Monday, 25 May 2009

LTTE split imminent

Kumar Pathmanathan (KP) and V. Mannivannan (Castro) row intensifies

The fact that KP (alias Selvarajah Pathmanathan) and Castro (Veerakulasingham Manivannan) dislike each other is an open secret. The row started when KP was appointed “Head of International Relations” an empowered role and Castro was appointed “Head of International Secretariat” a largely ceremonial role. KP was charged with weapons procurement and had access to millions if not billions of dollars worth of funds, Castro on the other hand was left to coordinate diaspora affairs. However, the wheel chair bound Castro (injured following a mortar attack) is the darling of the diaspora whereas KP has little or nothing to do with the diaspora. There is no love lost between KP and Castro, it is said that both Vellupillai Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman favoured KP over Castro. Castro is known for his hard line stance and for his ruthlessness, Pottu sensing rivalry, clipped Castro’s wings about two years ago.

In the current scenario, Castro’s activism may have triggered a schism in the LTTE diaspora. Following the Pottu affair, Castro regained his position in the LTTE. Castro has galvanized diaspora support around him and is trying to push KP out of the scene, LTTE media’s latest position is clear evidence of this, it is a well known fact that LTTE media is run and funded by the diaspora, they did not publish KP’s latest statement confirming the death of VP. Intel does not think KP will fight for the LTTE cause as he's a businessman and is not under pressure from the diaspora. Castro on the other hand must give the illusion that he is committed to the LTTE cause, how he achieves this without KP’s contacts, business acumen and more importantly the vast sums of money remains to be seen. As last note, we must mention that VP always had faith in KP.



Anonymous said...


So where is now KP and Casrto?

Ali said...

Thx mahen for keeping us updated ..

Where is this castro bugger located ? This is all about the money isnt it . Soon they will morph into a marfia overseas if the canadians dont watch out .

S said...


can you tell us anything about ranil?? word goin round he is the one trying to get MR, GR & SF arrested on war crimes...

Also, what was the reasoning behind letting soosai's family under govt area but not for other ltte leaders families?

Mahen said...

KP is in SE Asia, he is reported to have bases in Thailand, Malaysia and Burma. Castro could be just about anywhere, he mainly resides in diaspora countries, but was based in the Vanni during CFA days. Actually, who cares, as long as they fight among themselves and refrain from bombing school buses, trains, recruiting child soldiers, putting innocent civilians in the line of fire and hiding behind women's skirts, what they do really doesn't concern us.

Mahen said...

If Ranil is campaigning for that then he is really trying to confine UNP to the history books. I think it is a rumour, even Ranil is not capable of committing such a blunder.

Mahen said...

We have opened a new poll in main page.
Get voting please.

Sam Perera said...


We shall never underestimate Ranil Wickramasinghe's inability to understand the common Sri Lankan. In fact, Lakshman Kiriella the scum made a statement that RW went to tell his white masters about HR violations in Sri Lanka. Wiki-Kiri joker wing of UNP has already pushed UNP half way to irrelevance. Recent pathetic attempts by Dayasiri Jayasekera to put a poster crediting RW for elimination of LTTE is a good example for their inability to understand the common Sri Lankan. Every time when the patriots within UNP tries to do something positive like statement of non-interference by third parties, RW jumps in on behalf of white masters to stall it. We have only seen 1/10th of RW's stupidity. Perhaps, he is the best friend of UPFA.

Mahen said...

Please vote in our new Poll, it has been created to garner readers' opinion on who should be the candidate for the post of Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister. The poll is on the top right hand corner.

Anonymous said...

ok mahen you got my vote. so are you saying pottu is alive? becuz otherwise no need for poll as no pc election called. if pc election called they you should think which parties will contest and which people they might put as cm candidates. if we really need to develop north i think basil is the man.

Saduni said...

Pala Pala Pala!

The Robert Blake has retired from U.S. consulate to sri lanka. He is like right hand of RW (common law partner ?). Whatever the incident, he quickly used to visit RW's home specially when there are critical political scenes.

