Saturday, 3 January 2009

Breaking News

News has just reached us that Mr Prabhakaran was heard chastising Velavan Master over the radio sets during the final stages of the defensive battle in Kilinochchi. One of our Wanni contacts has got hold of a copy of these exchanges, and the blog owner has been informed of the contents through this source. Mr Prabhakaran was reported to have been furious over the defensive manoeuvres executed by the cadres under Velavan's command. The leader was reported to have sworn at Velavan as he was withdrawing againts the supreme commander's specific orders to defend Kilinochchi at all costs. Mr Prabhakaran was reported to have told Velavan to never come within his sight again. The LTTE intelligence wing has started internal investigations to assess Velavan's future as an operational commander.
Await further details.


soorapappa said...

By looking at some comments here I can again see below stuff, which I experience throughout my life.

Every country, race or religion has extreme elements. They are the MOST dangerous and enemies of the mankind.

Fourunately, in all comunities these extremist are in very small percentage. BUT, Unfortunately other majourity has the lowest actions/sound. This is the sad part and we must all join to beat them.

By the way, Sri Lanka is not in 1983 anymore. People are more educated and more open minded than those days (please don't say that this is due to LTTE, it's because good and bad politics).

Placebo said...


In fact as we speak Thalaivar is planning withdrawal from Elephant Pass. Next he will give go ahead for withdrawal from Mulathivu.

thiru said...

mahen, this is not a good indication....there seems to be a lack of battlefield leadership these days...if the order was to save killinochi at all costs and it couldn't be implemented then what's to say that all the other strongholds including mullathivu won't fall? what's ur take on this situation?

thiru said...

mahen, this is not a good indication....there seems to be a lack of battlefield leadership these days...if the order was to save killinochi at all costs and it couldn't be implemented then what's to say that all the other strongholds including mullathivu won't fall? what's ur take on this situation?

Mahen said...


Its not an internal rift. Its a simple matter of a battle field commander not following specific orders. Velavan will be made to face the consequences.

Please await further details.

Velavan Master said...

Oooh like I am really scared.

AK said...

Please tell this is not true

Mahen, on Rupavahini propoganda news while showing blood stains on the road it was announced that the SLA has intercepted messages where the LTTE fighters were asking for help to evacuate the injured fighters. The LTTE leaders had reponded by giving orders to kill the wounded and not allow SLA capture them alive. I'm sure this is all SLA propoganda, but still my heart wants to know is there is any truth in this news? I'm sure you can shed more light on this. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Mahen said...


It is only partly true. Yes, there were injured cadres, but these were black tigers who fought valiantly when the SLA was approaching their HQ. Some of the cadres got seriously injured and had voluntarily asked to be killed to evade capture. All black tigers have vowed to die rather than be caught, they were just following their vows.

wijayapala said...

Dear Mahen,

Are you sure it is a good idea to squeak to the whole world that LTTE commanders are not following orders??? See even poor thiru is wetting his pants thanks to your blog.

Thiru didn't talk about internal rift- he brought up poor battlefield leadership which may explain why the LTTE is doing so poorly these days.

Lanka Putra said...

Mahen, no need to contact your special sources in Wanni to get this news. This was already published on as their lead news on Sunday edition (which was available on the web since Friday).

wijayapala said...

Dear Velavan Master,

Given that your career outlook has changed rather drastically over the last few days, I suggest a change of employment. Despite the poor economy, the SLA has many openings for ex-LTTE cadre and officers to show the location of LTTE positions, disposition of leadership, LTTE plans etc.

Or if you just want to hang out and eat idiappa that's ok too.

velluprabhakaran said...

"Some of the cadres got seriously injured and had voluntarily asked to be killed to evade capture".

did lakshman kadiragamar & neelan voluntarily asked to be killed?

gud joke. ha ha ha!

wijayapala said...


