Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Breaking News - Eelam pumped two billion Ceylon Rupees to Ceylon Economy

EFT Vanni correspondent reports that over 2 billion rupees worth of foreign currency and gold have been discovered during search and recovery operations in PTK. The find is largest ever haul of Eelam booty recovered by the SLA. Intel believes that the moneys are Eelam taxes and from Eelam Bank's treasury. The LTTE left in hurry and very much diaspora.



Velavan Master said...

Ammapa Ceylon Rupees?

Navindran said...

Fucking Idiot

Mahen said...

Dr. Navindran,
2bn SLR equals 18Mn USD.
Will it help our economy collapsing?

Gayan said...

So fighting against retards does have it's benefits!!

Guns said...

navindran anna will comit suicide now

Rover said...

Mahen, You've got to be kidding! It would be wonderful if it is true, but who would be so careless with money which can easily be moved?

Malindra said...


I'm NOT Mahen you motherfucker. Get your facts straight. Also please stop posting boring ass long useless posts. Do you really believe people read that shit? No, they don't. They skip over all of that to get to the next post.

By the way, Navindran what do you think about us confiscating all of the Peelam bank's assets & gold reserves??

Maskman said...

Mahen, did they leave some free potato chips with the money as well?

Mahen said...

Quick update to our readers;

Wanni source indicates that civilians turning against their captors in the safe Zone. Intel expects a rebellion very soon, already some civilians are throwing caution to the wind and fleeing to cleared areas.

Maskman said...

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දේශපාලුවා said...

විමල් වීරවංශ ජවිපෙන් නෙරපීමේ කුමන්ත්‍රනය.

Navindran said...

Typical Racist Sri Lankan. In Sri Lanka speak Sinhala Only. In UK speak English Only

Immigrant Postmaster in Britain Denies Non-English Speakers Service
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Print ShareThisA Sri-Lankan born postmaster has banned customers from his British post office who cannot speak English, the Daily Mail reported.

Deva Kumarasiri, 40, who moved to Britain 18 months ago, has sparked an outcry over race equality with his demands that his customers should learn the language and embrace British culture.

"If you come to Britain you have got to speak English," the father-of-two told the Mail. "I am from a different country but when I came here I became British. My job is to give a service. I cannot give a service if they cannot tell me what they want."

Kumarasiri told the Mail he has banned about a half dozen customers from Sneinton Boulevard Post Office in Nottingham because of language barriers.

Race equality protesters said his stance was unrealistic and he has no right to deny anyone service.

"You are denying somebody a service that is there for everybody," Afzal Sadiq, chief executive of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Racial Equality Council, told the Mail. "In an ideal world these people would speak English ... but learning to speak English is going to take time."

Navindran said...

Sri Lankan war killing hundreds of children: UNICEF
By South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

Posted 7 hours 6 minutes ago

The United Nations children's agency (UNICEF) says hundreds of children have been killed and thousands more injured during heavy fighting in northern Sri Lanka this year.

UNICEF says aid agencies must be allowed to provide emergency supplies to civilians stranded by the conflict.

The executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund, Ann Veneman says hundreds of children have died and thousands are at risk of disease and malnutrition in northern Sri Lanka.

Ms Veneman says civilians must be allowed to move to safer areas and aid agencies must be given access to the conflict zone.

The Sri Lankan Government says up to 70,000 civilians are trapped by fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tigers.

The United Nations says the figure is closer to 200,000 people

Navindran said...

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Navindran said...

Sri Lanka is in full collapse. There is nothing to turn the tide. I mean if your mahindha mama has so much pride, then why not stop your women from washing toilets and being raped in the middle east. Sri Lanka is begging to be saved.

Navindran said...

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osza said...


Washing toilets??? Surely you mistook Tamils for Sinhalese????

Gayan said...

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Gayan said...

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Deshal said...

Sri Lankan economy is not about to collapse as propagated by Naveendran continuously. Here is why.

