Wednesday, 22 April 2009

All set to invade pig sty

Breaking News @ 16:55 SL time
Answering British Pro LTTE supportive MP Simon Hughes British PM said, he has spoken with the president of Sri Lanka. President has accepted aids "cross party delegation basis ".

Breaking News @ 10 BST

Daya Master surrended to SLA.
There are few more surrended (Very high ranked with LTTE) with Daya master. Once ready for the public domain will update. So please wait ....

A few days ago we did not expect that many Civilians... Now we did not expect this many LTTE gang to turn up in our door step...

Still not ready for the public domain. We need to welcome those visitors before show their faces to world.

Updated @ 16:20 SL Time
Civillian count reached 100,000.

More details to follow...

The 58th has merged with the 55th. The next stop in the unstoppable march is Valayanmadam, there the 53rd will merge too, and possibly TF8, the merger may happen tonight. Following the merger, we expect all units to march south towards VP’s bovine abode in Vellamullivaikkal. The 59th will not join the party, they will hold their defensive positions. The 59th is defending a difficult narrow front, it’s the Mullaitivu equivalent of the Jaffna MKN axis. We also expect the SBS to join in the action and support the SLA. Offensive naval manoeuvres are all set to go tomorrow. SLAF will provide CAS but may not engage in bombing missions due to the civilian factor. However, they did carry out pin point strikes yesterday using their latest arsenal of laser guided munitions. Its all systems go for the SLDF.

SF and LRRP have invaded almost all parts of the NFZ, they are running amok, its literally like a scene from the playground where big bullies are running after wimpy little boys – they are thoroughly enjoying the challenge, this is what they were waiting for.

There is some intense speculation and rumours flying around that Friday will be declared a national holiday in united Sri Lanka, as we don’t yet have any substantiated and credible information, we refuse to add fuel to the fire. BUT there is no smoke without fire, and the smoke smells like BBQ pork.



Deshal said...

…but what can they do?

LTTE is in its final hours now. They carried out the orders of their masters. Who are these masters, one might ask. It is the foreign masters who encouraged this conflict. It is the foreign masters who want to destabilize the nation so they can exploit our resources. It is those who are scared of us, building a strong and a prosperous nation.

But now LTTE gets hit back, the masters are helpless. Before Sri Lankan army started its operations in Mavil Aru, LTTE thought the masters will protect their outfit somehow. The masters thought that LTTE consists of battle hardened warriors who can withstand any attack by “conventional” Sri Lankan army. Remember, Sri Lanka is a developing country, led by corrupted leaders, who were ready to give PTOMS (internal self governance in disguise) to LTTE, a ruthless terrorist organization, with the anticipation of winning “Nobel Peace Price” (a lot of money!). Yes, they used to do anything for money, the masters thought. There was no danger to LTTE, LTTE can do anything and spread carnage.

But now just within three years, things have changed dramatically. LTTE today is just around 300 fighters, cornered and facing annihilation within next few days. All the investments by the masters and the economic refugees in the west have failed. Economic refugees who claim to be Sri Lankans but live in West have continuously pumped funds to LTTE with the anticipation of staying in the West, because the war gives them an excuse to be in the West while with the hope of purchasing a plot of land from TamilEelam, by the beach or a lagoon, build a huge wall around it (to protect their land from pestering poor – who’s kids actually fought to achieve the goal of LTTE), so they have a holiday home to fly south for the winter. The masters were after the resources including Uranium, Thorium, Titanium (the purest in the world), fisheries and oil resources. In addition, Sri Lanka is an island which is rich in water, a resource the world would fall short of by mid this century (our rainfall is five times of the global rainfall average annually). The masters no doubt have targets set on this essential resource for life. So it is profitable to divide, enrich one area while destabilizing the other, to extract the resources of the country (this is nothing new, is it?).

Now, all these plans were about to be wiped out. The masters are being questioned by the refugees, who knew that they were told not to worry because the masters are in control and they will handle everything. So LTTE, supported by refugees played hell. But now, both parties are unable to stop the “genocide” of LTTE. The refugees are protesting in Paris, Ottawa, Oslo and London. Why there and why not in Colombo? Because that’s where the masters are! Block the roads like they did in Sri Lanka, they are heard, they thought. Yes, they are heard, but what can the masters do? Nothing, nothing at all. So helpless, they say, “Rajapaksa, LTTE not heeding to our call: US”. After the war, the masters will take the side of Sri Lankan government; they will give GOSL development aid (they have already approved the IMF standby loan today!); they will praise them as saviors of SL people. Well, Sri Lankans know this already, they don’t have to tell us. But, nonetheless, they will praise the government and forces. Masters know it is always better to take the side of the winners until they get another chance to mess things up. They will wait for that; they will not hang on to a loosing organization. After all, they gave LTTE intelligence, guns, machines, technology, submarines and planes. If LTTE can’t fight with all these, what can the masters do?

Now that end is in sight, refugees will continue to demonstrate in Paris, London, Ottawa, Oslo and Sidney. They will wear black instead of red. They will scream, they will cry. Some of them even might die of heart attacks while few self immolate too. But after two weeks, the dead will be buried, the placards will be torn and these refugees will go back to their business as usual. They lost and they cannot do anything about it. No, the masters also cannot do anything about it. There is nothing anyone can do. Masters and refugees loose while Sri Lankan nation win. That’s all!

Rana said...


What say may true or may be innovative predictions from what you read else where. However, thanks for the entertainment!

One way or the other, things are going to settle down in next 3-4 days.

We can sleep well afterward, thinking about a bright future for our mother land.


--- Rana ---

LRRU said...

Thanks; cos NO news reports from battle front last 24 hrs; so, we will have to depend on Mahen; whether it's true or false

As a Policy I don't eat Pork and Beef

But I don't mind having a bite this time from this PIG

knight said...

Thanx for de Update...:)
damn bc with updates ha!..
Thnx again!!!

Puran Appu said...

Haiyo BBC. You all are like Tamil Nadu Politicians. Mey monawada mey dan kiyanne?

Bitter end for Sri Lanka's rebels? -

The end of Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war has been much predicted in recent months - not least by the government - but it seems the conflict may now finally be drawing to a close.

Bloggy Boy said...


Puran Appu said...

The funeral arrangements are ready. Only the final rites remain. And the Sri Lankan security forces are poised to carry that out too, to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and its chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Puran Appu said...

Sources said that 62 LTTE cadres, 31 males and 31 females gave themselves up last evening, claiming that they were forcibly conscripted by the LTTE.

- Bottom Line

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Thanks Mahen, let's get ready for the party.

Mahen said...

Good post. We have added your article to EFT sidebar.

