Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Fresh conflicts among SLDF top brass

News has just emerged of a major conflict brewing between the top brass of the Sri Lankan defence establishment. The conflict has reached epic proportions so much so that the Chief of Defence Staff (CDF) Air Chief Marshall Donald Perera was not able to defuse the tension. The CDF was forced to request the GOSL President and the Defence Secretary to step in to mediate the conflict. Sources indicate that the rift set off when the commander of the SLA – Sarath Fonseka accused the SLN commander - Wasantha Karannagoda of being accountable for the deaths of SLA infantrymen from LTTE mortar and artillery fire. The army commander is said to hold the Navy commander responsible for the failure of the SLN in blocking arms shipments to the LTTE. It is a well known fact that the LTTE received a heavy load of ammunition over the past few weeks through the eastern Tamil Eelam sea belt. Reports indicate that the rift is still ongoing with neither the CDF nor the brother duo being able to mediate the conflict. The SLA commander is not in speaking terms with the SLN commander and has not mentioned the contribution of the SLN (or lack of) in recent propaganda speeches and during interviews given to the media.
Meanwhile the SLA is reported to be taking its time in occupying EPS as the area is heavily mined and booby trapped. Clearing operations are underway however these are being slowed down as the SLA fears LTTE snipers who are stationed in Pallai. There is also ample proof that most (bar three) of the LTTE cadres withdrew safely from EPS as the GOSL propaganda outlets are confirming only three LTTE deaths.
The GOSL has once again attacked the free media in Sri Lanka. Government backed thugs have set fire to the independent MTV/MBC complex in Depanama. RSF and media activists in Sri Lanka have condemned the attack and demanded that the GOSL conduct an independent probe.


Raptor said...

More daily punnakku for the diaspora.

You are really scraping the barrel now.

I suggest a tactical withdrawal would be the best thing for you and this blog to save you further humiliation.

Attack is the Best Defence said...


Thoughtful Guy said...

good one mahen..... see with all these arguments, serious conflicts with in the SLDF top brass etc etc, still they are whacking the tigers in to oblivion..... wonder what will happen to them once mahinda+gota+JCS manages to settle the "issue" and the army and the navy starts to get along with each other... then it will be double whacking...

isurujosh said...

I don't know a dog's shit about any rift and besides I don't think it's gonna affect the war situation anyway. Anyway I think criticism has got to be aimed at Navy. It doesn't look like Navy is engaging LTTE enough.

Abaran said...

Can you confirm Putukuduirippu


I enjoy reading your blog since i am a sinhala modaya according to your ref,

my brother works for SF (punnaku eating chena boys army special forces) and i asked him about Puthukuduirrpu but he says no one is in that area and what u wrote was false,

last_mile said...

Great stuff! Keep em coming!

This is me after reading this great article by Mahen.

Mahen said...


What does your brother do for the SF? Peel onions and boil potatoes in the mess? Ask your cook brother whether Iranamadu has been captured by the SLA. Also ask him to explain to you the difference between Special Forces and Commandos.

If this blog is full of Punnakku, why do you come here?

Abaran said...

Tigers Vacate EPS

Whole article was false according to my brother

Mahen can you tell me why are u writing this kind of articles with loads of false information.

Both you articles about EPS and beating back SLA in Puthukuduirripu was ABSOLUTELY FLASE.

Mahen said...


I guess with your brother being just a SF cook, he doesn't know much better than what he hears from the other SF cooks eh?

Has the cook told you the difference between SF and Commandos yet?

Abaran said...

Mahen my brother peels onions and he is a kitchen helper for SF and he is not assigned to Commandos he wears a black bandeta not a helmet

i didnt not say this blog is punnakku
" you refer all the sinhalese as punnaku eating shihala modayas"

I am not talking about Irranamadu

i am asking you the validity of your information what you said about Puthukuduirripu killing so many including Major and 2 captains and capturing material

Abaran said...

atleast he knows how to cook and feed the starving tigers when they dessert or when get captured from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Exticnt (LTTE)

But what you are doing is when i asked you about the validity of the information you have publish u hammer the source (i was decent enough mention it came from my brother)

it is so obvious that you are writing false articles and show others that u have inside information of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Extinct

Mahen said...


