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EFT to publish official channels to help the war heroes soon.


Anonymous said...


Few words. No need to hide the identity (of whoever doing this). This is a legal thing to do. When you do this kind of thing you need to have the willingness, time and responsibility. Rather than sending emails we should do these on much better way.

Few points:
1. Almost every one accept the sacrifices made by our heros.
2. Every one like to contribute as much as we can.
3. But the question is "will our money end up in the right place?".
4. So many people reluctant to donate.

So its important to do it convince the public in such a way they build trust.

Any one send emails so email is not the way except among known people.

One way would be MOD having some 'approved / recommended list of organizations or GSL should make public notice to donate these organizations.

Organizations already poses reputation should step in. (Private Banks, Private media institutions...)

Any mechanism should facilitate donations via credit cards from Sri Lankans abroad.

Hang Praba said... ? ?

Is it so hard to setup an official email addresses such as For a fact I know that Army has a ICT unit. Why can't they implement these things?

People will always think twice before communicating with a address with hotmail, yahoo, gmail , etc.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...


Please verify this is correct info. Because couple of months ago I've donated one for Rs 10,000 (local produced one at ranaviru sevana and our friends donate each month. Not sure what kind of products these are) I sent you the receipt in our previous mail conversation, if u remember.

Please verify the authenticity before bublish this kind of thing.

Thanks !

Pottu said...


This could be bogus, please verify authenticity of e-mail before publishing, you don't want to be involved in a scam do you?

Also can you explain why the SLDF has sufficient funds to buy high tech gadgets and recruit more but cannot provide artificial limbs.

You are a real Chena Boy, are there beetroots growing out of your ears?

Mahen said...

We will take this article off line and will try to get official way to help.

Please send us the details how people can possibly join your project too.
We are more than happy to publish those.

Pottu said...
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Pottu said...


Very good, we don't expect future Chief Ministers to be involved in scams.

I did a quick google search and could not find a reference to Project Gratitude or Sri Lanka Army Engineers. This could be like the "goni elana nattiya".

Do you not have a PC in your chena?

Pottu said...


What is your election manifesto?

1 - Colombata kiri, apita kakiri? (uncited).
2- If you cannot eat bread, eat cake (some French artistocratic chick).
3 - Haal nath num piti (SWRD)
4 - Free betroots and potatoes for everyone.
5- All of the above
6 - None of the above

Keen to know mate.

Anonymous said...

Well again I like to change my mind. There is a fund "api wenuwen api" which is dedicated to welfare of war heroes. Of course GSL can just allocate money from budget or by a tax but such a fund provides opportunity for those who willing do donate more do so.

Its always good to avoid third parties doing fund raising. MOD may need to employ few good people from private sector to carry out the administrative stuff more efficiently. Purchasing quality products at low cost, distributing to needed people, maintaining accounts, at least on monthly basis publish what they did etc will build public confidence.

Any third parties who has good intentions and volunteer to fund raising should do it via MOD fund.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Online HypocrisyPlease read about the hypocrisy and bias of Times online on war casualty reports.

DECOY said...


You'll be doing a great service if you can publish some reliable sources b'cos there is quite a number of people willing to donate for a worthy cause like this but not really knowing how to do it . At the same time pl check the authenticity before publishing cos u have a large fan base. Keep up the good work pal.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

"Mahen said...
We will take this article off line and will try to get official way to help.

Please send us the details how people can possibly join your project too.
We are more than happy to publish those."
Thanks for removing previous article.

Group of our friends started this voluntarily couple of years back and this is how we do it. Collect money each month and contact ranaviru sevana official and discuss what they urgently need. Then, depending on the collection decide what we can do best. Then couple of them visit the premises and donate those items. Artificial limb is Rs.10,000 which is a product of disabled soldiers (so it's a double donation).

My advice to all who like to do any donation is this:
1) Send money to one of your relative and ask them to visit personally and do the donation or donate through a trustable body. Either way you should be able to get a receipt like this.

Visiting them and talking with them is a GREAT thing.

2) If you cannot arrange above, sponsor child through seva vanitha unit. (ex: when you next visit Sri Lanka, open local account in HSBC with internet banking. Open time deposit say 1 lakh and setup automatic transfer of interest to child's account)

Anonymous said...

Tilo said...

check this out

image 1:

Image 2:

i posted this on Puligal today too...

