Monday, 30 March 2009

Breaking News – GoSL about to declare an unconditional ceasefire!

Units of the SLA’s 58th, 55th and 53rd have broken through the LTTE’s last lines of defence and have neared the boundaries of the No Fire Zone (NFZ), the units are expected to reach the gates of the NFZ in the next couple of days and will declare all territories except the NFZ liberated once they reach this goal. Informed sources report that the PTK IPD camp is already being geared up to receive civilians, once the SLA reaches the boundaries of the NFZ a massive civilian influx is expected. The most startling news released exclusively to EFT is that the GoSL will declare a ceasefire once they reach the NFZ. Moves are afoot to call in the UN to evacuate the civilians forcibly held by the LTTE in the NFZ. GoSL President Mahinda Rajapakse has played his cards rights, he will request the International Community who have been yelling fake calls of “genocide” and “humanitarian disaster” to deal with the LTTE and liberate all civilians trapped in the NFZ. Thus the SLA will suffer virtually no casualties and the IC will get a first hand experience of the LTTE.

EFT breaks the news! Stay tuned folks, more details are on your way!


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Column - LTTE uses SA-18 SAMs

SAM attack

Last week, two SLAF Bell-212s sustained minor damages when they were fired upon from the ‘No Fire Zone’ whilst evacuating casualties. The SAMs that hit the Bells are belived to be SA -18 missiles. LTTE is in possession of ten SA - 18 bought for US$ 900,000 using four offshore accounts.

Akurassa suspect

The Colombo LTTE intel leader was captured a few weeks ago, upon interrogation, he identified the Akurassa bomb suspect and he confessed that the suicide Black Tiger was trained by himself a few years ago in Mankulam. We will not reveal identities for security reasons.

The week ahead

Meanwhile SLA has entered another week with high hopes. The hope started becoming reality during the last couple of days, civilians are trickling in steadily. EFT estimates 5,000+ civilians to flow into cleared areas during the next few days. Also as a result of the LTTE top hierarchy currently under attack by SLA, the LTTE is using their saved up high tech weaponry, we cannot reveal exactly what these weapons are but the Bell attack gives a taster.

LTTE victim of the credit crunch too

Hedge funds are continuing to feel the full force of the credit crunch, it’s a widely known fact that the LTTE is also getting hammered by credit crunch. During the G20 summit leaders will discuss how to close the loop holes to avoid another credit crunch. They will also close down the legal loop holes which some groups have been exploiting till now to conceal assets. Therefore LTTE has a financial headache to worry about too.

Census conducted at IPD camps

Below are the results of the census carried out during month of March in IDP settlements.

There are some interesting facts to glean by looking at recently conducted census in civilian camps.

Age Groups of respondents

Age 1-10 15%

Age 11-20 14%

Age 21-30 6%

Age 31-40 35%

Age 41-50 17%

Age 51 + 13%

29% of the participants happened to be less than age of 20.

Pro LTTE vs Against LTTE

Against LTTE 17%

Pro LTTE 13%

No Answer 70%

LTTE achievements in past (compared to previous sample)

People who are happy about LTTE achievements
Past 32%
Now 12%

Below are % of some highlighted points. 90% of those now prefer peace.

Former LTTE carders 1.0%
Full time supporters 3.0%
Weapon Trained 85.0%
People who think they need separate Tamil Eelam 0.8%
Peace 90%

Over 50% of the sample did not want to say anything due to the fear of safety of relatives / friends in No Fire Zone (NFZ)

Total Number of Samples 1200
Did not want to say anything 696 (58%)

What do civilians think about SLA hospitatlity

99% agreed army treated them well but they are not satisfied about the food
98% did not expect SLA to treat them this well

More than 50% told that SLA woud do something terrible to them from they heard about the SLA


EFT have managed to find a few details about SA-18 for our readers.


The SA-18 GROUSE (Igla 9K38) is an improved variant in the the SA-7 & SA-14 series of manportable SAMs. As with the earlier SA-14, the SA-18 uses of a similar thermal battery/gas bottle, and the SA-18 has the same 2 kilogram high-explosive warhead fitted with a contact and grazing fuse. But the missile of entirely new design with substantially improved range and speed,. The new seeker and aerodynamic improvements extend its effective range, and its higher speed enables it to be used against faster targets. The SA-18 has a maximum range of 5200 meters and a maximum altitude of 3500 meters. The 9M39 missile SA-18 employs an IR guidance system using proportional convergence logic. The new seeker offers better protection against electro-optical jammers; the probability of kill against an unprotected fighter is estimated at 30-48%, and the use of IRCM jammers only degrades this to 24-30%.