Sri Lankan economy grew around 5%-6% rate through 2004-2008. This, coupled with government policy of expanding state sector has reduced unemployment. The govt spending on infrastructure has increased to around 25% in 2008, up from 10% in 2002-2003.

As a result of this, agriculture sector of the country grew at 12.5% in 2008, compared with 6% in 2007. With harvest coming from North and East, the growth could either remain flat or even improve further. Industrial output could remain flat over 2009 due to international economic depression. Industries such as tea and rubber are affected. Mind you, Sri Lankan garment manufacturers are yet to feel the impact, if it ever would come this way. 75% of the SL garment manufacturers supply for premium brands and the order levels have actually increased slightly by March 2009, keep aside decreasing. On the other hand, the tourism, for one reason or the other is also increasing. Hotel occupancy remains at around 80% during early parts of 2009.
Then, you might ask me as to the reason for depletion of foreign reserves. Yes, there is depletion. The reasons are clear. SL is paying for oil which it has purchased during a period where the oil prices peaked only now, due to various credit agreements. Naturally, the defense related purchases (mainly weapons) also contributed to this. Add on the needs for on going large scale development projects (in East, highways, reservoirs etc).

Naturally, we need more forex and yet it is not coming in due to export sectors being hit.
While the country is turning more into a nationalistic model of production over long term, the country needs to secure forex needed in the short term to ensure the infrastructure, development and elimination of terrorism takes place. Remember, all these are investment projects which would bring more returns to national economy in the future. That’s where IMF loan comes in.
However, with war ending, the production of North and East would be added to the national economy, creating an expanding effect. Development programs in NE would facilitate high productivity, improved livelihood and quality outputs to the economy. Meanwhile with global economic depression fading away, the export sectors would be restored into their former levels. Oil prices are anyway coming down. In addition to all these, after a victorious war, an economic boom is always likely to follow.

So we are in a resilient economic setting. I don’t think the government has the economic wisdom as they had on the war. That’s fine. When it comes to the economy, people would do a better job than most of the policy makers. The economy will not collapse even if the government would just sit down and do nothing. LTTE supporters, please don’t keep much hope on it.

Navindran said...

Since now many Sri Lankans are comming here. I used to wonder why many senior officers are not killed from the SLA. When i saw the office being held under an umberella while his men was drenched i realised what kind of ponnaya he was.

For those who do not know in 1967 during the annual national day or independence day celeberations in Singapore, it was a heavy downpour. The present prime ministe was is the school cadets contigent while his sister was in the band. His father was then prime minister. Despite the heavy downpour all the ministers, mps and prade participants stood their ground. Finally only the president was sheltered as he was an old man. the president Yushof Ishak was the first asian to become a cadet officer then.

The prime minister recalled the spirit of the people then. His father said that as a young nation people would judge us. Again today if you read tamilnet, he has slammed the sri lankan government.

You shameless High Commisioner has kept silent all the way. No Protest. So many Sri Lankan who are working in Singapore are silent. I think ANUD in LNP is from Singapore. The shameless people will keep silent because they know its the truth.

Rumesh said...

Is it enough to settle Golden Key Depositors hard earned money.

onceinawhile said...

Navindaran you stateless idiot. Why bother so much about other states eh?

Ranil said...

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talking about children dying eh...
where the fuck were you when ltte sent 10-12 year old kids to their deaths after taking them by force from their parents?
were you licking piraba's ass while hoping SL economy will crash eh...
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your doomsday theories wont save your fucking ltte you fag!!!
I'm happy old faggots like you lived long enough to see the end of your bullshit peelam... fucking idiots!!!

Lalith Kuruwita said...

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Navindran's EELLAM treasury is captured !!!!!

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Nabvindran has gone Mad !!!!!

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EELLAM Economy is collapsing !!!!!

Suwaganak said...

Mar 17 2009
7:56 AM

What this noisy demonstrations and public harassment in the GTA are all about?

