Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Column - SLA makes steady progress to free hostages

Beginning of the end

The fate of LTTE as a military force has been sealed i.e., it has no fate. The SLA has been commended both locally and internationally for militarily finishing off what the FBI branded as "The World's most ruthless terrorist outfit ". Al - Qaeda launched suicide attacks on the New York Twin Towers that killed over 3,000 people, for the FBI to rank the LTTE above their public enemy number 1 means something, it means more as the SLA has finished off the LTTE while the NATO coalition forces are still fighting Al - Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Sri Lankan public over the years were apathetic to SLA offensives to liberate the Wanni, Jayasikuru being the prime example - life went on as normal in the South while the SLA were marching up the A9. The public were convinced that the LTTE were invincible as any SLA victories were soon reversed. What lacked then was the political will to back the military - major offensives were routinely halted whenever the SLA sufferred setbacks, "tactical withdrawls" and "readjustments on the FDLs" were the norms. Such was the extent of the withdrawls and readjustments that the SLA gave up Pooneryn, EPS and Mullaitivu complexes to the orders of the political leaders. The political leaders didn't have the backbone to back the military as they were afraid of loosing the voters who were insisting that the Army stop offensives to save lives. Presumably, the public had only heard of wars where there are no casualties. The sight of ambulances and buses carrying the dead and wounded on Dambulla road was enough to convince them that the war should stop as the LTTE were indomitable.

That was then, this is now - the political and military landscape has dramatically changed FOR THE BETTER. We have a President who fully backs the military, an Army Commander who is steadfast, and a public fully behind the President and the military in wiping off terror ONCE AND FOR ALL. The President does not pander to the international community either, he backs the military push knowing full well that it will upset the donor buddies and white uncles. He even challenged the UN to exert pressure on the LTTE to stop offensives rather than asking the government to implement a longer ceasefire, the UN and the international community is lost on the fact that the LTTE has used previous ceasefires to re-group, re-arm and launch even more attacks. It also does not occur to them that it is the LTTE that is prolonging the conflict by holding civilians and not the SLA. We applaud the military and the political establishment in seeing through the strategy to wipe out terror.

Fresh offensives under way

The SLA started fresh offensives to free civilian hostages 48 hours ago. The 53rd, TF8 and 58th have launched a three pronged attack on the A35 Paranthan - Mullaitivu main road, 53rd and TF8 are nearing the bridge at Vellaimullaivaikkal, 58th is facing stiff resistance on their front. We are seeing heavy casualties as the LTTE has a small area to defend and fire is concentrated. Tiger FDLs are heavily booby trapped and mined and most of the injuries are due to AP mines. 55th are holding their positions just north of Palamattalan and conducting limited 8 man team operations, snipers are also taking out targets. The Navy is on full alert over Tiger leaders trying to flee, night time sea tiger escape missions have been effectively foiled by the Navy's SBS and RABS squadrons. The SLAF is providing CAS and surveillance assistance to the SLA, the aerial pictures and videos are proving invaluable as the SLAF and SLA are able to strike at identified targets. Surveillance is much easier now as the Tiger territory has shrunk to 17 sq kms. The MOD has stopped giving publicity to SLAF missions, reasons for which are undisclosed. Only a limited amount of battlefield news is reaching us as the current missions are extra secretive.



නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

A good one.

Thanks Mahen.

onceinawhile said...


No offence against puran.Just asked a question.Thats all

onceinawhile said...

Selva, Subba and other terrorists helping LTTE to kill your own brothers and sisters. See what your brothers and sisters have to say about LTTE.

S said...

Pottu Amman's brother-in-law surrenders to the Army

well well well...

Buster said...

hahahahahahaha....Mahen this is a better prepared abstract from existing information...:-)

perein said...


Only reason I mentioned that because most conversations started to move towards personal attacks mate.

Thanks for undestanding.

perein said...

Mate, take it easy please.

Blog/s should be a place to discuss events for all, if we know something related to War in Sri Lanka, let's hand hold together and share the info (Assuming those are safe to discuss).

Let's move forward with out unwanted discussion killer comments.

Saduni said...

Hi Mahen,

Thanks for the information. I have lot of friends who support UNP. Many of them still suspect the outcome of the war.

When I discuss the success of the war with them, many say

(1) Ok. fine. But can we catch Prabakaran? Then what is the point of war?

(2) This is a guerilla war. It will emerge after sometime.

They always think negative side. The facts may be true. But we have to have a positive mind in order to procede and SLDF alreay think about this post war situation. (They are not children, they have a plan)

They raise these facts simply because this war is led by Government. What I can say is that if the government is UNP and do the same thing, they will quickly change their attitude and say war is very successful and will have the peace soon.

The mind of the UNP supporter is sometimes complex. It is always fun to talk with them. However considerable supports think good outcome of this war.

LRRU said...

Anyway, I'm just happy that something is happening; NOT wait & see

Anonymous said...

After few weeks if not days war will be over (and peelam achieved.) What the fcuk we will do in these blogs after that? I guess DN, DW, EFT will have a natural death. Surprisingly, it seems begal today is already dead!! (Does and put all genuine pics now..?)

I think some people should start blogs on political, economics, foreign affairs topics. Basically on the topic how to develop SL with all the communities as Sri Lankans, how to integrate every one into a Sri Lankan identity, how to face western threats, big bugger threats and monkeynadu jokers, how to incorporate western knowledge into SL system, etc etc.. Basically about the future of SL.. Ananda-USA, Rover, Sujeewa Kokawala can take the lead with their blogs..

And also we need to take care of our war heros and and their families.. and of course attack diasspora web terrorists whenever seen. It is unlikely western authorities taking any action against those who fund LTTE to kill civilians in Sri Lanka.. Karma will take care of them..

Anonymous said...

/(1) Ok. fine. But can we catch Prabakaran? Then what is the point of war?/

War is basically to take the whole territory under GSL control. Getting VP is just a bonus (we may or may not get.) What is the point catching VP (in some way) if still SLA can't go beyong Vavunia? Only a UNP joker can argue like this.

/(2) This is a guerilla war. It will emerge after sometime./

This was a guerrilla war (in 80s and 90s.) It became a conventional war and until now that's what SLA fought. It will emerge again for sure if we elect a ponna pansy like RW as our leader again.

Gajen said...

More BS from singhalas and fake Tamil Mahen. Just admit that you have come across our best units and cannot advance any further, its got nothing to with the civilians.

LRRU said...

Ninja we should not wait untill karma do anything to western bastards.

I'm these days planning how we could implant anti western thinking in people mind;

Mind you I'm a Lectuere and I teach nearly 4,000 students every year. I was promoting UK education till last month ;

But now I have started slowly discouraging UK education, & I was succesfull in creating anti western mind set in majority of my students, in between lectures.

Now my Heroes are Iran, North Korea, China , Russia and even Zimbabwe & ,burma ,Mianmar

Hate UK/US/Norway may more terrorists hit London, Newyork & Oslo;

God Bless lanka; Goto Hell UK /USA & Norway

Anonymous said...

