Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Plain Truth

With torrential monsoon rains pouring down on Thamil Eelaam, the actual plight of the SLDF is as follows.

It is prudent to take a closer look at GOSL propaganda. The terminology used on websites and media coverage in general do confirm the extreme difficulties SLDF are presently experiencing and their imminent withdrawal from the area. “Stiff resistance”, “pitched battles”, “minor damages”(to SLDF), “fierce fighting”, etc., all mean one thing - SLDF are poised for yet another defeat within Thamil Eelaam preceded by heavy loses of hardware and personnel.

The land based offensive is at a disastrous juncture for the SLDF due to elite LTTE forces defending from well dug-in positions. The present inclement weather not helping the uninvited guests to Thamil Eelaam, the LTTE are in their own back yard, turning all natural and geographical features to their advantage. With military hardware amply in stock and all important supply routes intact, the LTTE are confident of a fight-to-death – death being that of SLDF.

Knowing it is a no-win situation for the infantry, the GOSL propaganda machine is diverting the observer’s attention to sea and air based activities in the hope of scraping some popular support for continual military aggression. LTTE sources from the front lines confirm that according to information extracted from captured SLA soldiers (including high ranking warrant officers), the GOSL is seriously considering a ceasefire or at least a suspension of hostilities towards the Tamils, the citizens of Thamil Eelaam.


Peter said...


Thanks for the update.

It is now obvious that only the Tamil side has updates and progress to report on.

DefenceLiars are MIA.

It will be prudent to reveal details from captured soldiers on blogs only. If released via official media, Tigers will have to keep them in POW jails and won't be able to treat them to the Tank View 5*s hotel.

Jet said...

good job mahen

Jet said...

LTTE's preemptive strike kills 40, pushes SLA 2 km back in Ki'linochchi

Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) counter-offensive units carried out a preemptive strike on Sri Lanka Army (SLA) offensive formation in Mu'rika'ndi - Ira'naimadu area Saturday, killing 40 SLA soldiers, LTTE officials told TamilNet. The SLA was pushed back 2 km and the Tigers said they have recovered 7 dead bodies of SLA soldiers so far in the clearing mission.

The preemptive strike was carried out as the SLA was preparing for another offensive push, according to LTTE officials.

The first LTTE-claimed preemptive strike comes in the wake of SLA suffering three debacles within the last few weeks in Ki'linochchi.

Upul said...

great updates please keep it up. Need to know more details of todays counter-attack.

Jet said...

Wanni an Army Graveyard

The Government is trying to push it elite troops around the Kilinochchi, but it is far from reached, and is in setback losing its well trained troops in continuing to fight mostly decisive battles in many fronts.

While the army amidst some heavy fighting in last week it is now raising a new fighting division (Task Force V) to put into battle in the coming days. It will be the army’s eighth division entering the battle during the Wanni operation. As it is placed under Col. Athula Galagamage, Lt. Col. Priyanka Fernando and Lt. Col. Ranjith Abeyratne have been appointed as its Brigade Commanders.

It was only in the beginning of this month that the Army raised its seventh division (Div.64 or Task Force IV). It is headed by Col. Nishantha Wanniarachchi is deployed in Mulaitivu along with 59 Division.

These events clearly show that the army is slowly trapping in a conventional warfare method, however, recent weeks the army was defeated in a conventional battle in several fronts, initiated by the military.

In the first instant, a heavy fighting broke out on Wednesday (10) as the Army advanced towards Killinochchi from several directions and the battle that continued for 24 hours. The heaviest fighting took place at Pudumuruppukulam, west of Killinochchi town.

The Air Force too engaged LTTE positions in support of the ground troops. But troops came under heavy machine gunfire from the LTTE holding entrenched positions on the earth bund. Using special operation tactics, the LTTE virtually cornered the Seventh Light Infantry regiment; it was led by Lt. Col. Ranjith Abeyratne with a heavy mortar fire.