So you are admitting that your brother is a SF cook, good for him.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and not take you apart. You seem to have a bit more intelligence than the other chena boys. I cannot reveal my sources, but the information is correct. Also ask your brother why so few bodies (3) captured in the EPS battle?

Raptor said...


This dribble is made up by Mahen to prop up the diaspora. He probably sits at home everynight and thinks of what stories to make up so that he can feed that punnakku to his diaspora buddies.

While the diaspora come here for their daily punnakku needs, I come here for my daily dose of laughter!

Dont take him seriously.

Thoughtful Guy said...

@ abaran..machan..... dnt discredit Mahen, or question his information... out of the long list of mahen, peter,bahirav,navindran,gontaabaya,asassinrajiv etc etc.. mahen is the only one who now atleast have the balls to sneak in to these blogs.... if we scare him too, where will we get the information about the latest LTTE strategic/tactical/monumental/inspirational etc etc withdrawal ??? So please go easy on mahen and his sources...

@ mahen - apart from withdrawing and withdrawing...and withdrawing.. what else does the LTTE have in terms of reversing the present trend of constant withdrawals..?? please educate us...

TamilskillTamils said...

Mahen Nice one again...These days no much work in UK or are you Jobless now !...
I hope u are thinking about next story now...Please do not give this blog...We need some luch hour Entertainment...
I don’t blame you u don’t have enough good news to write...DI-Ass-Pora fully upset!...

Mahen I am asking you again what happen to the BIG FISH story?

Hon.VP said...