/Selva said...

I request you all to stop believing gosl propoganda lies and open your eyes to the truth./

How many times your thaleivar the sooriya thevan has told you not to believe GOSL punnakku?

Here is the truth, actually half truth.

/Gajen said...

More BS from singhalas and fake Tamil Mahen. Just admit that you have come across our best units and cannot advance any further, its got nothing to with the civilians./

And here is the full truth.

SLA is still at Mavil Aru. LTTE repulsed, thwarted and defeated all SLA advances. Please admit, LTTE best units are fighting and 1000s troops KIA.. of course at MAVIL ARU.

Bhasker said...


If your army is all powerful and better than NATO forces why are they taking so long to "liberate" and area of 17 square kilometres?

Rajan said...

More modayas falling for Mahen the joker.

Anonymous said...


Can't agree with you.

We don't have to be anti-western. We need to stop worshiping westerners.

1. British did the trick. The officers they sent to SL were really good, decent people. Our people looked at them and assume all 'suddas' are like that. They forgot there are jobless, homeless, begger suddas too.! This is a critical point where our normal people kept sudda above a normal human being.

2. Westerners rule the world thanks to their knowledge. Iran, Chaina or North Koria don't have their own knowledge rather they either try hard to copy westerners knowledge or already done; -(Nuclear power etc). You like it or not we have to get the same knowledge unless we can come up with more advance knowledge. And to get that we have to go to USA, UK etc not North Koria.

So please encourage your students to learn well these knowledge (not parroting). And visit and make good contact with western scholars. Also to learn English well and if possible Chinese, French etc too.

Our people forget easily their past and at least the fact that their education was paid by tax money. The point is they should know where they belong and to love SL and their people.

I know its uncomfortable for many educated people in SL when MR stand against UN, UK suddas. The key reason is they think "sudda is always correct". We should have a backbone (like MR) to stand against them when they are wrong.

Many sinhalese who worship Buddha, understand little or no Dharma of Buddha. Same people worship westerners simply because they can't understand westerners knowledge and believe it is some thing sacred. No harm worshiping Buddha even without understanding; Its not the case with western knowledge.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This is how so called guardians or virtue and ideals show their butts to international community when they are challenged. I believe SL should make a case out of this when the west pressurizes again.

Best answer to Karuna-Budi .

Is this what Ban-Ki-Moon tried to stop by requesting further free-fire time for Pussycats . SL Diplomats should deliver this news all over the world.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I do not think that majority of the western ppl agree with pussycats. But they really don't care. So a very little number of ideologists, weapon dealers, fund raisers, NGO and other vultures are fore-running the campaign. And some politicians are misusing the power for benefits and some do it for cheap votes.

Still the west has done great for us to defeat Pussycats.

Nevertheless, if you were preaching western ideologies, mate, that wasn't right. Do not get hold of any ideology. Those are templates made by modern day crusaders to control public easily.

We should take the best of west and east [north south too] and use it for the best purpose.

LRRU said...

thanks for all constructive feedback;

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Pussycat Supporters. Stop selling bullshit.

- We know that your "brothers and sisters" are the weapon bearing civilians, who are also called terrorists. And note that there is a huge amount of non-terrorist civilians at their hostage. SLDF has to kill your "terrorist bro+sis" in order to save the latter innocent ppl. Stop dragging on, nobody cares for a toffee here. And we know that you also pretend to cry for civilians but in reality your cry is for the demise of Pussycats.

- We will appreciate your confidence that SLDF cannot go further. That over-confidence has been a key factor for the victory of ours.

- There has never been a tamil kingdom in northern SL. There was a tamil kingdom in Jaffna peninsula for shorter periods in recent history. We are following the academic research on history by means of archeology etc.

- We do not worship Mahavamsa like you do with Ramayan etc. It is a mere chronicle.

- Read this: Missing side story about mythical Eelam Have a say. Like to see your F/B.

- Do you expect us to believe in Pussycat news? We read govt media as well as independent ones. We read the pussycat biased international media too. Anyone not believing the combination of all these can only be a mythical believer of an ideology like you.

- My sympathy, after 30 years and wasting many billions of hard earned dollars, you ended up as fugitives and hatred public of west. We feel for you, sadly this is all left with you. Everyone has to pay for their crimes. And this is your moment of suffer, for the crimes you articulated. A deserving one.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


After many years with UNPers I am yet to realize a way to convince them. Nevertheless some get convinced and then after they are no longer UNP. In this juncture the minority of UNP is an essential component in order to preserve Ranil as opposition leader. Ranil's repulse of public has been a key winning factor. So your friends who have got self-mislead, do an important part unintentionally.

Some misleading helped/helps our glory. We should love that.


- Diaspora+Pussycats thought MR will never wage war successfully. So they blocked voting.

- Diaspora believed that SLDF haven't achieved the much they have. So their action came too little and too late.

- Pussycats never thought SLDF would get on them this faster. So they gave away themselves in many battles.

- UNP never thought MR will win in Presidential election. By the time of election UNP was almost rejoicing victory.

- UNP still believes that GOSL is faking a meaningless victory, and hence RW is right. This saves the most needed opposition arse of RW, who helps MR for winning elections.

Sam Perera said...


Since you are very familiar with the thinking of the UNP friends ask them the following.

(1) What is their proposed solution to terrorism and separatism? Give them little more rope to talk about and very soon you will see them skirting around Eelam. I bet that your friends want to give a piece of the country away to LTTE and do some good business with them. Watch for any new ideas and make sure that you point to already tried methods.

(2) What do they think about the ability of SLA to counter guerrilla war by LTTE? Do they think that SLA is unprepared for such military action.

(3) Ask them about the famous statements by RW about Thoppigala Jungle and Ravi K's Kilinochchi-Medawachchi, Alimankada-Paamankada

(4) Ask them if they appreciate for the countless sacrifices by our soldiers.

Ask the questions and let them speak. End of he discussion, you will feel how morally bankrupt these Wikramasinghe wing of UNP is. Yet, go there with an ope mind so that there is clarity in your expressions.

Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

Featured Scums of the Day

Mano Ganeshan and R. Sampanthan.This video shows how blatant their anti Sri Lankan acts are. R. Sampandan is a traditionally a diehard Eelamist while Mano Ganeshan in Colombo with a monkey mask. They have violated the very oath they take in becoming parliamentarians to preserves Sri Lanka. Their anti Sri Lankan acts go way beyond the limits of Sri Lankan scum. Without saying too much, I believe that the government should prosecute these terrorists with a view to administer traditional traitor’s punishment at a public square without any delay. We can’t tolerate paying public money to support these terrorists anymore. In addition, any of Mano Ganeshan’s associates like Ranil Wickramasinghe, Rauf Hakeem, and Mangala Samaraweera shall be thoroughly investigated for any financial handouts from Mano and LTTE. Mr. President, I bet you take legal action against these terrorists.

Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abegunasekara
Mano GaneshanR SampanthanK Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe

Sam Perera said...

