Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Column - watch out LTTE!

LTTE dazed and confused

The fact that Brigadier Prasanna Silva has moved to Mullaitivu is true, however he is not commanding the 59th division. Brigadier Gallage is commanding the 59th division (which is on active defence) and Nandana Udawatte is JOC in Anuradhapura. EFT can reveal Brigadier Prasanna is commanding the 55th division which has relocated to Mullaitivu! The 55th is testing the LTTE defence lines north of Mullaitivu and has already started to breach the Wadduwan Bridge! Oh boy isn’t the LTTE in for a surprise!

Major offensives set to start on Wednesday

The SLA is gearing up for a major push on Wednesday, the plan is for the 57th and TF8 to hold the defence line while the 58th,53th and 55th rapidly pushes forward. EFT does not like to give timelines, but our sources indicate that by next Monday the concept of “Eelam” will be wiped off the face of the earth. All the divisions have been given specific orders to take utmost care when advancing into civilian areas, the SLA is adhering to the strict light arms policy and only using heavy mortars to break the earth bunds. For the final phases, the SLA may use mortars and land based guided missiles in non civilian areas to finish off the LTTE. Both the GoSL and the Indian Government would like to see VP dead, if caught alive it will lead to agitation in Tamil Nadu which is an additional burden India may have to deal with. At the moment, India is the biggest supporter of Sri Lanka’s fight against the LTTE and they have helped us in more ways that one. Political sources believe even a BJP led government may not support the LTTE and their stooges.

The LTTE has started firing artillery today at fleeing civilians as they are again starting to come in large numbers, close to 800 have arrived towards the 53rd defence line. 53rd units are trying to kill off the LTTE cadres who are holding the civilians hostage, how they are doing it, EFT will not reveal.

We have suffered casualties in the past few days due to sniper fire, LTTE snipers at this moment are more effective than our snipers due to their advantageous positions, and we also have landmines, AP mines and booby traps to deal with. A few mid and low level cadres have surrendered in the past few days, they reveal that the civilian militia is guarding the bunds, when they are killed in battle, photos of their dead bodies are taken and published in pro LTTE sources as “civilian deaths” due to “shelling” and “aerial bombardments”. The IC and INGO dogs, and Human Rights vultures are falling for this propaganda hook, line and sinker.

In a startling discovery, troops of the 58th division have uncovered a picture of Vickramabahu Karunaratne receiving a medal from VP during the CFA days.

Sea Tigers make last stand

The Sea Tigers and Black Sea Tigers have been testing the SLN defences with small scale attacks during the last two weeks. Intel believes that VP may try to escape via sea (head south then eastwards) with a massive suicide boat squadron when the battle reaches the end. If VP takes the sea route, he still has to pass four defence lines, two from SLN and two from Indian Navy. The SLAF is not able to destroy these suicide crafts due to the no air raids policy, however, SLAF Mi-24 Gunships are providing CAS to the advancing units. Meanwhile, the Deputy Sea Tiger Leader - Cheliyan has been killed in Karayamullivaikkal two days ago, his death has been confirmed.

Remnants of “TAF”.

Surrendered cadres have revealed that the LTTE possesses a Pilatus PC-7 and a Robinson’s chopper (both revealed by EFT earlier), these are hidden in the NFZ. The LTTE does not have a Jet Ranger contrary to media sources. There is a possibility that VP may use either the chopper or the PC-7 to escape, the possibility is very low as the SLN are patrolling the eastern waters and all units are equipped with SA-16 MANPADs, the chopper and PC-7 are easy targets for SAMs.

Await a political update shorty.



perein said...

Thank you for the update.
Let's hope you can bring more and more updates.

hemantha said...

LTTE has started mass murdering civilians. Few hardcore cadres move in to the periphery. Then they launch mortar attack on civilians. Civilians would definitely think they are coming from the Army positions since they only can determine the direction which the mortars are coming from but not the originating position.
If we need to save these civilians we better move fast. LTTE is capable of killing many many more. They seems planned to kill around 2000 this time and ended up killing much less may be cadres launching mortars still have some sympathy towards civilians. But these are suicidal psychopaths. One can't expect sympathy or restraint from them.
There will be a UN Security Council update on tomorrow or on the day after tomorrow. Tamilnadu elections will be on 13th. I think LTTE is aiming for these events. They might kill many more.
We need to use all the technology we have to track the originating positions of these mortars. Then we need to have video evidence to prove LTTE was still there at that position when they launched the mortars. We need to be extremely careful otherwise, we will end up in the hot soup. Milibands are waiting for more weapons which LTTE seems determined to supply.

