Sunday, 8 March 2009

Brace yourselves folks!

Dear readers,

We at EFT would like to apologise to our readers for not providing regular updates and for not publishing the weekly column. Our sources have requested us to maintain silence for at least two days, the details will not be revealed for operational reasons. All we can reveal is that the LTTE attempted to recapture PTK junction, Chalai and Puttamatalan using their “elite” Ratha regiment cadres and Black Tigers, all these attempts miserably failed with heavy casualties to the LTTE, the SLA also suffered a few casualties. All we ask of you at this time to have faith in our soldiers in the front lines and remember them in your daily prayers, our hope gives them courage.

Meanwhile, EFT is glad to reveal that the pro LTTE diaspora has yet again fallen for our old tricks. We created yet another parody blog by the name of “Puligal Today” We created yet another “Mahen”, this time called “Badrinath” or “Badri” to enlighten (fool) the diaspora with news of fake counterattacks and non existent offensives. This social experimentation yet again proves that the pro LTTE diaspora is hungry for positive news – which there is none at this present juncture. The most fantastic story we created was the fact that 1000s of LTTE cadres were sent in boats to the east coast ready for a major offensive, we were so sure that we would get exposed after that story but even after publishing this unbelievable story, the diaspora kept coming back for more news! This shows the diaspora’s desperation and their state of mind. We urge the diaspora to once and for all to come into the mainstream and live as equal Sri Lankans, please give up on tribalism!


Upul said...

piss off Mahen you dirty bugger....

how much is MI paying you ?

Mahen said...

Dear Upul,
We have realised, there is a better way to achive what we need with out killing any more of our own Tamilians.
When are you going to ralise that?

Upul said...

pussy mahen you thought when you were about to really reveal yourself, that diaspora will feel depressed and suddenly change sides ?

what a moron.

where is pottu ? in your ass ??

Matara ayiya said...


Mahen said...

Matara ayiya,
Drop us a mail to

Malindra said...

Say hello Capt "Kuruwita" for me.

JWick said...

Not only the peelam diaspora, even I got fooled. SHIT!!

I'm not Bhairav said...

Mahen, so many LTTE bloggers fell for Puligal and even started quoting the 'news' items in other forums.

Good job. Puligal has served its purpose. There is no point in continuing with it now.

I suggest you start another "LTTE Blog" with a report of a decapitating strike on SLA and these jokers who are hungry for 'success' will once again take the bait and build up hope. After sometime you can expose and demoralize the jokers over and over again...

Good job!!!

I'm not Bhairav said...

JWick, I too thought this was a blog done by a real LTTE guy. But if you read the comments all the Sri Lankans just dismissed it as bullshit meant to keep the LTTE diaspora's spirits up.

While we thought the news as utter rubbish, the LTTE terrorists around the world gulped the news as 'gospel truth' and started building hope until today...

Taking away hope can be extremely demoralizing and Mahen is doing an excellent job!!!

I'm not Bhairav said...

Upul, I'm sure Mahen does not expect you (and the LTTE followers) to change sides after realizing puligal pulled your leg.

Shattering your hopes and demoralizing you is the aim!!!

Sincerely hope you won't self immolate and pollute the London streets now

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Mahen, your an idiot. Of course everyone already knew that, but I just want to have my opinion put on record.

Navindran said...

Hey Idiot your country is in full collapse. I mean did they say shut the fuck up because your make your MI and all others look like fools. You are a loser.

Anyway I also created fake news reports that Sri Lanka is begging for IMF help. Its all lies. As we know, Sri Lanka is the only properous nation in the world.

You are the laziest sons of bitches. I mean I cannot imagine how a country has so many holidays. I really dont believe you want the LTTE to be wiped out.

I mean who else are you going to blame. First the tamils, then the LTTE, next the muslims as I was always predicting. When the IMF sets conditions on military spending and yes you dumbasses, it will mean your military will get serve cuts.

No need for genius to know why there is a 72 hour deadline. I mean how many of the so called patrotic dispora are holding back money because they anticipate a massive devaluation.




Navindran said...

Another one of the punnaku i have released. You need to kill all these people mahen. They say sri lanka is in full collapse.

