Sunday, 11 January 2009

Await Sunday Defence Column at 1200GMT

Due to on going developments among senior members in Vanni and the current rate of activity inside the Colombo based Directorate of Military Intelligence we are compelled to delay the Sunday column for few more hours.
We are hoping to educate our readers with the latest information.

Therefore please bear with us.
EFT apologises for any inconvinience caused.


Single said...

Hi Mahen,
You are joining the History after JR.

It was JR who postponed the May-Day to Second of May.

And now you postponed the Sunday Column to Monday!

Single said...


We can now confirm from our sources in Wanni that our Supreme leader has stratgcally relocated to an undisclosed (but much nicer) location outside Indian Ocean with the family. Highly placed (who are now on trees with white flags) sources said Supreme family has used TAF-1 (simillar to Airforce-1used by American Presidents).

As you know according to the Religious beleief temple/kovil/place-of-worship will be automatically relocated to the place where the god-statue is moving. Going by tradition, so now Officially the Eelema is wehre the Sun Goat is (which will be annuonce in our next Sunday Defence column).

To the loyal Diaspora (who are Intelligent Tamiz) this is not a suprise as they have invested for this move for last 30 years.So dont be suprised if you See your deaerst Thambi in you nearest Petrol-Shed, ASDA/Wallmart or even in Cash and Carry wearing a nice winter Jumper with Eeelam Logo.

You prayed for the Eelam which is far away. But now Eeleam has came to your own neighbourhood. What else our dear Dispora can expect from the Supreme Leader?

And in this year 2009 we can Celecrate the Mahavir and Achivement of Eeelam with the Mahavir himself.

Also it is learned from the same reliable source (which informed us about the re-capturing of Nachchikuda), All other LTTE leaders surrendered to the genocide SLA. It is not a move of tretchory, but to show how brave they are. Their bravery is such that they have no fear even walking to the SLA with their own families. But it is sad and dissapoiting that some of our hard-core members are not that brave and betrayed the tamiz casue in this way :

So with all going well...Now it is confirmed that Eelam is around the corner!

Velavan Master said...

Ada Mahen I waited all this time for the frikkin update. You are pissing me off.

SLRocks said...
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Nisal said...

We are waiting for our weekly entertainment dose from the greate joker, Mahen.

Only 1.15 hours to go.

TamilskillTamils said...

ha ha ha
nice joke...again...

Nisal said...

Poor Mahen is getting bashed from both sides.

no any sign of defection or news coming from tamil side. only the mahen blog which has no credibility as per many says pottu surendered. mahen blog may be operated by SL MI to confuse tamil people

- Thalaivar (Pro LTTE member from SF@LNP)

Rascacapac said...

10 Mins more...............

Sanjon said...

for us it can read as monday column..ha..ha..thanks for the dose.....