"What I disgust about Bhairav is the mean way he thinks of Wanni teenagers. He has sent his big canadian money so he is expecting poor kids to bring Eelam for him. These children spend days and nights in camps and bunkers w/o food risk their lives in order to conduct an impossible tasks for yuo - the outsourcer from Diaspora."

I agree with Sujeewa's post. You claim that you identify with the boys and girls fighting in the Wanni, but your blood money and support did not go to them but to the fatass leaders whom you claim to despise. Are you willing to go the Wanni to save these young people?

Upul said...


who is your paymaster ? Gota ?

Dude get a life. You won't be able to change peoples opinion to suddenly, play dead and give up on the Tigers....

Upul said...
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Upul said...

this rift about velavan master has to be taken with a grain of salt...

look at the photos of captured killi...

lot of the buildings have been systematically gutted.

look at the main water tank/reservoir. it was sawed off from the base. that was not done from air strikes.

the roofs of many if not all the building have been removed...

all of these took time to do and was systematically done to ensure the enemy will have to expend huge amount of resources to rebuild and set up a base there.

Upul said...

ltte performed a phased withdrawal and I don't believe VP didn't know about that....

Upul said...
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Upul said...

here are the pictures of occupied killinochi....

lot of the buildings are damaged beyond recognition and is unusuable.

the water tank (killinochi landmark) had been sawed off from the base

Peter said...


These kinds of stories are being floated around in the Sinhala newspapers to compensate for the lack of dead bodies or weapons recovered in the "mother of all battles".

Recently, in my blog, I quoted what Col. Velavan told the Tamil media, in vague terms, about plans for Killinochchi.

If I get the time tomorrow, I hope to be able to give a bit more insight into this issue.

Upul said...


Your post in this article is dead on:

Nisal said...

[[Upul said...

here are the pictures of occupied killinochi....

lot of the buildings are damaged beyond recognition and is unusuable.

the water tank (killinochi landmark) had been sawed off from the base]]

Other than the water tank and the building in the second pic (Seems to be an air attack) can you see any damaged building? In wich pic?

Upul said...

the third last picture and second last picture also show widespread damage. Mind you TRO and the red cross have not been touched/torched...

Upul said...

if it was an air attack you should see shrapnel damage in the second building. even on the same building a small portion of the roof is kept completely intact. thats not done by an air attack.. if there was an air attack, the roof girders though maybe damaged would be visible... but its not there either....

Upul said...

I meant building in second picture.

Peter said...

Another point to not is that there is still fighting ongoing at Irainamadhu Junction and to the immediate east of the A9.

All SLA photos and videos are on A9 up to Karadipokku/Killinochchi Pillaiyar Koil.

One would expect first photos to be that of LTTE's Peace Secretariat building, Tamileelam Police HQ, Law College, Courts etc., But all these are in the southern half of town.

Upul said...

Good point,

Yup thats true as well, the sla is chicken to walk a little away from the A9....

The south eastern side is still in ltte hands...

Is east side covered in jungle ? That might provide better natural defence...

Mahen said...

SLA 58th is facing heavy resistance at EPS.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

Only field commander can assess the situation properly, so if Velavan felt that it was best interests of cadres and Tamil national security, listening to VP as defend at all cost is secondary.

As idiot thiru said, we lack leadership qualities at the war fronts. If you look at LTTE commanders, you will see two third of them are pot-bellied 9 month pregnant, well, you can't blame them, most are married with 2 or 3 kids, how motivated they are is always questionable.

Lifeline of medicare should be available at all the front lines regardless of the recipients are black tigers or regulars.

Upul said...


did you look at "Major General" jagath dias... he looks like an over weight pot bellied bullfrog.

Did you see sarath fonseaka's funny shaped operated pot belly ?? or for that matter hunk of plastic surgery on his face ?

To be pot bellied or have a family does not mean anyone is incompetent. Its illogical...

Peter said...

Black Tigers were not involved in Killinochchi battle.

