Thursday, 6 August 2009


Rest in Pieces

Fat lady completes singing, says farewell to audience and leaves stage to a round of raptoruos applause.



Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Effigy of Fat lady leaves the puppet show, but under the skirt live her f**kers.

What do you say master?

[I know, you'd say I'm one of them, but hope you got my point]

Ian said...

I am waiting to what the reaction of the western politicians would be to this arrest. It was reported KP was one of the main contact person to the westerners such as Hillary, Millband etc.

Will they demand a 'fair trial', amnesty, or what? This is on the assumption that KP will be brought to SL without making few people in Bangkok very rich and escaping. May be the western diplomats will pressurise Bangkok to not to extradict him to SL, or RAW will do that. So to get KP to Sri Lanka GOSL will have to fight LTTE money, Bangkok corruption, Wetern diplomats and RAW? These are my assumptions.

නිසල් - நிசல் - Nisal said...

Ah, mahen lokka form wela wage...

Eichmann ta Mossad eken dunna gema wage ekakda deela thiyenne?

Ian said...

Mahen pl tell us what you know on the 'operation KP'

දේශපාලුවා said...

LTTEir in Sheeps cloth

Mahen said...


Honestly macho, don't have any first hand info on KP, contacts have gone silent, things have been tricky after the removal of SF as Army Commander, there is more than that meets the eye.

Mahen said...

Thanks all for nominating Karuna over Mahen as prime contender for Northern Province Chief Minister, we are trying to keep it in the family ;-)

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen any insight about the possibility of suicide attacks, especially with the election year to come?

Mahen said...

Chena boys and veddha girls,
See breaking news in Daily Mirror, this is what we mean. Threat is now in Colombo.
Won't be surprised if NZ tour is cut short.

Deshal said...

I thought of writing the following after observing few of the post war developments. Has to publish in few segments as it is too long. In my view the past is gone but there are so many lesions we will have to learn and survive in the present. The future is likely to be good but it all depends on how we take the present situation.

Deshal said...

Rise … the new world order!

In 1991, Soviet Union was utterly defeated in the Cold War. Even though the rulers of Soviet Union managed to transform an impoverished region of the world to one of the most industrial while defeating Hitler in WWII within a relatively shorter time, (40 years!) due to lack of initiatives, the nation degraded and eventually disintegrated. Once the Soviet Union was defeated, United States of America with the support of its other satellite pooches in Europe, created the “New World Order”.

The concept of New World Order was initially originated in the Hitler’s mind. Once the Nazis capture the global power, the centre of the power is going to be the “Germania”, the capital of greater Germany. It was the capital of the world which endorsed the system “New World Order”. The purpose of the system is to enslave the whole world to serve the people with Germanic origin.

In United States of America, the whole system which is based on pure capitalism and market mechanism, is primarily controlled by the Jews. Name a few millionaires and billionaires in United States and naturally majority if not all could be of Jewish origin. The wise Malaysian leader Dr. Mahathir Mohamad once very rightly stated that the whole world is controlled by a bunch of “Zionists”. Zionism is the Jewish equivalent version of Nazism. Actually, Zionism has its nationalistic roots far earlier that Nazism. Naturally, Hitler borrowed the idea from Jews and wanted to eliminate them as he thought the main threat to Germania would come from Jews (because it is their idea!) than others such as other capitalists and communists. Today, we have the empire of the Anglo Saxons spreading the ideology of the new world order, based on Zionist and Nazi thinking, ruled by few rich companies. These companies create rules in US and influence the global bodies to implement similar rules throughout the world. They will rake billions of dollars once such laws are in place (Eg. Laws on intellectual property etc).

Thus, we see the so called new world order in action today. We see the key economic entities of the capitalist world, the companies are deeply penetrating into the regions which they were out of access before. The riches are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But naturally, there would be resistance. There is resistance. Now, to crush such resistance, the administrators of the new world order needs to be weaken the nations which are likely to rebel against the new world order which is being propagated. For this, they use various tactics. Some are new and innovative while the others are the same old tactics they used during the occupation of lands (British) and the Cold war period. One key factor is to create resistance, divide and rule.


Deshal said...