SL LION said...

look at these great news!
however Mahen,so far there is no official confirmation,that Palamattalan has been seized and that the 58th and 55th have locked up.I will wait for official army-confirmation.Last evening heavy fighting has been reported from Palamattalan,let´s wait and see

Karu said...

Army map updated

Karu said...

@ SL Lion

Updated Army map confirms Mahen's cl;aim

Deshal said...

Thanks Mahen.

osza said...


Excellent work.Keep it up. Mahen too.

BTW Deshal. Are you Deshal.D.M?

LRRU said...


Latest is that France & Britain is trying to send Boats to Srilanka.

Do you think that's invading our country; I think the Governement should strongly oppose that with India, China & Russia & Fire any boats which will cross the teritorial waters of Srilanka.

The Idea is Not civilians BUT to take the Fat Pig to Britain or France

Fuck UK & France

Don't Try to meddle with us...

Puran Appu said...

France seeks to launch relief operation with Britain
France on Wednesday proposed carrying out a joint relief operation with Britain to help civilians in Sri Lanka who have fled fighting between government forces and Tiger rebels.

"We will try to launch an operation," Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told a radio interview, adding that he would discuss the plan with his British counterpart David Miliband.

Kouchner said French and British boats could be dispatched to help the tens of thousands of civilians who have fled the conflict zone "because these people are on the beaches and some are drowning at sea."

Authorities in Sri Lanka said Wednesday that 60,000 men, women and children had managed to escape over the previous two days as the government pressed on with its offensive against the rebels.

Kouchner cautioned that the proposal was still at an early stage.

"You know there have been a lot of relief operations and unfortunately, people are a bit tired of all that, as are governments," he told France Culture radio.

He also said there were no plans for a military intervention. "We have certainly not reached that point," he said.

US and Red Cross officials have raised alarm over the plight of civilians, with Washington saying it feared for the safety of 65,000 or more civilians crowded into tents and makeshift shelters on a beach on the Bay of Bengal.


Mahen said...

China and India, even the US will not allow the French and British to barge in like that.

osza said...

enna kiyapan ban. awama confiscate karala chek karala civilians lata demu

Deshal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deshal said...

Thanks osza for the comments. No, I am not Deshal D.M.

Single said...

Tamil Dispora is just another NATO (No Action, Talks Only!) when it comes to their own people.

They didn't sent a single bread to innocent people.

Our Embassy's worldwide can start a campaign by asking volunteer donations of material for these IDP's from Sri Lankan living aborad

I am sure all Sri Lankan's will contribute except Dispora (anyway Dispora is not Sri lankans now. They are either Candadians or British)

Ravana said...

Single said...

I think we should allow French and British even Des Brown to come now.

When we discuss the arrangments of visit with British way of planning, we can celebrate Vesak ):

It will over soon thatn expected. SO no harm than inviting so they can come to "United Land of Lanka"

LRRU said...

Yes, May be that comment is to satisfy DI ASS PORA; and also may be Miliband, Gordon & Des Brown cos all fuckers became Jokers & powerless in front of MR.

Now, the other small Nations would also not take UK as seriously.

If Zimbabwe said "Go hand your self" what else could others say

LOL :-)

Ragu said...

Deshal, Nice work. Please participate more often.

All the Sri Lankans deserves a break. Nobody can say anything if the gov declares a holiday. But going forward, we all have to work harder if we are to prosper as a nation. I think the first step should be to reduce the no of holidays.

I am not sure how passionate and serious we are about our job. One of my friends told me that none of the Sri Lankan news sites update during after office hours and weekends. This is an interesting observation, while other websites (news) compete very hard for traffic we seem to be not bothered.
So we need to have a major attitude change as well.


Single said...

As I said earlier Appoiting an Envoy to SL is a mistake by British Govt.

Apoointing Des Brown as that Envoy is an Insult!

LRRU said...

I agree Ragu,

Look at Daily Mirror Breaking News Comments;

During office hrs you can see many comments

But after Office hrs & During Weekends No comments at all or very few

One could be people don't work during office hrs or they don't have internet at Home....

Vajira said...

95,000 rescued up to now.. since Monday.

DoDo said...


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

France seeks to launch relief operation with Britain Is this a genuine effort to save Fatpig? Or is it a bog bone thrown at protesters.

In any case. Pressure like this would only speed up operation.

France may find nobody is on beaches as SLDF will soon rescue them.


which side of the isthmas is more fortified? NK Lagoon side? Or the sea side?

Mahen said...

There is a breaking news under same article ladies...

Vajira said...

Daya Master story is true...

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

[[Vajira said...

Daya Master story is true...]]

Wow, now our good old Austin Fernando can meet him again with a bag of fresh red apples.

Bloggy Boy said...

kimada naaawe ai naaweee tarahaweee....

kawda keewey boru keeweey mage DAYAAAAAA!!!!


SL LION said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SL LION said...

can you confirm,that Palamattalan,Puthumattalan and Ampalavanpokkanai have captured and that the 55th and 58th have linked up? can you confirm,that our troops are now on the outskirts of Valayanmadam? thanks

Bloggy Boy said...

These f*ckrs are real cowards...they order poor cadres to eat cyanide to avoid capture but do these top leaders do that?

LTTE is finished..the best news after 30 years. said...

mage eelama ada palui....

nihadai kadulai atte..

kawadawath kawe naaa mee wageee......

Sam Perera said...


We shall not allow the agents of western meddlers to come in now or future. They come here with their own agendas not so favorable to SL. We should take care of our brothers as much as possible.

Mahen said...

Blogy Boy,
That's how business works.

Bloggy Boy said...

ahoo Dayaa noditi Eelam Pura...hak..hak..

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Can we register the proverb;

Masters surrender, Slaves commit suicide

Bloggy Boy said...

Is he(fat pig) still eating well???

Mahen said...

Now.. Now Now.. Bloggy boy...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Tuition Master and Post Master

From Defence LK:

"Daya Master, a former private English tutor later joined the terrorists outfit is known to be one of the most senior member of the LTTE. He was the head of the LTTE media and propaganda machinery for years until he was sacked from his position.

George, a former postmaster in the government postal department is also known to be one of the most senior LTTE cadre. He is also a language translator of the outfit and once performed as the English translator to Thamiselvam , former LTTE "political head".

Come on guys. It is a master scramble.

Daya Master is apparently not a music master but a tuition master. And George who was denied to be a master was a postmaster.

Oh baby...

Like the Jim Pappa aka Obelix says, these pussycats are crazy.

Bloggy Boy said...

Mahen ;)

Bloggy Boy said...

STATION MASTER also surrenders..hak hak..

perein said...

