Friday, 1 May 2009

Sri Lanka Navy to the rescue

All hail the Navy!

The Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) is currently engaged in heavy battles with LTTE terrorists almost on a daily basis. The depleted sea tigers are trying to punch holes in the naval cordon to get the LTTE supremo and other high profile leaders out of the NFZ. So far, the SLN has been able to repulse all sea tiger attacks and have not allowed the sea tigers to breach the naval cordons. Contrary to LTTE propaganda the sea tigers have not been able to inflict any damage to the SLN Dvora fleet. The Sri Lankan Navy is expected to carry out more offensive missions throughout the month of May. EFT sources indicate that Charles Anthony who was injured in battle tried to escape via the sea route, however this effort ended up in failure due to the timely interception by the SLN who opened fire on his flotilla, Charles Anthony had to retreat back into the NFZ with his tail between his legs.

Meanwhile LTTE built submarines which were found by Sri Lankan forces recently do not have the adequate range to slip past the naval cordons and into the high seas. Appearances can be deceptive, although they may look like submarines, they are in fact semi - submersible and cannot reach depths of more than 2 meters, they are modeled according to leisure submersibles used by the tourist industry for marine observation cruises. They are in no way combat ready or sturdy enough to withstand the rough seas, Intel believes some sea tigers may have even died experimenting with these contraptions in the eastern shores.

In public the Indian establishment is making gestures that pander to their Tamil Nadu voter base, behind closed doors they are carrying out joint effort with the GoSL to wipe out LTTE terrorism. The Indian military is lending its full support by sharing surveillance information. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard are also patrolling the eastern seas to prevent any LTTE from escaping.

More High Profiles head towards the confession bench

EFT can exclusively report that there are very high profile LTTE leaders are now in SLA custody. Due to security reasons, we will avoid publishing these names and will let Government sources to reveal them in due course. The surrendered leaders just cannot stop talking, some have revealed interesting details about the LTTE overseas network. The GoSL is committed to taking the fight to the diaspora once local operations are complete, they will leave no stone unturned in hunting down overseas LTTE members and dismantling the fund raising structure.

SLA committed to zero civilian casualty policy

Due to sustained resistance from remaining LTTE members, land mines and NO heavy weapons strategy, the SLA is moving slowly into the remaining NFZ area. SF and Commando offensive missions are limited and the infantry is leading the fight. However, LRRP have infiltrated all areas of the NFZ and are achieving their objectives. The 58th is proceeding with caution into Vellamullivaikkal, there are still three more earth bunds to breach till they come close to VP’s hiding area. We still don’t have control over Rekthavaikkal junction, a hotbed of LTTE activity. Rekthavaikkal is north of Vellamullivaikkal, the junction is where A35 meets the coastal road, i.e., the Rekthavaikkal center. The road turns left towards Chalai, right turn leads to Mullaitivu town.

The 57th is engaged in clearing operations in PTK area. They are digging up mines and looking for LTTE warehouses. Since the 58th moved swiftly across PTK, they did not clear the area of buried weapons and mines, the 57th has picked up this task. In effect, the 57th is the second line of defense, they are also on the lookout for infiltrators. PTK east runs up to Ampavanpokkanai, that area is cleared, however, a pocket of resistance remains between the 53rd and 58th, hence they have not been able to link up fully due to heavy resistance, booby traps, anti tank and AP mines. TF8 has gone back to defensive mode as they achieved their objectives.

59th is maintaining an active defense and makes the occasional foray into uncleared territory as reported earlier, however, the extent of these incursions are limited and they fall back to their original positions after softening the LTTE defenses.

Rumors about VP’s death are false

Few days ago there was intense speculation that VP may have died, however, EFT can reliably confirm that he is still alive and hiding in the Vellamullivaikkal area. The fact that he is living in the main reason why the LTTE is putting up a fight, had he died the whole organization would have wilted and withered away. One of the main reasons that INGO dogs are not being allowed into the NFZ zone is that there is a realistic possibility that these mangy strays would try to help VP escape. Recent overtures by the Foreign Ministers of Britain and France indicate that they are willing to give a lifeline to the terrorists, they do not want to see this problem resolved as the end of our terrorist problem would mean an end to the virtual slavery we are living under, however, they have no qualms on invading sovereign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan on dubious claims and blowing up atolls in the Pacific with nuclear bombs, double standards galore!
As noticed recently, there is a lot of international pressure coming towards SLDF due to misleading information related to Air Strikes in the NFZ, EFT can confirm there were no air strikes in NFZ during the last few days. We appeal to all readers not to fall in with current LTTE propaganda machines that have been creating these stories.

