Sunday, 17 May 2009

Government commits PR disaster

The LTTE international ring has started counter attacking the Government's claim of victory by exploiting the gaping PR left open when the President decided to delay the victory announcement.

Mouth piece of the LTTE - TamilNet has released a pre-recorded messags claiming to be from "Colonel" Soosai claiming that the GoSL is refusing to negotiate LTTE's terms of surrender and that "25,000" civilians are at risk of death. Pro LTTE media sources like the BBC have quickly picked up on this message and is broadcasting this as headline news. GoSL is at risk of jeopardising its reputation by sheer ignorance, laziness and incompetence, delaying the message puts us at risk of international sanctions and delay or cancellation of the IMF loan. When the country needs the the President the most, he is resting after his short flight from Jordan, the excuse given for the delay is that the Government instituitions are closed and the President is unable to get accurate statistics, facts, etc. to include in his message. How about identifying the Government servants they need to get the facts from, charter a bus, go their houses, knock on their doors and take them to their offices and get them to give the information they need. For our part we can confirm that the message from Soosai was NOT released this afternoon and not a single civilian is at risk of ANYTHING, they have ALL been RESCUED.

We urge our readers to lobby their Government, Ministerial and SLDF contacts to get the President to deliver his message without further adieu.


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justavisitor said...

Suba nakathak enakan innawada? to, there will be apublic rally on Tuesday.

Hang Praba said...

It's like opening the wicket to hit the last six of the match! Very Risky.

justavisitor said...

Ranil has released a statement before

isurujosh said...

oh shit i have never seen so confused! anyway where is pottu mahen?

isurujosh said...

oh shit i have never seen so confused! anyway where is pottu mahen?

frackster said...

This is fricking crazy... and will fuel more and more speculation ....

and as mahen said udaya needs language classes first and then taught how to understand questions and mostly taught how to use the brain to answer questions !!!!

Ravana said...

I cannot understand why after all this suffering by the innocent masses and the sacrifices of our brave soldiers, why the president keeps silence. No need for VP's body to be recognised, if the LTTE is destroyed what else matters? Why, after handling this problem in the correct way all this time, why has MR sidelined this great victory? Is it because there is a "subha naekatha" on Tuesday?????? May be we had all these victories because of the astrologers an their stars. Aren't we in the 21st century? Why should we let the stars and the astrologers take the credit for all this when many of our valiant youth have sacrificed there lives for this cause??? Aren't they worth?? This dum mentality of our politicians is what caused this brutal war after let it not cause this to be dragged any further. I hope and pray that our great leader who gave leadership for this victory MR would realise this and not let this get out of hand again.

justavisitor said...

DNA story is here too.

Mahen said...


There should not be any confusion.
We do still think MR should reveal the BIG news for you (not us).

justavisitor said...

When did they say yes?

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Is LTTE chief Prabhakaran dead? Yes, says Lanka govt

Mahen said...


You maybe correct, one thing about us Southerners is that we are brave and patriotic, but also VERY superstitious.

MSN, IBN, Reuters, CNN whatever is picking up bits of news from here and there, and saying VP is dead. There is no official confirmation from the Govt, which IS the PROBLEM.

esvee said...

"...President is unable to get accurate statistics, facts, etc..."

You must be joking..Who are those denying the president's request by giving silly stupid reasons? Time to wage another war to drive out all those inefficient officials in your country.

I am from India and we have started doing exactly that...maybe you guys should also start.. Let us all join and make our subcontinent efficient and prosperous.

Mahen said...


That is a tall order, what about the trade unions? How do we overcome that, the sure fire solution is martial law, but the drawback is that we will be isolated by the IC if that happens.

Chiranmayu said...

The statement is to be made to the parliament. that's why the delay ppl.

swisshits said...

President to address Parliament on Tuesday (19)
Sunday, 17 May 2009
President Mahinda Rajapaksa will ceremonially address Parliament on Tuesday (19), 9.30am. It will be telecast and broadcast to the nation live on TV and Radio.

Being Nobody said...


President to address Parliament on Tuesday (19)
Sunday, 17 May 2009
President Mahinda Rajapaksa will ceremonially address Parliament on Tuesday (19), 9.30am. It will be telecast and broadcast to the nation live on TV and Radio.

No victory speech today

Mahen said...

The expression, "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" come to mind.

Mahen said...

It the people and IC that want to hear them, who cares about the Parliament?

esvee said...


That is a tall order, what about the trade unions? How do we overcome that, the sure fire solution is martial law, but the drawback is that we will be isolated by the IC if that happens.
It may seem tall order.Just the way crushing LTTE was a tall order once. But you all did it right?

Give importance to education.Make the people aware of the changes taking place in the world.One day we will achieve.

Trade unionism? My state is notorious for that.But the people in my state showed the CPM/CPI their position yesterday. Moreover these neo-trade unionists doesnt really care about workers' right or anything.Its all for money and other factors.

Sam Perera said...


I don't see a big need for a presidential statement at all. The BBQ is done and Eelam no more. That is all what matters to me.

Mahen said...


The day will come, not yet, need to stop playing petty party politics and wipe our corruption first. Again a tall order no? I think wiping out the LTTE is a cake walk compared to the above.

sanercomic said...


Mahen said...

Simple Sam,

To you mate, yes, but there is a wider problem here.

Have you had the pork yet? Was it tasty?

DoDo said...

Its highly unlike MR to miss a great PR moment.

Quite uncharacteristic. Perhaps there are some reasons we are not really aware of...

isurujosh said...

esvee, education is our biggest problem. the new generation of teachers suck big time!

isurujosh said...

mahen, we all know now that VP is dead. what about pottu, soosai, charles anthony, bhanu?

Mahen said...

And stop living lives according to astrology.

Sam Perera said...

Mahen, isn't that this half body all about? Correct me if I am wrong, we have liberated every sq inch and every hostage now?

Pottu said...


Are you looking for me?

Mahen said...


Are you eating well?

Sam Perera said...

Mahen, I could care less abou astrology if the BBQ is done.

Pottu said...

Just had a Kottu.
These days I get so much luxuary.

Those are addition to my Sinhala lessons.

Do you?

isurujosh said...

this is what i assume from the various pieces i gathered from all over.
VP died yesterday and before he died he set in a plan to make GoSL life difficult even after his death.
hard-core cadres were instructed to keep on fighting even after his death so that MR has to buy more time till all fighting stops in order to announce the truth everybody knows.
objectives of this plan are.
1) let MR announce the big news in an anti-climax.
2) let pre-recorded surrender messages of dead ltte leaders be published so that GoSL can be attributed war crimes.

isurujosh said...

pottu, your existence is what confuses me most :P

S said...