The only Black Tiger missions in battlegrounds are ones that target enemy heavy guns. At the time of Killinochchi battle, these would have been about 15km from town. Every Black Tiger mission (not including shadow) are documented in Uyirampukal.

Col. Velavan was the overall operations commander. LTTE does not reveal the names of individual field commanders for obvious reasons, but all of them, e.g. Leut. Col. Amuthab, are fit and ready for front-line warfare.

Remember Col. Balraj was overall operations commander for Phase4 of UC3, the battle for Elephant Pass, when he couldn't even walk properly owing to the leg injury.

AAA ABS CDO said...

Velavan is toast. "Officially", he'll be reassigned, but in reality he'll spend some time in a cage and then get a bullet to the back of his head. Remeber Mahattaya?

I guess the Black Tigers also made a tacticle withdrawal, but didn't have time to clean up their own blood stains? How come some of you are so dumb and blind? The bottom line is the LTTE got a whooping first in the East, then in the Western shores/supply routes, now Paranthan/Kili.

AK said...

Mahen said...

It is only partly true. Yes, there were injured cadres, but these were black tigers who fought valiantly when the SLA was approaching their HQ. Some of the cadres got seriously injured and had voluntarily asked to be killed to evade capture.

Mahen, why would the carders ask to be killed when they very well can do it themselves by biting the cyanide?

According to the GOSL propoganda the injured fighters asked for help but the leaders ordered them to be killed. I was hoping you would say this is not true, and your explanation of carders asking to be killed does not make sense to me.

I'm disgusted at the thought of wounded fighters asking for help and the leaders responding with killing instructions. Please tell me this is not true?

Bhairav said...

[Did you see sarath fonseaka's funny shaped operated pot belly ?? or for that matter hunk of plastic surgery on his face ?]


If you see the previous news, Sarath Fonseka made some changes in the commanding officers level as he preferred someone who is young in late 30s or early 40s. In this hard-fought grinding battles, you need someone who can bring new energy to the table.

Lets say at age of 30s, if you are promoted into VP of some operation division from a fortune 500 company, you will put more energy and time.

Peter said...

Primary requirements for operations commanders are strategic thinking and positive management style.

If Diaspora can get so disappointed at loss of Killinochchi, imagine what the cadres on the ground would have felt like when the order came.

After all, most of these cadres would have been born and bred in Killinochchi. Some of them would have been fighting from their ancestral grounds, firing though the house that their parents worked so hard to build.

In such a situation, it takes an able commander to convince the troops to withdraw safely with all assets in tact. This was the precise reason why Col. Velavan was appointed for this job.

My previous comment should have read Uyiraayuthama nd not Uyirampukal.

Mahen said...


I am still waiting for a detailed account of what happened during the Kilinochchi defensive battle. Please await for further details and keep checking for updates. Thanks.

AK said...

I guess if a black tiger is injured and does not want to bite the cyanide, killing him can be forgiven (SLA will anyway kill him if captured)

Peter says

Black Tigers were not involved in Killinochchi battle.

But what if there were no black tigers like peter says? Did our leaders ask to kill the injured non hardcore fighters? These injured would have been spared by SLA (apart from using for propoganda purposes). The thought of killing them is disgusing. I'm confused at the same time. Peter, Mahen please let us know

velluprabhakaran said...

"LTTE's Peace Secretariat building, Tamileelam Police HQ, Law College, Courts etc.,"

corrections - LTTE's Peace Secretariat ?

should be LTTE WAR SECRETARIAT. LTTE 's allergic to peace.

Tamileelam Police HQ
tamileelam ? where?

Law College, Courts
where they try children who try to escape? good set up. ha ha ha!

velluprabhakaran said...

the way LTTE has run off removing roof sheets even while the buildings are intact shows it has no stomach for a fight. as usual ever ready for vandalism & destruction.

velluprabhakaran said...

"Black Tigers were not involved in Killinochchi battle".

are they being reserved to be sent to iraq or the pakistani indian border? ha ha ha!