Fரெஷ் கொன்ஃப்லிக்ட்ஸ் அமொன்க் Sள்DF டொப் ப்ரஸ்ஸ்

நெவ்ஸ் ஹஸ் ஜுஸ்ட் எமெர்கெட் ஒஃப் அ மஜொர் கொன்ஃப்லிக்ட் ப்ரெவின்க் பெட்வீன் தெ டொப் ப்ரஸ்ஸ் ஒஃப் தெ Sரி ளன்கன் டெஃபென்கெ எஸ்டப்லிஷ்மென்ட். Tஹெ கொன்ஃப்லிக்ட் ஹஸ் ரெஅசெட் எபிக் ப்ரொபொர்டிஒன்ஸ் ஸொ முச் ஸொ தட் தெ Cஹிஎஃப் ஒஃப் Dஎஃபென்கெ Sடஃப்ஃப் (CDF) ஆஇர் Cஹிஎஃப் Mஅர்ஷல்ல் Dஒனல்ட் Pஎரெர வஸ் னொட் அப்லெ டொ டெஃபுஸெ தெ டென்ஸிஒன். Tஹெ CDF வஸ் ஃபொர்கெட் டொ ரெqஉஎஸ்ட் தெ GஓSள் Pரெஸிடென்ட் அன்ட் தெ Dஎஃபென்கெ Sஎக்ரெடர்ய் டொ ஸ்டெப் இன் டொ மெடிஅடெ தெ கொன்ஃப்லிக்ட். Sஒஉர்கெஸ் இன்டிகடெ தட் தெ ரிஃப்ட் ஸெட் ஒஃப்ஃப் வ்ஹென் தெ கொம்மன்டெர் ஒஃப் தெ Sளா – Sஅரத் Fஒன்ஸெக அக்குஸெட் தெ Sள்ந் கொம்மன்டெர் - Wஅஸன்த Kஅரன்னகொட ஒஃப் பெஇன்க் அக்கொஉன்டப்லெ ஃபொர் தெ டெஅத்ஸ் ஒஃப் Sளா இன்ஃபன்ட்ர்ய்மென் ஃப்ரொம் ள்TTஏ மொர்டர் அன்ட் அர்டில்லெர்ய் ஃபிரெ. Tஹெ அர்ம்ய் கொம்மன்டெர் இஸ் ஸைட் டொ ஹொல்ட் தெ நவ்ய் கொம்மன்டெர் ரெஸ்பொன்ஸிப்லெ ஃபொர் தெ ஃபைலுரெ ஒஃப் தெ Sள்ந் இன் ப்லொக்கின்க் அர்ம்ஸ் ஷிப்மென்ட்ஸ் டொ தெ ள்TTஏ. ஈட் இஸ் அ வெல்ல் க்னொவ்ன் ஃபக்ட் தட் தெ ள்TTஏ ரெகெஇவெட் அ ஹெஅவ்ய் லோட் ஒஃப் அம்முனிடிஒன் ஒவெர் தெ பஸ்ட் ஃபெவ் வீக்ஸ் த்ரொஉக்ஹ் தெ எஅஸ்டெர்ன் Tஅமில் ஏஎலம் ஸெஅ பெல்ட். றெபொர்ட்ஸ் இன்டிகடெ தட் தெ ரிஃப்ட் இஸ் ஸ்டில்ல் ஒன்கொஇன்க் வித் னெஇதெர் தெ CDF னொர் தெ ப்ரொதெர் டுஒ பெஇன்க் அப்லெ டொ மெடிஅடெ தெ கொன்ஃப்லிக்ட். Tஹெ Sளா கொம்மன்டெர் இஸ் னொட் இன் ஸ்பெஅகின்க் டெர்ம்ஸ் வித் தெ Sள்ந் கொம்மன்டெர் அன்ட் ஹஸ் னொட் மென்டிஒனெட் தெ கொன்ட்ரிபுடிஒன் ஒஃப் தெ Sள்ந் (ஒர் லக்க் ஒஃப்) இன் ரெகென்ட் ப்ரொபகன்ட ஸ்பீசெஸ் அன்ட் டுரின்க் இன்டெர்விஎவ்ஸ் கிவென் டொ தெ மெடிஅ.
Mஎஅன்வ்ஹிலெ தெ Sளா இஸ் ரெபொர்டெட் டொ பெ டகின்க் இட்ஸ் டிமெ இன் ஒக்குப்யின்க் ஏPS அஸ் தெ அரெஅ இஸ் ஹெஅவில்ய் மினெட் அன்ட் பூப்ய் ட்ரப்பெட். Cலெஅரின்க் ஒபெரடிஒன்ஸ் அரெ உன்டெர்வய் ஹொவெவெர் தெஸெ அரெ பெஇன்க் ஸ்லொவெட் டொவ்ன் அஸ் தெ Sளா ஃபெஅர்ஸ் ள்TTஏ ஸ்னிபெர்ஸ் வ்ஹொ அரெ ஸ்டடிஒனெட் இன் Pஅல்லை. Tஹெரெ இஸ் அல்ஸொ அம்ப்லெ ப்ரூஃப் தட் மொஸ்ட் (பர் த்ரீ) ஒஃப் தெ ள்TTஏ கட்ரெஸ் வித்ட்ரெவ் ஸஃபெல்ய் ஃப்ரொம் ஏPS அஸ் தெ GஓSள் ப்ரொபகன்ட ஒஉட்லெட்ஸ் அரெ கொன்ஃபிர்மின்க் ஒன்ல்ய் த்ரீ ள்TTஏ டெஅத்ஸ்.
Tஹெ GஓSள் ஹஸ் ஒன்கெ அகைன் அட்டக்கெட் தெ ஃப்ரீ மெடிஅ இன் Sரி ளன்க. Gஒவெர்ன்மென்ட் பக்கெட் துக்ஸ் ஹவெ ஸெட் ஃபிரெ டொ தெ இன்டெபென்டென்ட் MTV/MBC கொம்ப்லெx இன் Dஎபனம. ற்SF அன்ட் மெடிஅ அக்டிவிஸ்ட்ஸ் இன் Sரி ளன்க ஹவெ கொன்டெம்னெட் தெ அட்டக்க் அன்ட் டெமன்டெட் தட் தெ GஓSள் கொன்டுக்ட் அன் இன்டெபென்டென்ட் ப்ரொபெ.

modda Mahen va va

Sanjon said...

