Thursday, 30 April 2009

EFT Plea - Warning over Swine flu

During last 24 hours, UN's World Health Organization has raised the alert over Swine flu to level five.
The Swine Flu outbreak has so far claimed 159 lives in Mexico, and started to spread all over the world rapidly.

Since incoming foreign nationals to Sri Lanka easily can be Swine flu carriers, EFT strongly plea, Sri Lankan government to possibly double check or delay the foreign nationals entering NFZ or Civilian camps to safeguard the innocent civilians / Sri Lankan forces from unwanted health issues.


Mahen said...

ඌරගෙ මස්, ඌරගෙම පිට උඩ තියෙලා කපමු.

extreme said...

Don't worry Mahen, people in the welfare camps must have immune to Swine flue as they were staying long time with the PIGS in the NFZ.

Rana said...


F**k your self and your health advices too.

Since when you get into health advicery board, pakayo?

You may ride off with others but not with me, f**k!!!!!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

In DW Ogre said...

Dear Friends,

I am posting this under urgent conditions, need to get the word out please.

LTTE now plans to commit mass murder. They have approximately 12,000 civilians all in explosive wired tents surrounded by prabhakarans main bunker complex vellamullivaikal south east. There is a small lagoon between the land and main lagoon. This region was heavily bombed by our air force about 3 days ago for almost 10 hours. VP may be dead as most of his cadre, but even if there is anyone left they will not let us find the truth. They are trying to take 12,000 civilians with them to the grave.

We will try to put up UAV for monitoring but flying over that 2 mile area is not possible 24 hours. Every action is now seen by US and UK through their satellites.

Mahen said...

We stongly advice that you should gain some respect for your self as a old person.
If you do not know the meaning of what we are trying to achive, please do not comment.

Rana said...


If you can come down like that without ladies BS, I also can cool down. You the one who insulted your fans, not me.

I will always give as good as it get to me.


or Do I have to say it again?

Thoughtful Guy said...

mahen I have been reading ur blog for a long time...and have found some posts informative, some a bit doubty and some out right hilarious... and I guess this newest one falls to that 3rd category :D

Rana said...


I agree with you mate.

Rana said...

Mahen pako,

This is not one way lane! You behave, Iwill behave or you can f** o**.

Got it bro!

Rana said...

Or, I can pour it down your throat!!

frackster said...

Russia is suppose to become the security council presidency from may 1 till june (then turkey and Uganda) ...... good luck trying to arrange more hearings as well as taking SL in the security council :)

justavisitor said...

Menna mun outdated unosat analysis ekak aragena kagahanawa.

Mewa release karanne me site eke

Meka 'leak' wechcha ekak lu.

IDP's la hitiya main area eka SLA allala iwarai. thawa aththe sulu pirisak.

Check this

"The following analysis is based on satellite imagery acquired on the morning of 19 April 2009 and thus does not reflect the
dramatic changes on the ground following the reported SLA ground offensive into the CSZ and resulting IDP outflow on Monday‐Tuesday
20‐21 April 2009. UNITAR/UNOSAT will provide updated analysis as new satellite imagery is acquired."

justavisitor said...

Link to above file again

Mahen said...

We will publish the given info in our side bar.

Sam Perera said...

Hmm, Who is this Rana? He sounds like that Pansilu.

booboo said...

Mahen, If they are planning for a mass murder, do we have any method to prevent it other than asking for the foreign intervention. What are our options?

Mahen said...

Rana / Pansilu / Romeo

EFT team has 6 members, we can insult you in various different styles, dialects (upcounty, low country, middle country, no country) and languages (Sinhala, Tamil, English, Italian and German). Do you really want to get into a swearing match with us?

Achilles said...

Mahen southern slag will be nice

balapitiya and Rathgama :)

Mahen said...


Will try, puluwan widhiyata karannum, habai rana mahathyata thadha wei dha danne naa?

