Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tigers sorrounded in PTK East

No way out

Units of SLA's 58th division have linked up with TF8 (attached to 53rd) in PTK East - Pachchapulmudai. The SLA trapped the tigers from fleeing into the NFZ as all the access routes (including Pachchapulmudai junctions) have been cut off. It is apparent that the entire area except the NFZ will be taken under SLA control within the next 24 to 48 hours. SLAF has dropped leaflets from air asking the civilians to stay away from the LTTE ammo dumps in the NFZ. Intel suggests that there is a serious threat the LTTE might blast the dumps causing carnage to the civilians.

Charles Anthony injuries are minor

It is reported that Charles Anthony, the son of VP and heir apparent has been injured in battle. EFT can confirm that this is indeed true, however, the injuries are very slight. The injury news was in fact planted by the LTTE to show off to the diaspora that the leadership is fighting hard and leading the battle from the front, the LTTE is very keen to show the super rich diaspora that they are still committed to the cause - the LTTE does not care about poor innocent Tamil civilians, the majority of the civilains do not care much for the LTTE either.

LTTE, you have officially been had!

The most startling news revealed by our source today is that Special Forces fighting units numbering around 200 SF battle hardened soldiers have infiltrated the borders of the NFZ and have trapped the forward fighting units of the LTTE! The LTTE units are in disarray due to the uncoventional tactics used by SF units, regular infantry units confront the enemy head on and secure territory and capture bunkers lines, our SF guys are playing a totally different ball game!




Puran Appu said...

Thanks Mahen.

Great news!!

It's true.

perein said...

Never thought that I would say THANK YOU for your service.
Please keep the commentry going.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

පංකාදුයි. . . !

මහේන්, උඹට සිංහල පුළුවන්නම් කියවගනිං මෙන්න කිව්වා කට පුරෝලා. . .

. . .බොහොම ස්තූතියි (උඹේ කථාව ඇත්තනම්).

කොටින්ගේ පුක පුරා බුලට්ලු. . .

ශ්‍රී ලංකා ත්‍රිවිධ හමුදාවට ජයවේවා!

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for the news. At the same time I don't want to know how many SF trooper got behind the FDL.

KillerT said...

Thanks for the news.

How do you know that the news is true.I find it hard to believe this guys news coz of some false news like 2billion rs found in ltte areas,pottu story,planes detected....etc

BTW ORBAT updated.

KillerT said...


First mahen said that government will pause the offensive,now hes tellinfg SF has infiltrated the CSZ.....

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

It is not all over until the FAT LADY SINGS....or in this case...until the FAT PIG SNORTS...

||::CeylonDefence::|| said...



||::CeylonDefence::|| updated

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slpower said...

Never thought that I would say THANK YOU for your service.

Me Too

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Read this

"The mass circulated Sunday Telegraph of the United Kingdom in a full page article said the people who escaped from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) controlled area had told them that the remaining people do not like the LTTE's dictatorial mono ethnic hellhole anymore and they want the Sri Lankan army to rescue them.

Quoting such a man who escaped to Kilinochchi Sunday Telegraph's Nick Meo said, "What the man had to say about the Tigers would have been unthinkable for a subject of their dictatorial mini state a few weeks ago. 'The people do not like the Tigers any more,' he said angrily. "They are trapped by them and they are scared. They want the Sri Lankan army to rescue them."

Reporting from Kilinochchi the Sunday Telegraph staffer said, people are being used as human shields by LTTE terrorists who have promised to fight to the death.

The report further said, "The haunted eyes of the grandfather who had just escaped from the Tamil Tigers at their most furious, betrayed the horror he had left behind him 'I want to live not die, and that's why I have come here with my family', he said.

"The rebels of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who for last 26 years have claimed to be fighting to protect Sri Lanka's Tamil ethnic minority , have forbidden the refugees to leave - on pain of death.

"But the civil war grinds slowly towards its end with the Tigers apparently facing final defeat , conditions within their enclave have become so grim that in the past week alone that an estimated 5000 men women and terrified children have risked their lives to flee. Many have been shot by rebel gunmen and some of those caught have been executed.

