Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Short update

EFT reported on the possible apprehension of VP's daughter yesterday. A black tiger who was captured at Iranamadu while he was trying to blow up the tank bund was brought in to identify the girl, the black tiger stated that the girl in question was not VP's daughter. MI still sent a DNA sample to Singapore for cross verification, following the positive confirmation that the girl is not VPs daughter, she will be sent to an IDP welfare centre.

It is also reported that over 90% of casualties reaching Trinco via ICRC ships are tiger cadres, the cadres arrive on these ships in an unconscious state, its only when they are treated and regain consciousness that they realise that they are in SLA custody. The cadres are said to be shocked, dismayed and in complete disbelief of their predicament, some are reported to have shouted "adi adi Lanka army!".

Meanwhile, the number of SLA deaths have gone down drastically, however injuries are on the increase, this is mainly due to LTTE snipers, SLA is trying to hunt these snipers down using their own snipers.

A secret SF operation is underway as we speak, EFT will not reveal the details for obvious reasons, you will all see the results tomorrow, if not the day after!



Velavan Master said...

Did the captured suicide bomber know VPs daughter 'initimately'?

Rover said...

Ladies, Thanks for your update!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

On February 4, 2009 6:22 AM Upul said...

[[From what I understand Mahen is not sri lanka MI. He is too smart for that. He is infact a RAW agent.]]

What is your response?

Navindran said...

Badrinath, the LTTE media should stop calling the AIFV or APC, Aroumered Infantry Fighting vehicle or Armoured Personnel Carriers as tanks. Both have different functions. AIFV bring personnel in the battle front (front line) and give good fire support with either a GPMG or with a small turret. Generally 40mm rounds. Normarly all AIFVs carry a spare GPMG barrell like the GPMG gunners.

Now the LTTE uses the AIFV more as frontline armour plated fire support. Well its precious captured cargo. Hence mobilising them in an armed formation would be effective but costly. Alot of people have commented on the white smoke. Normally its a problem with the filter or the diesel used.

AI or Armour Infantry are usually better trained as their close to commandos when been thrown into the heat of the battle. Defencewire has tried with the army propaganda machine to fool the public about the trench system employed by the LTTE. However he never fails to higlight that the armoured brigade is always held in reserve. Held in reserve simply because use of them would be disaterous.

Hence the trench system produced and unprecedented slaughter of SLA as the delaying action cause huge scarifices on their part. Now the LTTE realised that the SLA was willing to scarifice as many as their men as required to achieve mahindha mamas war push. Hence they changed their tactics.

Now the sad part with an IMF bailout is that their armed forces which is too bloated and balloned will have to be reduced drastically. Hence the desperation on many fronts for the Sri Lankan government.

A daydream of central banker who is a gem for the infdepedence cause is that neither is he qualified or capable to hold such a post. Hence if you are helping a friend who needs money will you not tell him to change his spending habit. However as Defencewire spins stories, so does the central banker. He says no strings attached for the money. I mean he thinks its sri lanka giving money to all their cronies and if more is needed, they would just print it.

Sri Lanka is under full collapse. I may not agree with what the LTTE is doing to achieve independence but it can be pondered on once its achieved. This will happen soon.

Navindran said...

Nisal the blog owner here is an idiot. Now how smart is he to let me use his blog to spread my message

out_sider said...


I found your military analysis to be very thoughtful.

Then you started ranting about finance, politics, and money lending.

Please stick to the military analysis like that of your first four paragraphs. It was worth reading.

Deshal said...