Divide and rule

Once a nation is divided, the nation becomes weak. The history provides us with many such instances. Sri Lanka was a unitary country for majority of its two and half millennia old recorded history. There was a single ruling institution which overlooked the affairs of the total land mass. Most of the earlier attempts to divide the land were thwarted thanks to our courageous fighters and strategic rulers. During the latter part of our history, we had to face trouble on the political and economic angles when the country did not have a strong ruler who would guide people with a strategic vision. The country was divided into many kingdoms (not based on Ethnicity though) and the economy as a whole was weak. This naturally resulted in various forces invading the country and stealing our resources. Eventually the Anglo Saxons anchored here for good in 1915, after defeating the only kingdom which held against the invaders and never left since (Do you dispute and say they left in 1948? Well, think again!).

Naturally, Sri Lankans are from various nationalities with ancient wisdom. They cannot be fooled for ever, irrespective of their nationality (Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or other). They would understand what’s going on in the land and take steps to take over the resources which are being exploited by the Anglo Saxon forces and the Anglo Saxons wants to prevent this at any cost. After 1948, they lost certain parts of the game anyway. They regained a lot after 1977 and wanted to complete this regaining process over the economic resources of the country as soon as possible. But the situation is not static and it would get complicated. People of the land are vigilant and would understand clearly as to what is happening. So the Anglo Saxons would need to weaken the watchful nations with a conflict and they can enjoy the resources of the land.


Deshal said...

What resources?

Oh! Come on, what are the resources we have in this land? This is such a small country that any Anglo Saxon force, if there is any such would hardly ignore it. It is just not worth wasting their resources on! This is one of the key arguments that our own ignorant lot put across when we say that they invade the land for our resources. This is a small country true, but this is so rich of resources, the word serendipity stemmed out from the Arabic name given to this land. There is no other place in the world like this. I am not saying this because it is my country, because it is true and scientific. Let’s see why shall we?

Sri Lanka divides the Indian Ocean into two parts. Placed very close to key commercial routes of the world between China and Europe, Sri Lanka can make riches from others who pass the sea routes by providing them with a place to land and necessary services. The placement is so strategic; any missile fired from SL can reach a major part of the Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island which has ample water resources. Water is a resources which is quickly depleting due to the global warming and other ignorant actions by the industrial countries. Water is an essential to life. People will pay heavily for water as this is an essential for life. Don’t you believe me? But it is true. Why did so many world organizations and NGOs talk about water management in a country which has experience over two millennia on effective water management? Because, they want to make water a commodity and sell, and they are already doing a good job with introducing the concept of bottled water. Sri Lanka, with such a heavy rainfall, is one of the ideal locations to collect and process water. So they are after our water.

The human resource of the land is another key element. We hear some old “walavve hamu”s complaining about there are no “gas nagina kollas” to get coconuts plucked etc. That’s because the free education has given a number of local and global opportunities to the sons of those “gas angina kolas”. The labour here is well disciplined and trained relative to most of the other labour markets. Our people are learning oriented and obedient while being loyal to their organization. They are committed in getting a task completed. This attributes cultivated in them through millennia of civilization coupled with training from the free education has opened a number of new avenues. The Anglo Saxons would like to have free access to human resources of this quality.

Apart from these we have number of other natural, biological and philosophical resources which the world can benefit from. The Anglo Saxons are not interested in extending the benefits of our resources to the world. They want to make them commodities so they can sell then on the global markets for money. Thus, it can be understood that we are resource rich and they would like to get their hands on them again the way they have done during the colonial times. In fact during the colonial times the sophisticated technologies for man exploiting resources, man exploiting nature, man exploiting labour and man exploiting knowledge were not at the stage they are today and the Anglo Saxons missed out a lot. That’s why its important that they regain the grip they lost and take the exploitation to the next level for their own survival. Well, this is the new world order.


Deshal said...


LTTE is from the inception is created by the Anglo Saxons as a part of their global koolie army who does their dirty deeds in nations that they would target to be exploited. LTTE is not the only organization of this level. But LTTE rose to the fame as the China was rising and Sri Lanka’s position was becoming increasingly important (militarily and commercially) due to this. Few other organizations created for this purpose still exist. Al Qida is one such organization. They created this to attack the Soviet Block. Once the Soviet Block was fallen, they thought the organization would implode as its purpose is served. How wrong were they there!

