Monday, 18 May 2009

We are truly ONE NATION under ONE FLAG

This is by far the most humbling post EFT have thus far had the privilege to publish.

Though we had the information confirmed to us several hours ago, we only indicated this to our readers with an informal update to our main post. This is because we considered it our national leader’s honourable duty to officially announce to the world that the war against LTTE terror is over with the conclusion of the humanitarian operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces, the Police Service and a host of other agencies working together with the people of Sri Lanka.

We are extremely humbled by the commitment and sacrifices of all who gave their limb & life for us to see this day. There are many who worked hard to make this day happen. We do not need to tell our intelligent readers who, what, when, where and how this amazing task was achieved.

It may be an opportune moment to acknowledge our “ladies” who have been an inspiring readership, spurring us on in what we did. We were going to fold our blog with the announcement of Ellalanforce poll results. However you requested us to carry on and here we are at the most exciting time of our nation since independence. For us this day is several times more significant than independence from Britain.

With our hand on our heart we can say that from the very beginning EFT has been utterly committed to ridding our motherland of filthy LTTE terrorists. Our original intention was to take the terror-supporting bloggers for a joy ride. We achieved that with some remarkable success. By then we realised that we can go a step further and offer a forum to our readers to discuss defence matters in a serious yet fun environment. Only you can be the judge of how we went about achieving that.

While we celebrate the occasion let us spare a thought for the thousands of our war heroes who gave their lives for a most noble cause; let us dig deep to do whatever we can do to secure a better future for our motherland and all its peoples.


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Kirigalpoththa said...

Long live Sri Lanka!

POLGONA said...

Punde Mahen Good Job

Thusitha said...
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booboo said...

thanks mahen

gayan said...

is praba and pottu dead. >????

pls tell what u know

Observer said...

Mahen. This is the greatest news ever !!!! thanks for the great job !!!! THANKS A LOT
Btw one last question,

Are you Mahen = SF@LNP = Mariyakade ;-) ???

Thusitha said...

gayan said...
is praba and pottu dead. >????

pls tell what u know

Yeah, the are all dead

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

Guys and gals,

mama dan search kala loke lokuma hostage rescue mission kiyana title ekata googe eke hits. ape site tamaa enne. Eeth ee news ee site walin ain kalahama eeka yanawa. Wekipedia eke kisima article ekak ne ee gana. Ee nisa man kemathi yojana karanna ape daksha writerslata me heading ekata aluth article ekak patan ganna kiyala. Obage adahas monawada me gana.

Ananada USA, Sam P, Moshe, really cold, perien, noltte, sujeewa kokawala, Mahen and others. Please initiate this. I think this is a tribute to all our heros.

meka itihase liyawenna oonemai. anaagatha itihaasa potha wiki.

SK said...

Thanks for the great news Mahen.

bcdesilva said...

Well done my man... Mahen!!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...


Thanks you for your great service.
Your blogs gave us the opportunity to meet 100s of patriotic Sri Lankans around the globe.

We need a place to discuss the matters related to the future of the Sri Lanka (not only defence matters). I urge you and others to continue you blogs or create a new "meeting place" if possible.

Puran Appu said...

Ado Mahen,

Bokka tama.


Single said...

Mahen = DW

And we got him, him and him and....

That is a bloddbath for the terrorist adn its supporters and freedom to people...

Tears are on my eyes man...

What a fcuking good nation we are..):

Anonymous said...

and what happened to Lawrence?

esvee said...

Congrats guys!!! May we all live peacefully.take care guys!!

Mahen said...

SF will be on TV soon.

Mahen said...

TV links are available in our main page just under the National Anthem.

Duminda Nirmal said...

Thanks Mahen for your valuable updates.

Long live our country

perein said...

Thank you.

Apee Thrivida hamudawada Jaya Vewaaaaaaaa.

Mahen said...

Ayuu Rakkathu Awaadaa...

No_MESS said...

Thanks Mahen - JAYAWEWA

No to Mono Ethnic Separate State

Sam Perera said...


Nice script, seeing a body of a photo is a must for the closure.

SK said...

Hahaha!! TamizhNet's latest whining.

bcdesilva said...

SF online on SLBC adnd SLRC

Mahen said...

It was EFT who 1st released that VP was in a place called Vellamullivaikkal when no one heard of it.

Ladies.. What do you say....

Single said...

cj said...
and what happened to Lawrence?

Still in the bed with you mother who went to Waddukaal to find your balls.

Your balls are covered in white phosprorus

Tharanga said...

Great news guys and good job Mahen.

booboo said...

CJs balls found in the white house and now Hillery is licking those. I broke that news first and it is on the previous thread.

Thambapanniya said...

Mahen Do you run the by any chance?

Thanks for the post :-) Elakiri Joliya do u still have ur old fans? :-P

Mahen said...

Please join all..

Hela Jathika Abimanee...

Thambapanniya said...

Chinthaka said...

Hey Mahen,

Well done mate, you did gr8 job.

Thanks for your updates.

Mahen said...

Please, please please...

You should be thanking 3 forces + STF units.

Achilles said...

