme of the of the LTTE, but they had too much cream, ice cream, cream crackers, cream pudding etc. It was their stomachs that betrayed them, they got fat, due to the cream. All of the above are either dead, captured, or surrendered.

MR has said that he will return to a country which has vanquished terrorism!!! The announcement was made at the G11 summit in Jordan. - Updated @ 12:25 BST

High Profile Message Delivered to President
- Updated @ 09:09 BST

Just received confirmation that a very important message has been delivered from the MOD to the President who is currently in a state visit to Jordan.

VP sorrounded
- Updated @ 06:30 BST

EFT has been informed that the LTTE leader VP and others have been crippled and surrounded by the SLA. The ground commanders are awaiting final orders from the Military top brass (led by Commander in Chief Maithripala Sirisena) in Colombo to handle the situation as numerous appeals have been made to the international diplomats by the LTTE asking amnesty for its leader. A surrender to the SLA with the knowledge of the IC is on the cards as this will guarantee a safe arrest to the LTTE leader. Explosions continue to occur in the nearby areas.

Silvas Liberate the Lankan Coast

At around 0530 hrs troops of the 58th and 59th Divisions met in a historical occasion. After the liberation about 35 minutes ago the 2 Silva Brigadiers shook hands in the coastal stretch marking an informal, yet a historic occasion.
The divisions had to face a barrage of suicide boat attacks as especially the 58th Division made some rapid movements foxing the LTTE think tank completely. Prior to that a hive of naval activity was monitored as suicide boats of the Sea Tigers tried to engage the SLN cordon as well as the troops patrolling the coastal stretch. Ground commanders believe that this was an unsuccessful attempt to breach the naval cordon to get the LTTE leaders out of the battle zone. It was revealed that the naval assets of the Tigers were unable to be mobilized due to the unexpected manouvers exhibited by the 2 Divisions. It is reported that a large quantity of fresh water was used by the ground troops to negate the unorthodoxed defensive methods used by the tigers.

The LTTE leader VP along with Soosai is currently hiding amongst the fleeing civilians and over a 100 Black Tigers. The hostage rescue operation is at full swing and close to 3000 people are lined up to be rescued by the advancing 53rd Div troops and TF8 troops located in the opposite side of the Nanthikadal Lagoon. The LTTE leaders have dispatched all their relatives to the Army held area with forged identities and the MI sleuths of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) are in a tedious process of identifying them.
The military are instructed by Sri Lanka's Commander in Chief of the Armed forces Hon. Minister of Agrarain Services Maithripala Sirisena to take time to minimise the number of civilian casualties as an operation of haste to get to the Tiger supremo will result in massive civilian deaths. It is reported that VP has a large volume of explosives stacked at his location to detonate and create a blood bath.
So the remaining work for the 53rd Div will require a lot of finesse where its commander is not known for.

Friday, 15 May 2009

LTTE is crumbling

Updated @ 21:20 BST
  • Two self-appointed LTTE Colonel and 6 other regional level leaders have surrender to SLA.
Updated @ 18:35 BST

  • SLA 58 has pulled back due to heavy fighting earlier. Will be on forward run again soon. Currently engaged in heavy fighting with VP's security Tigers.

Updated @ 15:45 BST

  • SLA 59,58 divisions in frontline less than 1800m to meet.
  • 53, 59 divisions are 1200m away from each divisions.

Update @13.20 BST

Intel confirmed that LTTE leader VP is currently in his bunker set. He's guarded by about 100 black tigers at present.

Update @13.00 BST

The self proclaimed "Government Doctor" has turned himself in to the forces of the 58th division. Still many explosions are heard in the unliberated Vellamullivaikkal area and the 58th Division troops have entered the area allocated for temporary shelters.

Soosai's Family Caught!

Soosai's family has been arrested by the Navy while trying to flee the terror held area after Soosai's battle with the LTTE leader.