Actually the openion of Robert is gretly infulenced by Ranil's ideas. Note that US def. department is in favour of elimination of LTTE.

MP76 said...


Congrads Mahen,
you are on your way to become the chief minister of North - atleast on the net

DoDo said...

Why I get this msg?


This computer has already voted! It is allowed to vote only once for this poll

Mahen said...

Because you have already voted.

Remember New Sri Lanka, No HORA votes allowed.

wijayapala said...

My understanding is that Castro was always in the Wanni, and met his end there.

Lankan said...

General Saranath Fonseka Will Be in ITN Thulawa Today From 9.30 PM

Watch Live

Sam Perera said...

"Remember New Sri Lanka, No HORA votes allowed."

That is very unfair, yet I voted 20 times for you.

Mahen said...


No confirmation on his death, I don't think he was in the Vanni, he was sidelined since CFA days, but kept active in Tamil diaspora "cirles". There are some mysterious characters, a certain "Mr. Arivazhakan" and LTTE’s Department for Diaspora Affairs (DDA) coming out of the wood works, we suspect this Mr Arivazhakan and Castro are one and the same or at least connected.

PS, Have you seen blog parasite Peelam Peter lately?

isurujosh said...

VP always had faith in KP and that made him get killed.

Mahen said...

Sam P.

Ayee umbata White Van ride oneeda?

No Hora Votes allowed.

Anonymous said...

/LTTE’s Department for Diaspora Affairs (DDA)/

/we suspect this Mr Arivazhakan and Castro are one and the same or at least connected./

He may be one of our bloggers (Peter, Upul, etc or Badrinath)

Vassili Zaitsev said...

Allow 'free access' to aid agencies: Former PM (Ranil) tells Lanka.

Vassili Zaitsev said...

Moota (RW) mokada karanne?

Mahen said...

Castro was Nadesan's best friend, Castro's and Pottu's mutual hatred was legendary, Pottu was best friends with KP, the plot thickens....

Anonymous said...

/Allow 'free access' to aid agencies: Former PM (Ranil) tells Lanka./

/Moota (RW) mokada karanne?/

It seems RW has big dreams. I think his plan is to contest election in UK or Norway (not is SL.)

Sam Perera said...

Vassili Zaitsev,

RW is not in a position to order anybody. Soon, he will voluntarily go to garbage bins of Sri Lankan history.

Lankan said...

General Saranath Fonseka is in ITN Thulawa Now

Watch Live

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sandun said...

Mahen Apita... Api Mahenta...

Ape Mahen Palababa Karawamu...

sri said...

This computer has already voted! It is allowed to vote only once for this poll


Hang Praba said...

Mahen or Anyone,

Can someone please publish the link to EFT's POTTU story. I searched the archive but couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance

Sam Perera said...


I am committed to keep your votes above 50%. That is in memory of JRJ's great poll robbery in Jaffna in 1982 Pradeshiya Sabha.

Sam Perera said...

Ok, I stuffed more ballots for Mahen (120). I am going to win this election for Mahen in the same style JRJ won the 1982 Pradeshiya Saba elections.

Vassili Zaitsev said...

"Sri Lanka is to clash with Western powers at the United Nations Human Rights Council today in an effort to ward off any investigation into alleged war crimes committed during its military offensive against the Tamil Tigers."
TimesOnLine Mahen (or anyone): Do you know how prepared we are?

Vassili Zaitsev said...

Sorry, I used wrong html tags in the previous link. Here is the correct one...

Sri Lanka tries to block war crimes probe at UN


Re: Ninja's comments on RW

/Moota (RW) mokada karanne?/

RW can't be an idiot.
See the WP election results for Colombo: UNP won convincingly in those Polling Districts, which shows that the minorities still support the UNP.

RW's calculation must be that in a future Presidential Election, the Tamils in the Northern and Eastern provinces will vote for him and that the UNP's vote base in the South + the Tamil Vote will carry him to victory.

Sam Perera said...