Mahen Aethulu Apita News Laba dun saemadenatama



Anonymous said...

it seems,that you are not able to tell,what happened to Lawrence?

tikira said...

no words to express the feeling
Cheers JANGI...good man

Ian said...

Mahen Thank you!!!!!!! for last few months, and also for the previous years of hard work of misleading the enemy.

I Salute you!

extreme said...

May all the valliant soldiers who sacrifice their life for the cause of saving the mother lanka from the ruthless terrorist outfit, may attain Nibbana ! Rest in peace !

Everyone who lost their limbs. . .we will not forget you for your sacrifices!

We assure this very moment we will do what ever the things from our capacity to raise the lives of you and your dependants . . . !

Mahen, we salute you for the greatest job you tendered !


Eranga said...

From tamilnet: [Monday early hours around 3:00 a.m. Vanni local time...]

Vanni local time?? mehemath wela kalapayak, eelam local time kiwwanam hithagannawath thibuna!

Vajira said...

Thanks for all the entertainment Mahen...
Although many bloggers saw you as an element who gave outrageous false news, i'm sure the people who knew the truth must still be finding answersto your identity. But with the news you have released previously I would assume and hope that you will keep your identity a secret and do the same service in our economic war.
Thanks a lot.

Being Nobody said...

Hats off to you mahen. you did a fantastic job! Thanks.

KillerT said...

Jangi Mahen Bro,

Thanks you for reproducing and gathering all the news from the web

miss your LTTE version very much,specially the pre-ellalan force Mahen.

sanercomic said...

Mahen dan wath kiyapan pottu kathawedi umba api kade ariya neda kiyala!! :-)

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Mahen, den wath kiyapanko pottuge kathawe aththa mokakda kiyala...

Hang Praba said...

Mahen & the EFT,


Once again, WE ARE FREE!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...


Macho, api dennata eka wele ekama de hithune kohomada, aneka thawa kee denekuta meka hithenawa athda?

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Now it is official:

LTTE defeated; Sri Lanka is free from terror

Sri Lankan armed force have militarily defeated the LTTE and freed the nation from three decades of terror , Army Chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka announced short while ago.

Meanwhile defence sources on the battlefront said that all top LTTE leaders have been killed . The soldiers are in the process identifying the bodies of LTTE cadres.

Mahen said...

We will consider your Economical war invitation.

We will never release our identity. It's all Team work.

All bloggers,

Thank you too.

SK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SK said...

Updated Wikipedia

Chandana said...


I cannot watch this...

Do you need any special software? I have flash player installed

Please let me know

Deshal said...

Mahen and EFT Team,

You guys did a great job but this is not the end, no sir! We need to keep the discussions going. We need to live with our eyes open to combat future attepts like this at the early stage.

So I really hope you guys would continue with EFT forum and all patriots would be around to discuss issues.

I guess, tomorrow would be more important than today!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Army foils LTTE's last attempt to evacuate its leaders; bodies being identified

Sri Lankan army elites and infantrymen of 53, 58 and 59 Divisions have foiled the LTTE's last attempt to evacuate its top leaders this morning (May 18). According to the latest battlefield reports, soldiers have located over 150 bodies of LTTE cadres so far. The process of identifying the terrorist bodies is in progress.

With this attack LTTE has lost all its key positions and its remnants are now limited to tiny pockets scattered in the Karayamullavaikkal area, the sources said. All army units are now engaged in the final mop up operations.

LTTE terrorists made their final bid to evacuate its leaders early this morning as army elites pierced in to the last remaining LTTE foothold last night. The terrorist have managed took hold of two vehicles and believed to have put their senior leaders into those vehicles before they started moving northwards. According to the available information army elites and 53 Division soldiers have intercepted and crushed the terrorist move after fierce fighting.

Troops have so far identified bodies of Charles Anthony, the eldest son of LTTE chief V.Prabhakaran , B. Nadesan, LTTE's political head, S. Pulidevan , LTTE's head of peace secretariat, S. Ramesh, A special military leader, Kapil Amman, LTTE's deputy intelligence leader, Sudarman , the aide to Prabhakarn's son, Rathnam Master , a black tiger leader and Ilango, another senior LTTE leader.

More information will follow...

From Def LK.

duke said...

My first comment here and that is to praise and thank you for a job well done!

Whoever you are, I have enjoyed your posts and think you played the game much better than DefenceWire did. First, you write a whole lot better, and second, you have offered information in a much better and newsworthy structure than your competition could ever afford. You know who I mean; the one who plays silly hide & seek with his readers and has no respect for them at all.

Thank You for sharing!

Single said...

"..sanercomic said...
Mahen dan wath kiyapan pottu kathawedi umba api kade ariya neda kiyala!! :-)..."

A Classic psy-ops by the Mahen. Just rewind and see the dates this story published. And how far the Disapora sunk with it..

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Game is far from over

mission is far from being accomplished

Do not let the lull of this victory loosen a bit of you. Keep it up.

Nevertheless enjoy it all the way.

geesh said...

Chandana try this link..

slpower said...

Our original intention was to take the terror-supporting bloggers for a joy ride. We achieved that with some remarkable success. Yeah. you have done that part in very well.