It's really sad to see that the gullible media/IC seem to be falling hook, line and sinker for TN's BS... The articles that are coming up make it sound more like the LTTE took the initiative to stop the war, which we all know is a load of crap.

I agree with Mahen, taking time to make sure the speech is perfect is one thing, but to delay it on the grounds of something like astrology is a bit sad... I'm still hoping they change their mind and announce something by tonight.

I'd also like to thank EFT for keeping us informed when information was hard to come by. Cheers!

isurujosh said...

Mahen Anna, danwath kiyapanko pottu story ekey aththa?
was it a psy-op?

Single said...

All SL knows the truth now. It is SL Expats (including Tamils who were previously known as "Diaspora") who are confused and waiting for the news.

As I clearly informed early this morning (in your previous Post) all this "Issuing statement" was a media-hype created unofficial sources. Mahen also gulped that an got hit-wicket.
et tu Mahen..

- BBC tried this many times what they achieved?

- Vaiko tried but what they achieved?

- All Foreign diplomats and their governments and Defence establishments are aware on the truth (specially India who personally informed by SF)

- Do you think even this statement from MR will change their attitude. They only find a weaker link in that go again..

So let them brew in their juice.. It will bring out the flavour

For you Mahen..don’t always try your luck..Because the guy who inform you may have been purposely mis-informed...): (only if you know what I meant...!)
Finally if we waited 30-years why fcuk you can’t wait two more days..?

bcdesilva said...

Good one, Single!

Single said...

And all of you who link the Lanka-E-News (LEN). Please note that it has soem links to Mongala and Ferdinandz...

Not only the News, but also the source is very important

Ian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mahen said...


Have to disagree with you on that one mate. We lost the propaganda war, let's admit it, got stumped, we didn't lose it today, we lost it months ago.

Those of you living in SL may not give two hoots to what is happening in the IC, but when the British Govt. and EU threaten sanctions and the US threatens to cancel the IMF loan, thats quite serious.

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is actually quite popular, even after starvation just about 50% people voted for him, is that impression that the IC gets, quite the contrary, its a similar situation here.

Dark Knight said...

Guys, I think we all, including Mahen, are getting too carried away.

BBC was always against SL, that is a fact. It's not the media that counts, it's the GOVERNMENTS. Probably the ambassadors already know the truth. At least there's no way to deny that they don't. Typically, ambassadors don't get their information by watching BBC.

Probably government have a very good reason to delay the news. I don't believe for a second that MR delayed the thing due to offices being closed. He was so far a guy to call officers and drag them to meetings on the spot.

Anyway I don't think if fat pig and others are already dead, then government can be held for war crimes just because we delayed the message. We sure have to ascertain before talk. We are not bound to anyone to inform immediately after the pig is dead. He is OUR criminal. Sometimes, governments hold such information for months.

Ian said...

Sam Perera said...

I don't see a big need for a presidential statement at all. The BBQ is done and Ealam no more. That is all what matters to me.

Sam, I beg to differ. My assessment of the whole thing is as follows. LTTE/Tamil National movement once they realized that the game was over in March or so, they appointed the arms runner KP. Now Norway has taken the dubious contract of creating the ealam. If you recall it was Norway that introduced KP to the UN special rep. Possibly Norway is arranging much more than what is coming to the public domain.

USA, UK and few other members of UNSC are obliging Norway. Norway is either acting on vengeance as they lost the trick in 'peace process'/creating ealam earlier and to a lower degree GOSL sacking Norway from the intermediary position.

The script of the statements of LTTE new leaders, silencing the guns, etc accusation of war crimes and possible sanctions and thereafter insisting federal or further devolution to qualify for aid and recognition seems to be the game plan.

Personally I think if the IC attempts to create an ealam by sending any forces Sri Lanka will be a another Vietnam for them. However we are making the life difficult for us as they could pressure a pre-Elam (federal) etc. We are asking for trouble or difficulties if we don’t play the cards well. Personally I think we should have made the claim of completing the war. Most importantly on RESUCING CIVILAINS.

Mahen said...

Good to see a healthy debate going, keep it up.

Sam Perera said...

Anyway, we have rescued all the civilians. That puts the bogus UK, French, and US monkeys out of business.

Single said...

Mahen My argument is simple,

What they can do..? They can delay the IMF loan..but for how long..?

SL lost the PR decades ago. And it is too late to correct that path for the war. Better have a good mechanism/strategy for post-war developments.

There are still few things that not conculded in military terms for MR to go for a statement. And the dealy was purley on the advice on Commanders.

He dont want to issue a statment today and have a LTTE attack (even a minor) on Tuesday.

BBC and LTTE PR now trying to cover the embarassement of lies they spread in last months (shelling etc..).

Even the BCB reporter in SL report correctly, it was edited and put into the web by a Tamil Dispora (or some one paid by LTTE) web page developer/Producer Who carefully insert the Sub headings favour for LTTE.

Since you are in UK can you show me the news item from BBC that report attacks on SL/China/Indian Embassies..? Those are news from London BBC failed ot grab..

ම‍ගේ යාලුවෝ ටිකක් සෙට් වෙලා දත කට මැදගෙන හිටියා මහින්දගේ කතාව අහන්න. ඒ කතාව කල් ගියා කියලා ටී.වී එකේ කියපු ගමන්ම මල පැනලා එකෙක් කිව්වේ...
එයාත් කලා...හු...ක්..කියලා

Sam Perera said...

Mahen, can you confirm that
we have taken every square inch of land also?

Mahen said...


Mala thama.

Btw, what is Jolly Seeya doing while all this is going on.

Single said...

First time in 3-decades SL is desperately waiting to listen to a President and his speech.

Earlier when a President speech going on TV, All Sri Lankans "go-Green" and "environmental friendly" by switching off TV sets.

Change you can trust..!

Mahen said...


We HAVE taken EVERY square inch of land, I know is saying that the remnants are boxed in a small area, no comments on that.

Ian said...

Ita not a case of winning a debate Mahen. I can see you comprehend the gravity. If MR/Govt thinks the ealam dream will die without he pig, that is the gravest mistake we would do.

It is scary the way the US, UK, France (on Norways bidding) acted last few weeks and it should have oprned our eyes. You think Norway's grand plans on controling oil and other resources in N/E willgo away just because they betted the wrong horse (VP)?

booboo said...

Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara becoming a joke

COLOMBO (Reuters) - A body believed to be that of Tamil Tiger founder leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran has been found but the identity of the corpse has not been confirmed, Sri Lankan military sources said on Sunday.

"They are taking the body for checks to confirm it is the real Prabhakaran," one military official told Reuters on conditions of anonymity. Four other military sources confirmed the recovery and said identity checks were under way.

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara denied the report.


Maskman said...

