Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Sri Lanka Army does not wait and see

While a lot of publicity is being given to 53rd, 55th and 58th counter terror operations, 59th has quietly broken in through the back door. As published before, 59th is just south of Vellamullivaikal, it is possible that the forward elements will launch a full blown offensive any time now. It is raining heavily in Mulla east now, that is normally pre-cursor to a major operation. That is all we can say for now.



Mahen said...


If any of you are going to witness the "Thamizh Eezham" demos today in London and other cities, can you comment here with first hand news? The best comment will be published in the main page.

Also, can we make a suggestion, how about the brave folks among you carry Al-Qaeda flags and pictures of Osama Bin Laden and wave them in the face of the LTTE demonstrators?

Be safe though, do not put your safety at risk both from the LTTE and the Police. We do not advocate violence, public disorder or vulgar and unruly behaiviour.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

We should never show dissent over host nations. We should strictly keep our demos to the base topic. Let go civilians and let us live as Sri Lankans. We should point our fingers more towards diaspora. Even Pussycats are mere victims of the grand conspiracy of diaspora.

We should not be unhappy with those host nations. Let them resolve their eelam terrorist as they wish. Few more roads blocked and tamils will be in the receiving end of the world at large. We should highlight that these are the eelamist diaspora committing active terrorism there, not all Sri Lankans.

How about a protest on;

Tamil Tiger Diaspora, do not bring your terrorism to England [or the respective country]

Tamil Tiger Diaspora let the public live in peace. Do not unsettle life of people

Tamil Tiger Diaspora, let the Thames flow freely. Don't pollute it with hypocrisy and lies

Sam Perera said...

Meanwhile, those who have good cameras should take good photos of the LTTE rally.

No_MESS said...

If Mahen wants to see the Monkey dance:
Trafalgar Square Live
Wet and cold in London, could do with a walking space heater…..

(if Mahen is clever enough, he should also be able to see live pictures from Piccadilly Circus.)

Mahen said...


I am afraid not everyone is an audio / visual geek.

S said...


are you going to tell us how gota fooled BBC?

Mahen said...

To S and others who are asking for us to lift our gag orders:

White vans do not have air conditioning, we don't like sweating. Plus, they stink, guess what from.


Rana said...

Most bloggers wonder, what happened to blog parasite Peter?

Well, he thought of rescuing his relatives and joined the crew of “Vanganam” ship. The ship sailed on 31st March and still at high seas because it has turned back to London!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to wait and see. 55, 53 (+TF8) and 59 should advance and 58 should guard the lagoon area. If possible 58 also should cross the lagoon and enter safe zone. All divisions should advance so that civilians can come out soon.

LTTE leaders most probably will excape via sea using submarines. They will probably destroy all remaining weapons. Law rank cadres will mingle among civilians or try to escape to jungles via Nandikadal lagoon, Chalei lagoon or land routes.

Guys, please don't get drunk. Be vigilant in the new year season.

Anonymous said...

DiASSpora donkeys walking in the streets begging for peelaam. Which government in this world give you a country if you walk in the streets? Besides GSL has nothing to do with peelaam beggers who are UK, USA, Canada etc citizens.

Further, this clearly shows the nudity of double standards of western governments. Our "kalu suddas" should stop saying "sudda vage kelin vada karanda" and stop worshiping white a$$es.

JWick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm not Bhairav said...

Mahen's news story ("The Sri Lanka Army does not wait and see") is backed by tamilnet

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) embarked upon intense attack on the 'safety zone', in the early hours of Sunday, targeting a place called Pachchaip-pulmoaddai, aiming for bifurcating and capturing the northern part of the 'safety zone', initial reports from Vanni said.

Rana said...

Attention Gota and SF,

It is time to reduce NFZ further, entrapped civilians do not need 17 sq. km. now because 67000 of them already escaped to army controlled area. Now may be remaining number is about 40 to 50 thousand and 5 Is enough for them? SLA should move 59 to north and make them meet 58 and TF8 at south to Mulivaikkal.