The regiment lost 45 of its men as a result, including 12 men who fell into LTTE hands. Another 120 soldiers were injured. Intercepted army communications have also confirmed these heavy losses. But army officially admitted that the 23 killed and more than 60 wounded, in order to avoid demoralisation of their troops. But some sources in Wanni indicated that the army death toll in two days of fighting (Wednesday (10) and Thursday (11)) at 120 killed and 280 wounded. These attacks were directed by LTTE’s Special Leader of the Imran Pandiyan special force identified as Lt. Col. Velawan.

After this failed operation, Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets and assault choppers carried out more than dozen sorties in the south of Kilinochchi and West of Paranthan. Throughout the ceasefire, the air force has been building up its elite attack helicopter squadron (The 9th Attack Helicopter Squadron) which consist of Mi 24s and Mi 35s hind helicopters which are designed to give close air support for ground troops.

Then the Government claimed that the 57-4 Brigade led by Lt. Col. Senaka Wijesuriya was moved from Akkarayan to Therumurukandi, while Lt. Col. Priyantha Perera led 63-1 Brigade has advanced further east beyond Olumadu in the process of capturing Kuruppamaddimuruppu. Also 63-2 Brigade, which was moved towards Ampakamam,

But whatever the Government claims, the second bloody battles broke up south of Ki'laali and west of Killinochchi on Tuesday (16) as the LTTE offered stiff resistance to the troops pushing into the further south. According to reports from the battlefront, troops beefed up operations now when bad weather conditions temporarily improved.

On last week, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Chief of Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Donald Perera and Army Commander Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka, who visited Wanni Command Headquarters and assessed the ground situation with Wanni Commander Maj. Gen Jagath Jayasuriya and other top brass. Then they visited Jaffna and met with Jaffna Commander Maj. Gen G.A. Chandrasiri and also assessed the ground situation with field commanders.

After these visits the kilaali and Kilinochchi multi - front operation plans were executed, by two Brigades (53-1 and 53-2) of the 53 Division headed by Brigadier Kamal Gunaratne in Kilali front, three brigades (57-1, 57-2 and 57-3) of the 57 division headed by Maj. Gen Jegath dias in Malayaa'lapuram, Mu'rika'ndi, Pulikku'lam and Iranamadu fronts and Similarly Brig. Shavendra Silva led 58 Division advanced along the Pooneryn-Paranthan road (Kugnchupparanthan) with the Fifth Armoured Corp and the infantry regiments operating under this Division. Three frontline assault divisions (53, 57 and 58) were handpicked for this latest operation.

The elite 53 Division consisting of 53-1 air mobile brigade, the 53-2 independent brigade of Special Forces commandos, 53-3 of special armour (now it is an independent brigade) and the infantry of 53-4. The military objectives were ultimately to open a door to recapture the Elephant pass military complex—a key strategic position at the gateway to the Jaffna peninsula which the military lost in April 2000 and proceeding to Killinochchi.

It was past midnight, at around 1:30 a.m., that the military operation commenced in Kilaali front. It was initially a night (stealth) operation. Jaffna SF Commander General Chandrasiri was in touch with the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 53 Division, Brigadier Kamal Gunaratne, who was led the Kilaali front.

Infantry from 5 GW, 1 VIR and 6 GR of the Air Mobile Brigade (AMB) of the 53 Division, were move out of their FDLs in Kilaali, to launch this surprise attack but waves of troop attacks were beaten back by LTTE infantry men. Several soldiers were killed in the bunkers and trenches along this line. The LTTE used mortars, mines and snipers in many places to cause damage. Troops who stepped on Johnny mines, not only lost their legs, but the action sparked off claymore mines and 60mm motor shells. Improvised Explosive Devices were also used by the LTTE, who had dug up trenches and pits to trap troops.

