Sunday, 22 March 2009

Who are killing Tamils?

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anoj said...
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XPS said...

good one bro!!!

Miss Information said...

Sri Lankans are killing Tamils.

Who is paying for and or profiting from the conflict is a different question but surely a number of people have an immoral stake in this tragedy.


4C said...


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Buddy said...

Killing of innocent little girl from Trinco also shows the brutality of LTTE militants. Even though those people are member of TMVP they were trained by this blood thrust Prabakaran and brained washed to act like unhuman. As everyone can clearly see they are killing they are own people and so how come other communities expect any sympathy from VP and his followers. This is the next challenge SLGOV faces to get those young men to the correct path and give them good life.

Navindran said...

I see alot of ignorance as usual from many who do not understand what Lee Kuan Yew in trying to say. You see his right hand man was of eelam origin. He was none other then rajaretnem. His sons right hand man is tharman shamugretnem. Another person of eelam origin. The first was a deputy prime minister while the latter is at present Singapore's finance minister. Thats why he see Sri Lanka's lose as his gain.

Singaporeans voted in 1963 to merge with Malaya with Sabah and Sarawak from the Borneo island joining to balance off the chinese from Singapore. There was not united country in Malaysia till the british came. Till then they were in part either under an Indonesia Kingdom like the Majaphit or Sri Vijaya. In the north they were under the Siamese or the Thais today. The only native kingdom to overt large control was the malacca sultanate.

Till the second world war, the were not unified but had 3 seperate administrations like India. Singapore, malacca. Ironically its the Japanese who unified the country. The 4 northen states were given to the british by the thais in exchange for building the bangkok railway. There are still 4 states Sungei Petani north of Malaysia who are muslims but considered thai muslims.

There were Malays in singapore but they mainly come from the neighbouring Indonesian Islands. People who today call themselves Malays in Malaysia like sinhalese in Sri Lanka are a migration of people over time and subjecating the native population. Like the veddahs in Sri Lanka, the Orang Asli are also ignored even though both the political leadership seems to claim to care for them.

During the 2 years being merged both sides politicking led to several race riots between the Malays and Chinese. Example Malays were led to belief that they economy was controlled by the chinese yet it was the colonialist who actually still did so. Malaya got her independence in 1957. The SI for Singapore was added for it to become MalaySIa in 1963. In the history of Malaysia like Sri Lanka, foreigners play acting like locals often destabilised the country.

In 1965 Singapore was expelled by Malaysia. It was Rajaretnam whom Lee Kuan yew trusted and sent to Malaysia to settle the seperation. This was a game of the Bugis who are from the indonesian islands of sulawesi. Their partners in crime was the malabar muslims. This has happened to their people for centuries. Just like Malaylee Mahindha and his colombo chetty Ranil.

Tun Razak suceeded Tengku Abdul Rehman as prime minister after the worst 1969 riots. Today in a similar coup his son is going to be prime minister.

When Singapore got independence, most locals could speak english. it was generally Indians, Sri lankans and people of eelam origin who were english educated with a certain small section of the other communities.
In 2 generations today most chinese, malays and Indians could speak english. 75% of the poulation was chinese.

Singapore's national language and anthem is in Malay. Tamil is prominently used for government buildings. Singapore's flag has a cresent moon for the muslims. All races get equal holidays.

His argument is originally on dilaect is because just like all big countries china has also alot of dialects. Lee kuan yew used mandrin to eradicate the seperation that dialect brought between the chinese community.

One of the reasons he uses Sri Lanka its becuase he knows neither the high commissioner nor any Sri Lankans will ever protest that in Singapore. After all you people depend on them for their scraps. I mean one singapore dollar was worth 2 rupees at one time. Today its worth 75. In th 50s he wanted Singapore to be like ceylon. In part the extensive role of eelam people in his administration. By the late 70s it was JRW who wanted Sri Lanka to be like Singapore. YOU ARE 30-40 YEARS TOO LATE.

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Deshal said...


Thanks for listenning. I really appreciate this.

I will continue to post when ever time permits.

Deshal said...

Navindran...that's very educational on S'pore history.

But what's the point? How do you relate that to the case here?

osza said...

Miss information,

You sure do stick to your name.

"Sri Lankans are killing Tamils"

Proof please?

vaima said...