I was HIGHLY against you at that time and had filled so many junks in your blog. Sorry for that.

Thank you very much Mahen for the great work.

Sam Perera said...

I wish that Generals Kobbekadwa, Wimalarathne, Perera, and Algama survived to witness this historical event.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

There was an update in BBC world (radio) regarding the calibrations in Colombo. The announcer asked the reporter in Colombo about the thoughts of Sinhala community regarding the western (international?) calls for a ceasefire. Then the reporter in Colombo said:

these people are asking why western countries are not asking ceasefire in Afghanistan, that is the difference between their terrorism and ltte terrorism, that, the reporter said some very important words within few seconds. But in the next moment.... there was a technical failure!!! no words after that!

Mahen said...


No prob bro. We had a hard time to delete those long long comments. :)

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Hv no time to praise you but you must be knowing the way we respect the work already.

Ppl like you must remain and extend the service. Ball is closer to your court and we're also doing fielding under your captaincy.

Think more. Just yesterday a local operation turned into multi national company. You, me and us all will have a bigger challenge ahead.

You specialty, if I call that as psy-ops, is a must weapon in that battle.

Long live Mahen too.

osza said...

CNN motherfuckers are saying "Tamil leader may be among dead". Curse these mfrs

Mahen said...

We will be giving you some insights in to our team structure and some info related to some controversial stories we have written within a few days time.

Mahen said...


Thanks for your comments; humbly received.

We do not wish to compete with any of our fellow bloggers. I am sure we all did our best to keep our readers informed. However, we all have our different angles and emphases when we present news & information we receive from our different sources.

Hats off to DW, DN & all other patriots. . . let us share the moment as comrades, with dignity and a deep respect for those who have sacrificed and worked hard for this day to dawn.

We ARE one.

koly said...

Thanks, Naachchikuddha Mahen; for your contribution and counter Psy-Ops!! Good Luck!!

Mariyakade said...


Well done.

Your team structure:

General Fonseka's driver.
Gota's barber.
President's butler.

Am I right? Trust me, those guys are the best sources.

Puran Appu said...

Long Live King Mahinda!!!!

Long Live Gota!!!!

Long Live General Fonseka!!!!

long live Mahen!!!! hehe

slpower said...

No prob bro. We had a hard time to delete those long long comments. :)It was No LTTE=Peace who shed me a light on that time, regarding your intention. So I stopped at that point. (before the contraversial Poll) He Hee..

Mahen said...

Mariyakade madom,

You have missed out SLAF and SLN :)

Sinhabahu said...

Dear Mahen

One country One nation!

there are lots of lessons we sri lankans learned Sri Lanka did the impossible all credit to the

Sri Lankan Defence Forces & their families with out your selfless sacrifices this would have being a distant dream

The Sri Lankan Leadership for the dedication & the commitment and standing up strong and firm for what is right

All the friendly countries which stood by us in our hour of need with special thanks to India ,Russia, China, Pakisthan

All the bloggers including Mahen(EFT),DW,DN you all played your part

Sri Lankan public for having faith in the leadership

great work what a team effort the tiny nation of Sri Lanka shows what it could achieve



Mahen a small request if you could there are thousands of unknown sacrifices & acts of bravery which should go down in history if you could initiate such a project to let the future generations know the sacrifices our forces made to achieve ab etter tomorrow it would be a very worthwhile project what do you say brother?

nuclear said...

Open Invitation:

This is an open invitation to Mr. David Wrong Miliband & Mrs Hillary Diane MiniBand for their master’s funeral in Colombo.

Mahen said...

Puran Appu,

Sorry that we called you "Puken Appu", however it was very innovative at that point.

ජය ශ්‍රී ලංකා !

Sam Perera said...


One of the Mahen's thought that Akuressa was by the beach. Despite all this good work, that is not something I am not willing to settle, that was horrible.

I look forward to meeting you one day. Somebody who looks like a subtle blend of Sinhala and European looks may walk in to you claiming to be Sam Perera from a good old town in the Southern Province. ;-)

Bloggy Boy said...

Mahen umba warenko akuressa patte umbawa allaganna..hehehe ;)

sanercomic said...

Thank you Mahen, it was a good job and I am still surprised, we could put together a team of this capacity.

I think it is time you help Sri Lanka with same enthusiasm on developing our economy. When the heat of celebration is over let us put together all what we can to make our mother land second to none!!

Mahen said...


We will consider all our readers requests during next few days.

Please allow us some time.

Mahen said...

Sam P.
Thanks for all the Bilin bro :)

Bloggy Boy,
රා කට්ටක් ගහමු?

SK said...

It's really satisfying to see this on BBC. That's when we know these scumbags are truely finished :):)

Sam Perera said...


Dear Patriots,

Please share this joy with the loved ones of our fallen heroes today. For those who can afford, please let your money speak for your heart by donating money to a Ranaviru fund of you choice.

Bloggy Boy said...

mahen mata umba type karapu text penne nane :(

Mahen said...

Bloggy Boy,
What we said was "raa kattak gahamu?"


DoDo said...