"The elderly man wearing a grimy T shirt and sarong and clutching a single bag that contained all that remained of his possessions , had managed to get out that morning. He described how he had gathered his family and friends as quietly as possible in the dead of night before slipping past guards. They had been wading across muddy lagoon towards Sri Lankan army lines when things went wrong.

'We left at 2 a.m. today in a group of 23 but the Tigers fired at us and only 12 of us arrived here.'he said as his bewildered grand daughter aged seven looked on. 'I do not know what has happened to the rest. We became separated in the confusion.'

The Daily Telegraph staffer is the first British reporter allowed inside Kilinochchi after it fell in January and he interviewed the people at the town, which was once the Terrorists' headquarters.

The Sunday Telegraph said that some time ago Tigers ran a third of the country but much of the money collected by the Tamils all over the world were creamed off by corrupt Tiger leaders.

The article quoted Brigadier Shavendra Silva who said the civilians in the LTTE grip were forcibly taken there and now the security forces cannot bomb the terrorists because of the human shield.

For this article the Sunday Telegraph also interviewed a 25 year old female teacher who had been forcibly recruited by the LTTE. She and the others had been indoctrinated into believing of army torture on capture. So she said, two of her younger comrades, without surrendering committed suicide by blowing themselves with the help of grenades. She surrendered and faced no torture.

An 18 year old school girl who was forced to fight but later managed to escape told the Sunday Telegraph that she cried for her other friends who could not escape as they were scared of the terrorist leaders . "They are only there because of fear of the Tamil commanders. They told us so many lies. The people will hate them after this." The original article on which this news item is based appeared on March 29 2009.

Romeo said...

Thank you Mahen,

This is good while DW is f***ing in his blog, you are doing a marvellous job.

Keep it up! Bro!!

Romeo said...

කිසිදිනක පරදන්න බෑ කියපු කොටින්ට අද යන එන මං නැති වෙලා. කොටින්ව ඔලුව උඩ තියගෙන නට නටා හිටපු ඩයස්පොරා උන්ටත් කොටි එපා වෙගන යනවා. කොටි පරිස්සම් කරන්න ගිය නොර්වේ අයියලටත් දැන් වහ කන්න වෙලා තියෙන්නෙ.

-- රෝමියෝ --

Sam Perera said...

"පංකාදු ලංකා said...

It is not all over until the FAT LADY SINGS....or in this case...until the FAT PIG SNORTS..."

පංකාදු ලංකා,

That is a classic. I guess that it is the pig's snorts in his last sleep.

Velavan Master said...

Article needs max publicity:

Romeo said...


We heard the news during last couple of days un-liberated area is now limited to no fire zone plus 01!

Orbat defence map from still shows more than 03 east of Puthukudiyirappu and also there is a considerable area north and south of NFZ not liberated yet.

I cannot understand, how has said tigers are now limited to 1 area?

Who can explain this puzzle?

Being Nobody said...


This one looks more factual.

Puran Appu said...


Machan, true. Pottu story was all crap. I don’t know about the 2 billion story. But this news I can say that it’s true.

LTTE have got caught to a double trap now. Since 58 linked with TF8, 58 & TF 8 was able to trap around 100 to 150 LTTE Hard-Core carders with few top leaders heavily equipped & with few heavy guns. Here, the units of TF 8 and 58 Divisions who trapped these LTTE pussies are highly vulnerable for an attack from both rear and from front. Since top leaders are trapped, LTTE will try hard to counter attack and get this unit out from this trap. To avoid this, Special Forces have infiltrated closer to the border of the NFZ and have cut off the LTTE reinforcements. This avoids the vulnerability of TF8 & 58 Div been attacked from both the sides and they can concentrate on eliminating the trapped pussies. It’s said that many LTTE units are been trapped in this area where Special Forces are operating.

Forward units of the 55 Div too follow the tactic where Special teams operates as pockets in front of the main FDL, where it makes really hard for the LTTE to attack the FDL’s.

Puran Appu said...

KillerT said...

First mahen said that government will pause the offensive,now hes tellinfg SF has infiltrated the CSZ.....

Actually, it wasn’t to be a pause to fighting, But to declare that the fighting is over.