Navindran gono (bull, pea brain..),

You think everyone in this blog are idiots like you?

Are you seriously trying to demonstrate the superior intellect of the great Tamil race by showing off Singapore with handful of Tamils run by Chinese? Is that the best you can do?

Tell us about the great achievements of either the shity Tamilnadu or barbaric LTTP. that's where the Tamils rule. What have they achieved? Are they like 100 years advanced than SL due their superior intellect?

Please spare us the Chinese run city state with your two uncles.

This is a repeat comment btw.

Miss Information said...

Blogger osza said...

Miss information,

You sure do stick to your name.

"Sri Lankans are killing Tamils"

Proof please?

23 March 2009 06:43


Are you serious?

Who the hell else is doing all that killing in Sri Lanka... Albanians?

Or did I miss some wonderfully subtle humour on your part?!?


Navindran said...

Just one question. You write up has increased the moment the IMF comes to town. So when they say budgets cut and rupee devaluation, do you say sorry, we lost.

I mean go figure how to save you sorried economy. Thats the real battle. When the Nazis were losing in the eastern front, instead of sending resources there, hitler send them to kill jews. You know the end result.

Anyway you economy has collapsed. Now how to run an army no less an country without money.

I really understand why the LTTE choose Mahindha. Here is a guy who shouts out to say that he will not allow the country to be subjugated to foreign rule. Yet how many of your organisations like telecom are owned by foreigners. How about your people working in foreign countries.

Yet people cheer as though he is a real patriot. The truth being he really is not. Anyway he is all good for he is th one at the end of the day to be credited for Eelam.

Unfortunately today I actualy did read some part and i am deciding whether you or mahen is more funnier.

If your SF needs to shoot first and ask questions later it implies they are shared shit. The order is frst raise your weapon, ask them to halt and send a guy over to check him. If he runs towards the group or anything else then shoot him.

Really the armed forces should have some inteligent people writting their propoganda.It just go to show that you have run out of stories.

Another thing that gives me great confidence for independence is GOTA. I saw how he spoke to the ABC reporter and how he jumps to the defence way before anything is implied. Its like saying I am guilty. Its quite sad that your people have still not realised that its your politicians that have led you down this road.

As for vaiko, do you really thing he is the one to bring independence. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Its going to be the wild wild west get muslims out of the country BJP (yup a grandson of nehru) doing the honors.

What would be even more suprising would be jayalalitha pushing the charge from tamilnadu. Guess you do not how bad its going to get when the shit hits the fan.

Navindran said...

Are you an IDIOT or are you trying to say that this is what Navindran has been saying all along. Guess I am way ahead of you MI. Its another crushing and humiliating defeat for you.

"MIC has received credible intelligence that the LTTE was planning to hold on to the remaining area until end of April or May at the most. "

Navindran said...

I cannot imaginge that you can write so wonderfully. I mean you can fathom what a dead soldier thought and how can someone die if he used an rpg. Looks like the idiot instead of using his gun to take out the driver, out of fear agian used an rpg, fired the cab which was too close and killed himself. Later the story was turned around to make the idiot look like a hero.

What were his mates doing in the foxhole. Were they in a prone position waiting to be killed. I really do not understand why a 12 men team will dig a foxhole. It no bigger then a section. Is it a shithole i guess. They were there to ambush vehicles yet they knew which were suicidial. Anyway through all your shit you did admit the 57 lines have fallen and LTTE has infiltrated and is launching attacks.

Real Stupid fellow.

"Having suddenly observed an cab and estimating that it was packed full of explosives, the SF soldier functioning in the RPG post launched an RPG-7 HEAT at the approaching cab at very close range. The cab exploded and the soldier sacrificed his life to save his teammates who were dug in safely inside foxholes behind him."

Navindran said...

Normally I do not waste time reading your articles, just put my comments and go. Today I did, hope it keeps those overseas who are still employed happy. They should not realise then when retrenched and forced to go home, their only survival is to join the army to die in the hundreds.

Miss Information said...

I see this hate-filled racist rant has been removed... along with part of my post that was condemning it.

So have you joined Puligal in the cowardly act of censoring as it suits you?

Why did you pull this post now? You have been to other sites advertising it as well as inviting others to submit more like it.

Would you care to explain this to your readership?