Tilo said...

hemantha said...

Yesterday I read the heading (in Times Online) “Slaughter in Sri Lanka-Evidence gathered by The Times has revealed that at least 20,000 Tamils were killed on the beach by shelling as the army closed in on the Tigers” and wanted to see the proof they have gotten. I was amazed by seeing the evidence provided.
Please watch the video attached with the article. It is just two photographs. One is a graveyard in which graves can be seen in a very orderly fashion. In the other a seen in the civilian zone which was occupied by the terrorists as well as the civilians. In that photograph one can see abandoned shelters, unharmed permanent houses, terrorist artillery positions and another graveyard with graves are in somewhat disorderly fashion. Please keep in mind that these are the only evidence they are presenting (facts). And following are their conclusions.

“1. The graves in the well kept graveyard are that of tigers.
2. And the graves in the second graveyard are that of civilians.
3. 20 thousand of civilians were killed in the last 19 days.”

They also claim some UN contacts. But that can not be considered as evidence.

They assume that the terrorists never bury their dead in disorderly graveyards even in the last phase of the war.

How about the number 20,000? It may have come from the sky. (Or may be from the tigers themselves)

Look at the facts they had and look at their conclusions. Then can you say about the authors of the above article? To me they are either idiots, monkeys who have learnt how to write and read but no ability to comprehend or some receivers of terrorist blood money (my UN contacts told me that it is the both lol).

Following is the video and the article.
click here.

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for those photos. I am going to print them on toilet paper. I am sure that I can make some money in Eelam by selling Thalivar toilet paper.

hemantha said...

One should not ignore these "UK Times” allegations. The rest of the Western media is now parroting the same.
We should take precautions before this gets out of hand. The west is not done yet. I think some thing is cooking behind the seen participated by the 'west' and the 'western components' of the UN. Until they get an investigation they will increase the death toll. (By next week it may grow up to 30,000). They will keep the pressure up until the world buckles on its feet. Whenever we reject the baseless accusations they will always ask for an investigation.
In case of an investigation, main witnesses would be the LTTE doctors, LTTE priests and LTTE paid local and international NGO's. It can get tricky even though the possibility is not huge. We better have a contingency plan.
(Appamdo amathapadan, pamado machchuno padan)

Velavan Master said...

Ado Mahen.. this might work against your Chief Minister nomination:

No_MESS said...

Hemantha – “UK Times story / One should not ignore these "UK Times” allegations. The rest of the Western media is now parroting the same”

This is standard practice for eelamist and their media friends.
1) Times run a story quoting UN.
2) BBC, Telegraph, AFP etc repeat it quoting the Times.
3) The UN denies the story is based on its figures.
4) The story goes on for a few days with the media quoting each other.

It could reach Stage 5 also.
In this case it would be the UN quoting a BBC story of 20K killed in Sri Lanka!
Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha wrote an interesting article about a month ago covering this topic.

Links to UN statements denying these figures:
Guardian Link 1.
Officially, the UN spokesman in Colombo, Gordon Weiss, would say only that "we have always said many thousands of people died during the conflict". But privately, UN staff admitted they were puzzled by the methodology used to achieve the new death toll.
"Someone has made an imaginative leap and that is at odds with what we have been saying before," one official said. "It is a very dangerous thing to do to start making extrapolations."
Guardian Link 2Asked about a report in the Times claiming 20,000 civilians may have been killed in the final throes of the campaign, Holmes denied it was based on UN figures. "The truth is we simply don't know. It doesn't reflect any estimate we made for ourselves. We did have our own internal estimate until the end of April. After that, we didn't have anyone on the ground," the British diplomat said.
The UN estimated death toll to the end of April was 7,000, officials have said. The Times estimate was based on the assumption that a further 1,000 civilians had been killed on average each day until 19 May, when the Tamil Tiger leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was killed.
I think we should not ignore these stories because:
a) They are an insult to our armed services.
b) With ICC World Twenty20 starting next week, we’ll see more stories like this.
The professor should take the next London bound flight….

Velavan Master said...

GOSL should seriously look at the possibility of legal action against Times for defamation. But I guess these jokers are relying on the fact that the figures can't be disproved without an investigation. Catch 22 situation.

tikira said...

Mahen or any one
please comment about the credibility of,a project conducted by a young group in the uk.I've donated for them cuple of times and they seems genuine...but who knows...i think they r operating in large scale and got a website on their own...please shed some me and my brother already agreed to sponcer two childern of war hero's through them...