2 masters in one day.
"Master Sirrr.. matta himii thannaa denawadaa" ...
Anee Sir.. Matta anukammpaa nositheedo...

Mahen said...

While all those happening, Civilian counts has reached 100,000 mark.

osza said...

Two LTTE leaders gunned down
Military confirmed two LTTE leaders, identified as Kalandan and Vijayan were killed in an attack, mounted by the troops on two LTTE cabs, proceeding ahead of the Army’s new Defence Line inside the Puthumattalan “Safe Zone".

Daily mirror

LRRU said...

Basil is Going to India......

Mahinda Must be coming up with a strategy to counter UK & France Boat rescue.

He should send somebody to China & Russia as well.

May be He could request them to joint patrols in the Srilankan seas to confiscate any un authorized boat

Bloggy Boy said...

India must be feeling safe & happy to have the best Army in the world in their neighborhood ;)

Mariyakade said...

Don't make a big deal out of Daya Master and George surrender news, just two insignificant old men. BTW there is more....

Bloggy Boy said...

guys where are those Mighty Air Tigers, Sea Tigers, Choo Tigers..etc.etc..hak...hak..

monkey said...

the sri-lankan army should proceed with caution since there are 20,000-30,000 civilians still trapped by the tigers and so in order there are minimum civilian casualties.

Also no point in any more soldiers and civilian sacrifices and also there is no time limit or scale so my advice plase proceed with caution in order that there are no civilian casulaties.

CrimeWatch said...

Mahen take your pants off ,bend down, and tell me if you see Pottu ?

he he

Mahen said...

We can not satisfy ladies like you.

cannot reval more. That name will come to forcus very soon any way!

CrimeWatch said...

remember the news of pottu crying after the recent debacle they had?

You still have time to take back your claim on pottu...

CrimeWatch said...

anyways I appreciate your work!

Mahen said...

We all have one aim. Terror free united Sri Lanka.

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for that outstanding thought. Are you Einstein?

I have the feeling that you are a western meddler who doesn't practice what you preach. If that is the case, I have a few kind words for you.

(1) Clean up your act before you preach.

(2) Your folk tongue advice is not accepted here.

(3) Learn to respect the democratic will of the people of Sri Lanka.

(4) Learn to live like a human being without that uppity attitude.

LRRU said...


Nambiar who came to Srilnka has refused to brief Security Council memebers of the outcome saying that it is "Confidential". last week back Miliband requested for an urgent report from him.

It seems Nambiar is also showing COCA to Miliband. Poor ass hole Miliband;;;;getting hit from all over the places,,,I don't think even Gordon Brown take him seriousely .....get lost

By the way I strongly feel India is Playing a double Game here,,,seems to be it is a good one for SL & India.

India also must be feeling Now why UK, France, US, Norway etc have this much of interest towards SL.

India Knows that it will get checkmate. I feel that even US keeps a blind eye...cos US can easily influence Pakistan NOT to provide military assistance to us. But they didn't.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


the sri-lankan army should proceed with caution since there are 20,000-30,000 civilians still trapped by the tigers and so in order there are minimum civilian casualties. Indeed buddy. They are taking maximum precaution. What else was slowing down the operation man. We'd have crushed the pussycats, if not for civilians.

Thanks for your advice. SLDF has done more than enough for this regard.

Also no point in any more soldiers and civilian sacrifices The whole point is because tigers do not surrender. This line should have been sent to them. SLDF is a defence force and they have the obligation of protecting its people from evil elements. So with or without soldier casualties they will achieve that. .

Actually the only party who has no more points to prove is Pussycat movement. Please send this through to them if you can.

and also there is no time limit or scale There is. You think that there is no more time limit while a lethal terror movement is alive. Come on. It is ASAP.

See, the parties who complained about civilian hostages said that their life standards are very bad. The rescued ones also approved this. So isn't it urgent that we rescue them, before diseases and malnutrition take its toll.

It is exactly what is happening.

As a side effect the pussycats will be finished and their leadership will be crushed. As a peace lover I suppose this is your dream too.

LRRU said...


Who is this Inner City Press Fucker; what's his problem with SL.....& why that fucker's news getting quoted by everybody...

SL LION said...


Maskman said...

[Mariyakade said...
Don't make a big deal out of Daya Master and George surrender news, just two insignificant old men. ]

Could not agree more. They are useless discards.
Do you know how many more civilians left?

No_MESS said...

LRRU - Inner City Press

What I wrote approx 2 months ago.
Watch This Guy…..

You must have noticed lots of anti SLG propaganda quoting “Inner City Press” - (ICP) lately. Just this weekend alone, I have seen ICP reports in Tamilnut, Sunday Times, Sunday Leader so far.

I’ve done some research, and this is what I found about ICP.

1) From Wiki:
Matthew Lee is a public interest lawyer, author and founder of two non-profit organizations, Inner City Press and Fair Finance Watch.

2) H. L. D. Mahindapala on srilankaguardian-
A new phenomenon against Sri Lanka has emerged at the UN -- Mathew R. Lee of the Inter City Press. As an accredited media representative he holds a unique position: he is only a blogger with no leading newspaper establishment to back him. He has been badgering the delegates to the Security Council UN officials, the Secretary –General, Ban Ki-Moon and his officials questioning them as to why Sri Lanka has not been put on the Security Council agenda. He feels frustrated because the general consensus is that Sri Lanka is not in the same category of other crisis-ridden trouble spots.

His partisan line of questioning has been so transparent that it is easy see through from where he comes. Obviously, the NGOs and the Tamil lobbies are feeding him with pictures and one-sided stories, which he peddles without any qualm.
Gloves on at UN to beat mounting pressures of Tiger lobbies - H. L. D. Mahindapala

3) He is a familiar face at UN press briefings. Very interested in Sri Lankan affairs. See him questioning the UN spokesperson at 16:30 on this clip.
I think he was the guy who questioned The President of the Security Council, Ambassador Takasu, about Sri Lanka, last Friday.

4) He appears regularly on, discussing UN matters and lately Sri Lanka.
See clip 1, recorded 12th Feb (SL from 11:30 onwards, you can click directly on the stories below the screen)

And Clip 2, recorded 26th Feb.

5) ICP WebsiteHe is a clever bugger, good with facts and figures and potentially more dangerous than BBC Sinhala – he is not accountable to anybody!

Last Mile said...

Names of buggers like Matthew Lee etc should be recorded and if they ever want to come to SL then arrest them at BIA.

hpbd said...

LRRU said: "Who is this Inner City Press Fucker?" Matthew Lee from Inner City Press is an independent journalist/blogger reporting from the UN.

Apparently he has made a career out of reporting on marginal issues and exposing various scandals.

