Saturday, 17 January 2009

LTTE hardcore units finally join the battle

In December 2008, Ellalan Force appealed to the LTTE to strike back at the GoSL forces encroaching on Tamil Eelam territory. The LTTE military panel has finally heeded to our appeal and have put their most experienced cadres to the Chilawatte and Tharmapuram frontlines. Up till now, the LTTE had only deployed young recruits, female cadres and Civil Defence Forces (CDF) to the face the SLA. The Tamil International News Agency (TINA) web outlet – TamilNet reports that scores of SLA have been killed on these two fronts. TamilNet has published pictures of the hardcore units in action including a picture of a LTTE main battle tank (MBT). The LTTE mechanised infantry brigade has in its possession several MBTs and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) that were captured from the SLA during Ceaseless Waves operations. The mechanised brigade has now come into action and is causing serious damage to the SLA. The SLA’s own mechanised brigade has been put out of action due to inexperienced leadership. As reported earlier heavy SLA casualties are expected in Challai where hardcore battalions are lying in wait. The LTTE mech. brigade has also been deployed in this front.
Meanwhile the Indian Foreign Secretary, Shivshankar Menon has travelled to the hill city of Kandy to meet with the GoSL President – Mahendra Percival Rajapakse as Percy was reportedly trying to avoid the Indian delegation by refusing to travel back to Colombo.
Await further updates.


C. Coin said...

TINA looking forward to ltte hardcore ? hak hak

Single said...

Puka Thamai.

Truth is at least 78 LTTE bodies were recovred and informed to RedCross last night. I dont know wether they are hard-core or soft-core LTTP.

You are a news Pirate and mental!

Maskman said...

Ane hutto athe parak gahala nida ganin

Peter said...

In fact, I read this purely for fun. When I am stressed out from work, I go and read this to get a laugh and relax. Articles in this blog clearly show LTTE is now limited only to "Talks". That clearly shows how successful the Sri Lankan security forces in their operations against Tamil Terrorists. I think you can still keep on "writing" such articles even the LTTE is completely wiped out, dreaming that they still exist. Or else you can still write such articles even about a non-existing terrorist group. It is only a dream that you have composed in your mind. It is like writing what you saw in a dream the other night, perhaps a day dream.

AK said...

Hi Mahen, this is good news. But what's the stratergy behind the delay using the hardcore units? I'm afraid if its a little too late?

Can you also eloborate on TAF. GOSL propoganda claims capturing 6 air strips, but they were not able to discover planes which means all the TAF planes are intact. Can we use TAF in support of the latest ground assualts (and also to attack other vital targets)

Attack is the Best Defence said...

19 dogs have obtained the hand of SF...god going....kill them more...

in the jungle warfare...more dogs will fell to SF and commandos roaming in those places.

mahen buruwa...more dreams more stories..for stupid diaspora..

Thoughtful Guy said...

Mahen..look look..EALAM is just around the corner...

In the mean time do tell us more about TENA....

Attack is the Best Defence said...

elite units...puh...with sarongs and rubber slippers..

mechanized brigade..ane huke....

Shamal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No_MESS said...


The reason the TAFs were not discovered is because they fly 24/7, refuelled mid air by Thamilchelvan, at his Jet Garage.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahen ,

You seems to be loosing your audiance, and credibility too,

coz tigers are tactically moving to mullathivu and pushed off to the see???and where is all the High profile tigers now?????

thiru said...

ltte sources have indicated that offensives will take place very soon and that all the withdrawals were to preserve cadre strength....they also indicated that the army is being spread out and the offensives will include ltte cadres, ltte police, makal padai and the border force, this is termed a do or die operation and there are going to be unprecedented casualties to both sides, however the ltte and thamil people have no choice due to the racist policies of the singhala regime.....this battle is going to a historic win for eelam. Mahen, have u heard anything on this matter?

AK said...

Thiru, cadre strength does not seem to be an issue. Even after occupying so much land, SLA were not able to 'display' more than a few dozen bodies. But my worry is do we have the required coastal areas to bring in weapons and do we have enough hospitals under our control to attend to the wounded. Another worry is will we able to use TAF? Mahen can you give us your views?

Attack is the Best Defence said...

no do or die...

only die in large numbers...

Sanjon said...


No bodies - Becose all were evapurated..nothing to show...ha..ha..

Hospital- to be soon transfered to hell.

TAF- Where is your Carrier? opertae in Deap sea??