This is the true face of USA. Now we know who wants to help LTTE terrorists despite all that show they had by banning LTTE. What a shameless act against the democratic will of Sri Lankans. I believe that the people should arrange mass protests against USA this time. At the same time, I hope that government will provide more security to Robert Blake.

May the blessings of triple gems with the President and the people of Sri Lanka in this moment of blatant pro terrorist aggression by USA

Anonymous said...


That was the truth many of us reluctant to believe. LTTE had a good support from west. West is busy with Al-Quida and no time to deal with LTTE is not quite true. They could act in the same way for both. As we know, LTTE is "good" terrorist.

Further, it is clear INGOs helped and maintained LTTE in wanni by the name of humanity. These INGOs are finally getting money from west. And they operate under the permission of western governments of their respective countries. INGO is a misleading name - correct one should be WGOs - western government organizations.

Truth and their problem is non of these western governments expected GSL to defeat LTTE like this.

Diyasena said...

Sam P,

With Hillary as sec state, the state dep. is probably full of bleeding heart neo-liberals...Do u have any idea if USA has a defence attache in SL? I think GOSL can directly approach him without compromising diplomatic protocol..The defence department still has enough consevatives to be sympathetic to our war on terror

Sam Perera said...


There is a defence attache in Colombo. However, I have my serious doubts DOD can help us. The best we can do is to seek help of our friends, and make us less and less dependent on the west. Yet, I am amazed by this blatant pro terrorist act by USA in a time they are dealing with all kinds of terrorist around the world. I sincerely hope that this act will go down in modern word history as one of the most hypocritical act by USA.

Thusitha said...

Sam Perera said...

There is a defence attache in Colombo. However, I have my serious doubts DOD can help us. The best we can do is to seek help of our friends, and make us less and less dependent on the west. Yet, I am amazed by this blatant pro terrorist act by USA in a time they are dealing with all kinds of terrorist around the world. I sincerely hope that this act will go down in modern word history as one of the most hypocritical act by USA.

Even if they refuse our IMF package, we should continue the fight. It would be week or two till we capture PTK. Once we capture PTK all this genocide and other BS will end and they will give us IMF money.
Therefore My suggestion is continue the fight and not to worry about the IMF money for the time being.

Thusitha said...

Is there no way of letting some of the IDPs go?

Why do we have to keep all of them? Can't we do some kind of lie detector test or something like that on the ones we believe innocent and let them go?

One of the biggest accusations are the so called internment camps. If we start letting these people go bit by bit, it would be good for all of us.

Puran Appu said...

Biggest ever hostage rescue mission officialy begins.Over 15,000 Civilians rescued by military after capturing 2.5km earth bund in Ampalavanpokkanai by the 58 division and Special Forces.

LRRU said...

ya,puran I also heard the same, but I thought it's a rumour

Seems to me the party is On,,,,but the night is still young :-)

Cheers to SLA

Puran Appu said...

Rana Bro,

Even though the RAW officially operates for the interest of the Indian Government, there are plenty of other intelligence units operates within the RAW. This has become a real problem for India.

This RAW agents' connection with China is interesting. We cant say that Hon. Rohitha Bogollagama is a traitor based on this news article @ Sunday Leader. I am sure that he acted for the benefit of the SL government.

Anonymous said...

/Over 15,000 Civilians rescued /

Puran, source?

Thusitha said...

Puran Appu said...
Biggest ever hostage rescue mission officialy begins.Over 15,000 Civilians rescued by military after capturing 2.5km earth bund in Ampalavanpokkanai by the 58 division and Special Forces.

I can't believe. If this is true, it made my day.

Thusitha said...

Thousands of Civilians Rescued


Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...


The figure is from Daily News bro. I'll try to confirm the figure. I posted it as i got becoz we all were waiting for this.

It had been a surprise attack by 58 today morning, and this massive operation was launched yesterday by both 58, 53 with TF8.

58 Has made a surprise move while the main units of the LTTE been locked with day & night fighting with 53 giving it's full force there, since the LTTE is going to be a check mate if The security forces isolate Vellaimullaivaikkal.

53 with TF 8 have been pushing along the A35 targeting to divide the NFZ into 2, to isolate Vellaimullaivaikkal from Putumattalan.

Earlier 58 has met with stiff resistance & Later 53. Experienced forward fighting units of 58 backed by CR, waited for the right moment and made it for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Puran, Thanks man. Hope we will hear the good news soon.. (err.. bad news for diasspora donkeys, TN monkeys, UNP ponsys, and UN, UK, USA sudda foxies..)

Sinhabahu said...

Bhasker said...

If your army is all powerful and better than NATO forces why are they taking so long to "liberate" and area of 17 square kilometres?

Yes SLDF is better than NATO forces not in numbers not in technology but in effectiveness & experience

1.Tell me any other Army in the world which have more than 30+ years of combat experience.SL forces are thought in the battlefield but their counterparts are thoughts in the class rooms & simulations .Nothing like the real thing and there is no substitute for experience

2.Tell me any other navy in the world which has to face suicide boats and which have close range encounters with the enemy and which have effectively developed counter measures US navy seals train with SLN you think only to give their expertise No to learn from us as well

3.SLAF a consistent & accurate campaign with limited resources ( I dont have to talk about nato pilots now do i? remember the air campaign over iraq & afganistan ? they flatten the entire cities for their infantry to walk in in SL now we have SLA administrative offices in buildings build by Terrorists need i say more?)actually most of the target accruing systems of SLAF & NATO pilots are quiet similar it could be either radio guided or IR but the difference is intel

So nato forces has a lot to learn from SLDF and SLDF is currently the best

Why we are taking so long to take the NFZ there are civilians inside (Not the ones in civilian clothing but has a gun directed at SLA but genuine helpless civilians mark my words thats the only reason why the SLDF do not go in full throttle in to this area we have enough fire power to neutralize a terrain of this size effectively.

Navy also has high power guns you know so if SLDF really want to raze this area and finish this off they have the ability to fire from all five directions North-55 div, South 59 div, west 58 div & 55 east Navy oh and from above the air force so do you get the picture the situation is pretty desperate for LTTE isn't it so if not for civilians you can imagine the situation right so stop uttering crap!

Puran Appu said...


The figure is correct, more than 15,000 crossed over may be the number is very much more than 15,000. Expecting more to cross over within the Day. SLAF UAV s' have spotted more civilians coming towards the govt. control areas.

Thusitha said...

An article by NachoLibre
Good one.

Thus, threats of aid cuts and blocking of financial support by Robert-O-Blakes and their Masters would not bring about their desired results. They cannot change the resolve of the people of this island nation. We should look other places for financial support, if US wants to subdue us that way to give Prabakaran a breather. The military offensives should not be compromised to satisfy the whims and fancies of Robert-O-Blake and his masters. Obama can keep his CHANGE, we will find money somewhere else.

Hon.VP said...