LTTE followed a cause which certain post Dominion Tamil movements conceptualized, a separate state for Sri Lankan Tamils in one third of the land mass of the country. Never ever in history has such a country existed. It is a dreamland promised to the global Tamil community by Sri Lankan Tamil politicians who were driven by the Anglo Saxon forces. LTTE raised the dream high and fought for it. India was mislead by the idea that if they would support this idea of Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka, the Tamilnadu people will support such politicians in New Delhi. Thus, knowing LTTE is a monster created by the Anglo Saxons, they poked their finger in and tried to gain the control over the monster to their advantage. The monster took the advantage of India’s support but eventually proved only loyal to the Anglo Saxon white master when they “killed the hand that fed”.

From the other end, the masters of the LTTE were at work too. They made sure that only governments with a separatist agenda would rise to the power in Sri Lanka. LTTE supported President Premadasa to wipe out Sinhalese in 1989 who were against the India-Sri Lanka accord. Once the president started fighting against the separatists, they naturally turned around and killed him. The masters devised various dubious ways so the Sri Lankas would go against their own kin to gain power and money. Eventually, they with the NGOs as their key instrument, used the atrocities done in 1989 to bring down the UNP government which they were very much in accordance with during that time to get a president who is a major pooch of NGOs on the thrown. The division of the land is so close and as they say rest is history.


Deshal said...

Is it happy ever after?

But that never happened. The patriotic forces fought back. LTTE was defeated to the disbelief of the global masters and LTTE fund providers. Does this mean that we are done for and will live happily ever after?

The Anglo Saxon koolie forces were defeated and even for them, it will take time to build a strong and a formidable force like the LTTE. On the other hand, these videos which would surface etc are just final cries who still have to work for the money they would have received from the LTTE and their masters. As there is no land and no fighting force, the LTTE tends to eventually diminish into the darkness of the history and be forgotten. This is true for sure, but this is not the end. The cause still remains alive and the Anglo Saxon forces will come after us until the cause remains. It is not easy to get rid of our cause either too. May I remind you that this is all because of our country’s riches and until we are resource rich, they will try various ways to take control or “Regain Sri Lanka”.

Does this mean a never ending war in the land? No. But we have to be ready. In 1970s and 1980s we didn’t know. We didn’t see and we did not listen to people who saw. We learnt the lesson the hard way and now we know. Now we see and we need to be ready. The dubious Anglo Saxon Empire would try its best to tarnish the image of the country and create political disorder. They will spread various rumors and buy progressive politicians and political parties. Certain progressive parties and politicians will sell their souls and enjoy the benefits they would get from the Anglo Saxons. So it is important that as a nation we watch out for these kinds of things. Such things can ruin our nation again easily.

We need to have a strong military. We need to continuously improve our defense capabilities and build our won weapons. After all it is the military forces which achieved this great victory over the Anglo Saxon forces. It makes sense to put the military first in a nation like ours under constant threat from the Anglo Saxon Empire.


Deshal said...

Next world order is rising!

However, nothing is forever and it is a fact that we would observe in this case as well. The new world order has become stale and rotting. The masters have lost their efficiency, new technologies and the ability to manufacture. They became so lazy to do things themselves and handed the processes over to the other nations to work for them. But few of the wise ones took what the masters do to their advantage and do things better. Naturally, the world of the Anglo Saxons is in dire disorder and is on the verge of imploding.

In the horizon we see a multi polar world bound by friendlier ties towards each other. Rising powers such as China and Russia remain apart from the political affairs of other nations and do not hesitate to rebuke the pooches of the Anglo Saxon masters. I don’t think it is too late to remember as to what had happened to all powerful Georgia, when it invoked a war with the Russia thinking the Anglo Saxons would defend them.

The positive thing is, Sri Lanka as a nation with friendly ties with these rising powers. Sri Lanka has become a celebrity due to defeating the Anglo Saxon koolie forces in its soil. The future looks great even though the past was messed up. It is the present that we have to worry about now.

perein said...

SL Gov should look at exporting Special forces skills while extending the relationship with our friends.

Looks like there is somthing our good friend need from the world.

perein said...

Wish get the tittle corrected.
Should not this be "Resettlement" rather than "Release"

perein said...

Time to open a tution class?

Miss Information said...

perein said...

Wish get the tittle corrected.
Should not this be "Resettlement" rather than "Release"


They got it right the first time. Those people were being held without the right to leave (against their will) therefore they were released so they could be resettled.

If the Gosl didn't surround those camps with armed guards and barbed-wire do you think for one moment most of those folks would still be there?

Miss Information



Deshal said...