From around 9.30 a.m., the 53 Division began withdrawing. By 10:30 a.m., the soldiers had gone back to their original positions. Learning from the lessons following the past misadventures at Muhamalai and Kilaali in last couple of years, the army is keen to keep the death toll and casualty figures as low as possible and withdrew as quickly as possible.

More than 40 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and at least 160 soldiers wounded when the LTTE repulsed an offensive, LTTE officials said, they seized vast quantity of arms and recovered dead bodies of the SLA. The SLA has admitted that 25 soldiers were killed, 10 soldiers were missing and around 160 soldiers sustained injuries in the fighting on Tuesday explaining that they made a 'tactical withdrawal' in Ki'laali.

Sources in Jaffna said that the SLAF helicopters were seen engaged in transporting casualties and injured soldiers while Kandy road and Palaali road were blocked several times during the day enabling ambulances to carry the dead and injured to Palaali hospital.

The SLA directed artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) on LTTE territory. The LTTE counter artillery barrage hit Mirusuvil and Usan army rear bases. The attackers had been further handicapped army to evacuate their injured soldiers.

While these waves of attacks were taking place, other two divisions were started their push in Killinochchi front. The most decisive battle for Paranthan and Kilinochchi has been commenced around 5.30am on Tuesday. The 57 and 58 Divisions launched a simultaneous attack on the "L" shaped 6 km long bund surrounding Paranthan and Pooneryn. While SLA used artillery and multi-barrel rocket fire to neutralize LTTE counter attacks the 57 Division took heavy beat.

The Air Force too engaged LTTE positions in support of the ground troops. Using the familiarity of the ground to their advantage, the LTTE virtually cornered the Infantry battalions with a heavy rain of mortar and artillery fire. Troops from SLSR CLI, GW and GR were beaten back.

The LTTE officials in Wanni said that 130 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed in the multi-front offensive push by the SLA in Ki'linochchi on Tuesday. More than 300 soldiers were wounded in the heavy battle that raged throughout the day till 4:00 p.m. on four main localities and along a wide stretch of the Ki'linochchi frontiers.

36 dead bodies of the SLA soldiers have been recovered so far, 28 in Ki'linochchi and 8 in Ki'liaali, in the clearing missions following Tuesday's fighting. 10 dead bodies of the SLA soldiers were recovered by the Tigers Tuesday evening. 8 more bodies were recovered later and 10 further recovered Wednesday. There were more dead bodies lying between the LTTE and SLA defence lines, according to the reports from Wanni.

Interestingly, photographs of the dead bodies of the Sri Lankan soldiers, recovered by the LTTE, has exposed that the Colombo is using Sinhalese child soldier in its offensive front in Wanni. This is clearly indicated that the army has faced lack of man power to holding its positions. The Tigers have seized several weapons in the clearing mission.

The security forces airlifted casualties by helicopter from Kilaali to Palaly and Killinochchi to Vavunia and Mannar. Casualties were also transported by roads as well. According to information received by this column, injured soldiers are being treated at Palaly, Vavuniya, Anuradhapura, Polanaruwa, Trinco and Colombo hospitals.

Intercepted army transmissions have revealed that troops have faced problems over evacuating the wounded due to heavy motor fire and booby traps. The danger of anti personnel mines and booby traps which were displaced from their original positions in recent days have further complicated the ground situation. For an example deputy commander of the 20th Sinha Regiment belonging to 63-2 Brigade Maj. Priyantha Liyanage was stepped on a Johnny anti-personnel mine in Olumadu area and lost a leg.

While main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles continued to provide support to the evacuation mission, there is a possibility for Victor Anti -Tank Regiment will be step up its counter offensive soon.

The figures according to army, they lost around 100 soldiers in Kilinochchi and Paranthan fighting, 80 soldiers were killed and another 24 have gone missing. Total SLA casualty figures in Ki'linochchi and Jaffna frontiers for the past two days stand at around 145 soldiers killed and further 300 being wounded and most of them requiring emergency amputations, altogether 42 were declared MIA.