COLOMBO, April 20 (Reuters)At least 5,000 people burst ouf of Sri Lanka's tiny war zone on Monday, after soldiers broke through a long earthen wall the Tamil Tiger rebels built to stall their advance, the military said.

The wall of earth had blocked the widest land link to the coastal strip where Sri Lanka's military has surrounded the Tigers with the goal of crushing them and ending a civil war that has raged since 1983 and is now Asia's longest-running.

"Troops captured the earth bund and so far 5,000 people have been rescued. It is still going on," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

The no-fire zone is a 17-square-km (6.5-sq-mile) area of coconut groves, where the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) separatists are fighting their last stand from among tens of thousands of civilians they have held there by force.

The Sri Lankan government has been under heavy Western pressure to call a ceasefire to protect people in the no-fire zone, since the LTTE has rejected all international calls to let them go and insists civilians are staying by choice.

Sri Lanka has rejected further calls for a truce after the expiration of a 48-hour pause last week, saying the Tigers only used it to bolster their defences and make it harder for people to escape.

The state-run Daily News said 15,000 people had fled on Monday, which Nanayakkara denied.

However, military sources told Reuters that the number was likely to climb later in the day, and that the 5,000 figure given only represented those people who had been checked and cleared by soldiers for onward passage to refugee camps.

Anyone approaching military lines has to be screened for weapons or bombs, since an LTTE suicide bomber in February blew herself up at a refugee screening centre and killed at least 28 and wounded nearly 100. (Writing by Bryson Hull; Editing by Bill Tarrant)

LRRU said...


Man it's 20,000 + not 15,000 ha ha

party is On......Now it's House & Techno Session.....Baila session any moment

Bravo....Hail SLA

Puran Appu said...


Man, cant believe.

Our forces are the best.

Like to see what the international community is going to say now.

Mahen said...

Hard day's work for SLA with lot of rewards.

Some dying terrorists already went to hell by blowing them selves.

Please be vigilant ladies and Chena boys.

Anonymous said...

Over twenty thousand civilians rescued - SLA Possibly the saddest day for Selva, Subha, and other diASSpora donkeys..

Suicide blast among fleeing civilians, 17 injured

At least 17 people were wounded by a suicide blast that went off today among thousands of civilians fleeing Sri Lanka's war zone into army-controlled areas, Reuters reported quoting a military source.

Nishan said...

Suicide blast reproted among feeling civilians

Rana said...


Over 20,000 civilians’ crossing over is a fantastic news item. However, I suspect this move by LTTE. May be some important terrorist figures are among them. That is why they managed to come across.

Be vigilant to the maximum possible extent, there is no way of filtering them properly when you receive flood of humans from the gates of hell.

--- Rana ---

Puran Appu said...

35,000 civilians escape, LTTE complete defeat imminent - PresidentMore than 35,000 civilians today fled the last area under the control of Sri Lanka’s cornered LTTE, President Mahinda Rajapakse said, adding that the rebels' "complete defeat" was imminent.

Showing aerial video from a military spy plane over the tiny area where the Tigers are staging a last stand, Rajapakse said 35,000 non-combatants had crossed the lines into government-held territory since early Monday morning.

"The footage clearly shows that the people are defying the rebels and escaping. They are running to safety," the president said.

The government has accused the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam of using trapped civilians as a human shield, and the president suggested that their escape removed a final obstacle to an all-out military assault.

"The process of the complete defeat of the LTTE has just begun," he told AFP. "It is now all over for the Tigers."

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Over 35000 civilians escape Pussycats with SLDF military backing What an answer to all parties who wanted military operations stopped for civilian escape.

In the beginning of war the west preached us no war, but when SLDF started defeating the terrorists they started praising it. Similarly they were insisting on halting military operations to release civilians [my foot], but when the actual rescue happens, they will again start praising us.

SLDF and GOSL seem to be in a mighty hurry. Rather unknowingly, the sudden death of Pussycats was brought by diaspora, west and TN who pressurized GOSL too much.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Heard it is high drama in TV. Showing it all. Miss that part.

Puran Appu said...

Final Call for the LTTE to surrender.From 12 noon today to 12 noon tomorrow or face total defeat.


Mahen said...

Don't mean to spoil the party, but don't jump yet. Intel suggests that suicide bombs may increase and some terras may flee along with civies and escape into the jungles at the most opputune times.

Puran Appu said...

President visits Air Force HQ Operations room & watches the live visuals of mass civilian EXODUS from NFZ.

-Daily News

Mahen said...

Did n't we tell you all "Beginning of the end" yesterday....

hahahaha ... we know something you do n't know...
we know something you do n't know...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Come on Mahen, it is straight fwd.

Someone told me as many as 3 suicide bombs went inside the long queues. I'm waiting to hear that some suicide bombers were beaten by grandmas using kosu idal, and if so that would be a first ever feat.

BTW two worse predictions.

1. Bombs in south, major targets or just in vain. [Everyone pls avoid major nodes like junctions, bazaars]

2. Pussycats using the flow o humans to attack 58th. I mean attack from both ends.

Mahen said...

Getting lots of news now, but all unverified, some speak of major leaders being killed by the Maha Sohana brigade, internal rebellions, SF opening cans of whoop ass inside the NFZ, etc. etc. We will await verification and publish, stand by ladies....

Mahen said...

Berlin 1944...

LRRU said...

Ha Ha ha

BBC says; 5000 rescued "Military Say"

Aney Paw----ICRC Worn Out

Those fuckers can get a permanenet rest once the Forces go in to Zafe Zone

Mahen said...

The end is nigh....

Mahen said...

To be or not to be, that is the question....

Nishan said...

Breaking news

TamilNut is pleading for a ceasefire

Deshal said...

Hail SLDF, worries of life!

This is the most heroic and bravest force on Earth, who has crushed the world’s most brutal terrorist outfit liberating our Tamil brothers and sisters who suffered under them. Their tactics are greater than even those deployed by Alexander the Great against King Derius of Persia. Our forces spread life and hope instead of death and distruction mastered by LTTE.

Hail concurring heroes, hail the worries of life!

Mahen said...


Are you trying to hail a taxi? Call 2588588.

Deshal said...

Hey Mahen,

You know us chena boys with minimum knowledge of English and stuff...

Good one though!

Mahen said...

How many legs does Bhanu have?

Gayan said...

Cry cry cry LTTP losers!!

Gayan said...

[How many legs does Bhanu have?]

Ask how many nuts does Bhanu have??
Answers for both questions is a big fat '0'!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DM confirms three suicide bombs

Gayan said...

Q: How many nuts does Piraba have??
A: Never had any!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DLK confirms 30k, with photos Puligal and all others can analyze the authenticity.

I like the fact that Puligal and other tamil sources, BBC and other media undermine our victories. That makes parts of diaspora not very active in the belief that news is a fake. Their under estimation is our glory.