Charan said...

I sponcered a child of a Ranaviru (KIA) through Seva Vanitha Unit of SLAF, The spocership will be distribute to the families on 1st week of June by SLAF SVU during a ceremony.

tikira said...

thats the one....i was given the details of the air force seva vanitha by ranavirufud....ranaviru fund acted as co-ordinator...

are they reliable ???????

Charan said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

SLAF Seva Vanitha Unit is planning a ceremony to formally hand over the
scholarships to the children in the 1st week of June, 2009.

We would like to request that you make the first installment of your
contribution to the SLAF Seva Vanitha Unit, so that the first installment
of the scholarship could be handed over to the children at the formal
ceremony. Please note that this is not compulsory, but only a kind request
to facilitate a token handover at the formal ceremony. The donation amount
is Rs.1000 /=.

If you have already started making the monthly installments into the
child's account, you can skip the next month's installment as the child
will directly receive the Rs. 1000 at the ceremony. We would appreciate it
if you could kindly make the payment on or before 1 June, 2009.

If you are a donor who pay lump sum of Rs. 48,000/=, Please confirm your
donation and we kindly request to deposit the money in Seva Vanitha
Account before end of this month and acknowledge payment by email. If you
have already deposited money ignore this email we will make the first
payment in the donation ceremony.

How to send in your donation

Option 1

Deposit Rs.1000 in the SLAF Seva Vanitha Unit account at Bank of Ceylon.
SLAF Seva Vanitha Unit - AC No: 0000 306 376,
Lake View Branch,
Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

Option 2

Pay by credit/debit card through the Ranaviru Fund account
Donate an equivalent amount of Rs.1000 through the Ranaviru Fund web site.
Please visit the following link; and click on
the green "Donate Now" button to make an instant payment via credit/ debit

Please reply to this mail informing us if you make the donation of Rs.1000
in complying with this request.

Also please send a mail to and inform the
volunteers at the "Ranaviru Fund" if you use the second option to make the

Due to the limited capacity of the auditorium we are sorry we are not in a
position to invite all the donors for the ceremony. However, we are
planning to invite a few representatives and the invitations will be sent
out shortly.

We will take photographs of all the recipient children and email the
photographs to the respective donors after the ceremony.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding this

Squadron Leader Mangalika,
SLAF Seva Vanitha Unit
+94 71 4282 335

Hareendra Maithripala,
Ranaviru Fund
+ 94 77 7896 177

Thanking you,

Squadron Leader K H Mangalika
Coordinating Officer
Seva Vanitha Unit
Sri Lanka Air Force

Charan said...

Tikira,Below is the confirmation of SLAF SVU and a bank statement was attached.

Mr. xxxxxxx

The payment of Rs. 48,000/= to SLAF SVU fund was confirmed by our
treasurer today and a copy of the bank document is attached herewith.

The child you selected will be getting the first installment of the
payment in a function in the first week of June. The details of child
along with a photograph will be sent to you after this function.

I appologise for the delay in confirm the receipt of the payment due to
unavoidable circumstances.

On behalf of the Seva Vanitha Unit I would like to thank you for selecting
a child of SLAF war hero and wish you success all your future endeavors.

Squadron Leader K H Mangalika
Coordinating Officer
Seva Vanitha Unit
Sri Lanka Air Force

Charan said...


Contact the SLAF SVU directly. I have posted all the details above.

tikira said...


Pottu said...

Arra Okkata Arraa..

Who the f*** are you to lecture me?': Russian minister's extraordinary rant at David Miliband

Pottu said...

Soora Pappa,

Is this you? in Face book?

Soora Pappa

hemantha said...

“Video evidence published by The Times suggests that the Tamil Tigers established mortar positions and military encampments within camps for displaced people, which were then shelled by the military.
The paper says that it compiled its evidence using aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony. “
-New BBC front page article

Please let me explain few things.
1. You already know that
Video evidence =two photographs taken while on Ban Ki-Moon’s Helicopter ride.

2. “The Times suggests that the Tamil Tigers established mortar positions and military encampments within camps for displaced people”

3. “…which were then shelled by the military.”
How did they know that this is being the case? What if LTTE destroyed those while they were on retreat (which they usually do)? Or what if those were destroyed in close quarter battles? Even if the ‘shelling story’ was true what if it happened after the civilians had fled the area?