PS Rana,

Did you go to Eng. Faculty in Pera? Your distinct lack of humour shows that.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Rana and Mahen;

Would love to see your dual, but pls reduce the quantity. I'm planning to sell tickets for your fight and I want it to last the longest.

Alas, there is this minute matter of some anti-terror war going in this most unimportant distant hamlet called Sri Lanka. Although you may treasure your intimate moments, there are quite a few laymen like myself who would like to hear more about this most unimportant war than your charming dialogue.

Pardon me for taking your valued attention away from the utterly worthless anti-terror war. Feel free to shoot me with your most decent language after this comment.

Achilles said...

[Pardon me for taking your valued attention away from the utterly worthless anti-terror war. Feel free to shoot me with your most decent language after this comment.]

Huka Wahaye menna meya wahaye Illan Kanna Hadanawa wage(Ambalangoda Slang)

Mango said...

This is the moment of greatest danger for SL's campaign against the LTTE, who in their death agonies will try to implicate GOSL in any small or large scale civilian casualties, as alleged by someone here.

These events will then be used by their propagandists, after the battle to, maintain an unending stream of stories of genocide etc. We've seen it all before.

So, can we get 24/7 surveillance over the battlefield? Do we have enough UAVs? If we don't can be borrow or lease a few more? Could our quiet friends (as opposed to our loud Western-bloc 'friends') help out with satellite intel?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Huka Wahaye menna meya wahaye Illan Kanna Hadanawa wage(Ambalangoda Slang)

Second ""wahaye" is out of place.

"Huka Wahaye... menna meya... umba wahye... Illan Kanna Hadanne..."

Mahen said...

EFT does not have enough time to waste on some old "Seeya" like Rana.
As you may remember he's been having enough issues with most of the bloggers during last 6 months.
We simply wish he could stop swaring in public and write something useful for a change.

Sri Lankikaya said...

Archilles aiyage Wahe wage nodanne magul katha karanta gihilla illang kewa wagei. Ane malo api samadaneng ara punchi pahe 'YUDDE' gena podi selakillak dakwamu.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Great. Some sanity.

Sam Perera said...


Rana's sideshow is unimportant to us now. Tell us about the battle field progress.

Mahen said...

We've been informed by our London correspondent, that last member of the LTTE member, who was fasting in London has given it up.

Has he ever been stopped eating anyway !!

Konappu Bandara said...

[Has he ever been stopped eating anyway !!]

Bugger was eating Chicken Buriyani all the time he was supposedly fasting.


onecountry said...

"Did you go to Eng. Faculty in Pera? Your distinct lack of humour shows that."

Hey hey.. apitath thada veneva ehema kiwwama. Aye, pera e-fac eke jokers la nedda?

andare said...

what was said by Orge is correct and confirmed by one of my friend, who has good contacts with tamil diaspora.
What is more disturbing is that, inocent people, who are herd in to explosive rounded tents, are all belongs to low cast (dalits).

I am really sory about these inocent people, who are getting hammerd from all directions.

Nosandalaya said...

Rana, are you insulted with Mahen addressing "fans" as ladies?

Mahen, I know you wanna open with "Bitches,"

Go ahead, admit it. I know you want to :D

JWick said...

Mahen said...

PS Rana,

Did you go to Eng. Faculty in Pera? Your distinct lack of humour shows that.

Ekek dennek sawuththu wunata E Fac ekata baninna epa! E dawas wala ('66-'69) E Fac eke hitiye jolly kollo tikak!!

Mahen said...

Re: Pera E-Fac,

Insult not meant to offend the finest eng. fac. in Sri Lanka (Katubedda go eat shit!) or the alumni. Insult meant to offend Rana who didn't pick up any of the humour, maybe he was too busy with the ladies atop Hanthana(?), or maybe he got ragged too much.

Mahen said...


Umbage profile pic eka bijjak wagei penne.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

"Insult not meant to offend the finest eng. fac. in Sri Lanka (Katubedda go eat shit!)"

