Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Closer and closer and closer

VP and top leaders hiding in Vellamullivaikkal

Military intelligence reports suggest that VP and the remaining leaders are hiding in the southern edge of the NFZ strip in a place called “Vellamullivaikkal”. Vellamullivaikal is close to the 59th division FDL, to the west of this hamlet is the lagoon and to the east is the Indian Ocean. In all other fronts the SLA has the option of moving in from the west at any time, but the scenario in the top tiger den is different. The lagoon near Vellamullivaikkal is very deep, the LTTE is fiercely defending this front and the areas are heavily mined, hence the 59th has not launched a full frontal attack on this area. However, 8 man teams are operating ahead of the 59th division FDL in order to soften up the defences. Barring a full frontal assault by the 59th that is considered high risk, the options left to the SLA are to attack Vellamullivaikal via the A35 (which may also come at a high price) or launch a sea borne attack with the support of the SLN.

60,000 civilians rescued from the tiger claws

Yesterday, the SLA’s 58th broke through the ditch cum bund bordering the east of the NFZ, resistance from the LTTE was less than expected as the SLA took them on by surprise. They were expecting the 53rd and TF8 to move in on them, but it was the 58th that surprisingly broke through. Casualties to the SLA were very low in yesterday’s fighting.

Another reason for the lower resistance was that the majority of the hardcore cadres and their leaders perished in the battles east of PTK. We were lucky in PTK east as we managed to box them in while they were preparing for a major counter attack, luck has run out for the LTTE and they made the pivotal mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket (what were they thinking!). Conservatives estimates suggest that the LTTE has around 100 hardcore cadres remaining and around 2,000 civilian militia and forcible recruits.

Around 80 infantry went MIA yesterday, after being out of touch for close to 12 hours, all of them have rejoined the main units.

GoSL trying to cope with mass exodus

Soldiers and civil servants are working round the clock to cope with the mass influx of civilians. Although the SLA were preparing for this exodus for quite some time, they were expecting around 10,000 to turn up per day, they never expected 60,000 in one day alone! There is two step registration process in place for the civilians - once when they reach the SLA and once when they reach the civil service administered welfare camps in Vavuniya. In what is reminiscent of the Berlin airlift, the SLAF has been in action and airlifted medical staff, food and emergency supplies to Mullaitivu. The SLAF is in the thick of the action.

The deadline for the LTTE to surrender has expired, 1,2,3…..!



Anonymous said...

Good one..

But I think hard core cadres remaining should be around 500 at least. I guess by the end of May every thing will be over with VP attaining peelaam.

Anonymous said...

Jeyam dead ?

LRRU said...

May End is too late; it should be within 2 weeks before India forms the new goverment; otherwise Tamilnadu fuckers will demand Prabha's escape may it be Karunanidhi or Jayalalitha

perein said...

Thank you Mahen for the update.

You are so right about past rain. SLA's old weakness turned to be a streanth these days.
More rain managed to bring more downfall for Terras.

Mahen said...

There will be a update to today's article soon.

We told "Closer and closer and closer" and it's very Closer.


Sam Perera said...

Do terras have any more arty ?

Puran Appu said...
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Puran Appu said...


They got a few 122mm Arti. They've been firing them through out.

SL LION said...

what´s with the 55th and 59th division? is Palamattalan taken? And are Putumattalan and Ampalavanpokkanai completely seized by the 58th?

DoDo said...

How many civilians are left in NFZ now?

Sam Perera said...

SL Lion,

55 and 59 are searching for CJ's balls since we couldn't find them in Puthu.

Anonymous said...

/ what´s with the 55th and 59th division?/

They are looking for CJ's balls. Whats your earlier handle? I forgot..

DoDo said...

MOD say unconfirmed reports of Jayam dead. Ada Derana says Nadesan dead, also unconfirmed.

Puran Appu said...


Expecting another 20,000 today & Left with another 35,000 lu.

Anonymous said...

/How many civilians are left in NFZ now?/

I think maximum 30,000. Where is our "civilian"? Is he in NFZ? His maabooru relatives should still be there licking VP's a$$.

Sam Perera said...

Puran Appu,

Given the current hideout of VP, I assume that there aren't that many civilians around him? It is the booby traps that protect him. I am sure that SLA, SLAF, and SLN concentrate lots of fire power in to this area?

DoDo said...


Tnks machan. ae kiyanne eksath jaathin'ge sanwidhanaye 100,000 asthamenthuwa hari wagei.

Puran Appu said...

Yesterday, we attacked from the West towards the LTTE defences.

Since 58 established a New line from the lagoon to the Sea, we can attack from both North & West now. 58 is expected to push from North to south really soon and 53 positioned to divide the NFZ into 2 at any given time. Looks like again the pussies are going to get caught a trap. This time it'll be the Final trap.

Puran Appu said...


Ow machan.. e wage penne.

Anonymous said...

What about inviting any (friendly) foreign nations to test any of their weapons in NFZ after taking all hostages out? Or we can organize some sort of party or competition.. nice to see India, Pak and China bombing this area in a race...

Mahen said...

There is a new article.

Puran Appu said...

Sam Perera,

Bro, it's said that still there are many Mahaveer families around him.

Still there is 2/3 of the NFZ to be cleared. Anyway, since we boxed the LTTE s' Puthumathalan FDL, it's very unlikely that there will be big LTTE defenses towards south from North. So we can expect the 58 to push south soon and life is easy since the northern part of the NFZ is almost vacated.

53 will break in at anytime and i heard that Special Teams are dominating some areas inside the NFZ.

monkey said...

The sri-lankan army should be careful when going after these terrorists since there are still more than 30,000 civilians being held hostage in this area apart from those who have come out.

So please proceed carefully since the main thing is to get all the civilians out unharmed since that is what the civilians and the sri-lankan people want. Also to keep our soldiers casulaties to the minimum since there is no point sacrificing anyone any more since there is no timescales or anything just to go after prabakaran but carefully for the reasons given above.

Miss Information said...

Mahen said:

Although the SLA were preparing for this exodus for quite some time, they were expecting around 10,000 to turn up per day, they never expected 60,000 in one day alone!

How could they expect that many when they said there were far fewer IDP's than that in the NFZ to start with!

Whatever the real numbers are, having left the NFZ or still remaining in the NFZ, it is impressive to see tens of thousands leaving for the relative safety of the displacement centers.

The GoSL needs to expedite the resettlement of the IDP's as quickly as possible to continue countering the absurd claims coming from the Diaspora.

This would also be a good time to push the TNA and others on political points... there is positive momentum now for the GoSL but that will start to dissipate when the true casualty numbers, both Military and civilian, come to light. At that time the propaganda machines of the LTTE apologists will ratchet up again as it will be the only 'news sexy' topic left for them to successfully try and exploit.