As a concerned Canadian citizen from Sri Lankan origin, I would like to comment on the demonstrations that are going on around the GTA for the last few weeks. Most of the Canadians who don’t know what is going on in Sri Lanka might be thinking why all these yelling and screaming which is very disturbing and inconvenient to the general public. Thanks to Canadian media, most of the Canadian public has a good idea about Tamil Tigers by now. In brief, Tamil Tigers are a brutal terrorist organization emerged in late 1970’s and they are fighting to create a mono ethnic ‘Tamil only’ dictatorial separate country within the tiny island called Sri Lanka which is multiethnic, multicultural and multi-religious.. Their justification for the 30 years of terrorism and destruction in Sri Lanka is that they are discriminated by the majority of Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. This is a totally false justification for a 30 years of long conflict that has been killed 2 heads of states (Sri Lanka and India), and close to 70,000 people. After four attempts of peace negotiations which Tamil Tigers used only for regrouping and smuggling much needed military hardware using the hundreds of millions of dollars donated mainly by their Canadian supporters, the present Sri Lankan government launched a massive military campaign to eliminate this brutal terrorist organization since 2007. In parallel, the Sri Lankan government is working with Tamil democratic political parties to devolve power and redevelop these areas that were destroyed by this long war. As a result, the entire eastern region which was previously occupied by Tamil Tigers is now under speedy rehabilitation program using foreign aid and with the help of Tamil and Muslim democratic political parties. The innocent Tamil people living in this region finally breathing fresh air without any sulfur smell.

During the last few months the Sri Lankan armed forces have flushed out most of the Tamil Tiger terrorists from the northern part of the country to recapture ~95% of the occupied Sri Lankan land and to liberate tens of thousands of innocent Tamil people living in these areas from the clutches of this terrorist group. Until then, the Tamil Tiger propaganda was hiding the facts on their defeat from their Tamil supporters so they were able to continue their fund raising activities. However, during the last few months these Tamil Tiger supporters have got to know that hundreds of millions of dollars that they were donating to Tamil Tigers during the last 20-30 years have gone to waste and they are almost going to be annihilated in a few weeks time. Meanwhile, their cadres in the GTA may have influenced these Tamil supporters to go to streets and protest and sling all the ‘mud’ including the word ‘genocide’ against the Sri Lankan government and the military forces so they could save the last 5% of land occupied and the lives of their inhumane terrorist leaders. In fact, it is the Tamil Tigers who have shot dead and cut legs of the innocent Tamil people who were trying to flee to enter in to the government controlled areas. As a result of this heavy unexpected defeat and to make innocent Tamil people’s life more miserable, Tamil Tiger supporters in the GTA have gathered in large numbers at every corners and streets in Canada to show their moral support. If you happen to hear this noise and see all the lies on white placards of a frustrated, disappointed and large scale misinformation and mud slinging campaign now you know that it is just to provide last minute breathing air to this terrorists group. It is noisy, disturbing and regretful to see these events in a country like Canada but at least I hope there are some courageous Canadians who can ask that how much development could have been done and how much lives could have been saved if these street screamers have donated this hundreds of millions of dollars for the development of these areas instead of donating to a terrorist organization. Regardless of what lies and wrong information that they are trying to disseminate to the Canadian public, we always know that truth will win and peace will be achieved in Sri Lanka with this hybrid political-military solution to become the first country in the world to win the global fight against terrorism.

Now using the opportunity that Canada provide (free demonstration), Tamils accept the fact (yesterday rally) all Tamils from Sri Lanka are belongs to “Tamil Tigers” that’s mean they all belong to terrorist organization which branded by Canadian government including USA and other countries. The fact is most of them scared once no conflict in Sri Lanka most of them on asylum will have to pack

"Most dengerious terrorist in the world-LTTE" I did not wrote or branded that, so what freedom you are looking here in Torornto srteet ?

Velavan Master said...