Since he moved to the UN, he has "apparently" caused a storm by blogging issues related to UN staff and things that never got reported before.

He has had quite few altercations with UN spokesman during press briefings.

If you have seen all the press briefings on SL he is the only journalist to rant/irk.

The diaspora have recognised his interest in SL issue and ensures that full propaganda download prior to every press brief. i.e. "the comical chemical loaded cluster weapons (with a hint of radioactivity for good measure), which first miraculously destroys an orphanage then follows on to destroy the only local hospital taking out doctors and then for good measure destroys any church in the vicinity "

You can see a photo of him here:

I necessary don't think he is tiger supporter. He himself said tigers are a terror organisation. Also the fact that he doesn't feel comfortable/agree when the Tamil protesting at the UN are chanting his name and waving tiger flags.

He is one of these irritating journalist who feel that they actually contributing to a democratic way of governance.

These marginal characters wield away their entire life trying to uphold perceived justice and democratic values. But in reality contribute or change very little and are never taken too seriously!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Last Mile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mahen said...

NO more bull allowed.
Therefore we have deleted your comment.

Sam Perera said...


"Answering British Pro LTTE supportive MP Simon Hughes British PM said, he has spoken with the president of Sri Lanka. President has accepted aids "cross party delegation basis"."

What is "cross party delegation basis?" Who are the parties in this context. Do you have any more information about this?

hpbd said...

Sam: What is "cross party delegation basis?"Most Pro Tamil MP's are either Labour or Lib Dem. They primarily represent various ghetto boroughs in greater London. Ghetto in the sense large ethnic/tamil electorate.

Conservatives are less likely to win these seats and don't bother about issues related to these minorities and their roots. Very rarely would you see high profile conservative MP's commenting on Sri Lanka.

Hence the cross party issue tactic to negate the voices of MP's/parties aligned with Tamils.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

What I liked about Mahen is his "Pottu Surrendered Story"!

It made a world-sensation which shook the whole LTTE Die-Ass-Pora establishment. That's when most of the LTTE supporting Die-Ass-pora started thinking twice. You opened their eyes as well as all their exists, and SL Army kept the momentum going. So, now their everything is open!

CrimeWatch asks to bend down and see whether you see Pottu. SCheck out, CrimeWatch is bending down in front of you opening all the exists for you to see whether you could see Pottu!

Today we hear your friend Editor Badrinath AKA Daya Master has surrendered. What Gringo says is right. Hammer they hard, they come to senses!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

You have deleted CJ's comments, but has left his other handle's comments SlLion!

Mango said...

The Future, as foreseen by experts who were unable to predict what's happening now!This is the kind of article we can expect to see from the Western 'liberal' press & BBC for the next few years.

The same old bollocks about an 'illusory victory', already predicting failure for the post-war phase, the same old discredited drivel from HRW, no recognition at all of the incredible performance of our armed forces.

These people will never, ever admit that sometimes a crushing military victory over secessionist terrorists is necessary before making an equitable peace.

It asks us to 'listen to its' friends'. The obvious answer is with friends like the UK, who needs enemies? :)

I'm going to keep repeating myself, but GOSL must make available immediately, the best proponents of its case, to battle with the Western bloc media. The PR battle is now even more important than the military battle, thankfully being won by the sacrifice of our forces.

If nothing else, Tamil Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka deserve better representation. Currently, only the Eelamtard Diaspora PR machine claims to speak for them. The Western bloc public and large sections of its political class believe them rather than GOSL.

KillerT said...

.........ORBAT updated!!!!!!!!!

LRRU said...

Any news on UN security council briefing

What would be the repurcussions

Sam Perera said...

Hilary Clinton is now cashing the checks she received from the group called Tamil Terrorists for Hillary. The more she cash the checks the more she blather.

Sam Perera said...

Hillary Clinton has started speaking for the entire world all of a sudden as a result of money given by Tamil Terrorists for Clinton. Who gave this woman the right to speak for the entire world. Is she aware of our previous efforts to end this conflict with LTTE through negotiations. We must say in the loudest possible terms that the entire world is disappointed about her pro terrorist rants these days. Practice what you preach Hillary, you are not welcome in Sri Lanka.

""I think that the Sri Lankan government knows that the entire world is very disappointed that in its efforts to end what it sees as 25 years of conflict, it is causing such untold suffering," Clinton told lawmakers, referring to the thousands of civilians trapped in the war zone."

Mahen said...

Just want to remind you guys of EAT,TEA, TEAS, TINA and LAME Corps.

Sam Perera said...


Mahen said...

How about a couple of Lion beers and pork devilled for bites?

Sam Perera said...

It is on my tab if it is true.

Mahen said...

Check our archives back in the day when we took the dieasspora for a ride and right royally messed with their minds.

Mahen said...


Sleep easy,all will be revelead (by Friday hopefully).

Mahen said...

Those who guess what EAT,TEA, TEAS, TINA and LAME is will be offerred a prize, of the singularis porcus nature.

Mahen said...

Good night and good morning all.

Sam Perera said...


This isn't a time to sleep well. I never sleep during the last few minutes of world cup finals. Anyway, Lion Lager is in the cooler already. I bought tomatoes, pepper, chilies, etc in anticipation of cooking the world's best deviled pork dish.

Mahen said...

We never sleep.
But we expect you to catch some sleep.

Might get Pork Ribs for Breakfast. Do not call it too heavy.

Mango said...


The Eelam Agricultural Team (EAT) pun made me suspect that you weren't a fully paid up member of the Eelam Dram Team.

A packet of Elephant House pork sausages will do fine:)

Anonymous said...

/I think that the Sri Lankan government knows that the entire world is very disappointed that in its efforts to end what it sees as 25 years of conflict, it is causing such untold suffering," Clinton told lawmakers, referring to the thousands of civilians trapped in the war zone./

What this bitch knows about the entire world?

Anonymous said...

/They lost and they cannot do anything about it. No, the masters also cannot do anything about it. There is nothing anyone can do./

Well, masters actually used LTTE to keep SL unstable and under their control. And LTTE failed. "Failed state" is winning. Masters will try some thing else to run their agenda. Their disappointment for the defeat of LTTE was clear if you see how UK, USA (Hila-ri), Norway, Canada, France and rest in their camp say. They will try to do some thing.

hemantha said...

An Al Jazeera Video

click here.

hemantha said...

UN news from an enemy point of view.

click here.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Finally, the truth is winning!!!

Tamil Tigers must surrender: UN Security Council1 hour ago

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) — Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka must surrender and allow civilians trapped in the battle zone to leave, the UN Security Council president said Wednesday.

