Thursday, 6 May 2010

LTTE remnants in three way split

Reports reaching us indicate that the remnants of the LTTE now active in the diaspora have split into three groups.

Following the defeat of the LTTE on May 18, the LTTE split into two, namely the KP group and the Castro group. The KP group has gone underground following the defection of their leader to the GoSL side. This group is still carrying out covert activities to encourage the diaspora to reconcile with mainstream Sri Lankan society and join in the reconciliation efforts of the GoSL. Recent New Year activities in London (especially in former LTTE areas of East London) indicate that they have been successful to some extent as a large number of diaspora Tamils joined their Singhala brethren in New Year festivities.

Meanwhile the LTTE hardliners namely the Castro group headed by LTTE Overseas Intelligence Chief Arivazhakan who were busy organising the fantasy Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) have split into two factions due to internal infighting over the composition of the imaginary TGTE. One group is led by Arivazhakan himself (a Castro loyalist) and the other by a US based lawyer who was involved in the UNP peace process.

More and more splits are expected as the GoSL intelligence operatives have somewhat been successful in infiltrating diaspora circles and sowing discord among them.


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