Sunday, 4 January 2009

Heavy fighting continues

Pro GoSL propoganda sites are claiming the occupation of Oddusudan and mentions that they have "entered" the township. The blog owner can confirm that a few SLA commando teams did enter the town in a pre-dawn offensive, however they were driven away by heavy mortar and HMG fire. Following the commando withdrawal, wave after wave of regular SLA infantrymen tried to advance on the town, however, the offensive was successfully repulsed and the LTTE is in full control of the town. SLA has sufferred heavy casualties and the LTTE managed to capture a few bodies, light arms and ammo. The bodies will be handed over to the SLA via the ICRC shortly. This is not the first time the SLA has claimed occupation of a town and later retracted, Kokkavil a few months ago is a good example.

Meanwhile, the SLA has yet again sufferred a major debacle in Muhamalai. Following the euphoria of occupation of virtual ghost towns, SLA troops manning the Muhamalai FDL were ordered to advance into LTTE territory. Once again the offensive was completely beaten back with the support of arti, mortar and HMG fire from LTTE formations. The SLA after retreating, have repositioned themselves in their original FDLs. The blog owner is of the opinion that bravado and morale of the SLA troops are very high, leading them to take disproportionate and uncalculated risks. The LTTE were well prepared for exactly this type offensive after vacating Paranthan and Kilinochchi. Therefore, they were able to successsfully repulse these offensives.

The SLA is facing the same fate at EPS, some pro GoSL propoganda sites had claimed that SLA is on the verge of capturing EPS and some even went ahead to claim that EPS was occupied. We have been informed by our Wanni sources that the LTTE is fiercely defending EPS and the SLA is suffering heavy casualties. The SLA expected the mechanized infantry brigade to virtually walk over EPS, however the mech brigade's leader - Ralph Nugera - was seriously injured by LTTE arti fire. With Nugera convalescing in hospital, the mech brigade has suffered a severe blow as the new leader has very limited battle experience, therefore, the mech brigade is being kept out of action for fear of major setbacks due to inexperienced leadership.

Fierce counter attacks by the LTTE are expected in the coming few days. Watch this space folks!


Nisal said...

Wanni LTTE sources have indicated that SLA advances have been stalled in all fronts. There have been no new SLA thrusts apart from sporadic skirmishes in the past two days. This can be also be corroborated by the fact that all pro GoSL sites have been silent on battle field news. Political sources have indicated that both GoSL and the opposition are begging for the visit of Pranab Mukherjee as GoSL is rumoured to want a ceasefire due to soaring casualties, low morale and spiralling defence costs. The calls for a ceasefire comes amidst CJ's judgement on oil prices and the oil hedge gone wrong which is crippling the Sri Lankan economy.

Jaya said...

Task Force 4 troops enter Oddusuddan township

Troops of Task Force 4 who have continued their advances further northwards after capturing Nadunkeni have entered Oddusuddan township by this afternoon, 4 January.

According to the latest information, troops of 14 Sinha Regiment (SR) commanded by Major U.S.N.K Perera under command to 642 Brigade commanded by Lt. Colonel B.T Hathnagoda entered the Oddusuddan town following the days long fighting ensued in the area.

The strategically vital Oddusuddan junction located along the Mankulam - Mullaittivu (A34) main road had been used by the LTTE terrorists for their administrative and logistic purposes as it has direct route access to Mullaittivu, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mankulam and Nedunkeni.

Troops own engaged in further consolidating operations in north and west of Oddusudan areas, defence sources said.

Jaya said...

Pro-LTTE elements predict imminent fall of elephant pass and Mullaittivu

Pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) websites and their proxy politicians have openly expressed fears that they would lose Elephant Pass immediately and their main seaport Mullaittivu and other places of control eventually.

Shivaji Lingam, member of the 22 parliamentarians strong Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the proxy party of the LTTE, from Chennai said, “And even if the LTTE were to lose Mullaittivu also, then too they will continue their struggle.”

The pro- Tamil website, Cyber News said, “The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have begun withdrawing from entrenched positions in the strategic Elephant Pass region. The narrow Isthmus that links the Jaffna peninsula to the Northern mainland known as Wanni by land is often described as the “gateway to Jaffna”.

Preparations are also afoot to vacate tiger positions in other key places in Eastern Wanni like Mullaittivu, Oddusuddan ,Muhamalai, Kilaly and Vatraappalai.

Apparently soldiers are now about 2 km to the south of Elephant Pass and are near Kurinchatheevu adjacent to Elephant Pass. Realising that Elephant Pass is not defendable the LTTE have begun vacating the area, the sources say.

Battlefield reports say that the Sri Lanka Army soldiers are about two kilometers South of Elephant Pass. According to LTTE sources realizing the Elephant Pass is no longer defensible the terrorists are slowly vacating the place. It is not clear whether they would put up some resistance or simply vacate the area, the sources said.

The terrorists escaping from Elephant Pass, Mullaittivu, Oddusudan and Vatraappalai are expected to hide in heavily entrenched fortified bunkers in the jungles of Mullaittivu poised for hit and run terrorist attacks both against the civilians and the government security forces.