"We demand that the LTTE immediately lay down arms, renounce terrorism, allow a UN-assisted evacuation of the remaining civilians in the conflict area, and join the political process," Claude Heller, of Mexico, told journalists after an informal Security Council meeting.

The council president, speaking on behalf of the 15 members, said they "strongly condemned the LTTE, a terrorist organization, for the use of civilians as human shields and for not allowing them to leave the area."He said that council members also insisted that the Sri Lankan government abide by international humanitarian law on allowing aid access to refugees.

The meeting was not a formal session of the Security Council and the president's statements were non-binding.

Copyright © 2009 AFP

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

According to DW, 50k more civilians are yet to come. Also, 300-400 pussies are also there in the 12km2 strip. Remaining tasks are not that easy.

Puran Appu said...

Army knows where Prabha is- Army Chief
Army Chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka has told the BBC that troops knew the "general area" where LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was hiding and that "action will be taken to destroy him".

Prabhakaran was hiding near the coast, Lt Gen Fonseka said.

The general said only 300-400 Tamil Tiger fighters remained, but there may be 700 "forcibly armed" people in rebel bunkers.

The government has said that a pause in fighting is not necessary because additional consignments of food, medicine and other essentials have been dispatched to the war zone.

It says that the rebels are a "spent force" confined to an area no bigger than 12 sq km (five square miles).


Sinhabahu said...

CrimeWatch said...

remember the news of pottu crying after the recent debacle they had?

You still have time to take back your claim on pottu...

22 April 2009 12:45

Authenticity of the Pottu Story
Since major ops are nearing its end i will say this.Did it ever occurred to you that pottu story might be a psy op by MI(Military Intel)

whether pottu is actually captured or not is irrelevant now.The story it self served its intended purpose didn't it.It confused the entire diaspora.think how can the LTTE counter this claim probably by publishing a dated photograph of pottu near a current land mark say puthu (im referring to a place which was still under control of LTTE when the pottu news broke out)or showing pottu in attendence at a recent welknown publisised event of LTTE.both senarios are unlikely even if it did do you ever think LTTE will publish a recent photograph of pottu if they have the iota of intelligence they wont. so the story served its purpose irrespective of the authenticity of the same

Confusion can wreck havoc

LRRU said...

India Knows that it will get checkmate. I feel that even US keeps a blind eye...cos US can easily influence Pakistan NOT to provide military assistance to us. But they didn't.

22 April 2009 12:55


Political balance & foreign policies It seems like the double game is played by USA not india

as for india it burned its fingers and learnt its lesson by meddling with SL ( by fostering the most ruthless terror organization in its infacany and by trying to contain it and getting bitten by it)so more or less they maintain a hands off Sri Lanka Approach.that does not mean india is not helping us intel is shared it just do not want to destabilize itself so they had a cautionary approach and did not offer any support which could have the potential to destabilize its internal politics.

The US in the other hand talks one thing and dose something else our major arms suppliers are Ukraine ,israil, pakistan & china US has more than enough influence over israel and pakistan to block military supply's to sri lanka

Certain israil made weapons use US technology so point is clear i suppose transfer of technology to israil is under condition when arems are sold to other countries US vets it

The US never blocked any military aid to SL all though they did not sell directly to us rest of the technology transfer happend since it was not in the lime light navy seals trained with SL NAVY there were joint exercises

as of their vocal side making statements i do'not wanna comment here in public as my personal opinion borders a conspiracy theory but the questions to ask would be is a destabilized south asia (India & Pakistan ) is it in the best interest of US?

The strength Sri Lanka has is Sri Lanka is not considered a hostile nation by any political block of the world whether its middle east, western, eastern or east European this is the untold secret of our success i strongly believe we should maintain this stance and we the Sri Lankans would be a force to recon with in the geo political arena in future as a true Non aligned country possibilities are endless.

dinky winky

Puran Appu said...

China & Russia again blocked a UN security council discussion on Sri Lanks.

UUMMMMaaaahhhh... Thank you China & Russia. We love YOU.

Fernando said...

When I see all videos showing children and parents escaped from LTTE areas I feel very sad. They didn’t want to be treated by somebody as beggars. They don’t need our sympathy. They are same as us and need to be treated with dignity. GOSL together with all people of SL must find a way to start their normal life (Physically and mentally) as soon as possible. It is our duty and they have all the right to demand it from us. In past we (our leaders selected by us) had done many mistakes making this suffering on them. We (our leaders) didn’t solve this problem due to various personal and international agenda’s.

Diyasena said...

Sam Perera said...
Hilary Clinton is now cashing the checks she received from the group called Tamil Terrorists for Hillary. The more she cash the checks the more she blather

patriots in america..try and approach the republicans to expose this duplicity..Try and contact Rush Limbaugh..He holds significant clout in the party and would love to know taht the neo-liberal Hillary is comitting fellatio for a banned terrorist group..

Puran Appu said...

Aljazeerath dan ape paththe

LRRU said...

UN Says to Surrender;

That is Better than they are asking us to stop the offensive.

How ever I don't want Prabha to surrender; He will surrender either to IN or Red Cross;;;after that He bcomes a Prisoner and Amnesty/HRW fuckers will start protecting his rights.

DI ASS PORA will have a challenge to Unite to get him out of the prison;;;;also psychologically they will have their Sun God to continue the fight

Also since MR told he is going to Give Prabha to India;;;;he will have keep his word for credibility.

But if he is given to India;;;since Toilet Nadu is a key alley chances of him getting a soft treatment is high.

May be for political gains Rahul Gandhi might go and talk with him just like he did with the Sucide Bomber recently

All in all surrender is GOOD, Killing Prabha is the Best...

May be our police might do a special operation

"While taking Prabha to the crime scene he try to grab the pistol of one of the police offices and police immediately reacted and shot;;later he succmed to his injuries..further investingations are continuing........

Gayan said...

France seeks to launch relief operation with Britain to save the fat pig!!

උන් දැන් ඇවිල්ලා බම්බු ගහන්නද??
මෝඩ රැල!!

Velavan Master said...

Fernando, well said. Please share if there are ways we can help.
We need to look after the families of the dead and injured soldiers too, but these people look really helpless. Breaks my heart to see them carry their worldly possessions in a bag and go through hell to get out of the tiger barbarian's grip. They haven't had proper meals for a while, the tigers have hoarded all the food given as aid.

osza said...

hmm worried about the silence. Mahen whats up?

LRRU said...