Mage ratata dalada himi sewanaiii
Mage deyata dalada himi saranaiii
sepathin sapirunu niwahal deranaiii
Upathin ma hata mee hema urumaiii.....

Thank you MR, GR, SF and SLDF!

Thank you so much!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

DW became the 2nd Mahen. Check how peelamists enjoyed after DW's 'prabakaran is missing' post.

SK said...


akuru balana kramaya methana thiyenawa.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Check the following comment by the Begal editor (before the big pig's event)

point #2 is correct. lol

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

There are two possibilities:

1) Key leaders are out of the war zone, and the "surrender" offer is being given to test the IC and Rajapaksha, to show the calls to surrender were always a lie.

2) All the key leaders are in the war zone, and it is an actual surrender of last resort. If this is the case, then this has to be one of the worst planned defences in history. It's one thing to fight to the death against all odds - thats bravery. Its another thing to fight against all odds and then ask to surrender when it comes to your door step - that's stupidity.

In the event that it is a real surrender, Rajapaksha can completely clear his name by accepting it and by providing the LTTE with a political platform to achieve Tamil equality. Instantly the IC would forgive him for having killed 20,000 civilians, and everyone would put the past behind and try to move forward in a peaceful way. He has a lot to gain internationally by this move.

But on the down side, the Sinhalese masses may crucify him or assassinate him and call him the biggest traitor ever. The public wants more blood, and unless he gives it to them, they will come for his blood.
May 17, 2009 5:11 PM

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Meanwhile, begal editor has started his photo analysis job. According to him, none of the pussies are died!

Bloggy Boy said...

"raa kattak gahamu?"

ai raa katu...api gahamu raaa mutti madi nam ksaiyath tiyenne...hak..hak..hak :)

Bloggy Boy said...

ada amuthuma rayakiii!!!! :))))))))))))))

SK said...

For an insight of what eelamists have been/are going through, take a look at this.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Mahen, ko mage BBQ panguwa?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Celebrations are going. But I believe that govt should soon bring some control over. Celebrations on private fine... but pls let's stop road monkeys screaming.

How many of them really followed this war? How many of them were voting for Super Stars while we broke rest to know how our brave hearts survived in Thunukkai or Kokavil?

Do they know what war is won? Do they know the difference between a tamil and Pussycat? What view do they have for the ethnic harmony?

They're a tiny minority, but only those are stupid enough to take up to roads in parades.

We do not want anyone to parade, unless it is organized by the govt/SLDF. Monkey parades are vicious and should be stopped ASAP.

Someone pls bring this to right attention.

Sinhabahu said...

Mahen said...


We will consider all our readers requests during next few days.

Please allow us some time.


Ok bros,

take you time just thought it would be a good idea

heard that (Unofficial) Friday might be declared a holiday (22nd may -republic day/Heros day) a good gesture in deed we should shift the independence day to 18th of may not 4th of February today is our day of independence in a meanningful way

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Another looser:

Ranil congratulates President

onecountry said...


Any news about Soosai? I have this feeling that he was spared.

Mahen said...

Kanna onnee nahaa bang, bonaa wellawa.

Ekko Raaa.. Nathaname Gamee Kasippu :)

slpower said...

we should shift the independence day to 18th of may not 4th of February today is our day of independence in a meanningful way.

I don't agree with this. Are we trying to forget the heros fought with British now? All of them are patriots, had given thier life the mother Lanka.

I was not there at that time. But it doesn't mean that I have to forget those patriotic actions done by brave hearts against all odds at that time.

bcdesilva said...

My dear friend Mahen...!!!
You've done a very good job!

But, do yo still say that
"Government commits PR disaster"?

onecountry said...

bcdesilva: I think the answer is yes.

Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

It is the time to kindly remind the scum of Sri Lanka that their days of redemption are coming ahead for all their treacherous anti Sri Lankan and pro-terrorist acts.

Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abegunasekara
Mano Ganeshan
R Sampanthan
K Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe
Sucharitha Gamlath
Jayantha Senevirathna
Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri
Terrence Purasinghe
Chandrapala Kumarage
Yohan Devananda
Patrick Fernando
Kumar David

Nilambare said...

Thanks Mahen for a great job under 'trying' conditions.

Well done bro.

Pottu said...

Tell me about Pukegal photo analysis, I want to know what he is saying. Can't access Pukegal from office :-(

bcdesilva said...

I think there wasn't any delay for President's speech!
He planned everything very well!
So, lets get ready to listen to a real leader after 30 years...!! as somebody mentioned here yesterday!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Anyway guys, be vigilance. Desaparate pussies are still there in Colombo. Can you remember the SLAF HQ bomb in the day we took kili.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

While you celebrate pls keep us updated with events unfolding out of SL. Especially on the two students in Sydney who got the acid attack.

And everyone pls take care. I dont think they are unable to attack you wherever youare. Even Colombo.

Diaspora needs morale oxygen. Pussycat Mafia is in the look out for that.

Also spare a thought for the cream of SLDF whom dies yesterday. News is that pockets of violence remain and still the fights going on.

These should be in our mind, however drunk we are. We gotta keep the grip.

Victory is a toxic spirit. Do not let it poison you.

bcdesilva said...

Onecountry are you Mahen?

nuclear said...