When 12 SLSR suffered heavy casualties in the Ki'linochchi front 6GR suffered badly in the Kilaali front. Circles close to the Defence Ministry told casualty figures that much higher than official version. Bulk of the SLA casualties on Kilali operation were caused by artillery fire which rained on advancing troops. On Paranthan and Kilinochchi fronts however, close quarters fighting caused heavy damage. When troops retreated to base, the LTTE fired 81 mm, Samathnam and 120 mm mortars at them.

Fighters from the Charles Anthony, Jeyanthan, Imran and Pandiyan special Infantry Brigades, Sothiya and Malathy Women’s Brigades, Kittu Artillery Unit, Kutty Sri Mortar Unit, Ponnammaan mines cops Units and snipers were combined in this operation. When Col. Lawrence, Northern front commanding officer engaging the 53 Division, Col. Laxman and Lt. Col Velawan were led the Killinochchi front.

The Overall operation was coordinated by Col. Theepan, who is now appointed as a special counter operation commander of the overall Wanni operation. Now he had developed its own counter battle plans to beat back the forces in the event of an operation. The truth is there was a better coordination and the support of the indirect fire was obtained. The Ponnammaan Mines Corps of the LTTE had set up its mines and booby traps in key locations. They began to take a toll in several fronts. Three frontline divisions suffered heavy losses.

In the battle plans, it appears that the army did not anticipate such a counter offensive strategy by the LTTE. This operation was the first in which so the military had lost multi-front task within 48 hours. Battle plans are usually drawn up for military advantage and that should be the only consideration. But in Sri Lanka, they are drawn up for political advantage. It appears the operation was conducted in a hurry before the end of this year. The entire operation was well-planned on paper but it was the implementation that went wrong.

After these latest failed offensive, Air Force fighter jets and MI-24 helicopters stepped up aerial attacks on the Kilinochchi town and its suburbs, they carried out at least five air raids since at 7.30 am on Wednesday, A 5-month-old child and a 25-year-old male were killed and 13 other displaced civilians including three children were wounded in this attack. The government said, the jets were raided the LTTE installations but it is not true.

Then again the heaviest fighting took place at Pudumurippu, west of Killinochchi town on Wednesday (17). The LTTE officials said that they seized vast quantity of arms and recovered 12 dead bodies of the SLA. According to the latest information, total SLA casualty figures in Ki'linochchi and Jaffna frontiers for the past two days stand at around 165 soldiers killed and further 470 being wounded and 38 bodies were recovered.

But government systematically concealed the war casualties from the battle fronts. The scale of this propaganda has been so great that many people in the south have been taken in and believed that ‘victory’ over the LTTE was imminent. This focus about winning the war instilled buoyancy in the public mood, which has helped the Rajapaksa regime to help contain resentment over the rising cost of living, inflation, economic disastrous, corruption, mismanagement, etc.

Apart from this, the government has the additional advantage of enhance its political image. But, it was too obvious that the whole affair could not be concealed. The Tamil international websites posted pictures of security forces personnel bodies, guns and other military equipment left behind.

From previous operations, the army learnt it the hard way. Battalions of infantrymen advancing into LTTE-held territory could be disastrous. Hence, a different strategy of small groups of elite forces is using now. But, in the southern neck of the peninsula and Killinochchi fronts, this tactics could be also a graveyard for Sinhala youths, which was proved in this week.

The Sinhala people of this country have been the targets of a sustained propaganda barrage claiming that everything was hunky-dory for the regime in the ongoing war against the LTTE. But the recent battle shows that it is a bubble and it will burst in any time. The Sinhala people need to be Pay attention regarding the government false propaganda or Pay the price.

Peter said...

DefenceLK has made "strategic withdrawal" and has begun reporting on fighting with Sea Tigers.

Why now?

Haha, because they can;t report anything about land battles.

How much longer will they keep kissing Killinochchi?

Poor Sinhala modayas still buy into DefeneLK stories.

real said...