Then it is easy to guard LTTE leadership who trying to escape via sea. The move will also kill another 200 cadres and save at least 5000-10000 more civilians.

andare said...


Mahen's two poll results were anounced by norvigians (so called co-chairs) just after one or two days of t he results.

LRRU said...


What happen to Vannagaman ship, Iheard its not coming

Anonymous said...

/What happen to Vannagaman ship, Iheard its not coming/

It changed the name. Now it is Ponnagaman and going back. HIKZ

LRRU said...

Why the hell did MR declare a 2 day ceasfire????

We need to finish this by the mid of April befor Indian Elections

Unless our guys secret operations continue during the ceasfire days

Sam Perera said...


WTF is going on. Have we really halted finishing off LTTE. Is our cabinet sane these days.

Mahen said...

Relax ladies. There are things you should be knowing at this time and there are things you should NOT need knowing.

Let's enjoy the new year time for now. You will see how colourful the picture would be in 7 days from now.

Mahen said...

One thing we can say is that this pause is NOT due to international pressures or lobbying. You should not hit a man once he is down, end of the day Sri Lanka is a peace loving country.

Sam Perera said...


Have you ever killed a cockroach? If so, you should know why you should smash it is pieces than just leaving it there with one smack.

Have you ever shot a boar. If so, you should know why you should not stop with one bullet and make sure that the boar fell dead.

Vihilupundey is a cross breed between a boar and cockroach. Therefore, it is imperative to incinerate his without leaving a trace.

Mahen said...

Sam P,
Have you ever wrote a tribute song or poem?
If not why do not you do that during next 24 hours.

Sam Perera said...

Mahen, this is my poem, I just corrected some typos.

Have you ever killed a cockroach? If so, you should know why you should smash it in to pieces than just leaving it there with one smack.

Have you ever shot a boar? If so, you should know why you should not stop with one bullet and make sure that the boar fell dead.

Vihilupundey is a cross breed between a boar and cockroach. Therefore, it is imperative to incinerate him without leaving a trace.

Being Nobody said...

Let's enjoy the new year time for now. You will see how colourful the picture would be in 7 days from now.

Oh mahen, does this mean that the army is now on "wait and see" mode?

Being Nobody said...


Why you asking Mahen if he does all the battle planing...phew!

Bro mahen, I like your articles very much... well written articulation.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

[[Mahen said...

Relax ladies. There are things you should be knowing at this time and there are things you should NOT need knowing.]]


Very true. But I am sure, you also don't know the things the ordinary people should NOT need knowing. :))

KillerT said...


So u took my challange and directly posted this attacking DefenceWire.Now what happened?

You lost maann.Go and see
or switch on any TV/radio in SL (wonder where u live).






Being Nobody said...


What do you mean good, not just good it is excellent. DW and DN aunties cant even think of it.Such elegant in is a sheer treat reading his articles. That is the only reason i come here. Even BS must be written with style!

Bravo mahen! I am your biggest fan ..have been even during your kotti-puli days.

Mahen said...

You are correct :)

We do not have any problems with DW. We are not competing either.
DW and us both stands for one objective.

What's your objective? What have you done recently for Sri Lanka?

Mahen said...

Just for your information, we said a while ago that the Govt. will declare a ceasefire / cessation of hostilities when all the areas except the NFZ were cleared. Did we not say that? We said even before the boys at got permission to say it. What we said has just happened.

By the way, this isn't a ceasefire, its a humanitarian pause. There is BIG difference. KillerT if you had listened in maths class, you will know that 48 hours = 2 days and 48 hours isn't an indefinite amount of time.

PS, Mahen isn't one person, EFT isn't run by an individual. We are a team here and we have multiple sources.

Just for your information, what you are reading isn't the real DW, we had nothing againts the original DW, the old DW just got bored and handed it over to an amateur, hence the reason you read amateur, childish and uncredible articles these days. We have a lot of respect for DN and original DW, they were always 100% accurate. Long Ranger is also 100% accurate, he brings good analysis. SF Guy at LNP is an astrologer but he does know some things. These guys were our inspiration. We will not comment on monkey blogs.