Miss Information is deliberately spreading misinformation as natural. The people are in camps because your koolie forces landmined their land, before they have been eliminated.

Well, your koolie forces have been eliminated. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Admit your defeat. You have been defeated and there is hardly anything you can do about it! The good thing is while we are partying you are crying in agonizing pain and you deserve it.

Those who are in the camps enjoy a number of facilities including getting an allowance, food, sanitation facilities and health care. Thy will be resettled once the land is cleared and their houses have been rebuilt. Everything is progressing nicely and Misinformation is sad about it.

Most of all, they are no longer your hostages. They are no more a part of the koolie human shield. Sri Lankan Tamil nation (4.3% of the Sri Lankan population according to 2002 census) is liberated.

Cry and make statements as much as you want. That’s all you can do.

perein said...


You are correct about the "Miss Information is deliberately spreading misinformation as natural."

However I do think has to be careful not to leave any gaps (Later they have corrected the heading of that article).

Terrorists like "Miss Information" only can use those wording these days.
Is n't it "Miss Information"?

Deshal said...

So they come…!

The Sri Lankan president is very popular. There are a number of reasons. The key reason is that he had the backbone to give leadership to the mighty SLDF to finish the world’s most dangerous terror outfit. We must not forget that he did this amidst international pressure and criticism. He did not give into any of these parties who pressured him to save the LTTE. The result is a country free of LTTE terrorist movement. We don’t hear anymore bomb threats in Colombo and no more military deaths in Vanni too. Now are we to assume that all is well and president can rule as long as the Sri Lankan people would like him to go? No.

Salvador Allende came to power in Chili, one of the Latin American countries, in 1970, elected by popular vote (democracy!). However, he was never a pro US leader who tried to adopt a leftist mode of economic development. He was overthrown by a military coup in 1973 and the power vacuum was filled by the dictator Pinoche, who ruled the country with the support of US of decades. He violated human rights of number of people who called for re installment of democracy but the usual NGOs and the US backed international community did not even mention any such violations.

Another such leader who ought to defend his nation was Slobodan Milosevic. He fought to prevent the disintegration of Yugoslavia and when failed tried his best to protect Serbia from outside forces. He was overthrown after winning the popular vote, and the traitor Gingic (who was later killed by a patriot) betrayed him to outside forces, sending him to Hague. Milosevic stood bravely in front of all outsiders. Interestingly, he “died” while in UN custody of “natural causes” just before he was proven innocent.

There are a number of other leaders who were overthrown or killed due to the reason that they stood out for their nations and fought koolie forces of the outsiders who want to regain the resources of these countries. Sukarno in Indonesia, Patrick Lumumba in Congo also fall into this category of legendary leaders who were overthrown by outside forces irrespective of their internal popularity. However, this strategy was not always successful.

They tried their best to overthrow Hugo Chavez, who was well known for his Socialist ideas. They tried to kill Fidel Castro more than times and failed miserably. Most recently, they overthrew the elected president in Honduras Manuel Zelaya and installed a puppet Michaletti. However, Michaletti is so ignorant and arrogant, he insulted the skin color of Obama and stated that it was a mistake. US’s stance changed after Michaletti’s statement but as we all know Obama is under pressure from the same forces who overthrew Zelaya. Seizing the opportunity, Zelaya is fighting back wit the support of his friends in Latin America.

The other noticeable attempt was in Iran, even though the same model was tried out in Belarus on a smaller scale. Once Ahmadinejad won the elections for the second time in Iran, these outside forces used Facebook and Twitter websites and a bunch of loonies who supported the super rich candidate who lost, to overthrow the entire system constructed after the Iranian Revolution. Again, right action taken by the leaders prevented this from happening.


Deshal said...

Now we can see how these same forces who supported the overthrow of Zelaya, who call Chavez a violator of human rights, who wanted to get rid of Ahmadinejad are calling Sri Lankan forces to be investigated for alleged human rights violations. They are the very ones who showed the source less video on channel 4 and called for investigations. They can fabricate stories after stories. But what are they trying to do? Is it only outsiders who are involved? Oh c’mon, we have a history with not at all short of internal traitors.