HAK HAK HAK... mata pennenam irisiyawa wage...
Mora gana danne nathnam kata wahagena hitapan. No offence to Pera. (When it comes to badu.. I know it's nowhere near pera. LOL)

gejji said...

"The Japanese special peace envoy for Sri Lanka Yasushi Akashi is to visit the country today for a three-day visit."

It seems PEACE ENVOYS are taking an early summer vacation. Who is next?
We should welcome them at the airport with a plate of Punnakku and Piduru.

Rac Rab said...

[[Umbage profile pic eka bijjak wagei penne.]]

LOL Can't stop laughing LOL

Good one Mahen

DECOY said...

Ado, Mahen

Mora gena mukuth kiyannepa badu nethiunata.

Cut the crap and update us on the latest from the battlefield, we are in the dark.

Mahen said...

Should keep the Japanes lot away from Palopola Vipassi. Else he will take those guys to cleaners.

Mahen said...

Only limited info available.

Read the top side bar entry for latest which shared by one of the well known blogger called "Ogre".

Anonymous said...


How good is our defence along Naththikadal Lagoon? By a combine sea-lagoon-land attack LTTE can cut off A35. Still other MSR from north will be there but such an attack can create problems for SLA advance. I don't know LTTE ability but better be prepared.

What are the chances LTTE attacking 59 and trying southward offensive with suicide attacks and cover of hostages?

Also, what about tamilnut reports of sinking dvora and 350 KIA story?

gejji said...

"Umbage profile pic eka bijjak wagei penne."

Bijja needs some viagra

Pansilu said...

Insult not meant to offend the finest eng. fac. in Sri Lanka (Katubedda go eat shit!) or the alumni. Insult meant to offend Rana who didn't pick up any of the humour, maybe he was too busy with the ladies atop Hanthana(?), or maybe he got ragged too much.- Mahen

Huh huh ha,
Mahen, you didn’t offend me but many old memories came to my mind.

--- Rana ---

Sam Perera said...

Everybody, hang on to something. Mr. Multiple Personality is back.

perein said...

Below article in gives us good undestanding about NFZ remaing area.

Sam Perera said...


"Below article in gives us good undestanding about NFZ remaing area."

The text on the figure says that "LTTE leaders atempts to flee from Vellamullivaikkal are prevented by Commandos and SF units who are close to the area."


Why can't you tell us at least what is noted above in Daily Mirror? What are your source for you to fall behind Daily Mirror?

perein said...

Did you notice the circled area in Vellamullivaikkal.
Ogre must have refered the Civilian camps (12,000) showing in Y-Cross View.

Pansilu said...


Why did the Mahen (chicken) cross the sides (road)?

Pansilu said...


බිලින් එක්ක ඌරු මස් කන එක ආරක්ශක කාරනයක්ද? macho!

gejji said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

Gota said (Telegraph, UK),

"In Mr Miliband's constituency there are many Tamils and they want to save the LTTE leadership, not civilians. It's a joke. We have proved we can save these civilians by rescuing 200,000. So why so many foreign ministers in this indecent hurry?

"When Prabhakaran [the LTTE leader] killed so many innocent civilians, no foreign minister came or put pressure on the LTTE. Where was Mr Miliband? What happened to him? Was he sleeping? We're just wasting our time with these dignitaries and VIPs coming to this country over and over again because of your internal problem to satisfy their [Tamil] diaspora," he said.

click here.

DECOY said...


According to DBS in the following article Navy DVORAs have been damaged in the recent attack. Any truth in this? Just like tamilnut he talks only about the civilian casualties and preaches about a ceasefire to facilitate a civilian evacuation. I don't remember him ever giving credit to the armed forces for thier effort in rescuing so many civilians. The problem is he makes you feel as if he has firsthand information from NFZ and he is so specific about numbers. Since everyone is in total blackout of news from NFZ these guys are 'making hey while the sunshines' just like the other pro-LTTE media. People like you need to do something about this Mahen to counter these propaganda.

gejji said...