Mahen said...

In an attempt to promote economic growth and increase productivity, the Government will shortly announce the reduction of public holidays. One Saturday in a month will be a mandatory working day for Govt. and non Govt. instituitions in lieu of Poya Day. The number of days for Sinhala / Tamil New Year, and other major religious and cultural festivals will be cut. Altogether there will be around 12 public holidays in the year. Already the private sector, especially the BPOs have reduced public holidays, the Govt. aims to extend that to Govt. instituitions, corporations and banks. Sri Lanka has the highest number of public holidays in the world which is hampering economic growth, trade activities and putting off foreign investors. A lazy nation cannot develop, the Govt. has realised that.

hemantha said...

The situation will be tricky in the near future. I don't think Brig Udaya Nanayakkara will be able to handle this. We need to have a new Army spokesman (Nana is a decent guy. But he is more suitable for peace time). Others may have to hop in too, sooner rather than later. Kohona, Rajiva and others may need to shorten their three day vacation.

hemantha said...

Increasing the number of working days should not be the necessary first step. We need to concentrate on increasing the efficiency.

Mahen said...

Whether the bill ever see the light of day is an entirely different matter. There will be quite a lot of objections from the opposition and trade unions. The staggering number of public holidays is costing the economy millions if not billions, we do hope the public sees some sense.

Sam Perera said...


The civilins need to be reminded how the soldiers carried the baton this far always.

Saduni said...

Hi Mahen,

Reducing the hodlidays for Gov. services may not work. It actually helps to increase the cost (eletricity bill...OT...etc). I dont think that overall there is a increased outcome form Gov. sector, since efficieny is low. Agree with Hemantha.

Saduni said...

How about this way....
The target is to increase income !

In many developed countries, gov income is mainly from taxes (that is a huge huge income!).

I think very little expose their income and pay taxes. As an example,nobody knows the transactions of billions of rupees
by Golden key scam. Did they pay taxes for those transactions? Who the hell in SL declare their properties?

So what is proposed,

(1) All business transactions must be able to monitored/tracked by the government through identification numbers (e.g. every emploee is given a unique number, so his salary is paid through that number).

(2) An organization (like revenue dept), which is politically independent so that they have power and can intervene and monitor taxes and their income from business people.

This is so simple.

monkey said...

It is appropriate at this time that the sri-lankan army is careful in its operations since there are civilians invloved and the LTTE along with the civilians are now confined to a small area.

Also there is no time factor involved and so best outcome is to make sure that the sri-lankan government makes sure that both our soldiers and civilian casualties are minimised as much as possible since the LTTEs almost defeated anyway.

monkey said...

time should not be a factor for the army since the LTTE is almost defated but it is important to make sure that civilians are as safe as possible and also our soldiers casualties are kept to a minimum.

why put our soldiers and also the civilians in harms way when the LTTE is almost defated and what remains to be done is to capture the rest of the area and to make sure all the civilians are rescued and any LTTE weapons are captured and destroyed.

booboo said...

Ilanthirayan seriously wounded in SLA barrage


Mahen said...

See how clever these LTTE propogandists are. First they captured Marshall (Rasiah) who was trying to escape, kept him in captivity, then forced him to give an interview to ABTC, and then say he is seriously injured from artillery fire. What they will do is execute him and say that he died due to injuries. The LTTE never forgives traitors.

justavisitor said...


Here's the original report. Later they changed it.

SLA barrage claims the life of Ilanthirayan
TamilNet, Sunday, 10 May 2009, 15:38 GMT

Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Military Spokesman Irasiah Punitharooban alias Ilanthirayan (Marshall) sustained heavy injuries in the latest artillery barrage by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in the early hours of Sunday and succumbed to his injuries Sunday noon, sources close to LTTE in Vanni told TamilNet.

Mahen said...

Saduni, have you been living in a cave? The govt. is already planning to computerise the ID department. We will all soon be issued with barcoded and biometric ID cards. The first phase is expected to complete by the time the first batch of civilians are resettled in the north.

Mahen said...

While we are discussing the Economi, would expect our readers to look at the "A New Story for Sri Lanka 2009" PPS in our top right corner, just under the Vesak Message.