Deshal whoa whoa.. way too sensible for us Super-intelligent Eezam Tamiz. Can't you be more like Navindran and quote the exchange rate and predict the imminent collapse of the Sri Lankan economy. Navindran anna is our hero. We don't like your type of analysis. Navindran's anal-isis is much better.

Navindran said...

Anyway even this sri lankan has reconigsed EELAM. Even a bullshit story, he has accepted a crushing and humiliating defeat that there is eelam.

Navindran said...

State secrets, public denials in Sri Lanka
By Bob Dietz/Asia Program Coordinator
There's a familiar pattern emerging in Sri Lanka, one we've seen in many countries. When the government doesn't have a viable case against a critical journalist, prosecutors turn to state security laws to keep them in detention.
Nadesapillai Vidyatharan, editor of the Tamil daily Sudar Oli, was grabbed at a friend's funeral in a Colombo suburb on February 26. Since then, in an effort to charge the editor under antiterrorism laws, police have been scouring phone records to try to establish a tie between Vidyatharan and the secessionist Liberation Tigers of Tamal Eelam. Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapkasa has already linked Vidyatharan to a February 20 suicide air attack on Colombo in which two LTTE planes were shot down, the two pilots were killed, and more than 45 people were injured. When Vidyatharan's case came up this morning in Colombo, the magistrate gave police permission to hold him without charge as they continue to trace his calls.

Another case, this one involving editor and columnist J. S.Tissainayagam, has been dragging on for a year. Tissa, as he is known, was detained without charge on March 7, 2008, and held without explanation for more than three months. In August, he was formally indicted under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Emergency Regulations. When he was detained, he was the editor of a news Web site OutreachSL. But he is being held for articles he wrote in the North Eastern Monthly in 2006 and 2007--two years before he was grabbed. Tissa's case was the first time Sri Lanka used this law against a journalist explicitly for published work. His next court date is set for March 20. Trial dates and the appearance schedules of witnesses have changed frequently, possibly at the hands of the judge hearing the case, but it's difficult to tell who is causing the delays.

In February, CPJ documented a shocking wave of violence against the Sri Lankan press in a special report, "Failure to Investigate." That report, coupled with CPJ's appearance before Senate Foreign Relations Middle East and South Asia Subcommittee on February 24 brought us to the attention of the Sri Lankan embassy. When we were doing research in Colombo early this year it was impossible to get an interview with a government official. Only after the embassy in Washington realized that we would be testifying before a Senate subcommittee did we get interviews with Attorney General Mohan Peiris and Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama. Both men asserted that authorities had no involvement in attacks on journalists and that the cases are being thoroughly investigated--responses that we noted in our report. (Our research shows that authorities have failed to solve the murders of at least nine Sri Lankan journalists in the past decade.)

This month, we were invited to a meeting with Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya in Washington. Our six-person delegation sat across the table from the embassy's six- person team and there was, as they say, a frank exchange of views, but really it was like two airplanes traveling in different directions at altitudes several thousand feet apart. The ambassador professed anger at recent attacks on journalists, and he promised full investigations. But another government official, Dhilip Nawaz, claimed that all cases are being fully investigated and that there are no significant media problems in Sri Lanka. Board member David Marash captured the tenor of the meeting in a post on the CPJ Blog. The embassy's response came in a news story the next day headlined, "Sri Lankan ambassador invites journalist delegation to Sri Lanka to observe firsthand freedom enjoyed by journalists."

On Tuesday, I was on a panel discussing Sri Lankan media rights at the National Endowment for Democracy's Center for International Media Assistance in Washington. CPJ Washington Representative Frank Smyth noted that Sri Lankan government representatives were on hand and suggested that they be given an opportunity to respond to criticism. A reasoned response and expression of concern came from Yasoja Gunesekera, who has served in Sri Lanka's foreign service for more than a decade. Then (toward the end of the video linked above) came an assertive denial of reality from, you guessed it, Dhilip Nawaz, a Humphrey Fellow who ordinarily works as a senior state counsel in the Sri Lankan attorney general's office. Take the time to watch--it is an amazing example of the bureaucratic two-step.