Updated @ 8:35 BST

It is reported that the 58th Division has resorted to the use of gas masks amidst indiscriminate fire setting by the LTTE. The masked troops are in a strenuous effort to rescue the trapped civilians amongst the large fire. This seems to be the latest method adapted by the tiger supremo to stop civilians from leaving as even high profile mahveer families seem to be abandoning them.
So far over 7000 civilians have crossed over during the last 48 hours.
Both 58th and 53rd Divisions seem to be just over 1km away from the 59th Division and expected to merge tonight. 59 Div is dealing with a newly made earth bund on its way towards the 58th and 53rd.
Special Forces groups have infiltrated the tiger held area on the look out for the LTTE leader. He is in the process of destroying his assets and the civilians around him to discredit the government.

Updated @ 08:00 BST

  • Some of the Soosai's carders surrended to 53. More expected. (Please refer to main article)
  • 53 and 59 are 1.2 km is a away from each other.

Updated @ 06:45 BST
  • 1.5km more to seal off the coast. 10 Suicide boats found and a mortar factory in Wellamullivaikkal.
  • 4500 + civilians rescued since yesterday (14th)

Soosai vs VP

The LTTE is crumbling right before our eyes. They have split into several camps, two of the main camps being Soosai and VP groups, they have started killing each other, Soosai and his group has defected from VP's LTTE team.

Intel report suggests that Soosai's LTTE team is currently involved with attacking VP's LTTE team due to fall out.

Last Weekend for LTTE
The 58th and 59th are to join up by the evening on the eastern side of A35. We are poised to wipe out the remaining LTTE pockets by the weekend (by 16th - 17th). The cable laying was done by SF4. Lots of credit goes to Prassanna Silva.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Grave hopes for LTTE

Offensive continues

58 Division has captured the 300m long beach front where Farah 3 sank. However LTTE still operate from Farah 3 which should get cleared soon too. Div 59 had some casualties due to heavy morning/afternoon fighting yesterday (13th of May), initially lost small ground been captured and increased the thrust. SLA is advancing with caution while SLN are busy guarding the sea area without leaving any gaps for the terrorists to escape.

EFT can confirm that, LTTE MBRL operators got wiped out by 58 division during last 24 hours. This comes as a huge blow to terrorists that last remaining MBRL’s won’t be available to be used by LTTE artillery division. While water is boiling, Sri Lanka president has left to Jordon this morning for 3 day visit. As mentioned in our previous article, the president won’t be able to discuss the security issues during the visit.

Human Wrongs !

Meanwhile, Human Rights organisation (should we say “Human wrongs”!) has requested to delay the IMF loan for Sri Lanka (see UN Security Council in its first formal session on Sri Lanka, condemned the LTTE for its acts of terrorism and recognised Sri Lanka's right to fight against terror.

Updated @ 09:55 BST

  • 1000s queuing up to leave the NFZ and we can expect an exodus.
  • 3 unicorns and 2 more suicide boats were captured yesterday evening by 53 division. Due to SLA's uninterrupted offensive and the heat wave the LTTE are running leaving behind their weapons. The LTTE is finding it difficult to sustain the defensive operation against the SLA as the Army maintains the freshness required in the troops due to the abundance of man power in reserve. This has resulted in 1000s of civilians queuing up to leave the NFZ.
Updated @ 11:12 BST

59 recuing civilians via a cable through Nanthikadal lagoon. Due to LTTE shooting some civilians got killed, but heaps are still making the use of the cable.

Updated @ 10:55 BST

It’s a Photo Shoot. Look at the picture on the right - the girl shoots victims' actions with a Smile (she also holds a photo camera). Wow…

What an ACT! That’s the reality of LTTE’s (and Tamilnet’s) News.
(Readers may have to click on image to see the bigger view, compare the right pic to left)

Watch this space for further updates. We will bring round the clock updates to you from now on.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Cornered tigers throw in everything and the kitchen sink

The LTTE on its last legs are launching wave after wave of counter attacks to regain lost territory. However, all of these futile attacks have been successfully repulsed and the tigers have lost over 100 cadres in the last 24 hours of fighting. Intel report suggest that the LTTE is getting their entire Radha units cadres ready for suicide missions against the advancing the SLA.

