Thursday, 12 February 2009

EFT appeal to release civilians

Wanni civilians are confined to an area of roughly 120sq kms in former Tamil Eelam. The civilians are unable to flee to safer GoSL administered areas due to the intensifying battles between the SLA and remnants of the LTTE. The SLA demarcated a safe zone for civilians but as reported by the ICRC, this area has come under heavy indirect fire from unknown sources. The ultimate sufferers in the present phase are the civilians. EFT would like highlight the plight of the civilians below.

1. Suicide bombings and intimidating tactics.

Two noteworthy incidents to restrict civilian movements have taken place in the past five days. The first was an alleged suicide bombing of an IDP centre, and the second was intimidating fire on fleeing civilians by Tamil Eelam Police. Both these incidents resulted in casualties and were aimed at detaining civilians in the fast shrinking Tamil Nation. Civilians numbers fleeing to GoSL areas have reduced to a trickle after these two incidents, earlier in the week civilians were said to be arriving in GoSL areas in their thousands.

2. Civilians caught in cross fire

Wanni civilians are unsure of what direction to take as they are afraid of getting caught in the cross fire. The firefights between SLA and remaining LTTE cadres have increasingly turned into hand to hand combat. For example, civilians are nervous about fleeing in the direction of the 591 Brigade in Mullivaikkal as the 591 brigade is unable to secure a path for them due to fierce resistance put up by the depleted Tiger ranks in this front. The same can be said about civilians trying to flee towards the 55th Division in Ampalavananpokkanai, this division has also stalled its advance due to concerted attacks by the remaining Tiger elements. The SLA has slowed down and in some fronts stalled their advance to avoid civilian casualties.

3. Civilians being used as slave labour

There are strong indications that civilians are being made to build bunkers for the LTTE under duress. The recently captured VIP bunker which was said to be frequented by the former leader of Tamil Eelam shows evidence of forced labour being used to build the VIP abode. As well as forced manual labour, there are strong indications that professionals such as medical doctors were forcibly employed in this bunker, as a matter of fact laboratory tests on the medical equipment has shown traces of the former leader's DNA confirming that he used to reside in the said bunker. EFT cries out for the civilians that were forcibly made to build these high profile bunkers. Additionally, forced labour was used to burn down 2 Zlins that were considered to be surplus to TAF requirements. EFT hopes that civilians were not harmed during the destruction process.

In light of the above, EFT pleads with the remaining Tiger leadership to guarantee a safe passage for the civilians into GoSL administered areas. For the LTTE's own sake, we believe it is best to lay down arms and enter rehabilitation as indicated by the EFT poll results.


Ragunath said...

wow you are still around?
Welcoe back.

Karu said...

Hallo hallo

We missed you

bada said...

What happened to Sosai in the recent attak?

Veeran said...

is Pottu Eating well ?


U are not able to eat since War is not Over & coming to eat wat u Vomitted.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Yes, LTTE should release civilians ASAP if they truly care Tamils.

Lalith said...


You are the only person who hasn't undestood the reality.

You probaly start to realise once the frustration & pain are gone.

Last Mile said...

මූ වගෙ මොඩයෙක්! අහු වෙන්නෙ නැතිව බොරුවක් වත් කියන්න බෑනෙ!

In your last post you said you have to get approval from boss. So did u get one for this!

perein said...

Welcome back. Glad you have started to do something towards the community.
Hope terrorists will release those civilians, please request from yourown Tamil community to play
a similar request from LTTE.

Thank you for sharing the burn down 2 Zlins news too. Sounds like Terroirst running out of options.

Moreover THANK YOU for giving up the terror. Stay safe mate.

velluprabhakaran said...


who's going to defect next?
maybe pottu's really defected. everybody talks about vesa, soosai & other poosas.

but nobody talks about pottu. very mysterious.

ha ha ha!

||::CeylonDefence::|| said...

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Navindran said...

Mahen have your handlers redirected you to start the blog. I thought you said the war is over. Looks like you have faced another crushing and humuliating defeat. I loved the comments on your LAST POST. It funny that people from both countries love to screw you. It was so funny. I mean its idiots like you who provide comic relief.

If you decide to delete the post, it will still be posted in other blogs. Is the internet baby.

Lalith said...

{{{Sri Lanka rejects Britain's special envoy as intrusive and disrespectful
[February 13 2009]

Sri Lanka has rejected British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's appointment of Des Browne, the former UK defence minister, as a special envoy here, as a unilateral move, intrusive and disrespectful to the country.

What a SLGO you are !!!

If UK fart before MR, our previous SLGO shut up.

This government is so straight forward that they straight away rejected.

To develop our country we need people like MR/GR/SF.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

"Sri Lankan army pretends to capture LTTE artillery"

Lalith said...

{{{Editor: "Badrinath" said...
"Sri Lankan army pretends to capture LTTE artillery"}}}

Yes Puligal (Badrinath)

SLA is pretending starting from Mavil Aru. All East & North ate still under LTTP control. Do not believe SLGO propaganda.

Badrinath, I undestand your pain and frustration. Remember you published that Iranamadu tank is blastered and 57 & 58 divisions were flooded and over 5000 werre killed.

I trust you believe you. Keep your good work.

This would reduce your pain little bit because you can tell yout DIASAPORRA that there is one guy called Lalith doesn't believe SLGO propaganda and he believes me and Puligal.

Are you happpy now?

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

"Soosai resurrects from the dead for the seventh time"

Hiranthe said...

Wellcome brother,

I am glad that you have changed. We all make mistakes and learn..The whole life is a learning..That is why we are all here in human form.

Let's work together to re-build our beautifil motherland damaged due to Velu's terrorism.

shelly said...

I appriciate the fact that you are actually concerned for these innocent tamils behind who the LTTE is hiding and abusing. I can also respect the sentiments you once had about LTTE