Sri Lankan economy is not about to collapse as propagated by Naveendran continuously. Here is why.
Sri Lankan economy grew around 5%-6% rate through 2004-2008. This, coupled with government policy of expanding state sector has reduced unemployment. The govt spending on infrastructure has increased to around 25% in 2008, up from 10% in 2002-2003.
As a result of this, agriculture sector of the country grew at 12.5% in 2008, compared with 6% in 2007. With harvest coming from North and East, the growth could either remain flat or even improve further. Industrial output could remain flat over 2009 due to international economic depression. Industries such as tea and rubber are affected. Mind you, Sri Lankan garment manufacturers are yet to feel the impact, if it ever would come this way. 75% of the SL garment manufacturers supply for premium brands and the order levels have actually increased slightly by March 2009, keep aside decreasing. On the other hand, the tourism, for one reason or the other is also increasing. Hotel occupancy remains at around 80% during early parts of 2009.
Then, you might ask me as to the reason for depletion of foreign reserves. Yes, there is depletion. The reasons are clear. SL is paying for oil which it has purchased during a period where the oil prices peaked only now, due to various credit agreements. Naturally, the defense related purchases (mainly weapons) also contributed to this. Add on the needs for on going large scale development projects (in East, highways, reservoirs etc). Naturally, we need more forex and yet it is not coming in due to export sectors being hit.
While the country is turning more into a nationalistic model of production over long term, the country needs to secure forex needed in the short term to ensure the infrastructure, development and elimination of terrorism takes place. Remember, all these are investment projects which would bring more returns to national economy in the future. That’s where IMF loan comes in.
However, with war ending, the production of North and East would be added to the national economy, creating an expanding effect. Development programs in NE would facilitate high productivity, improved livelihood and quality outputs to the economy. Meanwhile with global economic depression fading away, the export sectors would be restored into their former levels. Oil prices are anyway coming down. In addition to all these, after a victorious war, an economic boom is always likely to follow.
So we are in a resilient economic setting. I don’t think the government has the economic wisdom as they had on the war. That’s fine. When it comes to the economy, people would do a better job than most of the policy makers. The economy will not collapse even if the government would just sit down and do nothing. LTTE supporters, please don’t keep much hope on it.

Gayan said...

Navindran the inbreed is crying "economic GENOCIDE(TM)" because LTTE losers are facing military GENOCIDE(TM)!!

Miss Information said...

"A secret SF operation is underway as we speak, EFT will not reveal the details for obvious reasons, you will all see the results tomorrow, if not the day after!"


posted by Mahen at 21:38 on 17-Mar-2009

So how can an operation be secret if you are talking about it on a public forum?

Also, aren't most military operations "secret"? It is not like you can go to Lanka Defence and get a daily list of "todays military operations".

The constant barrage of propaganda from both sides is to be expected during war but why do folks on either side think that blatant nonsense posted as fact has any value other than to expose the weakness of one's argument?

The way to peace is through a dedication to honesty and fairness... something sadly lacking in much of Sri Lanka.

The GoSL, like any Governemnt, is going to make mistakes... why not admit it when it happens? The same with LTTE who, via their intricate propaganda web, like to promote some fanciful idea of invincibility and pureness of intention.

Time for new Tamil leadership and time for the GoSL to get their heads out of the sand with regards to formalising a sustainable and equitable solution that the Tamil majority, not the minority who actually support the LTTE, can live with and prosper under.

The GoSL are supposed to be the ultimate protector of all Sri Lankans and that requires more than military might... it also requires the willingness to be flexible and creative politically which is something not evident thus far in their actions.

As for the LTTE and their supporters, one need only look at their same failings in delivering workable political options but can one really expect anything better from what is essentially a cult of personality driven by violent suppression and ruled by a dictator with murderous tendencies?

Sadly, both sides have demonised anyone in the IC who has disagreed with or critised them... so who is left to help sort out this mess?

If the powerful Tamil diaspora were not hanging their hats on a known thug and had embraced alternative leadership they would have been in a position to offer genuine assistance to their brethren.

This failure of the diaspora compounds the tragedy in Sri Lanka in that their intransigent alignment with the LTTE has robbed them of a golden chance to show the world the justness of a cause that has been lost to terrorism.


Miss Information said...

Navindran said...

"Nisal the blog owner here is an idiot. Now how smart is he to let me use his blog to spread my message"

He is smart enough to know that your messages are no more than bad music to the deaf. You continually illustrate a complete lack of logic, decorum and common sense... who are you going to sway with such childish and churlish behaviour?

At least this blog allows other points of view, unlike your friends at Puligal who keep trying to suppress my ability to post there and question their poorly constructed propaganda.


isurujosh said...

i thought when the snipers are dominating then deaths are high and injuries are low.

Gayan said...

isurujosh said...

[i thought when the snipers are dominating then deaths are high and injuries are low.]

apparently, Peelamish snipers are the dumbest snipers ever!
If they shoot the ground with their sniper rifles they'll miss that too!
Fu#$ing idiots!

Gayan said...

The Tamil tigers are probably shooting their own feet off by now! They can't aim straight when their legs are shaking in fear!