Wednesday, 15 April 2009

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Not that business was ever not as usual, the New Year celebrations were a breather and an opportunity for the SLDF to celebrate their victories thus far (and of course to indulge in a bit of morale boosting activities in a modest way at this festive time). The 48 hour ceasefire is considered to be a reasonable compromise under the circumstances and it did appease some international pressure mongers. The political and military leadership are working together to work out optimum and timely strategies taking into careful consideration both military and political criteria inherent in conflicts of this nature. They are keen to address issues raised in all arenas (military, political, financial, economical, etc.) of this continuing humanitarian/military operation.

New joint ops are being carried out between the three armed forces (SLA, SLN & SLAF) targeting high profile LTTE hideouts in the NFZ. These targets include newly built sand/earth bunds and bunkers. As always, the SLDF are following a strict “Zero civilian casualty” policy.

Sri Lanka Navy is on high alert in order to prevent any top LTTE leaders escaping by sea. There were some heavy sea clashes earlier today (15-Apr) involving two stealth LTTE boats. These were designed and built with a low profile to avoid radar detection. Both craft, which tried to infiltrate to Mulathivu area were destroyed comprehensively by the SLN. Among captured weapons were a SAM and a MPMG. All terrorists onboard two craft were killed in Navy fire. This shows the effectiveness of Navy’s defence lines at sea; well done SLN!

There have been reports of suicide attacks against the infantry units. SLA is on alert and are prepared for more of these as the LTTE are left with no options. Watchful soldiers have already thwarted a few suicide attacks; on occasions individual soldiers sacrificing their lives to save their comrades.

Large amounts of hardware have been found in liberated areas recently (30mm HMG, large catch of T56 guns, hundreds of 60mm & 81mm mortar bombs, etc). These findings will continue and increase as intelligence continues to trickle in. However, SLA believes that the LTTE are stocked up with hardware and ammo for them to last several more months. The main problem for the LTTE is the low morale of their cadre, including some senior ones. With a view to “hit where it hurts” SLA are currently attacking pre identified strong points in NFZ further demoralising the tigers. SLA are expecting many will surrender as the tri-force offensives intensify.

EFT predicts 58 Division to progress towards Ampalavanpokkanai, Task Force 8 to advance along the A35 and Division 53 to press on between Putumattalan and Valayanmadam.


Sam Perera said...

"Sam P,

What is "maha booro enda"? Animal, fruit or vegetable? Film or Novel?"


It can be any of above. However, what I meant it to be is the bed of Viilupundey the big jackass.

Mango said...

What this proves is that estimates given by GOSL of LTTE's combat capable cadres can be discounted. Even with their most experienced elements & leadership destroyed, they still have just enough cadres to keep the SLA busy and at bay, but not forever.

How are these earth bunds being built? By forced civilian labour or mechanical diggers etc. If it's the latter, are the machines being 'protected' by a civilian screen to prevent attacks by the SLAF?

And how many more boats do the Sea Tigers have? They certainly appear to have a near inexhaustible supply of the damn things! Where are they being hidden? Does the SLA have infra-red detection capability to spot these vessels?

Sam Perera said...

Why don't we destroy all boats beached or docked in the area if they are visible?

onecountry said...

I dont think tigers are stupid enough to keep the boats docked. They can hide them on land or among other fishing boats. Big ones are always on trailors.

Sam Perera said...

There are not many places to hide them any more.

Puran Appu said...

Short Sri Lanka truce over, doors open to final fightBy C. Bryson Hull

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's two-day holiday fighting pause ended on Wednesday with the Tigers saying soldiers had begun an offensive, which the military denied but said it was now free to begin a final assault to crush the 25-year war.

The Sri Lankan military says only 1,000 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels remain, and accuse the fighters of holding around 100,000 civilians as human shields.

In less than three years, the military has retaken 15,000 square km (5,790 sq mile) from the separatists and pushed them into 17 square km (6.6 sq mile) of coastal coconut groves, where commanders expect to end a war that began in 1983.