Maximum effective range 5200 meters
altitude, (m) 10-3500
Guidance mode passive IR homing
emplace/displace time 13 sec


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Black Tigers on the prowl in Colombo

EFT reliably learns that Kapil Amman who is believed to be Pottu Amman’s brother is commanding a team of 20 LTTE black tigers who are currently in Colombo. Their objective is to target high profile military, political and economic installations, and they intend to kill large numbers of civilians as well. It is not clear whether Kapil Amman is commanding these black tigers remotely or from Colombo itself. Recently decrypted intelligence codes recovered from PTK revealed startling details about some of these black tigers. One of the cadres is a female in her late 20s who is accompanied by a 10 year old girl, the child is being used as a cover to get about freely without arousing suspicion of the security forces.

From the battlefront, SLA has adopted new defensive measures to avoid casualties after recent counter attacks by the LTTE. There are a total of 6 defense lines set up the by SLA, the first two or three lines are thin and “false” defenses. This approach allows the troops manning these defenses to withdraw sideways before encircling the advancing tigers. This method has already proven to be successful and has resulted in heavy number of LTTE casualties, a lot of the dead bodies are recovered as the LTTE is not even given a chance to withdraw carrying their dead and injured. Even though LTTE is limited to less than 28 sq kms, it is no secret that they still hold enough ammunition and firepower including SAM missiles for at least 3 months.

Meanwhile the LTTE still sends their own carders to civilian hospitals via ICRC ships disguised as civilians. However due to the injuries which can only come from battle or logistical operations (like building bunds), as well as from tip offs by civilians, the SLA is easily able to identify most of these cadres. Once information is extracted, these cadres are sent to rehabilitation centres.

EFT has received some interesting statistics from surveys recently carried out in IDP camps. We will try and publish the findings in a few days.

We urge all Sri Lankan citizens to be vigilant and offer their full support and cooperation towards the security forces.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

High security prevents it again !!

EFT Colombo correspondent reports that the recently captured head of LTTE Colombo Intelligence has confessed that there were some plans to hijack a passenger plane from Katunayake and launch a 9/11 type attack on Colombo economic and military targets.

However due to intense security searches carried out by SLAF and Airport security the LTTE failed to make this a reality.

A9 to be have new search system

EFT Vanni correspondent reports that the A9 is closed for troop transport currently.
A9 will reopen shortly after joint search and clear operations by the SLA, SLAF, SLN and STF are complete.
Search operations are intended to safeguard troop transport against the possibility of suicide attacks by LTTE "DPU" teams.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yal Devi takes South to North

One of our One of our loyal readers has requested us to add below video.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Who are killing Tamils?

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Friday, 20 March 2009

EFT urges public to be vigilant

The LTTE had a total of 5 Zlins 143s, two were taken out by anti aircraft (AA) fire at Colombo and Katunayake, 2 were burned down by the LTTE themselves, and one was reported to have been taken out by an SLAF F-7 over Mullaitivu west. However, MI has cast doubt over the F-7 interception as no trace of the wreckage has been recovered, UAVs have not observed any aircraft debris and Wanni civilians arriving in cleared areas have reported that they have not seen any aircraft falling out of the sky. MI believes that TAF is planning another suicide attack on high profile targets in Colombo or its suburbs and is urging civilians to be vigilant of any such attack. MI believes that they have carried the remaining Zlin to the safe zone. Zlins can take off even from dirt tracks or graveled roads. In addition to the Zlin, the LTTE has taken an underwater vessel, a light helicopter (Robinson’s) and a high tech speed boat, all these of these are designated escape vehicles for the top leaders.

Electronic and print media had reported that LTTE were developing short range missiles and heavy gravity bombs with the assistance of mercenary Norwegians, EFT can confirm that the mercenaries were German and not Norwegians. A considerable numbers of mercenaries were in the LTTE payroll having arrived under the guise of “NGO workers” during the CFA days.