Vassili Zaitsev,

You are the legendary Russian sniper who killed many Nazis in Stalingrad. What do you think of Nero, our great sniper who gave his life for the motherland after taking 400+ terrorists?

Sam Perera said...


You have a point if this election happened a few months earlier. Currently, it is hard for me to see how the traitor RW beating legendary Gamini Abhaya. A better insight of Sinhala mind may help RWs to leave politics for good. In addition, RW has committed many acys of treason that can be used against him as PR tool or a legal tool to revoke his civil rights.


Sam Perere;
I hope you will be proved right. But an election - Presidential or Parliamentary - will not be held tomorrow. It might be, say, at least an year hence. By that time there will be other issues, such as the economy. If the West enforces an economic squeeze and the cost of living of the people go up, people will forget the victory over the LTTE and think of their stomach.
Are you old enough to remember what happened in Britain in 1945, just after World War II? War time Prime Minister Chuchill lost to Labor!

Hang Praba said...

Since there is so much talk about our elite siper 'Nero', I did a google search;


On the day this vehicle was discovered, three Tiger cadres firing an anti aircraft gun, were taken out by Army snipers. Over 30 Tigers were killed by the snipers within two days.

As the Tigers are hiding among the civilians, it is only these snipers who can take them out with pinpoint accuracy. On April 28, Cpl. I.R. Premasiri alias ‘Nero’, a sniper responsible for the deaths of 180 Tiger cadres, was killed, when he fell to a Tiger sniper’s bullet. Snipers attached to 10 SLLI were responsible for taking out a Senior Tiger dismounting from a cab, while on a visit to the frontline.

If anyone know more information about this hero, please share it.

Mahen said...

Hang Praba,

Here we go.Sam P.
Thank you for campaigning behalf of EFT :)
Looks like our bloggers has more faith in us than real politicians :)

Vassili Zaitsev said...


Yes. I am.
I could have killed many LTTEs at “Grandpass”(not Stalingrad) if Ranil won the presidential election and LTTE encircled us in Colombo. :)

Yeah! Nero is a real hero. There is no doubt at all. So are all 23,000+ security persons who sacrificed their lives during last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Who needs leaders who expect to win from minority votes? We need minorities to align with majority.

Anonymous said...

So we got GSP+?

Mahen said...

HSBC research material about Sri Lanka, now available in main page (top right).

Achilles said...

mennna VP ge photos!

Oh shit!

mama wamanee daala ennam!!

Pottu said...

Chena Boy Mahen,

Why are you still active, isn't the war over? Don't you have beetroots to attend to and pull pototes (ala haranawa?).

Velavan Master said...

Ada Mahen, umba mawa maranna hadanawa ne?

Mahen said...

Pottu madom,
When one war ends other starts.
Watch out for EFT Econ soon.

MP76 said...


If keep the poll open for ten days I can give you ten votes. Will you keep it open for 100 days then? You already got my second. Each day I get a different IP address
Having fun

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Mahen, you got my vote too man. You’re the man..

So the LTTE declared a "national" holiday ah! (previous post). For it to be a "national" event their should be a nation, no? I.e. A patch of land on planet earth recognised as a country/nation. Where is this nation the LTTE has declared a “national” holiday in? Ho..ho..ho...hoooooo. Maybe a "national" holiday in some ghetto in Toronto, Tooting or Wembley Peelam. Stupid donkeys…what for the talking kivvalu.

Any way…this stupid SKY reporter woman calls the Sri Lankan national flag the "Sinhala flag". When would this thick cow realise that there is no such thing as the Sinhala flag? It is like calling the Union flag the "English" flag. My body's fish dancing...ammapa...

From school days this is what I remember about our national flag.

Green stripe - Muslim/Islamic minority

Orange stripe - All other ethnic minorities

Bo leaves - Buddhism, the national religion

Red background - Tamil community and Hindu religion

Yellow surround - Sinhala majority

Symbolic Lion - Legendary ancestry of Sinhabahu (Lion-limbs)

Please correct me if I am wrong.