4. “The paper says that it compiled its evidence using aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony. “

Arial Photographs = you guys have already seen those. Nothing the sort of they claim is revealed.

Official documents:- In other places ‘Times’ claims allegations were taken from UN contacts (unofficial). I do not know how they made it official. May be in the sense those reports were written by UK times officials (writers).

Witness accounts :- It is so easy to find few LTTE terrorists as witnesses. They are so good at lying (begal pappala) Pillai will cry.

Expert testimony :- Considering the #3 above we should be able to find a monkey smarter than these experts. (Or in the western hemisphere one can buy an expert for small sum of money and they would tell whatever you want them to say. This would be the case if the authors of the ‘UK Times’ article were paid by the terrorists.)

hemantha said...

For an example consider the BBC expert, Human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson.
He doesn't even know that Sri Lanka is not a member of the UNHRC. He claims otherwise in order to ridicule the UNHRC decision.
If these western countries do not get their way in any institution they start ridiculing it. They think they are the gods of the world and the rest of the world has to accept their judgments on its knees. 0.5 billon people are trying to overrule the wish of 4 billion people. When these same hypocritical nations killed hundred thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and millions of people in Vietnam those Human Rights big mouths kept mum and still keep doing it. But when a small country is fighting for it's survival ocean level begins to rise due to their tears.
World order has to be changed. No question about that. Fortunately, that day is not far.

Konappu Bandara said...

Looking for honor and decency among Pommie bastards is like looking for Virgin Mary in a Texas whorehouse.


S said...

Mahen, i thought you might like to know this about project gratitude.


Ours is not a private organization. We, Sri Lanka Army Engineers Association (SLAEA) is an organization consisting of Retired Military Officers and affiliated to Sri Lanka Ex Sevicemen Association (SLESA) which has been approved by the MOD and the Government.

In the alterntive you may contribute to 'Api Venven Api' program of MOD. Pl see for details.

Best regards,

Major General Susil Chandrapala RWP RSP VSV USP (Retd)

No_MESS said...

Calls mount for Sri Lanka probe.

BBC using the same doctored photo for this story.


Sam Perera said...


Tissa Ravindra says that Madivadini is alive in camp in Vavuniya. Is this true?

hemantha said...

Now UN says they are not the source of infamous "20,000 civilians were killed" story.

And I know where the 'UK Times" bitch have gotten this story from. It is the LTTE itself. If you watch the human rights council proceedings you may have seen an LTTE monkey, representing an LTTE NGO called 'Interfaith International" speaking. This monkey is the one who said this ’20,000’ story first.

If you want to listen, please go to
Choose the part 2, Time= 1:07:38

I agree with you.

hemantha said...

There is an easier way. Scroll down on that web page. Then you can directly choose the 'Interfaith International' speech.

booboo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
booboo said...

We must give some publicity to these type of articles

Charan said...

Sinhaloids Commit Unprecedented Mass DIPLOMATIC GENOCIDE™ Against the Association of White Masters at the United Nations Human Rights Council

TamilNet, Sunday, 31 May 2009, 02:00 GMT]

In an outrageous culmination to the series of VERBAL GENOCIDES™ the Sinhaloids have been committing against our white masters lately, they have delivered a buttock-rumbling, 100% impertinent SMACKDOWN to the Association of White Masters when they tried to launch a totally non-biased and 100% non-neo-colonial UN inquiry into the non-fictitious and GENOCIDAL™ war crimes the Sinhaloids undoubtedly committed in Eelam (which still totally exists)!

This shocking affront to white superiority was made possible by the Sinhaloids ganging up with 29 other countries at the UN and convincing them to vote against our white masters. 6 nations abstained from voting, while the Association of White Masters gave 12 votes. Our white masters totally did not end up with egg on their face in a totally embarrassing and hilarious landslide defeat!

Not only did the session not condemn the Sinhaloids for war crimes and fail to launch a completely non-ridiculous investigation, it actually ended up PRAISING them for GENOCIDING™ the invincible LTTE and rescuing our shrapnel sponges from Thalaivar’s loving embrace! WTF?

It beggars belief as to how the Sinhaloids managed to get away with this! Everyone knows that the LTTE cannot be defeated because we are unbeatable, and that the shrapnel sponges were with us in the safe zone of their own accord because they love Thalaivar so much and would literally take a bullet or three for him.