Mahen said...

I think Rasiah has already been executed. He was a dead man walking ever since the time he tried to escape. Look at the "Pora" statement he gave to ATBC. He said LTTE still retained strike capability, with what? Pol pithi (palm sticks)?

Spearhead said...

who selects the articles (excerpts) that are displayed on the news-page of

links to some really stupid unnecessary anti-GOSL stuff is appearing there more and more during the last few days...
Can't they keep the ridiculously obvious anti-SL links out of the front page?

take a look:

Mahen said...


Infolanka has lost its popularity, its a shadow of it's former self. If you want some good news try:

Long long time ago, before the blogs, the forum we attacked Eelamists was the Infolanka forum: "Peaceweb". It has died, hardly few commentators there.

Velavan Master said...

[Increasing the number of working days should not be the necessary first step. We need to concentrate on increasing the efficiency.]

Exactly.. if the lazy pricks in government service can easily raise their productivity by 50% by just doing a decent job.

Side Effect said...

i usually don't read the comment section of this blog and my question may be answered some time back. but pls try to answer. this blog have started in a pro ltte view and now going in a moderate view. what was the change?

Hang Praba said...


Thanks for the excellent update. I use to be a DW fan but now, so much crap is going in there.

Keep up the good work.


Ali said...


cutting the holidays is long overdue . It is time Sri Lanka became a 21 century economy . People can take their own leave for non major religious events .

In addition to removing the huge uncertainty terrorism brings I think MR will probably be the only president who can bring such reform . He is walking on water as far as the voters are concerned .

Konappu Bandara said...

There he was Wednesday in Parliament, looking as dark as a thundercloud as the opposition mercilessly baited him and brayed for his resignation. His own Labor lawmakers staged an embarrassing revolt last week, and they whisper all too loudly about replacing him. Commentators are starting to refer to Brown in the past tense.

It's all very dispiriting for an ambitious, intelligent man who waited a decade, as the charismatic Tony Blair's No. 2, to become prime minister, only to be dragged down by a nasty global economic downturn, blunders by his Cabinet and his own inability to connect with the British people.

Public exhaustion with the Labor Party is almost palpable. And if, as the polls suggest, he suffers a spectacular defeat in parliamentary elections that he must call sometime within the next 12 months, then his government's tussle with actress Joanna Lumley during the last two weeks may go down as the first sounding of the death knell.

Bugger! Pommie bastard Brown thought he can kick blessed Lanka around. Look what's happening to him and his thugs? I am not a superstitious chap, but it's very uncanny what happens to any country or government that's got the knife out against our country.

Mexican buggers wanted to support terrorists in the UN security council and they got hit with a Swine flu plague. Hillary opened her moth and suddenly the Taliban started doing exactly what LTTE scumbags were doing. Is it karma or my Gin&Tonic?


Konappu Bandara said...

Mahen, old chap, the case of Beefeater Gin is sitting under my wet bar waiting shipment. Soon as you confirm that fatty is toast it will be shipped to you.


Hang Praba said...

Mayor slams unlawful protest of Tamils;

PARRAMATTA Lord Mayor Tony Issa said Tamil protesters had been moved on from Church Street Mall by police because they had not applied for council and police permission.

This morning, three men, including a 27 year old hunger striker, were arrested by police after refusing to move on.

The men, with about 50 supporters, had been stationed in the main thoroughfare for the past few days, protesting against the treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Cr Issa said council was sympathetic to the concerns of Tamil protesters but they ``must abide by safety regulations, and protest peacefully”.

``The group erected violent and graphic signage above a tent which contained hazardous material including gas cylinders in the public thoroughfare along the mall,” Cr Issa said.

``The protest organisers were not complying with the normal terms or conditions in using the mall which includes making an application to council and notifying the local area command prior to the event.”
he said.

Cr Issa said council frequently allowed protests and petitions from many local groups and organisations in the Church Street Mall.

Nilambare said...


One reason we have too many holidays is we give every religion multiple holidays. We should only allow MAJOR holidays for the religions.

Even giving every Full Moon Day as a holiday is useless (12 days taken up already). Though I'm a Buddhist, I don't think that's right.

Secondly, we should improve efficiency in government service for sure.

Ragu said...