BBC said "Tamil Tigers Urged to Surrender"

After 10 minutes they have changed the heading ;it says

"Tamil Tigers Urged to End Fight"

May be they want to give some respect to LTTE .....LOL :-)

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

From DLK:

Kouchner in Sri Lanka

The French Foreign Minister according to an Island Report of 23.4.09 has suggested a foreign coastal intervention to render assistance to the persons fleeing form the clutches of the LTTE. This could well be a last minute effort to save Prabhakaran from facing consequences for 30 years of terrorist activity. The report further states that Kouchner is seeking British assistance. It is well known that Prabhakaran is trapped and in a few days would be apprehended. At present, Prabhakaran can be saved only by a naval exercise and probably this is uppermost in the mind of the French Minister Kouchner.

It is interesting to dwell into Kouchners background in Sri Lanka. He was in Sri Lanka as an so-called ' Eminent Person' to observe the proceedings at the Presidential Commission. While holding this position, charged into a chamber of a Magistrate in the Eastern Province and demanded to read the proceedings in a case record. This was a matter outside his powers especially to intimidate judicial officers. Thereupon he went on to examine the case records which was a not function entrusted to him. It has drawn critical comment from some of the Commissioners for usurping power.

Counsel who appeared for the Army, Mr Gomin Dayasri who immediately on appearance noted the prejudices the Eminent Persons had against the armed forces. He was extremely critical of their conduct and the Eminent Persons soon withdrew from the proceedings after the appearance of Mr Gomin Dayasri. Before they left they criticised the Commissioners and later revised their opinion to display their inconsistency.

Mr Kouchners loyalty to the LTTE had surfaced prior to the recent incident

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Fatpig's fate

Surrender is the biggest possibility of survival and worst possible outcome. A flee/rescue by foreign vultures is better as that does not come up with a possible end of road. SL can outcast Fatpig from local affairs and make him a fugitive who's demanded till his death.

Surrender may end up with a prison term and a pardon one day. After that he can enter politics like a pretending Mandela.

Nothing like a BBQ isn't it?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Any chance to hear about a merge of 53rd and 58th? How far are they apart?

SL LION said...

guys,actually the 53th and 58th are engaged in heavy fighting near the village Valayanmadam and Ampalavanpokkanai in the north and center of the NFZ. Several hundred LTTE-gangsters are putting up fanatic resistance to stop our troops. Our army expects the complete capture of these two villages in 24 hours after overwhelming the resistance and demining the area. In my opinion we have to expect even more resistance in the south of NFZ. I think,that the end of the war will come in circa two weeks,bu ti hope,it will happen earlier.But we have to expect heavy fighting in the last eight kilometers of coastline

SL LION said...

My rumours are officially confirmed

Bloggy Boy said...

Mahen, mokakda ban karanne???? meka update karapanko ikmanata... :P ;) :)

Mahen said...

SL Lion is spot on with what he said.

We will try to include bit more into our next upcoming article.

Mahen said...

Waitting time be bit more longer than this weekend ladies.
This is not a 20/20 :)

osza said...

SF @ LNP says

Unexpected resistence was encountered for the last two days folks for the 58...

as reported before the ltte has close to 2000 hardcore cadres remaining, but contrary to calculated expectations,put up stiff resistence to the davancing troops and a much expected link up planned for yesterday evening was called off in a pitched battle where even elements of what remains of the sea tigers also were reported to have participated...we were suprised to find out that the sea tiger strngth was also much more than previously speculated,so they had plans and had prepared for the worst to hold on at any cost till the indian general elections are over...

we are not in aposition to speak about the mission details but the readers can rest assued that its only a matter of hours now with the ltte using its last reserves both men and material wise...and three offensive divisions are expected to link up soon while its fair to say that one was totally bogged down yesterday given the situation...

as far as the surrendees are concerned be assured that what you have heard is as usual only the tip of the ice burg...we unfortunatly cannot do much abt that now for you...will hear all that officially soon...its difficult to update frequently as officially now it's a strict policy of no information at all to be given out.planners are regretting even wide publicity given to the recent influx of civilians as it has reasonably destabilized the situation to our disadvantage...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Thanks Mahen and SL Lion.

Mahen said...

All the Sri Lankan should help those fellow Sri Lankan Civilians who lost all most everything including love once.

Please be still vigilant. Do not underestimate the terrorists.

Mahen said...

There is an extra zero with given hardcore LTTE numbers :)

osza said...

ok mahen. lol

SL LION said...

my army-friend in Mannar just told me,that in these hours heavy street-and house fighting takes place in the villages Ampalavanpokkanai and Valayanmadam,two of the last four LTTE-held-villages.Last evening the LTTE started a fierce counter offensive and managed to retake Amapalavanpokkanai for a short time,but now our heroic troops are conducting a fresh major push to seize the area. The actual problem is the linkup of the 53th with the 58th,because the 53th is actually bogged down on the A-35 due to heavy mining of the road and the surrounding areas.But don´t be concerned,brothers,the end is near,it´s the last breath of the bandits,they fight to death.It´s good for us,that they didn´t give up the conventional warfare months ago as i expected it.They have decided to fight to the end and this is very bad for them,because they will not be able to launch a big guerilla-war in the future.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...


Umba kiyanne aththa bawa oppu karanna karunakarala me post ekata reply ekak dapan. Kalin hitiya umba wage ekata nam sinhala ba.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

UN secret talks on SL It's all until we have the BBQ.

My biggest concern is; will they articulate a surrender. If so we also have no choice but to accept it.

We should stop calling for surrender or clear out a time frame for it. After such dates there is no surrender. Death all the same.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Api me hillary kellata mokada karanne? Email tikak liyamuda?

At 50+ she still has a look worthy few emails. Huh...

Mahen said...


Umba kiwwe dey hari, balamu apey SL sinhaya umbage post ekata utthara dei dha kiyala? Api oota podi test ekak damma, dakkadha? Boruwata ooge post ekak credibility damma api. Api hitanne moo kotiyek kiyala.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Uu kotiyek thamayi. DW eke hitiye. Uge salasuma thamayi;

- aththa kiyaa namak dina ganeewa
- kramayen boruwata haraveema
- loku bioruvak kiya prasidda kireema.

Oka dan nondi wela inne.

Man uuta hondin salakanawa aththa kiyanakam. Muu kudellek wage.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News...

SL Lion AKA CJ was informed by his army friend in Mannar that his lost two balls were seen for the first time by army 53 division.

S said...

SL sinhayage kalin weda balanna puluwan "" "" post deka athara thiyana cj liyapu comments wala.

Ian said...

Mahen said...

Umba kiwwe dey hari
Mahen sinhala therenne nethi widihata neda hityiye mechchara kalayak?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

/Mahen sinhala therenne nethi widihata neda hityiye mechchara kalayak?/

He found a friend who knows sinhala and it seems his sinhala tutoring has gone well.. (minihata varadial sinhalen dapu comments kalin put gala delete kara.) I am still waiting to see what Editor Badrinath will do..!! This diASSpora donkeys and LTTE cyber monkeys are so funny..