Could you give us an update on captured soldiers?


Pottu Amman said...

Not a single LTTE Freedom Fighter died in any of these battles. We have enough donkeys to defend our worthy cause. Long live Eelam.

Pottu Amman said...

I have heard that over 1000 GOSL forces have died invading our utopian mono ethnic home land. But why have I not heard of any LTTE freedom fighter getting killed or wounded.

In any of the Tamil Eelam media; not a single body count of our precious freedom fighters are listed. Why is this? What are we hiding? Why are we hiding? From whom are we hiding?

Donkeys will always be donkeys.

Pottu Amman said...

We have pushed back the genocidal Sinhalam horde 2 km back killing over 400 GOSL child soldiers. In the meantime the GOSL air force is bombing poor and innocent IDPs and the navy is going on a rampage massacring innocent fishermen. Do we have an effective counter measure for this?

Can't we get couple of Vipers from BSG? Atleast a Raptor with a nuke? How about a Battle Star? How much does a Battle Star cost these day? We have enough money right !! But do we have enough able men to manure a ship that big?

Jet said...

Malin said...

Guys where is defencewire?


no more jokes

no story on the sinking of the huge ship


Jet said...

sinhala modaya feeling the heat

time for keyboard heroes & children to join the force to make the 'ultimate sacrifice' for a small amount of money

Peter said...

TN has been updated.

10 Sinhala child soldiers bodies have been recovered. Large haul of weapons have also been captured.

At least 30 more Sinhala child soldiers bodies are scattered across no-mans' land.

Pottu Amman said...

Yup. Atleast the Sinhala Modayas and their moda children die for a small amount. But in our mono ethnic utopian home land; we get poor people (all adults) forcefully recruited to die as cannon fodder. They surely die, but they are never appreciated.

Typical donkey reply without any answer.

Pottu Amman said...

Pea Eater,

Please go through the below text copied verbatim from TN. Where does it say "At least 30 more Sinhala child soldiers bodies are scattered across no-mans' land.....

What is the purpose of your lies and why are you spoiling this super duper blog?

Tigers recover 10 SLA bodies after preemptive strike in Ki'linochchi, 40 killed
[TamilNet, Saturday, 20 December 2008, 16:03 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) counter-offensive units carried out a preemptive strike on Sri Lanka Army (SLA) offensive formation in Mu'rika'ndi - Ira'naimadu area Saturday, killing 40 SLA soldiers, LTTE officials told TamilNet. The SLA was pushed back 2 km and the Tigers said they have recovered 10 dead bodies of SLA soldiers so far in the clearing mission.

The preemptive strike was carried out as the SLA was preparing for another offensive push, according to LTTE officials.

The first LTTE-claimed preemptive strike comes in the wake of SLA suffering three debacles within the last few weeks in Ki'linochchi.


Pottu Amman said...

Dear Donkeys,

It seems that we are running out of urgently needed blood for are warrior freedom fighters.

Say you can stockpile weapons and ammo; but you can't stockpile blood. You simply cannot. And unfortunately we are running short of them.

It is true that we are rounding up people and forcefully extracting blood in our mobile LTTE medical centers; but still its not enough.

So can you all please donate some of your precious donkey blood for the cause.

Long live Eelam.

wijayapala said...

"If SLA was defeated earlier, Sinhala would have ditched Mahinda-Fonseka and went behind another modaya who promised them victory over Tamils."

That's not what happened in December 2001. The SLA had been more or less defeated and the electorate chose the "peace" candidate Ranil Wickremasinghe, whose credibility ran dry after his LTTE partner in peace demonstrated a lack of interest in peace.

If the SLA had been humiliated earlier, the Sinhalese would've lost all hope. It is precisely by giving up Eastern Province and Mannar/Pooneryn that the LTTE lost its aura of invincibility. That is why the western powers are no longer braying that the LTTE cannot be military defeated.

thiru said...

the counter attack carried out today was done by tiger commando's with ferocity and the modhayas were'nt able to handle it....the tigers have used mbrl's in recent fighting including this recent counter attack......this is just a sample of things to come for the mohaya army!

wijayapala said...