IMF to sign off the loan

GoSL is fully confident that the requested IMF loan will be approved. Negotiations are currently underway and should finalise very soon.


unknown said...

INGO dogs; I like that name. We can breed them once the war is over.

Sam Perera said...
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sldf said...

We have confirmed Intel back the claim that VP hiding in Vellamullivaikkal area?

Sam Perera said...


SKR said that 58th is in Vellamullaivaikkal a few days ago. Why did we come back?

channa said...


Heavy artillary are a legitimate target even on a No-Fire-Zone.


Anonymous said...

# LTTE agrees to surrender to a thrid party

# 830 LTTE cadres surrendered in last 3 days


Miss Information said...

Posted by Mahen:

"All hail the Navy!

The Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) is currently engaged in heavy battles with LTTE terrorists almost on a daily basis. The depleted sea tigers are trying to punch holes in the naval cordon to get the LTTE supremo and other high profile leaders out of the NFZ. So far, the SLN has been able to repulse all sea tiger attacks and have not allowed the sea tigers to breach the naval cordons. Contrary to LTTE propaganda the sea tigers have not been able to inflict any damage to the SLN Dvora fleet.

DW is reporting that twelve SBS lives were lost in a booby-trap attack at sea.

Does anyone have a definitive account of the situation or am I to take the words in the post to heart and consider DefenceWire to be LTTE propaganda?

If the terrorists booby-trapped a "particularly large vessel" what was their goal besides killing a boat crew? That seems like a fairly considerable naval asset to give up seeing as how their backs are to the ocean.


Sam Perera said...

Dis Information the Subhuman LTTE scum,

Please stop your pathetic attempts. We have seen many monkeys like you here and you are no different from any of them. As I told you, there is a special place for in Sri Lanka's unmarked graves reserved for faceless and nameless terrorists. Please spend the remaining valuable days of your life wisely.

andare said...

Are we trying to spoil our vectory?
our diplomatic front sucks, we have very good people, but there is no proper cordination handle the presure.
Same emphasis should be given like in WAR front, to handle the press and IC.
We should have clearly mentioned and cancel that NFZ concept, after so many people rescued, because now terrorists are in it with big guns fighting in and out.
Should have properly documented the existance of terrorists with heavy wepons with photos, video footages etc to offically cancel the NFZ and renamed the operation as hostage rescue mission.

What has been done is some ad-hoc press briefing and that is why still IC uses the term NFZ and trying to sqeeze the neck of the GOVT.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...



Good to see you on the blog.

Did you get my emails?


Pukka Lanka.

Pottu said...


Can you confirm that Daya Master and George Master are opening an English tuition class in Nugeoda to fill the void left by Sakvithi Ranasinghe?

Also, just how many "Vaikkals" are there?

Sam Perera said...


Tissa Ravindra has an update in Rivira. The 53rd and 58th divisions are marching south while TF-8, SF, and CR are in reserve. The 59th division was scheduled to march north. Forward elements of 59th is commanded by legendary Brigadier Prasanna Silva. Hopefully, Mahen can give us a more realistic assessment than just a few bread crumbs.

andare said...

I Believe, we should exploit the situation, prevaling now.

SL GOVT should declare a NFZ just next to the present(N)FZ in to the puthumathalan area, and deploy UN monitors to it. Perimeter of the area should be guarded by the SLDF.

Basic screening for wepons and explosives, should be carried out by the UN monitors with taking care of other facilities as well.

GOVT should declare two days pause to enable civilians to come in to the new NFZ. Terrorists also might be slipping to the area, but that doesnt matter, as far as no wepons are carried.

I do not know, what are the legal issues comming, out if terrorists are in UN custody. Whether it is a right of the local GOVT to finally receive all civlians including terrorist surrendies.

Now Diaspora and some IC are trying to set a trap to the GOVT, but if do the above, ball is in LTTE cort.

Now the situation is too bad for us and our brave soldiers are unnecessaraly dying, because of lack of fire power.
Now LTTE is much stronger and their elite carders are fighting with all big guns with our infantry, whose hands are tight due to false claims of NFZ.

your ideas,

Ali said...


what NFZ - when the terrorist bitches moved into the zone it became a FFZ - or free fire zone . The NFZ should be declared close to killinochchi .

channa said...