The pro-rebel website on Wednesday said the military had unleashed an assault with rockets, artillery and gunfire in the morning hours.

"It is impossible to assess casualty details, but at least 180 civilians are feared killed within three hours," TamilNet said, quoting its own correspondent.

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said troops were back on active duty but had not started firing.

"We are observing the activities there. We have not commenced any offensive as yet, but the restricted period is over," he said.

The Tigers have repeatedly accused the government of shelling civilian areas, which the military denies.

The United Nations has said the military has fired into civilian areas, while the Tigers are shooting people who try to flee, firing from populated areas and forcibly recruiting people as young as 15. Both deny the charges.

Verifying accounts from the battlefield is difficult since independent media are restricted from the area, and both sides regularly exaggerate details.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa ordered troops to go to a defence-only stance for the two-day Tamil and Sinhala New Year on Monday and Tuesday, and urged the LTTE to surrender and let civilians out.

The LTTE said the truce was too short and designed to ease international pressure for a full cease-fire. The rebels say people are staying by choice, despite the fact more than 65,000 have fled Tiger areas this year.

The government says the Tigers repeatedly have manufactured civilian crises to build pressure for a truce so that it can then re-arm, and has thus ruled out offering the LTTE any choice except surrender or annihilation.

Anonymous said...

And 55 to south and 59 to north wards.


In a usual battle in one day roughly how much ammo one side use? How many motar bombs (60mm, 80mm etc) How many arti? How much T56 ammo? etc etc? I think 90% of LTTE ammo is still hidden..

WHat's the problem SLAF has to keep this 20km^2 area under 24/7 UAV survivalnce?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I think we are too much depressed about the cheese fire. Cheese fire is given for the piece lovers to bite. Genuine peace and cease fire will soon be delivered when SLDF end the most ruthless terror outfit.

Even if he wants MR will be unable to make a halt to the offensive. Momentum, that is called.

And I don't believe that there is so much pressure on GOSL. There had been pressure but the matter is not even raised in security council yet.

If there is a pressure that should be from USA for sure. Also there must be pressure that Indian elections would bring negative impact. But seriously these are minor compared to what they faced.

Can't that be a pussycat propa trap. The whole pressure->cheese fire story.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Avurudu celebrations in battle front. Our heroes are enjoying the well earned rest and celebrations.

April 12th April 13th April 15th Like the kokis achchuwa, the kotta pora [in 15th] and the jolly break they earned.

Well, it tells me that the remaining pussycats will have the time of their life when these refreshed soldiers commence operations.

Diyasena said...


There is a rumour that the SLN boys achieved another significant victory on 14th as well..I know you cannot publish any details about that but can you just confirm it..cheers

Diyasena said...

Miss info,

This is a continuation of our previous discussion, where you said that GOSL should wait a few weeks or months for the LTTP to make the first mistake..In an ideal world yes that sounds like a viable option..Whether we like it or not GOSL has one eye on the Indian election..No one knows if the BJPs talk of enforcing a ceasefire is mere election propoganda to lure TN votes..There is also the possibility of a coalition of minority parties led by Mayawati forming a government without BJP and Congress..We cannot afford to wait and see..

hemantha said...

"The problem comes with the LTTE, which forces civilians to take up arms, help build defences or simply provide cover for it to launch mortars at the Army. Prabhakaran could not survive without them. It is simple, really. When cadres are free to police the edges of the safe zone, they fire at or bomb people who try to leave. Another sixty thousand people or so are in danger as a result. If the Government were to call a halt to its offensive, the only thing that would happen is that the LTTE would have a lot less to do other than preventing civilians from escaping. It is possible that fewer people would suffer during a humanitarian pause, but even more would die or get injured later, thanks to Prabhakaran and his ruthless determination not to compromise."
-Kath Noble

click here.

Romeo said...

Thank you Mahen; another good one from you without wasting time. I think you are much informative than DW.


We need to keep up the pressure at maximum level to keep them busy. Any slack in attacks will only give them time to rebuild defences and regroup cadres.