Dear Mahen,

If you get correct information about operations carried out by LTTP, then you should know about SF well, In Vavuniya attack, the first bullet fired to your well known black tiger thangachchies... by disabled brave SF solder who worked in camp mess.

dont try to bully with SF & commandoes....

what a fun in this website....

Abaran said...

i have never been afraid to tell who i am and what i do and neither my family, My brother is a very good cook and knows how to cook really well and when he cooks he does it really good coz who ever eats never gets a chance to utter a word.

Thanx for the comments about me and as a person i respect any individual regardless their political belief.

But i just want to tell you when i saw ur article i was worried and and had to contact and see if my brother gone out looking for food to cook and got lost on his way back. But he has been out looking for food to cook but he was back with a bag of onions to make onion soup.

i will tell you this when he goes out looking for food he never brings anything back coz i doesnt believe carrying anything thats not belongs to him, as for bodies they are not belongs to him its the responsibility of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Extinct. Some like to take bodies back my my brother and her other cook they dont believe in that they prefer to come back and with what they carried with them.

On the other hand been cook why do you want me to ask him about the bodies, he know about onions and he know only to cook, he doesnt know any about EPS or bodies

Hon.VP said...

Modda Mahen

yu comme to my rathole immediatly i ned yu, modaya

JAFFNA: DETERMINED troops of the 53 and 55 Divisions, a few hours after their Tuesday (6) gains, broke off from the already captured MUHAMALE LTTE Forward Defence Line (FDL), and enthusiastically moved about 2 km further southward closer to the strategic PALLAI town center, about 5.5 km to the south of MUHAMALE when the clock struck 3.30 p.m. (local time) on Wednesday (7).

Columns of battle-hardened troops, attached to the 53 Division, commanded by Brigadier Kamal Gunarathne and troops of the 55 Division, commanded by Brigadier Prasanna Silva on Tuesday (6) snatched the LTTE FDL (See Tuesday’s (6) Situation Report) and commenced their southward advance again at the crack of the first light on Wednesday (7).

Those southbound troops rolled down along both sides of the A-9 Highway as Wednesday (7) afternoon fell after they broke off from the LTTE MUHAMALE defences. Troops came under a rain of heavy enemy gunfire, but the troops responded and resisted fearlessly while forging ahead.

Several key LTTE Area Command centers, including the KILALY’s ECHO-9 Base, GOLF-7 MUHAMALE Area Command Base, ECHO-3 Base and DELTA-2 Base were entirely smashed and brought under the troops as Wednesday (7) evening fell. Artillery fire, directed by advancing valiant troops set ablaze a huge LTTE ammunition dump, ahead of the troops, emitting huge bellows of smoke into the skies. A large cache of weapons and LTTE armaments, kept hidden and sealed inside concrete-made underground hideouts were also found by the troops as they moved forward. All evidence so far collected by dominating troops confirmed that PALLAI area had served as a major terrorist hub, just before the troops broke in on the area, a few hours ago.

PALLAI area, once a thriving coconut grove between MUHAMALE and the ELEPHANT PASS, had the Railway Station earlier between the ELEPHANT PASS and KODIKAMAM. During the Cease-fire Agreement (CFA) period, Tigers conveniently established their offices and training camps, but the enemy brought their artillery guns and heavy mortars to the area soon after the Cease-fire Agreement turned null and void with the escalation of LTTE attacks on unarmed soldiers and civilians.

Tiger terrorists with a view to staging a potential threat to the entire JAFFNA peninsula began positioning those heavy guns, both in PALLAI and POONERYN areas afterwards. Terrorists used those guns repeatedly in the past even when JAFFNA targets were taken by them.

i aam waitg po yu, moddaya

Mahen said...


Thank you, please ask your brother to keep brining in sacks of onions to our areas, we like onions, we can make good sambar from it.