Upul said...

I very much doubt injured hard core fighters were ordered to be killed. Its hogwash govt propaganda.

LTTE is fighting hard to minimize casualties and then they order injured troop to be killed doesn't make any logical sense.

The LTTE has ample medical facilities of its own and does have a medic system...

Peter said...

In battle, troops die or get injured. Bloodstained cloths and walls are common place. Usually, when someone gets injured, the person next to him/her would rip a piece of cloth and tie it around the wound to stop bleeding until medical cadres arrive with dressing.

There were LTTE casualties in the Killinochchi battle. Fiercest fighting took place at Paranthan Junction on 31 Dec from 4am 'till about 11pm. Sixteen cadres including Platoon leader Leut. Col. Eelapiriyan, a native of Killinochchi, died in this battle.

When SLA took Paranthan Junction it became clear that LTTE could not defend northern half of A9 in Killinochchi; hence, cadres were told to withdraw. Otherwise, SLA would have gone a few hundred meters eastward on A35 and trapped all the cadres.

The issue here is that SLA lacks bodies/weapons recovered from the “mother of all battles” to display to the Sinhala public.

Upul said...

its funny how defence liar claims 58 division is burying ltte dead....

what a load of crap....

Bhairav said...

[In such a situation, it takes an able commander to convince the troops to withdraw safely with all assets in tact. This was the precise reason why Col. Velavan was appointed for this job.]


Well, asset intact theory does not appeal to me. We used to own stores in Kili, and our stores were burned 3 times by IPKF, TELO and SLA between the period of 87 and 96. Kili is all about paddy-fields aka golden fields thanks to Iranaimadu lake. If you have 5 acre paddy-field, you can harvest 120 raw rice bags for a single season- it tells how good these paddy fields are.

Peter said...

Upul, as you said, medical cadres are embedded in every fighting formation.

Remember, LTTE's biggest limitation is cadre strength. So it takes care to quickly evacuate injured cadres to the medical facilities as soon as possible.

Not many people have exposure to the medical wing. In fact, most lay people don't like to think about the nitty gritty details of warfare.

Peter said...


If the cadres had stood and fought 'till death in '96, those paddy fields would have become history like those in Amparai and most parts of Trincomalee. But thanks to strategy, Tamils were able to benefit for a decade from '98 to '08.

Peter said...

By asset I meant military asset.

It would have been nice to protect the fields and houses as well, but we have to accept some sorry realities when fighting against the might of a state actor. Even the white farmers of Zimbabwe could not protect fields and buildings when the state unleashed violence on them.

Mahen said...

LTTE has fully equipped and well trained medic teams. We even have a few doctors in the front line battlefield hospitals!

Upul said...

actually Peter brings a good point...

Those food assets from the paddy fields are amply stored in warehouses the organization is very much self sufficient.

Peter said...


The best part of Vanni is that the area is one large paddy field. Sea Tigers even have their own fishing unit to keep up the protein supplies.

Unfortunately, LTTE does not have the manpower to harvest necessary food to feed all the civilians; hence the reliance on WFP.

But remember, Diaspora, as residents of developed countries, contribute more to WFP budget than the Sinhalese.

WFP even feeds Sinhala families in areas like Uva where there is abstract poverty.

Bhairav said...

[its funny how defence liar claims 58 division is burying ltte dead....]


It is possible that those bodies were from the 2 weeks old battle and scattered around the the no-man's land, so those would have been in the decomposed positions.

Upul said...

but nothing to show for it....

Peter said...

Sinhala propagandists even show semi-decomposed bodies.

Unlikely to bee too bad in two weeks for the likes of ArmyLK to not take photos.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen and co;

Where is the surprise??

You asserted that it was supposed to be then [yesterday] or never, has there been any?

Looks like NO.

Peter said...

Killinochchi is Tamileelam and Tamileelam is Killinochchi.

Last time we lost that town, we lost the whole war.