Thanks for the compliments on our writing styles, its a combination of several writing styles.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

[[48 hours = 2 days and 48 hours isn't an indefinite amount of time.]]

Agreed. But according to DLK:
the Armed Forces engaged in counter terrorists operations in the Island's Northern province to remain defensive during the Sinhala and Tamil new year celebrations that starts from tomorrow.

is Sinhala and Tamil new year celebrations = 48h?

Mahen said...


Thats the assumption, the fireworks will restart once the new year fireworks stop. FAEs will replace the buttas ;-)

Any of you think that MR and SF are chickening out are traitors.

Sam Perera said...


What is FAE?

I'm not Bhairav said...

Mahen, does FAE stand for some funny phrase like your previous EAT or LAME?

onecountry said...

"SF Guy at LNP is an astrologer but he does know some things"

That is really funny. You too sometimes predicted things using astrology. Just like SF, you too said about the capture of Poddu. Any comments? :)

perein said...

I'm not Bhairav,

or FART ....

Mekka kohenn hoyaa gannawadaa danee nahaa mee wachana bang.

I'm not Bhairav said...

My twin brother Bhairav starts being respected in Canada


Bhairav said...

In fact, Canadian police started to respect us nowadays. Many police said "vanakkam" to me in the Ottawa protest 2 days back.

April 12, 2009 10:38 AM

justavisitor said...

FAE = Fuel-Air Explosive

KillerT said...

Mahen bro,

If you think you are doing the right thing .do it.Just dont try to fool the guys.Anyway I wish u gud luck and also a very happy new year!!!

KillerT said...

What i have done for my country??

man.I v done loads and i am doing my best.Atleast I live here and serve the people unlike the so called patriots who spend luxurious lives in western countries spending what the got for free from Sl.

KillerT said...

"PS, Mahen isn't one person, EFT isn't run by an individual. We are a team here and we have multiple sources."

Its hard to believe.Then who was the Mahen who commented in DW sometime ago ?I mean before u started this ellaln thing.Was that also a team?

BTW you were v interesting those days in DW.Dat was 1 reason I started reading all the comments there.Those days all guys were fun.Every comment had humor or defence related facts.....


im outta here

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Guys, I think we should not question Mahen's posts before 4th Feb. They are BSs to fool die-ass-pora.

LRRU said...


It's raining & I suppose even if don't have a pause nothing much we could do

But by giving a puase U could make Ban Ki Moon, US & other fuckers who ask for Humanitarian Pause a chance.

Now the Ball is in LTTE's court; if Civilians didn't come during this time then it's a proof for those who asked for it that it's not a viable request. It also justifies later military involvement to free the civilians

Already Ban Ki has put pressure to LTTE to respect the pause

In war selective generosity at the right time is also a weapon much powerful than a Multibarrel

Mahinda must have consulted Gota & Sarath before the announcement

If Gota & SF is O.K we are ok becos I don't think Gota & SF will ever do anything to reverse the victories

Also Mahinda's Popularity is at the peak & 90% due to war victories

He sucks in Economy Let's talk the truth

So if he loose grip on the war sure it's a defeat for his next campaign; he will have to anyway say that he destroyed LTTE fully, then his Victory is assured in next presidential election

I trust MR, GR & SF . If they are ok with the pause I'm OK, cos they did this much NOT us, so they must be doing the best right now, let's wait & see but NOT like Ranil who thought that LTTE will be good

Finally waht I need is Vezapillai's Dead Body, after that any solution I'm up for it

Happy New Year Bloggers keep Blogging

Sam Perera said...


My suspicion is that US and UK are trying hard to twist our arms to help LTTE. This is not a time to stay still. We need to mobilize our best efforts to counter this western meddlers. This is the democratic voice of Sri Lankans these western monkeys want to meddle with while they try to preach democracy to others. Not only that, it is ok for US and UK to use all the military power they want in foreign lands for their own advantage. The message to US and UK is simple,keep you dirty hands off Sri Lanka or preach what you practice.

Miss Information said...