Major crisis ahead, economists warn

Central Bank says problem not internal, but triggered by global meltdown
By Feizal Samath
The government, through the Central Bank, is negotiating a $1.9 billion bailout package with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – an agency that was not wanted earlier – because the country’s foreign reserves have hit rock-bottom, economists say.

While Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal and CB statements claim that the request has been made pursuant to ‘an offer by the IMF’, the crisis is so acute that Sri Lanka had few choices. “Otherwise why ask for money if we have money – particularly from an institution (IMF) that the government didn’t want,” senior economist Dr Sirimal Abeyratne asked.

Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal
Opposition Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake said the government was asking four times the amount ($500 million) it had sought through Diaspora funding.

“Asking for such a lot of money means there must be a serious financial crisis,” he told the monthly meeting of The Sunday Times Business Club on Friday. But he warned; “The global financial meltdown is yet to hit Sri Lanka and when it does, we would be in serious trouble.”

By end December 2008, gross official reserves, without Asian Clearing Union (ACU) funds, stood at $1.7 billion sufficient just for 1.5 months of imports, the CB said. This compares with gross official reserves in end December 2007 of $3.5 billion, more than double that amount, though this (December 2007) figure from the CB website doesn’t say whether it is with or without ACU funds. However the December 2007 reserves with (ACU funds) were still higher at $2.5 billion.

Economists say the CB uses official reserves (which contain government and CB foreign reserves) and total reserves (which include these two components plus commercial banks) in addition to citing ‘with or without ACU funds’ in explaining the reserves position.

“There is total confusion in citing all these figures when the figure one should consider is what the government and the Central Bank have (since commercial banks’ reserves are not state-owned money) and that is the actual position,” Dr Abeyratne said.

The decision to revert to the IMF comes more than two years after the IMF closed its Colombo office, saying it had no programme here.

However the opposition and economists at that time said the government, also under pressure from the then-partner JVP, didn’t want conditions attached to lending and openly expressed its distaste for loans that came with strings attached, which is how multilateral agencies work.

“There were signals in no uncertain terms that the IMF was not wanted here,” a political analyst said.
The last IMF facility was a $567 million loan given in April 2003 to support the government’s 2003-2006 economic programme. The first tranche of $81 million was immediately received but the loan was suspended in November 2003 due to political problems and in April 2006 it expired. The IMF set up its Colombo office in 1979.

Asked why the CB did about-turn in the decision to seek IMF funding, after saying in January that there was no need for such support, GovernorCabraal said, “…well the offer was made and that we could have the loan without any conditions. We didn’t think we needed it but then this happened to be a good opportunity (to boost reserves),” he told The Sunday Times.

In an exclusive lead story on January 18, this year, The Sunday Times reported that economists and exporters were urging the government to either devalue the rupee or seek a bailout package from the IMF to head off a foreign exchange crisis whereas the CB Governor insisted that the Bank had its own strategies to tackle the problem.

“The situation is under control. We expect to close 2008 with foreign reserves worth $2.5 billion equivalent to around 2.2 months of imports. We are also hoping to raise up to $500 million from the Sri Lankan Diaspora through investment in bonds and treasury bills …,” Mr Cabraal was quoted as saying.
Then the following day, on January 19, newspapers extensively quoted Mr Cabraal and other CB officials as saying there was no need for devaluation or the support of the IMF.

On Friday, Mr Cabraal said Sri Lankas crisis was not an internal one but triggered by the world financial crisis. “This IMF facility will boost confidence in the markets and also provide confidence in our instruments (bonds),” he said adding that the negotiations will be completed soon and the facility will be ‘available within weeks (not months).”

He said a separate IMF team would arrive soon to further discuss the facility. He denied charges that the bid to get Diaspora investments in bonds had failed, saying some accounts had been already open and like in any process the money would not come immediately.

Mr Cabraal was not sure whether the IMF would reopen an office or oversee the Sri Lanka programme from its regional office in India. Dr Dushni Weerakoon, a senior economist at the Institute of Policy Studies, said Sri Lankas main problem haf been the outflow of foreign exchange and using the ‘little we have’ to defend the rupee in local markets.

“In addition to the outflow of some $600 million last year after foreigners withdrew monies in CB bonds in the second half of 2008, the CB has been pumping some $200 million a month (between September and November) in an unsustainable exchange rate policy to prop up the rupee,” she said, adding that the IMF was most likely to insist – in its conditions - that Sri Lanka maintain a flexible and market-driven exchange rate policy.