MP76 said...

HRW is supposed to be a watchdog! So when it doesn't watch it just become a dog. Or rather a bunch of dogs!

MP76 said...

Anyone knows whats happening at UNHRC. Is it over yet? Some bite but some only bark from a distance, dogs that is.

Vassili Zaitsev said...


Watch UNHRC session live on webcast And visit AdaDerana for Breaking News from UNHRC

Vassili Zaitsev said...

Good News so far from UNHRC.

* By forcing a special session on Sri Lanka, some countries have politicized the mission.
- India.

* Pakistan congratulates Lanka for defeating terror.

* A sovereign government did its best to eradicate terrorism – Africa tells UN HRC.

Saduni said...

We may need a attractive patriotic website. The medium must be sinhala (other than English and tamil versions). The website must update regulary.

Lankaenews,lankanewsweb - Pro-Unp, updated regularly, sinhala version available, simple and attractive webdesign - that is good. But less info. compared with lankaenews

Ada derana - English mediom only

I think there is a wide populairy for such as website.

Divaina/lakbima - updated only once in a day

Sam Perera said...

පංකාදු ලංකා,

There is a minor correction to the flag description. The Orange is for Tamils and the yellow border is for all other minorities. One more important point is that this was the flag used by the last king of Sinhalese who happened to be a Tamil from Nayakkar Dynasy. If it is ok for Sinhalese to consider a Tamil to be their king and it is good for the king to use the same flag, I simply don't see any point in this fuss about the flag. My humble suggestion is that we go back to Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe flag without the additional colors and stripes for sake of simplicity.

Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe

Anonymous said...


Good idea. Lankaeews and lankawebnews are not really news web sites. They are propaganda web sites such as tamilnet. Their journalists are devoted to some view they believe which is more or less anti-sinhala buddhist and pro-INGO, pro-western. They spread rumors rather than news and they are committed and good at it.

In contrast, lankadeepa, dailymirror etc are news websites. So you are right. We need at least one patriotic web site which is updated on regular basis and can be read in all three languages without installing fonts. There are few in exist but not to required standard.

Anonymous said...


Good observation. Rajasinghe had no problem with lion in the flag and he became the king for the whole country. Present tamil leaders are crying about lion in the flag and they got some strips and what we had in last 30 years.

Mahen said...

I personally think a biling gedi would be the most appropriate symbol for the flag.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Sam P,

I am not sure if wikipedia gives an accurate description of our national flag.

I think we should have the stripes representing all communities in our flag. Going back to the old Lion flag would seem a step in the wrong direction which would no doubt give ammunition to the enemy. In the present and foreseeable climate, we must truly be AND be seen to be a multi-ethnic society.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Biling??? Ado Mahen jangiya...You can put biling on your flag when you become chief minister.

Velavan Master said...

Mahen Macho, keep the blog active.
Apita thawa yuddayak thiyanawa. Me batahira kalakanni ratawal ape rattata wiruddhawa karana yudde.
Untath me para amathaka wenne nethi padamak apita denna puluwan. Un me yudda aparada case eken nikan balu wenna puluwan.
Madyaya wisin ape ratata mara mada gahillak yanawa. Api ekata wiruddawa weda karanna oney. Mama dawasakata liyum dekak wath yawanawa mehe paththara walata. Rata gena article ekak thibboth ekata comments danawa. Api hamoma mekata weda karoth munwa paraddanna puluwan.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...


Nice one bro.

Biling Mahen,

Put a picture of the little biling inside your jangiya on your flag.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...


Your Pottu Story might just be true.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Finally, BBQ is here:

Chinthana4Lions said...

Does any one got a collection of links fo all our war heroes stories? if so please post here please.

Chinthana4Lions said...

Does any one got a collection of links fo all our war heroes stories? if so please post here please.

Chinthana4Lions said...

Does any one got a collection of links fo all our war heroes stories? if so please post here please.

S said...


Do you which specific countries tried to bail out VP in the final hours??