If we can keep up the pressure they bound to make mistakes similar to recent debacle at Ampalapokanai or whatever, it is? SLAF should use intelligence and attack leadership and terror assets in selected manner while infantry charging every day killing many dozens a day.

Finishing LTTE menace as quickly as possible is the best for every body.

--- Rana ---

Mahen said...


Thank you. With the network of sources we have, we do try hard to keep bloggers informed. But we do not divulge some information if we believe it would be detrimental to the cause. i.e. the military operations.

The LTTE menace would have been dealt with months ago if not for the human shield.

No_MESS said...

Mahen - Is this true?
Diplomatic furore in Colombo

Nishan said...

Tamil Tigers using human shields, says foreign ministers,,25341223-5001028,00.html

They have to pressure more on the issue.

Sam Perera said...


Can somebody educate me about Rohan Ponniah and Sharmini Boyle? Two very interesting characters.

Nishan said...

Sam ,

some info on Sahmini Boyle.

Sam Perera said...


That tells us little about what he is. According to AT, both of these monkeys mingle with diplomats and vocal LTTE supporters. I hope that they are under scrutiny these days. Any available information is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

# Tamizh DiASSpora donkeys genocide protests have worked finally.. HIK HIK HUK HUK..

UN: Sri Lanka rebels trapping 100,000 civiliansApr 16 (AP) The U.N. humanitarian chief accused Tamil Tiger fighters of keeping 100,000 civilians trapped in a Sri Lankan war zone during a 48-hour cease-fire, which he criticized Wednesday as too short a time to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid. John Holmes urged a longer pause in hostilities to get the civilians out and avoid "a bloodbath on the beaches."

FMs say Tamil Tigers using 'human shields'Apr 16 (AFP) The British and French foreign ministers said Wednesday that Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka are using civilians as human shields, which was preventing them from leaving the conflict zone. In a joint statement issued in London, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner urged the Sri Lankan government to declare a new ceasefire to allow aid in and civilians out

Velavan Master said...

[some info on Sahmini Boyle.]

Hmm there's some 'professor' Boyle who issues statements on Tamilnet.. is Sahimini a bastard child of that idiot?

Mahen said:
[PS, he has never forgiven you for "tactically witdhdrawing" from Kilinochchi.]

Yeah but I am alive, and Theepan Master is dead.. who's the monkey now?

Puran Appu said...

Diplomatic furore in Colombo: US Ambassador Robert Blake attempts escape mechanism for LTTE through UN, Norway

Being Nobody said...


Thanks for the link.

Rana said...

It seems Norway has the severest pain in her arse on Tamil issue; therefore they should give a sizable portion of their country for Tamils. Next comes USA and UK they also can do the same without asking poor and smallest country like Sri Lanka to do so.

F**k with Norway, USA and UK!!!!!!!!

Rana said...

Our zero tolerance towards civilians who are trapped in NFZ is gone too far. I think it is good time now to forget about collateral damages and finished the job at hand as quickly as possible. Any further delay only will jeopardise our goal of achieving peace and harmony in SL.

--- Rana ---

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...

Rana Bro,

I think it is good time now to forget about collateral damages and finished the job at hand as quickly as possible.Very true.

Looks like it's already on. Tamilnut is crying

LRRU said...

Ya, defence LK says army captured the earth bund.

Seems like the party has started???

Mahen said...

Few days ago, we have requested our readers to wait 7 days. You do already see some of the outcome.
Our estimates for most of the game to be over in 10 days from now.
You will hear lot of unwanted rumours, but please keep your brain tuned.

Please offer your full support towards SL forces to complete the mission.

Mahen said...

Puken Appu,
You are already doing some publicity towards Tamilnet. What about EFT since you are getting paid by Gov of SLA to watch the TV news.

Mahen said...

We do not have any info related to 14th events apart from new year celebrations.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

We're back to business and Def LK confirms . Maybe Robert Blake is give a GOSL nanny to play with. So glad that we stand firm and do the right thing.

MR makes a drop in at Nochchi . Hope he calculates every risk of it. There will be many parties after his head.