The announcement of the IMF loan negotiations came a day before a group of top business executives, including Hayleys Group Chairman N.G. Wickremaratne, John Keells Holdings Chairman Susantha Ratnayake and MAS Holdings Chairman Mahesh Amalean – put together by Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda – were invited at a dinner on Tuesday hosted by President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the visiting IMF delegation, informed sources said.

The executives also individually, at the President’s request, explained the crisis facing exports and the economy, and in the midst called for IMF support, a proper exchange rate policy and a stimulus package for exports.Asked about strict IMF lending conditions, Dr Weerakoon said the Fund recently provided a loan to cash-strapped Pakistan with strict conditions but believed that is unlikely to happen in the case of Sri Lanka. “They are unlikely to ask for fiscal deficit adjustments as many countries in world are going through a similar crisis. It would be unfair to ask for such adjustments. The problem is the exchange rate policy,” she said, adding the government had gone to the IMF which is the “lender of last resort”.
Dr Abeyratne said Sri Lanka was facing a debt trap where one had to borrow loans to pay off debts. “It seems we are down to our lowest level. Diaspora funds have not come as expected. Last year the government paid close to half a million dollars in debt payments and this year it would be higher. So we are borrowing to pay off our debt -- which is where part of the $19 billion IMF facility will go.”
He said budget and balance of payments would be the key problems this year.

Sri Lankas economy is going through a severe crisis which government economists and the CB are not prepared to acknowledge. Military spending has also increased sharply in recent years due to the conflict. Exports are down and garments are getting squeezed out in other markets while jobs are being shed across the employment sectors.

Companies are also cutting costs with outsourcing assignments being the first to get axed. The Employers Federation has asked the government to reduce the number of working days per week to five from 5 ½ days.

Last week, Fitch Ratings downgraded Sri Lanka long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs). Head of Fitch’s Asia Sovereign Ratings James McCormack was quoted as saying the downgrading was due to ‘the increased vulnerability of sovereign creditworthiness to adverse shocks associated with rising inflation, persistently large fiscal deficits and worsened terms of trade due to soaring oil prices in the context of greater government recourse to commercial and market-based financing’.

The CB rejected the assessment saying it was based on Fitch's 'pessimistic views on the security situation, inflation and foreign currency borrowings’ and was not in line with the recent improvements in the country's macroeconomic fundamentals and its future outlook.

A week later, the CB – which has repeatedly rejected claims that the economy is in a crisis and that there is no need for outside assistance – says it is negotiating with the not-wanted IMF for the biggest-ever bailout package of $1.9 billion.

Dinusha said...

hahaha! good job Mahen!

man! I'd like to see the faces of these poor LTTE buggers...

what a bunch of losers! lol!

Lalith Kuruwita said...

I did not get fooled. I was always laughing. I like it to continue.

We need some sort of fun

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Mahen, how many more avatars do you have?

What about Upul, Minnal, Bahirawaya Peter and Navindran? They are very funny, just like you.

Swranajith Udana said...


I am in a deep problem. Since I began to suspect whether you were really LTTE, I began to suspect whether I am really Swarnajith Udana, or someone else.

Can you help me?

I cannot pass a judgment on your action. This is a cruel world.

Nevertheless, I would like you to think about that what would happen to trust?

Is Swarnajith Udana also trying to do a Mahen for LTTE.

If you have already considered this effect and still you can justify it is necessary to do this then it is your choice and I do not pass any judgment.

You did not answer my first query. I will take that as an answer.

I am glad that you are against terrorism.

Standing with you I hope that prosperity, peace and harmony will dawn in Sri Lanka soon for all the groups.

Pakka-Lanka said...

This is what I said on 22-Feb-2009 on Puligal blog.

Pukka Lanka said...

Any human being with a couple of grey cells between their ears could see that the mission of the LTTE planes were a failure - if not an embarassing failure. Only the BBC Sinhala Service and could be shameless in claiming anything more.

You are hardly a LTTE supporter. You are just taking the mickey in a sublte sort of way - a mild form of

Well done! Keep the blog going...

February 22, 2009 12:00 PM

Rover said...

Ah Mahen, you funny chap, good job.