This is why we like to see more and more Punnakku news. Where is U-Fool, Peter and other monkeys? Can't you find ways to prove that news is fake. This is the hour of need for you guys.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Navy joins the party

silentknight said...

f al goes well today will be the day...59 started moving...

we will move on to the safe zone in three different points while the the 58 has bisected it...

commandos and special forces are already along the peremeter in different locations around the NFZ...over 30000 already moved and if all goes to plan it might be over in three days even...

await update at 5 or so...

perein said...

Aniichawthaa Sankarraa Wage :)

Tiger seniors injured?

Anonymous said...

heavy fighting is reported north of Palamattalan between the 55th and the LTTE. Heavy LTTE-resistance

Anonymous said...

mahen,how can you compare the no fire zone-battle now with the battle of Berlin 1945? Do you know,how long and fierce this battle was? Please do not overestimate our heroic operation with the battle of Hitler and Stalin,two evil tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ How are you? Did you find the lost ball in no fire zone..?

Deshal said...


I beg to differ. Red Army liberated Berlin from Nazi and our Army is liberating our brothers and sisters from LTTE. I hardly see much of a differance.

By the way, Stalin elevated Russia from an under developed nation to a highly developed super power amidst fighting World War II. I give him due respect for that.

I hope our president can also do the same!

Anonymous said...

Its said 30,000 escaped. I can't believe this until Editor Badrinath gives the OK after analysing videos and photos.. HIKZ..

Puran Appu said...


Paw ban..

Uta paduwe inna deepan.

Puran Appu said...

I mean to cj.

Mahen said...

Puken Appu,

Are you watching TV?

Anonymous said...

you motherfucking communist bastard,you should be burnt alive in Auschwitz,you red pro-russian scum.LTTE WILL DESTROY YOU WITH A GUERILLA-WAR;YOU WILL SEE

Anonymous said...

/Mahen said...

Puken Appu,

Are you watching TV?/

Please tell Puran. Mahen doesn't want to report the exact same thing (as said in TV...)

Deshal said...

he he he ...

Scared of communists, are we? Communists or no communists, heroes who lead their nation to victory would be remembered, including Stalin, who rescued the world from Nazis. Simple man.

Okey, I told the truth. Burn me in your Auschwitz. I am ready...!

perein said...

aiiyoo paww bang...

lot of bad news for LTTE in one day..

‘Walk to the Oprah show’ goes for a walk

Puran Appu said...

Ninja Bro,

Muuta, mmath ekka tiyena taraha tama arila naa..

I really miss those days. The fun we had with Mahen. Those were the days. Finally, it's coming to an end.

Deshal said...

Over 800km walk is good for those who over eat and want to burn fat.

These koolies from India, Malaysia and South Africa (but claim they are much respected Sri Lankan Tamils)did not have much to eat in their lands. So when they have food, they generally overeat and get fat.

Probably, doctors have adviced them to burn fat and they came up with a way of collecting funds while burning excess fat! Cool.

Puran Appu said...

SLA fires cluster bombs on 'safety zone'
[TamilNet, Monday, 20 April 2009, 08:35 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has been firing shells fitted with cluster-munitions into civilian areas inside the northern part of the so-called 'safety zone', blocking the people who were attempting to re-locate within the zone and forcing them to get out into the hands of the SLA, according to latest reports from Pokka'nai area.

Heavy exchange of gunfire was reported at several locations that have not fallen and hundreds of dead and wounded were seen lying without first aid or care.
Ane Paw, Duka Tamai Ranjini

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puran Appu said...

Mahen Punde,

Check this, it wasn't anywhere when i mentioned about the UAV footage.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Breaking News !!!

SL president visited last week Killinochchi and had bilateral talks with the president of Tamil Eelam.

These talks include a loan of 500 million Eelam Rupees from Tamil eelam. He also had talks with Minister of IT, Charles Antony to develop IT courses in school as per Tamil Eelam school.

He also had talk with Pottu Amman in training a new suiside attack scode for SLA.

Anonymous said...

/‘Walk to the Oprah show’ goes for a walk/

80,000 monkey votes ignored to 16,000 human votes. hikzz.. Should be vote genocide..

/As identified by Tamilnet, the walkers are: Vijay Siveneswaran, Kris Balasingam, Marlan Rajah, Kannan Sreekantha, Myron Rajah and Ramanan Thirukketheeswaranathan./

I think this is Upul, Peter, Selva, Bhairav, Shyam and Thiru. Hik hik They can walk to Mexico..

Anonymous said...

Found this new address of Nadesun from tamilnet.

Political Head Quarters
Liberation Tigers of TamilEelam
Oslo, Norway.
London, UK.

Being Nobody said...

hahahaha ... we know something you do n't know...
we know something you do n't know...
Ya ya we know you masturbate while typing.

Being Nobody said...

Ninja said...

Found this new address of Nadesun from tamilnet.

Political Head Quarters
Liberation Tigers of TamilEelam
Oslo, Norway.
London, UK.
HA HA HA...GOOD ONE. You can get Pottu's one from Mahen Aunty.

Being Nobody said...


We must whole heatedly thank our good friend Prof. Navindran for warning the HE the president of SL about the economic collapse and also for pointing out to the EElam president how profitable can an investment get when invested in SL. The highest ever rate of return the tigers can ever get is now being received by vezzapille and Comapny. Wow..I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

/..while the injustices against the Tamils now also includes daily shelling and killing of Tamil men, women, children and even unborn babies (for all of which we have pictorial evidence),/

-From the obituary notice of peelaam published in

I strongly believe this is written by Editor Badrinath. HIK HIK..

Mahen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mahen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mahen said...

Sorry Ninja and chaps, we weren't supposed to publish that. Not all news is good, this is war, be patient, please don't talk about it any further.

Anonymous said...

What? Are you drunk?

Mahen said...

We are not drunk, but in a moment of madness we jumped the gun and published classified information. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

ok ok don't jump mala.

Thusitha said...

Tamil Protesters are blocking the streets of U.k. Westminster.

Seem like Tamils diaspora are pissed off that Vanni Civilians managed to escape the Grip of LTTE.

This also seem to be sanctioned by the U.K. government. Most probably these protests are organized with the help and knowledge of British Government.

Anonymous said...

yes,170 SLA-soldiers surrendered to the LTTE this morning,hide the truth,you bastards,your soldiers are surrendering en masse

Vajira said...

All formations except 59 div. are moving in to the NFZ. Things will move rapidly now.

Mahen said...

No bull allowed. You know it was all most a clean cut SLA has done.
Do you know who was in those ambulance? We wont let the cat out of bag until full clean up done.

silentknight said...

Mahen, dont do this to us man,....its a point in time where the end game is on,....we dying over here for the news dude!,

some of us are actually bunking our work to be able to refresh ur blog!...good or bad, we understand this is war....pleaseeeee, update us with info.

Anonymous said...

/Tamil Protesters are blocking the streets of U.k. Westminster./

Must be demanding sent back 35,000 to suffering zone again.

Anonymous said...


Good to see you. Why 59 not moving? SF/LNP said 59 also moving.

Mahen said...


There is nothing more we would like to do than update you, BUT you would rather us publish unverified snippets (that may well compromise natural security) or would rather not wait till we publish 100% verified and vetted information?