Addressing the nation Army Commander Sarath Fonseka said after the fall of Kilinochchi, “We are confident that we can see the end of them withing this year. We don’t need even a year to see their end.” He said the area the LTTE leadership and cadres are hiding is like the terrain of Thoppigala in the Eastern Province, which the security forces overran.

Analysts have said there is an estimated number of 1700 to 1900 LTTE cadres remaining alive to do whatever kind of warfare they adopt.

Even if they adopt hit and run attacks on the civilians and security personnel in the future it would be nothing very much different from what they practiced together with conventional warfare. The United national Party has accused the government of pushing them to what they call guerilla warfare. But other sources say the government did not push them to anything but to their eventual demise.

Peter said...


last_mile said...

Once again a great article by Nachchikuda Mahen.

kuttu said...

Mahen, you are correct

The security forces have been able to record a radio message that was sent to LTTE battlefield commanders in Kilinochchi by their Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, threatening them never to face him again after they allowed Kilinochchi to fall.

This message clearly reveals the manner in which LTTE field commander Swarnam is stringently criticised by the LTTE Leader about the defeat in Kilinochchi. The commanders had informed Prabhakaran that they have no other option other than to withdraw their troops from the battlefields, even thought Prabhakaran had ordered them to continue the battle and not give up Kilinochchi. This decision of the armed leaders who were at the battlefront in Kilinochchi had enraged the LTTE Leader and had sent this radio message to them.

Until this incident, Prabhakaran had not given direct orders regarding any of the battles during the fourth Eelam war. A security forces official remarked that this action of LTTE Leader Prabhakaran clearly explains the downfall of the LTTE.

The official also added that after the death of former LTTE Political-wing Leader S.P. Thamilchelvan, Prabhakaran had never given direct orders through communication equipment, until January 2.
He said that Prabhakaran was careful not to send any radio messages because he feared that the security forces might be able to track his location through these messages. (LP)

Nisal said...

I forgot to mention the source of my previous comment. It is:

he he...

last_mile said...

VP running for life!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


You may have to find another job! You can not write Punnakku in a convening way.

Your article is load of BS.

I know as a fact Army is now in full control of southern part of vast stretch covering Oddusudan, and to some interior.

Run LTTE, Run!

AK said...

Mahen, I have two concerns. If there was a counter strike which successfully repulsed SLA why does;

1) GOSL defence ministry website claimi "TF 4 troops enter Oddusuddan township".

2) Why doesn't tamilnet report of the coutner strike and display the captured bodies of SLA . This would have cetainly boosted the morale of the diapora supporters

Also why isnt the tamilenet reporting on the SLA major debacle in Muhamalai? Every victory should be given full publicity especially during these times dont you think?

AK said...

Mahen, also please shed some light if there is any truth in the GOSL claims of LTTE leaders ordering the wounded fighters to be killed? Your claim yesterda that its half true is really worrying me

Peter said...

How many miles to EP?

killert said...

Last Mile,
Nice one.But it sould be corrected like this.

Mahen said...


I have serious concern on whether you are actually a worried diaspora supporter or just another chena boy trying to take the piss. Please clarify your position.

killert said...

After writing a bit of truth for sometime suddenly mahen came up with bullshit.When reading the previous articles i thought Mahen was giving some independent information.As a Peelam supporter it was wrong.If u r a Peelam supporter u should always follow Toilet net and give punnakku to the I think what Mahen is dong right now is the right thing.keep it up mahen.Keep giving punnakku to LTTP cows.

killert said...

By the way Mahen stop copying topics of DW such as "Heavy fighting continus","Breaking News"

Mahen said...


In case you are genuine, the story of injured cadres being shot is hog wash, just another gosl propoganda story. Please visit Peter's blog for the facts. Thanks.

PS, Did you really think we would shoot our own cadres? They are a precious resource. The info I gave about the black tigers is true, some of them did commit suicide, this was during the SLA's assault on the female black tiger HQ. The women feared what would happen to them if captured by the SLA men.

AK said...

Mahen, thanks for the clarification. I didnt beleive it myself until you said its half true. Thanks and keep up the good work.

ponnadorei said...

Thanks for the daily entertainment u r providing...actually now u r posts are quite funny.. we enjoy them..keep em coming !!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

As I am writing this now, Oddusudan is fully liberated..!

Just got the news!

Once A34 is fully cleared, MID will roll in.

Until now, MID was not in Mullative Theater because of the thick jungle terrain.

In the future too the MID would be limited in its operations int the Southern attack on Mullative (Mulla Duva)

Thoughtful Guy said...

Ok guys..... I guess u are right... all the SLA offensives are currently stalled and the army will be driven back to maavil aaru.... oh wait.... hmmmmmm...I m getting a new message from my contacts.....zzzgggrrrrr...^%^%^^#%$^ %^%^ ..OH.. :-O

Listen to this, my latest contacts tell me that the super-duper all-mighty-one has made special plans to drive the army back to colombo.... :D

(bad loosers and dreamers... thats what I think of u guys)

TamilskillTamils said...