Yet that disturbing news lingers on. Sometime back I DID support this idea. But the core reason why we need to kill him is that Pussycats are well and truly alive, not dead. The brain behind pussycats live abroad. All they want is Fatpig who will be their idol and link between them and Sri Lanka. If we destroy the pig, then they will have to find a new link, which is tough given current vibrations in Tamil politics. I still wonder whether this news is also a psy-op by those who want it to happen.

After doing so much to Afganistan, and with a military presence in teh country, Canada still can't take care of western standards within Afgan legal and HR framework. So much for those who think they can puppet control Sri Lanka. Solheim rightly said that there is nothing he can do now. Now it is time for protesters to go home and use their home garage as toilet.

Mango said...

Who's in charge of GOSL Press & PR in the West?Yet again, the LTTE's front organisations are dictating the media agenda in London and other Western bloc cities. They have been allowed to make the most outrageous claims of 'genocide' and civilian casualties.

The GOSL representatives in the UK are conspicuous by their absence on radio, TV and mainstream press (please correct me if I'm wrong).

We urgently need to get proven, articulate proponents of the GOSL's case. Professionals like Dayan Jayatillke, Mahinda Samarasinghe (who gave an excellent performance on BBC's HardTalk), Palitha Kohona and Rajiva Wijesinha, made available to instantly rebut LTTE propaganda.

Their calm manner will win over the ranting performances often seen from LTTE representatives.

I've said this before and I'll repeat it again. The gains made by our forces, paid for in lost lives and limbs are in danger of frittered away by a dismal performance of our representatives abroad. It is imperative that this is treated seriously and quickly.

As the LTTE loses its' military capability, it has switched its' struggle to the PR front.

Mahen said...

We have published your latest comment based article in our side bar.


Being Nobody said...


What does EFT stand for?

Being Nobody said...

EFT=Electronic funds transfer???

Ellalan force team??

Mahen said...

Being Nobody,
Hope you have done your EFT (Electronic funds transfer) contribution to Ranaviru Fund. If not it's not too late.


Miss Information said...

Blogger Diyasena said...

Miss info,

This is a continuation of our previous discussion, where you said that GOSL should wait a few weeks or months for the LTTP to make the first mistake..In an ideal world yes that sounds like a viable option..Whether we like it or not GOSL has one eye on the Indian election..No one knows if the BJPs talk of enforcing a ceasefire is mere election propoganda to lure TN votes..There is also the possibility of a coalition of minority parties led by Mayawati forming a government without BJP and Congress..We cannot afford to wait and see..

I am not convinced the Indian Government under any condition are interested in seeing the LTTE survive their impending Waterloo. There is sympathy in Tamil Nadu for the Tamil cause but far less for the LTTE and it is down to the question of the terrorist's survival now with little talk about the relevant political solutions that will undoubtedly be addressed after the firing stops.

As for reports of American intervention on VP's behalf... I am highly doubtful of these reports and consider them nothing more than propaganda of the lowest ilk.

I am writing this as I sit in the deep south of the U.S. (business has me here for another week) and can assure you that, sadly, America for the most part is clueless about the conflict and it is not high on any agenda I am aware of here.

VP is another Bin Laden in the eyes of State Department folks and there is zero chance they are interested in rescuing a man who is a viscous leader of a group they recognise as terrorists.

I cannot think of one Western country, even Norway, who would take VP unless it was as a prisoner to be sent to the Hague for trial... there is no advantage otherwise and only palpable downsides for anyone who would otherwise.

I think the question in need of considering is whether or not the GoSL are willing to let the LTTE leadership be arrested and imprisoned by third parties as I cannot see any other negotiation point left for the LTTE.

Escape seems unlikely so it is either death where they stand or be taken prisoner by other forces... I can't imagine the LTTE leaders surrendering to the GoSL.

My concern is that many people in Sri Lanka are becoming too willing to sacrifice the hostages at any cost to kill the LTTE leaders in the NFZ.