Anonymous said...

/You know it was all most a clean cut SLA has done./

Mahen, Do you know CJ?

Maskman said...

Vajira mate,

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

natural security? whats that? (muu ada beela..)

Mahen said...


I don't associate with eunuchs.

Maskman said...

Ninja said...
natural security? whats that? (muu ada beela..)

>> Honestly there are lot of childish and monkey praising its own tail kind of stories by Jangi Mahen.
In a way this blog is not credible, but I keep coming to hang out with like minded...

Anonymous said...

Mahen sellan karanavada?

Mahen said...

Why are we happy?

Vajira said...


Up to now 59 is maintaining active defence. They have not crossed over this far. But dont be surprised if they move in within the next 48 hours.
Its a similar scenario to the Muhamalai/Nagarkovil event during the past 2 years.

Mahen said...

Who rules the blogs?

Maskman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Thanks man. I never knew MNK scenario is there with 59. Please tell us more. This Mahen joker is totally useless.

Mahen said...

Do n't forget who this blog's been dedicated to you Chena boys.

Maskman said...

Apparently monkeys rule most blogs

DoDo said...

Now that half of Peelam citizens migrated in to SL, this will allow SLDF much more freedom to maneuver


LRRU said...

Tamilnet is Changing the Tone,

Even though a military victory secured By SLF we will continue to fight in deffrent means.

ha ha ha....that means they also predict a Military Defeat

I can now recall what they said

Even though we loose Kilinochchi we will continue our fight from Mullativu

Ha ha .......Only PADA (Farts) No Goo (Shit)

DoDo said...

That UAV footage has completely exposed LTTE's use of Human Shields.

This will shock the western nations for sure.

Robert O' Blake better fix a coconut husk to his anus

Anonymous said...

HC.. DoDo also back.. What about Duzz?

We need monkey people as well for the party. At LNP they are planning next peelaam struggle. Very impressive plan.. HIKZ..

perein said...

Duzz, Riyaz hopefully will join soon.

Not to foget our good old Matara Ayya and Mariyakadee too.

Vajira said...

The Navy's rescue toll has risen to 2000 now for the day.

DoDo said...

Hi Guyz :)

Duzz mahatha koheda danne ne neda.

BTW : ITN says UAV's are still capturing footage of civilians migrating out of peelam

Mohammed Zubair said...

Well, well, well, all my all friends seem to be here. Btw, where is Peter, Shyam and Kuttu?

Mohammed Zubair said...

And don't forget deal old Vambutu Puli and Thaka Thiru.

perein said...

I thought Vambatu Puli was the best ... :)

Anonymous said...

1000 hostages escaped to 55 too!!

Mohammed Zubair said...

We really miss Red Bird Kuttu, he was the best, he really was, Peter we don't miss at all.

Anonymous said...

/SRI Lanka Air Force helicopters, irrespective of the risks involved in the decision, flew into the “No Fire Zone” itself Monday (20) afternoon and rescued as many as two hundred LTTE injured Tamil civilians who were fleeing from the LTTE grip. Air Force helicopters have by 16.00 hours (local time) Monday (20) brought down as many as some two hundred badly injured civilians after they were fired upon by terrorists while escaping the LTTE grip./

Too risky for SLAF..

Puran Appu said...

Hey DoDo,

Join the party. Long time no see?

Puran Appu said...

Vajira Bro,

So nice to have you back.

Vajira said...


[I never knew MNK scenario is there with 59. Please tell us more. This Mahen joker is totally useless.]

During the Eelam war iv, the reason LTTE could not stop the onslaught was that they couldnt execute the only plan which could have changed the military balance. That was having access to the Jaffna peninsula. It was the 53/55 boys who should be credited for that.
59 is actively defending any infiltration which could may well give a lifeline to the terras.

BTW I never considered Mahen a joker! ;)

Anonymous said...

Begal editor is back after new year vacation.. He has found 10,000 civilians missing after crossing. Upul is punishing MR,GR,SF for crimes against humanity in Hauge. He has found a secret messege.. Monkeys are fun.. man fun..

Vajira said...

Puran Appu,

Good to see u here too my friend.. been hearing loads about u!

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Ah! Kattiyama setwela thiyenne kalekata passe!!!

DoDo said...

Hey Puran Dude!

Been reading the updates, but didn't really have much time to post.

Didn't want to miss out the PAAATYYY!


Ian said...

I feel proud to be a Sri Lankan. Similar to the feeling on the day we won the world cup'96.

Mahen said...

There are some government seniors having a meeting with higher level Ambassadors currently.
Wonder they all watching the IPL or some old movie!

Any guesses young ladies?

DoDo said...

Rupavahini showed some footage of dead civilians on the immediate aftermath of the suicide blast. Soliders were helping the injured civilians on to their feet and carrying them on their shoulders

Hope all these video clips and that UAV footage are used to kick that terrorist bastard O'Blake on his balls

Mahen said...

Okay time is up ladies.
Winning answer is, Rohitha Bogollagama is showing the UAV footage to the ambassadors.
Those will get Western countries to realise what kind of terrorists they've been feeding for last 20+ years.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ian said...

Funny stuff from LNP

VP to Civilians

Sorrowwa vahapu eka kavuda kiyala kiyanakan umbalata yanna denne nehe

Another commnet

VP is scared even to close a tap now.

Being Nobody said...

"Okay time is up ladies.
Winning answer is, Rohitha Bogollagama is showing the UAV footage to the ambassadors.
Those will get Western countries to realise what kind of terrorists they've been feeding for last 20+ years."

Ok mahen watches all TV news. GOOD.

Guys, i always had a feeling that this Shyam=UPUL.

KillerT said...

Vajira bro,,

Welocme back!!

So any interesting updates?
How long will this thing last?
Why the hell were u not updating all this time??
This MAHEN MONKEY is totally useles.His sources are the World Wide Web,TV news and his imagination.
Defencenet and SF @ LNP seems to be the same.

Being Nobody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Being Nobody said...

"Sorrowwa vahapu eka kavuda kiyala kiyanakan umbalata yanna denne nehe"

Ian, it all began with water. It is going to end on a 20 s.q Km waterfront land!

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes,dust to dust.....

slpower said...

@ Mahen,

Nice Post @ on time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

/Ian, it all began with water./

And it ends also with water; VP peeing all over the no fire zone..

Vajira said...


Thanks machan. Was really busy some bloggers shifted their focus to personal matters, gay rights and even about their daughters singing was not the most interesting place to be..

I reckon this will take around 10-15 days to complete fully. Still a few sharp corners to negotiate. But they dont have enough numbers to hold us effectively.

LRRU said...

any idea what was that red cross jeep doing among civilians???

Mahen, DW has 2 updates ??? what's up with your update

All Ladies are waiting for it???

LRRU said...


I can't believe this; still Tamilnut lies about cluster Bombs & shells

When all the interested parties watch the UAV footage & no signs of those alligations loose credibility beyond repair

I met a die hard LTTE supporter and he himself told he doesn't believe Tamilnut Bullshit

Mahen said...

