Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tactical withdrawals and tactical manoeuvres

The fact that LTTE has yielded territory to the SLA is not disputed by the LTTE military and political hierarchy. However, what is less well known (but should be obvious to everyone) is the strategy behind yielding territory. LTTE has believed in and continues to believe in the time tested “defence in depth” strategies. This strategy has time and again proven to be the trump card for the LTTE. One only has to look at the disastrous Jayasikuru and the immensely successful Ceaseless waves operations of the past century for proof of this strategy’s effectiveness.

For those of who aren’t aware of defence in depth, following is a short intro from Wikipedia:

“Defence in depth is a military strategy sometimes referred to as elastic defence or deep defence. Defence in depth seeks to delay rather than prevent the advance of an attacker, buying time and causing additional casualties by yielding space. Rather than defeating an attacker with a single, strong defensive line, defence in depth relies on the tendency of an attack to lose momentum over a period of time or as it covers a larger area. A defender can thus yield lightly-defended territory in an effort to stress an attacker's logistics or spread out a numerically superior attacking force. Once an attacker has lost momentum or is forced to spread out to pacify a large area, defensive counter-attacks can be mounted on the attacker's weak points with the goal being to cause attrition warfare or drive the attacker back to its original starting position”.

As we speak, the LTTE is engaged in defence in depth. SLA units have been encouraged to move right up to the outskirts of the Kili and Mulla townships by the LTTE, the entire western coastal belt (including Poonakari), entire district of Mannar and Vavuniya, and part of the eastern belt was ordered to be vacated as per the instructions of the LTTE military panel. These tactical manoeuvres were intended to assist the LTTE battlefield commanders to effectively pursue the defence in depth tactics.

The world is now witnessing the beginnings of the counter attacks and decapitation strikes by the LTTE. The SLA has been effectively stalled in multiple fronts and the attrition rate is very high. Earlier, military and political observers made light of these strategic manoeuvres by making a mockery of LTTE tactical withdrawals, it is only now the tactical nature of these withdrawals are coming to light. The upcoming weeks will see LTTE launch surprise attacks and regain vacated territory. The LTTE has ample hardcore battle hardened well trained armed cadres, sufficient hardware, high morale and funding to carry out a long drawn out campaign against the SLA.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife about a schism in the LTTE hierarchy. Rumours are circulating that Poddu Amman and Colonel Soosai have been relieved of duties, and various other Colonels are under house arrest. The blog owner can confirm that these reports are entirely without merit and there is not even a shred of truth in these fabrications. Poddu Amman, Colonel Soosai and the other Colonels are in their respective positions and have the full support of our leader. Also there was news that Colonel Ramesh was seriously injured and in a critical condition, we can confirm that Colonel Ramesh did suffer from shrapnel wounds, however, the injuries are not life threatening in any way and he is expected to recover very soon and lead from the front in the coming few days.

Lastly, the blog owner is proud say that our PC-7 article was referred in the latest post by The Long Ranger.


Rumesh said...

thanks for update.

Rumesh said...

We all will hope that "defense in depth" tactic brings the dreams of whole Tamil nation true.

It seems that SLA also well understand the strategy. During the Jeyasikuru, SLA moved by dominating small stretch which enabled the LTTE to cause devastation to them.
But this time they are moving by dominating wide area.

Mahen said...


Yes they are moving in wider fronts. But that is exactly what we want. By moving in wider fronts, they are stretching themselves too thin. Vast stretches that they claim to occupy are actually deserted and SLA is not manning these recently "captured" towns and villages. LTTE DPU units are moving freely in and out of these territory occupied by the SLA. We can effectively cut off their supply and reinforcements lines are annhilate them. Last month, the SLA in Pooneryn were actually trapped and isolated as their supply and reinforcement lines were made impassable by the flooding caused by the heavy rains.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

There is a saying call "Crabs Dance until the Water Boils"..!

Check whether it applies to LTTE!

Mahen said...

@ NoLTTE=Peace

புலி பசித்தாலும் புல்லை தின்னாது

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Even a hungry tiger will not eat (sh*t)?

This tiger ate the Tamils for 20 years, and destroyed whole Sri Lanka in every way possible. It resorted to the most meanest and inhumane things one can ever imaginable on this earth. The photos of how innocent village kids were murdered while attacking Sinhala villages are little tip of the ice-burg.

How LTTE hoodwinked its own people, and how they located anti-aircraft guns next to refugee huts, churches full of IDPs shows some even minor mean acts (so when SLAF attacked them, the LTTE could use casualties to show the world)..

Your Tiger has eaten tons and tons of sh*t for twenty years that civilized human can not never think of ever doing.

Now itself also the desperate tiger is shelling Killinochchi Hospital to get international attention.

So, are you saying me that after LTTE doing most meanest things on earth for 25 years, "புலி பசித்தாலும் புல்லை தின்னாது"?

If you have an ounce of brain, analyse all the LTTE's past actions, current actions, and the what future would hold, and see what is the gain that you would get at the end!

Jaya said...

