Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Breaking News - Puthukkudiyirippu captured by SLA

LTTE has lost the last main town Puthukkudiyirippu.

Will bring more details soon.


නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Thanks for the info mahen.

duzz said...

finally... that cj fellow can rest...

Lalith said...

Hi Mahen

Did they find CJ's Balls?

Lalith said...

Ha Ha Ha




Vibe said...

This is quickly becoming my favorite blog. What happened to you mahen? Why the sudden change of heart?

Also, what will you blog about after the war? It would be nice if you blog about how we can develop the north. We've got to send all the kid in the north to school so they can get a good education and prosper. Lots of work has to be done after the war.

Shelly said...

Hey Guys ,
did they find V.P and any indication where he might be and charles the crown prince of eelam,Did they get Theepan,Soosai etc and other leaders

Shelly said...

By the way who is C.J ?

Davexyz1234 said...

Fat pig + crew are in TN eating doosa and talking about the "counterattack" and diasspora now promissong to send their kids for Final Eelam War 2.

Karunabudhi said...

Clearing operations are being done in and around Puthukkudiyirippu searching for lost balls of CJ - MI

out_sider said...

It seems other sources are contradicting your report - for the moment.

Shelly said...

can some one please tell me who C.J is?

Shelly said...

What news of Velu's whererabouts

Navindran said...

If tamilnet and puligal are lying go back to your la la land blogs like defencewire and defencenet and also denfence.lk. You know they lie and are desperate for the truth. At the end of the day if you really are going to win the war then Davexyz1234 you should be by the beach sipping a cool drink. Anyway you would be one of the few people there. How many of you are going to get retrenched soon. You have to go back to Sri Lanka, the only job as soldiers and die for no ryhme or reason.

Navindran said...

Yup mahen you need to think of some bullshit.

question is do any of your guys have a girlfriend. I guess you are a bunch of wankers like mahen

Lalith said...

{{{ Shelly said...
can some one please tell me who C.J is?}}

C.J. is the guy who scratchs VP's private area applies Thala Thel, sucks the Dick. VP uses CJ's ASS as Thalavir is out of the country.

During a Mortar attack in Vanni CJ lost balls.

He is still looking for it and always asking SLA to find it for him. This is only I know.

You can ask directly from CJ about his balls and what happened.

Everytime when SLA capture a town, area or bunker, we all ask the question about whether CJ's balls found.

Lalith said...


Did you find CJ's Balls?

Velavan Master said...

Navindran, when is the Sri Lankan economy going to collapse?

Navindran said...

well its from a tamil so i guess you will not believe it:

I live in the Galle Face area. In the past few years the line in front of the Army HQ of parents and relatives of Sinhala MIA soldiers is growing increasingly. I have spoken to some of them and even taken them out to tea/refreshments in the area - because they cannot afford this, although the army provides them with water and soft-drinks. Some of them have come to Cbo
on a number of occasions in the hope of some news from their missing ones.
The army very probably hides the actual fact of the loss of these soldiers
for the following reasons (1) large number of their bodies cannot be brought to the South because of political implications and the wrath of relatives of the dead. It is widely believed the bodies are burnt by the army for this reason
(2) it is convenient to place them in the MIA category for, otherwise, the Govt has to pay them compensation, which will arrive at a large sum (3) Keeping them in the MIA category helps to hide the actual figures of army casualties - now
well covered by the absence of humanitarian, aid agencies, NGOs and the Press
in the conflict zone.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | February 25, 2009 11:26 AM

Romantha said...

Well shelly might I add that prabha is not found.

I hardly doubt he will be hard to find though since well he is a diabetic tub of lard who needs a black tiger crew to carry his fat arse around.

Also there are rumours that good old thalaivar is taking Eelam airways on one the last remaining flying tin cans back to Tamil Nadu.

As someone above me said..."to prepare for Final Eelam Wars 2"

Navindran said...

Rupee at 115 to the US dollar.!!!