Likewise, now that we've lost Killinochchi we have also lost the war.

out_sider said...


In your previous post you said that something must be done by the ltte now.

In a previous post, I stated my reasons for predicting the ltte as losing this war. I did this in your first entry on this blog.

The ltte is finished as a unified force. Despite the gloating by some of the Sinhalese bloggers on various web boards boasting of their general's greatness, this war was lost (or won based on your viewpoint) solely on the sheer weight of the Sri Lankan army. The ltte could not raise similar numbers of troops, nor supply those that they have with modern weapons. Some of your troops even lack boots. They do not have any high tech anti-aircraft capacity. Once the government in Columbo decided to mortgage the future to defeat the ltte, the end results were easy to predict.

Looking back into the past I am surprised that the ltte did not willingly make as many concessions as possible in Zurich to achieve a local Tamil government.

They had to leave Zurich with either an agreement in hand or they had to convince the IC that the lack of an agreement was Columbo's fault and not the ltte.

Now you have little support from any real government except Tamil Nadu and they are limited to looking the other way when smuggling is taking place. Tamil Nadu tried to convince India to act and the Tamil's blinked.

All that is left is to fight a rear guard action long enough for the ltte leadership to flee the country.

Single said...

Mahen said..
"...I am still waiting for a detailed account of what happened during the Kilinochchi defensive battle..."

If it was a withdrawal what kind of detailed account you expect on the battle?
e.g: How many tractors used for withdrawl etc..

Don't contracdict yourself..!

Single said...

Unfortunate truth is if you can't get in last 25 years, you will never get it.

- In 1983 you had an excuse to kill Sinhalese (Dis-proportionate excuse!).
- VP and team was young
- Dispora was new,young and dynamic
- Global situations was different
- India was on your side
- No rift in ranks

Comapre this with current situation.

- How many sons/daughters of the people migrated in 1983 genuinley suporting the Eeelam?
- How many of you prepared to go and fight in SL sacrificing western life style?
- Though you are not talking publicly, you know the truth of how people like life sans LTTE in East and Jaffna
- If war is over, how many of you need to go back SL expiring Asylum?

So, as far as you guyz faking the truth, you will help to make life more misreable for the rest of people in North.

Why you sponsor innocent poor kids/people to be misreable, live in fear, with lack of resources while you and your kids enjoying the life in West?

Just forget about the damage done to SL or how many innocent non-tamil lives LTTE taken, Can you forgive yourselves being sponsoring to kill so many tamil youths/kids?

Mahen said...

News of potential defections from LTTE ranks, be prepared for some bad news guys.

Peter said...

WP/PO/NO is the same guy with different handles.

Using the mannerism of the green brigade he is telling people here that the LTTE started off with superior man and material power, had all its successes and has not began loosing because it lacks man and material power.

Peter said...

" Single said...

Unfortunate truth is if you can't get in last 25 years, you will never get it."


I think he is commenting on Rajapaksa Bros. promise to "wipe out" the LTTE.

Upul said...


do you mind sharing details....

Mahen said...


Not possible at this stage bro, will try tomorrow.

Upul said...


why not,

I am curious ?

Upul said...

why will it take tomorrow ?

Since you made your first claim, can you back up what you just said.

Single said...

"..I think he is commenting on Rajapaksa Bros. promise to "wipe out" the LTTE...."

Intelligent Peter, I am talking about Eeelam. You didn't get that in 25 years and you will not get it!

Now LTTE is just a Mafia and bunch of thugs. VP is the Mafia Don (like "Soththi Upali") and you pay him for the protection. Once Don dies, his son will be the new Don.

No government can 100% eliminate a Mafia. That is why LTTE is still smuglling people and drugs in UK/USA and you still feed your family with money getting from cheating of credit cards.

LTTE can still exist as a Mafia, then can have 1-2 suicide attacks, hand grenade attacks etc.. But Eealam..Sorry dot com. It all over man. You can fight another 100 years as a Gurellia..No Eelam.