Abaran said...


one more thing forgot to tell you my brother went on onion shopping long before they captured Killinochchi but he wore a sarong, soon we are going to have a website with some of the pictures so you can see what good cook he is

he has taken few pic in front of the mullathive army camp (where the road runs between the camp and the lagoon) and near the hospital too, this is when he was looking for onions to make soup

Mahen said...


We prefer sambar to onion soup. Where is your brother? The onion delivery is delayed, we need some onions, quick!

Abaran said...


One thing i can tell you that you are keep on avoiding the my Initial question that is

"False information on articles EPS and Puthukuduirrippu"

But i love to see the translation of the Prabakarans dialog during the capture of kili

Mahen said...


Seriouly, ask your brother why his onion delivery boys are so late in taking over EPS and why only 3 LTTE bodies found?

Abaran said...

my brother is some where in Sri Lanka and he is working with his cook friends chase few of rogue animals pestering all the innocent people.

O yes nothing like enjoying good sambar with dosai (paper) and a good sweet lasi

Abaran said...

as i told he and his fellow cooks doent delive carrying excess luggage, when you go pulling onions why u carry too many things and when they have enough to carry

I am not gonna talk about EPS
but i just want to know why are u publishing false articles,
You are keep on avoiding my initial question

Abaran said...

forgot to tell u before i broke my leg i had dosai in Mankulam 3 years ago

S P Thamilselvam said...

Hi Nambadal,

Mahen, is it true that LTTE seized several units of multibarrel rocket launchers from SLA at Mulaitivu recently?

S P Thamilselvam said...

Hi Nambadal,

Mahen, is it true that LTTE seized several units of multibarrel rocket launchers from SLA at Mulaitivu recently?

Bhairav said...

When SLA started its push in Mannar!

# of reasons why LTTE never started any counter attacks.

1. They were citing CFA as the obstacle for any counter attacks for some months.
2. Once CFA torn apart, we have to wait for Indian political situation.
3. Well, when the current Indian govern survived, they went for Obama factor.
4. Fierce counter attacks are coming after Nov 27, yes it is still coming.
5. Waiting for the monsoon season.
6. According to our idiot "thiru", LTTE's counter attacks won't start any time soon until VP loses his weight by at least 15 lbs.
7. If anyone can think on the foot, please let us know that what will be the next reason.

Bhairav said...

Enron of India?

Telengu folks are money orientated and very sneaky ones- This CEO is no exception.

Hon.VP said...


wat tis singlaya telling LTTE band, but ve do not hav any band yu now that, moda singlaya. Mahen can yu organice POP BAND for LTTE I wil give yu BAND LEEDER, wat do yu say

Mahen said...

DW aunty has just published a story that cadres in the Jaffna fronts withdrew by sea, when I published the same news a few days ago everyone was commenting that I was writing fairly tales, so now who is writing fairy tales?

Also DW is implying that SLA is not happy with SLN performance, I have published news here on exactly this point.

You heard both the news here first folks!

Mist said...

No more new war stories for LTTE, tamilnut like a "Human Rights" reporting web site. Its limited only to their past.
Mahen, may be you are the only man who can make funny stories for LTTE, they will honour you with cyanide..

When reading this blog anyone can understand your mental situation, you are making stories only for your satisfaction. It make clear the way you reply to your blog readers.
You cannot write always…..
Tactical withdrawal Paranthan
The tactical withdrawal Iranamadu
The tactical withdrawal Kilinochhi
The tactical withdrawal Kilali .. Muhamale ….. Nagarkovil…… EP..

and you are filling gaps with comedy stories, like a film producer.
Anyway , I am sure last you have to write

“LTTE Tactically Withdrawn to Mulathive Sea.. "

Raptor said...

Mahen Ponnaya,

The news you post is just rubbish. Your stating the damn obvious.

Tommorrow you will post a new article saying the sun will definetly rise from the east, yeah like we dont know that already.

Tell us something we dont know, and dont you defwire,defnet,dailymirror,tamilnetor any other publicly available sources. We can go to them directly we dont need you to copy and paste.

Now think hard tonight and invent some punnakku for your diaspore buddies for tommorrow morning. How about a story on how LTTE has shot down the entire SLAF Kfir/MiG fleet? I bet that would make for some good reading.