You buy 1 Sri Lanka Rupee : 0.008698 US Dollar
You sell 1 Sri Lanka Rupee : 0.008721 US Dollar

Median price = 114.672 / 114.965 (bid/ask)
Minimum price = 114.150 / 114.500
Maximum price = 114.855 / 115.110

tharu22 said...

We still have a SL Ruppee even at 115/$

What does that Glorious Utopia of Tamil Eelam has?

Navindran said...

Acthung Acthung Mahen, One more editor for your group to kill. LBO is defintely LTTE because he is saying Sri Lanka is in collapse mode. The idiot right at the end he says in 1950, money printing was taken up while the hard peg to the pound was abandoned. PUT A GUN TO HIS HEAD AND ASK HIM TO WRITE THE MONEY PRINTING WAS DONE BECAUSE OF THE LTTE. ALL OF SRI LANKNA'S PROBLEM IS BECAUSE OF LTTE AND NOT OF CORRUPT USELESS POLITICIANS.

Sri Lanka rupee falls in bizarre trade
Feb 25, 2009 (LBO) - The Sri Lanka rupee fell to a new low of 114.80 against the US dollar in value tomorrow trade with buying from a state bank, while spot dollars continued to be offered at 113.85 rupees also by a state bank, dealers said.
Sri Lanka's foreign exchange markets have taken a bizarre turn in the past few weeks with the gap between spot trading (deals settled after two days) and tom (value tomorrow or settlement one day later) widening.
Bizarre Trades
On Wednesday a state bank that represents the monetary authority continued to defend a peg with the US dollar on the spot market (value two days later) at 113.85, while on tom market the rupee fell to a low of 114.80 with also a state bank on the buy side.
The local currency was quoted around 114.80.85 in tom trade later in the day, dealer said, down from 114.50/55 levels a day earlier.
In a freely operating market, the price of tom dollar would be lower than spot as an extra day's interest would be incorporated in a spot deal. But in Sri Lanka now a spot dollar is almost a rupee cheaper than a tom dollar.
Sri Lanka's central bank started to defend a dollar peg (target the exchange rate) and also inject liquidity into the domestic monetary system to target interest rates and sterilized liquidity losses from peg defence in mid-September.
Such sterilized intervention, rapidly dissolves into a currency crisis, as it is not possible to print money (control interest rates) and target the exchange rate at the same time, without having exchange controls.
Suicidal Trinity
This process is recognized as the 'impossible trinity' of monetary policy.
Since September the Central Bank has lost more than half its foreign reserves. In December official reserves were down to 1.7 billion US dollars.
This week the Central Bank's T-bill stock jumped to 184 billion rupees from 165 billion rupees a week earlier indicating further losses in foreign monetary reserves.
The overnight reserve shortage in the banking system climbed to 22 billion rupees Wednesday, indicating the volume of recent dollar peg defence.
The central bank has cut the reserve ratio effective from February 27 by 75 basis points releasing 9 billion rupees to the banking system.
Economic analysts say this brings the country nearer to a free float of the currency and a break of a 'soft' or non-credible peg with the US dollar.
Sri Lanka had a 'credible' or 'hard' peg with the Sterling pound until 1950 when the mechanism was abandoned in favour of a money printing central bank, paving the way for currency crises and depreciation.
The weakness of the currency also triggered foreign selling on a 4-year bond, dealers said.
An easing of the exchange rate would also help restore macro-economic equilibrium and improve the competitiveness of exporters that has been eroded in recent years by inflation triggered by heavy money printing by the central bank.

Navindran said...

Oh by the way Sri Lanka's dispora you know why the currency devaluation is delayed. Simple, they want you to take up the 500 million dollar madoff scheme and then devalue the currency.

Shelly said...


Thanks for the enlightening explanation,I really didn't know what all the fuss about this C.J person was about and no I wasn't unfortunate enough to find them.

Lalith said...

{{{Susai's bunker captured - west of Puthukkudiyiruppu}}}

{{{LTTE leaders' luxury life exposed; a swimming pool was found }}}

CJ's balls were not yet found.

