Saturday, 14 March 2009

Await.. - Military Intelligence reports of heightened activity at a local café near a famous park

Assuming the conversation a success, EFT should be able to bring some Singala translations and discussions to you too.



Pakka-Lanka said...


Before you attempt translations, which is commendable, get the basics right to start with.

Please... it is NOT "Singala" it is SINHALA or SINGHALA.

Being Nobody said...


Still translating?


||::CeylonDefence::|| said...

Click here

puka said...


Me Mahen karaya eka paarata pulli maru karapu eke podi sekayak thiyenawa.

Poddak parissamin aassraya karapalla...

kawadawa th Sinahala ekek... Sinagala kiyala liaynne nehe...

Pottu Amman said...

Its immaterial whether Mahen writes it as Sinhala or Singhala. What's important is whether he's (or she's) antiLTTE or proLTTE.

As a standard operating procedure on the Internet, TRUST NO ONE.

Love Pottu.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

LTTE attack at Oddusuddan repulsed:

There is a possibility that "Swarnam's" body may have been recovered, but not yet identified. This video was recovered from a dead LTTE cameraman.

Swranajith Udana said...

Mahen if you were able to pretend that you were a hard core LTTE terrorist even though you were a Sri Lankan supporter then you are quite able to pretend that you are a Sri Lankan supporter even though you really are a LTTE terrorist.

I think you have an ulterior motive in every thing you do and it may not be friendly towards Sri Lanka or its supporters.

As one said, never trust anybody who can pretend to be someone else.