An important feature of the vote was that, out of the 29 countries that supported the racist homophobic Sinhaloids, only Russia is a white majority country while most of the others were third world countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Even Russia does not count as part of the Association of White Masters because they don’t really like our capitalist white masters in Europe and North America.
TamilNet got in touch with a spokesman for the Association of White Masters and he had the following to say. ‘Don’t these inferior little brown people know that we white people are special and that our word is gospel? It seems that only you faithful Donkey Tamils of Eelam are aware of that fact. *Sniff* We are in shock that they embarrassed us so much! *Sniff sniff* How dare they?! BOOHOOHOOOOOOOO!!!’

Unfortunately, the interview could not proceed from that point because the phone line was suddenly disconnected, probably due to technical issues and totally NOT because he spokesman had broken down in tears. TamilNet attempted to ring up a representative of the Sinhaloids and their allies, but they were too busy laughing at our white masters to answer the phone.

Sam Perera said...

Charan, is extremely good but it is distant second to jokes in

Enjoy these links.

Eelam Sports

Eelam Saber Rattling

Charan said...

Sam Perera

Pora Talks of yesteryear :)

Are you in Sri Lanka?

No_MESS said...

Hats off to dedicated journalists.
In the aftermath of the annihilation of the LTTE, various individuals who were peripherally involved in the battlefield, reporting the progress of the war on the electronic media, have been felicitated with public receptions usually reserved for the gallant soldiers in combat.

Amidst this hoopla, all seem to have forgotten the more sustained role performed over a protracted period of time by a few dedicated and committed professionals in journalism who reported the events on the battlefield, the progress of the war, analysis of strategic issues and international responses. This small group of dedicated men consistently and persistently worked on the theme that the LTTE is a horrendous outfit of terrorists who must and can be defeated militarily. They countered the myth of invincibility of the LTTE carefully orchestrated on behalf of the LTTE by NGOs INGOs, the international community and unfortunately by some of our own political leadership prior to 2005. They kept faith with our Defence capabilities and in no small measure sustained the Nation’s confidence in winning the war.

Foremost among these journalists was Prabath Sahabandu, editor of The Island, whose editorials on issues of relevance to the foregoing were absolute masterpieces. But that didn’t prevent The Island from taking on the government over many issues including presidential pardon offered to wife of a minister serving term of life imprisonment and two heroin carriers.

Shamindra Ferdinando of The Island and Keerthi Waranakulasuriya of the Divaina are two others who never deviated from his belief that the LTTE could be defeated on the battlefield. There was no mudslinging or personal vilification or slander or devious attempts to create rifts within the defence establishment. The number of editorials of The Island reproduced by the is evidence of the faith the defence establishment had in UNL

The country should felicitate and recognise this elitist group of journalists who have done their profession and country proud.

Merrick Gooneratne – Island, Opinion

Konappu Bandara said...

Bugger! In Rome higher profile prisoners of war were kept in the prison, usually foreign commanders who were defeated and became the centerpiece in a Roman triumphant procession. They usually remained incarcerated until they were paraded and strangled in public.

We need to put all the captured LTTE terrorists in chains and have them paraded in the June 3rd National Victory Parade at Galle Face Green. Then we can strangle a couple of higher profile terrorists for the entertainment of the crowds.


Third Eye said...

Mahen's blog has become suddenly silent. People have lost interest in the blog at once. Unless Mahen prove otherwise, this has to be regarded as gone obsolete.

Ian said...

There were many LTTE and LTTE front organizations that raised billions of dollars in the pretext of delivering an ealam in Sri Lanka. These funds were raised by collecting monthly contributions from the Diaspora and also conducting many illegal activities in many parts of the world. The activities carried in Sri Lanka out by using these funds have had following repercussions.

(a) Sri Lanka as a state having to spend billions to quell the terrorism.
(b) Sri Lanka having to finance the services such as education and health etc. in the north and the east for 30 years when it was under LTTE control, while there was no tax collection from the said areas.
(c) Irreversible impact on the Sri Lankan economy due to much reduced investments and low employment creation due to the war for 3 decades.
(d) The untold sufferings of the Tamil population under LTTE control.
(e) Massive impact on the life of civilians in other parts of Sri Lanka including the impact due to bombs etc.
(f) The massive costs Sri Lanka now have to foot to reconstruct the infrastructure that was ravaged by the war.