The GoSL has lifted all restrictions that were preventing the SLA from going in for the final kill, the last three weeks have seen reduced action as the SLA were requested to not to create mayhem. While the army prepares for the very last final push, the President will be heading for an overseas visit to Jordan. The President may not be available for a press conference while he is away. The SLA is expected to go for an all out offensive tonight and will engage in round the clock missions. The idea is to exhaust the LTTE’s hardcore cadres and finish them off. The SLAF may increase their CAS missions using MI 24/35s, while SLN SBS is already playing a major part. There are some reports coming in that Farah 2 has some snipers as well as mounted artillery.

Meanwhile, the 57th division has uncovered air craft wheels, pilot uniforms, cockpit accessories, a propeller, light aircraft engine and wings during routine clearing missions in Thevipuram. It is not clear what type aircraft these parts belong to.

Watch this space for further updates, we will bring round the clock updates to you from now on.

Updated @ 09:15 BST
MBRL recovered from Karaimullivaikkal by 58 division. Believed to be last heavy weapons of LTTE.

Updated @ 11:23 BST
Heavy fighting at Karaimullivaikkal, 58 division is trying to move swifty, we are suffering heavy casualties. Intel fears mass suicide by LTTE and they may take some civilians to the grave with them.

Updated @ 12:20 BST
Army 53 division detects 55ft long, claymore ridden large suicide boat, equipped with 1500kg of Explosives at Karayamullivaikkal

Updated @ 13:25 BST
MBRL was seized in a high drama battle with 58 division. (Not in a search operation as earlier mentioned).


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Breaking news - Wattuwan bridge crossed by 59

SLA 59 division under overall command of 55 has crossed the Wattuwan bridge.

SLA is continuing to position themselves in the area and should get closer to VP’s bunker set by Wednesday morning. On Wednesday the 13th they will start the walk towards VP’s bunker set. Expected to go with lot of forces. (Time for BBQ)

Updated 10:00 BST

LTTE is using white posporous, there may be heavy Civilian casualties due to it, and SLA are sacrificing a lot to avoid it.

Updated 10:45 BST

53 and 59 expected to merge in the western side of the strip soon. (corrected the typo @ 19:00 BST)

Awaitting more details. . . .

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Column - watch out LTTE!

LTTE dazed and confused

The fact that Brigadier Prasanna Silva has moved to Mullaitivu is true, however he is not commanding the 59th division. Brigadier Gallage is commanding the 59th division (which is on active defence) and Nandana Udawatte is JOC in Anuradhapura. EFT can reveal Brigadier Prasanna is commanding the 55th division which has relocated to Mullaitivu! The 55th is testing the LTTE defence lines north of Mullaitivu and has already started to breach the Wadduwan Bridge! Oh boy isn’t the LTTE in for a surprise!

Major offensives set to start on Wednesday

The SLA is gearing up for a major push on Wednesday, the plan is for the 57th and TF8 to hold the defence line while the 58th,53th and 55th rapidly pushes forward. EFT does not like to give timelines, but our sources indicate that by next Monday the concept of “Eelam” will be wiped off the face of the earth. All the divisions have been given specific orders to take utmost care when advancing into civilian areas, the SLA is adhering to the strict light arms policy and only using heavy mortars to break the earth bunds. For the final phases, the SLA may use mortars and land based guided missiles in non civilian areas to finish off the LTTE. Both the GoSL and the Indian Government would like to see VP dead, if caught alive it will lead to agitation in Tamil Nadu which is an additional burden India may have to deal with. At the moment, India is the biggest supporter of Sri Lanka’s fight against the LTTE and they have helped us in more ways that one. Political sources believe even a BJP led government may not support the LTTE and their stooges.

The LTTE has started firing artillery today at fleeing civilians as they are again starting to come in large numbers, close to 800 have arrived towards the 53rd defence line. 53rd units are trying to kill off the LTTE cadres who are holding the civilians hostage, how they are doing it, EFT will not reveal.

