Sunday, 21 December 2008

Army moves into Nedunkerni

Wanni LTTE sources indicate that SLA's TF4 has moved into Nedunkerni. This town was abandoned by the LTTE in August 2008 as it was not strategically important to the LTTE. Sources indicate that the army took over 4 months to move in Nedunkerni as the town itself and the adjoining areas were heavily minded and booby trapped. SLA after wasting precious resources to clear the area of mines and booby traps moved into the town this morning. LTTE battlefield commanders informed this blog owner that they fail to see why the town is of such importance to the SLA, and added that the move only contributes to thinning out of the 59th division and the TF4, which would expose the units stationed their to LTTE commando raids.


Peter said...

Good update Mahen. Some modayas don't realise that when SLA captures villages they are actually digging their own graves.

From what I can remember, Nedunkerni was village with a single street.

I have to admit, it was a great place to holiday just before the Monsoon. Wild bore hunted in this area is the tastiest meat made for man. Avicha kachan, illani and pandi vathal....yum.

Getting back to military stories, three more bodies have been found in Irainamadhu, taking total recovered since yesterday to 15.

Mahen said...


Nedunkerni is still a village sorrounded by bush land (ideal for hunting), nothing much has changed since the time you were there.

Rumesh said...

SLA desperately captured the insignificant area without any fighting or resistance.

SLA still fails to understand the consequences of capturing larger territory without neutralizing the threads.

Shyam said...


Need a map too...

and check this too

Shyam said...


sinhala medias says that the LTTE used MBRLs in the recent battle that makes the SLA to withdraw the captured 2Km length front lines LTTE using MBRLs ..?

Peter said...

But the Nedunkerni shown on ArmyLK is not the one most people know of.

This Nedungkerni isn't even a village. It is just a mile-post.

Jet said...

all the LTTE units left Nadunkerni some time ago

its a HUGE victory


Rumesh said...

Nedunkerni junction connects the roads from Oddisuddan, Puliyankulam and Mulliyawalai. Contains few aggricultural lands and reservoirs surrounded by forest.

Peter said...

Looks like Tigers have decided to go public with one of the captured SLA.

frontline said...

tigers withdraw from nedunkeni. som sources say tigers planning to attack jaffna?? wait and see

Jet said...

Intercepted radio communication revealed................


super moda army

Shyam said...

LTTE caught puththa of Appuhamini alive ...

Jet said...

Heavy shelling & bombing kills 1 & injures 9 civilians including a 8 year old Boy

A civilian was killed and nine more civilians were injured including an 8 year old boy when barrage of shells fired by Sri Lanka Security Forces (SF) and Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) hit Vanni area on Saturday. Many houses were also damaged due to the heavy shelling aiming the civilian settlement in area according to the sources in Killinochchi.

SLAF troopers stepped up the bombing Killinochchi, near Vadakachy Ganesha Temple and Mullaiththeevu, Mullivaikal area where the Tsunami affected people have their settlements built up recently and those settlements were damaged by the SLAF attack on Saturday.

indiscriminate shell attacks directed at Mualitivu hospital also damaged the men wing in the hospital and few more sustained injuries due to the shelling.

Jet said...

சாகும் ஈழ தமிழர்களுக்கு ஆதரவாக பேசிய இயக்குனர் சீமான்,கொளத்தூர் மணி,பெ.மணியரசனை விடுதலை செய் என பெ.தி.க, கு.பா.ந, தமிழ் தேச பொதுவுடைமை கட்சி, த.ஒ.வி.இ மற்றும் நூற்றுக்கு மேற்பட்ட தமிழ் உணர்வாளர்கள் சேலம் மாவட்ட ஆட்சியர் அலுவலகம் முன் ஆர்பாட்டம் செய்தனர்.