Sri Lanka
Tags:Imprisoned, Impunity

Navindran said...

Why is Exxonmobil which reported its largest profit for coporations last year havings its biggest complex in singapore where a person of eelam origin is finance minister and not in sri lanka who even according to this blog owner begs from th eelam government

ExxonMobil expanding in Asia
March 19, 2009
By Janet Nodar
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ExxonMobil Chemical Company is planning major capacity additions in Singapore and in Fujian Province, China.

ExxonMobil is working with Sinopec and Saudi Aramco in Fujian Province on what will be a fully integrated petroleum refining, petrochemicals and fuels marketing project, spokesperson Jeff Neu said in an email.

This joint venture, which will cost several billion U.S. dollars, is intended to meet Chinese demand for transportation fuels and chemicals for key markets such as automobiles, packaging and construction. ExxonMobil estimates that some 60 percent of the world’s petrochemical consumption growth will occur in China over the next decade.

In Singapore, another multi-billion-dollar ExxonMobil project will more than double the size of an existing chemical complex, including constructing an 800,000 tons-per-year ethylene steam cracker and multiple derivative units. A broad range of feedstocks will be processed and converted into higher-value products, Neu said. Start-up is scheduled for 2011. When that occurs, Singapore will be ExxonMobile’s largest owned and operated petrochemical complex and largest integrated chemical and refining site.

The company said it will also be building a technology center in Shanghai, China to support business in Chinese and other Asian markets. The center will be built and operated by ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Research & Development Company Limited and is expected to be open in 2010.

Forty of the world’s top 50 oil and petroleum companies have joint ventures in Asia. While projects under construction should continue to support the shipping side through mid-2009, according to John Amos, president of Amos Logistics, LLC, project cargo carriers could be impacted by cancellations or slowdowns later in the year. Project growth in the region is expected to slow from the double-digit rates of the last few years due to the global economic crisis.

Deshal said...

“Why is Exxonmobil which reported its largest profit for coporations last year havings its biggest complex in singapore where a person of eelam origin is finance minister and not in sri lanka who even according to this blog owner begs from th eelam government”

Hello …, Is there a brain inside your head?

Exxonmobile is going to Singapore and China to increase their market share in the APAC region. Please read their last three quarterly earning transcripts for you to get a better view. They don’t go there because the finance minister is of Tamil in origin! That is the craziest thing I ever heard. Companies don’t invest in areas because the ministers are of certain ethnicity. Companies invest to either improve their margins or increase their market share. Exxonmobile has gone to increase their market share.

How idiotic can one get here? I guess that’s why you are an LTTE supporter!

By the way, two more points to think about (if you know how to think that is). Exxonmobile has invested 50% more in China. Is this also because to pay tribute to the communist revolutionary leadership? Or it might even be to pay tribute to the friendship between China and Sri Lanka I guess?

Further, if you know Tamil well, a person of “eelam” origin means a person of a Sinhalese origin. The word “Eelam” evolved from the word “Sinhalam”, as you might have heard. But I would rather say the guy is of “Sri Lankan” origin rather than Sinhalam because he is more of a “Sri Lankan Tamil” origin. Just like you.

“SRI LANKAN TAMIL”, man learn to be proud of it. Sri Lankan Tamils are great people. Anyway, where ever you live the rest of your god forsaken life, you will always be referred to as a “Sri Lankan Tamil” whether you like it or not.

You can’t do anything about it, can you?

vaima said...


70 million tamils are in shity TN all run by tamils, and your farting on and on aboout SP with a handful of tamils run by chinese ...

talk about what tamilnadu and lttp has achieved idiot. that's where the tamils are

Malindra said...

Navindran has lost it.

Maybe his viagra is diverting all of the blood to his dick so he can fuck some cheap prostitute :)

What a dousche bag.

Deshal, I love your comments so true! Please continue to blog. Looking forward to reading your comments in the future.