Comical Mahen said

'News of potential defections from LTTE ranks, be prepared for some bad news guys.'

do you have any info regarding above?

Mahen said...

Heavy fighting in A35, 2 miles east of Paranthan, several SLA KIA.

wijayapala said...


"You won't be able to change peoples opinion to suddenly,"

I'm not here to change your opinion, Upul. I know you're too stupid for that. I'm just here to make fun of you!

Rascacapac said...

Mahen you Have stated that Female tiger's Committed suicide of scare's to be captured by Army Men,
For your info..
We don't do Animals...we might do whores.. but please note..NO ANIMAL SEX.

wijayapala said...

"In such a situation, it takes an able commander to convince the troops to withdraw safely with all assets in tact. This was the precise reason why Col. Velavan was appointed for this job."

Here we have two LTTE bootlickers saying two completely different stories. Mahen claims that Velavan disobeyed orders and will get executed. Peter on the other hand claims that Velavan is an accomplished expert at retreating and that everything was pre-planned.

What would Peter say about Thalaivar's assertion that capturing Kilinochchi would be a "daydream"????

Single said...

Mahen, MAhen...
You are againe becoming a "bite". Please dont provide jokes in your attempted military column.

1). Odddusudan : Captured and over for LTTE.

2). Muhamali offensive by SLA : A dream of Mahne in Frozen wether in UK Midlannds

3). Counter Attacks : Another nice one!

Please add a line asking for money in evey of your blogs.

Try to live with at least little bit of respect..dont insult Normail Tamil people's Intelligence.

All here have the continous contacts from Wanni and only confirmation is an expectation of massive IDP flux from Putu'ppu.

Fake the turth..Next time No body will trust you!

manura said...

oddusudan not yet captured. military spokesmen.

velluprabhakaran said...


ha ha ha!

TamilskillTamils said...

Meeharak (LTTP) enoy

LTTE receive heavy damages in confrontations; 12 LTTE bodies found - Mullattivu front

Troops of 59 Division had several confrontations with LTTE terrorists while engaged in consolidating operation to extend own defence line through out the day, 4 January.

According to the latest military report, troops of 14 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (VIR) has been tactically infiltrated the LTTE-built earth bund in general area south of Chemmalai today (4 Jan). A body of LTTE terrorist killed during the confrontation was also found in a search operation conducted.

Troops of 15 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) confronted with LTTE terrorists in a thick jungle area at north of Mullaiyaweli today. Three bodies of LTTE terrorists killed were found in a subsequent search operation.

Meanwhile, 9 Sinha Regiment (SR) troops have found 7 bodies of LTTE terrorists in a search operation conducted following a heated gun battle took place in northwest of Mulliaweli area.

Another LTTE body was found from general area north of Oddusuddan in a search operation conducted following a confrontation, the military report received from the battlefront added.

Mahen said...

He he he, what did I say, of course Oddusudan not captured yet. This another retraction like Kokkavil.

Thoughtful Guy said...

Mahen..plz laugh more.... cos it wnt last much longer... I remember seeing that laugh just before Mavil aru, Thoppigala, Madhu, Viddalathivu, Nachhikuda, Poonaryn, Paranthan, and Killinochhi fell...

by the way....where is that counterattack to take back nachhikuda by Nov 27th??

Peter said...

Mahen said..

He he he, what did I say, of course Oddusudan not captured yet.


What do you mean by not captured yet? Are you expecting it to be captured any time in the future? You moron, we cant afford to lose any more of our land. Where are we going to burry the bodies then? In the sea, you jackass?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Oddusudan is already captured. However, still there are few skirmishes in the North and North West part few Kilometers outside the city.

As soon as the city being cleared by Army Engineers (for major booby traps and landmines), it will be declared as liberated.

BTW, Mullative (Mulladuva) has not been liberated by army "yet"! ;-))

Puran Appu said...
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Puran Appu said...

>>SLA has suffered heavy casualties>>

>> they were driven away by heavy mortar and HMG fire>>

>>SLA has yet again suffered a major debacle>>

>>they were able to successfully repulse these offensives.>>

>> Fierce counter attacks by the LTTE are expected in the coming few days>>

He he.....

We have been hearing this over and over again since Mavil Aru.

LK Observer said...

Now we seems to have the both sides of a story.
Good work Mahen & DN/DW for posting breaking news.

Jaya said...

Latest reports emerging from the theatre of war in the north reveals that the fall of Elephant pass is imminent at any moment. "Asian Tribune" learns that already Sri Lankan army has entered Elephant Pass and consolidating their position. It is learnt that Government would officially announce, the fall of Elephant Pass later in the day. Earlier in 1998, Sri Lankan Army was compelled to tactically withdraw from Elephant Pass.

Asian Tribune

Thoughtful Guy said...


South part of EPs has been captured by the army....dnt worry though..ealam is just around the corner....

Peter said...

How many Km to EP?

Pottu Amman said...

Why the hell did you guys blast the bloody water tank in Killinochchi? What is the bloody logic in that???

How will it effect the GOSL forces?