We have suffered casualties in the past few days due to sniper fire, LTTE snipers at this moment are more effective than our snipers due to their advantageous positions, and we also have landmines, AP mines and booby traps to deal with. A few mid and low level cadres have surrendered in the past few days, they reveal that the civilian militia is guarding the bunds, when they are killed in battle, photos of their dead bodies are taken and published in pro LTTE sources as “civilian deaths” due to “shelling” and “aerial bombardments”. The IC and INGO dogs, and Human Rights vultures are falling for this propaganda hook, line and sinker.

In a startling discovery, troops of the 58th division have uncovered a picture of Vickramabahu Karunaratne receiving a medal from VP during the CFA days.

Sea Tigers make last stand

The Sea Tigers and Black Sea Tigers have been testing the SLN defences with small scale attacks during the last two weeks. Intel believes that VP may try to escape via sea (head south then eastwards) with a massive suicide boat squadron when the battle reaches the end. If VP takes the sea route, he still has to pass four defence lines, two from SLN and two from Indian Navy. The SLAF is not able to destroy these suicide crafts due to the no air raids policy, however, SLAF Mi-24 Gunships are providing CAS to the advancing units. Meanwhile, the Deputy Sea Tiger Leader - Cheliyan has been killed in Karayamullivaikkal two days ago, his death has been confirmed.

Remnants of “TAF”.

Surrendered cadres have revealed that the LTTE possesses a Pilatus PC-7 and a Robinson’s chopper (both revealed by EFT earlier), these are hidden in the NFZ. The LTTE does not have a Jet Ranger contrary to media sources. There is a possibility that VP may use either the chopper or the PC-7 to escape, the possibility is very low as the SLN are patrolling the eastern waters and all units are equipped with SA-16 MANPADs, the chopper and PC-7 are easy targets for SAMs.

Await a political update shorty.


Breaking News - Deputy Sea Tiger Cheliyan Killed

The second in command of the Sea Tigers and Soosai's deputy - Cheliyan has just been killed. Further details to follow, also await Sunday Column.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Counter protest in Parliament Square

(Saturday 9th May)

We thank all Patriots who contacted us after our story dated 4th May. From the evidence you have provided, it is quite obvious that this protest was started up by a banned organisation, at a prohibited location displaying illegal paraphernalia, and to cap it all, the main attraction was an illegal immigrant threatening to commit suicide!

Our UK correspondent has informed us that the pro LTTE protesters have been given special permission to continue demonstrating without displaying illegal paraphernalia, but with some specific restraints. We understand the UK Parliament group “Friends of Sri Lankan LTTE” campaigned heavily on behalf of the terrorists for this permission. Other contributing factors are the Metropolitan Police sensitivity after the G20 protests, the sheer number of demonstrations in support of the LTTE, protestors using women and children as human shield, and the UK government’s displeasure with SL after loosing face over the Des Brown affair.

After taking into consideration all the above facts we advise Sri Lankan patriots not to go ahead with tomorrow’s protest.

Why have a counter protest on a patch of grass in Westminster, when you will be soon CELEBRATING throughout the world!?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

On your mark, get set for SLA Cont. !

EFT can reveal that Rekthavaikkal is fully not under SLA control, however SLA expects to take full control and clear the area by end of today. Rekthavaikkal foiled the last hope of the LTTE to flee to the jungle. Only escape route for LTTE now, by sea or land in the rear of 55, or breaking the 59 strong defence line.

Meanwhile chemical drums have been found in a sandy area of the NFZ. These chemical have been sent to labs for identification purposes. Full report will be made public soon. EFT sources indicate that these chemicals were to be used by the LTTE against the advancing SLA.

The remaining area is almost a no go area for SLA troops during day time due to heavy weapons fire from the depleted tigers. Therefore most of the missions are conducted during late night and into the early hours thus avoiding heavy weapon fire and LTTE snipers.