Your Depeuty - now opertae in colombo and womitting all coordinates and info to SLDF..

no more HIDE and SEEK...puha...puka thamai hardcore...only last twdays GOSL burried 98 bodies...only today bought more than 30 more...

Single said...

It seems that Mahen is right!

Finally some pictures of LTTE Hardcore units are published in another site. Please be aware that these are Graphic scene and PG13- OWC.

Ltte Hardcore :

Single said...

Since you dont have any hospitals to treat Mahavirs, you can easily use alternative medicines like Cynaide. Or you can ask Doctor Bhanu to operate them as he did it for 240 Mahavir's in Kilinochchi.

Mahen said...


I have not heard of the strategy you are referring to, it is the first time I am hearing it. I am not sure including ltte police, makal padai and the border force in any counter attack is going to help us. The reason we lost so much territory is because we tried to preserve cadre strenght while using inexperienced cadres and civil forces to defend the FDLs. This strategy has back fired on us. Vacating Kilinochchi was a good idea, but abandoning Paranthan was not a good tactical move. Leaving Paranthan left our Jaffna fronts exposed and allowed the SLA to advance along A35. We should have held onto Paranthan at all costs using our best cadres.

We will not see TAF operations in the near future. It is not because we have lost air strips, the Zlins can land and take off in B grade road using only 300m length, lost of runaways wouldn't have affected TAF operations at all. The main reason that TAF is not being used is because forward SLA elements and DPU units would be able to spot TAF planes taking off and landing and that would compromise the hiding places of our TAF assets. TAF operations are expected to resume when we regain lost territory.
Lack of hospitals is not an issue, we have forward operating medic teams who establish field tents, we have a few experienced doctors attached to these medic teams. Denial of the western coast has not affected weapons supplies, as can be seen in the previous weeks, ship loads of weapons have come in, we are able to evade SLN blockade.

Attack is the Best Defence said...

yes yes ..LTTE big counter attack is coming in 2022 1st of jan..

Lalith said...

LTTP tactically withdrew from Ramanadhapuram

Siuation right now as at 18-01-09

VP's Pressure 142 98
VP's weight 147 KG

Aiyamperumal 01 KM
Ampalavanpokkanai 01 KM
Chalai 01 KM
Chilarattai 01 KM
Chu'ndikku'lam 00 KM - 55 Captured on 14-01-09
Dharmapuram 00 KM - 58 Captured on 13-01-09
IRANAMADU East 01 KM - 57 Captured on 15-01-09
Kaddaikadu 01 KM - 58 Captured on 15-01-09
Kalmadu 01 KM
Ka'ndaava'lai 01 KM
Keridattadu 00 KM - TF 4 Captured on 12-01-09
Kevil 00 KM - 53 Captured on 11-01-09
Mamulai 01 KM
Masar 01 KM
Mullativu 0.5 KM
Murusamoddai 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Olumadu 01 KM
Periyakulam 01 KM
Pu'liyampokka'nai 01 KM
Puliyansekkaran 01 KM
Punnainiravi 01 KM
Puththukudirippu 01 KM
Ramanadhapuram 01 KM - 57 Captured on 16-01-09
Tanniyuttu 00 KM - 59 Captured on 12-01-09
Theravikulam 01 KM
Thonikal 01 KM
Udayankattukulam 01 KM
Vaddakkachchi 00 KM - 58 Captured on 12-01-09
Vannankulam 01 KM
Vellamullivaikal 01 KM
Vellikandal 01 KM
Vishwamadu 01 KM - 58 Captured on 15-01-09

VP's Asshole ?? KM

January 17, 2009 9:01 PM

AK said...

Mahen, I also feel Pottu Amman's surrender may not be true, cos if he was taken GOSL by now would have surely showcased him. Even more so during the Sunday Leader editors funeral day to divert peoples attension. Your views please.

Lalith said...

As MAhen said it is interesting to see the battle in the coming days. I can agree with Mahen because all SLA are now very tired and spread out. LTTE did not use HARDCORE fighters for last 2 years. They are now in action and soon they start taking all lost ground. Ultimately it would end up in Colombo.

P.S. The hardcore were tuning for last few weeks with Rathi brigrade. Now they are hard enough.

thiru said...