Hi Pukka,
I don't blog too often but stumbled upon. Kind of worried about the signals coming from the British Parliament. The Tiger lobby insisted the returning Brit FM to seek legal openion on a case for "Genocide" and "war Crime charges" against SL. I can send you a link if you wish to see the FM being grilled or you could go through Infolanka.

While we have the time & space, we must think of countering their arguments. Gather evidence & keep a record where we can. FM said sending 5 British MPs to SL next week. The pressure is on. UNSAT imagery - are they legal?
What's the point in LTTE taking guns in to a NFZ? Why don't UNSAT tell us when the big guns were brought there by the Terrorists? Don't UNSAT have a duty to protect democracy & a democratic govt of SL?

Sam Perera said...


This SKR clip says that 58th is already in Vellamullivaikkal, contrary to what you say. Can you please clarify?

Ian said...

Nilambare said...

First ask LTTE why they are in NFZ. That was not declared for LTTE pigs, it was for civilians.


Very good point. Also some pro-ltte posts redicule the GOSL for calling the area NFZ. Its a NFZ for civilians. When the terras go in SLDF has to hunt terras in the way they are trained. IC/GOSL should be telling LTTE to get out of NFZ rather than telling them to release civilians. Iits semantics but nilambare has a point) Not that they are going to listen.

Velavan Master said...

Good site:

LRRU said...


Now its 48 hrs without any proper operation

Defence lk silence; SLRC; ITN; Mahen; Defencwire all are silent ; even bloggers now talk about IMF not military; this proves that nothing is happening??????

Saul said...

So Mahen, a sense of humour. Damned glad to read it in what is mostly grim news all round. :)

Nilambare said...

Mahathaya’s wife and children surrender

LRRU said...

I think government did a mistake by stopping combat operations.

we should have used them finish the thing asap

Now we have soaring casualties on the ground and sea

Very little progress on ground

International pressure is mounting

I think we are loosing the battle at the last point.....

Governement must attck what ever possible manner finish the thing asap

Ask the international community to fuck off!!!!!

Pottu said...

LTTE senior female leader ‘Sudarmali’ surrenders
Daily Mirror.

hemantha said...

Please do not make conclusions based upon information emanating from a single source.
SKR is doing a good job. But he is a political animal. Sometimes he bends the truth too (quite unnecessarily).
Everybody has an agenda which makes them deviating from the truth quite often. In short term they gain some dividends but loose their credibility with time. (eg Mahen=SF@LNP and =?Stopterror@LNP. )
DBSJ is also a liar (his agenda is “seeking international intervention”). He is giving running commentaries of the war. For an example, he said few days back that 59 has begun moving. Today he says it is going to move.
Once in a while one may have to bend the truth and I understand that. But, doing it as a habit is despicable, unnecessary and harmful.

Ian said...

LRRU said...
I think government did a mistake by stopping combat operations

I believe t is up to the GOSL to commence the combat operations and using heavy weopons if the situation worsens. At least on the face of it GOSL didnt stop operations on anyone's request. It did it on its own.

Rana said...

I am willing to rehabilitate Sudarmalee aka Kamaleshwarie and do not worry about her anymore!!!

perein said...

Thank you China.

perein said...

Mokadaa bang mee hamatiseemaa randu.

Macho, you are loosing your credibility this way.
Please stop unwanted arguments and be nice to fellow colleges.

Rana said...


Macho, I am trying to be too nice to them!

Cheers mate.

booboo said...

some news at SF@LNP

පංකාදු ලංකා said...


Please send link to my email or post it here.

The UN and IC do not use the same proverbial spoon to serve the two sides. The spoon must indeed be different considering the LTTE is a proscribed terrorist organisation. However, the spoon that should be used to serve the terrorist seems to be used to serve a democratically elected government and vice versa. Where were UNSAT images when the LTTE were stockpiling weapons, building illegitimate infrastructure and preparing to carry out a host of hostile activities against a democratically elected government who is a member state of the UN?

If the IC can't use the correct spoon, then they must at least use the same spoon. They are incapable of doing even that. Double standards galore…

Sri Lanka must not buckle under the pressure created by these forked tongued hypocrites. Let the legitimate GOSL deal with the illegitimate terrorists the way it sees fit. If anyone does not want to help SL they should at least refrain from hindering the process.

When dealing with UK/France and other meddlers, SL must list a number of water-tight parallels to put before them regarding Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts they/NATO have created, the methods they are using to counter foreign and internal terrorist threats, etc. Israel should also be in the picture.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Re. Daya master, et al.