Dark Night,

You are right. After reading Mahen's report I think he's got bit carried away.

You are absolutely right about propaganda war, we've lost it. It is very rare that a a positive picture is painted about whole Sri Lanka. Our missions overseas are simply pathetic.
Peelamists were simply too good and manufacturing the news and once a single report is out, then it spreads at exponential rate and get referenced in many media sites. Once news is out there damage is done. How the whole Internet works doesn't help either (specially Google). If there are many references to the same thing then the "Internet" considers it as the truth. Peelamists exploited this to great extend. I call this proving fabrications by "Circular references".
But we are not too late. We can slowly build our image in next few months by rebuilding north and treating refugees exceptionally well.

We also need to get moderate Tamils to celebrate this moment with us and get publicity on that. I do not know if that is happening.

btw, for once I didn't call you a Jangiya :)

Ian said...

MR ta mahansinam GOSL ta thibuna detailed statement ekak mefia walata denna civilians lawa nidahas karagattha kiyala. than eka pennanne LTTE fire nethi nisa api LTTE eka marala demma kiyala.

Dark Knight said...

The way MR arrival was played high profile, the way it was repeated again and again in TV/Radio, it's hard to believe that they all suddenly felt lazy. Mahen, even IF you are right that there's no reason to delay, there must be a better reason from government side than just "lazy".

I'd rather than someone replaced Brig. Nanayakkara for this kind of stuff, Keheliya would have been better. Also, it would have been good if MR played his coming a bit low profile in case the message was not planned immediately. But that's politicians for Sri Lanka.

SL LION said...


sanercomic said...


We are doing what jolly seeya doing now :-)

Mahen said...

Not that Jolly Seeya,

In political circles, even pro govt. ones, the Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanyake is referred to as Jolly Seeya.

OK guys, what the hell was that show of landing in SL (akin to the Pope on a visit)and all that hoo haa about if he is not going to address the nation, all it did was close the Colombo - Katu road for a long time and make people's lives inconvenient. Think we lost the plot here.

S said...

[["They have said there are 50,000 civilians out now, but we feel there are tens of thousands of civilians still inside. I don't think there's an intentional massacre going on, but it was always going to arrive at this point, where it was guaranteed that lots of people would die," said one diplomat.

She feared the true toll would never be known. "The Sri Lankans are going to announce victory and the big question is: What happened in the final hours? How did they manage to evacuate the civilians? Without verification we'll never know. They will show [journalists] a clean battlefield, with no sign of life, no bodies or battle signs and then they will say 'we told you so.' [To stop it] requires a phone call from the U.S secretary of state to say 'we're watching what you're doing'," she said.]]
Source: TelegraphI feel that the government should have made some statement to change this kind of perception.

I had assumed that once the war concluded, the bleeding hearts in the IC would see that there was no so called 'humanitarian catastrophe' since the army managed to free all the civilians...

Dark Knight said...

Mahen said...

>>>> OK guys, what the hell was that show of .... Think we lost the plot here.

lets admit, when did a govt lose a chance to a big show like that? When Jayalath Jayawardena got his fake professorship from some uni he had people enough to cause a traffic block, i heard.

Mahen said...

Do you see where we are going? Its becoming a joke eh? Army officers are confirming to news agencies that VP is dead and the body is in Colombo, then the official spokesman denies it and the President will only declare on Tuesday, nice isn't it?


SK said...

We've always had a problem with PR...

esvee said...

Then the better option should have been to keep a low profile.President should have not uttered any word. No "papal acts" and then once sure of everything break the news to the world.

Even vernacular newspapers in India have started printing that VP is dead.

SK said...

at least when it comes to the international scene.

swisshits said...

H. E. M. Rajakaske speaks on ITN:

Mahen said...



Sandun said...

Mahen, Jolly Seeya is not in SL. He is in some official visit. That's why Maithree became Acting Defence Minister when MR is in Jardan.

SK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swisshits said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sanercomic said...

I am sure there is a unknown reason!!, which you might know mahen.

But, for us we have accepted it, waited for 30 years, few more days.. so what!!! but dont expect the same enthusiasm!!!

Dark Knight said...

I get the feeling that swisshits is just trying to drive hits to his website which seems to just embed the justin stream that had since long ago. They both seem to refer to the channel "srilankaitn".

sanercomic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Information said...

Mahen said

The LTTE international ring has started counter attacking the Government's claim of victory by exploiting the gaping PR left open when the President decided to delay the victory announcement._______________

Some of us have been saying for months that the GoSL have a horrible sense of PR and now even you are saying it.

By not allowing even a few independent journalists into the war zone the GoSL now find themselves looking like the very liars the LTTE are and the very liars the LTTE cliam the GoSL are.


For our part we can confirm that the message from Soosai was NOT released this afternoon and not a single civilian is at risk of ANYTHING, they have ALL been rescued. ____________________________

You cannot expect anyone to believe this claim can you? There is nothing to suggest that of the tens of thousands who were held hostage they all are free and safe yet the Military are not flattening the LTTE who remain behind?

Why not?

If the hostages are all gone what is left to do but decimate any LTTE who refuse to surrender.

The whole thing is fishy and as is often the case with the GoSL it is another self-inflicted wound that was completely avoidable.

You never have to remember what you say when you always tell the truth.

MR shot his mouth off before he needed to open it and looks bad in doing so. When he should be basking in the accomplishments of the armed forces he is left looking the fool and handing valuable counter points for LTTE propagandists.


MP76 said...

I see the loss of momentum due to the delay in announcing have its disadvantages but there should be a valid reason which outweigh the loss. I could at the moment think of one possilbility but dont feel sharing it in a public space such as this. I am thinkin of a hint !!!

Maskman said...

Dark Knight said...
I get the feeling that swisshits is just trying to ..

>>It's all about Google ads you stupid .. that must be what swisshits thinking..

MP76 said...

May be some after battle cosmetics if you know what I mean!

onecountry said...

tamilnet is down this morning.

Maskman said...

Lalith Kuruwita said...

One country

Tamilnet is up & running.

It just posted a new report.

Sandun said...

It looks like A NEWS BLACK-OUT

bcdesilva said...

What does says? Soosai is still there?

onecountry said...


I still cant reach tamilnet from US. Strange.

bcdesilva said...

ARMY.LK says......


[Updated :: 2009-05-17 17:51:41 Hours || Home]

MULLAITTIVU: TROOPS of the 53,58 and 59 Division, who have by now encircled the entire 700-800 sq meters left in the last patch of land where top Tiger hierarchy was believed to be hiding, continue to hear strings of loud blasts as terrorists were setting fire to their ammunition dumps.

Latest ground reports reaching COLOMBO affirm remaining top-rung Tigers inside that space have been provided with security rings by Tigers who were marking time until death befalls them.