Some of you laughed, when we requested you to wait around 10 days. Now you have enough news to read and watch.
Some went hard on us, when we backed up the 48 hour Ceasefire aggreement.

Our passion to break the news and silence while other media does not bring any news.

As you may have seen morning half commentary done by TV news watching Puken Appu while 2nd half of the commentary come from old army pensioner Ms. Vajira. We will watch while those 2 ladies entertain all of you.

So ladies, we will focus on next challenge while you watch the on going movies.

Anonymous said...

/I can't believe this; still Tamilnut lies about cluster Bombs & shells/

Tamilnut editor knows war is over in days. So he has decided to use now all the weapons SLDF has in his reports. Otherwise he is not gonna write any thing about Kfirs, Multibalrals, Cluster bombs etc any more.

Anonymous said...

DW has open the shop.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Mahen, you are doing a good job. But please do not insult our fellow bloggers.

Romeo said...

Supreme leader of LTTE, sun goat Vesapille is hiding in a rat hole for past 18 months. What a coward to hide behind civilians like a scared kitten!

Huh huh ha ha ha

Tamil Diaspora was expecting an eelam from him, what a joke?

--- Rana ---

Lalith Kuruwita said...

See our Sri Lankan Murali (Not Peelam Murali) destroyed Bangalore Roayal Challenges like SLA smashing all erth bunds in Mullativu.

M Muralitharan 4 1 11 3 2.75

LRRU said...

180 arrested in Paris.

France has Balls NOT like UK.

Also Guys it's upto the Forein service to counter these stuff

I'm very close to Dimplomatic missions, what I heard is that only few ambassordors are effective others are just white elephants

People Like Ravinath Ariyasinghe worked really hard 24 hrs. That's why counties like France and Belgium are with Us.

Even Dayan Jayathilake, Kohona, Rajiva wijesinghe,Mahinda samarasinghe is quite effective.

I don't know what the Hell UK high commissioner has being appointed. On top of thet the defence attche is Br Prasad Samarasinghe; seems very incapable compared to People like Br Shavendra/Praanna etc

I really don't understand why President appoint people like Lienel Fernanado/Daya Perera etc for important missions. They are Old, Lethagic & Traditional.

We need people Young, Dynamic & Creative to tacle International pressure.

Now the Elam war is shifting gears from Prabhakaran to Diasspora it's very important that we send the right commanders to international dimplomatic war in calibre of Shavendra/Prassanna

It's high time we get rid of career dimplomats who get appointed based on seniority

onceinawhile said...

Does anyone have a link to yesterdays Rupavahini "madiyamata pera"?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

London bridge is falling down... once again... ah ha. River Thames is telling, "jump jump folks, we have carried better garbage than you".

Time for Her Majesty's Police Force to have their fair share. And British public to feel the megalomaniac terrorist mafia created by the "kind donations" from their nations.

We love to Monitor Britain's War against Terror geee ha.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Scores arrested in Paris Tamil protest on Sri Lanka

PARIS, April 20 (Reuters) - Around 180 people were arrested and four injured in Paris on Monday during an unauthorised protest by Tamils that turned violent, a police spokesman said.

Expatriate Tamils have been demonstrating around the world against the Sri Lankan government's conduct of the war against Tamil Tiger rebels. London has been a focus as many Tamils blame Britain, the former colonial power, for denying them a homeland.

Protesters blocked traffic at a junction in northern Paris and threw objects at three buses and police, the spokesman said, adding that four people were slightly injured, including one policeman.

Police described the gathering as an "armed crowd", a term generally used for groups carrying knives, guns or improvised weapons such as metal bars.

A larger demonstration took place in London, where thousands of Tamils blocked streets outside Britain's parliament, accusing the Sri Lankan government of disregarding civilians trapped by the fighting against the Tamil Tigers and demanding a ceasefire.

onceinawhile said...

Submarine manufacturing plant for LTTE found in Thailand.

Thailand Government is not doing anything about this. GOSL has to do something about this

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

So France knows its ways when it comes to terror war. Britain/Canada/Norway you're long way from learning this.

Isn't this a beauty as they enjoy the harvest of their seeds?

Pondering why the big saviors of Wanni Tamils who block roads to block the freedom of latter, do not conduct a biggy in USA. Don't they know that blocking a road of Uncle Sam will bring virtual capital punishment??

Guys, the Hillary bitch is proving our predictions. But note that one person, however high she is, can do very little in that country. Majority of US bureaucracy is with us, if not for that we'd have never come this far.

West's public face is a multi layered mask. Right now International Pussycats are enjoying the welcome smile on the outer most one

LRRU said...

Guys, I'm getting impatient.

No breaking News since yesterday's

what would happen at 12.00 noon will our guys start the forward march....

There must be a catch for 24 hr amnesty by governement

Puran Appu said...

COLOMBO (AFP) – Tamil Tiger rebels had just hours left to surrender by a government deadline Tuesday, as tens of thousands of civilians fled the sliver of jungle the guerrillas still control in northeast Sri Lanka.

With international concern growing over the fate of civilians caught up in the conflict, the rebels could be facing a last push by troops seeking to end their 37-year armed campaign for a Tamil homeland.

The defence ministry gave Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and his fighters until 0630 GMT Tuesday to surrender, although the government did not specify what action would be taken otherwise.
The warning came as aerial video footage provided by a Sri Lankan spy plane showed more than 35,000 civilians streaming out of the jungle strip where the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are cornered.

Their presence has been cited by the Sri Lankan military as a main reason preventing a final assault on the remaining Tigers in a government-designated "no-fire zone."

President Mahinda Rajapakse said the rebels were facing "complete defeat" and their reclusive leader had finally run out of time.

"The only thing Prabhakaran can now do is to surrender," he told AFP. "I don't want him to take cyanide and commit suicide. He has to face charges for his actions."

The government has issued similar ultimatums in the past, most recently on April 12 when the guerrillas were told they had 48 hours to surrender.

So far, the only reaction from the Tigers has been to renew their call for an unconditional ceasefire -- something the government has already rejected.

The crisis has sparked protests in Europe and expressions of concern by UN and human rights groups.
In Paris, French police arrested 210 people Monday when a rally by Tamils turned violent as demonstrators threw bottles at security forces and smashed windscreens.

In London, thousands of Tamils blocked some of the city's busiest streets, demonstrating outside parliament and calling for an immediate ceasefire.

New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) warned that the world had only hours to prevent a potential "bloodbath" in Sri Lanka.
Anna Neistat, a senior HRW researcher, said the international community had "to make it crystal clear to both sides of this conflict -- both the LTTE and the government of Sri Lanka -- that they will not get away with it."
But Jaliya Wickramasuriya, the Sri Lankan ambassador to the United States, insisted the government's priority was to rescue civilians.
"We are not going to do any huge operation as such," he told AFP. "We are still concerned about civilians."