I don't think Mahen or the fellow at DW are very good writers (at least in English) nor do I think either have anything more than cursory information to offer in terms of providing their readers with substantive and credible insight.

I do give Mahen credit for allowing those of us who do not always agree with him to post here unfettered.

As for poor Sam and the ceasefire (ooops... it is a temporary truce I guess)... it makes good sense for the Gosl both in terms of saving lives and showing the IC, who the GoSl are somewhat capitulating to, that there is more to their grander strategy than the venomous blood-lust of folks like Sam who only see the conflict through the eyes of revenge.


Mahen said...

Hey guys,

Look at the post below, we made it to Number 11 in the list! What a delight, what an honour! We are truly humbled by this accolade, better than winning an Oscar! By the way, it was November 27th, Mahabooru Day.

Ananda-USA said...


OMG, I forgot the following seminal "false predictions":

a. B. Raman's "Stalingrad" disaster prediction for the SLA at the gates of Kilinochchi,

b. "The LTTE can never be defeated by the Sri Lanka Army" by various pundits, and

c. "There is no Military Solution to the Eelam conflict in Sri Lanka" by assorted foreign officials, LTTE, NGO and INGO pundits.

Here is the updated FULL LIST:

1. "If man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings!"...

2. "The Sun revolves around the Earth to pay homage to us!"...Christian Roman Inquisitors disabusing Galileo Galilei of evil ungodly thoughts, 1633.

3. "The Earth is Indisputably any Rational Fool can see"...International Flat Earth Societies, 400BC...revived 1956....still continuing.

4. "The Dinosaurs are now Extinct!"...CLEARLY UNTRUE as they are alive, well and thriving at my workplace!, April, 2009.

5. "Peace in Our Time!"...Neville Chamberlain referring to the infamous "Munich Agreement"; the appeasement that abandoned Czechoslovakia to Hitler's Germany, London, 30th September,1938.

6. "The 3rd German Reich will last a Thousand Years!"...the Supreme Fuhrer Adolf Hitler proclaiming the New German Nation, Berlin, 1933.

7. "Eelam will last a Thousand Years!"...the Supreme Thalaivar Veluupillai Prabhakaran...TBD.

8. "Mission Accomplished"...George W. Bush on the Iraq War, USS Abraham Lincoln off California coast, 1st May, 2003.

9. "The LTTE cannot be defeated by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces" array of foreign Military Analysts, Tamil Diaspora LTTE pundits, self-serving NGOs, and INGOs.

10. "There are no Military Solutions to the Eelam conflict, only Political Solutions," array of self-serving foreign officials pandering to their local constituencies, Tamil Diaspora pundits, paid NGOs and INGOs, and religious leaders driven my missionary agendas.

11. "LTTE Counterattack will recapture Nachchikuda by Nov. 21, 2008"....Mahen, "First Prognosticator" of the LTTE, DW blog, 2008.

12. "Kilinochchi will be Sri Lanka Army's Stalingrad!"....B. Raman, Self-Styled Indian Military Analyst and former-RAW sponsor of LTTE terrorists declaration in "Kilinochchi: The Specter of Stalingrad - International Terrorism Monitor---Paper No. 458",, 21st October, 2008.

13. "Kilinochchi will Fall only in Mahinda Rajapaksa's Dreams!" ...Maximum Generalissimo Vellupillai Prabhakaran, PTK-Vaiko Bunker, January, 2009.

14. "Our Umbilical Cord Blood Brothers in Tamil Nadu will Rescue Us!"...Maximum Thalaivar Velupillai Prabhakaran, NFZ-Ramadoss bunker, March, 2009.

15. "I am in the Wrong Business; I should be a Politician!"...King of the NFZ Vellupillai Prabhakaran, NFZ-Berlin bunker, April, 2009. Only partially false: he is indeed in the "wrong business", but he can never be a mere "politician" constrained to live by the force of democratic argument rather than the dictatorial argument of force.

Mahen said...

First clue on how Gota fooled the BBC:

onecountry said...

Look at oslo tamil hooligans attacking our embassy.

Sam Perera said...