Dear NoFake,

Thank you for replying to my comments.

"The SLA has not been smashing thro tiger defences, they have been moving around the tiger defences. That option will run out with territory shrink, as being witnessed now."

What you may have missed from DBS Jeyaraj's article is that this "moving around defences" is called maneuver warfare. That is more or less how armies learned to fight in WWII (the Germans had developed this in the last stages of WWI to break the stalemate of trench warfare).

The idea of maneuver warfare is to save the decisive battle for the time and place most conducive for one side's victory.

LTTE propagandists are claiming that the SLA is getting into this disadvantageous position by getting spread out in the Wanni- this is where they fail to account for the SLA's buildup in the Wanni which is limiting this danger.

As the LTTE continues to lose territory, its own maneuver space will be limited. The Tigers will increasingly have to hide behind civilians and pray that there won't be a mass exodus out of the Mullaitivu jungles.

"The elite of the elite 53 division is facing insurmountable defence lines Muhamalai axis, putting up such defences for novice divisions should be child's play for LTTE."

The reason that the 53 & 55 Divisions have not been able to advance at Muhamalai is the same reason why the LTTE had failed to advance (in Unceasing Waves IV in 2000 and in August 2006): the lack of maneuver space. Combatants in this area can only employ costly frontal assaults. It makes little difference how elite the combat units are (and the 53 Division is no longer the sole "elite division" in the SLA- your information is 10 years out of date).

The LTTE will not be able to hold Elephant Pass if the 57 Division and/or Task Force I capture Paranthan and cut off reinforcements/resupply.

"Other than swimming in water-clogged quagmire, the SLA now has to watch out for tiger teams that roam behind ostensible frontlines."

Yet the SLA has plenty of soldiers available to guard both flanks and rear areas. That is why the LTTE has been unable to launch major counterattacks like it did during Jayasikurui.

"The tigers have been excelling in the art of putting up impregnable defences. You might have heard about Puliyankulam of Jaya Sikuru er."

I am more interested in how the LTTE gave up Puliyankulam in 2008 without much of a fight than how it defended Puliyankulam in 1997.

"Having a very large army is not necessarily an advantage to GOSL. That will drain state's resources proportionately and shorten the duration the state can fight again proportionately."

That is why I argued in DW that the SLA has to scale back after the LTTE is defeated- there would be no reason to justify a large SLA without a threat. As long as the LTTE is around, though, the electorate will accept the need to maintain a large force.

"Having a large army is helpful if it can destroy military assets of LTTE within a short span of time."

The SLA has destroyed the LTTE's manpower-the most important asset-over the last 2 years.

"In 80's when other militant organisations were accepting everyone with a pulse, only LTTE had a strong wetting process. Prabaharan said, that he prefers to have one motivated fighter than having 50 less motivated fighers."

I think the proper English term is "vetting," unless you were referring to the LTTE leadership wetting their pants! =)

Thalaivar prefers a smaller but more motivated force because it can inflict more destruction. We saw the results of that in the 1990s. However we have seen precious little of the LTTE's offensive combat ability recently. Nothing resembling Frog or Unceasing Waves I or II.

The longer that the LTTE is unable to demonstrate is offensive ability, the more that normal Tamils (not the deluded LTTE bootlickers living far away) will question whether Thalaivar has lost his magic touch. We all know that the LTTE isn't really anything without the Leader to hold it together (hence the absurd lengths the LTTE goes to protect him). The LTTE will not be able to hold the Wanni populace hostage in the Mullaitivu jungles forever.

Bhairav said...


This blog updates have already surpassed the quality of DW and DN. Please keep up the good work.