Who is paying these Peace hippies visits? Does Sri Lanka have to spend?

Rana said...

Lie No.1 Pottu surrendered to forces!
Lie No.2 Div 59 entered to Vellamullivaikkal!!
Lie No.3 15 LTTE senior leaders were killed!!!
Lie No.4 Names of dead leaders soon to be announced!!!!

How many more……..will be there!!!!!!!

Mahen is going to cross sides again very soon!

booboo said...

According to the other sources;
Lie No.1 is to catch the LTTE Colombo intelligent head. That worked and Mahen did his job.

Lie No.2 is mentioned by other sources too but don't know exactly what happened.

Lie No.3 was only a possibility. However 15 were dead on that attack.

Lie No.4: May be the No.3 is wrong or it is right but cannot publish for some reason.

These conclusions from the other bloggers comments. Only the God knows the truth.

anthima goal eka yudde dinana eka nan boru 1000k kiwwath apita prashnayak na.

Sri Lankikaya said...


best is to ignore morons

Pottu said...

RANA aka bordeline multiple personality disorder schizophrenic head case:

I am baaacckk!!! I thot I shud put our past differences aside and move on, but obviously you have not changed. May I remind you that it was you who is solely responsible for changing the directions of the blogs when you first brought into your daughters and Amaradeva into these blogs, it was going on fine till then with the bloggers discussing defence matters, but you got everyone sidetracked and it ended up in a horticultural / cookery / family affairs discussion forum. Now you want defence news from Mahen???!!!

LRRU said...

Last 24 hrs No progress....

Ado Mahen atleast tell us few lies so we could be happy????

Miss Information said...

Meanwhile... Satellite photos seem to show what the GoSL initially denied and has now admitted to... the use of heavy firepower inside the NFZ courtesy of aircraft bombings. How stupid can they be? Did anyone think these land-scars would not be visible to commercial satellites let alone those of various intel gathering foreign Government agencies?

foreign ministry secretary, told Al Jazeera that the raids had been carried out weeks ago and that the military had focused only on the Tamil Tigers' artillery guns, well away from civilians.

"As long as the retaliation is proportionate, it is perfectly legitimate and what we did exactly was located these guns and retaliated against those guns," he said.
Excuse me but wasn't the GoSL claiming the terrorists were placing their artillery guns in the midst of the hostages?

And you want to talk about Swine flu?

This is another reason the GoSL have been so keen to suppress freedom of information... they can't get their stories straight let alone keep the Army website from being hacked.

Incompetence on a number of levels and it is this kind of news the diaspora jump all over and use against the GoSL.

Time to open up the North to at least the elected officials of the GoSL and Sri Lankan journalists otherwise it is a recipe for a sustained and steady drip of self-inflicted wounds.

The GoSL have a moral high-ground from which to operate but there is a responsibility that comes with it and they seem to be shirking it instead of embracing it.


Nilambare said...


First ask LTTE why they are in NFZ. That was not declared for LTTE pigs, it was for civilians.

Why is the Fatpig 'maha veeraya' hiding there. He always had an invitation to come out and fight with the army in open territory. He always had that invitation. Why didn't he take it up?

Sam Perera said...

Dis Information,

Can you read? If so make sure that you understand that it was firing from the previous week. Even the photos themselves say that they were earlier photos.

Now,I know that you are coming here with a different agenda with a bogus face of peace. Just give up BS and join your fellow terrorist without any delay. You disinformation doesn't work here.

Pottu said...

Miss Information,

You claim to be anti LTTE, care to explain why your profile pic is that of known terrorist supporting Eelamist and crap singer M.I.A?

Miss Information said...

Blogger Pottu said...

Miss Information,

You claim to be anti LTTE, care to explain why your profile pic is that of known terrorist supporting Eelamist and crap singer M.I.A?

A little slow on the draw are we?

Everything out of her mouth is misinformation. I will presume that subtly is not your specialty.*grin*

And yes, when she sings she sounds like rats caught with pitch-fork.