Mahen, the police, makkal padai and border force will not be directly involved in frontal assaults but will be invovled heavily in logistics, consolidation and guarding against dpu attacks....the main counter offensives are going to be carried out by specifically trained is true that the loss of paranthan was of a big magnitude, however there is apparently a well set plan laid out to regain this territory, and also they have indicated that the ltte will not fully go back to guerilla war, the withdrawal were to preserve their strength and strike at the very last moment....our supreme leader's plan is apparently for heavy counter strike at the right time and everyone now knows the place, the indications is that the time for this is finally almost here.

Lalith said...

Hi Thiru

That is what I said.

Darth Plagueis said...

Just a single question, How many APC(s), MBT(s) should be there for a Mech Infantry Brigade ?? you used the term just for the heck of it or you have no idea..??

BTW, Thiru, Mahen you are writting this stuff just for fun or, is this what you really beleive...

sorry souls..

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Latest pictures from battle field

LTTE hardcore in action

Single said...

- Pottu Story False
- LTTE has tons of arms
- LTTE has access to the sea routes
- All Hardcore are safe and active
- SLA losing the battle
- SLA spread so no stength
- Big counter attack just here
- This battle is going to a historic win for eelam
- Eeleam is never been so close

Ane huke...! You are reall idiots. Mahen is a MI agent writing disguise.

Are you still wearing cloths!

Mahen, these fuckers (Thiru/AK)are challenging you on Pottu Story. So even in Dispora you have a caste system. Some are better infromed than others..?

thiru said...

single, u dumb modhaya son of a bitch, no one is challenging anyone here, we are eelam bretheren and have a common goal of achieving eelam, destroying the backbone of the singhala state, watching the singhala chauvunist government crumble.....single, u may live in denial but these three objectives will happen until then u can go and suck defencewire's puny little dick u dumb son of a whore!

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Ado Ponna Thiru,

Don't bark like a mad dog, very soon you will have to suck you own dick before you die, Ponnaya

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Ado Ponna Thiru,

Dஒன்'ட் பர்க் லிகெ அ மட் டொக், வெர்ய் ஸூன் யொஉ வில்ல் ஹவெ டொ ஸுக்க் யொஉ ஒவ்ன் டிக்க் பெஃபொரெ யொஉ டிஎ, Pஒன்ன கரி பல்ல, டீபன் தொகெ PஊKஆ VP ட


தொ உபெ அம்மட ஃஉகல தியனவட கரியொ

peter ponnaya said...

Ado Ponna Thiru,

Dஒன்'ட் பர்க் லிகெ அ மட் டொக், வெர்ய் ஸூன் யொஉ வில்ல் ஹவெ டொ ஸுக்க் யொஉ ஒவ்ன் டிக்க் பெஃபொரெ யொஉ டிஎ, Pஒன்ன கரி பல்ல, டீபன் தொகெ PஊKஆ VP ட


தொ உபெ அம்மட ஃஉகல தியனவட கரியொ

Hon.VP said...

Thiru podde,

Come to me, i will look apter yu, do not worry i give my RED Bird to yu,

come to me chuti Thiru. pleece

Mahen said...


Ignore the monkeys.

On your point, I completely disagree with using civil defense cadres for logistics. Logistics are for a conventional army, we are facing the SLA which has changed it tactics from a conventional one to a non conventional one. They are doing the exact thing that we did before whereas we have gone back and adopted WW1 tactics in building bunds and medieval tactics in building moats. We have become the conventional army in holding onto FDLs and they have become a guerilla army by using small team tactics and operating behind our lines. We need to go back and change our tactics and go back to being a non conventional army. We need to operate behind enemy lines and strike at their tails and outflank them and strike where they are the weakest. Have you seen any such tactics in the current phase? Our military panel needs to realise this and deploy the hardcore cadres to go operate as a guerilla force, I have appealed many times to my contacts many times before but they don't seem to be listening to our concerns. Also on logistics, we must hold onto Nanthi Kadal Lagoon, if we lose that our supply lines will be cut.

As I repeated earlier, the counter attack must happen now! We cannot wait any longer, 8 divisions of the SLA are approaching our territory. Also the attack must be a non conventional one, we must creep through the jungles and strike them from behind.

Bhairav said...

Wait for more surprises! War is not over yet.

tharu22 said...

Where are you? Please publish your story of SL economy collapsing at any time. It's the only piece of joke missing in this grand comedy of diaspora jokers.

Mahen said...