You heard it first here folks!

Blucher said...

Guys the conflict between Army Commander and Navy Commander is so bad that President Rajapakse has taken following steps:

1) Invited Erik Solheim to negotiate a CFA between the parties

2) Invited SLMM to fail to observe any violations

3) Requested Norwegian Peoples Aid to urgently donate earth moving equipment to allow Navy Commander to make an earth bund to stop an army invasion

4) Invited Nachikuda Mahen to provide the entertainment as his next official dinner.

Peter said...

Mahen my informant who's a high ranking defence official working closely with Gotabaya, informed me that the rift between the Navy commander and the Army commander has escalated so much that President and the Defence Secretary are now at loggerheads. It is reliably known that president has taken army commander's side and the Defence Secretary is backing Navy commander.

There are serious concerns that the rift will furhter escalate into a full blown war between the army and navy.

slpower said...

Any one want to read another Bed time story as a new thread from Mahen????

Then what all you have to do is ask him a question...

He is so afraid of questions like LTTP is running away when SLDF comes...

BTW I'll save all of his stories to read them to my kid at night.

peter ponnaya said...

At last great relief .....

Pallai liberated

Sri Lanka Army soldiers have liberated the Pallai town this morning (Jan 8). According to the defence sources in the battlefront, troops of Army 53 Division operating in the Jaffna theatre, have liberated the town after beating off the terrorists .

Army infantrymen of 1Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (1 VIR), 5 VIR, 5 Gamunu Watch (5GW), and 1 Gajaba Regiment are the first to enter into the town where the terrorist earlier had their heavy artillery gun positions.

Pierre said...

Why are you so concerned about onions. May be you want to show it up the thangachchies cos they don't get much since there providers have been abducted by the sun god to bite cyanide.

Mahen Ponnaya said...

See what I have told you earlier now Modays have done Moda work, s**t

2009-01-08 90:23:10
MULLAITTIVU: FIGHTER JETS of Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) struck a group of Tiger terrorists running a way from PALLAI and ELEPHANT PASS battlefields in the general area CHUNDIKULAM lagoon, Wednesday (7) at about 11.30 p.m.

The same CHUNDIKULAM lagoon area, Fighter jets again strafed a Sea Tiger base and boat movements observed by the Air Force around 7.30 a.m. today (8).

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Diaspora, please do not drop your support to Mahen. If you treat him like the way you plan to treat pussycats he will stop the blog. And we need this blog for some fun. SO please help Mahen to keepmup the good work.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


News first should be raided and questioned. If they keep on behaving this manner it should be banned, barring Sirasa/MBC/MTV from news.

Sirasa's low quality should be addressed by minimum guidelines for media quality and that is out of this context.

No way you can KILL sirasa, as it is a boig organization. Cancelling licence is the option if they go out of control.

Lasantha should go to jail for treason.

Nobody should WASTE weapons for nitwits.

But I seriously doubt this is work of SLDF. There are ppl in govt with the same quality to do them.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

sorry guys, wrong blog

Rajan said...

sla's stalingrad debacles will be in mullaitheevu battles

Rajan said...

[Karuna feels humiliated by Gen. Sarath Fonseka's remarks
Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP)leader and national list MP , Vinayagamurthy Muraleetharan alias “Colonel Karuna” is reportedly feeling humiliated by some remarks made by Army commander Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka to the media.

According to TMVP sources “Col” Karuna feels that General Sarath had deliberately humiliated him.

According to TMVP sources Karuna had been of immense assistance to the army in its fight against the LTTE by providing extensive information at many levels

TMVP cadres had also fought in eastern battles.

At present TMVP cadres along with EPDP cadres are functioning with military intelligence to abduct and kill suspected LTTE supporters.

But TMVP sources said that Karuna is unable to claim these actions openly as some of them amount to crimes against humanity.

Official acceptance of “collaboration” will also affect the TMVP in elections as Tamil voters could reject them.

“It was unfair for the Army chief to belittle us when he knows it is not correct and that we cant openly say so” said TMVP circles.

