Friday, 23 October 2009

Two worlds

By Deshal,

The views presented here are stricly those of the writer and do not in any way represent the views and opinions of EFT or its members.

This planet which we call Earth consists of two worlds. One is a world where the rich and the lucky live in. These countries have spotless human rights records. They not at all break the human rights of a single human being who deserves to have the human rights. The countries are well developed and civilized; any country who would look into the future would try to be on their side. This world primarily consists of countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Nordic countries and Western European countries. They all believe in God and non of the governments would dare violate any human rights in these countries.

On contrast, the other world consists of countries which violate human rights, which traffic narcotics, which are ruled by the dictators, which assist terrorism and which provides very poor living conditions to the citizens. The people suffer economic hardships, militaries in these countries would kill ruthlessly and they do not fear the almighty God. Countries such as Russia, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Brazil, India, Palestine, few other Latin American, eastern European and Asian countries would fall into this category. This is the uncivilized world and all hell breaks loose within these countries.

The civilized world always advice the uncivilized world as to how they should develop themselves but these brutes within this uncivilized territory are not willing to listen. This is the light that we have to view United States’ statement made to Sri Lanka, stating that Sri Lanka should investigate its human rights record. In Sri Lanka, naturally human rights violations would happen as the people who live here are still in tribal state. Ancient civilizations and the order we claim to have are all myths in the eyes of the civilized world. They actually did not exist. Thus, we should listen to the United States of America and punish those who violated the human rights (every human being has the right to live and killing any human being is treated as human rights violation).

Sri Lankans really violated human rights. Every terrorist has the right and the will to live. Taking their lives away is violation of human rights of the terrorist. The responsibility of the government is to approach the terrorist with caution, take him into custody, proceed with legal system and rehabilitate him if proven guilty. No, we cannot kill a terrorist as this would amount to violating human rights. But can a terrorist kill? Naturally, it is their job. The international community consist of all the civilized nation will never hold a terrorist group responsible for killings. But an elected government has the responsibility to act responsibly and not violate human rights irrespective of whatever the cost would be to the whole nation and the world at large.

LTTE has the right to develop weapons, form governments, genocide and all that because they are terrorists. But the government as a responsible and democratic entity would have to ensure LTTE does all these things in a legal way and if they do things in a wrong way, to arrest, prosecute and punish. If that very practical approach would have been taken, all LTTE youth would be living (while the whole army would have been dead – but that is non of our concern). That would have eliminated the pressure from the international community on us and we would have been certified to be a civilized country (or two for that matter).

Now that we have gone and done the grave mistake violating the human rights of the LTTE, we need to investigate and punish ruthlessly to those who violated such rights. We have praised them as heroes who bravely fought for their motherland. They gave their lives to liberate their land from the terror maniacs. Now, come to think of it in the American light, they have just violated the human rights. We must correct these now. We must let all those who stay in the welfare villages go to their native lands. Landmines might be there but there is no place like home. They can use landmines to hunt wild boar and bring meet home. Few kids might die due to explosive devices hidden and the booby traps. Those are bearable as all the internally displaced people get their right to go to wilderness with no means of making a living. After all, it is just right for them to have their right to suffer; they are just Tamils and not American.

When America or its coalitions of civilized nations walks into another man’s land, they make sure they spread human rights. Those who are born out of the civilized world were created by the almightily God there for one thing; suffer. Now if Sri Lanka would end terrorism and develop, this is not done. Thus, the rights of Sri Lankans to suffer would have to be protected, according to the USA. In Iraq, in Afghanistan and in any other country in which has invaded, they would make sure that the people will enjoy the right to suffer and the US expects Sri Lankan government to do the same. US drones bomb civilian houses in Pakistan, US has killed more than half a million of Iraqi civilians, destroyed their infrastructure and facilities etc because they wanted to ensure the human rights of these people. Israel has been doing the same to Palestinians from the inception of the Jewish state.

Thus, it is a must; I repeat, it is a must that SL investigates those who attempts to end the right for Sri Lankans to suffer. We must take them to the courts and punish them. Thus, we ourselves can one day be a pooch of the civilized world and live on their leftovers. If we would try to raise our heads like lions, we would definitely become a part of the uncivilized world. It is up to us to choose our path.