EFT can also confirm the execution of LTTE spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan (nom de guerre Marshall). Rasiah tried to flee to cleared areas with his family, however he was apprehended by LTTE intelligence cadres. A few days ago, SLA fired artillery at identified LTTE targets in Puthumathalan, a few cadres unable to withstand the barrage ran into the cleared areas and handed themselves to the SLA. Among the surrendered cadres is the driver of the former LTTE intelligence head (Pottu Amman). The driver now in Sri Lanka police custody confessed that he had worked for Pottu for 3 years and confirmed to the Police that Rasiah was executed by the intelligence unit for trying to desert the outfit. LTTE circles and the diaspora have been aware of Rasiah’s execution for quite a while now.

The battle for the remaining LTTE is now mostly fought with light arms and more often that not, direct fire is being used. The remaining LTTE territory is around 28 Sq Kms and only a few battalions are engaged in action with most kept in reserve and others conducting search and clear operations. The 55th was planning a lighting strike to clear the areas south of Chalai and arrive at the gates of the Safe Zone, however, this offensive was cancelled due to its risky nature. More conventional methods will be used to clear the remaining areas south of Chalai. The 55th Division Commander - Prasanna Silva - is an ex-Special Forces commander, he is known to use unconventional tactics.

Earlier, the leave policy for the SLA was 5 days for every 115 days duty, now it is 5 days for every 30 days duty, this speaks volumes of the SLA’s achievements and reflects the nature of the low intensity battles currently being fought. EFT would like to clarify that Special Forces (SF) is not a separate division, usually each division has 2 or 3 attached Commando units and 1 or 2 SF units along with offensive units, defensive units, Engineering Corps, Military Police, artillery units, signal corps, communication units etc. A division usually has around 12,500 troops, less than that it is a Task Force.

MI is fully aware that former Tiger cadres are coming along with the civilians, this is not seen as a threat as civilians after arriving in cleared areas are more than happy to identify and hand over the cadres. MI’s own surveillance is also used to distinguish between Tigers and ordinary civilians, using both these methods a total 420 cadres were arrested and sent over to rehabilitation camps after extracting information.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Breaking News - Eelam pumped two billion Ceylon Rupees to Ceylon Economy

EFT Vanni correspondent reports that over 2 billion rupees worth of foreign currency and gold have been discovered during search and recovery operations in PTK. The find is largest ever haul of Eelam booty recovered by the SLA. Intel believes that the moneys are Eelam taxes and from Eelam Bank's treasury. The LTTE left in hurry and very much diaspora.


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Short update

EFT reported on the possible apprehension of VP's daughter yesterday. A black tiger who was captured at Iranamadu while he was trying to blow up the tank bund was brought in to identify the girl, the black tiger stated that the girl in question was not VP's daughter. MI still sent a DNA sample to Singapore for cross verification, following the positive confirmation that the girl is not VPs daughter, she will be sent to an IDP welfare centre.

It is also reported that over 90% of casualties reaching Trinco via ICRC ships are tiger cadres, the cadres arrive on these ships in an unconscious state, its only when they are treated and regain consciousness that they realise that they are in SLA custody. The cadres are said to be shocked, dismayed and in complete disbelief of their predicament, some are reported to have shouted "adi adi Lanka army!".

Meanwhile, the number of SLA deaths have gone down drastically, however injuries are on the increase, this is mainly due to LTTE snipers, SLA is trying to hunt these snipers down using their own snipers.

A secret SF operation is underway as we speak, EFT will not reveal the details for obvious reasons, you will all see the results tomorrow, if not the day after!


Monday, 16 March 2009

VP's daughter in GoSL custody?

On February 24, the SLN intercepted a small boat that was attempting to flee to Tamil Nadu, the boat was detected near Point Pedro. Among the group of affluent looking, well dressed female passengers was a young fair girl bearing a close resemblance to VP's daughter - Duwaraka. The girl is said to resemble a younger version of VP's wife - Mathiwadani. MI is reported to be conducting a DNA test on the young girl to establish whether she is in fact VP's daughter. One of the difficulties faced by MI is that DNA testing is not very established in Sri Lanka's and thus takes a longer time than would be reasonably expected, the other problem is that MI lacks a full sample of VP's DNA. MI is attempting to overcome these difficulties, they are already sweeping through medical equipment discovered in VP's former hideouts to obtain a full DNA sample.