Lalith said...

{{{Navindran Said

Oh by the way Sri Lanka's dispora you know why the currency devaluation is delayed. Simple, they want you to take up the 500 million dollar madoff scheme and then devalue the currency.}}}

Yuo haven't answered the question, What would happen if Sri Lanakan economy collapses ???

But I can tell you one thing.

LTTE collapses (or LTTP tactically withdraws) much faster the SL economy collapses.

Lalith said...

{{{US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Mr Robert O Blake made his voice public in Wellampitiya where he asked the LTTE to immediately release detained civilians and UN staff as it goes against the International Humanitarian Law. He also went on record saying that LTTE’s arbitrary recent detention of UN staff and its convoy in un-cleared areas was totally unacceptable. So did the UN in a strongly worded protest, conveyed to the LTTE earlier. }}}


Lalith said...

Go to the following links and see the Victories of LTTE.

Over 2000 SLA were killed for last 3 days.



Navindran said...

More Punakku from Bloomberg which is a Pro LTTE website. They like LBO need to be finished. Why do you think the LTTE pulled back so fast. Is it because you army was superior. Dumb and Dumber or defencenet and defencewire should continue their stories till Sri Lanka collapses. MAHEN INSTEAD OF TELLING THE TRUTHS ON THE WAR WHY DONT YOU TELL THE TRUTHS IN THE ECONOMY.

Sri Lanka May Need Bailout as War Debt, Currency Drain Reserves
Email | Print | A A A

By Cherian Thomas

Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Sri Lanka may need a bailout from international donors to help pay its debts as the island’s 26- year civil war draws to a close.

Since August, the South Asian nation has spent half its foreign reserves, now $1.7 billion, on supporting its currency, paying debt and buying imports. That doesn’t leave much after the government shells out another $900 million due in 2009. The reserves aren’t getting replenished as the ailing world economy pummels exports and overseas investors flee emerging markets.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government is unwilling to turn to the International Monetary Fund, which requires austerity measures in return for loans. Securing financing from other countries may be challenging for a nation whose credit rating from Standard & Poor’s is the lowest apart from those of Bolivia, Pakistan, Grenada, Argentina and Lebanon.

“Sri Lankan authorities have to act fast to beef up the country’s reserves,” said Ashok Parameswaran, senior emerging markets analyst at Invesco Inc. in New York. “Otherwise, they may have to devalue their currency significantly.”

Since December, countries including Russia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan have weakened their currencies rather than use reserves to prop them up. That has made imports costlier, reducing demand for goods from overseas.

Neighboring Currencies

Sri Lanka kept its exchange rate at about 108 rupees per dollar between January and October 2008 to slow inflation, even as the currencies of neighboring India and Pakistan weakened. The Sri Lankan rupee has since dropped to 114.95.

“Sri Lanka has relaxed the rupee in stops and starts, but they need a controlled devaluation,” said Agost Benard, a Singapore-based sovereign analyst at S&P. “The implicit currency peg will have to change and that’s one of the long-term solutions to the nation’s foreign-exchange problems.”

S&P cut Sri Lanka’s rating by one level in December to B, five steps below investment grade. Fitch Ratings has a B+ for the nation, which is four levels below investment grade and unchanged since April 2008.

Sri Lanka is banking on currency swaps with central banks, sales of treasury bills and bonds and offering higher interest rates on deposits to citizens living abroad to boost reserves.

Once the northern region of the country is recovered from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, peace will lead to more remittances and aid for construction of houses, schools and hospitals, said P. Nandalal Weerasinghe, chief economist at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. This will provide “some balance of payments support,” he said.

Tamil Tigers

The Tamil Tigers, who have been fighting for a separate homeland, have retreated from most of the northern part of the island nation. They now control a pocket of only 87 square kilometers (34 square miles) in the Mullaitivu region in the northeast, the Sri Lankan Defense Ministry said Feb. 22.