Yes. we will always remember the sacrifices our soldiers do...

Someone called me a chena boy (!) in my blog recently, I thought it was you, perhaps not.

Anyway, if you have not visited it, here it is

One Man's Terrorist

kKk said...

King Ellara was not Tamil, he was Persian. Tamils were not inhabitants of SL during Dutugemunu era. Mahawamsa says Tamils (Demala) existed, however the meaning of Demala at that time was the bad guy.

Pin said...

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Navindran said...

Some more Punnaku. I mean unlike strong and powerful sri lanka, singapore whose economy is being marshalled by a person of eelam origin has hundreds of billions of reserves. Question if Singapore has money with the IMF, does that mean you people of Sri Lanka are begging the eelam people for money. Anyway the LTTE should reward your central banker with mamanithar for helping Eelam achieve her independence.
Singapore's Feb. Official Foreign Reserves Fall
3/9/2009 8:52 AM ET

Dow Chemical Reaches Deal To Close Rohm and Haas Acquisition - update

White House to Focus on Education Reform as Essential to Economic Future

AIG Warned Treasury Of "Chain Reaction Of Enormous Proportion"

Stocks Close Mostly Lower Following Choppy Trading Day - U.S. Commentary

Choppy Trading Remains Visible On Wall Street In The Mid-Afternoon - U.S. Commentary

(RTTNews) - Monday, a report by the Monetary Authority of Singapore said the official foreign reserves fell to US$ 163.54 billion in February from US$ 167.09 billion in the previous month.

In Singapore dollars, official foreign reserves totaled SG$252.7 billion, up from SG$252.5 billion in the previous month. Gold and foreign reserves rose to SG$ 251.9 billion from SG$ 251.7 billion, while the reserve position in the IMF increased to SG$ 251.9 million from SG$ 251.7 million. Special drawing rights grew to SG$ 546.8 million in February from SG$ 545.1 million in the previous month.

by RTT Staff Writer

For comments and feedback: contact

Navindran said...


Navindran said...

I wish the central bank head of Sri Lanka is given the mamanithar award for helping the eelam people achieve their independence.

If for those who follow defencewire where i comment also, you will remeber i said jayalalitha is not against the ltte. Its just that she was in the opposition then and took on an anti ltte stand for electoral victory. Now too shes doing the same and accepting that independence is the only solution. Of course the wordings will be slightly muddled till the BJP comes to power.

Honestly I like the communist but the third front will break up after the elections. If the communist won, then eelam would be declared immediately.

Navindran said...

Another Punnaku from me. It seems the bar council president of Malaysia (not the arrack bars that Sri Lankans visit)has been picked for a US award. Glad to see a malaysian tamil doing well.

Bar Council’s Ambiga picked for US award
March 7, 2009 by admin
Filed under Malaysia Boleh
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Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan has been selected as a winner of the International Women of Courage, making her the first Malaysian to be honoured with the award.

In a statement today, the United States embassy in Kuala Lumpur said the Department of State established the annual award in 2007 to recognise women around the world who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in advocating women’s rights and advancement.

“Ambiga has been selected as a recipient of this year’s award for championing the rule of law and for advancing human rights, the status of women and religious tolerance in Malaysia.

“She has emerged as a strong voice for tolerance and justice in Malaysia, and has had a direct impact on judicial reform in Malaysia, contributing to strengthening the role of women in civil society,” read the statement.

The Bar Council chairperson, along with seven other recipients, will be recognised at an awards ceremony with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on March 9 in Washington DC.

The awardees will also participate in a programme of activities to mark the International Women’s Day, March 8.

Source: Malaysiakini

EDITORS’ NOTE: We would like to congratulate Ms Ambiga Sreenevasan for her achievement and contributions made towards the progress of human rights in Malaysia. Though we have not met her before, we have read about her “exploits”. Ms Ambiga is indeed a fearless lawyer who never flinches from defending the rule of law even if she needs to cross swords with powerful figures in the establishment. We wondered when we will see a Singapore lawyer winning the same award as her.

thambapanni said...

Ha ha haa.. Mahen, to tel you da truth I had doubts abt Puligal from the beginning. :)

Who ever you are, it was nice work, taking the damn diaspora for a ride, for the 2nd time :)

Keep up the good work man.