Sunday, 20 June 2010

EFT team meet to honour the fallen

The EFT team met yesterday (19/06) to observe the first anniversary of the end of victorious push to eradicate the LTTE terrorist scum from the northern regions of Sri Lanka.

A bbq was held to honour the fallen SLDF heroes and in a show of unity the Lion Lager beer was held alongside the Jaffna Hot Mixture to express our solidarity with the Tamil brethren. And in a message to the dieasspora an upturned sausage is seen pointed upwards. All that was missing from the BBQ was black pork garnished with Nanthikandaal lagoon shrimp paste.
EFT team members had a grand time.


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Sujeewa Kokawala said...

How far away the whole EFT team from SL? I have credible news that they are all abroad now.

Mahen said...

SK madom,
Did you say "All" Lol... anee bang umbaa kawadaa loku lamayke weidaa manda.

We have more heads present in SL than ever.