Meanwhile, 58th division troops have entered Iranapalai, fierce fighting is reported, the top rung leaders of the LTTE are said to be based in this town, the battle is expected to be fierce and bloody. Also the number of civilians arriving in cleared areas over the past few days have increased - the Wanni civilians are slowly but surely overcoming their fear of the LTTE and have put to bed the invincibility of the terrorist outfit.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Column –Puthukuduriyuppu (PTK) battle intensifying

Progress at PTK

Troops of the 58th Division, led by Brigadier Shavendra Silva are making steady progress in clearing Puthukudriyuppu town. The PTK town’s main street is said to be over 14kms long, the buildings are heavily booby trapped, and the remaining LTTE cadres holed up in these buildings are directing heavy and rapid fire towards the advancing troops, hence the troops are being extra cautious in liberating the town. The 58th’s task is made even more difficult as the LTTE is able to rely on artillery support launched from the safe zone. Troops captured PTK hospital last week, the hospital was turned into a well fortified bunker by the tigers and used as a launching pad for attacks against 58th Division troops. The battle for the PTK hospital was to date the fiercest urban battle seen in Sri Lanka’s history, troops had to clear the hospital room by room before declaring it captured. Even after PTK hospital was captured, the tigers launched wave after wave of counter attacks which were all successfully repulsed. PTK hospital was used as the main ‘mahavir’ hospital by the LTTE and is said to have included high profile leaders such as Balraj as its patients. The tigers completely ransacked the hospital before fleeing it. Troops are now making steady progress into PTK town and have cleared around 5kms of the town, its only a matter of days till PTK is declared liberated.

LTTE Civil Defense Forces turn against their masters

Last week at PTK, a group of around 60 civilians who received arms training from the LTTE came to face the SLA. Ten of the civilians were leading the group and around 12 regular cadres later joined them. Once the group reached the SLA FDL they came to their senses and realized that they are simply being led to slaughter, the civilian forces turned on the regular cadres, killed all 12 of them, and surrendered to the army along with their weapons. Although this news is a major propaganda coup to the SLA, they are not giving publicity to this episode due to safety concerns for the families of these surrendered civilians.

SLAF carries out precision air strikes

It is no secret that the LTTE is taking cover among the civilians trapped in the safe zone. The SLA has NOT fired any artillery or MBRLs into the safe zone and the SLAF has NOT carried out indiscriminate bombings against the civilians, any news to the contrary is malicious propaganda carried out by the pro-LTTE press and their minions. LTTE movements in the safe zone have been captured on film both by ground troops and from the air. In the past week, SLAF carried out around 12 precision air strikes against leader hideouts that were identified by UAV and Beechcraft surveillance. The SLAF used newly acquired precision air-to-surface missiles for these missions. The LTTE leaders are spread out in the safe zone and Iranapalai, after PTK the next major target for the SLA is Iranapalai. Troops are already 400m from the safe zone and it’s only a matter of time till the Special Forces enter this zone and secure an escape path to these civilians.

Troop and goods movement continue along the A9

Although some LTTE DPU cadres have infiltrated areas along the A9 (as reported last week), this has not put off troop and goods movement along the A9. The A9 is now being regularly used by the SLA and by civilian goods transport. Last week a consignment of local goods from Jaffna arrived in Colombo for the first time since CFA days.

The SLA is able to finish off the LTTE in a matter of 48 hours if not for the civilian factor. Due to the concern for civilians, the final battle is prolonged.


Saturday, 14 March 2009

Await.. - Military Intelligence reports of heightened activity at a local café near a famous park

Assuming the conversation a success, EFT should be able to bring some Singala translations and discussions to you too.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Military Intelligence attempting to confirm death of “Lawrence”

EFT Wanni correspondent reports that self styled LTTE “Colonel” Lawrence has been killed by the Special Forces that came into the aid of the 58th division when a group of hardcore Tiger cadres numbering around 600 breached the 58th FDL north of Puthukuduriyuppu. Military Intelligence officers from Colombo who are at the scene are trying to positively confirm his identity as his dead body is believed to be among the 112 bodies so far recovered by the 58th. Lawrence was one of the most talented commanders of the LTTE and in the past has led many successful offensive and DPU missions against the SLA, the death of Lawrence is a big loss to the LTTE. Unconfirmed reports state that another self style “Colonel” Sornam has died in fighting in PTK, 58th division is claiming the kill. As reported earlier by EFT, “Colonel” Bhanu is good as dead as his leg had to be amputated.

