Tuesday, 10 March 2009

EFT and Puligal Today will continue to operate

Due to the high number of votes to keep both EFT and Puligal running, we have decided not to close down either of these blogs. Overwhelming majority of bloggers, 77% voted to keep both EFT and Puligal alive. EFT will continue to bring real news while Puligal will continue to be a parody.
Not many of the Pro LTTE diaspora know the truth about Puligal as they are unaware of the resence of other blogs such as EFT, DW and DN which revealed the truth about Puligal, therefore we have decided to keep the joke running a bit longer.



Navindran said...

Badrinath if you want to make observations of the photo. Let me do something. Lets leave the debate of the dead men aside first.

1)You never laugh at enemy soldiers. Even LTTE does not do that in its propaganda videos. This shows that the Sri Lankan armed forces lack discpline and maturity. Secondly it also shows that they treat their men like shit becuase its a known fact that many Sri Lankan soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. They then turn to humuliating their captors and raping the women like in Iraq. I will not blame them as this is the armed forces failure.

2)To support this the f$%King commaning officer or senior rank in the group has an umberella to shade him from the rain while his men are drenched in the rain. This kind of mentality leads to dessertions etc. Even his boots looks special. This is how f%^ked up their army really is.

3) One of the dead bodies has his arms raised. I do not know how come. The weapons are also allowed to soak. Only an idiot army will do that as the gun and barrel will rust. Especially one who claims to try to counter the LTTE by using their captured weapons because they are shameful that their weapons are used to kill the own people by the LTTE.

Really the crew cut gives it away. They are known to reject bodies handed over to them from the LTTE even when they have ample time and opportunity to DNA test them. They must have mixed and matched the dead. I mean its a victory for the LTTE for the idiots in the SLA to post this. Thats why it was probabily withdrawn.

Imagine how stressed their men are that they have lost sense of reality and laughing at dead bodies. It makes Sri Lanka and its army look pathethic. Good catch. With the traffic here and the failure of eelanforce, defencenet and defencewire to alter the tamil resolve, it looks like Sri Lankans are also comming to get geninue information from Eelam websites.

Sam Perera said...
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Sam Perera said...


Aren't you the one who asked if I have been to Gamini Kularatne's home pretending to be an average Sri
Lankan, without showing you real die hard LTTE face.

Anyway, you may want to check this defence.lk picture from your ultra successful attack. Every dead man is wearing SLA uniform there. Any idea why? Let me guess for you, SLA killed SLA soldiers for a photo opportunity, right?

Pierre said...

There won't be enough time for the weapons to get rusty mate.

Napster said...

The synonym of Sinhalese = All Lies ... they don't live good either nor they let others

Navindran said...

I just want to know why you commanders show that they are ponniya. I mean do they bring their make up like lipstick to the battlefeild. It so shameful. Its a crushing and humuliating display.

I mean this is how the kandyan high caste and their goviyama dogs abuse the karuva and the other caste.

Navindran said...

I just saw your commander like a Ponniya being sheltered by an umbrella. I mean does he bring the lipstick with him.

Here is the ranking officer being sheltered while his men are drenched. Worst still the men are laughing at the dead bodies.

Really your armed forces are pathethic. I have never seen a commander who will take shelter while his men are soaked.

In Singapore the chief commando officer queues in line with the rank and file for food in the cookhouse. There is no special treatment. This forces others to follow suit.

There is a big difference in proffessionalism and maturity between a first world armed forces and a third world one. I now know why the LTTE will defeat your forces in parallel to getting the international communities recongnition for independence. Trust me there will be an eelam.

Even Jayalalitha is on the bandwagon. If the third front or BJP after the elections with the AIADMK and TDP in alliance comes to power, this will be a certantity. Its only time before it happens.

Looks like Puligal today is forcing the truth to come out. "LTTE's old tactics no match for the 'new' SL Army" versus the next article Army suffers temporary setback shows that DEFENCEWIRE YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. I MEAN IF THE LTTE TACTICS WORK ONLY WILL THEY BE ABLE TO GIVE THE ARMY A SETBACK RIGHT. YOU AGAIN REPEATELY PROVE THAT YOU ARE A FOOL. THIS IS A CRUSHING AND HUMILIATING DEFEAT FOR YOU.

Navindran said...

More Punnaku from Daily Mirror. It calls SIA the most awarded airline. It was made so because of Joseph Yuvaraj Manuel Pillay, better known as JY Pillay or JYM Pillay. Daily mirror praising people or eelam origin.

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Travellers on SIA Holidays packages will also enjoy great discounts at selected shopping and dining outlets, and sightseeing attractions in Singapore. This includes 50% off published rates for rides on The Singapore Flyer or Hippo River Cruise, Captain Explorer DUKw Tour, Mint Museum of Toys and much more.

And specially for customers who purchase SIA Holidays packages in the introductory month of March, a raffle draw will be conducted each week where 2 winners stand to win back what they have paid for the packages in full. There will be 8 lucky winners and the names of the lucky couple each week will be announced on Gold FM radio. For more information, tune in to Gold FM Mondays to Fridays 10am to 1pm.

So hurry, call your travel agent or Singapore Airlines at 2 499 699 to book your SIA Holidays today!

CriMeWatCh said...

FUCK u Mahen...

Navindran said...