Latest DNA test for Charls Antony has revealed it is same as Mr. Swine Hogs (UK) DNA.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Breaking News

VP and the clan is still alive!!!

source: Editor: "Badrinath"

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

That didnt look like Nadesan to me at all. Charles Anthony looks similar. But then I can't be sure because when people are dead they may look different. If it did come down to this, then the ending was very poorly planned - or perhaps this was the plan.

So many opportunities were there to leave, but Prabhakaran never chose to leave. Every single time he told his people he would stand next to them till the very end and would not leave them. We have all been hearing it from various sources every week for the last few months. For whatever reason, our minds didn't want to take those statements as direct statements, despite them being made over and over again.

Once the major leaders started dying in the battlefield, it became clear to outsiders (those who don't want to ignore whats actually being seen) that this wasn't an ordinary battle. Everything pointed to a final stand where all the leadership was going to fight till the end. Its something that no one wanted to accept, but I'm sure everyone had that nagging doubt in the back of their mind. There was absolutely no reason to let senior leaders die in these battles if the LTTE planned to escape.

If it is true, I think strategically it is a huge mistake, as they could have entered guerrilla warfare and lasted for years. But then again these leaders are not 20 years old anymore. They are all getting old and they would have died in 15 or 20 years by old age anyway. They don't have another 30 or 40 years to fight. So many Tamil youths have died over the last 30 years in this war. It's possible that the LTTE leaders decided the usefulness of the armed struggle was nearing an end, and the benefits did not outweigh the losses to the Tamil people.

Another point is that the LTTE is a block to the intervention of the international community. The tactics of the LTTE have now made it a drag on fulfilling the aspirations of the Tamil people. It has become clear that the international community will never accept the LTTE as the ruler of an independent Tamil Eelam.
May 18, 2009 6:13 AM


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

If they do have the dead bodies of Prabhakaran, Soosai and Pothu Amman, its obvious they are going to make up stories as to how they died to make them look like cowards. They already are saying Prabhakaran was trying to flee in an ambulence. That story makes no sense at all. Exactly how would you flee in an ambulance surrounded by 30,000 soldiers. And why would everyone else die together in a group, but three of them try to drive out in an ambulance.

Its just a cheap attempt to make Prabhakaran look bad to the diaspora. But the reality is he proved he was fearless. He knew they were completely outnumbered, so he knew fromKilinochi itself that he was going to die. He could have left by plane or boat anytime over the six months, but he told everyone he would stand with his people till the very end.


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Even if there is no body of Prabhakaran (due to having been burnt), I expect the Sri Lankan army will half burn some body and say its him. They will pretend they did DNA tests on it and confirmed it. This will just be for propaganda to say they got his body.

bcdesilva said...

SK, you are correct man...
Thanks for reminding it.

booboo said...

breaking news .....

DNA results out.

It is confirmed that VP is the father of CA

It is also confirmed that both VP and CA has the same mother

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Mahen Punde!

Thanks. Well done.


samantha said...

bcdesilva said...

Everybody have a look into the updated MAP!

We were waiting to see this for almost 30years...

This is history in the making..
EFT, Mahen and the clan, all the patriot bloggers we all are part of it......


Sri Lankikaya said...


an open invitation to the EFT for a 'Kithul Raa Katte' and 'Maiyyokaa' treat in kandy

I must say your poll was 'masterstroke' - I did say this to a few old timers at DN and DW - the likes of Perein and Moshe. The poll soon after taking the 'terror supporting bloggers' for a joy ride TOGETHER WITH ALL THE PATRIOTS with your Red Bird and Bluebird.

I would have insulted you countlessly at that stage, time to withdraw all that.

Thanks mate, keep going

maprisoo said...

Congratulations Sri Lanka for eradicating terrorism from the soil of this great nation. It is the bravery and the sacrifices of many unsung heroes and heroines of all backgrounds that made this day possible. You have fought and won a battle not only against the ruthless terrorists head on, but also a war against the dark, unseen forces of international terrorism. You have succeeded where the rich, powerful nations with multi-billion dollar budgets and high tech weaponry have failed. You have jumped over all the hoops, obstacles and accusation that have been thrown at you, and you brought victory while saving the lives of innocent people that have been used as a human shield by the cowardly terrorists. Be proud of your achievements, but also be humble, for our victory came at a cost. AS Sri Lankans, we must forgive those who transgressed against us and work towards a United Sri Lanka. We now have to work towards building a country that we can truly be proud of. It is up to all of us, Sinhalese, Tamil, Moslems and others alike, to put our past and our differences behind us and work together, to look to the future with with the determination to make this nation live up to its full promise. Let us stand as one people of one country and be united so that no dark forces can ever divide us, ever again.

Chinthana4Lions said...

What a day ,,,what fucking briliant day today...

What a pussy VP os, trying to fleee. hoooooooooo hooooooooo hoooooooooo,


Ane ammapa mama bonawa next weekend eke, puken thun thaaaaaanaaaaa

Bloggy Boy said...

"puken thun thaaaaaanaaaaa"

Puken thun nemei yako puken DUN...hahahaha..ela ela.. :))

CASC said...


