Monday, 9 January 2012

France POOFs formally apologise to Sri Lanka by publishing anti LTTE stamp

The Postal Organisation Of France, Seine (Poofs) has released a new stamp to commemorate liberty, equality and fraternity in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is now a bastion of democracy, good governance, equal rights and freedom. The Poofs echoing France's own values born out of the storming of the Bastille has released this stamp as a gesture of goodwill to counter the Eelam diaspora's recent publication of LTTE stamps. The White Van is symbolic of Sri Lanka's new found freedoms after the defeat of the LTTE. Patriotic Sri Lankan citizens can now enjoy luxurious, complimentary white van rides ride courtesy of the authorities to any destination they have no desire to visit. So enjoyable are these rides that most passengers never make it back. Demand is so high that the authorities operate a first come, first served policy, if you are the first to voice opinions uncritical of the authorities, you get served first.

Vive La Poofs!

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පංකාදු ලංකා said...

'Like this...! I thought freedom was symbolised with a white DOVE not a white VAN. Well at least they are both white that's what matters.