In the meantime, self-ignited LTTE explosions, heard and witnessed in close vicinity offer different versions. Likelihood of Tigers committing suicide en masse or burning of LTTE assets on their own has not been ruled out.

Meanwhile, monitored technical reports said Tiger leaders, SOOSAI and others were still in the area giving various orders to the losing battles against Army troops."

onecountry said...

I agree with Mahen. Information vacuum giving ample time for terrorists to spin all kinds of stories. We will have to spend more resources to counter those rather ineffectively. Govt gets an F for its PR effort.

onecountry said...

To make matters worse, different govt websites say different things. Some say that we have captured every inch. says terrrorist leaders are cornered in a tiny patch. Govt losing credibility of their own statement. Statement has to come from either MR or SF. Until then remaining significant non combat LTTE remnants having a field day. Damage control will be costly and ineffective.

bcdesilva said...

But, Pabaa is missing....???
Went to see Muthu Kirillee???


Mahen said...

Really? Army says Soosai is leading?

Mahen said...

We have sacrificed a lot time and effort to come this far only for the GoSL and SLDF PR clowns to make a meal out of the end game, disappointment is not the right word to express how we feel.

bcdesilva said...

onecountry said...

Well.. is it possible that soosai is still alive? There is no reason to corroborate with tamilnet.

bcdesilva said...

Dear Mahen, Bye....
{Just Kidding Man..:-)}

See you on Tuesday around 9am SL time...
Take Care...'n have a good sleep..

bcdesilva said...

See these guys don't let us have a rest..

Mahen's Pottu story....
mmm..I geuss.....@*&^%$##

bcdesilva said...

Really tired man..

"Hope Peace Will Prevail Forever..."


නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Off the topic, but interesting!

I tried to goto site using firefox 3. BUt I got the following message!

[[Reported Attack Site!

This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Attack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

Some attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.]]

Someone has done a nice job!

PB said...

We do not need to rush for an announcement at this moment. It is important to clear all things. Otherwise it would be backfire. Simply what we need to do is that listening to get the opinion of the field commanders, not rushing for our celebrations. After all, it is President, his team and security forces did the wonder and they will do the best.

I do not agree with the Mahens comment of resting President. It is bit odd and better to edit that sentence.

booboo said...

Reuters slowly coming to our side. in the latest report they said
[Pathmanathan, who is wanted by Interpol and was for years the LTTE's chief weapons smuggler, said 3,000 people lay dead and 25,000 more were wounded.]

According to CNN, the most important story in the world right now is [Women win seats in Kuwait election first]

Aljazeera has a nice photo of the sri lankan flags.

BBC still feeding punnakku

I'm going to sleep

S said...

Tamils, Sinhalese clash in Westmead (SYDNEY)

A LARGE brawl broke out in Sydney's west last night between Tamils protesting against the war in Sri Lanka and supporters of the Government's offensive.

Several people were arrested after a punch was thrown at a police officer during the brawl involving more than 50 people, and a man was bashed by four others after he took a small Tamil flag from a car and snapped its pole in half, police said.....

Anonymous said...


This is not a big deal. Of course this is not the time to GSL PR people to relax but MR can delay his speech. Who cares about any more as long as there is no soft ware to convert a website to a country?

Mahen said...

Okay guys, we are working on the reasons for delay.
We should be able to reveal few things soon.

DoDo said...

Cheer up Mahen. LTTE's gone, there's very little they can do now, even in propaganda


Mahen said...

has any of you listen to the Tamilnet clip?
Hahaha... Full of rubbish.

DoDo said...

Lankadeepa says there's a high ranking LTTE leader appealing for a surrender.

what's up? :))

Mahen said...

we are happy, because no more Terror in SL.

It's just the delay depressed us.

Nikame kunu ennakotaa upset bang :)

Mist said...

what you saying about that Soosai voice clip.. cannot hear any background sound, even gunfire..

its a fake clip..

ranila said...

Ado everybody and Mahen

Can't you understand. All the hardcore fighters are not killed. All those M.fukers came with the people who came reasontly. War is not finish till we identify those M.fuckers once and for all. .Once Army recognise clearly those M.fuckers government will declair the war is over. Then we can give one lemonpuff biscut and one galbanis to each of them for being with prabakaran till the last movement. Wait!!!Wait. We were waiting for 30 years.Government pls do not enter NGOS or UN immediatly.Clean up the dam shit before they come they like shit.Dear everybody just wait for another couple of days. Dear Tamil brothers and sisters we never hate you all.This country is ours. Lets develop the country as Sri Lankans.

Spearhead said...

Guys, BBC statement is NOT really saying LTTE "decided" to end it: BBC clearly says MR declared victory FIRST:

"..."This battle has reached its bitter end," said Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the Tigers' chief of international relations, in a statement on Tamilnet.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has already claimed victory in the 26-year war.

A later statement on the Tamilnet website appeared to modify the rebel position. ..."

Sam Perera said...


I agree with you now, specially when I don't believe in astrology or what ever the f they call it. This is where the inconsistencies are:

(1)We claimed that we can eliminate terrorists in a matter of a fraction of an hour from the entire NFZ if there are no civilian hostages.

(2)Now we claim that we have rescued all the civilian hostages.

(3)Now we claim that LTTE has 0.24 sqkms only.

(4)I repeat, no civilian hostages and O.24 sqkm.

If this current status is correct, why the hell are we waiting for? Just turn the area of left over LTTE resistance in to charcoal.

If this current status has changed and it 0.0 sqkm, why the hell are we waiting for.

Since I don't believe a JS about astrology, I can't see any out weighing reason to wait till Tuesday morning. After all MR went through lots of theatrics on his return from Jordan. Let's see what comes out of him Tuesday.

CrimeWatch said... unreachable from anywhere. Their german site is up but not up to date.

I don't really see a cause for alarm about the delay in the presidential address. From the very beginning we didn't care what BBC or Tamilnut say.. So lets give big man some time to pull him self together and give a ඉතිහාසගත වන speech.

Malin said...

Guys dont forget MR,GR and SF came this far, So lets trust them to finish it of teh right way. Obiviously they have more knowledge of the situvation than any of us (Including Mahen)

SO LETS TRUST THIER CALL... (though waiting is kill us ;) )

andare said...

president speech in rupavahini... any moment soon !!!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


What are we waiting for???

For the nightfall. Night has been our success.

Sam Perera said...

Pro-Terrorist USA, UK, France, Norway .....