How low is your life? You cheat on credit cards/government benefits, you sponser innocnet kids to become suciders while your kids planning on Oxford/Cambridge. Such are the Qualities of modern Dispora tamils.

Single said...

Dont be curious..there are some rumours going in Colombo this evening. And I think Mahen is based on that.

There were some significant number of carders surrendered to SLA just before the capture of Kili. That included several badly injured ones, whom SOS through SLA bands. And also one big fish.

Upul said...

who is this "big fish" ?

lankaputhra said...


u are very funny...go to Tamilnadu and start writing film scripts ...u are insulting some good tamils too…

just stop writing the crap...I just visit this site to share some sadness you facing these days..early 80's 70's there were so many good Tamils lived in SL and they got good respect from all communities now see what happened...when someone say I m tamil..first some to ur mind is either this man terrorist or drug dealer or credit card fraudster…
people like urself an VP destroyed the Value of tamil people…I am telling you today…u will never get Eelam from anywhere in the world because VP and people like u supporting terrorism made it impossible……
just imagine after 30 years what u gained…? Do u think that u can fight another 50 years for eelam? How many tamils left in north ? see condition they are living? In Killinochchi and Mulathivu…
VP is maniac, he made so many deaths and still making human bombs with women..where is the end ? if you are in UK what special human rights u got compare to Tamil who lived Colombo?
Man you are thinking about yourself and u encouraging innocent poor Tamils to get killed ?
Do you go to Mulathive to fight? And all ur key board heroes will they go? In the sake of this war and VP ur left muddy house in Vanni and now enjoying the western life while sending ur kids to English school …will they go to Vanni ? no
Why all LTTE leaders keeping their wives and family abroad? Will they go back with children…never….this is the truth
VP cant stop this war because he gave a promise and with his attitude he will let another thousand to die…but he will never give u a eelam ….
Do u think west will support u?
Do u think India will support u?

Good luck!

Upul said...


why weren't pictures shown, I am curious ???

Mahen said...


It was a one line text bro. Doing my best to keep you updated. Communication infrastructure is almost completely down. SF guy at LNP is also reporting the same. It is no secret that the SLA intel guys keep talking to LTTE battle field commanders, the radio channels used by the LTTE are unencrypted so basically anyone tuning into that channel can talk.

Also, SLA claim that Kili is completely cleared is utter BS, the south of the town is a no go area for SLA, it is being constantly attacked by mortar. All is not what it seems....

Have patience bro.

Single said...

It really seems your com links are not working at all. LOL!

SLA at this moment is operating beyond East borders of Kili. And some SF teams are beyond that too.

Have you ever been to the Kili town? How on earth SLA in the A-9 section of the town if they are not sure of the other perimeters? If you are not sure ask anyone from Kili, they will laugh at you. It is NY or Manhattan man. It is Kili without any civilians.

Kili on all borders are down. Roger over!

Upul: "Big fish" story is still a rumour even in the media circles. Govt has not allowed even state media to go Kili even after initial clearing is done and they had defence camera crew rushed. So there is some mystry.

Only confirmation is surrender of some hard-core carders with injured ones. Only logical reason of not publishing the story is govt keeping it to gain political milage in the coming election by publishing it at last minute (unless it is lekaed).

Truth can hold but can't hide man.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

[News of potential defections from LTTE ranks, be prepared for some bad news guys.]

If that's the case, LTTE won't survive for too long.

As I said, medical needs of injured cadres should have been provided at any cost, otherwise it is morale blow to rest of the cadres.

This what happens when our freedom struggles go into 4th decade.

Upul said...