The financing of LTTE and its fronts had beneficiaries too. They were

(a) LTTE hierarchy who benefited from the funds such as Selvarasa Pathmanathan.
(b) The LTTE supporters that managed get refugee status and citizenship in the western countries ‘selling’ the war.

Some of the fronts of LTTE such as TRO were banned in the recent past by the western governments. With the bans some of the funds were also frozen. The changing of the tune by KP and the remaining LTTE fronts to show that they were ‘victims’ against a ‘genocide’ and they are now willing to do anything the west wants could be a ruse to get the bans on LTTE and its fronts lifted. Lifting of the ban will give them the access to the frozen funds for their use and also possibly to recommence the terrorism and other operations.

Sri Lanka should formulate a task force of lawyers locally and internationally to seek the funds of LTTE and its front organizations to the SL coffers, before the now sympathetic western governments lift the ban on the LTTE and related terrorist front organizations. Sri Lankan should seek these funds to use to develop the infrastructure that was damaged or ruined by LTTE in the north and in the east by fighting a war that was directly financed by the fundraising organizations such as TRO. GOSL can use the funds for the direct benefit of the civilians rescued. Thanks to LTTE many of these civilians were left with only the cloths in couple of suitcases. There are enough precedents for such a move to use the funds of the killers to compensate the victims.

If the bans of LTTE and fronts are lifted and the funds frozen released to the LTTE fronts they will have a head start for the ealam war 6 that will ruin the prospects of the civilians to start a fresh life in the north and the east. On the other hand if the funds are used for the benefit of the civilians they could have a better life style now onwards than they would otherwise if GOSL is to depend solely on the funds that are available to them. Over to you the patriotic legal luminaries in Sri Lanka and overseas to explore this as soon as possible.

booboo said...

This is a very good news
TMVP going to join SLFP

Mahen said...

Third Eye,

We are watching you all :)

War is over, so we need to regroup and provide you something useful.

Third Eye said...


If you keep watching this way. Soon there will be nobody to watch. You did great so don't loose it.

There are few Qs I have. Hope you can find an answer. I asked them from DW and he never answered [national security??]

I read in Rivira report that 53rd and 58th are named offensive divisions, whereas MG Channa Goonathilake [56th??], and MG Nandana Udawatte will be promoted as area CO of Kilinochchi and Mulathiv. Above implicitly states that B Shavendra Silva and MG Kamal G will be heading the newly appointed offensive divisions.

I have few Qs.

1. What happened to MG Jagath Dias, B Chagi G and B Prasanna Silva? What are their new roles?

2. How come 55th is not an offensive division?

3. Shouldn't we use the best skills of Prasanna S in amphibious warfare, marshlands and water bodies? What best ways can we achieve this?

4. Other than SF and CR, are there any other divisions, brigades or task forces deployed in East? Any of the known ground leaders involved?

5. What happened to TF 1..8? Will they be attached to existing divisions?

Obviously you should reveal only harmless info in a harmless manner.

Vibe said...
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Vibe said...

Regarding your last post, LTTE split imminent, looks like they are fighting over money now.

Chandana said...


Any of you know any youtube or any other link that I can watch yesterday's Lanka Victory Parade?

Great help if any of you know...

No_MESS said...

The BBC admits LTTE staged a fake aerial attack!

On 30th of May, BBC published the following story “Calls mount for Sri Lanka probe” with a photo of an aerial attack - caption “Pro-rebel groups accused government forces of bombing civilian areas”

But the above photo was a well known LTTE fake, and on 31st May, the BBC was forced to remove it from their web site and add the following correction:

Correction 31 May: An earlier version of this article carried an image purporting to show the immediate aftermath of an aerial attack. On closer examination, the picture shows clear evidence of having been staged, so it has been removed.
Isn’t it time BBC and other media woke up to the fact that they have been taken for a ride by terrorists?


Cc - / Island

JEjack said...

hey guys,
in the V-day parade ,SLN fleet there were 2 vikram class vessels (simillar to slns sagara) has sln received another one from india?

Chandana said...


Guys.... Does anybody know a youtube or any other link which I can see V-Day celebrations...

Eka balanna nolbunoth indala wedak nethooooo



රෑපවාහිනී site එකේ බලන්න පුලුවන්: