Tuesday, 11 May 2010

LTTE overseas network crumbling

The overseas LTTE empire is falling apart before our very eyes. The ill conceived and hastily arranged TGTE is the primary cause of the downfall. This coupled with GoSL intelligence operatives infiltrating diaspora circles and sowing discord among them has dealt a deathly blow to the overseas LTTE network. LTTE candidates contesting in the TGTE have resorted to caste and sectarian politics and many candidates have withdrawn their nominations and some have had their wins mysteriously annulled. The LTTE diaspora is confused on who exactly has won or not won, their confidence in the nascent TGTE has diminished. The functioning of the TGTE even before it has officially inaugurated provides insight into how a Tamil Eelam Government would have worked had the UNP and Norway succeeded in giving it to them, sectarian, caste based politics and infighting would have been rife.

We will keep you posted.


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1 comment:

Miss Information said...

The TGTE was and is a bad idea cooked up by desperate people looking to flog a dead horse in hopes it will rise and carry them to a dream that has brought nothing but nightmares.

Instead of seeking a means to be relevant politically and useful in practical terms, the proponents of this ill-considered gambit have passed up a chance to direct energies and monies towards alleviating the plight of the displaced, disenfranchised and desperate victims of Praba's kidnapping and subsequent immoral GOSL internment.

For all of the GOSL short-comings, and they are legion, the Tamils in the North and East need to learn to work within the system if they hope to effect positive and lasting change.

The LTTE all but had their Eelam and could have solidified that position but were too greedy and filled with the myths of their invincibility to accept a negotiated settlement that would have kept them from being slaughtered like dogs a year ago.

It is time for the Diaspora to put their monies and energies to better use and accept Sri Lanka as a single nation that will not cede territory any more to terrorist thugs or 'freedom fighters'.

Game, set, match.

If the Diaspora want to be part of any solution they need to re-evaluate their position and accept the realities of ignoble defeat.