May I ask you to quickly open Daily Mirror website and go to the article “ Visa Rejected for Lankan Cycling Team for Military Games” (excuse me for not knowing how to provide a link) and read the first 12 comments. Majority are by LTTE supporters who insult our motherland and forces. Most surprising is that such comments are freely allowed on Daily Mirror website. In other words, Sri Lankan newspapers themselves allow platforms for anybody to insult us using their websites. On the other hand, there were very few comments supporting our valiant forces. Do you tell me that there are more LTTE supporters posting comments or is it that the administrator would only allow more pro LTTE comments under the disguise of freedom of expression? Yes my friends, there is an administrator there and all the comments which insult us, the nation and our forces are read by him/ her and given approval.

Thus, the war has not ended. Now, they try their best to create a deception of human rights violations nationally and internationally. They will use platform such as Daily Mirror (like Twitter and Facebook were used in china and Iran) etc to indicate that the popular sentiment is shifting against the leadership. There is no doubt that SL leadership has a number of shortcomings. Under no circumstances should we approve those. But they eradicated LTTE and no outsider would be allowed to insult us for the victory. The outsiders nourished LTTE. They gave funds. They gave plans. Their plans failed and the investment gone. Now they will do anything to disrepute the valiant forces and the leadership. They will try at this juncture to overthrow SL government by any means they tried in Indonesia, Venezuela, Honduras, Iran, Congo etc. History forces us to assume that the process has already started. That’s why all these videos, UN statements etc would come out (UN was so dangerous that UN officials were involved in the killing of Lumumba). If we patriots would not remain vigilant at this stage, the outsiders would try their best to overturn the victory. That they will try in the name of democracy and human rights (even though they lack popular support!). We must be ready to stop such attempts AT ANY COST!

Miss Information said...

I do not recall actually ever seeing ostriches in Sri Lanka but judging from the delusional posts here it is quite clear that there are many whose heads are either well buried in the sand or perhaps somewhere less sanitary and far removed from the light of day.

The GoSL are holding those IPD's against their will and in circumstances nobody should be proud of.

No doubt the ruthless tiger thugs who used these folks as human shields left many land-mines in their wake but that is a flimsy excuse for such large scale detention. Why not let thousands of these folks out to join families in the South or into Jaffna where there are no land-mine issues?

Puerile name-calling is no substitute for substantive discourse and it seems nobody here is capable of anything resembling informed and logical discussion.

Sadly, this is what happens when the masses are hoodwinked and happily so.

Miss Information


Ian said...

Glad to see the blog active. Its like visiting relatives for us.

Ian said...

Reading the mind of the seperatists.

Dear World leaders.

We the defeated seperatists have to rejuvanate and continue our mission on collecting funds and distablising Sri Lanka by selling an ealam promise that we will never ever attain in Sri Lanka.

To this end we need the services of the trained cadres who are hiding behind the civilians as IDPs. Sri Lankan government is not releasing the IDPs so that we cannot get our cadres out. If this continues the gullible lot who were giving us money will forget the 'dream' we had sold them and will refuse to give us money.

actually we dont care two hoots about the civilians. We are told that they are in a better condition in food supply, sanitation and health than they ever was under our (LTTE) regime. But if we openly say that we will not be able to continue to sell the civilians to get the LTTE cadres out like we did during the war.

So please the leaders of the west to whom we have given our votes and blood money, please pressurise the SL govt to release the civilians. If all cannot be released can they only release the LTET cadres? So that we can quickly get back to our old games? The moment they start their activities in the north the SL army will try tp crack them down. Then we will come back to you crying that they are killing civilians. We need you to help us to get our ealam by activating the HR organisations etc. (we have also paid money to them on the sly to be on our side. We have also paid the bogus reporters in the BBC and Channel4 etc. Please please guys please get the SL govt to relase the civilians so we can start the ball rolling. If they find our sleeping caders the game will be over. So please expedite.

Yours truly
LTTE diaspora

දේශපාලුවා said...

ජනපතිට හා ආරක්ෂක ලේකම්ට මරණය ඉල්ලා ඉන්දියාවේ පූජාවක්

Miss Information said...

I see General Fonseka has been well rewarded for his estimable service to Country and King. Perhaps somebody can explain to me how a man of his considerable military accomplishments can end up as a third tier bureaucrat in an all but meaningless ministry?

I am sure this has nothing to do with his discreet inquiries into the dealings of his former defense minister regarding military purchases and real-estate negotiations with the Chinese.

None what so ever.

Of course if that was the case no journalist in Sri Lanka would dare to investigate the story for fear of death.

So much for freeing the country at the expense of thousands of soldiers and civilians.


hemmymission said...

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