While the president prepares his speech and DNA tests are running, we should try to characterize a few countries rushed to save LTTE in the last moment. Even though, they did a big show in the past being either impartial (Norway) or anti-terror (USA, UK, France etc), they took the masks off in the end to save the worlds worst terrorists. Their pro-terrorist acts became extremely blatant to the extent of threatening us with sanctions, military action, embargos while parroting terrorists. Their ability to gather intelligence through satellites and all sophisticated technologies was insufficient to see what is going on. Now that is LTTE is done and dusted, we need to find why these countries wear an anti-terror mask while helping terrorists under the tables. There are many possibilities there as to why the did so. Lets see if we can see come patters of pro-terrorist acts by the above noted states.

MP76 said...

British war crimes in crushing the 1818 rebellion in Uva.

This is what Wikipedia says:
"The rebellion was notable for the bloody manner of its suppression, with 'Search and Destroy' missions which presaged the Vietnam War. The inhabitants lost house, property, livestock and even the salt in their possession during the repression. The irrigation systems of the duchies of Uva and Wellassa, hitherto the rice-bowl of Sri Lanka, were systematically destroyed"
"It is doubtful whether Uva has at least now recovered from the catastrophe"
If u happen to visit uva province now would you even think that it would have been considered a rice bowl.
Talk about civilian life!

Sam Perera said...


What speech?

mahinda said...


mozice said...

no hurry guys. lets take time and do it well. Its a historic moment

mozice said...

I think Mahen has gotten a bit emortional about the delay. We should have patients

Sam Perera said...


"no hurry guys. lets take time and do it well. Its a historic moment"

What was that show in the air port? I thought that it was a part of the historic moment. Something does not add up here.

mozice said...

We should understand that celebrating with all the glamour is different from making, probably the most important speech in the histroy of sri lanka. We need to balance the IC, tamil community, diaspora,sinhala community, forces and a lot more. For the glamour, arrival at the air port was a good opportunity that should not have been missed

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

What are you referring as PR ?

In here we call it Permanent Residence.

mozice said...

Yup soora, President has screwed up his Permenant Residency in Jordan

CrimeWatch said...

That link to ITN works perfectly. Now you can watch news 9:30 PM.

Of course there are ads and cannot be viewed with Firefox with adblock plus.

Dark Knight said...

i think (in retrospect) the show at the airport is just a show at the airport. It probably wasn't *meant* to be a show in the first place but all ministers etc went there to put "eka" and most of the henchmen who arrange the showy stuff for politicians typically won't even know what's really up. I remember someone saying that there was a plan to take MR in a car and Gota made MR fly. Anyway let's admit, we all know that MR isn't a guy to shy away or prevent a bit of gallery show.

I'm not saying that I knew it all, but when Rupavahini/ITN all were putting food preparation programs and films and just repeating the same airport show every hour as news, I got the feeling that its the same overenthusiastic government media thing all over. REMEMBER: none of them even hinted that MR will be making a statement soon.

Proportionally similar big shows were staged in airport for much worthless stuff, like traitor ranil returning from US when chandrika witch sacked his govt off three ministries.

CrimeWatch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
justavisitor said...

Exclusive: Tamil Tigers interview

Updated on 17 May 2009

By Channel 4 News

A key Tamil Tiger leader has spoken exclusively to Channel 4 News, saying their chief is still alive and they want a political solution. Alex Thomson reports.

In an exclusive interview, Selvarajah Pathmanathan said that the LTTE Tamil Tigers' leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is in the beseiged zone with 2000 Tamil fighters.

He also said:

- he spoke to by phone to Prabakharan for four hours and the orders to lay down arms came from him

- This is not a surrender, they are laying down arms to protect 25,000 injured Tamils in the area

- 3000 civilians have been killed in the area in the last 24 hours

- The doctors who were speaking to the outside world have escaped but one is injured and another has been arrested and is in a Sri Lankan military camp

- That the Tamil Tigers did not fire on civilians or take human shields.

The full interview will be broadcast on Channel 4 News at 6.30 tonight.

The transcript of the interview is below.

Alex Thomson (AT): What is the latest situation for LTTE in Sri Lanka?

Selvarajah Pathmanathan (SP): Our organisation is ready to lay down its arms and participate in the peace process.

AT: How many cadres or soldiers are involved here?

SP: Less than 2000 cadres. They are in the perimeter area. We prepared to stop the war. Our people are dying. Every hour more than a hundred dying. More than 3000 die from yesterday. 25,000 wounded.

AT: These are civilians, yes?

SP: Yes.

AT: What are you calling on the Sri Lankan government to do?

SP From yesterday we are calling on talks to stop the fighting and immediate ceasefire. We are ready to lay down the arms and participate in the peace process.

AT: Is this end of the war after all these wars?

SP: Yes we'd like to end this war.

AT: What do you say that the LTTE will continue fighting by other means, guerrilla war?

SP: I believe that over the 38 years we fight and only the civilian and human life are every day dying. another 30 years will continue we don't believe that - we believe in peaceful way for solution for Tamil people.

AT: What are the orders from the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran ?

SP: Prabhakaran actually ordered that. For 4 hours I talked to him - he passed this message to Sri Lanka Government and international players...and we are waiting for their answer. Until now no one give their answer or no one stop the war.

AT: Is Mr Prabhakaran still in this area in Sri Lanka?

SP: Yes sir.

AT: And you spoke to him from this surrounded area, and he is ready to surrender?

SP: Not surrender. We are lay down the arms not surrender.

AT: Why not surrender?

SP: Actually its mainly a thing...about security...we take arms for freedom struggle - why surrender to them. We ready to work with them not surrender.

AT: Why did LTTE take so many human shields and not allow them to leave?

SP: We never take the civilian with us. The civilian they are relative our family or the related. Or they don't believe Sri Lankan army will give security to them. They don't like to go to camp. As you know they torture and harassment. They don't want to go to Sri Lanka forces. The government stop medicine and food. People are dying without. We asked - we sent 35,000 out ourselves. We don't take human shield. It's the wrong information. Wrong propaganda.

AT: So its not true then that LTTE cadres fired on civilians to prevent them leaving?

ST: Actually we never shoot them. Some crossfire happened. Why would we kill our own people?

At: Can I ask about the two doctors who were giving interviews about the condition of the civilians. They have disappeared?

SP: Last night one doctor injured. We send them to the military side. And for the treatment. Acutally now I heard one doctor in Colombo for treatment other in military camp.

AT: To summarise, the condition of the commander Pr...LTTE are willing to lay down weapons but not surrender?

SP: Yes not surrender - willing to lay down arms not surrender.

AT: So is the war over or changing?

SP War maybe over or changing to political way. Depending on few hours to see what going on. We are saying...willing to lay down arms...willing to lay down arms and find political solution for our nation.

mozice said...

no one has confirmed prabha is dead.. body has been found, not confirmed its him

mozice said...