John Keells Holdings Plc, Sri Lanka’s biggest diversified company, last week doubled its stake in Union Assurance Plc, a local insurer, to 74 percent. The company said it’s anticipating that the liberation of Tamil Tigers-occupied territories will spur demand for finance and insurance.

To be sure, the dispute hasn’t ended yet.

“Although there is the possibility of outright military defeat of the Tamil Tigers, a potentially different style and lower-intensity conflict will continue to pose a risk to growth prospects and public finances,” S&P’s Benard said.

Still Raiding

Tamil Tigers launched an air raid in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, on Feb. 20. Their two aircraft were shot down, one crashing into a building housing the Inland Revenue Department and the second north of the city.

At the end of November, Sri Lanka had 1.4 trillion rupees ($12 billion) of foreign debt outstanding. Its total debt is 3.4 trillion rupees, or 75 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, according to S&P.

Liabilities increased as Sri Lanka, which spends a fifth of its annual budget on defense, borrowed from local and foreign sources to build roads and ports, among other spending. The nation’s budget deficit has averaged 8.7 percent of GDP in the past decade.

Sri Lanka must reduce reliance on dollar-denominated short- term commercial borrowings to ease public debt “distress,” the IMF said in October. It called on the government to weaken the rupee as part of a “comprehensive policy package that would underpin confidence in the currency.”

The central bank said Jan. 19 that it will neither let the currency fall nor approach the IMF for a bailout to pay for imports and repay its debt.

On Feb. 19 Governor Nivard Cabraal said the central bank received $200 million from Malaysia, declining to reveal the terms of the deal or whether it was a swap or any other facility with Bank Negara Malaysia. Bank Negara didn’t respond to an e- mail sent by Bloomberg News for comment.

“It’s unlikely that Sri Lanka will go to the IMF for funds,” said Dushni Weerakoon, deputy director of the Institute of Policy Studies in Colombo. “At whatever cost, they will try to raise small sums from other countries.”

To contact the reporter on this story: Cherian Thomas in New Delhi at Cthomas1@bloomberg.net

Navindran said...

You know why no IMF, simple because you will have to cut your war budget and like what just happened in Dakha your own people will kill each other. Nothing new like your 2 JVP uprisings.

Mahen, why dont you write about the suffering of the village boys parents and why they desert their units. You will not because your handlers will excute you for that.

Sri Lanka is going to collapse and everyone of you is having a front row ticket.

Navindran said...

You guys have no shame, I mean live off the earnings of your women and go drinking.

Navindran said...

Vickramabahu Karunaratne

Look a Sri Lankan deciding the futulity of the war. Guess you will get him excuted.


Stop war, negotiate interim government for Tamils: Fourth International

Velavan Master said...

Navindran has a wet dream of the Sri Lankan economy collapsing. Ahh you poor fakir.
You must be really pissed off that the petrol prices dropped huh? And what about the non-payment of the Hedging fees :-D
Look fool, the Rupee will be devalued, food production will increase significantly, reducing imports. People will still be able to afford food and transport. So please keep wanking, you poor stateless beggar.

Navindran said...

Another Punnaku that Mahen will not publish

Sri Lanka: Desperate and Unacceptable Situation for Trapped Population
February 26, 2009
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is urgently calling on both parties in the conflict in the Vanni area in northern Sri Lanka to ensure the safety of civilians and to allow access to humanitarian assistance. MSF teams are still unable to enter the Vanni to evaluate the needs of the affected population and provide urgently needed medical care. Together with other international organizations, MSF has been denied access since September 2008.

In neighboring Vavuniya, located outside the conflict zone, MSF medical teams are working with hospital staff around the clock. Ninety percent of the injuries seen are a direct result of the fighting. People are being brought to hospitals with gunshot and shrapnel wounds. In the past two weeks, MSF has performed over 300 operations on patients who were directly wounded in the conflict and it appears this number is just the tip of the iceberg.