SLA expects to rescue over 10,000 civilians during next few days. EFT can reveal that LTTE naval fire power is still strong, SLN is fighting on a daily basis with the sea tigers and are preventing them from fleeing. (Keep up the good work Navy!).

59 is concentrating more on defensive than becoming offensive, but positioned to break in at any given time as requirement arise.
Currently there are no gaps in NFZ / Sea routes. Therefore SLA might prefer to keep the 59 division in active defence mode with out letting terror leaders to flee.

SLA has found out the truth about the captured iron rack, which the media were told was a tunnel. Due to obvious reasons, EFT cannot reveal more at this point.

While War continues, SL Government has sent another shipement of food and medicinet for NFZ based civilians, via ICRC.

Finally, for the international community, USA has proven how easy accident can happen when dealing with terrorists.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

On your mark, get set for SLA!

Wadduvakal Bridge which the 59th need to cross if they are to capture Vellamullivaikkal (V’vaikkal) is heavily booby trapped. Brig, Prasanna Silva and Co. may execute an amphibious landing using the Nanthi Kandal lagoon to secure V’vaikkal. However, the bridge is sitting over a narrow strip of land, hence the 59th may not need to use a risky amphibious manoeuvre. Commando and Special Forces elements attached to the 59th did use amphibious manoeuvres to secure Mulla town, hence they have the experience in this area if the need arises. Brig. Prassanna is a known expert in amphibious operations, and has proven his expertise when the 55th crossed the Chundikulam lagoon to launch surprise attacks.

Prasanna’s move to 59 has puzzled the remaining LTTE terrorists. The LTTE is in a dilemma as they don’t know which SLA division will progress to V’vaikkal, it could be the 58th from Rethavaikkal (R’vaikkal) or the 59th from Mullaitivu.

The R’vaikkal junction is expected to fall to into SLA hands during next 24 hours, at the moment the SLA is still in southern edge of R’vaikkal. (EFT has revealed the importance of this junction on 1st of May). The 58th is expected to speed up the progress once 53 captures A35 near the R’vaikkal junction while moving nicely along Karayamullivaikkal (K’vaikkal).

It’s been a while since SL Navy SBS units had some fun. EFT believes SBS units will support SLA routinely during next couple of weeks. STF is busy with cleaning small pockets.

During next few days SLA will be in the process of positioning them selves while foreign media is getting ready to see first hand information.

When Indian general election reaches Tamil Nadu, SLA should start the fireworks with Navy support. (Let’s start the count down)

So it’s all get set days!!

Breaking News - claymore blast in Buttala

Claymore blast in Buttala, one Civilian dead.
Believed to be done by LTTE terrorists who have infiltrated from the 59 FDL.

Awaiting for more details.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Counter protest in Parliament Square

We have being informed by our UK correspondent that the Sri Lankan community in London will be staging a counter protest in Parliament Square, Westminster on Saturday 9th May 2009. We understand the frustration felt by the peace loving Sri Lankans (Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burger) regarding events in London. We are willing to use our expertise and contacts to publicise this event, but we urge all intended participants to check with Charing Cross police regarding the legality of carrying out a protest at this venue,
Phone: 0300 123 1212
Please forward any emails you get from the police to EFT (

Friday, 1 May 2009

Sri Lanka Navy to the rescue

All hail the Navy!

The Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) is currently engaged in heavy battles with LTTE terrorists almost on a daily basis. The depleted sea tigers are trying to punch holes in the naval cordon to get the LTTE supremo and other high profile leaders out of the NFZ. So far, the SLN has been able to repulse all sea tiger attacks and have not allowed the sea tigers to breach the naval cordons. Contrary to LTTE propaganda the sea tigers have not been able to inflict any damage to the SLN Dvora fleet. The Sri Lankan Navy is expected to carry out more offensive missions throughout the month of May. EFT sources indicate that Charles Anthony who was injured in battle tried to escape via the sea route, however this effort ended up in failure due to the timely interception by the SLN who opened fire on his flotilla, Charles Anthony had to retreat back into the NFZ with his tail between his legs.