Anonymous said...

I am really missing Dr Navindarn's exchange rate report.

Also, Col Upul's "LTTE annihilated all SLA few mins ago, peelaam will come few mins later" inside info report (comic dose).

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Well we all miss the homo dravidians...

Anonymous said...

# This might explain why not killing VP could be helpful SL in long term.

Also, you goa love all those self immolations, hunger strikes, genocide protests and finally end up in a jail in a developed country..

DBSJEYARAJ RESPONDS: Dont give me this sanctimonious nonsense. Dont blame the postmen for bringing bad news. You are utterly wrong in calling me indifferent or you dont know the meaning of the word. Is there ANY journalist who has written so consistently about the Tamil cause as I have? Not LTTE but Tamil.But then how many of you supported me publicly when I criticised the LTTE openly and urged them to change course?

Dont blame others for the Tamil predicament. The current crisis is mainly due to Velupillai Prabhakaran. How many times have I written urging the LTTE to do “this” or not do “this”in the interests of the Tamil people? What did I get? Continuous bashing by tiger supporters, physical assaults, intimidation, threats, abusive telephone calls, emails, anonymous letters, vilification campaign, the stopping of the newspaper I edited etc.How many of you sanctimonious cats expressed solidarity then?

My right of free speech and free expression was severely curtailed by the LTTE and goons. Except for a few souls (For whom I have the greatest regard) no Tamil sympathised let alone supported me. Now you guys are preaching to me about “journalism” and how to practise it.

In the open letter I wrote after my paper was stopped I stated that the LTTE is causing the greatest harm to the Tamil people and challenged tiger stalwarts to a public debate. No response but for threats, vilification and intimidation.

Yet when Anton Balasingham approached me in 2000 and requested my support to get the LTTE ban lifted I responded positively. I did so ONLY because he PROMISED me that the LTTE will enter negotiations and opt for a settlement within a UNITED Sri Lanka. So I backed the LTTE despite angering many friends. I did so ONLY because I wanted the tigers to settle politically thereby emancipate the Tamils. But they DEFAULTED and I resumed criticising the LTTE

Did I not ask the LTTE to give up an unwinnable war and go in for a negotiated settlement umpteen times? Were people of your ilk supportive then? You guys mortgage your minds and souls to the LTTE and now cry out for the people? Yet you go and demonstrate with tiger flags and chant “our leader Prabhakaran” How hypocritical and stupid.

Did I not argue strongly that the LTTE should mend fences with Karuna in the long term interests of the Tamils? Did I not repeat again and again that the LTTE should stay the course and not abandon the negotiating table? Did anyone listen? Even on Mahinda government’s ruthlessness did I not plead with the LTTE not to enforce a boycott and enable a racist regime to emerge?The shameless LTTE got just 180 million rupees from Basil.This is the price of betrayal. So who is responsible So if you are in the blame game start with Prabakharan and do so under your own name.

I am like a father who warns his son that he would crash his exam if he keeps on playing instead of studying. But he passes with flying colours. Will the father be sad that what he predicted did not happen. No he would be happy to have been proved wrong. On the other hand if the boy does crash will the father be happy that what he said came true. No he will only be sad at what has happened notwithstanding his warning coming true. I am in that position.

Even on the current crisis it was I who WARNED of a forthcoming HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE long before all the media and human rights organizations and NGO’s did. But did anyone pay heed? You tamil supporters of LTTE thought the Thalaiver was going to let the army in and whack them. Now you run around like headless chickens.

If the Tamil people are to extricate themselves from this morass they must first recongnize and acknowledge that Prabhakaran has brought them to disaster. That will be the beginning of redemption and renaissance. Instead if they persist in supporting this man who has done the greatest damage to the Tamil people I can see no way out. The comic scenes of waving tiger flags and shouts of our leader with Praba’s portrait makes me think that we have no future at all.


“Theethum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaaraa”.

Usually I keep these thoughts bottled up inside me and remain passive to all the bullshit said about me by all you so-called Tamil patriots but somehow you succeeded in making me erupt. God bless you


Anonymous said...

Col. Bhairav at Begaltoday..

/Bhairav said...

Why LTTE prevents these folks going int hands of SLA barbarians is not secret to any Tamil that SLA who often rape the women and kill the Tamil youth who take refuge with them./

So why LTTE preventing (i.e. Shooting at any one trying to escape) is to prevent these tamils getting gang raped and killed by SLA. But still 100,000+ civilians escaped to SLA area.. Col Bhairav (very smart huh..) should be thinking what a desire these folks have to get raped by SLA poras..

Ian said...

Tamil grievances/cause

If Tamils need/demand a separate country or a federal state with police powers as a solution to the so called 'grievances' then I don’t think Sri Lankans would agree to that.

There are grievances in Sri Lanka that are not specific to a race. These common grievances are 'abused' or highlighted as Tamil grievances. Almost all not so privileged people in Sri Lankan (Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims) have the same grievances.

Hence it is my belief that finding solutions to these common grievances at this crucial time would help all communities and put our country on a path of development.

(a) To restore the competitive examinations and influence free selection process for all state jobs.

(b) To allow private sector to increase the capacity of higher education and implement a higher education loan scheme similar to that of developed countries. This loan scheme can be state funded and disbursed through the banking system and payments to be made from the employment income.

(c) To eliminate the hurdles of employment creation such as termination of employment acts of 1971 for future employees and encourage creation of jobs. Nationally recognize the entrepreneurs who create jobs.

(d) Implementing changes to the laws to depoliticize the education, local government, land and land allocations and other resource allocations.

(e) Expanding the Teaching few subjects in schools in English language that would enhance the use of a link language and also useful in obtaining employment etc. This will also reduce the gap between the elite and non-elite (to an extent)

Making the changes now and making them publicly will be good as the eyes of the world is on us and anyone would see that these changes address most of the grievances of Tamils and everyone.

LRRU said...

Oh!! Shit seems like Our guys are getting wacked

Silence is Unusual;;;;;I was expecting many surrendees & deaths by today evening;;;and it was a very dull day like the new yaer ceasfire

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

ප්‍රනාන්දු (Fernando) said,

It is our duty and they have all the right to demand it from us.

Tell me, who do you mean when you say ”..they..” and who do you mean when you say ””. I suppose you mean the Tamils and the Sinhalese. You also contradict yourself when you say the Innocent Tamil people trapped in NFZ do not need our sympathy, and the next breath you offer them sympathy by saying nonsense like “..they have all the right to demand..”.

