Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Happy New Year & Happy Easter!

Soon we celebrate the Sinhala Tamil New year; a time of reconciliation and good will towards one another. GOSL has also limited its offensives against the LTTE (but increased tactical manoeuvres to expedite civilian liberation) as if to extend the same good will even to its enemies.

This weekend is another significant one in the calendar as Christians all over the world would celebrate Easter. Easter is a time when the supreme sacrifice by Jesus Christ and His subsequent resurrection from the dead is remembered. EFT pays tribute to supreme sacrifices made by all armed forces and civil security services of Sri Lanka in its successful effort to eradicate LTTE terrorism from our motherland.

Happy New Year to our Singala Buddhist and Tamil Hindu readers! Happy Easter to our Christian readers! Happy New Year and Happy Easter to our Singala Christian and Tamil Christian readers!

The LTTE has a golden opportunity during this New Year/Easter period to save some pride (if any left) by using “good will” as a reason to release the Human Shield; thus preventing further unnecessary hardships and loss of life for the innocent Tamil civilians.

However, the LTTE are notoriously bad at exploiting opportunities as they often involve a compromise. They are even worse at the art of compromise so there is little hope for the entrapped civilians, unfortunately, from the LTTE. Their only hope is to be liberated by the advancing SLDF and/or escape to liberated areas at their own risk.

Meanwhile, SLA could still launch attacks targeting LTTE positions which are blocking the safe passage of civilians. These passages are:

1) North via Ampalavanpokkanai towards 55 Division & West via Ampalavanpokkanai towards 58 Division
2) Causeway towards the main land from Putumattalan to Iranapalai
3) The A35 from Karayamullivaikkal
4) Causeway from Valayanmadam linking with A35

53 Division along with Task Force 8 may move eastwards along A35 hugging the Northern edge of Nanthikadal lagoon. 59 Division might move North from Mulathivu along the Eastern edge of the lagoon and the two divisions (and the task force), should meet in the next couple days. This should liberate both sides of the lagoon and a large part of the NFZ. The road linking the coast to the A35 is important as it dissects the NFZ in the middle.

Loud explosions have occurred in the NFZ today. This could be an attempted deterrent for civilians escaping. Number of civilian casualties, if any, are not yet known.

There are doubts about the body double of Piripaharan – he may not have been used as a double (pictures captured by 58 Division a few weeks back). There are also rumours that Piripaharan is planning a getaway using 25 speed boats – of which a large number of boats would act as decoys - and a merchant ship when in high seas.


නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Same to you!

perein said...

Wish you the very same Mahen and EFT.

Sam Perera said...


Somewhere else, I saw that Pottu is in command of LTTE because of Velu's deteriorating mental health. No, I am not talking about Pottu, however I want to know if Velu has sucha condition.

Pottu said...

Sam Perera,

Did you call me?
Are you looking for me.

Sam Perera said...

Yes Pottu,

How are you doing? Are you the new commander of LTTE or are you sitting in a cell as we speak in Colombo?

Pottu said...

Matta dann Sinhala panthi dala theyenee.

Habbai bang... mattath theyee prashnee, athatamaa Pottu apith ekkada keyana ekkai.

isurujosh said...

guys is the claim in DW a psyop or is something big up?

Romeo said...

To All Bloggers,

Happy Easter for Christian friends, Happy New Year for Sinhala and Tamil friends.

-- Rana --

Romeo said...

Tonight, I will be back and life become normal again.

DECOY said...


Your wishes are too early, does it mean that this is your last post before the festival? Are u expecting a lull of events during this period?

Mahen said...

Most of our ladies and Chena boys are from Sri Lanka. Due to the upcoming holiday period, we wanted to wish them early, before leaving their Chenas.

We will continue to bring the news to all our readers as they reach us.

uthum said...

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

'Pottu Amman takes charge of LTTE, Prabhakaran unwell'
- the hindu

Very similar to last days of Hitler!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Sane Tamils in diaspora raise there voice

Finally, but never too late.

The liberation against this most inhuman force should come within themselves. If the innocent and peace loving community among diaspora raise their heads, I'm sure that existing legal frame of those countries would be enough to apprehend the mafia elements.

It is nice to see all this My tamil friend seem to be right. He said that they felt lot of differences and alienation some time back. But the terrorism was a calamity of million folds and right now they feel more than ever to be united as Sri Lankans to defeat it and develop the country as one unit.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Indian reaping the harvest of its own seeds

Deshal said...

What’s the difference?

I went to Adam’s Peak two weekends ago with another three of my friends. Rukshan is a Tamil Christian, Arun is a Tamil Hindu, Ranil is a Sinhalese Christian while I am a Sinhalese Buddhist. Our friend Rishad could not make it to the trip because he had some function at home. It would have been more fun with him around! It was a great outing and adventure.