An estimated 200,000 Sri Lankans living under desperate conditions are still trapped in the conflict zone in Sri Lanka’s north. Patients tell MSF how people are being shelled for days on end, with the dead and wounded surrounding them. There is a severe lack of medical care and not enough food and drinking water.

The stories shared with MSF by those who have managed to escape make painfully clear the desperate situation inside the Vanni. People have been trapped in active conflict for weeks, hiding in bunkers they have dug themselves.

A few weeks ago, for the first time in months, a significant number of civilians began emerging from the Vanni. There are now a reported 35,000 people who have managed to reach Vavuniya. They are tired, hungry, and frightened, and have no information about their family members who did not manage to escape the conflict zone. Many are injured, some with infected wounds that are weeks old. As a result, many people have been maimed for life. Even those who have made it to Vavuniya have no freedom of movement, no access to information, and no options to look for lost family members.

Only a minority of the people trapped inside the Vanni have succeeded in crossing the front line to safer territory. Most remain caught between the warring parties.

An additional 2,000 sick and wounded people have been transferred from the Vanni to Trincomalee by boat by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Despite the authorities’ efforts, the medical management of wounded people who were evacuated is becoming a major challenge. While hospitals in Trincomalee and surrounding areas were initially able to cope with the influx of wounded, some are now reaching full capacity and are in need of additional space, as well as medicine and medical materials. MSF visited several hospitals following the arrival of the first medical evacuations and is in contact with local health authorities in order to identify support that can be provided to the hospitals.

As MSF has been denied access to the population trapped inside the Vanni, the organization is relying on the personal accounts of patients to highlight what is happening there.

One 53-year-old woman told MSF staff how her family spent days in a bunker without food and water. Out of desperation, and despite the shelling, they left their bunker to get some food when three out of her 15 family members were killed on the spot. Her daughter was seriously wounded by shrapnel and is now in Vavuniya Hospital. Some of her relatives had to stay behind in the Vanni. She does not know whether they are still alive. This is only one example and many any people tell a similar story.

Related: Sri Lanka

Navindran said...

All the guys out there, the flood gates are going to burst soon. Rupee is collapsing. I want to see the so called dispora patriots are going to save themselves our throw their money into the sinkhole.

Friday, February 27, 2009

1 US Dollar = 115.287 Sri Lanka Rupee

1 Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) = 0.008674 US Dollar (USD)

Interbank rate +/- 0%

This means:
You buy 1 US Dollar : 115.287 Sri Lanka Rupee
You sell 1 US Dollar : 115.002 Sri Lanka Rupee
You buy 1 Sri Lanka Rupee : 0.008674 US Dollar
You sell 1 Sri Lanka Rupee : 0.008695 US Dollar

Median price = 115.002 / 115.287 (bid/ask)
Minimum price = 114.480 / 114.925
Maximum price = 115.375 / 115.610

ruchira said...

another tracticol withdrow

Navindran said...

Reuters the part of the Pro LTTE network is reporting punnaku that the rupee is collapsing. A rupee a day destroys the country everyday.

Sri Lanka rupee at new life low on import dlr demand
Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:40am IST Email | Print | Share| Single Page[-] Text [+]
COLOMBO, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's rupee hit a new all-time low of 115.75/95 a dollar on Friday amid import dollar demand from state banks, dealers said.

"The dollar is sold at 115.75 level and the offer is at 115.95," said a currency dealer, who asked not to be named. Three other dealers confirmed the rate. "State banks are buying dollars for import bills, while one state bank still sells dollar at 114.25." ($1=115.85 rupees) (Reporting by Shihar Aneez; Editing by Bryson Hull)

Navindran said...


PamalaDeka said...

(Heart) Breaking News !!!!!!!!!

Troops attached to the 589 Bridg. Just found the rotten left ball belongs to C J

Ranil said...

donkey Navindran Grappy is now praying that sldf will go bankrupt to save mighty lpte...
stupid old fag :) :)
hey...you can be happy you were alive to see the end of your fake peelam and lpte...
stupid looser!!!!!!!!