Mahen & ladies,

Can you girls suggest or derive a mechanisum for us (boys) to read TNut news without visiting the site.
In terms of hits it has gained popularity last three months. I personally know quite a number of people stayed away from this site for many years but started visiting it since tigers are almost finished.



Sam Perera said...


There is an alternative way but it is not all up to date, that is Google cached web pages. Google search Tamilnet and you will find at the top and the next will be Click on that "cached" link. BTW, isn't it amazing that outranks in Google search.

Ragu said...

Thanks Sam,
These days everybody is hungry for news. There is not much value in the cached news (TN doesn’t have anyway).
Both sites are trying to provide the same – nothing but amusement. At this point .TV is the winner. :)


Sinhabahu said...

News Item Hiru Mornning News-"Channel 4 News crew deported from Sri Lanka"

These fiction writers were arrested in Trincomalee ,Satements recorded and deported today morning

Konappu Bandara said...
I am not a superstitious chap, but it's very uncanny what happens to any country or government that's got the knife out against our country.

Mexican buggers wanted to support terrorists in the UN security council and they got hit with a Swine flu plague. Hillary opened her moth and suddenly the Taliban started doing exactly what LTTE scumbags were doing. Is it karma or my Gin&Tonic?
"Sri Lanka is a blessed country" quiet true my friend

i dont think its your tonic & Gin

just think about it -thats why every prediction/Theory any western concept works the otherway in Sri Lanka we have come through more difficult times with flying colour s look at the Tsunami then think about how US the so called most advanced nation in the world handled the Floods

thats why we call this island "A Land Like No Other" a fitting tag line indeed

booboo said...

US and Pakistan coping our war strategies. Look at the news. They are almost the same as ours. They swap LTTE by al-kaida and Sri Lanka by Pakistan.

These are the similarities.
Human shield
White phosphorous
Chemical weapons
Air and artilary attack
Journalist bared from war zone
Terrorists shooting civilians
IDP camps

We should claim copyright.

The only difference is "no fire zone" and "Humanitarian operation".

Since Pakistan and US operation is not a "Humanitarian one", civilian causalities is not a problem. They are not subjected to HR violations either.

Sam Perera said...


While I could care the least about how US getting screwed by human shields, I feel very sad that Pakistan has to go through the same problem as we are.

booboo said...

Sam, I don't think US want to finish al-kaida. What they want is to use them to control pakistan. If there are no al-kaida, Pakistan does not need US help. If they were able to control Pakistan, they can intervene India. I think that is their final objective. In our case too, they don't want to finish LTTE and so that they can control us and also can intervene India.

booboo said...

That is exactly what they did in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They limit the terrorism into controllable level. Then they can remote control both countries.

Deshal said...

Actually, looking at Al-Qida history, it was created by US to fight against the Soviets. Before all these, Afganistan was a very peaceful region. It is US who destroyed the total country.

Now the moster they created is out of control and they again want to bring it under their control.

That's the way US always operated.

booboo said...

The best way to prevent US intervention is to get nuclear weapons like N_Korea or be a very close friend to a powerful country like India or China. That is what MR is trying to do. However, the fear in between those two countries make it difficult for us to improve our relationship with either of them.

Charan said...

Side Effect,

Mahen made this blog Pro Ltte at the begining to attact LTTE suppoters and he was very sucessful on that. One sweet day he exposed all LTTE buggers and turned anti LTTE over night embarrasing all peelamist and made them ran away from here.

He created the puligol blog with the same intention at the same time and see now how it goes and how it ends.

Mahen _ Don't get me wrong. I saw your comments on creation of Puligol and when you turned anti LTTE on EFT.

Good work my friend :)

Pierre said...

Tamilnut is reporting Illanthirayan is seriously injured.
It sounds very fishy. They never reported deaths of such leaders as Theepan, Gadaffi, Durga, Pallavan, etc etc. As I remember the last death they acknowledged was that of Balraj's. Since then they have not admitted any deaths or casualties.
This is their own work. They are making Illantariyan a scape goat. They will even show pictures cos they can inflict injuries on him. Poor guy.

bcdesilva said...

Guys, did anybody watch the film "BODY OF LIES"? It's a "must see" movie!

Charan said...

watch "Marathon Man" - starring V. Prabhakarn

"Gods must be Crazy" - Starring Tamil Die-Ass-Poras

"City of (sun)God" - filmed in the capitol of Peelam (Kilinochchi)

Charan said...

