Monday, 17 May 2010

No looking back

Dear readers,

Today marks the first anniversary of the end of the LTTE terror campaign that has gripped our beloved motherland for over 3 decades. The physical and emotional scars to our nation needs no mention, people from all communities be it Tamil, Singhala, Muslim, Burgher etc. have suffered at the hands of a misguided buffoon and his clan hailing from the smuggler community in VVT. This ass clown met his Waterloo on the banks of the Nanthikadal exactly one year and two days ago, his annihilation was announced on May the 18th. This same nitwit's mother is now lovingly cared for by the GoSL whilst his "brethren" in Tamil Nadu refused entry to this ailing old woman. GoSL is taking care of her not as the mother of a bandit, but as the wife of a recently deceased Government Civil Servant. Had his parents known of the existence of "Preethi", all this suffering may not have happened. But let us not blame them, let's blame Preethi brand's poor marketing in VVT. We digress, we wanted to put in a good word for Preethi. Back to the subject at hand, here's how EFT would like our readers to ponder on the future development:

1) Tamil Diaspora Investment in the North East.

EFT reported that the diaspora are tired of the overseas LTTE network's attempt to form a fantasy TGTE, they have re-soundly rejected the TGTE and have turned towards developing the Tamil majority areas. A myriad of new Tamil businesses have sprung up along the A9, Jaffna town, Trinco, Batti etc. Tourism has grown exponentially, they are truly reaping the rewards sown by our soldiers who made immense sacrifices in eliminating terror. EFT is heartened to see Tamil investment returning to areas long neglected, funds which used to go fund AK-47s are now going towards funding hopper and kottu shops and pharmacies that sell Preethi, parents of future terror leaders take note.

2)Government policies

Whilst EFT does not entirely agree with all of the Government's recent policies, we request our readers to bear with the government as we truly believe they are keen on the country's development. For example, the appointment of the Defence Secretary to head the UDA is a stroke of genius.

3) Investment continues to flood in

Peace time brings in investment, we won't dwell on these, but you can see for yourself the number of tourism and corporate deals being signed on a daily basis, the pace is rapid that the BOI has set upon an ambitious expansion plan to cope with investor demand. Sri Lanka has been rated as the number one tourist destination for 2010 by the New York Times, need we say more.

EFT would like to thank all our readers for their loyalty and continued interest in this site. We also thank our valuable sources who continue to give us useful snippets of info, although admittedly these are not as frequent as before. We have been a bit bored in the past year and some of us have retired due to the lack of defence news, we say that its a good thing. We are glad to report that EFT's chief editor is heading your way.

We will keep you posted and we would like to remind you that modayas will always be modayas.


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පංකාදු ලංකා said...

It is no coincidence that the liberation of our pakka land fell on the month of in keeping with the emphasis of this article, I wish the EFT team and all readers PREETHI Vesak!

පංකාදු ලංකා said...

EFT, may be the civil servant was a practicing catholic...he just got too


Sam Perera said...

Pankadu Lanka,

Visit us at Sri lanka Defence Forum for a discussion. We need you there.


Deshal said...

Hi Mahen,

It is great that our beloved Ellalan Force is back to life. It is important as we have to be vigilent as long as we are alive to ensure all the kooolie forces of the evil empire will not come pack to life with their seperatist intentions. Keep on posting and keep the discussions of the patriots alive. Thank you again.

perein said...

Hi Mahen,
Good to see a new post during the anniversary. Are you now getting "Pin Padi" after the end of war?

As පංකාදු ලංකා said, "PREETHI" full Vesak to you and the gang.

I do miss your articles too mate.

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

Ian said...

While it is great for the war to be over, I kind of miss the adrenaline of the final months, and the sleepless nights spent here and on Defencewire etc.

With regard to 'Preethi', this was marketed in the late 60's and 70's and the man in question was born before that. While 'Preethi' and family planning has helped us economically by reducing the number of mouths to feed, it has also reduced the Sinhalese population.