Troops of Sri Lanka Army 59 Division are in the process of making another shocking maneuver on the battlefield dragging the LTTE further closer to its certain defeat. Battlefield reports reveal that troops of 593 Brigade are steadily marching towards North of Mulliyawalai, entering into the jungle area lying between Puthukkudiyiruppu and Mulliyawali.

Heavy clashes have been reported between Army infantrymen and the terrorists in the North of Mulliyawali from 9 AM to 2.30 PM on Monday (Dec 29) as troop extended their forward boundaries further northwards. Intercepted terrorist radio transmissions have confirmed heavy damages to the terrorists during these clashes.

Meanwhile, troops of 592 Brigade operating in the western flank of the 593 Brigade has made further headway on their flanking movement. Infantrymen of 12 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (12 SLLI) and the 14 Gajaba Regiment (14 GR) attacked terrorist groups in the North of Karurelankandal and Kulamuripu areas during daytime yesterday as they extended their forward boundaries further northwards of the A-34 road (Mankulam- Mullaittivu)

Troops 591 Brigade engaged in a northward move along the Alampil- Mullaittivu road confronted with a group of terrorists in the South of Chilawatte area around 9, last morning.

Army 59 Division is currently operating closest to the LTTE’s main military bastion in Mullaittivu town. The strategic focus of the Wanni counter terrorist operation shifted from the Kilinochchi front to the Mullaittivu front once troops gained total control over the western shores of the island. At present, LTTE terrorists are mainly confined to a triangular shaped area edged by the A-9 road from the West, A-34 road from the South and the northeastern coastal belt stretching from Mullaittivu to Nagarkovil.

Mahen, what will happen to our people, who is going to help us ?

peter said...


ஃஅவென்’ட் யொஉ மெட் VP ரெகென்ட்ல்ய், ஹொவ் இஸ் யொஉர் அஸ்ஸ் தெஸெ டய்ஸ், இஸ் இட் பைனின்க்

Dஈபன் உபெ புகெ VP Vஎஷ பகயட

peter said...

Mahen's brother

peter said...

Mahen's brother

Mahen said...

Ado Peter Pakaya

Veshige Putha,

how do you know my brother

Shyam said...

Guys check this out ..this is another brutal behavior of Ponna SLA ..


Navindran said...

Honestly without a large counter offensive, LTTE is already winning the war. Simply because the Sri Lankan economy is moving towards a full collapse. Its been completely mismanaged.

Mahindha trys desperately to get battlefield sucesses because he wants to divert the attention of the masses, but for how long.

Bhairav said...


What's your stand on the loss of "Paranthan" which is key gateway to many things?

thiru said...

Bhairav, paranthan hasn't fallen as of yet, and even if it does it does not mean that the ltte is cornered in killinochi or is going to get boxed in in EP as stated by DW....it will however be harder for ltte logistically but not impossible as alternate routes are still open.

thiru said...

another blatant act of state terrorism in another air raid which has targetted a civilian settlement....one innocent tamil civilian has been murdered and 7 injured....in my opinion modhayas are taking advantage of ltte's patience, i feel it's time that the south feels the brunt of the war, this is becoming ridiculous as they feel that they have a free pass now that the tigers are waiting on the IC community to react, the sad fact is that the IC community doesn't give a shit abt minorities it's happening in vanni and in palestine and the UN and everyone else just turns a blind eye.....tamil civilians are living in fear and panic becos of the terrorist state's indiscriminate shelling and air raids, there are civilians getting killed daily and maimed, it is time that we gave up on this false hope that the IC community is going to realize the atrocities of mahinda's regime, the singhalas have to realize the pain in order for this war to stop....wat is ur take on this mahen?

CriMeWatCh said...

andho kethi. thalaiwar TATA kattittu odiruwaroo?

peter said...

Many independent Defence analysts have reported that Sri Lanka Army is just 700m away from Paranthan Junction this morning. SL Army troops are supported by its elite Commandos and heavy damages to the Tigers have reported.

It is noticed that the LTTE’s battlefield strength have reduced drastically in Killinochchi and Paranthan fronts, as they have withdrawn many carders from there to protect and strengthen the Mullattivu Battle front. LTTE are running out of ideas to protect which battle-front, as SL Army’s Task Force 1 (Paranthan), 59 Division (Mullattivu) and 57 Division (K’nochchi) are marching forwards simultaneously.

Thoughtful Guy said...

when it happens,I guess paranthan too can be added to the "Tactical Withdrawn From" list......

last_mile said...

One mile to Nachchikudah?

koly said...

Seems TN in panic mode; some idiot post this image in tamilnet, mistaken for a civilian;

click here

NOLTTE=Peace said...

LTTE has made another tactical withdrawal from Paranthan town. The whole town has been taken under control by the SLARMY few hours back.

Now we are waiting to see whether it is to the South or East!

புலி பசித்தாலும் புல்லை தின்னாது

Is the hungry tiger 'constipated'?

Mahen said...

LTTE has withdrawn from Paranthan area. Tiger defences further south and east have been strengthened.

Bhairav said...

[Tiger defences further south and east have been strengthened.]


Same story again and again!