Meanwhile... bad PR and poor planning is bringing needless trouble to the GoSL and one only need look at the hacking of the Army website as a further example.

Just how far into the military system did those hackers get and how come nobody is asking about what appears to be a serious security breach?


Konappu Bandara said...

Bugger! For the last bally time all these explosions are just controlled explosions set off by our SLA chaps to clear out the mine fields. These mines have been laid by the terrorists to maim innocent civilians and the army.

Of course there are few exceptions, but the best info we have on those is that they are loud farts set off by the Fatty as he contemplates his imminent violent death.


Konappu Bandara said...

Veritas vos liberabit - The truth shall make you free.


Sam Perera said...


Where are these specific explosions reported?

Mahen said...

Bilin danawa hoddata. Thawaa tikakin ummbala bedaa gannin.

Our promise is to deliver news, when the news drought hit the web.
So please stand by.

Konappu Bandara said...

Sam, dear chap, I was just getting tired of terrorist supporters like the insane fellow above and DB Jayraj nut saying our chaps are firing artillery shells at civilians. As you know we are not firing artillery because there is no use of doing that within such a short range. We Lankans can decide what, when, where to fire on whom in our own country without the input of Pommie bastards and Frog-eaters, thank you.


Ali said...


DBS jeyraj is a complete fake . His blog site is a fake too . He modifies peoples comments to support his view and then acts like he does not know .

The bugger is taking over from tamil net and he has a bunch of stupid sinhala followers too .

Ali said...

Mahen ..

I have had issues with u before I knew your real mission . lol

Thanks and good luck .

By the way you are right pera is the real efac . lol

Mahen said...


Konappu Bandara said...

Polish PM leaves Brown red-faced
By Europe correspondent Emma Alberici

Posted Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:00am AEST

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been embarrassed on a visit to Poland, after his host used the occasion to deliver a lecture on the perils of excessive public borrowing.

While Britain is in recession after three quarters of economic contraction, Poland is celebrating 12 years of uninterrupted growth.

Last week British Chancellor Alistair Darling was forced to admit that the UK's public borrowing would reach 700 billion pounds.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that while he did not want to comment on any other economy, the Poles had fared well because they had behaved with full responsibility in terms of their deficit.

He attributed his country's financial resilience to a population that did not indulge in exaggerated living on credit.

Bugger! Pommies and Frog-eaters live high on the hog though they are up to their necks in debt! And the cheeky buggers have the audacity to lecture us.


Sam Perera said...

Konappu Bandara,

DBS Jeyarj is in to the nasty business of doctoring comments in his favor. Please be careful when you comment there. He is writing on your behalf. Check here at comment 77 for his justification of comment doctoring. I believe that this is a very dishonest practice DBS Jejayaraj needs to desist. He also seems to be suffering from a form of narcissism.He totally deleted my following comment in this article, regardless he needs to be held liable for comment doctoring.

58. Sam Perera| May 1st, 2009 at 6:41 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

DBS Jeyaraj,

You are editing others comments. This is called comment doctoring. My thoughts are mine, and they are not yours to modify to your liking. if you don't like just delete the comment altogether. However, nobody has the moral right to change comments to something else. yes, this applies even to an anonymous comment. This is a totally dishonest act.

Konappu Bandara said...

[He totally deleted my following comment in this article, regardless he needs to be held liable for comment doctoring.]

Sam, dear chap, he did the same to mine. I made a comment and he chopped off everything except the first line. Last time I am wasting my time with that scummie.


පංකාදු ලංකා said...

මහේන්ගේ නෝනාවරුනි,

යුධ පිටිය හරිම බෝරිං වගේ. මොනවා වෙනවද දන්නෙ නෑ. රණා සීයාත් පස්ස පැත්තේ ගිනි පෙල්ල ගහගෙන රැවුල පත්තුවෙලා තියෙද්දි සුරුට්ටු පත්තු කරන්න හදනවා.

මහ ඌරා තාම මැරිලා නැද්ද?