Those are lies from KP, on the pnone for 4 HOURS? when a battle is going on outside? And prabha told that they will lay down arms? all lies, he never spoke to Prabha, these are all his decisions. This actually puts more weightage on prabha being dead

mozice said...


Those are lies from KP, on the pnone for 4 HOURS? when a battle is going on outside? And prabha told that they will lay down arms? all lies, he never spoke to Prabha, these are all his decisions. This actually puts more weightage on prabha being dead

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Andare malli;

Umba raja kaale hitapu eka neveyi neda? Apiwa kade yavanavada?

Koheda president katha karanne? Keeyatada?

Pissu kelinne nathuwa hariyata kiyapan. Janathawa avadiyen...

CrimeWatch said...

Did you watch ITN news? I missed first 5-6 mins.

However Mahinda Samarasinhe talked after that.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

"mozice said...
Yup soora, President has screwed up his Permenant Residency in Jordan"

No joke man. I'm serious. What are u guys referring as PR?

CrimeWatch said...

Can somebody put MR's arrival at BIA video to youtube?

mozice said...

PR means Personal Relations
Thats the relations created witht the public through media exercises

mozice said...

Sorry its Public Relations, I correct my statment

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Thought of taking a little break. President speaks or not the victory is casted with flesh and blood. So what?

And who said SL is taking it on a light note, victory celebrations continue. Crackers, Kiri bath, road dances.

Pick of the year is, we have got foreign singers to sing in sinhala in one of the biggest fiesta ever. These singers have been killing themselves studying sinhala and sinhala music while our bravehearts were bringing us to victory, all for this little proud nation.

And finally it all happened.

Ricky Martin in victoiry celebrations at Beruwala

Eminem joins celebrations

Eminem - One more...

Enjoy, it is not a time to cry and whine.

I will be little more serious when I write next. Still I find it a happy and positive time. Nothing will go wrong. Will explain in the next one.

Keep up the good mood. Tell BBC kindly please get lost.


NW said...

SKR reported some news from Battle Front.

Nothing new..

Konappu Bandara said...

The last moments of a war is always a little foggy. Here I hear the TV chap SKR saying it's all over:

SKR video


Sandun said...

CrimeWatch, Here is the video of president's arrival.

YouTubeThank lkwebnews.

onecountry said...


Pls read the latest DW article. It says Velu may have escaped.

justavisitor said...

Breaking News: Prabhakaran missing

Prabhakaran and his clan are nowehere to be found. Clearing operations started in an area 200m x 200m by the Special Forces. If Prabhakaran is hiding in this last uncleared patch or his remains are in the area, they would be found.

Some surrendered LTTE leaders say Prabhakaran had escaped while other said he was still there when they left the area. At the time of writing, Prabha and his coot's whereabouts or fate was still unclear.

There was however a strong suspicion that Prabhakaran, Poddu, Kabil Ammaan, Soosei, Bhanu, Lakshman, Lawrence, Jeyam, Velavan and Rathna Master etc have either escaped by sea or broken free and made a dash towards the Mullaitivu-Weli Oya Jungles.

The LTTE launched a massive attack near Nanthikadal Lagoon today. The area was under the control of the 53 Division. The line was breached and some 15 SLA were killed while 70 Tigers were aso killed in fierce fighting. If Prabha escaped in this attack, it can then be assumed that he is inside the Mullaitivu-Weli Oya Jungles.

The other possibility is the sea route. Reliable sources told DefenceWire that even Soosei's family was 'arrested' in the high seas, having been detected late. If Prabha and clan indeed escaped and took this route, he would have left after this escape attempt took place.

Among the high-profile Tigers confirmed dead was Swarnam, the leader from Trincomalee, a loyal aid of Prabhakaran who was killed in retaliatory artillery fire. Sea Tiger Leader Chelian has surrendered to SLA this morning.

The head of Prabhakaran's Sniper Team, the head of the Black Tigers training program and dead female leader Vithusha's 2IC had also surrendered, bringing the total to around 2000 LTTE cadres surrendered.

sldf said...

"Prabhakaran missing"


If that is the case DW should advice HE the President. President thinks Praba is no more :)

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

Seems like it's all over :)

justavisitor said...

DW artcle above

onecountry said...

I wouldnt be surprised if fatty tries to escape after preaching others to swallow cynide all these years. But, I highly doubt it. MR will not have this party if Velu has escaped.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: DW reporting Prabha escaped

Even if we killed Prabha, this is how I wanted the public to know it.

justavisitor said...

SF@LNP, Ogre, Reuters, CNN-IBN said he's dead.

Mahen tell us what's happenning.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Sea how they reported Sydney event.

Dear Sri Lankans, pls do not let confrontations happen. We want the Mafia only to be known as Mafia. We don't want the media to white wash them. When they attack you, still media will report it in their way.

Let the rest of the world rock and roll with diaspora. And take the cuts and bruises in return. Anyone for Sri Lankan nation, avoid all confrontations.

Saduni said...

Hi Mahen,
We all are in confusion. Could you please elaborate us regarding the VP situation

Sam Perera said...


It really does not matter whether Prabakaran is dead or alive now. If he is dead, he died a shameless death in the cover of thousands of civilians. If he ran away, he ran away like an absolute coward while his followers were dying for him and taking cover behind civilians. If he left Vanni a several months ago and in hiding, he is an absolute coward to let his fellow terrorists die not knowing that he is taking a rest in South Africa. What ever the way we slice, he is an absolute coward, most certainly Not a the Lord Krishna.

Mahen said...

justavisitor / Saduni,

MR is the person who suceeded to wipe the Terror off Sri Lanka.
There fore MR has the right to do the announcement.

We can confirm that it's a good news :)

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Soosai's voice message on TamilNut and even though I do not understand a single word it made me laugh. Because I couldn't hear a single gun fire or some bomb blasts but heard a horn sound of a passing vehicle.

1. If Soosai was not in a bunker at that time, definitely we should hear gun fires as well as sounds of huge explosions.
2. And if Soosai was in a underground bunker, there is no way that we could hear a horn sound of a passing vehicle(underground highways?????).
3. No distortions in the message
4. According to that sound clip NFZ is a peaceful place than where I am sitting here right now (I'm somewhere around Nugegoda) rather I would consider relocating there :P

These stupid's doesn't know even to make this sound clip in a professional manner. So how come they succeed in eelam?

දේශපාලුවා said...

Probably it was 58 division who recovered Prabakarans remains. Which would explain DW's flip flop.

Saduni said...

Ok Mahen,
Thanks. I can undestand that you can not release the information. If it is a good news as you said we are happy too. However dont say,

"Living VP is a good asset, rather than a dead VP" as you said earlier.

Konappu Bandara said...