Thanks for your hard work and inspiring words. During the hard times, it was people like you who through your news forums gave us hope. If I said anything unkind in the past, I take it back.

I hope you will keep the blog going as a forum for Sri Lankans to discuss matters of national importance.

extreme said...


The DNA tests of Charles Anthony revieles it has lots of similaraties of Dalmations DNA !

frackster said...

Can someone pls confirm
If the VP dead story has been removed from defencelk... To start with was it ever there in the first place...???? Pls check and let me know cos there is rumour saying the article was removed !!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

And an old frnd is in tears:

LTTE were willing to surrender – SolheimDaily Mrror

The LTTE had contacted Norway yesterday saying that they would surrender their arms to a third party after conceding defeat according to Norway's Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim

"I have been in touch with the Tamil Tigers many times today," Solheim stated yesterday "They have made it clear to us that they are ready to give up arms to the international community. The main issue now is to get access to this area for independent verification and for evacuation of the wounded, there may be many wounded.”

Sandun said...

Apinam Kollane Heta Kiribath Ehema Uyala Mahinda Mamage Kathawa Ahanna Set Wenne...

Ape Kollo Thama Uthure Wadane... Ithi Api Party dana Eka Echchara Honda Na Neda?

Labu Jaya Hadawathin Windagamu !!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Uurawa mas karanna gihin marichcha kollange bodies wath thavama genath ne. Mun danatama bothale kadaa gena.

Mata nam full avul.

Meeta wada buddhimath novunoth apata yana kalak ne.

bcdesilva said...

Now, after Vezapillai....
paDAYA Master & Garbage Master can do something together
like Somavansha & Weeravansha.. did after Wijeveera.
May be they can start L.T.T.P.
(P-for Politics)

Mahen said...

Some has asked about Soosai.

Well we can confirm that Soosai as dead.

No more PIGS left.

bcdesilva said...


නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Breaking news!

Just now, bbc (radio) announced,

Diaspora goons in around UK parliament do not believe the defeat and they will continue the protest until a ceasefire is implemented!!!

I also think
GoSL should now declare a ceasefire!


Sandun said...

Yaluwane... Eda Meda Thura Me Vijayagrahanaya Wenuwen Diwi Kapakala ranaviruwan Siyalu Denama Me Mohothe Adarayen Gaurawayen Sihipath Karamu...

1. Lieutenant General Denzil Lakshman Kobbekaduwa

2. Major General Vijaya Wimalaratne

3. Captain Saliya Aladeniya

4. Haslaka Gamini Kularathna

5. Major Tuvan Nizam Muthalif

6. Lt Col Lalith Jayasinghe

Please add more...

Api Namin Noddanna E Siyaluma Wiruwantath Apa Sada Nayagathiyi.

Sandun said...

Kollane Bothal Kadala party danna Kalin tikak hithapalla...

meka cricket Match Ekak Wage neme...

Api Me Dinuma gaththe Ape Kollange Le Ganga udin...

Meka Samaranna Puluwan hondama Widiha Thama E Kollanta Kellanta Puluwan Widihata Kalaguna Salakana Eka...

JWick said...

"extreme said...

The DNA tests of Charles Anthony revieles it has lots of similaraties of Dalmations DNA !"

That reminds me. One of the pet dogs VP had was a Dalmatian!!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...


Gamini Kularathne (hasalaka)

Another hero died in Punaryn by exploding grenades around 1993.

The heroes how save SF's life.

(Sorry guys, can't remember their names, but they are in our heart)

Achilles said...

Armed forces officials have positively identified 18 bodies of senior LTTE cadres

:: Pottu Amman- LTTE's Intelligence Wing Leader
:: Bhanu - LTTE military leader
:: Jeyam- LTTE military leader
:: B.Nadesan- LTTE political head
:: S.Pulidevan- Head of LTTE's Peace Secretariat
:: Ramesh- LTTE special military leader
:: Ilango- LTTE police chief
:: Charles Anthony- the eldest son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran
:: Sudharman - aide to LTTE leader's son
:: Thomas- senior intelligence leader an
:: Luxman - LTTE military leader
:: Sri Ram- senior sea tiger cadre
:: Iseiaravi - LTTE female military leader
:: Kapil Amman - LTTE deputy intelligence leader
:: Ajanthi- female LTTE training in charge
:: Wardha - LTTE mortar in charge
:: Pudiyawan- Secretary to LTTE leader
:: Jenarthan - Special military leader

Sandun said...

1. Lieutenant General Denzil Lakshman Kobbekaduwa

2. Major General Vijaya Wimalaratne

3. Captain Saliya Aladeniya

4. Haslaka Gamini Kularathna

5. Major Tuvan Nizam Muthalif

6. Lt Col Lalith Jayasinghe

7. Lieutenant General Parami Kulatunga

8. Colonel A.Fazly Laphir

9. SSP Upul Seneviratne


Chinthana4Lions said...

Machan, whats this story about our 40 boys missing in last action? was there a news in SL about that?

bcdesilva said...

What about MJ Janaka Perera?
Disregarding party politics,
he did a great job!
We can't forget Janakapura, Welioya!