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the escape of the civilians but was "deeply concerned" about those still trapped, his office said.
According to the United Nations, as many as 100,000 civilians were trapped in LTTE territory and living in "dire humanitarian conditions" before Monday's exodus.
The mass civilian escape shown in the aerial footage appeared to have been triggered by the Sri Lankan military overrunning a Tiger defensive embankment.

The defence ministry said the Tigers killed 17 civilians Monday in at least one suicide bombing against escaping civilians.
Both sides have traded accusations of targeting non-combatants, and the international community has repeatedly urged a permanent ceasefire to prevent further loss of innocent lives.

The LTTE -- once seen as one of the world's most efficient guerrilla units -- used to control a third of Sri Lanka's territory, an overseas fund-raising network and a lucrative shipping business.
In Colombo, President Rajapakse's office compared the exodus of civilians to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"The exodus to freedom that is taking place in the north of Sri Lanka just now is no less a massive vote for freedom than the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989," it said in a statement.

Karu said...

Nadesan Dead?

Karu said...

Obviously LTTP could not buy him for money

DoDo said...

Aney magey Nadey Aiyya :((

What is Nadey Aiyya's Sinhala wife, the future second Lady of Peelam gonna do now???

I'm soooo worried


Mahen said...


It's just harmless bit of fun for all of us bro. We do not think any one does mind having smile between us.

All other ladies,
Get ready to read the next generation of the article. As we said, this is THE END.
Exclusively by EFT.

Karu said...

Dear Patriots,

It seems that we are at the end of this protracted war. There will be a special place in out history to people like MR, GR, SF, SS etc.,. But we should not let our other brave solders who made this task possible be forgotten with time. Can some of us undertake the task of making something like a facebook to keep record of details (including a photo,) of all our heroes so that they won't be forgotten?

||::CeylonDefence::|| said...


--Second or the main phase of SF operation begins!!--

||::CeylonDefence::|| updated

Click here....................

LRRU said...

Karu, Let's do it

I will sponsor the site & knowhow

After the war I think all of in this Blog should meet phisically & socialize & continue to fight the propoganda war.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Breaking News

"Army enters vacated areas of NFZ; save thousands of civilian lives under terror clutches
Sri Lanka Army 58 Division soldiers this morning (Apr 21) entered into those areas of Puthumanthalam and Amapalavanpokkanai in the No Fire Zone [NFZ] , where they had rescued over 31,000 civilians yesterday (Apr 20).

According to the sources, troops rescued nearly 3000 civilians early this morning and walked into the vacated areas. Now, troops have established their positions across the NFZ from Puthumathalan to the beachhead, said the sources. The maneuver has saved lives of several thousands of civilians trapped in the area extending from Puthumathalan North to the northern border of the NFZ, the sources added.

Aerial observation yesterday revealed that a small group of terrorists had been firing indiscriminately at a group consisting of several thousands of civilians attempting to cross over to the cleared areas through the northern borders of the NFZ. Troops of 55 Division manning their defences about one kilometer short of the northern border, yesterday received 5863 of these civilians who had managed to escape the terrorist grip.

"The civilians said they were fired upon by the terrorist as they crossed over to the cleared area. They brought 3 bodies with them along with several dozens of others having gunshot injuries. They said that they had to leave behind many others gunned down by the terrorists", the special correspondent at Chalai said.

"These civilians curse not only the LTTE but also those who support the outfit. All they request from the soldiers is to beat the Tigers soon and to rescue their kith and kin still held hostage by the terrorists", he added.

Meanwhile, defence sources in the 58 Division area said that 17 civilians were killed and 373 others including 11 children were injured yesterday as the terrorist attacked the civilians with three suicide bomb blasts and machine gunfire. The injured were rushed to the nearest hospitals while some of them under serious conditions were airlifted.

Rescue mission is continuing

Karu said...


Yes, LRRU. We have to do it. That the least we can do. We ll try to gather interested patriots for the task

Ian said...

Mind of a UNP supporter


I am a staunch supporter of the UNP based wholly on its economic policies. I can speak for many I associate that are also UNP supporters. This is what we believe.

(a) When it comes to territorial integrity of the country there are no parties, colors for us. We support this war wholeheartedly and watch the proceedings with admiration.

(b) Any person who uses/abuses the issues of territorial integrity and terrorism to win votes or demean the SLDF will not be liked or supported irrespective of the party or position in the party.

(c) We sincerely believe that Sri Lanka can be developed because of its manageable size and its other attributes such as location, availability of professionals and can do attitude of its people.

(d) We hate people of UNP and also of PA who rob the country. This including relations of the current president (Not GR), and also the corrupt former ministers of PA/UNP regimes.

(e) We hate when economy is ruined by SLFP/PA regimes by populist policies. At the same time we cannot understand why a regime that can work systematically and also with an unprecedented resolve to defeat LTTE could display an equal resolve to develop the country. (We don’t buy that to develop the country war has to end story).

(f) We hate when good things that happened after so much pain (such as selection to government service based on competitive exams etc introduced by Premadasa) are reversed by the PA regimes and reverted back to chit system. We believe all resource allocations of the country should happen based on merit and not on party.

(g) We hate when PA and its allies have repeatedly blocked in Sri Lanka and disarm the young population in front of the knowledge race in the world irrespective of the education reforms since 1980's even in then communist countries such s Russia and India.

(h) We hate when PA regimes block the reforms for the government service (such as the ones attempted to be implemented by the State services commission) are reversed for political reasons.

BUT we can and will appreciate, admire and support wholeheartedly ALL the good things done even by our opponents. Such as JVP blocking the PTOMS, NE Merger. MR/GR winning this war, kicking the backside of the biased foreign governments, NGOs, Norway, handling of big brother India. We are speechless.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ian buddy;

I do respect for what you wrote. As a UNP supporter you showed how important to keep nation above petty politics.

But I beg to differ. Majority of UNPers [some frnds and some relatives of mine] whom I live with everyday, differ much wrt your description. They want Puusycats to give meda mulanaya a biggy and get ranil back to power. Sorry mate this is the dark reality. They only watch SIarasa and read Sunday Leader. Most of them can get enlisted in Sam's list. Note that these buggers are colombo born colombo lived westernized chaps.

And I am 50/50 in politics. In fact 0/0. I support no party. But let me tell you. Let's leave UNP/SLFP/JVP all out and consider this MR and his administration as our unique future. We all should embrace them and help them. MR's party has a bit of all political movements. It is not a SLFP government at all.

With all what he achieved,I have big hope that he can do something. May not fit western standards, but something like Malaysia.

monkey said...

The sri-lankan army should be careful when going after these terrorists since there are still more than 30,000 civilians being held hostage in this area apart from those who have come out.

So please proceed carefully since the main thing is to get all the civilians out unharmed and that is what the civilians and the sri-lankan people such as myself want. Also to keep our soldiers casulaties to the minimum since there is no point sacrificing anyone any more since there is no timescales or anything just to go after prabakaran but carefully for the reasons given above.

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