Have you lived in a pre-war Sri Lanka? Do you remember what Sri Lanka/Ceylon was like in the 60s and 70s? Were you in existence when a typical government office in Colombo had more Tamil senior staff than other ethnic groups? If not, I excuse your stupid comments.

Let me tell you something my Portuguese friend, the Tamil people have no right to demand anything from the rest of the country - the rest of the country does not have the right to demand from itself. We are all one people under one nation. Sri Lanka has a responsibility to look after all its people equally well and no one ethnic group has a right to demand anything from Sri Lanka over and above other ethnic groups be it majority or minority.

@ All,

Fernando is still thinking in terms of “us and them”, the same mistake the Tamils of Sri Lanka has been making for 100s of years. The Tamils of Sri Lanka found it more difficult than the Sinhalese to break down this “us and them” attitude. Being a minority, the Tamils created ghettos. As a result they felt they are being discriminated against when facts and statistics showed quite the opposite, within education, employment and other sectors of Sri Lankan community. I.e. the Tamil population was a mere 18% of total population but the percentages of Tamils within education (universities) and positions within the establishment (civil service, government and private sectors) were much higher than 18%. Now I am not saying it is wrong. If the Tamil people work hard and achieve these positions; then well done, I say. Those who are qualified must be given the opportunity regardless of their ethnicity.

The reluctance of Tamil people to open up to other ethnic groups within Sri Lanka caused them to create an inward looking (ghetto) mentality. My observation is that the Tamil community had superiority or an inferiority complex (one complex being the other standing on its head). They felt comfortable only within their own company. They bought and sold only from/to other Tamils as much as possible, etc. etc. Have you ever heard of the “Thesavalamay” law where only Tamil people could own property in certain parts of Sri Lanka? A Sinhalese or Burgher person cannot buy property in Jaffna, for example. This is gross discrimination against other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, but the majority tolerated it for years and gave the “benefit of the doubt” to the minority Tamils. Unfortunately the Tamils were PUSHING THEIR LUCK when Amirthalingam’s TULF promised them a separate utopian state, the perfect solution to Tamil people’s grossly exaggerated if not imaginary ethnic problem.

I am not justifying Sinhala nationalistic rubbish some politicians brought up mainly to win votes of majority Sinhalese. I do condemn Sinhala/Buddhist bigotry as much as condemn Tamil bigotry. In any community you find bigots. What I am saying is the Tamil people had no justified reason to revolt or engage in an armed conflict to achieve a separate state. There is absolutely no grounds for a separate Tamil state for a mere 18% population.

I am sure we all agree with most of what I am saying. We need to re-evaluate how we erase ethnic divisions/hatred/prejudices/bickering in a post LTTE Sri Lanka (soon to be created by our brave SLDF!), while celebrating ethnic, cultural and religious diversities with mutual respect.

The bottom line is – no separate state, no division of Lanka. We have to learn to live side by side in harmony in ONE SRI LANKA. There is no “us and them”, we are all “US”.

Down with the LTTE! Down with ghettos!

LRRU said...

Finally Gota has told BBC that he is expecting the thing to be over in next 3/4 days.

He might be knowing Best!!!!

So Guys......Let's NOT expect any Indian Parippu or British Boats invading our land

LRRU said...

Guys, Tamilnut has given UP Eelam.

Now they are the Protectors of Catholic parishes

Ha ha ha ha..........

May be he want to get a rescue mission from Vatican

How silly these fuckers could be...

Any way " Gilena minihata Piduru gahath Lokui ne"

These are called desperate propoganda

Anonymous said...

Like it or not the truth is those civilians in wanni was used by;

1. LTTE to fight their bogus freedom struggle
2. DiASSpora to keep their refugee visa (you figt and die, we live in luxary.)
3. TN jokers to shout in elections
4. INGOs, NGOs. HR heros to do business and earn money
5. India, USA, UK, EU etc to put their hand in the name of HRs.

These people should remember SLA who sacrifices their lives to end the cycle and rescue them.

Ian said...

Ninja said...
Like it or not the truth is those civilians in wanni was used by;


Well said. That’s the truth! GOSL should include the rescued civilians to their target audience for communications. The rescued civilians should know what their 'brothers' did in other countries to lengthen their sufferings for selfish reasons.

We should also communicate to them in leaflets etc. why we have to be careful and why there are checks in IDP camps etc. Many more things (truths) to communicate to them to ensure that they will never ever support the selfish organizations and people.

Mahen said...

Biling is a better than goraka and siyambala when cooking black pork curry.

Sam Perera said...


I have biling also. Please bring in the meat to turn it to deviled pork of the millennium. I have Lion Lager already stocked up. I can get some Carlsberg, Gal Arakku, Mendis Special, Black Label, and even katu kambi or Dankotuwa Special if the meat is on the way.

Sam Perera said...

All patriots,

I am little bit baffled by the silence from battle front. There are some rumors that there was stiff resistance in certain parts including a civilian free zone. What is more baffling is that why SLDF can't simply turn that civilian free area in to dust. For example, Ampalavokkana and Valayanmadam have no civilians at all and we should be able concentrate all the fire power and armour we want in to that area. Why is the silence? I hope that this is another PTK encirclement story.

Anonymous said...

/Statement diplomacy and behind the screen deliberations of Colombo, India, and the International Community are heading for tacit UN approval for the Tamil genocide in the island of Sri Lanka, news reports indicate. The stand taken by the UN Security Council, and also echoed by the US state department Wednesday, welcoming the capture and detention of tens of thousands of Tamil civilians by the Sri Lanka Army is the first step of direct approval for the genocide, Tamil circles said. All this time they were indirectly approving the killing of civilians by shelling and starvation to lead to their capture. By twisting the ethnic-oriented humanitarian situation as an issue of ‘terrorism’, the UN is approving the genocide, the Tamil circles said./

What is this "tamil circle"? Do they have "tamil square", tamil straight line", "tamil traingle", "tamil parabola", etc etc..?

Ian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ian said...


You waited 30 years and now can't wait for 30 hours??

Haha Kidding mate! I am impatient too. Our boys will do the trick. Don't worry. Please add DCSL OLD ARRACK to the stock too.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

[[You waited 30 years and now can't wait for 30 hours??]]

Ala bahinakan iwasanna puluwan, ala thembenakan thama iwasanna beri!!!

Being Nobody said...


Oya monawahari tikkak ekathu karala mekka update karapan ban.
Ubata witharaii 24/7 mee wade karranna pulluwan.

Mahen said...

Ladies, Mr Naatukanda and Bathang Appu,

See new article, short update - not what everyone is expecting.