We took the train to Hatton and the bus to Nallathanni. It took us around 11 hours to climb up, stay for a while and get down. Hot vadai, thosai and roti were available in small shops on the way to the top, mouthwatering to think about, even now. We all had fun, helped each other and eventually came home with pleasant memories of a great outing.

Now who is it really say that we are so different? Who says that we cannot live together? Who says that Sinhalese and Tamils should be separated into mono ethnic states? Who so ever who thinks like this have not lived in this country. They don’t know how we Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims feel. They all talk of nonsense. We are perfectly happy as we are. We respect each other’s nationality and culture. We even take interest in learning each other’s traditions and understanding the reasons behind them. We tolerate each other. Actually it is beyond tolerance, it is co existence. In fact, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka are inseparable.

I don’t think anybody can distinguish a Tamil or a Muslim from a Sinhalese on the streets of Sri Lanka, just by looking at the person. That’s because, they all looks the same! Probably, this is news to those who preach a mono ethnic state. But it is true! Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslim Sri Lankans look all the same. This is because we have been mixing with each race for millennia. Sri Lankan nation is a mixture of people of Aryan, Dravidian, Malay, Chinese and Indigenous races. This island is one of the most globalized countries on earth. We are so mixed. I have family connections with Tamils. So would have been my previous generations, making me a mix. This is the same with other Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims. Please don’t try to find PURE Sinhalese and Tamil “blooded” people here. No, such people don’t exist, we are such a mix. That’s why, you cannot distinguish one nationality from another by looking at the person.

If someone is trying to impose any mono ethnic state on this land, they are sure to fail. This is a country where all nations live side by side and “co-exist” with one another. The recent tensions were just pure manifestations of corrupt Sinhalese and Tamil politicians and outsiders who want to spread disorder in the country so they can take over our resources. There were such attempts in the past. There will be in the future. They cannot last long. That’s why we need to stick together. For those who preach monoethnic states in this land, I have a challenge. Please tell me apart from my Tamil and Muslim friends by our appearance. You fail? brother you loose!

Rana said...


Machan, reading your post bring lot of sweet memories to my mind. The year 1987, I was CEB area engineer for Norton Bridge. That particular year during “SRI PAADA” season I climbed the heaven for 07 times. Twice for duty and other 05 times were with relatives and friends from Colombo. I used to climb it within three and half hours those days and come back running within two hours.

What a fun, when you go on duty. CEB has a small cubical for transformer at the top with some space to rest and a depot at “Gangula Thenna”. I also had the privilege of having a short nap on a bed that belongs to “SAMAN DEWALA KAPUWA” at the top “MALUWA”.

Well that was more than 20 years ago. I will give anything to do it again. However, it will take 15-20 hours or more for me now.

LRRU said...

Please don't slowdown operations due to New Year. Can't we have Prabha's head on a plate as a new year Dish????

JWick said...

More evidence of British Double Standards!!

They raid and arrest Pakistani students suspected of terrorism.
Do nothing when Tamils openly support BANNED TERRORIST LTTE by blocking bridges and illegally demonstrate near British Parliament!!

Mango said...

Good and Bad Terrorists.

Everyone knows by now that HMG (Her Majesty's Government) has two types of terrorists. Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists.

Bad Terrorists attack UK citizens, armed forces and UK interests around the world and must be hunted down ruthlessly. HMG expects co-operation from governments around the world in apprehending and stopping BT from carrying out their foul deeds. e.g. The Real IRA, Al-Quaeda

Good Terrorists can live and operate in the UK as long as they don't attack UK citizens, armed forces or UK interests worldwide. HMG will not co-operate with legitimate governments wishing to pursue and punish UK-based Bad Terrorists. e.g. India fighting Sikh & Kashmiri terrorists and Sri Lanka fighting the LTTE.

Sometimes Good Terrorists can become Bad Terrorists, but HMG would rather not talk about that.

When HMG aid and abets in the torture and illegal detention of Bad Terrorists, this is a sad but necessary part of fighting the evil of terrorism.

When GOSL aid and abets in the torture and illegal detention Good Terrorists, this is a terrible affront to Universal Human Rights and a dreadful indictment on the poor governance standards to be expected from Third World countries.

Clear, now?

Mahen said...

Very good article. We have published your writting in our main page side bar.

Single said...

Didi you see the dog's barking?

With all options gone, they openly become terrorists now.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Good one Mango.

LRRU said...

Guys Rama Says we are already in the No Fire Zone

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Lot of funny happenings in TamilNadu.


- Pussycats support JayaLalitha after all the jokes of threats and other nonsense

- This maybe the last statement from Nade-sun.

- Jayalalitha never bothers about pussycat statements. What a way to dump them.