Meanwhile LTTE built submarines which were found by Sri Lankan forces recently do not have the adequate range to slip past the naval cordons and into the high seas. Appearances can be deceptive, although they may look like submarines, they are in fact semi - submersible and cannot reach depths of more than 2 meters, they are modeled according to leisure submersibles used by the tourist industry for marine observation cruises. They are in no way combat ready or sturdy enough to withstand the rough seas, Intel believes some sea tigers may have even died experimenting with these contraptions in the eastern shores.

In public the Indian establishment is making gestures that pander to their Tamil Nadu voter base, behind closed doors they are carrying out joint effort with the GoSL to wipe out LTTE terrorism. The Indian military is lending its full support by sharing surveillance information. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard are also patrolling the eastern seas to prevent any LTTE from escaping.

More High Profiles head towards the confession bench

EFT can exclusively report that there are very high profile LTTE leaders are now in SLA custody. Due to security reasons, we will avoid publishing these names and will let Government sources to reveal them in due course. The surrendered leaders just cannot stop talking, some have revealed interesting details about the LTTE overseas network. The GoSL is committed to taking the fight to the diaspora once local operations are complete, they will leave no stone unturned in hunting down overseas LTTE members and dismantling the fund raising structure.

SLA committed to zero civilian casualty policy

Due to sustained resistance from remaining LTTE members, land mines and NO heavy weapons strategy, the SLA is moving slowly into the remaining NFZ area. SF and Commando offensive missions are limited and the infantry is leading the fight. However, LRRP have infiltrated all areas of the NFZ and are achieving their objectives. The 58th is proceeding with caution into Vellamullivaikkal, there are still three more earth bunds to breach till they come close to VP’s hiding area. We still don’t have control over Rekthavaikkal junction, a hotbed of LTTE activity. Rekthavaikkal is north of Vellamullivaikkal, the junction is where A35 meets the coastal road, i.e., the Rekthavaikkal center. The road turns left towards Chalai, right turn leads to Mullaitivu town.

The 57th is engaged in clearing operations in PTK area. They are digging up mines and looking for LTTE warehouses. Since the 58th moved swiftly across PTK, they did not clear the area of buried weapons and mines, the 57th has picked up this task. In effect, the 57th is the second line of defense, they are also on the lookout for infiltrators. PTK east runs up to Ampavanpokkanai, that area is cleared, however, a pocket of resistance remains between the 53rd and 58th, hence they have not been able to link up fully due to heavy resistance, booby traps, anti tank and AP mines. TF8 has gone back to defensive mode as they achieved their objectives.

59th is maintaining an active defense and makes the occasional foray into uncleared territory as reported earlier, however, the extent of these incursions are limited and they fall back to their original positions after softening the LTTE defenses.

Rumors about VP’s death are false

Few days ago there was intense speculation that VP may have died, however, EFT can reliably confirm that he is still alive and hiding in the Vellamullivaikkal area. The fact that he is living in the main reason why the LTTE is putting up a fight, had he died the whole organization would have wilted and withered away. One of the main reasons that INGO dogs are not being allowed into the NFZ zone is that there is a realistic possibility that these mangy strays would try to help VP escape. Recent overtures by the Foreign Ministers of Britain and France indicate that they are willing to give a lifeline to the terrorists, they do not want to see this problem resolved as the end of our terrorist problem would mean an end to the virtual slavery we are living under, however, they have no qualms on invading sovereign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan on dubious claims and blowing up atolls in the Pacific with nuclear bombs, double standards galore!
As noticed recently, there is a lot of international pressure coming towards SLDF due to misleading information related to Air Strikes in the NFZ, EFT can confirm there were no air strikes in NFZ during the last few days. We appeal to all readers not to fall in with current LTTE propaganda machines that have been creating these stories.

IMF to sign off the loan

GoSL is fully confident that the requested IMF loan will be approved. Negotiations are currently underway and should finalise very soon.