Dear chaps, why waste your time speculating about the fate of a fat retard? Join the party that's going on around the world. Terrorism is finally defeated in our blessed Lanka.


Mahen said...

Duu Puthunee Rataa Apeeya
Duu Puthunee Rataa Apeeya ...

Ali said...


DW is indicating praba disappeared ? what do your sources say ?

justavisitor said...

OK Mahen.

Sandun said...

DW's news is well timed.

All the Peelam Online Heroes Who Went Invisible After The Defeat are Back With Full of Energy After That Article.

Tuesday Wenakal Mun Ekka Poddak Sellam Karamu Ban...

Duminda Nirmal said...


dont worry macho, GOSL is responsible for what it says, not what it did not say.

LTTE lied for last 30 years, so let them lie for another couple of days, it will not make any difference as far as GOSL is concerned.
we dont need to rush . I think MR is taking it easy.

Ali said...

sandun DW pacha halanawa de ? .

I dont see how they escaped to mula TF 5 was supposed to be in the jungles .

justavisitor said...

Mahen gee gayanne nathiwa thawa details kiyapanko. Ai, kiyanne koti leaders boxed in 1km2 or 400m X 600m kiyala.

Me story eka mokakda?

Mahen said...

There are few reasons behind delay of president's speech till Tuesday.

We will try to discuss some of those when time is right.

Uddin opee thibunata yatin happe wenna denna bahane.

Mahen said...


Mata Sinhala Keyawana bahane, ekka therum ganna :))

Mahen said...

Pig could have Run away?

I thought you like BBQ chops? When chops get drop on cole, what would you do?

DECOY said...


DW says VP has escaped? Any thoughts on this?

Konappu Bandara said...

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't!


Single said...

* Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing ;
* nor upon tradition
* nor upon rumor ;
* nor upon what is in a scripture ;
* nor upon surmise;
* nor upon an axiom;
* nor upon specious reasoning;
* nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over;
* nor upon another's seeming ability;
* nor upon the consideration, "The monk is our teacher."
* Kalamas, when you yourselves know: "These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness," enter on and abide in them.'

Single said...

Regarding DW recent Post :
DW Contradiction-1

"..MORE THAN seventy LTTE terrorists including second-tier leaders were reportedly feared killed in a series of confrontations when those terrorists attempted to storm 59 Division troops held-areas away from the NANTHI KADAL lagoon using fast attack boats during early hours on Sunday (17)....
(Source : ARMY.LK)

According to DW,t it was 53rd in that flank.

In reality, currently 53rd is operating in K'vaikkal.

I smell Mahenism there ):

KillerT said...


Me Mahen kolla Bari kapatiya u monahari boruwak kiya kiya eda eda innawa radio eke hari tv eke hari news denakan.moo kata eragena tv balan indala news ZAPU gamam blog eka update karanawa.ane maha uurath ekka me uuru patiyawath dala roast karanna one...

දේශපාලුවා said...

DNA analysis take time. Probably there are samples at gentech DNA analysis lab in Narahenpita, and the govt need verification of results from at least 2-3 other labs from other countries. Even to plan this experimet requires a day in Sri Lanka , to gather a meeting of DNA experts in SL and decide on the experimet.
If there are 10 or so bodies 10 or so DNA samples have to be prepeared takes about 4-5 hrs depending on the number of staff you have in the lab. You dont want too many people handling these top secret samples, so its probably the head of the lab and one or two other high level confidents.

Samples could be sent to commerical labs in other counties in annonymity to obtain a DNA profle, these will serve as the control.

After extracting the DNA other analysis takes about 3-4 hrs, if you are sending samples in anonymity you will have to wait till they go through the line and come back, which might be 24-48 hrs the standard time for DNA profile generation in a commercial lab.

Once all analysis results have been gathered they can be comperead to the known DNA profile of prabakaran which is present in India and SL (Late Maj. Mtuthaliff recoved prabas tissue sample).

This analysis takes about 30 mins.

So you can see to leave no stone unturned its at least 48 hrs.

Sam Perera said...


I don't like charred meat. You can further burn it can flush the ashes in to a toilet. Make sure to sanitize the ashes before flushing. All care should be taken to ensure no contamination of groundwater.

As for DW, you know pretty well what he is up to, most certainly not what Deshapaaluwa thinks.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Sam, I have a vivid mind, please read whats just above your post.

Dark Knight said...

Deshapaluwa probably it's not about DNA analysis taking time :)

Either way. Whatever MR says, most likely will be good enough for me :D :D

දේශපාලුවා said...

Dark Knight said...

Deshapaluwa probably it's not about DNA analysis taking time :)

If the suspected bodies are mutilated from bombing and decomposition, which is probably the case.

DNA is your only hope.

Or you should have dental records other physical scars, tattoos etc. to identify. Which no one is aware of.

clandestine said...

Information appearing on defencewire, possibly defencenet and ellalan force should have cirtain contraints. The info is obviously being relayed via military and government sources. Therefore my assumption is Prabakarans whereabouts or status will be preserved until HE gives his speech on Tuesday. President is highly unlikely to be enthusiastic and return from his trip early if there was any ambiguity about the LTTE leadership.
Infact I think he is waiting until all clearing up ops. as well as I Ding of cadres and numbers are tabulated to make his speech on Tuesday

Dark Knight said...


yes as per prabha, DNA is the only hope for identification. We don't have his dental record, but i think both we and India have his DNA records. And i agree that it takes time. Could have been one reason for the delay too.

Sam Perera said...


I don't take anything in face value, that includes what DW says. I hope you get what I say.

දේශපාලුවා said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
දේශපාලුවා said...

The expert on DNA in SL, is a relative of the Rajapaksha family, so no problem in getting expert advice , but the experiment as I described take time.

They might have though of even more stringent analysis, comparing DNA from blood, Muscle, hair etc.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This man is also a British MP. Do not blame US/UK etc. Corner teh culprits. We can not start a world war. But we can beat the diplomatic terrorists.

Again I hope everyone who is involved in information warfare take the initiative strongly not to blame any country. We have one enemy and that is pussycats. Every nation should be our friends. If some individuals support terrorists, that should be dealt individually.

andare said...

sam, sujeewa,
there was a false anouncement in rupawahini..... sorry guys..

I do not know, what the fuck going on...

Dark Knight said...


have a look at this. especially the part he confronts the LTTE coolie.

prabath said...

For me today(17th) is a long day and ended up with nothing at all.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Can we drop the topic of Fatpig? I understand sentiments, but I cannot understand how you miss out on sensitivity.

I appreciate patriotism, but why does every Tom Dick and Harry asking of his whereabouts? If he's alive at large, are you gonna take plane and go and kill him??