- Vaiko talks of bloodshed in TN. We do not like to interfere into TN's own issues. Even if we do not kill Fatpig, there is bloodshed always happening there, among castes, and political parties. So what?

- Karu-nagena-nidi is dumped. Wonder when the pistol man or suicide girl is sent for him.

- Karu-nagena-nidi sends a TELEGRAM to central govt advocating a ceasefire. Of all the modern communication means the old brat is sending telegrams. I thought telegrams are now a way of past. And read between lines. All what he wants is the publicity that he sent it.

- You know that colossal statement of Pottu Amman. "Sorry guys. This is all we can do. It is now beyond our control". As soon as he told that making way for the decimation of the hardcore disciples, rest of the world started sending it in Pottu+Fatpig's way. Eric Solheim did so. London Met police too. Sooner we will here the same message from TN and India. But I doubt whether there will be a pussycat alive to receive it.

These pussycats are funny, aren't they??? Equally funny are their TN god fathers.

Being Nobody said...


[More evidence of British Double Standards!!]

Think in terms of cost and benefit. As long the west does not understand the crimes the LTTE commit in their societies they will never bother about a bunch of no-cost-bearing-terrorists.

Mango said...

Always happy to highlight HMG hypocrisy :)

Today Gordon Brown is demanding greater action from Pakistan in combatting Jihadi terrorism.

It seems that almost 75% of UK terror plots originate in Pakistan. Hmmm...

I wonder what percentage of LTTE finance originates from Eelamtards resident in the UK? 40%? 50%?

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


Very recently UK has granted the "Most Favored Terrorist" status to LTTE. One perk of this status is the ability to raise funds in UK to commit acts of terror in other countries. This special status was granted following the tradition of license to kill given to MI6 operative. Isn't it nice to be a member of a terrorist group operating from UK to get all that special privileges, where law and order prevail. On the other hand, it is crime punishable by death if you are terrorist operating from Muslim nations. That is the difference between a terrorist operating from the first world and third world.

Mahen said...

There are things we should not discuss in public domain at this given time.

Do you guys remember some LTTE leaders went to peces over 50 miles away from SLA foward defence line over 18 months ago.

Now think, what would stop SLA crossing channel to other side, that's only if it has not happened yet :)))))

Single said...

Good one Mango!

Guyz I just heard from one of my UK contacts that LTTE has thretaned to stop all the "New Year Festivals" in UK. They went to the venure Mangers and informed the threat. So it seems all major one such as "Thames" "Kingusbury" Bak Maha Ulela cancelled.

Single said...

Sinhalese in Europe, USA and Canada always goign to Tamil shopsp to buy SL goods and vegetables.

Why don't we all volunterly publish a list of Sinhala Muslim such shops that Sinhalese can buy goods.

Sam Perera said...


I like Israel for what the did to Nazis hiding around the world.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Apita GEMAK na.

(around 1:00)

Anonymous said...

/Sinhalese in Europe, USA and Canada always goign to Tamil shopsp to buy SL goods and vegetables./

Common.. Think where sinhalese go to buy any thing in Colombo/ Pettah before thinking USA,UK..

It is British who hand over the trade to tamils in colonial times.

LankaTruth said...

Once I laughed at a Sinhalese friend when she went to buy vegetable at East London Tamil shops. I told her you are funding Tamil terrorism. She told me, she has to eat green beans (bonchee).

The trade in Colombo like grains, drugs, gold are dominated by Tamils. The reason being their natural connection with Tamils in TN who are wholesale suppliers.

I stopped buying from Tamil shops a long time ago unless I know they have no connections with LTTE.

Tamils will continue to dominate in trade even though they have Sinhalese as the large customer base just because things are cheap for them in TN. I believe credit for Tamils were readily available through LTTE as well.

Sinhalese has to understand their greed to buy cheap will haunt them back again in the future. Premadasa had the vision to grant Tamil dominated garment industry to Sinhalese and his plans worked.

I don't think anyone will have a plan to make playing field equal for Sinhalese as far as businesses in colombo are concerned.

Mahen said...

This war is not against Tamils. This is against Terror.
Unless Singalayas hand hold with Tamils, this may not end.
Therefore move on ladies.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

The largest hostage rescue mission in the world launched

Rana said...

Sri Lanka is my country where I was born, grown up, studied, worked, married and lived for 39 years of my life. During first 20 years of my younger age, I have never seen violence that is taking place today.

Murderous bastards of LTTE make my brothers and sisters from all ethnic communities suffer in unprecedented manner. LTTE and its leader Prabakaran are the worst kind of cancer that can happen to a society which has close links with religious and racial harmony at every corner.