Over the weekend, the Tigers led by Lawrence, launched a daring counter attack on the FDL of the 58th, the attack was partially successful as the SLA suffered around 55KIA, 11MIA and 200 injured, the LTTE for its part suffered around 200KIA (Lawrence believed to be among these) with a further 150 injured. However, around 50 specially trained “DPU” cadres managed infiltrate the cleared areas and headed towards Mankulam general area. The 58th division would have been decimated had it not been for the timely arrival of Special Forces and 57th reinforcements who managed to pacify the counter attack, they could not stop the infiltration attempt entirely though – the Tigers know the terrain better.

The group of 50 LTTE that infiltrated launched an RPG attack on an artillery regiment stationed south of PTK, about 7 artillery regiment soldiers were KIA and three 130mm cannons were damaged beyond repair, however the net loss is only one as the Tigers gifted two brand new artillery pieces last month. About 10 Tigers were also believed to have been killed in the retaliatory fire by the artillery regiment guards. Special Forces who are hunting for the rest of these infiltrators are claiming that 10 of them have been taken down and the hunt is on for the remnants, the Special Forces are ecstatic at these intercept missions as they have only seen limited action in the current theatre of war. Food convoys and troop movements are continuing on the A9 under STF guard.

In other news, state intelligence believes that around 30 suicide sleeper cadres stationed in the south are awaiting their orders to take down government ministers and other high profile targets. The recent attempt on the life of Minister Mahinda Wijesekera failed, however a few local politicians were killed in the Matara suicide attack. Many of these types of attacks are expected and the public is urged to remain vigilant. The cadres are under instruction to follow their targets out of Colombo and take them out as the security is much lighter outside the capital. Furthermore “DPU” LTTE teams are operating in and around rural areas such as Yala, Monaragala, in the East and in Wilpattu, the military is under pressure to intercept and take out these DPU teams.

Heavy fighting was reported last night as well. Tigers are making desperate attempts to stop the SLA reaching the No Fire Zone border. As soon as the SLA reaches the border, civilians will start coming out and SF teams will penetrate into the zone to take out high profile targets.

EFT would like to confirm that PTK junction is under full control of the SLA, heavy fighting is reported near PTK Base Hospital. EFT is not denying that the SLA suffered setbacks, however, the overall mission is on track.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

EFT and Puligal Today will continue to operate

Due to the high number of votes to keep both EFT and Puligal running, we have decided not to close down either of these blogs. Overwhelming majority of bloggers, 77% voted to keep both EFT and Puligal alive. EFT will continue to bring real news while Puligal will continue to be a parody.
Not many of the Pro LTTE diaspora know the truth about Puligal as they are unaware of the resence of other blogs such as EFT, DW and DN which revealed the truth about Puligal, therefore we have decided to keep the joke running a bit longer.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Brace yourselves folks!

Dear readers,

We at EFT would like to apologise to our readers for not providing regular updates and for not publishing the weekly column. Our sources have requested us to maintain silence for at least two days, the details will not be revealed for operational reasons. All we can reveal is that the LTTE attempted to recapture PTK junction, Chalai and Puttamatalan using their “elite” Ratha regiment cadres and Black Tigers, all these attempts miserably failed with heavy casualties to the LTTE, the SLA also suffered a few casualties. All we ask of you at this time to have faith in our soldiers in the front lines and remember them in your daily prayers, our hope gives them courage.

Meanwhile, EFT is glad to reveal that the pro LTTE diaspora has yet again fallen for our old tricks. We created yet another parody blog by the name of “Puligal Today” We created yet another “Mahen”, this time called “Badrinath” or “Badri” to enlighten (fool) the diaspora with news of fake counterattacks and non existent offensives. This social experimentation yet again proves that the pro LTTE diaspora is hungry for positive news – which there is none at this present juncture. The most fantastic story we created was the fact that 1000s of LTTE cadres were sent in boats to the east coast ready for a major offensive, we were so sure that we would get exposed after that story but even after publishing this unbelievable story, the diaspora kept coming back for more news! This shows the diaspora’s desperation and their state of mind. We urge the diaspora to once and for all to come into the mainstream and live as equal Sri Lankans, please give up on tribalism!