It’s that, As soon as the Divisions 55, 58, 53 + TF 8 completes their tasks, government to declare that the offensives are over. (This was likely to happen, and it was a story I heard from so many sources). Keheliya Rabukwella too hinted about this few days back at a press conference and he said that this can be done only under strict conditions by the government.

It looks like a good move. As MR always does, he keeps all happy. Civilian casualties are the only thing which is left for the LTTE to talk about at this moment. They show their own wounded carders as civilians as they always do. They also attack the fleeing civilians and show them saying that they are been attacked by SLA.

By asking UN or some international body to assist the government to get the civilians out, is a superb move and it’ll close the mouths of the LTTE ass kissers. No one can say anything and LTTE will be really trapped in all ways. IT’ll be really intresting to see what’s going to happen after the remaining area is been taken except the No Fire Zone. As the word says, we cant attack this Zone.

As EFT said “IC will get a first hand experience of the LTTE” if the government does this. This is what should be done. You can’t always go by heart. Sometimes, You need to use your brains as well. It’s not that we are going to withdraw our troops.

Puran Appu said...


LTTE Charles Anthony brigade Leader & Deputy leader killed.

BrigLoot said...


You and I must start a newspaper. It will be a money making proposition.

You spoke of the GOSL calling for a ceasefire a few days ago. I haven't heard about it yet.

Perhaps GOSL is speaking in whispers to preserve utmost secrecy?

I must confess, I am a pretty good journalist, but you are almost as good.

OK, so you may be too high faultin to to go into business with me. Instead please give me a job. Please, please, please.

Before I forget- Guys, Give Pee a chance!

Romeo said...

Puran Appu,

Macho, what is that CA leader's name?

Puran Appu said...


Leader - Amitabh
Deputy Leader - Kovith

perein said...

Thank you for the breaking news.
It's now in too.

Karu said...

Hi Puran,

Good to see your comments here. Why do you keep away from DW? I have to agree though DW has gone to dogs now

perein said...


13 Terrorists who were hiding in Lahugala got killed by Special Forces.
Bodies also captured.

Puran Appu said...

Explosive expert PARAMANANDAN MASTER (Suppose to be a real expert) amoung dead in STF Ambush @ Lahugala.

Puran Appu said...

Hi Karu. Was away for a while.

As you said DW is full of bullshit.

Romeo said...


Fantastic news flow! Keep it going mates!!

Thanks Puran and Perein.

Not only DW blog is gone to dogs, DW too, with his delayed moderation of posts.

I quit DW today and will be a regular here.

Rana > Pansilu > Harry Potter > Kasthuri > Romeo :-) :-) :-)

Being Nobody said...


Any news about those unidentified crafts?

DW is loosing all the clientele with his new policy. Should have just stick to deleting unwanted comments, instead of moderating comment for one hour per day!

Puran Appu said...

Rana > Pansilu > Harry Potter > Kasthuri > Romeo :-) :-) :-)

:-) :-) :-)

Puran Appu said...

Rana > Pansilu > Harry Potter > Kasthuri > Romeo

Come.. Join the club Bro.

Karu said...

13 ltte cadres including an explosives expert killed by the STFin Lahugala
-Ada derana

What a flurry of good news. This is going to be a heck of a new year!!

Puran Appu said...

I would really love to see what government s’ strategy will be to deal with the No Fire Zone.

It’s true that many will flee as soon as our guys reach the boarders, but not all.

perein said...

Puran Bro,
Our forces need to be careful with the LTTE who will try to act as normal civilians.
We need intel to work well with civilians to succeed the mission.

Deshal said...

What is LTTE?

Well, for some it is a liberation movement for Sri Lankan Tamils. They claim that LTTE attempts to save Sri Lankan Tamils from unfair treatments they receive from the Sinhalese majority. Some thinks that this is a terrorist organization aiming to form a separate homeland in North and East of island of Sri Lanka. Well, they do claim they need a separate homeland. However, there were no such homeland existed ever in the island prior to the British rule.