Since their surrender they seem to have achieved instant celebrity status. Appearing on TV and all, not bad. No doubt they had a good life when they were with the LTTE. Now they have changed horses, they seem to have got the best of both worlds; for the time being at least.

It will also encourage other senior LTTE to surrender/defect in the hope of instant stardom.

Once the pig’s gone all these senior LTTE who have blood on their hands must be thrown in jail for life for the atrocities they have committed against all Sri Lankans.

channa said...


sssh! Who knows whose listening...?

Puran Appu said...

59 expected to move north from South. Brig. Prasanna De Silva with 59 now.

I think this is what Mahen was expecting. Eeth Yanna kalin balala mallen panna. LOL

Mahen said...

Puken Appu Malayo,
Stop publishing the old news :)))

Mahen always has the last laugh.

hemantha said...

LTTE's next project:

Place 100 artillery shells at different places in the No Fire Zone. 100 controlled explosions (and signal the masters through “Tamils for Obama”). Next aerial photograph with 100 new craters would be great for the consumption for the international cows and bulls.

I am not joking folks. SL Army reports hearing explosions in the LTTE area. The above might indeed be the case. Name any building as a hospital. Then have a controlled explosion. Send few photographs and a small video clip to the masters. Going to be very effective.

channa said...


that's it, spot on.
use you imagination.

Anonymous said...


You behave like the dirty russian human scum in Chechnya,for these attacks you will all burn in hell

Rana said...

This place is deserted!

That is what happen when customers were ill treated.

I am happy that EFT is dying!!!


Konappu Bandara said...

Here is the current situation as far as I can deduce. There are bunch of civilian in the town called Karayamullikaka whatever (For ease of pronunciation let's call it KMart). And there are more civilians in the only other uncleared town called Vellamullikaka whatever (For ease of pronunciation let's call it WalMart). Fatty is there sitting right in middle of these bunch of civilians in WalMart area.

I say we go in like gang busters into WalMart area, get the fatty, fry him and his goons right there. The civilians in the WalMart area will run towards KMart are and overwhelm the goons defending that area. Once the KMart goons hear that Fatty is no more, they will throw away their weapons and blend in with civilians. We process the flood of civilians into welfare villages and filter out the goons mixing among them.

Game! Set! Match!


Rana said...

Konappu Macho,

good idea, but only you and me here.

Sam Perera said...


Any news from the battle front?

Pottu said...

Nakiyo like you already done lot of damage to our country.
I'm sure you have done lot of damage to your family by revealing those in blogs too.

So why do n't you bugger off to somewhere with out wasting others time.

Buster said...

Hello folks though very little news are passed through media from the active zone,3 SLA divisions together with SF and CR are actively engaged in the final stage of clearing last 4.7 sq km. of South NFZ where VP and his few thugs has been having their last waltz...:-)

Sam Perera said...


Where are our boys now? Vellemuliavaikkal, Karamullivaikkal? please enlighten us.

Buster said...

Sam P
Our boys are every where closing in the vicinity of KMullai and VMullai to the west of A35 and I do not have specific coordinates to their where abouts.However I understood that 2 divisons are engaged along A35 in the south NFZ from North and one division from South bolstered with with SF,CR and few other surprises...:-)

Sam Perera said...


West of A35 is a very good strategy. Instead of 1 land boundary to hostage zone, we should have 3 land boundaries, 4 is even better.

hemantha said...

pro LTTE goons attack Indian Army trucks(Vedio).

Anonymous said...

It seems LTTE has earth bunds for every 200 meters. And they make the terrain open by cutting the trees if any. And terras fire using every thing they have - paddle gun, tanks, motars, arti, snipers etc. SLA don't use arti, MBRL and CAS. So it seems SLA need around a week to clear one earth bund. So as there are round 5 km to clear LTTE will give us around 25 earth bunds and SLA need roughly 6 months.

Also, its said LTTE has around 300 suicide bombers. if one suicide bomber kills 10 SLA and injures 20 SLA, 300 suicide cadres can remover 9000 troops (almost 2 divisions).

Further, if there are around 165,000 civilians as per LTTE then there are a lot who has been taken hostage. But if the number is indeed 10,000 as per GSL then its unlikely this to be a hostage case rather they are die hard LTTE maaveer members and stay their willingly as a human shield to save VP or whoever their leader.