This is a moment that you should let GOSL handle the matter. Even if he's alive, which is simply possible, SLDF will be hunting for him. If he fled out of SL, he will be leading the Pussycat international Mafia movement.

Even if he's dead then someone else will be leading the Mafia. KP maybe.

So the big story is long and tough, Fat pig BBQ is a tiny spot in it.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen, can yo get some news about Sydney incident?

As a news reporter you may have to go international soon.

Today SL converted a local business into a multi national company. Dividends will be distributed to all the stake holder nations. As long as Sri Lankans are safe, I'd love to hear about their Mafia glory.

andare said...

I strongly suspect something here...
can there be a something like colombian hostage rescue mission, just by deceiving army and navy through communication channels to convince commanders in the field of a deal to realese vicilians...

all the vicilians just freed...
FatPig and the criminal clan is no where to be found....

something something wrong here

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Sri Lankan Tamil population in pre '83 was about 12%. However, the percentages in senior public & private sector employment, commercial sector, education, university students, etc., were disproportionately in favour of the minority Tamils. In 1983 the chief of Police and several immediately under him were Tamils.

The Sri Lankan Tamils were a PRIVILEDGED MINORITY who enjoyed rare privileges most minorities in the world did not enjoy. For example, even larger minorities (more than 12%) in most countries in the world did not enjoy a law where only the minority could buy land/property in certain parts of that country. The Tamil people had these privileges. They were not suffering from any type of ill-treatment the majority were not suffering (due to failures of successive governments and corruption).

Alas, greed wanted more; without being satisfied with their extravagant lot even the majority people did not enjoy, some Tamil leaders used a imaginary "discrimination" problem to divide the nation and build their own empires. This is basically how it all started.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

A virus attack happened in DW. Make sure that you guys do not click before you verify the posters ID.

I'm off to sleep. Anything you get by my name in next couple of hours are not by me.

I am sure that you guys are big enough to check IDs. But the greed for pork has converted you guys into senseless bunch of children. I'm scared that the virus monkey will make use of it like he did in DW.

Good night.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Disturbing footage of war:

Please see what is the real result of war. This happens to fighters on both sides.

You may celebrate, but you are doing it on these people's dead bodies.

Thusitha said...

Editor: "Badrinath" said...
Disturbing footage of war:

Please see what is the real result of war. This happens to fighters on both sides.

You may celebrate, but you are doing it on these people's dead bodies.

Hey Badrinath,

How is VP these days? Must be taking it easy in PTK. Give our regards to him.

silentknight said...

VP dead story is put frwd by 3 sources,

-Ogre,(Credible)(interestingly,Mahen did not refute his claim)
-Puran Appu,(Credible)

VP vanished/escaped/alive, story is put frwd by the rest.


I think we are looking at two sides of the same coin.

DW is laying the groundwork for the official line where there will not be a body recovered to present. (possible case in point could be the pottu incident)

All in all, i'm happy with the news i've gathered.

Mahen, if i've hit the mark , gimme a nod.

Sandun said...

At Last LTTE Paid for All of These:

hemantha said...

Out of topic.
But, please read this.

Sam Perera said...

A few of the great warriors of ourtime standing tall among Gamini Abhaya's and Kiththi Vijayabahu's warriors.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

I hope that they already know how people of Sri Lanka regard them.

Rac Rab said...

Hey guys,

My Big 10 Observations!

I do follow these blogs as often as anybody else even though I don't comment.

Here's my two cents of the whole thing (some are questions). Most of you guys have a better 'intellect' than myself, so you're more than welcome to 'analyze' my 2 cents.

1. I don't think Soosei's family left the NFZ with Prabha's consent (irrespective of whether it was 'escape and capture' or 'literally handed over to the Navy')
2. I also don't think Rs. 6 lakhs is all Soosei had
3. If Soosei's family left without Prabha's consent, I don't think Soosei and Prabha are in good terms
4. Therefore I don't think Prabha and Soosei will be killed together or will commit suicide together
5. If Soosei and Prabha are not in good terms, what will he do?
6. If Soosei's psychology is to 'save' his family from being killed or committing mass suicide, do you think Soosei would try to avoid getting killed or commit suicide?
7. Will he escape or can he escape out of Sri Lanka? Will he take the chance?
8. What would happen if he hands himself over to SLA?
9. Now that his family is in SL custody, would the GOSL do something to benefit from the situation?
10. What kind of advantage will GOSL get should we get hold of an alive Soosei?

Put all these together, add some of Mahen's earlier news items to it and what do you think really happened?

POLGONA said...

ado punde mahen umba nindida ?
why dont you pink ass join DW fun of twisitng and rumor mongering, wasnt this your job but apperently taken over by DW, wake up dood

Hang Praba said...


Tigers are shitting in Sydney!

'Splashed with acid' during home invasion'

Two men are in hospital - one in an induced coma with severe burns - after a violent, bloody home invasion in Sydney's west overnight that a friend says is linked to friction between local Tamils and supporters of the Sri Lankan government.

The men were inside their house, on Alexandra Avenue at Westmead, when about five men forced their way inside about midnight and went on a rampage, police said.

Both were splashed with some sort of acid, one a 22-year-old who suffered severe burns. He was taken to the burns unit at Concord Hospital and had to be placed in an induced coma.

The other, 27, was also stabbed in the stomach and broke his ankle in the attack. He was in a serious but stable condition at Westmead Hospital.

Swarnajith Udana said...

There are high expectations from the President’s speech tomorrow, to be a defining moment of the New Dawn of our Nation. It needs to have a right National, political, social, economical and international pitch. My sincere hope is that for the sake of the future of our Nation, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha would be able to equal the task. If he is going to lead the Nation as he led the war the Nation should rally around him. If he fails to live up to the rightful expectations, then the betrayal will rival that of the Lady, Mrs CBK.

As symbolic as it can be, the speech will be made in the opening of a new session of the parliament. I hope that the President has waited for valid reasons (such as to make it a defining moment of our Nation) not because of waiting for an auspicious time. If the auspicious time were the only reason of delay then the President would have missed the most opportune time.

On the other hand, if the Government worked hastily and acted more confrontationally according to the loud wishes and whims of JVP then the international community would have found more courage to interfere with Sri Lankan war effort bringing even far more aggressively which could have brought total disaster to our Nation, Tamils and others. Also if the Government acted more conciliatorily then the LTTE would have established the Elam few months ago.

So let us hope that the President acted with good reasons to delay the speech. If not let us hope that is one of the few mistakes he is entitled to make (as a human being) and the majority of the decisions are thoughtful.

If he leads the Nation on high principles I would address him in my mind as “Dear Mahinda” with piety and utmost respect.

Swarnajith Udana

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Mahen, mokada ban wenne ? ;)

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...
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