People like Iqbal Athas on LTTE's payroll?? Any other known journalists...

Anonymous said...

/Apita thawa yuddayak thiyanawa. Me batahira kalakanni ratawal ape rattata wiruddhawa karana yudde./

Actually who was behind LTTE? From where LTTE got funds, weapons, equipments and moral support? Its true that India created LTTE but India had their limit which exceeded by LTTE. And after RG assassination LTTE was entirely under western blessings.

West saw the 'opportunity' to intervene and manage things as they like in south asia via SL due to LTTE problem. They saw the opportunity to spread christian religion and control the whole region by using SL as their spying and operational base (against India and China.) Its this chance now over for west. And that's why they asked us to respect human rights and stop the war, negotiate and drag the conflict.

Being Nobody said...

Mahen lokka, you got five votes from me....

So you are still staning by your bed time tale ah....ya ya poddu is alive....

Being Nobody said...


Being Nobody said...

More the divisions among the diaspora the better....Mahen, you must do more articles on the "diaspora factor"

Being Nobody said...

Mahen...dude... is proof...Tamilnet has acknowledged your "Pottu story"...

Pottu singing like a bird

Sandun said...

"A Sinhalese blogger said: “He is alive and well—in hell."

Anita Pratap is reading our blogs :)

Anny Anny Where are you baby ?

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


Which AP news item is this? Give us a link please.

Sandun said...

Machang Sam,

Menna Link Eka...

Lion, Tiger and lies

Sam Perera said...

Anita Pratap,

Since you read this blog, I have a few kind words for you. It seems that you are in disbelief that the terrorist Prabakaran is dead. Regardless, your journalism to glorify terrorists will not be considered a glorious act. You are an accessory to many acts of terror by glorification of terror. A world without fake journalists like you will be a better place.

Ali said...


That bitch who has never had an orgasm was waiting on the thalavir to give he one .. lol I guess now the thalavir with a hole in the head will have to do it .. lol

Sri Lankikaya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandun said...

29 For

12 Against

6 Abs...

Jayawewa !!!

Mahen said...

Dear readers and biling Sam

EFT team sincerely apologizes for not posting regularly, we are currently re-branding our blog. Watch this space for the all new EFT.

Those addicted to war porn, having withdrawal symptoms eh?

Mahen said...

Kadey wahala naa, aye enna.

Mahen said...

This man was arrested at an IDP camp:

Sam Perera said...


War porn, it never was. However, it was always nail biting from Mavil Aaru to V'vaikkal. I have never felt so good in my life and I don't ever want go through it again. Right now, I am seeing massive economic growth in my dreams. Also, I am dreaming of a formidable SLDF from here to eternity to fend off white masters and other unwelcome elements.

JWick said...

Mahen said...
Dear readers and biling Sam

EFT team sincerely apologizes for not posting regularly, we are currently re-branding our blog. Watch this space for the all new EFT.

Yep. it is high time this "ELLALAN FART" closed down. It has served its purpose well but it is not needed any longer.

Mahen said...

Biling Sam,

You are having wet dreams at your age?

Sam Perera said...


"You are having wet dreams at your age?"

Mark my word for future. Success comes to those who dream the impossible and try make them come true.

How about this? Those who dare win. You know where is is coming from? That should be the motto of every Sri Lankan in the future.

As for my age, it is classified. Have you heard of Sam Perera team? It is just like EFT ;-)

Chinthana4Lions said...


VP's naked dead body, new video.

Anonymous said...