“Col” Karuna will however meet defence secretary Gota Rajapakse soon and protest about the Army commander.
Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka had gone on record saying it was ‘shameful’ for anyone to try connect Karuna Amman leaving the LTTE with the recent success of the Army on the battlefield against the LTTE.

The Defence Ministry website quoted the Army Chief as telling State electronic media that Karuna Amman and LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran fell out because of ideological differences and that by the time the Sri Lanka Army started retaking the Eastern Province he was left with about 200 cadres.]

ha ha ha

karuna learnes lessons from sinhalese

Navindran said...


With this conflict in the SLDF, when can we retake Nachikudah? I hope its soon, we're already months behind schedule.


How many miles to Killinochchi?

Sanjon said...

mahhen punde....

committal story illeya?????

solli veliele thambi....mara guti kemak neda umbalage thambiyala kanne mepara....ammage kiri beepuwa mathak kara kara duwanawa kiyanne eththada ha?????

Pottu said...

Navindran Anna,

Mahen is leading an elite team of Ratha Regiment "DPU" that is trying to retake Nachchikuda, that is why he is absent from the blogs (bogs?).

Peter Anna is counting "miles" to Mullaitivu, that is why he is AWOL.

PS, I meant pukay miles.

Pottu said...

Also I hear from Abaran that he is out delivering onion bags to SF boys.

Ranil said...

ha ha ha
mahen the d0nkey drops yet another gem of a post :) :)
don't forget moron...SLN spearheaded this latest war with might pigers when they took out all those arms vessels in deep seas...
thanks to SLN and also SLAF, sea pigers are mostly defunct...
long gone are the days they ruled the seas...
thanks to RABS and SBS, SLN is a much better fighting force that sea pigers don't have answers to

it's obvious that in face of heavy defeats, tiger supporting goons need to feel a bit "better" and start up these sorta lame hoaxes :)
shows how badly hit they really are :)

Mahen said...

Breaking News 1 - Tigers Vacate Pallai

The Pallai town and its immediate environs were systematically vacated by the LTTE over the past two days. The departure of the LTTE from Pallai was always part of the strategic plan devised by the LTTE military panel.

Mahen said...

Breaking News 2 - Tigers move out of Murasumoddai

Blog ownder has reliable information that LTTE have successfully vacated Murasumoddai today. An elite rescue commando unit was standby incase the regular forces were not able to get the hell out before the SLA advanced into the area.

Mahen said...

Breaking News 3 - Tigers withdraw from Soranpattu

In keeping with the military plans LTTE withdrew from Soranpattu by today evening. SLA moved into a virtual ghost town.

Thoughtful Guy said...

mahen come on..time to get up and type in your latest ealam dream for us to read....

Rajan said...

Tribute to our on going fighters.

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Breaking News 4 - SLAF Fighter jets destroy two LTTE crafts - Chundikulam - 8 JAN

Press to view Video

velluprabhakaran said...

according to mahen all LTTE cadres got killed by SLA & become ghosts.

so sla walks into ghost towns.
ha ha ha!

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Troops Liberate Murasumoddai; more escape routes opened for civilians under terror clutches

Modayas DON'T Click this

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Soranpattu Now Comes Under Army

Modayas DON'T Click this

Mahen Ponnaya said...

Eeelam MAP

Modayas DON'T Click this

Bhairav said...

reality check

Bhairav said...

Kili news says that 5 young Tamil girls were taken from the group of civlians in Paranthan, then sexually assaulted by SLA dogs for days before taking them to Vavuniya.

Son of gun, VP, says time for more tactical withdrawal after giving us false confident and enough propaganda.

sri said...

die ass bra

is waiting for LTTE counter attack

SLA started the game

LTTE never had a go at it

Lets be patient

Like I already said LTTE made thier point only injured SLA and SLA who made supreme sacrifice 100% willingly for their country knows it

sri said...

Bhairav is a silly kid

expecting return on 30$/mth investment

sri said...

good work SLA

wait for your turn

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