“Calling a spade, a spade”: Lanka hit by global crisis, needs help

That the harsh realities of the global crisis impacting on Sri Lanka have now been acknowledged by the government is a noteworthy factor, according to the Lead Economist at LirneAsia Dr. Harsha De Silva. He made these observations following the Central Bank’s announcement on Wednesday of a potential loan in the form of a stand-by arrangement in the range of 300% of Sri Lanka’s current quota with the IMF, which amounts to approximately US$1,900 million ($1.9 billion).
He observed: “I am indeed glad to note that senior government officials have finally agreed with the critics that Sri Lanka needs IMF assistance. Ironically it was only literally last week that the Central Bank issued a statement that its swap deals and the Diaspora bond programme was expected to build our reserves to a "very comfortable level" before long. What is sad is that this realization took so long, and in the process, investor confidence in Sri Lanka eroded and our sovereign rating outlook was downgraded.”

In line with other views received by the Daily FT from the business sector, Dr. de Silva commented “It is still not too late to undertake a realistic assessment to determine the true impact of the oncoming global economic crisis on Sri Lanka to take appropriate steps. It is far better to be prepared to face reality; however harsh it is, than to pretend we are insulated from the global fallout and pride ourselves by presenting external reserve figures that overstate the actual amount when using accepted measurement indicators.”

The extent of the terms and conditions that are expected from the IMF with this loan are yet not public. However, Dr. de Silva speculated on a possible scenario: “I am not privy to the conditions the IMF will impose on the Government to provide the facility, but I believe they would require the Government to maintain an exchange rate that would reflect market conditions. In my view we should not look at it negatively, but consider it an opportunity to improve the macroeconomic position of the country. Maintaining a market exchange rate will not only have a major positive impact on exports but also help to slow imports and thereby improve the deteriorating balance of payments position.”

He offered some cautionary sentiment before any euphoria on an IMF “fix” for the country’s woes. “While I agree that the IMF bailout will be a strength going forward, Sri Lanka is not fully out of the woods yet because the sum of the expected current account deficit and the short term debt repayment obligations including contingent liabilities particularly with regard to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation would still be as high as or even greater than the new level of reserves. Thus, this is good time to consider the reasons for the large macroeconomic imbalances we face in this country and re-start the stalled dialogue on the reform agenda to put Sri Lanka back in contention to leverage from global trade that will recommence by next year the latest. Who knows the government may agree with the critics on that too.”

Inconsistent messages by government

Meanwhile, in its latest round of public justifications, the government has reformulated its stance such that “The availability of an IMF facility for balance of payments support at this time would help to supplement the Government’s efforts to stabilize the external sector performance of the country, and enable the country to face the times ahead with greater confidence and certainty. Such funds would be used to finance the new needs as well as to bridge any gap that may arise due to the global financial crises.”

The GOSL has further explained that the current global financial conditions are not conducive for any country to mobilize the required level of essential external financing, and that Sri Lanka is no exception. Yet, it was not long ago that the public were given this message in our own DM FT Interview (February 4th 2009,FT):


DM FT Question: “Are we seeking IMF assistance to bail us out of our current foreign currency position?”
Central Bank Answer: “No. We do not need such assistance. I know there has been a time in our history when the IMF representative in Colombo was the person who decided on economic policy in Sri Lanka. That was in the past. Today, it is different. Very soon you will see the outcomes of our new and innovative policy actions and then you will know why we did not need the IMF”.
Clearly Mr. Cabraal is a man for all seasons, and just possibly only as well informed as we are. The IMF too has its own chequered past in assisting and imposing terms especially on developing nations. But credit goes today to a government that has at least now tested the winds. In so far as its media messages to the public go, consistency in what is said to the public would further help enhance the much needed investor and internal economic confidence that we all need so badly.

Ranil said...

Navindran faggie
ha ha retard...your posts shows what a stupid donkey you really are..
in any military force, anywhere in the world chain of command is maintained by treating senior rankers with respect... if the situ demanded that he stay away from the umbrella he would have...
what a dumb fcuk you really are :) :)
and weapons getting wet???
and they will rust??? ha ha ha moron...
you think those weapons are not meant to be wet and have to be kept dry at all times? dumb mutt!!!
sldf folks disassemble and oil their weapons everyday...and those weapons are designed to take the abuse...
and sldf troopers laughing at your saints lpte is bad you say eh?
listen dumb fcuk...your lpte have done much worse to POW's, wounded and dead soldiers and officers...and having a laugh is the worst evil you see???
stupid maggot!!!
in eelam war IV, a wounded CO of a dvora was brutally killed by your saints... They lept a large calibre bullet on one of his eyes and kicked the bullet into his skull as he struggled to live... there are many incidents like this and you say laughing is bad...
fcuk off faggot!!!

Ranil said...

one more for navindran thangatchchies
see moron...you shouldn't comment on defence related matters when you don't have any experience in that field...
arms raised in dead bodies you say eh??
it works like this donkey...
when folks are dead all over the place...SLDF "collects" them into one place... to photograph, laugh at them etc...
and how you ask they do this???
well....they drag the bodies while holding them by their feet or legs... as the dead body is dragged across, automatically the hands will get spread upwards...
it's basic knowledge pooofter...
for the stupid dumb fcuk you are...cant even figure that out!! :) :)
and trying to play defence expert here...fcuk off!!

Miss Information said...

here is little food for thought...

"Editor" Badrinanth is so upset by my questioning of his support for forced child conscription he has set a redirect upon me to keep from having to defend his intemperate and damaging remarks over on his little blog!

I suppose he cannot handle the truth and, like extremists on both sides in the conflict, has no ability to deal those who don't agree with him.

Sounds like the GoSL in that respect.

Guys like him ruin it for the Tamil majority who do not support the criminal forced conscription of children.