"ஈழ தமிழனை ஆதரித்து பேசினால் சிறை என்றால் சிங்கள பாசிச அரசுக்கு ஆயுதம் கொடுக்கும் இந்திய அரசை எந்த சிறையில் அடைப்பது" என்றும், அரசியலுக்காக இரட்டை வேடம் போடும் காங்கிரசை தமிழ் மண்ணை விட்டு அடித்து விரட்டுவோம், தேர்தலில் ஒரு இடத்தில கூட வெல்ல முடியாமல் செய்வோம்" என முழக்கமிட்டனர். குழந்தைகளும்,பெண்களும்,திரளாக பங்கேற்று தங்கள் உணர்வுகளை வெளிக்காட்டினர்.

thiru said...

Sources indicate the tigers have started using MBRL's and have captured a large quantity of arms in the commando raid at iranamadu.

Bhairav said...

good going guys!

wijayapala said...

Dear NoFake,

"From Mavilaru to Pooneryn the SLA has not been smashing through tiger defences, but moving around them. Now they are left with no choice but to smash through tiger defences."

(Sigh).. I see that my explanation of maneuver warfare did not get through. I'll try to use simpler language. ;-)

The SLA has adopted time-tested tactics in bypassing enemy strongpoints. Take a look at the following:

Flank attack: Hit the enemy where it least expects you to

As long as modern warfare presents with a well entrenched enemy, a battle planner will always consider to build up his force, conceal the main thrust, attack from the flank and finally encircle his enemy minimising his own casualties for public opinion will not allow for a nation's troops be thrown head on against a well entrenched enemy.

The question you should be asking yourself is: with the SLA pinning down the Tigers in defending Kilinochchi, which flank is it striking?

Assuming that the LTTE took minimal casualties in losing the Eastern Province (which the conduct of the Vaharai and Thoppigala battles suggest otherwise), the SLA nevertheless deprived the LTTE of probably its most important recruitment source. This SLA victory would have been rendered far less meaningful if it had adopted a crude attritional approach and gotten bogged down.

The same applies for Pooneryn. By taking this strategic area, the SLA has:

1) denied the LTTE the ability to threaten Valigamam and Thenmaradchi (a la Unceasing Waves III phase 5),

2) stopped LTTE resupply from TN

3) prevented refugees from flooding TN and fueling the political situation.

"SLA has failed to destroy LTTE manpower. The current LTTE strength is way more than the cadre strength they had just two years ago."

Uh huh- if we factor in the expanded Grandpa and Granny Brigades as well as the newly-established Under-10yrs-old Formation, your claim might have some shred of credibility.

"I didnt say 53 division is the sole elite division. I said that is the elite of the elite division."

And I'm saying that your terminology is a bit off: the SLA does not entirely distinguish between "elite" and "non-elite" formations as the LTTE does. Rather the distinction is between "offensive" and "holding" divisions, with battalions rotating between both roles.

The 53 Division is no longer the "elite of the elite" that it was during the late 90s when it had both the Commando and Special Forces Brigades. Teams of these two "elite" units are parceled and cycled out between the offensive divisions and the reserves. It is possible that they are taking a bit more casualties than the regular infantry (despite their limited use, compared to the 90s), but even they have been expanding by adding 4th battalions.

"LTTE is in no hurry to demonstrate their offensive capabilities. They chose not to engage in offensives, they have been clearly saying that they are in a defensive posture."

The LTTE had a "defensive posture" during Jayasikurui and yet it carried out at least 6 major counterattacks within the 1st 6 months:

Counterstrike: The last gamble of the Tamil Tigers

The first "defensive" attack (led by Karuna) struck the 55 Division at Thandikulam just north of Vavuniya town and forced the entire division to halt. The LTTE did not wait for 55D to link up with the 53D further north.

"Instead of "Do-Or-Die" style counter offensives, they have much more cheaper alternatives now to keep the morale of cadres and diaspora high."

Given the reversals of the last 2 years, I'm not surprised that Thalaivar is worrying about sagging morale.
*wink* *wink*

"If the TF-1 manages to reach EPS through Paranthan, you just to have to add that to the list occupied by 54 division."

The minor difference being that TF1 has its flanks and rear covered and cannot be isolated, unlike the 54 Division.

"Puliyankulam is an old example of tough LTTE defense line the SLA failed miserably to break through. In the new strategic plan Puliyankulam does not rank high."