Sinhalese Deserters used to Infiltrate SLA

A group of Sinhala youth who had been receiving training from the LTTE’s armed intelligence wing has infiltrated the army, our sources say.
Keselwatta police with the assistance of the military police were able to arrest one soldier who had been trained by Tiger armed intelligence operatives recently. This soldier was arrested while serving with the army at the security forces forward defence line at Kilali.
Sources reveal that he is now being kept at an undisclosed location and is under intense interrogation by both the police and the army. The soldier is said to be a resident of Moratumulla area in Moratuwa.
Meanwhile, Keselwatta police are conducting investigations in order to arrest another soldier after receiving a tip off. A senior police officer said that they have not been able to locate the area where the soldier by the name of Anil was serving.
Police have uncovered a plot hatched by him on the instructions of the LTTE, to assassinate a senior officer of the navy engineers. The assassination was due to be carried out at a location in Athurugiriya.
Details of these Sinhalese terrorists trained by the LTTE’s armed wing were revealed upon interrogation of a Sinhalese underworld gang. They were arrested while preparing to assassinate senior security forces personnel. This gang had been given weapons training in the Wanni by the Tigers.
During interrogation, police have discovered that the suspect soldier arrested in Kilali had sold the firearm given to him by the LTTE, to a politician for Rs. 75,000. Sources reveal that police have commenced investigations to arrest this politician, identified as a councillor of the Moratuwa urban council.
The arrested soldier had served in the army for many years, and had been registered as a deserter during the period of the ceasefire. This was after he failed to report back to duty having left on duty leave. Instead of returning to the army after the completion of his leave period, he had travelled to Kilinochchi with a trader selling furniture.
This was where he had first come into contact with the LTTE and become a member of its armed intelligence wing, investigators have found. Sources also reveal that the suspect had been planning to kill a number of Tamil businessmen in Colombo on the instructions of the LTTE. Meanwhile, a senior security forces officer told Lakbimanews that this was the first instance where they have found Sinhalese LTTE intelligence wing members infiltrating the army. However, the officer said that a significant number of army personnel and deserters have been arrested within the last five years for their suspected links with the LTTE. Among them was an army major.
The security forces officer said that this major was arrested in connection with his suspected involvement in the suicide bomb attack on the army’s deputy chief of staff, Major General Parami Kulatunga.
However, he added that during interrogation, it was revealed that the major was also involved in the attempted assassination of the Army Commander.

AK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AK said...

Bhairav said...

As I said, medical needs of injured cadres should have been provided at any cost, otherwise it is morale blow to rest of the cadres.

Yes this was my worry too. I wasnt prpared to beleive SLA army claims that LTTE leadership has ordered the wounded to be killed. But from his sources Mahen said its half true and the carderes were black tigers who pleaded to be killed. Why would they plead, without biting the cyanide? On top of that Peter says there were no black tigers.

This leaves me with the disgusted feeling that LTTE leaders had ordered the killing of the non-harcore wounded fighters who were pleading to be rescued.

It would have been much better to leave them there and run, SLA would have used them for propoganda but they would have still got medical care.

How can we move on with the freedom struggle with leaders who order their wounded to be discarded like that?

Mahen, if this story is true (half true?) can we beleive that LTTE is not abducting/forcing men, women and even children to fight as front line fighters?

Velavan Master said...

Ada pundeys who criticize me here.. don't even dare step foot on Vanni after we create Tamiz Eezam. If will track you down one by one by your IP addresses and cutoff your balls and feed to Thalaivar.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Freedom Struggle ???

What you need is to struggle and free yourselves from both the "Superiority and In-superiority Complexity" that you the Peelam supporters have.

ReJLoRd said...

All of you who read this report and believed it should shoot yourselves. I cant believe how fuckin dumb you guys can get. ROFL the entire k'nochi battle was under one colonel. THINK MOFUGGERS...THINK.

sla has gone into the tigers den.. look at the sri lankan map and see the position of the sla and the positions of the tigers... you will see an all to familiar positional map..

mahen is bullshit. fuck this blog.

Bhairav said...


If you know something, tell us then.

AAA ABS CDO said...