"Look at Oslo Tamil hooligans attacking our embassy."

Welcome the next generation LTTE global terrorists. Norway after kissing terrorist butts for many years have become the newest lawless country. Thanks Norway for harboring this kind of social cancers in your country.

Rana said...

SLG has announced humanitarian pause for offensives during Sinhala and Tamil New Year. In response LTTE has gone and murdered 08 innocent civilians in a remote village. SLG should highlight this to UN and ask for compensation and not be so foolish in the future.

This is the high time that SLG rub salt thoroughly on international community’s wounds that they have inflicted themselves asking for a cease fire.

SLG should ask Ban Ki Moon, US and UK double faces as well as Norwayan dogs for an explanation on village massacre during ceasefire.

SLG, my advice be f**k with IC finish the job as quickly as possible.

--- Rana ---

Miss Information said...

Sam Perera said...

"Look at Oslo Tamil hooligans attacking our embassy."

Welcome the next generation LTTE global terrorists. Norway after kissing terrorist butts for many years have become the newest lawless country. Thanks Norway for harboring this kind of social cancers in your country.

Sam has completely lost the plot. I suspect he wouldn't know how to find Norway on a map let alone be able to judge the level of "lawlessness" he so flippantly mentions.

It is this kind of ignorant verbiage that sullies the good name of the many Sri Lankans who are not as prone to the senseless propaganda and ill-informed vitriol that sadly passes as commentary amongst the rage and revenge crowd.


JWick said...


JWick said...

Poor training of women cadre by LTTE !!

S said...

To Mahen,

I know alot of people have complimented you on your write styles etc...

i just wanted to say thanks for updating the blog so regularly, much faster than any of the other sites.

Every day when i get up, this is the first website i check!

Maskman said...

LRRU said...


I was reading the hindu/bbc and other news.

The oslo embassy attck has given bad propoganda for ltte.

It once again shows they are criminals. That is good for us.

Meanwhile Bogolla has being ordered to take the maximum propoganda by putting Norway under pressure.

The so called peaceful Norway & the so called Oslo can NOT prevent a hooligan attck & it's a big black mark to Norway not for Srilanka

perein said...

How many more earth bunds do these terras have?

1 Km Long Terrorist Earth Bund Captured

Sam Perera said...

Miss Information the Moron,

What am I supposed to say to Norway the South American country? How about something like, isn't it pretty good in Norway that LTTE terrorists have the freedom to terrorize an embassy?

Keep these two Sri Lankan cents to buy a few clues. The type clues you need are very very cheap. That is my New Year gift to you.

LRRU said...

seems like governement is getting the much needed attention from all over the world about the ceasfire.

Ball is on LTTE fuckers court, tamilnet trying to say it's an insult;

Of course you fuckers what you expect than a insult when your Fat ass saviour hides under women & children ;

Latest news BBC;

No toilets in the No Fire Zone.

100,000 pieces of shit,

Raining makes it liquid shit

Good for Prabha & his topbrass

It stinks & Prabha would die in few weeks inhaling the eellam shit rangarance

Ha ha ha ; Thalaivar the Shit Prabha

Nishan said...

Breaking news. Terror leader has announced that he will come out of the NFZ and fight SL army like a man. He is there not because he can't fight the might of SL army, but that's the only place he can get a 'kokis' and a 'konda kavum'. He has forcibly recruited (at gun point) some old women to cook these. His pots and pans are all captured by the Army. He also can't leave the shores for another country as all his certificates (8th grade pass and birth) are also in army hands now. He is preapared to negotiate his departure if Army returns them. hik hik

Being Nobody said...




Mahen said...

Hello Ladies,

We updated, see new article.

LRRU said...


today all western media says ltte is going for a ceasfire

Didn't we give them an oppotunity to make news by announcing a truce

LRRU said...

Giving Time to a Cornered enemy is the worst weapon that you can provide.

I'm getting really pissed off with mahnda; Nothing has done after the 48 hr pause.

why can't thy fire few shells to NFZ & get them atleast scared that a military onslaught is on it's way