Read the quote below and tell me if this attitude is any less vile than the LTTE attitude of using hostages as human shields... I wonder if Rana would be so quick to condemn the hostages if they were not Tamils?


Rana said...

Our zero tolerance towards civilians who are trapped in NFZ is gone too far. I think it is good time now to forget about collateral damages and finished the job at hand as quickly as possible. Any further delay only will jeopardise our goal of achieving peace and harmony in SL.

--- Rana ---

So Rana... if this is the case why not just bomb the entire NFZ and be done with it... no doubt that's what the LTTE would do if the shoe were on the other foot.

Surely you don't really mean this?


පංකාදු ලංකා said...


Spot on mate. I have been harping on this for ages. I have even communicated this to one of the SL high commissions in the west. Very little, if anything at all, seems to be happening in this regard. Does Sri Lanka lack articulate, educated and charismatic persons who could put their point across in a language the west would understand? Very poor show indeed by SL when it comes to propaganda.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Have you visited your rival recently?

It has given it's a&ss totally to MonekyNet™ .

I was waiting for a statement from you!

Mango said...

Now is precisely the time to take extra care about NOT going for a 'damn the civilians, let's get the LTTE' mindset. It would play beautifully into the LTTE's hand. Remember the famous quote from a US officer in Vietnam.. "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."

Well, the SLA cannot 'destroy' the civilians held hostage by the LTTE in order to save them.

I know that its easy from the comfort of my armchair to say this, but not destroying civilian lives to get to the LTTE will immeasurably assist in post-conflict reconciliation.

Mahen, glad you thought my post worthy of your front page. I just hope that Colombo wake up to this unfolding media/presentation debacle in the West and get their act together, now.

Being Nobody said...


Already done!

But man i simply asked your a straight forward question..phew...and some attitude huh.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mrs Information & Rana;

I fully agree with Mrs Information [for what you mentioned in the last post of yours]. I also understand the wearing out for teh long wait and hence the comments like the one which Rana made. I certainly do not agree with Rana's idea. Mission objectives should not be altered.

But I do not think that SLDF is changing their objectives. In fact, closer they come to the civilians, deeper they will feel for them. I seriously doubt whether anyone will be sacrificed for Fatpig.

But of course there maybe here and there casualties, which must have been the case anyway. I don't believe that you can eliminate the most ruthless movement with zero casualties among that dense population.

The NFZ is defined by GOSL. It is the time for us to break it into few smaller NFZs, that are connected by free regions. Free for war. We can use UAV footages to decide the right combination. I think there are < 50000 ppl in that 17sqkm stretch, so there should be empty regions.

And there is no point of waiting for the remaining 50000 to come out of NFZ. If we think that there is a possibility for the entire 17sqkm will be free of civilians one day, leaving all terrorists in it, what kinda fool are we taking Fatpig for? It is the duty of SLDF to shrink the NFZ [which they seem to have started]. Most important matter is if we can make Fatpig on the run. Then we get better chance to detect and hit.

Let's wait and see.

The idea that America is not salvaging pussycats is what I also feel. America gives no shit on this matter. If any; that was by proscribing them.

However Robert O Blake is an interesting character. I have been following his statements for past many years. He has such deep intention to help pussycats. He goes way out of the way as for an ambassador. He openly speaks for them. He sees no shame or fault in doing so. I think it's personal ideology, not the opinion of state department. And it is a policy U-turn to his predecessor Ashley Wills. I wonder whether he's dosed by diaspora mutti kasi. Bad news is that Blake seem to hang around till eternity in SL. I think SLDF should double check his conduct and try to find a reason why he sympathize a proscribed movement.


Good one again.

As long as SL foreign missions are headed by local political discards this is no magic. What we need is genuine diplomats. But we always give ambassador as a free slot to a lost politicians. Even Mervyn was suggested as an Ambassador recently.

And surely this Boggles sucks. After they killed Kadir we have never had a good FM. It is very urgent to get these straightened.

So I'm not surprised.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Is Blake's intention is to keep Sri Lanka at bay?

Is he angry that Sri Lanka's lenience towards China, Iran, etc?