There were times that there was a separate kingdom in Jaffna for a while, but there were separate kingdom s all over when the central rule was weak and this was evident throughout the history of the island. There was Kandy (ruled by Sinhalese and Nayakkars), there was Magama (ruled by Sinhalese, separate from Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa kingdoms), there was Kelaniya kingdom (ruled by Sinhalese mostly of ‘Naga’ origin) to name a few which I can recall now, but there were many more. If this rule applies, this island could be divided into many pieces. So this separate kingdom in Jaffna is a piece of bullshit and not a valid argument. We can talk about this extensively on a different occasion.

On the other hand, if LTTE is an organization which stands to liberate Sri Lankan Tamils, how come it is killing Sri Lankan Tamils at a rate, when they oppose LTTE’s supreme leader? In fact, they caused much devastation to Sri Lankan Tamils than Sri Lankan Sinhalese. LTTE stopped the progression of the Sri Lankan Tamils. They not only killed well educated Tamil scholars, but also took a generation’s right for education away from the Sri Lankan Tamils, getting them killed by Sri Lankan army on the battle field. No other organization who stand for a nation would cause that particular nation such a great damage such as LTTE has done to the Tamil nation in Sri Lanka.

Further, LTTE is not all Tamils. There are Sinhalese who support the cause of LTTE as well as Tamils, Muslims and foreigners. They are not at all Sri Lankan Tamils and have no particular direct need for them to support any Sri Lankan Tami cause. For instance, we know that Norway has a taken a direct interest in supporting LTTE. Makes one wonder as to if they would be the ultimate winners through LTTE, doesn’t it?

LTTE is none of that sort. LTTE is an economic entity, a global scale conglomerate running illegal businesses. That’s their cause and all other sundry are justifications to keep the momentum going. In fact this is not the first time such entities existed in a global scale. For instance, take the British East India Company. It was a conglomerate which was involved in number of legal and illegal trades. They had an army and army was consisted of people from various races. There were Indians, Sri Lankans, Malay and British and all fought for a single cause, to enrich the crown and the elite of the Britain. They took over territory and brought genocide on various nations (and today their grandchildren talk about a Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka…hilarious!). They trade in tea, opium, slaves, other drugs, weapons, silk, spices etc, for the sake of financial gains of the owners and managers of the British East India Company. Just as LTTE claims to stand for Sri Lankan Tamils, they also claimed that they stand with god to bring the massage of god to the barbarian lands who have never heard of the god almighty. So they justified all their killings, massacre, genocide, land grabbing and unethical trade in the name of god, who stay way high up that Tamils which is the root of LTTE’s claims.

Interestingly, history provides more examples to organizations such as LTTE. One might even argue that today’s communication technology only would have made it possible for such an organization to exist globally. However, history laughs at those who think in this like and provide us more examples, The Knights Templar. Knights Templar’s cause was to protect the holy land in Jerusalem from Muslims and Jews. They raised funds in Europe (like LTTE!) for this cause and had an army ready to defend these lands with Christian interests. They reinvested their funds collected in various businesses such as money lending, defense, banking, transport and food. However, when Knights Templar lost land, when they have failed in their “holy cause”, they hid the facts from their donors in Europe as there was no sophisticated information flows were developed during those times. But eventually, when the news hit Europe, Knights Templar was banned and destroyed and the final nail on the coffin was placed in France.

Thus, looking through the world’s history, there were organizations who indicated the qualities displayed by LTTE. They are necessarily economic entities and benefitted a class of people while serving a bloody cause. Bloody cause is actually not the main activity, but what was used for the sake of justifying all the other activities which they would carry to create profits for the stakeholders. This very well justify why others who have no interest at all in the Sri Lankan Tamil cause would support LTTE activities. Naturally, all of them benefit financially. However, they engage a bunch of kids in Vanni and send them to battle, shouting the slogan of Tamil liberation so their stakeholders keep supporting them.

So who benefits economically from LTTE?

1. Non Sri Lankan Tamils who claim economic refugee status in west, as this gives them a cause to justify their refugee status. They ‘invest’ in LTTE so they reap the return.

2. Norway and other peace makers. Their project is to enter a territory and extract resources in the region.

3. NGOs, who act to collect funds from developed world and claim 40% of the funds, are for administrative purposes. With these funds, the people involved lead a elite lifestyle.