Given that the SLA is moving into the LTTE heartland, it is completely understandable that the Tigers will allow their southern flank to be rolled up in their "strategic plan." Kilinochchi is a bit more important than Puliyankulam now that you mention it.

"Plenty of SLA soldiers in the rear are ripe targets for LTTE DPU attacks."

Small and sporadic DPU attacks will be insufficient to stop or even slow down the offensive. You will need strike forces of at least battalion size (again, as in JS) to accomplish anything meaningful.

"The SLA's capture of territory will become its liability. The biggest liability will be Pooneryn. Sometime in the future I will explain that to you with hard data (instead of speculation :)"

And when the news comes that Thalaivar is either dead or fleeing the ithayabumi, I'm sure you will have a wonderful explanation how everything is going as planned lulling us chena boys into false complacency.

Jet said...

SLA steps up attacks on hospitals in Vanni, disregards Geneva Conventions

Mullaiththeevu Government Hospital has come under artillery fire by the Sri Lanka Army despite the Sri Lankan military and civil authorities being repeatedly urged by the medical authorities at the hospital not to fire shells on the hospital premises. The hospital was attacked Monday, Friday and Saturday. Two patients sustained injuries last Monday and two medical staff were wounded in the artillery attack on Friday. Hospital building sustained damage on Friday's bombardment when 5 shells exploded inside the hospital premises. The quarters of the Medical Superintend has also sustained damage for the second time.

The medical staff wounded in the SLA shelling on Friday were S. Pradeep and Vethavanam, according to the medical authorities at the hospital. The attack occurred around 11:30 a.m. on Friday. Shells exploded inside the hospital premises also on Saturday.

Three months ago, on 08 August 2008, the hospital premises came under artillery barrage by the SLA. An 18-month-old baby was killed and 16 civilians, including the Government Agent of Mullaiththeevu, Imelda Sukumar, were injured when the SLA fired shells targeting the same location which housed the residences of the GA, the Medical Superintendent (MS) and many other government officials. TamilNet had published GA's eyewitness account the following day.

In the wake of foreign aid workers of the International NGOs, the only remaining external witnesses ordered to leave Vanni, the SLA has ignored the repeated requests to safeguard hospitals.

Ki'linochchi hospital premises has also come under artillery fire on several occasions.

Article 18 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states that the civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm and maternity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is a signatory to the First, Second and Third Geneva Conventions and it ratified the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, by accession to it, on 23.02.1959.

Jet said...

pictures updated

NoFake_55778819501 said...


What I am saying is "SLA's time tested maneuver warfare" is coming to an end with the hardening of LTTE defenses. LTTE is quite capable of putting up defenses like the ones in the national fronts for Kili,Paranthan and Mullativu area. Now no more manever warefare, but SLA must smash through hard tiger defenses. What I am saying is we are yet to witness such capability from SLA. If SLA had such capability they would have reached EPS from north by now. No more flank attaks and no more attacks by LRRP/DPU units who leak thro porous defense lines. Now SLA has to bite the bullet. (Stalingrad for SLA :)

Before pontificating liberation of east you must ask the question in which battle LTTE captured areas it controlled in east. That will be the exactly same method it will become dominant in east again.

There is no need for "Do-or-Die" style attacks. The stockpiles are in pretty good shape and the cadres and diaspora have not lost morale as you or GOSL propaganda arms try to make it out to be. So why waste elite cadres in counter offensives, when many cheaper alternatives are available to LTTE. I Thalaivar is worrying about sagging morale, then he will initiate some counter offensives, but I dont see sagging morale atleast from the diaspora. So he doesnt need a counter offensive yet.

I see a total destruction of TF-1 if it reaches EPS. I am not going to explain why, as I might be inadvertantly exposing LTTE's cards.

To fuel TN situation LTTE doesnt need to flood TN with refuges, all they have to do is release documentation of state terror unleashed on tamil civilians. You will have to thank SLAF and SLA artillery units for that.

