Monday, 4 May 2009

Counter protest in Parliament Square

We have being informed by our UK correspondent that the Sri Lankan community in London will be staging a counter protest in Parliament Square, Westminster on Saturday 9th May 2009. We understand the frustration felt by the peace loving Sri Lankans (Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burger) regarding events in London. We are willing to use our expertise and contacts to publicise this event, but we urge all intended participants to check with Charing Cross police regarding the legality of carrying out a protest at this venue,
Phone: 0300 123 1212
Please forward any emails you get from the police to EFT (


Pottu said...

Kawda yako 'Burger'?

Anonymous said...

/We are willing to use our expertise and contacts to publicise this event, but we urge all intended participants to check with Charing Cross police regarding the legality of carrying out a protest at this venue,
Phone: 0300 123 1212
Please forward any emails you get from the police to EFT./

WTF? Who is doing this protest? Why don't get required police approvals in advance rather than waiting and warning for troubles?

Anonymous said...

Some thing to think about before organizing protests..

/Continuing the delusion, inhibited by Tigers waving Eelam flags sat on TORONTO and ONTARIO highways during rush hours turning the entire traffic system into a chaos and annoying the general Canadian public for a few days. Federal Police and administrative authorities meanwhile maintained the cost for provision of security to those Tamil demonstrators has already cost Canadian tax payer some Ca Dollars 900,000 in the past few days./

Konappu Bandara said...

A delegation of five British lawmakers also arrived for a two-day visit that would include meetings with officials, the opposition, aid groups and a trip to the displacement camps in the north.

The delegation includes a former defense secretary, Des Browne, who was named in February as Britain's special envoy to Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanka rejected his appointment, underscoring its refusal to bow to foreign pressure on the war.

Bugger! Pommie bastards, Frog-eaters, Canucks, Krauts, Wops, Wogs, on and on, all lining up to pay homage to mighty Lankan leader. They come with the humble request to spare their little pet the 'Fatty'. But the mighty leader of blessed Lanka brushes them off like the annoying bugs that they are.


No_MESS said...

This protest has been going on for twenty odd days now. It has been conducted just a stone’s throw from the British Parliament.
Surely it cannot be illegal?

Any news about Alwatura Prarameswaran?

Anonymous said...

Selvi surrendered.. Mahen, do you like her?

booboo said...

Thanxs to Prachanda of Nepal and thaliban in Pakistan, global attention has shifted from us. There are making all the headlines. This is the best time to finish off the LTTE.

Meantime can't we urge brits to negotiate a ceasefire to protect the human shield in Pakistan. We can send some foods for them too since there are starving. We also need global media access to the swat valley

andare said...

have you been in cadet platoon in damso

Mango said...

I'd be extremely cautious about demonstrating near Parliament. The Eelamtards have done their cause nothing but ill with their disruptive demo. Moving about in London is bad enough without demonstrators making life even more difficult for Londoners. Most ordinary Brits I've spoken with are of the opinion of "if they're that bothered, they should protest in Sri Lanka and aren't they some sort of terrorist group who steal people's credit cards in petrol stations"If this counter-demo turns into a pitched battle, regardless of who started it, Sri Lanka's image will definitely be damaged. The LTTE doesn't really have an image to worry about, but we do.

Here's the info on who can and cannot demonstrate near Parliament Square.

mozice said...

Meanwhile MOD confirmed the advancement of the 59 div headed by Brig Prasanna Silva. We might see some fireworks soon

Mahen said...

Not only Selvi, there are some other top heads with Gov SL too (As EFT revealed on 1st of May).

Pierre said...

Good one mate. I think he means Double cheese burgher.

Anonymous said...


Why GSL don't reveal and give publicity? I see benefits only in such a move at this moment..

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Received this lovely article by an unknown Author, really ROTFLMAO.


As the dream of a separate Tamil Homeland fades away in Sri Lanka,
Tamil homeland experts are finding new evidence in Australia's
Northern Territory, that they say was once an ancient Tamil
Kingdom.The Northen Territory is home to Australia’s largest
population of Aboriginal people, the NT offers a rich array of
Aboriginal culture with its 40,000 year old traditions – including
basket weaving, spear fishing and story telling.

Experts found the evidence, as a hiker discovered a well preserved
Vada and Dosa parcel buried in a cave. Carbon dating in a German lab
has found this package to be at least 27,000 years old. Tamil
historians in Tamil Nadu say rock paintings of short dark men and
women , on the cave walls suggest they were Tamils. They say the cave
found in the World Heritage site, Kakadu National Park was orginally
called Kakaduthurai during the Tamil Kingdom. They also say the iconic
Uluru was a holy city called Uluruppalam.

Plans are now underway by the Tamil diaspora to establish a homeland
in Northern Australia and as further evidence surface will be expanded
to cover whole of Australia.The new flag will be the same except the
soon to be extinct Liberation Tamil Tiger will be replaced with the
now exticnt Tazmanian Tiger. The most difficult for the rest of the
world will be to understand the already difficult aussie accent with a
really heavy Ds and Rs and accommodating the influx of white
Australians seeking asylum in Sri Lanka.

Major Australian city names will be as follows.








Mahen said...

claymore blast in buttala. New breaking news is present.

Frances said...

Pottu, am truly appalled by your ignorance, haven't you heard of the Burgher Community in Sri Lanka, who are of European descendents???