Mahen said...

Pottu is on the list?

Tee hee hee

bcdesilva said...

Lucky Algama
Mohan Jayamaha

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I dont want to know who you're [though I might know you in person], just tell me your last statement on Pottu.

Riddles accepted.

Eranga said...

ko ban me karayo thama update karala nane maha oorage storiya?

bcdesilva said...

Admiral W.W.E.Clancy Fernando

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

[[ Eranga said...

ko ban me karayo thama update karala nane maha oorage storiya?] ekath report karala nane!

Sandun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandun said...

1. Lieutenant General Denzil Lakshman Kobbekaduwa

2. Major General Janaka Perera

3. Major General Vijaya Wimalaratne

4. Captain Saliya Aladeniya

5. Haslaka Gamini Kularathna

6. Major Tuvan Nizam Muthalif

7. Lt Col Lalith Jayasinghe

8. Lieutenant General Parami Kulatunga

9. Colonel A.Fazly Laphir

10. SSP Upul Seneviratne

11. Major-General Lakshman "Lucky" Algama

12. Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha

13. Admiral W.W.E.Clancy Fernando


( I know I can't put the names of of all the heroes who scarified their lives. But this is just a try to show we are still remember them at this moment. )

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Nama nodana bohomayak kemeththan jivithe dunna do not miss them too.

Mahen said...

Press conf on tele.
Please watch.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Podi lamaya!

Mahen said...

TV channels are on top right hand in main page.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Keheliya is forgotten.

Chinthana4Lions said...

ayooo stil VP not dead? its not confirmed?

Sandun said...

Three Commanders Meet Mahinda

Live on ITN.

onecountry said...

Velu and pottu died at the location given by Soosai's wife. That is what I heard.

Sandun said...

I'm watching here:

bcdesilva said...

Today I remember my beloved friend
Flying Officer Chinthaka de Zoysa.
Who killed in action at Kilali in Dec.1999, when he was in a rescue mission there, flying a MI-24.
He was a brilliant student of Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda, (like Lt.General Sarath Fonseka.)

LRRP published a good article about that mission and their death.

Ali said...


Thank you you bugger . you did a great job . Keep EFT going .

Ashoka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
esvee said...

What happened to VP's Wife and daughter? I guess the ambulance episode is similar to the ambulance episode with regard to veerappan, a bandit in South India.

been checking the comments on this blogs.guess all are out partying.

Ashoka said...

Mahen, any insights into the missing names (in the list above). BTW, Thanks for keeping this most active blog alive and active when it was needed most.

Mahen said...


KP lives in Malaysia / Thailand, our divisions have stopped their move on the Mullaitivu coast, no plans to extend defences upto Penang / Pattaya as yet.

Son, word of advice, remove that profile pic (if its indeed you), annonynomity is key in the blog community.

onecountry said...


One more request. Can you write what happened at the last moments based on the info you received? It would be interesting to know. The statements about last 100m etc appears to be total bullshit.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

mahen, ayi ban vp gana katha nathhe? itn eke sf wath vp gana kiwwuwe na.

bcdesilva said...

Mahen my friend,
Do you still say that there was a delay on president's speech?

I mean your article:
"Government commits PR disaster"?

Mahen said...


Api danna hatiyata thaama dna analysis ekak karanawa, api hithanne indian karayo tikak avilla scene ekata, eka thamai delay eka.

PR disaster ekak neda? Ratata aawa atha wana wana, eeta passe kiwwa tuesday announcement kiyala, eeta passe adha tv eka show ekak, munta plot eka nathi wela. Mun methana baila natanakota ara dieassporai, ic ekai jogi natanawa. Tamilnet ekai, Daily Telegraph ekay adha kiyanne:

VP saha kattiya surrender wenna aawa, api surrender eka bara gatthe naa, nikam marala dammai kiyala thamai kiyanne. Un kiyanne api kawadaak wuth surrender ekak accept karanne nathi bava, kiyanne api kohomath un wa marrana hitiye ahu wunuth. Eka attha naa, aay kaaley idan munta surrender saha baara weema gana radio ekay katha kaara, un accept karay naa, un atthatama hithuwe panala yanda puluwan wei kiyala. Eeyi announce kara num, adha munta may pul boru kiyanda wenne naa ney? Damage eka wela ivarai.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandun said...

EU Karayanta 'Kala Kala De Pala Pala De'

EU demands Sri Lanka war inquiry - 18.05.2009
Fire at EU Commission building - 18.05.2009

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

DNA test eka gena matath aranchyi ***** lab eke kenek kiwwa.

Sandun said...

I think They Won't show The Body of VP till Pres. Done The Speech.

bcdesilva said...

Thanks Mahen, for your explanation.

Thushan Sanjeewa said...

DoDo said...

Lt.Gen SF promoted to General

Sandun said...


President Decided To Promote Three Forces Commanders To the Next Rank. So from Now,

General Sarath Fonseka

Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda

Air Chief Marshal Roshan gunathilake

Mahen said...

Thushan Sanjeewa,

We are proud of you for graduating, but do please remove that profile pic. Do not ever blog under your real names and do not put profile pics, its a big blog (bog) no no!