From a military perspective, as soon as the monsoons ended and the tracks dried up, the SLA tanks are having a field day. The same goes for airforce jets. Also, the LTTE is running out of ammo. The word on the street is that half a ship load of arti shells made it to Mula before the ship was blown up by the Navy, and that stock was used to repulse the initial army assault on Kili. Now it is just a matter of postponing the inevitable.

Go to and look at the map. The 57th and 58th divisions are heading towards Vishvamadhu on either side of A35. The 59th division has sealed of Mulathivu from the south and heading north parallel to the bay. TF4 is knocking on Oddusudan. India is asking for Mr. Vesapillai. This is it my friends .... game over in a matter of weeks.

After all, how many of you have children/siblings fighting in Wanni? What right do you or that maniac have to destroy the education of a generation of tamil children in Wanni for the sake of a day dream? Be honest for a second and ask yourself whether the tamil children in Wanni/LTTE areas are better off than those in Colombo. So, in hindsight, this whole freedom struggle was a bunch of BS cooked up by RAW and fed through the likes of Vesapillai. And it destroyed a country, probably your ancestral home and a generation of tamils.

So, I am not surprised that LTTErs are taking the opportunity to cross over than chew cyanide or get blasted by RM-70 rockets. The dream of Eelam had crashed with Kili.

FreedomFighter said...

Oh some idiot think they can convince tamils to give up the freedom strugle. At leaset they realised that making to killi does not end the war.

When IPKF took over the eelam, sihalese thought they finihsed eelam strugle.
When jaffna was taken by army, everyone thought that was the end of eelam strugle.
Now its just deja vu. Singhals people long way from realising the LTTE is fighitng
for tamils aspirations. We decide when the war ends. As long sihalese oppress the
tamils and occupy the tamil home land, freedom fight will continue.

FreedomFighter said...

Sihalese as usel having pre mature ejaculation , with all this victory
speaches and celiberations.

its not long before these celiberations could turn in to raiots against tamils.
Now these sihalese feel more superior. Already there were incidents being reported around the world about sinhala - tamil tension.
We can imagin what it would be like in lanka.

Single said...

"..Sihalese as usel having pre mature ejaculation..."

May be true in previous cases.

But now, hiding the truth and faking the truth will be Dispora's biggest enemy.

So far there were seperate battles by SLA. But now on, at least 50,000 SLA coming to Mulativ corner (if you are still not heard, LTTE making another tactical withdrawl from National front).

I am feel pity on Bahirav who is expecting even a single droplet of hope. ReJLord and FF faking the news and hiding the truth even among the fellow Dispora's.

You may call "Sinhala Modaya" or any name..and you can publically pretend that LTTE is counter attack. But reality is Eeleam is over! You may support a Mafia group for small time hide and hits.

SLA is expecting counter attacks from LTTE as delaying tactic and for argument's sake even if they loss 10% in counter atacks another 45,000 has encircled Mulativ Jungles.

Be dreaming and wake upto Reality that you were fooled by you ow people for 25 years.

Or just think of your future where you are and help the future of your relatives in North and East.

After the war they need lot of assistance adn expertise in re-buliding their lives.

And wouldn't it be wonderfull to visit your friends and home-towns without any fear and enjoy a good meal with family? And you dont have to pay tax to LTTE

FreedomFighter said...


No one will visit sri lanka while sihalese army is occuping tamil lands. Colonising tamil home land
and waging a war aginst tamils.

Out petty dreams about vising realtives andhaving meals with friends etc is not important, What we want is freedom and be able to do this with freedom.

Not be affraid racisht sihalese.

By the way most of my relatives are dead or displaced by sihalese forces. Tamils will never ever trust sihalese, and for these few who do they will be treated like slaves without any rights, have to be 2nd class cizens.

Peter said...

On this issue


Susan said...

Yes there are govt. trained doctors LTTE has forcibly recruited to go against the govt. forces.
Coming to the sacking of Velavan, there will be a few more sackings in the next two months and it will be all over.

Lalith said...


One mile to Killi.

Your mile is smile now.