Yes, its definitely not over yet. But the surprises should be sooner than later. Indian Foreign Secy literally slept with Rajafuxya today, until these Indian vultures go away, we won't be able to strike back like we did before. BJP coming into power would be God send.

Mahen Ponnaya said...

As I repeated earlier, the counter attack must happen now! We cannot wait any longer, 8 divisions of the SLA are approaching our territory. Also the attack must be a non conventional one, we must creep through the jungles and strike them from behind.

strike them from behind

VP will do that, don't worry

Vp thoge Puke arri

eeeya ..........

peter ponnaya said...


now wash your ass, bend slightly and raise your ass and wait, VP will take care of the rest, there won’t be much pain brother, think about our Eelam.

SenGin said...


see below link for LTTP mechanized division action in puthukudirippu... ...dont know how they developed such a amazing unit...

I think LTTP counter strike is imminent. SLDF should be vigilant...

thiru said...

mahen, i see ur point but on the bund tactic point, it was a delaying tactic to inflict maximum casualties before withdrawing and in that sense it has worked, in the three debacles in killinochi that the sla faced before the ltte withdrew, they caused over 500 sla killed with minimum i think the ltte will use the tactics that u talked abt in their counterstrike becos up until now the bunds were used to defend and inflict maximum casualties.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Oh Bhairav the little lost soul. You seem to have eaten Punnakku again. I thought you gave up that.

Man oh man, Pussycats will surely try their secondary plans right now as they will soon be unable to get into their best military practice - tactical withdrawal. Soon there won't be anywhere left to conduct that glorious military operation. So in a way SLDF has brought them to a point of using full power. They are Compelled to fight.

Also the heavy power used in Chilawatte tells me who's there. So it seems like Mula is the prize jewel of war.

So you bought the shit bucket from Mahen again and started growing hopes of "surprise", retaliation and waves?

Bhairav, whoever Mahen is, he's doing a great job providing the best punnakku in hard times. Enjoy your feast with that.

Darth Plagueis said...

Breaking news..!! yesterday peelam scientists discovered a way of turning people into mermaids.

soon the entire hardcore units along with the Fat pig will be turned into mermaids and are expected to tactically withdraw into indian ocean where they are safe.

Finally the Peelam will be established in indian ocean and you are nolonger kallathoni..!!

4C said...

Ooh Mahen, The Peelam war analyist,

Wake up, Wake up man
Don't dream too much.
And don't addict to TN movies buddy.

Watch some Hard core moives. then u'll realise what is real HARD CORE.

And after loosing everythin pls don't tell ur supreemos didn't listen to u and ur tactics or tik taks.

We r not from grade 5 ok.

tharu22 said...

Well said man. But don't insult Mahen too much. He too might 'tactically withdraw' and we'll miss our daily dose of laughter.

velluprabhakaran said...

normal LTTE cadres take viagra approach malathi brigade & become hardcore. ha ha ha!

AK said...

Mahen, please ignore the monkeys and do send us updates often. Could you clarify the doubts of the Pottu news. I mean it cant be true. Its OK to admit its wrong, than sticking to a story which will bring us more harm

tharu22 said...

If Pottu story is not true how can Mahen not admitting it bring you any harm?
Besides if you know it can't be true why are you having doubts?
With Pottu or without Pottu it's all over man...get over it.

Tilo said...

"Zlins can land and take off in B grade road using only 300m length"

Looks like the TAF "fighter jets" can take off and land from "B" grade road ... how impressive...

Mahen y don't you guys get together and urge your "Freedom fighters" release the trapped tamil civilians and let them come over to the SL government controlled areas. isn't that gonna save them from your so called genocide. now that sounds more patriotic and publishing BS on the web.

Navindran said...

Mahen, GOSL propogandas says this
humble home belonged to our leader. Any truth in this?

AK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AK said...

Tilo, most of the people in Vanni are staying there on their own will. Only very few traitors would want to go to GOSL held areas

tharu22 said...

AK Said,
"Tilo, most of the people in Vanni are staying there on their own will. Only very few traitors would want to go to GOSL held areas"

...Probably just like the traitors who ran away to Europe and have become arm chair warriors

Tilo said...

Hey AK i respect your opinion on this but ... from and outsiders perspective (me : neither a sinhalese or a tamil) either they are totally stupid to stay in a war zone with their families, when you know your life's at risk... or you are being held as a hostage... dude for me it's quite apparent that those poor civilians are held as captives... or as human shields. it's pathetic to exploit your own people to win a loosing war...