There is no doubt in my mind about Prabakaran the megalomaniac who wants to run a mafia state within Sri Lanka is mentally ill and geared to destroy our goodwill towards each other beyond any possible recovery.

However, forces of truth, nobility, corage and determination are about to liberate our mother land from a worst type of mad dog who called himself Prabakaran. These forces are about show the aforesaid dog the only way to die in shame instead glory, it envisaged.

I sincerely thank all our brave hearts who have contributed to this success.

--- Rana -----

Mano said...

If we are to maintain peace in this island, we cannot have attitudes like can't shop in Tamil shops or Muslim shops etc. We need to move on with a Sri Lankan mentality. I hope our Tamil brothers will do the same. When minorities feel marginalised in the community it breeds resentment. Also there is no way of knowing which shops support the LTTE in SL or not. However in UK there's only a limited number of Tamil shops and I've suspected whether they liked it or not they have to pay their regular payments to LTTE boys. I don't know of Sinhalese grocery shops in London area to shop in even if I wanted to. I think after the war is over we need to move on from this "Tamils are different from us so we will have nothing to do with you mentality". Imagine if that's the way immigrants are treated in the UK, US, Canada by the earlier inhabitants, how would the immigrants feel.
Current Tamils in SL are not even immigrants here, they are part of SL whether we like it or not.

Tamils likewise need to understand that it is inevitable that majority will have more of a say in what happens in SL and learn to integrate better in to society and get away from "I belong to the minority, I'm different and will be discriminated and powerless" type of thinking and build friendships with your Sinhalese neighbours.

Mano said...

If Prabhakaran continues to live in exile or in detention I don't think peace will be achieved.
He will be treated like a hero/ freedom fighter/ demi god/ unfairly imprisoned or forced to live in excile and there will be calls internationally for his release through die-ass-pora supporters and their lobbied politicians depending on their votes. Eelam dream will then continue to live on and someone else will run things through already existing LTTE systems in the west with or without Prabhakarans instructions!

Single said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Single said...

අර ඩිෆෙන්ස් එකේ තිබුන රෙස්කියු මිෂන් ස්ටෝරි එක පහුගිය පැය ඇතුලත නැතිවෙලා.
ඇයි ඒ?

අනික අර කැනඩාවේ විදේශ ඇමතියා මොන ලබ්බක්ද කියන්නේ...?

ආමි.එල්කේ, ඩි‍ෆෙන්ස්.එල්කේ සහ අනෙත් කිසිම සයිට් එකක නිවුස් නැහැ. එක්කෝ අවුරැදු සහ ලෝන්ග් වීක්-එන්ඩ් නිසා...එහෙම නැත්නම්...?

Single said...

Seems my expression went as racist note. Which was not my intention.

All the Asian food shops in UK, EU and Canada were run by the LTTE funds (unlike Pettah where they only pay tax to LTTE).

And these shop keeprs are in the forefront in all anti-Sinhala, Anti-SL cmapaigns.

These are the people now running a direct threatning campaing to stop all "New Year Festivals" in UK, EU and Canada.

So they can threaten us, they can shout and campaign against my country, yet we need to give the money?.

I am not talking about "normal" tamils or "Normal" Tamil traders.I am talking about LTTE traders

perein said...

How do you work out "normal" tamils or "Normal" Tamil traders vs LTTE?

LankaBoy_007 said...


Im living in Eastlondon and im a very much against ltte.but still i have to buy vegetables fish or more or less sri lankan food from shops run by tamils.(i hardly know shops run by sinhales on the otherhand) when you enter the shop u will c big poster of pig hanging on walls near to the Ganesh and other Gods.on the doors there are so many anti sri lankan posters and slogans.. Genocide.. Killing.. so much. i dont have to explain to u as u already know that.. but still i have to continually go there. That doesnt mean im supporting ltte. thats the only sources of sri lankan food we can have. I doubt is there any tamil live in eastlondon would not contribute to the LTTE. they may be or may not be against their will. but still contributing. otherwise i have to eat cabbage bake beans and sausages..

Anonymous said...

/අර ඩිෆෙන්ස් එකේ තිබුන රෙස්කියු මිෂන් ස්ටෝරි එක පහුගිය පැය ඇතුලත නැතිවෙලා.
ඇයි ඒ?/

No. They have changed only the heading.

Anonymous said...

/How do you work out "normal" tamils or "Normal" Tamil traders vs LTTE?/

No way. Just stop indirect funding LTTE. You may gain few rupees by buying from a tamil shop but if you are not sure your hard earned money will not end up in LTTE to kill your people just stop buying and spend few more rupees and buy from a sinhala or muslim shop.

Unfortunately, wholesale trade in Pettah is almost 100% under tamil traders.

Low Cast Tamil said...

Cry of a Terrorist Babe...


Mahen said...


I have updated.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...
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