4. Higher level LTTE Vanni cadres as they have built themselves air-conditioned houses, foreign education for their kids and other benefits

5. Fund collectors for LTTE send only 50% to LTTE while retaining the rest in their coffers and others those who are involved in drug dealing, human trafficking and weapon smuggling for LTTE

6. Politicians in Britain, Canada and Sri Lanka who are after Tamil votes, and those Sri Lankan politicians who target to benefit with rewards by stopping the war

How selfish can one get? They all benefit economically, while Sri Lankan Tamil nation is destroyed by LTTE, making them prisoners and refugees in their own country. In the name of humanity, it is our duty to fight against these ‘blood suckers’ and rescue Sri Lankan Tamil nation.

Romeo said...

I just finished all news items covering and new web sites. It is a great day for our forces and patriots. Invincible LTTE is now fighting for their life.

Ha ha ha hi hi hi ho ho ho

Puran Appu said...

perein Bro,

True, But even if they try to act as normal civilians, it's nothing major they can do. They will civilize and they will join their families like what happened in the East.

And Also, Our INT is very strong like never before.

One more thing, 99% out of them will flee mainly becoz they love their lives, not becoz they love the LTTE @ this moment. All hardcore carders will stay to protect & Die with the FatPig.

Since the main fighting unit is been trapped by our forces & many killed, LTTE will really face a huge problem from now onwards.

LRRU said...


Defencenet & Defencewire is Dead; doesn't get uploaded.

That's why I shifterd to ellaln force at least you update this every other day; keep it up & thanks for the END GAME facts!!!!

Romeo said...


Good one, mate!

Diyasena said...

Tbanks Mahen...I reckon this Wanga machan business could be an attempt to get the LTTP leaders out or a diversion to enable them escape through other means..The navy must try to capture the ship using as little number of vessels as possible..

Rayan said...

Ha Haa...Jehan Perera is trying to erase his 'Koti pulli'

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Nice to see you guys here.

Few months back, this place (EFT) was filled with peelamists. But now...!

Romeo said...


Quite right, DW is dead, Ellalan force is suddenly the most popular blog for us.

I thank Mahen for providing rare information as at present.

Also Puran Appu is doing a great job here.

Puran Appu said...

Thanks Deshal,

Good one.

Puran Appu said...

From Asian Tribune.

The phenomenal fete of Sri Lanka’s armed forces
Fri, 2009-04-03 00:48
By Shenali Waduge

There are many who believe a military option is not possible. Given that the UN Security Council’s 5 permanent members and the G8 nations account for 88% of the world’s arms trade can anyone envisage wars and conflicts coming to a close? Military solutions become unbelievable and unimaginable because the very powers that voice calls for peace are the very powers that manufacture and sell arms and ammunitions even going so far as to create scenarios for conflicts. Therefore for a developing nation such as Sri Lanka to actually program a military end to a 30 year conflict is an achievement for its success has been against not only the LTTE but against many of these powerful forces that do not desire for wars to end. Therefore, Sri Lanka’s success story should rightfully find its place in history books.

Read More

Diyasena said...

I think Paiththiyan Peter must have lost his job in the LTTP cyber wing after DW became moderated..Poor bugger must go back to toilet cleaning now..Hope EFT doesnt do the same otherwise Navindran might lose his job too..

LRRU said...

Thanks Romeo,

Also it's important that we talk facts.

But dishing/racism, singala Modayas, toilets,sakkiliyas etc & mud slinging should stop,

When you read those blogs you have 1000s of comments but most of them are useless, just name calling & mud slinging, that also ruins the blog & it's credibility

I'm not trying to be too philosophic here; just to encourage these blogs cos I feel in the time of this nature unofficial communications modes like these gain popularity than conventional media

Thanks for reading my comments

Puran Appu said...

S.Lanka summons Norwegian envoy over 'Tiger call'

Norway "admitted" helping the international representative of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Selvarasa Pathmanathan, who is better known as K.P., speak with Holmes.

Anonymous said...

I send 3 comments to DW. One was not published. It was..

"I never thought DW reads all these comments, nowadays. They did in the beginning. Anyway, as war is almost over I thought DW/DN will be closed.. but surprisingly a comments moderation.