Miss Information said...


This is tripe not worthy of even the least rigorous 'publications'.

I can't believe I've wasted this much time even replying.


Sam Perera said...

Yes of course, for a terrorist monkey who worships white masters, this is tripe. However it is something for the little brown people who wants to standup in their own.

DoDo said...

Major General Jagath Dias butchered Prabhakaran

This fellow Nilantha Ilangamuwa from srilankaguardian is one hellava cheap male whore who will sell his mother if the price is right. This dog can't even put two words in English together. His website lankaguardian never gives credit to original sources. Sonnaffabitch will just cut and paste it on his crap site as if it one of his own work. Its a serious infringement of intellectual property rights of the original authors. This fellow would be spending his time in the jail had the laws in the country been more effective in catching cyber thieves. Its a wonder that this scum is running an English website in the first place, since he can't put two words together!

His latest attempt is to get Maj. Gen. Jagath Dias impounded for war crimes in Germany after he assumes duties at the embassy. Some peelam donkey must have paid him $2 to spin a yarn on Gen JD to set the ball rolling on war crimes.

This axe story was merely a joke made up by sinhalese in LNP to ridicule peelamists because VP's skull looked as its been chopped off by an axe. But any forensic guy will tell you that's a classic exit wound of a bullet through the skull, with the entry somewhere in the mandibles.

This whore Nilantha must be reading LNP and thought this was good enough story to sell for some Tamil terrorist:))

Anyway, all patriots should go an high alert as there is a concerted effort by tamil terrorist to have srilankan army commanders impounded for war crime. Already US govt has withdrawn their invitation to Gen SF from their military conference in Hawaii. These are serious developments, and the terrorists will use some good for nothing bastards like Nilantha from LG and that ponnayas LNW to first stir up the pot. Everybody please be on alert.

Selva said...

Dear friends, in this holiest of days for our Christian brethren, we ask all church goers to remember our fallen cadres and long suffering brothers and sisters in their prayers and ask for salvation from bondage. Light a candle and ask the Almighty for deliverance.

Deshal said...

The winning team

We have a winning team. This team does not know anything else other than winning. This is the team who showed the rest of the world how we should deal with terrorists. They destroyed the LTTE, the so called the most powerful and well organized terrorist outfit in the world. This team would stick together to win other obstacles that the country would face, economic or otherwise. It is not upto them to select their paths. It is up to the people of this country and all the unseen conscious forces who work to protect the Sri Lankan nation to create their destiny. If I know this, naturally, they know this better. MR, GR and SF coming together to create a winning formula is a part of this. It is the winning combination and I don’t think mother Sri Lanka would ever have it otherwise.

We hear a lot about General Sarath Fonseka (SF) coming into the national politics. There are number of discussions on this. But the true fact is he is already in national politics. He has been a figure loved by his friend and the friends of our great Sri Lankan nation since the time he refused to let high security zones go during the UNF government (2002-2004). The enemies hated him and I just don’t have to waste even cyber space reminding of the comments they made to insult this great hero. Thus, naturally, he is in politics. He does not have to enter into national politics. He is very much os a political icon and a symbol of winning and never giving up.

Even though the war as we know is over and the koolie forces have been destroyed, the war against our motherland is still on. They want to ‘regain Sri Lanka’ at any cost. That’s why there is talk on Sri Lanka loosing GSP+. There are selfish elements within our political elite who would rejoice if our poor youth would loose their jobs. Then they can come to power and then carry out the imperialist agenda of dividing the country. Thus, there is a number of false propaganda spreading. There are a lot of advantageous of dividing the country…for them.

Now, these very enemies who stuck together to defeat our forces and were counting to see LTTE winning the war wants to split our winning combination; their presumed weakest link …SF. We say never. SF knows better. If he knew better to avoid inquiries from the US, if he knew better on how to overcome LTTE, if he knew better on how to handle pressure on him to give up high security zones in Jaffna, would he split from the winning team and couple with enemy?

If he does, the enemy should be careful. A lion does not get friendly with a bunch of weaklings if he does not see a bite for him and his team!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Knock knock