Two LTTE senior level leaders killed
Mon, 2009-05-11 02:57
Colombo, 11 May, ( Deaths of senior LTTE operatives Cheliyan, the second in command of the LTTE Sea Tiger wing, and LTTE's military spokesman Illanthirayan are now confirmed.

Sri Lanka Amy revealed that the latest report received from Karayamullivakkal area confirmed that a senior LTTE leader identified as Cheliyan was the second in command of the LTTE Sea Tiger wing, was killed during confrontations that occurred when the troops captured a LTTE’s earth bund built in the same area on Thursday (07).

According to Sri Lanka Army, Cheliyan was in his early 30s and was from Trincomalee. He was involved in many attacks on the Sri Lanka Navy in the past and received injuries in a confrontation with the Navy on 27th March 2008.

In the meantime pro-LTTE organ Tamil Net in a news report said, LTTE’s military spokesman Punitharooban alias Ilanthirayan (Marshall) has succumbed to his injuries sustained on Saturday.

The 43-year-old Ilanthirayan was a senior member of the LTTE from Batticaloa district, who earlier served at the LTTE headquarters in the Vanni for many years before his appointment in charge of project planning for post Tsunami reconstruction in the eastern region by the then political head S.P. Thamilselvan.

Later, following Kaushalyan's assassination, he was appointed the head of LTTE's Batticaloa district political head, before his latest position as LTTE's military spokesman.

- Asian Tribune -

booboo said...

Anyone know anything about the security council meeting?. Is it an informal briefing as the last time or will it bring any conclusion on intervention?.

LRRU said...


Its an informal session,, but most say it would pave the way for a formal session in another weeks time unless China or Russia backs Us again...but this time it would be bit difficult as Miliband/Kuashnar personally getting involved; also the UN statement of a bloodbath yesterday has being timed strategically even China & Russia to oppose....lets wait & see.....Luckily Chinese embassy was attcked in London so China might take the revenge by Opposing it........

booboo said...

thank you.
Anyway we should be prepared for the worst. I think we dragged this too long. If have 7 days time, we can go for the kill.

Lasath said...

I am fed up with DW and it's a partisan promotion campaign for his hand-picked ardent leaders.

I really doubt the guy's ability of analytical sphere and even the info being dissiminated are quite old or bears no significance.

Think Mahen is doing great work here with a up-todate info.

keep it yp!

Deshal said...

LTTE has done it again. They have gone and blocked a major expressway in Toronto, Canada. Here are some comments I could gather from Canadian websites. They have managed to attract a lot of attention and sympathy, judging by the comments…hik!

Aaron Greyard
Are these people stubborn or just stupid or both? What do they think the Canadian government has the power to do? The UN and Canada has asked for a ceasefire. Canada is NOT going to invade Sri Lanka to save a group that labels it a terrorist organization! What's next invading Iraq to stop the persecution of Al-Qaeda members there?

Maybe it's time they were deported back. It's not Canada's fight, we are not the fix-it-all nation they are trying to use us for. Don't bring your wars to Canada.

This is truly pathetic on the part of the Tamil sporters... endangering children and the elderly by charging up and onto a major highway? To all the human rights "supporters" out there, why are you so selective as to whose rights you "support"? You are just like any other protestors and looking for a "flavour-of-the-week" cause to champion. No one is happy about what is happening in Sri Lanka but do not forget the the LTTE (they ARE terrorists) do not have clean hands either.

Adam Smietanka
This is ridiculous that a small radical group of people are disturbing peace in a city of Toronto. Closing a major Highway is dangerous for the drivers as those who are responsible for it. I hope that the people responsible for those actions will be prosecuted.

Jackson Farrell
Bring out the tear gas.

We truly are the sucker nation of the planet! We continue to allow this crap to go on in our streets and we aren't even remotely involved in this conflict! How about protesting in the U.S. or Britain or India? Why not? Because they wouldn't put up with it in any other place. I've had it with hyphenated Canadians - remember all those "Canadians" in Lebanon who needed rescuing? Talk about citizenship of convenience........

They come here for a better life but they bring their problems with them and cause headaches for us. Leave the people in their homeland to solve the problems, because, quite frankly, I don't care.

The protesters should go back to Sri Lanka, they've worn their welcome out in Canada.

Break out the water cannons, tear gas and get them off the highway. Go protest in your home country if you are that concerned instead of holding the city hostage.