Tilo said...

I feel sorry for the tamil people their own kind is bringing genocide over them...

ATTN: all tamil people on this blog
If you truly care about your people/race, you need to focus on getting those trapped civilians out of the war zone...

I've visited ceylon a few times and i know that the people in the south live together regardless of the race... there may be issues but they need to be addressed in a democratic manner. You have a god given beautiful country try not to destroy it with all this violence.

peter ponnaya said...


What happened to you Profile, you have disable it, why ???. Are you afraid about the current situation in UK.

Illegal Sri Lankan migrants deported

Jan 19, 2009 (LBO) - Britain has started deporting illegal Sri Lankan migrants with the first batch sent back by charter flight on January 15 at the island international airport, the British High Commission said.
It said in a statement that the UK and Sri Lankan governments have struck a deal to send back illegal migrants on a regular basis on charter flights. "The British Government and the Government of Sri Lanka have an ongoing agreement to facilitate the return of Sri Lankan nationals who have remained unlawfully in the UK," it said. The first charter flight of Sri Lankan returnees, who were deported last week marks the start of what is hoped will be an ongoing programme of repatriation, it said.

The High Commission said the Sri Lankan government "was instrumental" in ensuring the flight took place. The agreement also "supports the UK Border Agency policy to detect, detain and remove those who have unlawfully entered the UK or pose a threat." The British high commission statement did not say who the returnees were.

Hundreds of Sri Lankans, especially minority Tamils, are known to have entered Britain illegally and are living and working there. It said in a statement that the UK and Sri Lankan governments have struck a deal to send back illegal migrants on a regular programme of charter flights.

sakthi said...

How could srilankan government go to international community with begging bowl for arms and money and at the same time you declare that srilanka is a sinhalabudhist nation which can be ruled only by sinhalese. Write the spech of Obama and Rajapakshe on the same page and compare their tone and tenor.
The rajapakshe regime is the world's most successful terroirist regime by any standards. Any prostitute can emulate their priciple for success in trade. They beg for money from International community and are using Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers and dumb cluster bombs from obsolete jet fighters to commit genocoid against tmamil.Will they use the same tactic against JVP or any other sinhala unrest in the souther part of their country?
They claim their dumb bombs and MRBL are surgical strike weapons with straight face to the international community destroying all priciples of humanrights killing innocent women and children by hundreds.It is not very different from LTTE suicide attacks against innocent tamils that kill a few civilians also.Then what is the difference between SLA and LTTE. Why Cannot theh commanders of SLA and Rajapakse be hanged like Saddam Hussein.I hold no brief for Prabakaran also.The same hangpost which can be used for hanging Prabakaran for murder of Rajiv gandhi is also fit enough for Rajapakse and Co.
(By the same way how can Rajiv answer for his policy blunder that let to killings of thousands of innocent tamils at the hand of IPKF. And how can he explain to his people that Srilankan government supported the LTTE with arms and money against IPKF).
India's foreign policy in respect to Sri Lanka has indeed been subject to such reviews and changes in the past. They have failed only when policy makers have misread ground realities. Such a failure occurred when Rajiv Gandhi mislead by a coterie of advisers physically intervened in Sri Lanka. The consequence was horrendous for the Tamils (of whom around 8,000 were killed) and losses for the Indian army (which lost close to 1,000 soldiers). J.N Dixit, India's High Commissioner in Sri Lanka during that ill-fated intervention admits that this was a failure in his book "Assignment Colombo" published 10 years after the event. His assessment of 'flaws' in this policy, however, falls far short of identifying the real reasons for the disaster. Dixit attributes "over optimism on the part of the Indians re Jayawardene's 'change of mind' " and "lack of 'reasonableness' amongst the Sri Lankan Tamils' as the reasons for the failure. Elsewhere in the book, he acknowledges his underestimation of the LTTE's resolve, the error in believing that the LTTE could be 'isolated from the Sri Lankan Tamils' and the 'xenophobic' mindset of the Sri Lanka Government. The book, however, is conspicuous by its failure to address the central cause for India's foreign policy disaster.