Is he feeling helpless and thinking that it is his duty to make Sri Lanka's progress at bay?

Many questions, little answers!

I always consider US as a great country that much can be offered in the world-stage to overcome many obstacles that countries face. But, as it seems, few misguided people ruin the US image creating hatred towards US.

Sam Perera said...


Yes indeed, the position of Robert Blake is very questionable based on the following facts.

(1)LTTE is a proscribed terrorist organization in USA.

Perhaps, what they want is to prevent LTTE operating in USA than helping us.

(2)USA has no strategic interest in Sri Lanka

This was the case since J.R. Jayawardena the Yankee Dickey's time. Therefore, they will not give us any weapons or aid other than a few dog bones without meat.

(3)RB getting his personal views out

RB is not allowed to make his personal statements as the ambassador. He is bound to represent the views of USA even if he does not agree with certain things. Therefore, what we see is coming straight down from the State Department, may be from an array of policy makers pulling things in different directions.

(4)US want to keep us at bay

At one end US does not want to help us. At another end US wants to preach exactly what they don't practice (the whole Iraq invasion is considered war crime since it was based on cooked up evidence of WMD by the aggressor, was Sadam good or bad is another story altogether). At another end US is trying hard to create animosity about USA in the minds of Sri Lankans at the very moment we are close to finish off LTTE.

(5)US don’t like us getting close to China and Russia.

I would say that this is tough shit for bipolar diplomatic operations. China and Russia stands for us in our toughest hours while US and UK are standing on the dark side controlling their puppet states like Mexico to get the Sri Lankan issue to UNSC. If anything, this kind of dirty work will take the people of Sri Lanka further away.

(6) US preach democracy to the world. However, is doesn’t look like respecting the democratic will of the people of Sri Lanka.

Now to possible reasons,

(1) RB’s views of Sri Lanka may be highly influenced by the Ranil Wickramasinghe and other Colombo socialites who are totally disconnected from the common Sri Lankan.

(2) US policy may be driven by their desire to keep China and Russia away from South Asia but not necessarily to help South Asia.

(3) US policy on SL is driven by too many chiefs in the State Department.

(4) US policy may be driven by religious fundamentalists in USA.

(5) Given the not so strategic nature of Sri Lanka for US, State Department may be leaving it to RB to set the policy at this will.

Whatever is it, the end result of US action to save the terrorist Prabakaran will not be viewed by Sri Lankans in any favorable light and it will create a country not so friendly and hostile towards US. May be USA doesn’t care a bit about such a perception, only time will reveal the truth.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Is Blake's intention is to keep Sri Lanka at bay?

Is he angry that Sri Lanka's lenience towards China, Iran, etc?

Is he feeling helpless and thinking that it is his duty to make Sri Lanka's progress at bay?
I think that this is the political opinion of the bugger. Imagine if you make Wick-bahu an ambassador of Cuba? Will he not interfere where Castro breeches Trotsky theories?

Blake is a sane man [sorry for comparing to a lunatic], but he surely believes that Pussycats [not tamils] should be helped out. It has been coming from him from the time I saw his face first. On a sundry topic like Pussycats, I believe State Dept would let the individual to decide.

What I doubt is whether he's on pussycat payrole. That is what MIC should look into.

Ashley Wills said SL will never be broken into two nations at a time Ranil W was not sure whether he should cut the cake to two pieces or three. So it is clear that America's Pussycat tendency will last only until Blake leaves.

However we ought to study Blake more, and find out how he fittingly ended up in SL. Dunno whether pussycats can subtly alter Stare Dept appointments. If so next guy will be another asshole like Blake.

The terrorism is the simplest form in international pussycats. These conspirators will use diplomacy at max when they loose war. Pity MR does not have another bro to go as FM.

I still believe that Boggles shud be given something else and Mahinda S or Basil R should be the FM. Pity we lack a good diplomat.

isurujosh said...