BTW, it seems VP is there. His presence is to keep the moral up and retain the human shield so that they can drag this as long as they can. Six month period is good for genocide protests, UN actions, IC pushes, TN jokers dramas and Indian influences after a possible change in center. LTTE like to sign a CFA and end the war as equal parties and carry on peelaam project. Six months is good for VP to escape to west/ India via sea or to jungles in Mullative.

As Mahen, SF@LPN says I don't think any thing really big happening there or news censoring is there. Simply nothing big is happening. And except Daya Master no big fish is with GSL. (In fact, even Daya master is seems to be some old guy - not a big guy in LTTE.) If any such big fish is captured GSL will go to the market with news as they did with Daya master. SO no poddu no any other big one is with GSL.

I think GSL should give the military a free hand to clear the remaining area, kill or capture LTTE leaders and rescue the civilians (irrespective they stay there willingly or by force) and give them time they need as well. Military should search and kill any infiltrated terras in other areas and search for burried weapons. SLAF must monitor the whole NFZ 24/7. SLN should protect the whole coast line but it seems they are anable to protect even that 5 km coast line (as one boat escaped to south India.)

DiASSpora will probably increase the intensity of their dramas and Sri Lankans abroad need to counter their propaganda continuously. DiASSpora has (collected) money, time (many are without jobs) and more importantly they are without other options. Since their military project for peelaam is dusted they will obviously put their maximum effort in political and propaganda fronts.

Sam Perera said...


According to this SKR clip, SLA has gone beyond Vellamullivaikkal (Walmart) towards Karayamullivaikkal (KMart) where Prabakaran is hiding. If he made a mistake in the past misidentifying locations, he does it again in this one. He very clearly says that the army is going beyond Walmart to Kmart where Fatso is hiding (analogy courtesy of Konappu Bandara). Can you please clarify?

Sam Perera said...


He does not identify which division or front he is at. Given his consistency with location names, my guess is that he is with the 59th division moving north from Mulathive.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

මහේන්ගේ නෝනාවරුනි,

යුධ පිටිය හරිම බෝරිං වගේ. මොනවා වෙනවද දන්නෙ නෑ. රණා සීයාත් පස්ස පැත්තේ ගිනි පෙල්ල ගහගෙන රැවුල පත්තුවෙලා තියෙද්දි සුරුට්ටු පත්තු කරන්න හදනවා.

මහ ඌරා තාම මැරිලා නැද්ද?

Mango said...

Good Counter-Terrorism and Bad Counter-Terrorism – The UK sets the Gold Standard for Hypocrisy in Fighting TerrorismMost of you are probably sick of reading about British hypocrisy on 'fighting terrorism'. Here's the latest instalment of UK MoD's plan for combatting terrorism in the UK and it's overseas interests. It's taken directly from the the UK's The National Security Strategy (NSS).

Executive Summary: the UK will fight terrorism by all available means. But as for Sri Lanka doing the same, it's different for poor countries whose citizen's lives are worth less.

Please send this to SL MOD. Perhaps they can ask that idiot Miliband and the All-Party UK Parliamentary Delegation arriving from London why UK citizen's lives are held to be so precious and SL citizens' lives are held to be so cheap.

A few choice phrases from their NSS, so you don't have to read the whole without vomiting, given what SL has just experienced from the UK govt's patronising lectures about fighting terrorism.