Pottu said...

Ado Mahen,
Aye umbba photo walata asse nadda?
Ranil namee assai oyaa photo walata.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Hypocrisy has a new meaning when the LTTE who deliberately targeted civilians at Anuradapura Bo tree shrine, Petta bus station and thousands of other location and ordered its carders to kill pregnant mothers by slashing their woumbs open; talk in the name of humanity.

Mahen said...


Oyage comment eka gihin daily telegraph ekata daana.

andare said...

hello patriots,

It is time for you to express your gratitude to the country and armed forces.

Please deposite 1 million or more than that in Treasury bonds. You will get a good return and you have ability to transfer it back to your account whereever in the world, once matured.

This will solve the issue of wanting to kneedown before fucking White masters for IMF loan.

Please please do it. you will not loose anything.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Lets not forget that Tamil terrorism is the pinnacle of evolution of Tamil racism in Sri Lanaka. The British baptized Tamil racism by special treatment, Chevanayagam said Sinhalese are not good enough to rule Tamils. Ponnambalma wanted undemocratic 50-50 representation.

Racism , separatism and terrorism is the order of evolution of misguided Tamil inspirations in Sri Lanka.

Peace will come to Sri Lanka when we defeat Tamil separatism and racism.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Now that the use of these blogs are coming to an end we should stat new blogs or convert these blogs to expose the myths like "discrimination of Tamils", "second class citizens" "Tamil home land in Sri Lanka" etc.

Maskman said...

Work in progress. Pretty basic. But covers some unprovoked attacks against Sri Lankans by mad peelamists.
Please comment. Few other blogs are coming.

Vibe said...


Thanks for posting the national anthem with this post. I'm so proud of our forces. This is truly one of the best for our country.

Sam Perera said...


We would be honored to have you as a member of Lanka Patriots Blog. That venue is intended to what you are talking about.


I propose that we get deshapaaluwa in LP Blog.

Sam Perera said...


Please hang on, don't go anywhere. Our warriors have carried the torch to one major point and it is ours to carry it on from here. We have a few more battles to fight in the internet front.

As you see lingikawa-pethirena-asaneepa is already here to spread lies about yuda aparaaada we never committed but LTTE always committed. Instead of speaking of numerous war crimes by LTTE including the shooting of escaping hostages (we have video taped evidence), they are just accusing our leaders.

Our soldiers went through untold suffering to get us this far. Also, our leaders faced so much of western terrorist supporters pressure. It is now our turn to counteract such negative propaganda with fact as figures. Lets get geared up for this while our intelligence warriors, legal warriors, and diplomatic warriors put the remaining terrorists out of business.

onecountry said...

Mahen is right on the button. Delay of annoucement created unnecessary events and allegations.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Nambiar had phone sex with KP

Not the first time a UN official was found with sexual exploitations.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Gordon Brown after being delivered the news about Prabakaran

slpower said...

Hey guys, If you have an enemy in your area then use the following plan.

1. Write a Banner saying "Dear Prabha Ayya, Wish you reborn among us.

By [your enemy's Name] Say mahen for the moment :)

2. Hang it in front of his house.

You won't see your enemy in the next morning. 100% guaranteed.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen read DW and make some comment on the matter.

DECOY said...


Thanks machan for the truely excellent work during last few days. Keep it up!

onecountry said...


what do you think about latest story on DW?

Mahen said...

Only thing we can say about DW's post is that the man is doing what he is being asked to do, let's not critizise that.

Remember that VP was a family man, always had been, a family man puts family above all else, hope you get what we are saying, sorry to cryptic.

onecountry said...

You said that you will reveal about Pottu story in good time. I dont think any better time than this.

Mahen said...


Relax and join the party.

EFT will be here to discuss some of the events on a later date.

Mahen said...

Can we please request you to add a little thanking note for DefenceNet who has taken the blogging mission years ago.

They have done a wonderful job all this time.

Single said...

1). DW (other side of Mahen) did a good job until early this year. And I truly appreciated it.

2). However recent post including the last one has lost its credibility and mix with hatred on 58. And both last two posts were either without any information or purposly.

I know some may argue on this. For them pl. refer above 1.

Mahen said...


Nachikuda Mahen will short list your request too. :)

silentknight said...

a German heavy metal song for you not so golden oldies in this blog,

it translates into "Fire at will"

particularly good when your reading a news article of the war!!!!!.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

Thanks Mahen,

That was not only my wish. But also most of our friends idea too. But unfortunately, we are not good writers (and too bad with English :)

By the way thanks a lot for your service here. Mostly I've enjoyed your posts than getting info :)

Fit thamaa !

Jaya wewa ape rana viruwanta !!!

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

Ha ha ha...

Just watched BBC news and after long time these lunatics say fat pigs history correctly. LOL.

SK said...

Diaspora in DenialNow the world can see what the monkeys have really been dancing around for all this time.

silentknight said...

btw, mahen, what are the other heavy weaponry acquired by the army during the final assault?...i saw what lloked like another ltte tank amongst the smouldering remains.

any news of thier PC-7 craft and robinson heli?

Anonymous said...

Long live Mahen!! HIK HIK

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