The conduct of war in Eelam justifies everything LTTE stands for.No true leader can kill his own citizens.So Rajapakse is no true leader of srilankan tamils.
They are prostituting with china by leasing Hambantota to them.They are prostituting very sucessfuly with INDIA by keep on repeating the RAJIV GANDHI name most succeessfully.Their skill in bed must be worth emulating for any prostitute.because SONIA MANMOHAN bleedindia combine has been given such orgasms that they are helping sinhala Budhists against Hindu Tamils.
But like every succesful prostitute who gets gangraped and murdered (look no further than the present PAKISTANI government which prostitutued both with Osama and America for a longwhile and now in a diplomatic no-man's land) the feeling of TAILS in Tamil Nadu is being aroused like tsunami waves.Finally after Muthu kumar's self immolation the tamils had their awakening.They are now seeing through the Manmohan_SONIA combines pet family revenge and Karunanidhi family's money and power only motive.No tamilian with any self respect will ever vote for Congress again.The BJP is going to come back topower with the help of anti congress tamilians .And I'm afraid that the sinhala prostituion wont succeed with Hindu nationalistic nuclear bomb bursting BJP.Tamil BJP leaders are already hinting at that.
Then the Rajapakse clique will have its day of justice.They are not goinf to accomplish what USA,FRANCE,CHINA cant do in vietnam with all their politico-economic-military might.Or they cant do what IPKF cant do in SRILANKA.Insurgencies are never defeated with MRBL and JET fighters.Their wet dreams will be dried out in SUN.
Alredy DMK,ADMK and CHO RAMASAMY(Thuklaq) and N.RAM(HINDU) clique are urinating in their bed with the tsunami waves that are churning in TAMILNADU.How hard they are going to try it doesnt matter.The ground is shaking.It is started by student communities spontanioulsy.not by money minded political parties like DMK or ADMK.
I personaly lived under the illusion of this HATE LTTE FOR RAJIV MURDER midset for long years. Now I'm ashamed tha how easily I have been cheated all these years by these N.RAM CHO RAMASAMY clique.
If sinhalesereally want to know how to build a nation out of multi ethnic population, with grrrreeeeeeeeaaaaattttttttt difficulty they can look just under their very NOSE just 18 kms from their shores. How a new super power is flexing it's muscles blasting through the NUCLUAR CLUB making allmighty CHINA cry in silence(remember how they tried to sabotage INDO-US nuclear acord).
HOW a billion people belonging to hundreds of ethnic communities are living peacefully under the rule of law that guarentie ethnic cultures their identity, their rights and their tradition.
HOW a iITALY born SONIA and minority SIHK community MANMOHAN rule the nation?HOW a TAMIL MUSLIM ABDUL KALAM designed indian nuclear missiles? and become president? HOW various ethnic units of INDIAN ARMY raise their battle cries(VETRI VEL VEERAVEL for MADRAS regiment)

HOw SUPREME courts and ELECTION COMMISION functions?HOW 64% genuine voting can happen in KASHMIR surpsising even seperatist political leaders? Last but not the least HOW to write a constitution.

The tamil-sinhala divide is not very different from anti HIDI agitations in Tamil Nadu from which DMK and ADMK are born.They can learn HOW NHERU handled it justly holding the HIDI fantics in leash and acting justly to guarentee the TAMILS their rights.How INDIA is organised along ethno lingual lines as state governments and HOW their rights are enshrined in constitution

INDIA's voice is supreme in SOUTH ASIA not because of just its proximity with AMERICA. IT is supreme because how it functions as true democracy.
The same democracy with its free media can see through the sinhala prostitution sonn.Then RAJAPAKSE will know his fate.If INDIA starts supporting LTTE again bowing to tamil pressure where will RAJAPAKSEs go?USA wont raise a whimper because it needs INDIA now more tha ever.Like PAKISTAN SINHALESE will discover how (There is a saying there that CHINA will fight INDIA to the last PAKISTANI) CHINA will support them.If the standards set by RAJAPAKSE regime are any examples INDIA can justifiably walk into SRILANKA citing bosnian principles.

Ganesan said...

I don't know. May be the SLA is celebrating a bit early. The LTTE seems to be withdrawing in to an urban, built up area to make their last stand. Everyone knows such an area can't be taken without close quarter, hand to hand combat. We will soon see if the SLA has the stomach for this.

Moreover from what I read in various blogs, LTTE has withdrawn from the jungles to retreat in to this urban area. The jungles will now be occupied by the SLA, not a very familiar territory for them.

So, on the one hand the SLA has to go in for hand to hand urban combat. If on the other hand the LTTE choose to enter the jungles to take them on, they can't call for air cover from the Air force, losing a huge advantage.

Interesting days ahead.