Steps to resolve:
1) Find all the children in the crowd and take them into protective custody.
2) Inform the protesters that they are blocking a major highway, and have 5 minutes to cease and desist or face arrest.
3) Wait 5 minutes.
4) Deploy water guns and tear gas to break up the crowd.
5) Begin mass arrests for anyone who remains on the highway.

They have done many protests over the several few months. What have they achieved, other than to show their support for a terrorist organization? Why would anyone listen to them when they are waving flags identified with a notorious terrorist organization? This is all part of LTTE propaganda. Have you noticed that all the blame has been put on the Sri Lankan government, while nothing has been revealed about the LTTE?

John Toronto
the canadian government formally recognized the tamil tigers as terrorist organization. Why would they not use force to remove these terrorists? If an Al qaeda demo was happening the same way, whould the police and government reaction be different? REMOVE THEM NOW! This is bs!

This is crap!!! They need to be arrested and removed. The authorities must not allow this city to be held hostage.

Nimalan T
These people represent a terrorist group in Sri Lanka. They do not represent the Tamil community in Sri Lanka nor the Tamils in Canada. All real tamils especially the ones who are being intimidated by the LTTE want to see a unified Sri Lanka FREE OF THE LTTE.
Craig, London, Ontario
As others have said on this board, this is not Canada's fight. We are already heavily engaged in another foreign military venture halfway across the world (Afghanistan) and are in the midst of a recession. There is neither the will nor the resources in this country for another costly international humanitarian operation. So with that said, I believe that the only thing these protests are accomplishing is turning the vast majority of the city (and the country for that matter) against the protestors.

LTTE supporters (as full of brains as they were) should go and close down more and more expressways throughout the developed world!

Mahen said...

SLA trying to move in to tactical positions by tomorrow eve. Hopefully by wednesday morning VP's bunker maybe under siege.

Can not reaveal more at present. Get ready.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

[[Can not reaveal more at present. Get ready.]]

Oya kiyapuwa athi hondatama!

Mahen said...

Lassthi veyan... Appita sampurrnaa ratta tawaa dinaa kepayakin labenawa.

Mahen said...

Civilians are coming out again.

Any one wana have a guess, how comes Civilians coming out in 1000's now.

serendib said...

##Civilians are coming out again.

Any one wana have a guess, how comes Civilians coming out in 1000's now.##

In 1000's. Cool.

I guess that Velu's guhawa is already under siege

donsar said...

guys, did you see??? there is a Wikramabahu Karunaratne's article on Tamilnet!

Maheshan De Silva said...

Jangi Mahen, Gota has flagged this today

"Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has said that the LTTE and its supporters are trying to influence international opinion by propagating lies and it was tiger terrorists who fired on fleeing civilians. He has said the army is continuing its offensive and there may be a major breakthrough within the next 48 hours."

LRRU said...

1,000 civilians came only during last 24 hrs,,,they are reffering to yesterday's event

Mahen said...


Aluth biling ahurak kadamu neda? Issara kadapu ewa parana wela athi neda?

Mahen said...

Rethavaikkal junction has been fully liberated, things should move faster now. Upto yesterday they were still offering resistance.

Sam Perera said...


Which one is Redde-vaikkal junction? Is it the one that the point where A35 turns south and branches off to Puthumathalan? I thought that we took that junction a week ago? Even ITN Sujith showed that?

Mahen said...

EFT is looking for front banner during the final few days. We do believe our readers can create something for us.
Please send front banner images to

Time is running out, so please hurry.

Sam Perera said...


Is this where R'vaikkal is in Google Earth?

9°19'30.87"N 80°45'34.75"E

Mahen said...

Rethavaikkal was taken yesterday, look at the Orbat map. Don't rely on TV news, according to SKR we are already in Vellamullivaikkal, lol!

Mahen said...

We are trying to lay siege to VP's pig pit by tomorrow night, and to finish him by Thursday. He is still there....

Sam Perera said...

Mama bilin kadanawa aniddata withara. Mae ooru mas kalupol widiyatai hadana onay. Thunapaha serama genalla thiyenne. Ara parana widiyata habarala kolay othala mas tika gaynna puluwanda?

hemantha said...