Mahen read this

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

Countries who voted for us and the population

Angola 18,498,000
Azerbaijan 8,629,900
Bahrain 791,000
Bangladesh 162,221,000
Bolivia 9,863,000
Brazil 191,325,912
Burkina Faso 15,757,000
Cameroon 19,522,000
China 1,338,156,900
Cuba 11,204,000
Djibouti 864,000
Egypt 76,704,587
Ghana 23,837,000
India 1,163,730,000
Indonesia 230,227,687
Jordan 6,316,000
Madagascar 19,625,000
Malaysia 28,200,000
Nicaragua 5,743,000
Nigeria 154,729,000
Pakistan 166,460,500
Philippines 92,226,600
Qatar 1,409,000
Russian Federation 141,825,000
Saudi Arabia 25,721,000
Senegal 12,534,000
South Africa 48,697,000
Uruguay 3,361,000
Zambia 12,935,000

TOTAL = 3,991,114,086

Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,767,000
Canada 33,662,000
Chile 16,913,000
France 65,073,482
Germany 82,062,200
Italy 60,090,400
Mexico 109,610,000
Netherlands 16,515,053
Slovakia 5,412,254
Slovenia 2,053,355
Switzerland 7,719,100
United Kingdom of Great Britain 61,612,300
Northern Ireland;4,517,800

TOTAL = 469,007,944

Argentina 39,745,613
Gabon 1,475,000
Japan 127,630,000
Mauritius 1,288,000
Korea 48,333,000
Ukraine 46,143,700

TOTAL = 264,615,313

hemantha said...

What a victory it was. The lion cub escaped from the pack of wolves who were trying to kill it.
Now the agents of the rogue human rights organizations (HRW, AI, …….) will tell you as usual that you escaped with the help of the rogue governments who do not care about the well being of the world. What a lie it is. 29 to 12 does not represent the whole picture. Let’s consider the population.

The countries voted for us represent 4 billion people. (Close to 2/3 of the world population)

Countries who voted against us represent just 0.5 billion people

Countries who abstained from voting represent 0.25 billion people.

So the numbers tell the story. Handful of countries who represent merely 0.5 billion are trying to hijack the world. Please do not let any human right dickhead or any Mr. Mille Bean Band to tell you otherwise.

Panther® said...

did any body notice USA in the list ?

Hang Praba said...

Panther® said...
did any body notice USA in the list ?

US not a member of UNHC ......ya I know ....funny!

Spearhead said...

shooting its own foot:

...Some experts fear that President Rajapaksa and his government view all Tamils — long oppressed by the Sinhalese majority — as supporters of the Tigers..."but doesn't the LTTE themselves say they're the SOLE representatives of ALL tamils?

so then what's "to fear" about (or wrong about) GOSL/MR saying all tamils are ltte's supporters?
(not that MR really thinks that)
Isn't that what LTTE really want???

Sandun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandun said...


Countries with Sri Lanka:India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Malaysia, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Bukinafaso, Cameron, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Uruguay, Zambia, Qatar, South Africa, , Senegal, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria

Against Sri Lanka:Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK and Zambia

Abstained:Argentina, Gabon, Japan, Mauritius, Republic of Korea and Ukraine.

(Source: The Island)

Sam Perera said...

Mahen's vote count is above 50% again.

Charan said...

"Mahen's vote count is above 50% again."

Hora Chanda Daala :)

Charan said...


Miniha live TV eke kiwwa "Panna Panna Aanduwen apita gahana kota nikan bala innna api Ponnayoda" kiyala.

This was beamed to Europe and entire Middle East by Sri TV from Italy.

Mahen said...

I'll be the new Northern Provincial Chief Minister soon with this rate.
That means our next mission may not be able to carry out. If you do want us to start our next mission ,please do not pick "Mahen"

Anith ewunta dappan. Apita horaa boru karala purudu naha.

Hang Praba said...

News about our heroes are slowly coming out.

Anithima dawas wala ape kollo kotith ekka 600 meters kittuwa gaha gaththa lu. Wadiyen fight karala thiyenne SF eke kollo (laga-laga satan). Puduma morale ekakin ape ewun fight karala thiyenne.

Ape SF kollo haya denek bomba badagena koti godata panala pupurawa gena. Un eka siya kamththen mai karala thiyenne.

Mahen, mee gana mukuth danna wa da?

slpower said...


Your link:
This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Ashoka said...


Found this Gem! This guy is doing it better than even 'ape kollek'. Let's send few a good mails to him, help him by bashing his LTTE critics (in the comments sections)

Great Stuff!