"But, today we must also contend with threats from organisations who pose not a challenge to our borders but instead our way of life"In SL, we face a threat to our borders and our way of life, from an organisation called the LTTE.Quote:
"We recognise there are links between crime and terrorism."So, why does the UK allow the LTTE (an organisation banned in the UK) to fundraise and engage in criminal activity in the UK, harming its' own citizens and those of a friendly Commonwealth country called Sri LankaQuote:
" a strategically important part of our work – that of preventing and countering terrorist activities, particularly those whose impact could be felt on the streets of the UK or against our and our Allies’ interests."When SL prevents and counters terrorist activities whose activities are felt on the streets of Colombo and Jaffna or against its' interests, the GOSL is criticised by UK Govt...Quote:
"...threat posed by international terrorism has continued to develop. We have seen a range of appalling attacks around the world in just the past year alone – from the attacks against hotels in Mumbai and Islamabad, to suicide bombers in Algeria, Iraq and Afghanistan."Further comment would be superfluous and embarrassing to the UK"..that the defence contribution in countering terrorism ... be focussed primarily against the overseas terrorist threat, in order to keep the threat ‘at arms length’ from the UK. SL also has an overseas terrorist threat. That of LTTE diaspora's financial support from the UK and other EU countries, which it is unable to keep at 'arms length'. Yet the UK simply appears unable to take any effective action against them.Quote:
"It is essential that we recognise international terrorism as an international issue, and deal with it accordingly, in partnership with those countries most directly affected." Truly, words fail me.Quote:
"In Afghanistan we are witnessing a form of irregular warfare that threatens to tear up the rule book of traditional conflict."Please telephone the LTTE's London Representative (Special Branch have their contact details) and ask for copy of their Rule Book. You'll find that the LTTE tore up the Rule Book a long, long time ago.Quote:
"The female suicide bomber. The innocent boy tricked into killing himself and British soldiers by pushing a wheelbarrow packed full of explosives."
I'm now mute with amazement. Further comment would be even more embarrassing to the UKQuote:
" supporting every aspect of the comprehensive approach to countering terrorism and bringing stability and order to parts of the world that threaten UK national security." From GOSL's point-of-view, this would mean bringing stability and order to London from whose safe-houses, the LTTE threatens Sri Lanka's national securityQuote:
"...greater investment in battle winning capabilities like our special forces which can help disrupt networks of terror that threaten our national security.Threats to UK national security = BAD. Threats to SL national security = Not So BAD. Negotiations and ceasefires.Quote:
"Our second contribution to countering terrorism overseas is the support we give to countries to help them prevent the growth of terrorism and to deal effectively with it when it emerges."Truly outstandingly superb, Nobel prize-winning, Grade A1 hypocrisy.Quote:
"The third main area of our overseas effort is our maintenance of the capabilities required to conduct precise operations against terrorist groups and individuals, in circumstances ranging from responses to hostage taking, through indirect and direct action against groups planning attacks against UK interests."Our Defence Secretary welcomes you in joining the club of countries taking direct action against hostage takingQuote:
"Our efforts overseas have made great inroads into dealing with the threat before it appears on the streets of Britain. GOSL is currently dealing with the threat affecting all the streets of Sri Lanka.

"And these new threats are ... just as deadly and dangerous as those they have succeeded. They challenge our democratic way of life and the decent values we hold dear to our hearts. But we are not powerless. We can face these threats. We can defeat them."Our Defence Secretary will see you for a de-brief, as soon as he's finished destroying the LTTE.

channa said...



Good find... all your comments are perfectly valid.
see the link..

send it by e-mail to them. I'd rather not send it from wher I am as it can be traced.

Sithsala said...

Everyone capable must comment on following article posted in

Thermobaric Slaughter in Sri Lanka?The article uses pro-LTTE media as sources and it seems they have not done enough analysis on the Sri Lankan terrorist problem.

osza said...

Foreign media taken on a free ride by the LTTE

osza said...

mahen, puran, umbala koheda ban? boruwak hari kiyapanko

KillerT said...




perein said...

Killer T,
There is nothing about that still in or .

Any idea clip is available in youtube pls?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Munta Kiyanne


Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abegunasekara
Mano Ganeshan
R Sampanthan
K Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe

booboo said...

UpulJ@LNP confirms killerT's news

Sam Perera said...

Killer T,

Where exactly is Karaimullivaikkal (K-Mart)? It it across Vadduvan bridge (just north of Mulathivu) or south of Valyermaadam or Puthukuduipippu? If K-Mart is just above Mula, then it must be the 59th coming up. Otherwise it is 58 or 53. Some say that the west of A35 down to Mula is captures also. However, the news seems to be very confusing. Even DW or Mahen are not willing to clarify these.

Maskman said...

Jangi Mahen,

Where is the Sunday Column?

booboo said...

from UpuJ@LNP

[Folks though SLA 53rd division has entered Karaimullivaikkal area, reports some sporadic close quarter fighting is still ongoing. Clearing operations have begun in the captured areas. Hence no official updates were published other than a general newsbreak as Karaimullivaikkal is under SLA seige...:-)]

Buster said...

MULLAITTIVU: TROOPS who pierced a section of another LTTE earth bund in the stretch of land between the A-35 road and the NANTHIKADAL lagoon on Sunday (3) expanded their advance by another 250 metres as dusk fell on Monday (4) while closing in on KARAYANMULLIVAIKKAI.

53 Division troops commanded by Major General Kamal Gunarathna after tactfully overcoming LTTE resistance, later found four LTTE motorbikes, four T-56 weapons, two T-81 weapons, two GPS, two compasses, one tractor engine, 45 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, 1900 machine gun ammunition rounds, one Canon still camera, twenty-four personal diaries, forty machine gun rounds and a few more LTTE items from the newly captured areas.