Mahinda Samarasinghe will make a good FM.
But MR does not want any non-Rajapakse politician to shine on merit. Only a Rajapakse should succeed him. Therefore some right people are not at the right seats.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Sam P and Sujeewa K,

Thank you for both of your replies. Certainly, in light of what Obama has expressed so far about the policies and values he wants to bring into the US State Department, I believe that RB also has to reform quickly, else people uproar will decide his faith.

In my 35 years of memory, I have not seen anyone in Sri Lanka talk unfavorably about US, UK, Germany, and Norway than now (except the laggards of Marxist camp which blindly criticize everything and anything that is Western).

Dim acts of the diplomats of these countries certainly create a long-lasting negative image on peoples' minds about their countries. Unhealthy as it may be, they may thinking who would give a f&ck! But all it adds up.

One of my friends' view is that NGOs connected to LTTE's "Religious Masters" play a significant role in creating anti-Sri Lankan sentiments in the foreign diplomat circles, and many diplomats are simply victims than they being evil.

Misguided power is much more dangerous than raw power. So, is it in our hands to bring these misguided 'souls' back to the right path?

Can our Foreign Office do the work? Certainly our beloved Kadiragamar did!

andare said...

see what has happened today. More than 1500 civilians came becase terrorists are busy fighting with ARMY.
We should go along the coast line incsre the perimeter, so that tigers will be fully busy engaging ARMY and civilians easily can escape.
even window for escape for FAT-PIG also become narrower.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Through the paddy lands of Pokkanai It's happening...

Romeo said...

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Oprah Winfrey, Say No to Tamil Tiger Terrorists"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Best wishes,

--- Rana ---

Romeo said...

Link for the same above:

click here --- Rana --- Romeo ---

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Breaking News !!!!

There is NO - WAY for a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka !!!!

Norway says it should be within a united Sri Lanka as the article puplished in TAMILNET today shown below.

The link

" Norway urges attention on precarious situation for civilians in conflict zone
[TamilNet, Thursday, 16 April 2009, 12:03 GMT]
"All attention must now be directed towards the precarious situation for the civilians trapped in the conflict zone, and to end the fighting without further bloodshed," said a press statement issued by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombo on Thursday, stating that Norway strongly condemned and regretted the incident in Oslo where the Sri Lankan Embassy building was subjected to a mob attack on 12 April 2009.

"Norway has a long-standing friendship with Sri Lanka, and all our efforts have been to work for peace within a united Sri Lanka," the statement said.

The Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs has personally conveyed his regrets through the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo and the Norwegian Police have strengthened the security at the premises of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo, the press statement said adding that the police are doing everything they can to bring the culprits to justice.

"Norway has a long-standing friendship with Sri Lanka, and all our efforts have been to work for peace within a united Sri Lanka. All attention must now be directed towards the precarious situation for the civilians trapped in the conflict zone, and to end the fighting without further bloodshed."

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

USA speaks with forked tongue.

This is my response to USA

We are concerned about the millions of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan getting affected by USA military invasions. More than million of Iraqi civilians injured and more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed in murderous US military. USA has no business in these countries to begin with. Furthermore USA has no moral right to preach peace to others, the very same act they have violated in every corner of the world. Despite all the genocidal acts and war crimes (hint: Invasion of Iraq based on cooked WMD evidence), we urge you to negotiate with Al-Qaeda and Thaliban to allow Iraq'a and Afghani's live in peace.

Before you preach peace and diplomacy to little countries and asking them to negotiate with terrorists or trying to save the terrorists butts, clean up you act and practice what you preach.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

It is a great day in Sri Lanka

Sam Perera said...

Worlds first ever video taping of a dream by remote sensing neuronal activities. Enjoy!

onceinawhile said...

Mahen any news?

LRRU said...


US State department ask for a ceasfire

India today has asked for ceasfire

UN try to have safe passage to Civilians

Norway talk to LTTE heads

UK France ask for a pause

Seems to me something fishy going on

I think Best thing to do is to Drop Few Bunker Busters to NFZ before it's too late

Mahen said...

Please stand by for some news soon.

Mahen said...

It's time you to visit the main page of EFT again ladies.