There is a doctor in the no fire zone. He is the son of the god. His words are god's words. He is not an LTTER (100%). The satellite phone he is using to spread the "whole truth and nothing but the truth" is not LTTE's property (of course it is the god's property). LTTE doesn't tell him what to say. He can even criticize LTTE. He is not doing that because LTTE is faultless, same as his father god.
After all he is a "government doctor". How can a "government doctor" be on the side of the LTTE?
"The government school teacher" who was taken prisoner while fighting the SL Army was also not an LTTER. How can a "government school teacher" be an LTTER? Impossible! She was fighting for her own fun. Chingalese understand nothing.

Sam Perera said...


Can you please give me the link to DBS Jeryaraj monkey dance. This is a real monkey who has no hesitation to cross journalistic limitations. D.B. S. Jeyaraj, routinely does the following:

(1) Publish unverified garbage as Gospel.
(2) Doctor comments in his favor.
(3) Self posting congratulatory comments under various names including mine.
(4) Scream loud if somebody questions him.

The tendency to forge news and comments is a good indication of a weak and frustrated man. He believes that he has a god given right to do what ever he wants in his blog including presenting cooked up stories as indisputable facts.

Anonymous said...

once again you are lying,Mahen. It will take your fucking army at least three-four more weeks to capture the remaining area.

Mahen said...

All will be over faster than a 20/20.

Sam Perera said...


I agree. It will take lot more than 3-4 weeks for SLA to locate your balls. Yep, nothing could be found in PTK and Puthumathalan. Actually, SLA never took PTK as you said. How much do you want to bet that SLA will never capture V'vaikkal. I am with you always cj, Mahen is a total bullshitter.

hemantha said...

Here is the link. Read the comment section.

Sam Perera said...

Thanks Hemantha, in a way I like how he presents himself. It is good to see many such responses from D.B.S. Jeyaraj the fibber as living proof of the quality journalism in Thamil Eelam.

booboo said...

So no security council meeting, probably thanks to China and Russia. Looks like sillyband is shocked.

[Top diplomats from Britain and France were rebuffed on Monday when some UN Security Council members refused their request to discuss the fighting in Sri Lanka, which killed more than 400 people during the past weekend.

[We are more than shocked, we cannot support the way in this particular place while people are suffering and dying,' Kouchner told reporters, showing his indignation

[Both Miliband and Kouchner said they were ready to tell council members 'what they have seen' in Sri Lanka, but apparently they were not allowed to.]

Amila.W said...


What I noticed is DBSJ getting nervous lately. He is shouting and use of bad words against those who disagree with him shows how desperate he is to loose control.

He is getting increasingly attacked by both pro LTTE and pro SLA voices at the same time.

hemantha said...

LTTE terrorists protesting in Canada and in UK are endangering their kids by involving these kids in their unlawful assemblies and activities. They are using these kids as "kid shields" in order to block any actions coming from law enforcement agencies. (No wonder their terrorist leaders in Sri Lanka are using innocent civilians as human shields and killing them when try to leave).

Parents of these innocent kids who endanger their lives are not suitable for the parenthood. Authorities in these countries should investigate these videos of these unlawful assemblies and should identify these innocent kids and their criminal and irresponsible parents.

FrmdaRock said...

Think this is a Canadian website. Most interestingly, see the ratings given to the comments. It shows how much Canadians are sick of the protests done by the LTTE propogandists.

Konappu Bandara said...

Bugger! It seems Fatt's father was a Malayali kallathonia.


If his father was a Kallathonia then sonny by extension is a Kallathonia too. When our chaps blow the fat scumbag to smithereens we need to scrape some of his flesh off the beach and run a DNA comparison with the old crone in Kerala.


Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

Featured scum of the Day

Sonali Samarasinghe
She is the second wife the departed tabloid editor and garbage digger Lasantha Wickramathunga. She is also believed to be a religious fundamentalist who wants to break the harmony in Sri Lanka. I would like to quote a few of her own vicious words againt the people of Sri Lanka for clarity.

That this is a racist war is not a secret. I would not go so far as to use the word genocide, but it would not surprise me to see it used in future international legal action against the government. At any rate, the government itself has plastered the countryside with enormous placards lauding the military with the slogan, in Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese majority to which I too, belong, stating: "Soldiers, our race salutes you!" Not "the people", not "the country", but the race. And all these placards exhibit the stated provenance of the Ministry of Defence or other government institutions.

Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abegunasekara
Mano Ganeshan
R Sampanthan
K Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe
Sucharitha Gamlath
Jayantha Senevirathna
Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri
Terrence Purasinghe
Chandrapala Kumarage (Attorney-at-law)
Yohan Devananda
Patrick Fernando
Kumar David

Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

Featured scum twins of the Day

Ranil Wickramasinghe and Laksman Kiriella

Having lost the 19th consecutive election, this pair see no bounds in their anti Sri Lankan acts. The top scum leaves to Europe to complain about his sorry full status to his white masters. His twin tries to portray such acts of treason as a major achievement. Of course, it is some achievement for those who compete for the top scum seat. Unfortunately, his white masters are having a difficulty in gauging the democratic will of Sri Lankans to keep these scum out of any national office till eternity. I wish his white masters good luck trying to change the leadership of Sri Lanka through these scum.

Deshal said...

Western thugs vs. Sri Lankan heroes

US has said that killing of civilians in Sri Lanka has reached an unacceptable level. This on the other hand states that there is an acceptable level as well. After all, US has a history of killing civilians.

US went on and killed around 75,000 in Hiroshima and more than another 50,000 in Nagasaki just to experiment the atomic bomb. But I guess these over 125,000 civilian deaths are within the acceptable level to US.

US and US sponsored regime in Vietnam killed thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. They have carpet bombed the whole regions and forests. They used chemical and biological warfare in Vietnam to no success.

US has also sponsored a number of terrorist states in Latin America, causing large numbers to be killed. For instance in countries such as Nicaragua, Argentina, Chili etc, thousands of innocent civilians died because US wanted to maintain the terrorist states, in order to maintain its interest over Latin America (US interest has been crumbling in the Latin American region too).

Further, recently in Iraq, after the God fearing American forces walked into the cradle of human civilization, more than 700,000 people have died as a result of terrorism spread throughout the country. During Saddam’s period, Iraq was a safer place for civilians than now.

However, these days, US has fixed its bloodthirsty attention on Afghanistan and Pakistan. You might remember that they went and bombed a wedding in Afghanistan about two years back. It is just last week that US bombed some villages there and killed 100 civilians. US Drones (UAVs) have been continuously killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So, US Army is a specialized civilian killing machine. They are specialized in ‘bloodbaths’. For our civilian casualty levels to reach to ‘acceptable’ levels of US, they have to be in hundreds of thousands and nothing less.

But, unlike US, our heroic army is on a historical mission of saving our civilians here. SL Army is rescuing a population oppressed and taken as human shields by LTTE. This is not killing civilians, they know that. This is putting an end to killing of civilians by LTTE on the long run. But our army is killing too, yes, the LTTE terrorists, to achieve this.

LTTE was killing civilians and US does not want this stopped. What US wants is killing of civilians to continue in Sri Lanka. Clinton, Milliband and all other western double talking diplomats stands for this. These westerners stand for our destruction and victory of terrorists.

We want them to know that we know that and we are not listening. Because, this is the moment which we make our history. WE ARE NOT SCARED OF THEM ANYMORE!

Puran Appu said...

UN Security Council refuses to discuss killing in Lanka

Puran Appu said...

Troops enter No Fire Zone.

LRRU said...

purran :::: mate what's your source is it the Paper headline you are reffering to

Mahen said...

As usual Puken Appu publishing yesterday's news.
Wonder what would Puken Appu will do once the war is over by end of this week.

However, we can confirm that, Puken Appu is correct at this time.

LRRU said...


Why Tamilnet is NOT Talking about a upcoming Bloodbath......

If we are going to attck day after tommorrow after TN elections they should start building the story now...

Normally they start making the story to take advantage of the TN election.....

But they have NOT being updated for last about some vote in Norway

rocky said...


vote against international intervention on SL war against terrorism.

DoDo said...

59 Div cross over LTTE built earth bund at Wadduvakal: capture 300m of territory

booboo said...

Finally, %9 Div in action

[59 Div cross over LTTE built earth bund at Wadduvakal: capture 300m of territory]

booboo said...

Mrs. Mahen nidi. No breaking news

booboo said...

machanla, mama hora chanda 3 k damma cnn poll ekata.

mekayi karanna thiyenne. browser eke cache eka okkoma makanna. iita passe browser eka close karala aapahu start karanna. ethakota aapahu chande denna puluwan. wenas browsers pawichcha karaamath hora chanda denna puluwan.

Mahen said...


You are in the wrong thread, new article was posted a while ago.

booboo said...

OK madam