Charan said...

Hang Prabha

"Puduma morale ekakin ape ewun fight karala thiyenne."

Anthima satanedi Koti maragen marena ewun ape SF ekatath Penna. Ee welawe meruna SF ranawiru ekkenek ape ningige gedara langa. Mulu palathama funeral ekata aawalu

Ashoka said...

and another one (this is even better!)

Mahen, you know this guy ?

We better contact him don't we ...

Spearhead said...

so guys,
looks like we have a new US ambassador for SL: Patricia Butenis...

Seems she was the former ambassador to Iraq, according to this wiki:

any scoop on her? any interesting info?

Hopefully she's not an idiot like Blake!

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

Joke of the Millennium

Proposal mooted for Ranil not to contest Presidential and Mahinda to offer him the Premiership

My ribs are aching hard now. I am sure that the patriotic Sri Lankans are laughing now. The habit of asking for something they don't deserve is something Eelamists and the stooges do every day. Whew, what a bargain our Gamini Abhaya got from Don Juan. This particular request shows how disconnected the top scum Ranil Wickramasinghe is. There are many more politicians in Sri Lanka who deserves the premiership than the top scum Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Instead of the premiership, the below is what is in store for him.

People of Sri Lanka


Ranil Wickramasinghe


1. Conspiracy by collaborating with white masters to overturn the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka
2. Espionage by giving national security information to white masters.
3. Treason by trying to give a 1/3rd of land mass of Sri Lanka to terrorist
4. Treason by collaborating with terrorists.
5. Crimes by attempting to stall economy by choking foreign investments.


1. Administration of traditional traitor’s punishment at a public square.
2. Life sentence with no parole.
3. Expulsion from Parliament and revocation of civil rights (a trick from the bastard JR Jayawardena)

Pinbara said...

USA and Human Rights

Sandun said...

KP’s local agent arrested at IDP campThe local agent of the LTTE’s notorious international arms dealer Kumaran Pathmanadan, aka KP, was arrested by Army intelligence yesterday at a welfare camp in Vavuniya.

Army sources said that the man Identified as Urumaran, was well educated and KP’s direct contact in the supply of weapons to the LTTE.

Initial investigations had revealed that he was fluent in English and some other European languages. He had travelled abroad on nineteen occasions.

He had joined the civilians and reached a welfare camp in Vavuniya but someone who knew about him had tipped off Army intelligence yesterday morning. On being questioned Urumaran had admitted that he was the local handler of arms and ammunition that came to the LTTE from abroad mainly on sea going vessels.

Once these arms vessels reached Sri Lankan waters Urumaran was the one who directed them where and when to unload the weapons. Investigations also revealed that he had been in constant touch with KP even after arriving at the welfare centre, Army sources said.

The investigations were at the initial stage even by late afternoon yesterday and they believe the whereabouts of KP could be traced by questioning and monitoring the telephone calls he received on his satellite phone.

Further details were not available at the time of going to press.

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Konappu Bandara said...

Bugger! We need to engage in a polite conversation with this Urumaran fellow about 'KP' and such while the poor bugger is strung up to the ceiling by the balls. May be a few stands of barbed wire up the bum will bring out details of his intimate chats with KP.


Spearhead said...

Go Kohona:

"The Permanent Secretary to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Palitha Kohona, also dismissed the report.

"I am bemused that The Times, like a jilted old woman, is continuing a bitter campaign against Sri Lanka based on unverified figures and unsubstantiated assertions," he said. "

although these reports and the bashing of GOSL is kinda worrisome, I really don't think it will come to anything, esp. AFTER the UN HRC session some points, these idiots have to let this go...GOSL just has to stay calm, and keep denying and rejecting these charges....
what a PITA!

Spearhead said...
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NOLTTE=Peace said...


We need your attention to two people,

Francis Boyle and Bruce Fein.

These two LTTE paid goons are going around the world spreading lies about Sri Lanka.