Mahen said...

Although I cannot confirm the shooting down of an SLAF Bomber, the possibility cannot be ruled out. This was bound to happen as we are using high risk, yet highly effective dive bombing techniques. The high risk strategies are the reasons for SLAF's recent successes, earlier the bombers acquired its targets at 15,000 - 10,000ft, now it does it at 1,500 - 600ft. On the downside, the first daring pilot who brought in dive bombing techniques has been grounded due to internal politics, thats SLAF for you!

Ranil said...

shooting down story is a typical tamilnet bs for the sake of diasspora hard-ons...
All SLAF jets are safe...
Probably LPTE shot down a long lost dragon or something :) :) :)

Lalith said...

Read the following article.

{{{UN nods ‘fight to the finish’
[TamilNet, Saturday, 28 February 2009, 04:04 GMT]
The position taken by UN Security Council Friday indicating no go beyond ‘hearing’, and the considerate briefing of John Holmes largely endorsing and trusting Colombo’s agenda and assurances for civilians, are read between the lines by international political observers as a ‘knowing wink’ at Colombo to pursue its offensive. Alternatively, the UN stance either paves way for intervention by interested powers outside of the UN or perhaps reveals an actuality that the UN can be shaken not when people face genocide, but only when ground realities endanger the Sri Lankan state, observers said.

While the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on Tuesday called for a suspension of fighting and beginning of political discussions, John Holmes, Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, who briefed the Security Council Friday spoke of tackling underlying political issues only after the end of fighting.

“It appears that the UN Secretariat’s public call is undermined by a more private green light to the Sri Lankan military’s offensive in north Sri Lanka”, reported Inner City Press on Friday.

In British Parliament Wednesday, Liberal Democrat MP Edward Davey questioned British Foreign Secretary David Miliband why Britain’s representative in UN earlier failed to support a briefing on Sri Lanka while ministers in London call for ceasefire.

Miliband replied: “I am sorry to hear the hon. Gentleman talk in that way, because he knows that a failed resolution—one that faces a veto—is worse than no resolution at all, and it would strengthen precisely the forces that he and I oppose. I can assure him that our diplomats, whether in New York or in the region, are all working off the same script, which is one that has been set by the Prime Minister and me.”

The British silence at UN on Friday may mean that the UN Security Council is still not seasoned to consider the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

At the beginning of the UN briefing Russia said that it is only a ‘one-time hearing’.

The permanent representative of US was not present during the briefing.

The British representative at UN, John Sawers, who earlier said that the LTTE’s long ‘blighting’ of Colombo should be brought to an end, neither demanded a presidential statement of the council after the briefing nor answered questions put on Sri Lanka by the media, according to Inner City Press.

Interestingly, John Holmes admitted his ‘knowing’ stance on events.

When asked by Inner City Press on reportedly mischievous translations he received while visiting civilians in Vavuniyaa, he replied, “you should credit me with enough intelligence to assess what people told me, surrounded by the military’s armed guards”.

Briefing to UN Security Council by Mr. John Holmes on February 27, 2007
Holmes briefed the UN on the variations in the number of the trapped civilians: Colombo claiming 70,000, UN estimating 200,000 and Tamil sources putting it to 300,000.

Colombo and its war-partner New Delhi claiming only 70,000 has evoked fear in Tamil circles that the bulk of the civilians may ‘disappear’ either in war or in screening, if things are allowed to continue in the same way.

On 18 February India’s Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee in a statement in the Indian parliament put the number of civilians at 70,000. }}}

Lalith Kuruwita said...




This is what UN Security Council Agreed yesterday.

{{{A strong focus should be on Tamil Tigers as they are not allowing civilians to go to safety, freely in Government controlled areas. There were reports that the LTTE has attacked and killed their own people trying to free themselves and go to government areas including a report about child suicide bombers being sent. They are also putting obstacles in the way of supplies and evacuations. Tigers should lay down arms to bring this conflict to an end.