Good side is personal attacks, filth, spamming may not be any more. Bad side is as moderation is not real time this prevents real time discussions, quick news updates from bloggers etc. But still good for serious discussions of topics.."

Anonymous said...

/Norway "admitted" helping the international representative of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Selvarasa Pathmanathan, who is better known as K.P., speak with Holmes./

Norway, (Solheim) is not the only LTTE supporter among the IC, there are many... What they are going to do now to save LTTE, VP and other leaders..?? I don't think they will do "do nothing"..

Puran Appu said...

One More 130 mm LTTE Artillery Gun Caught.


Elama Kiri.

Puran Appu said...

Ninja Bro,

Api dan mehe.

Anthimata apita Mahen ge blog eke laginna una.

Anonymous said...

Good thing with Mahen is he updates the blog more often. Problem with Mahen is 1) He lied (Poddu surrender story/ Banu dead story/ Badrinath claim) and 2) He should have fooled the diASSpora without revealing himself..

I still think Badrinath is fooling the diASSpora.. His approach is very cunning yet excellent.. I don't expect him to blow his cover in near future as mahen did.

Anonymous said...

Hey Puran, yep.. Nice to see Perin and Nisal too..

Anonymous said...

/According to the battlefield reports , troops of 5 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (5VIR) had day long clashes with the terrorists and captured debris of 130mm Artillery gun recently destroyed in air attacks , /

Puran Appu said...

Looks like the double trap is really working for our guys.

Puran Appu said...

Guys take a look at this.

TROOPS continued their offensive against LTTE terrorists in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU east and north of MULLAITTIVE town areas causing heavy losses among the terrorists on Thursday.

So 59 is offensive again???


Thank you for the news.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Ninja, nice to see you too.

Now I'm reading Mahen's old articles. (We hate those articles at that time). Very funny, cannot stop laughing after reading an array of breaking news at the end of the below page.

Mahen said...

Ahhaa.. I can see Puken Appu lead Chena boys have returned to EFT.
Welcome ... Welcome ladies ...

We will be managing the unsuitable / swearing comments by deleting. So please use the open source systems with respect.

Meanwhile if you have any financial matters, we will try to put those forward to Dr. Navindran (ex financial guru for ex Eelam land, jobless currently)

Anonymous said...


/(We hate those articles at that time)/

Ha Ha Actually I enjoyed them that time too.. That's why I am mad at Mahen.. Imagine reading news like..

"SLA find 3 abandoned 130mm artillery guns - LTTP military panel decided they no more need 130 mm guns and decided to abandon 3 brand new guns...."

"LTTE make strategic withdrawal to no fire zone.."

"LTTE takes disciplinary action against xx tamil traitors who tried to run in to SLA areas.."

"LTTE military wing decided they don't need two of their fighter jets in TAF and decided to abandon them in Colombo..."

"LTTE DPU unit of 10 elite cadres attacked 10 STF troops in Oddusudan and now the whole Oddusudan area is totally under the control of LTTE DPU team..."

"SLA find xxxx T56 guns, xxxx ammo etc abandoned by LTTE. There is no effect to LTTE by these findings as all the buried the weapons are unwanted ones..."

Anonymous said...

/Meanwhile if you have any financial matters, we will try to put those forward to Dr. Navindran (ex financial guru for ex Eelam land, jobless currently)/

Question 1. What is the todays dollar rate?

Question 2. Did SL economy collapsed? If so when? (the date)

Question 3. If the answer is no to question 2, will SL economy collapse? If so when?

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

අප්පොච්චියේ පැනමා රටෙත් කොටිලු . . .

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Velava Master,

Thanks for the link to that article. I tried hard to locate it but failed. Maybe the internet searches in Pukkaland is not so good.

Now why couldn't put that link on their article? It is far better to see the "source" rather than a repeat. These are the little things that help increase credibility of (and

BTW the new site is pretty aweful, don't you think? It looks gawdy and user-unfriendly. If it ain't broke don't fix it...

Bloggy Boy said...


පංකාදු ලංකා said...

Bloggy Boy,

ඔයා හරිම බේගල් Boy කෙනෙක්නේ. මම හොඳටම රැවටුනා.

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