You are saying LTTE's manpower is destroyed by SLA. Oh yes. :)

I know LTTE DPU attacks will not win them the war, just as much as SLA's DPU units will not win the war for SLA. But go through all the gloating of the advantages of deploying SLA DPU's in LTTE rear, now that is happening in reverse. Selective amnesia can help in some instances :)

Bottomline, LTTE is in defensive war and their need to go on offensive hasnt materilized yet. As I said earlier, they want to set up death traps for SLA, now they have very advantages defensive structure (less territory), why would they expand the territory now lose that advantage.

Ammunition stockpiles are in good shape. Morale is fine. Loss of territory is an advantage for defensive war for the LTTE given many factors at this juncture. So there is no need for LTTE counter offensives at this time. You desperately want the LTTE to indulge in counter offensives, without giving valid reasons as to why it would be advantageous to them.

They dont care two hoots about GOSL propaganda, and infact they want you to belive in your own propaganda too :)

NoFake_55778819501 said...

From the time has started put "area of influence" south of Murikandi - Alampil line, it was clear LTTE had withdrawn from that area. Of course, govt need to capture that area village by village for propaganda purposes.

I dont see any difference between the capture of Silawaththurai and this latest capture of Nedunkerni. (I am assuming they are talking about Nedunkerni town).

Navindran said...

Mahen you do a good job reporting. I guess you should know the Navindran who was posting earlier is not me who is a regular at defencewire.

The Sri Lankan armed forces cannot even afford foot powder for their soldier. Such is the pathethic state of their armed forces. Its a chargable offence to have trench foot during the second world war.

Navindran said...

Prabha knew very well what the ground realities were. If i think he would have realised that through weather predictions that the monsoon seasoon would be bad this time round. Even if that was not the case a trench/bund combination would be useful. A simple tactic used before in ealier Eelam Wars to withdraw and slow the enemy advance till the rear defences were built up. This way you choose the place to fight the enemy.

Navindran said...

I think that most Sri Lankans have not realised one sailient point, Prabha knew he could win the war after the fall of Elephant Pass.

Iqbal Atthas the most sensible war reporter in Sri lanka now is forced to take a Pro Mahindha attidute because his life is in danger. Likewise on an evntual defeat both he and the UNP do not want to be the scapegoats for Mahindha and family to escape.

Navindran said...

I think that most Sri Lankans have not realised one sailient point, Prabha knew he could win the war after the fall of Elephant Pass.

Iqbal Atthas the most sensible war reporter in Sri lanka now is forced to take a Pro Mahindha attidute because his life is in danger. Likewise on an evntual defeat both he and the UNP do not want to be the scapegoats for Mahindha and family to escape.

Navindran said...

I am quite a war movie buff. I reccomend if you have not done so to watch the finnish defence of their homeland against the mighty russian forces in world war 2.

Navindran said...

Defencenet and Defencewire Probabily is Navy(first) and Army inteligence attempt at countering Tamilnet and other forms of LTTE news. Its quite obivious after the air attack on 26/03/2007, that tamilnet had hung because of heavy traffic and thats why it was blocked.

As needs to sell political propaganda it is genrally not believed. They need news to target well heeled sinhalese as well as try to divert overseas tamils from tamilnet. Hence the so called "unbaised" news spin was tried.

However at a time when Mahindha and his goons were intimadating the media, somebody allowed to report freely on the happenings on the war is a dead giveaway. Their attempts have failed with the tamils but succeded with many who are ignorant of anything military etc.

One of their first vistors was blacklight arrow and ex SLA officer. He took as many who were intially attracted to the site have virtually abandoned it.

To think of it now, these two sites do LTTE the best form of service. Their misinformation and spinning of the truth will eventually turn their own people against them.

By the way Peter you too write well. I comment only based on the news i hear as I do not have either LTTE or SLA contacts. However based on the reporting and the way the information is potrayed its easy to dichiper the truth.

Peter said...

Second child soldier's body found,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1034&cntnt01origid=52&cntnt01detailtemplate=fullarticle&cntnt01returnid=51

Susan said...

whats up with madhu, viddataltivu, mankulam, pooneryn, illuppakadvai, mallavi etc. Did the tigers abandon them for tactical purpose. good