Balance is the importance, so you should always mention the LTTE's short comings here. I'm pretty sure all the chena boys will flood to this page regularly.

Peter said...

Update: 12 SLA bodies recovered.

Jet said...

sinhala modaya in denial mode

Jet said...

moda sinhala bubble bursts

Jet said...

Tigers recover 12 SLA bodies after preemptive strike, 60 killed, 150 wounded

Peter said...


Read this week's Sunday Observer Situation Report. They have recycled 70% of previous report. In true modaya fashion, they forgot to make changes to temporal references while copy&paste.

Jet said...

Sunday Observer is a 100% joke

defencewire & defencenet on holiday


Bhairav said...

As I said earlier, 10,000+ fresh legs and some strategic weapons will put SLA out of order for many years to come. Either way it's gonna be turning point of current Eeelam war IV.

It's too early to jump in the LTTE bandwagon, but we Tamils should continue to support LTTE in their good times or bad times.

Peter said...


Here are the two links:

1. Sunday, 21 December 2008

More than 70% copied from

2. Sunday, 07 December 2008


Thousands of modayas actually waste rupees on this joker paper, Sunday Observer.

frontline said...

col Namal Udawatta killed in recent attack. very big lost for sri lankan army,

Jet said...

Namal Udawatta

?? who is that guy

DPU guy ?

Peter said...

I think that is a typo. That guy was a CPL = Corporal promoted to Sergeant.

Lakbima is another joker paper. CPL in SLA are in artillery units. Lakbima says he held on to trenches. CPL never used to go on front-line offensive, unless things are desperate in the SAL now.

Jet said...

santa claus is coming to ......


koly said...

dear Peter,
Corporal is the NOC rank with every regiment apart from Artillery which called the same rank a Bombardier; Corporal is one above Lance Corporal and below Sergeant.

Bombardier is a rank used in artillery units in the armies of Commonwealth countries instead of Corporal. Lance-Bombardier is used instead of Lance-Corporal.

koly said...

further, your accusation of Lakbima should be reconsidered as Corporal Namal Udawatta is attached to 12th Sinha Regiment which is one of five Infantry Regiments of SLA.

frontline said...

big fight breakout

Jet said...

another move from Jaffna ?

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Please do not rape this blog also with your fake Monkey stuff!

Do not try to vandalise this sacred blog.

Please keep sanity of this blog.

Rumesh said...

Thanks Mahen for update,

It was revealed first in this blog regarding captured SLA soldiers. Any idea regarding the number of SLA soldiers captured.

Jet, Good work, it would be more better if you could provide the source.

NoFake_55778819501 said...


From Mavilaru to Pooneryn the SLA has not been smashing through tiger defences, but moving around them. Now they are left with no choice but to smash through tiger defences. That would be a tall order for the latest elite divisions who are yet to demonstrate their abilities to break through hard LTTE defences. I am seeing no more progress for SLA (or close to the end of progress).

SLA has failed to destroy LTTE manpower. The current LTTE strength is way more than the cadre strength they had just two years ago.

I didnt say 53 division is the sole elite division. I said that is the elite of the elite division. If you think 57 division is an elite you might want to check its turnover rate. In 2007 Fonseka said that there were 2000 fatalities in the army. Bulk of it was suffered by 57 division. Out of the original 7000 soldiers of 57 division how many are still active? In my dictionary novices are not elites.

LTTE is in no hurry to demonstrate their offensive capabilities. They chose not to engage in offensives, they have been clearly saying that they are in a defensive posture. Looks like you are in more hurry than the LTTE. You said you can read tamil, arent you following LTTE statements.

Instead of "Do-Or-Die" style counter offensives, they have much more cheaper alternatives now to keep the morale of cadres and diaspora high. *wink* *wink*

You are not aware of EPS terrain and the advantages it presents to the tigers. If the TF-1 manages to reach EPS through Paranthan, you just to have to add that to the list occupied by 54 division.

Puliyankulam is an old example of tough LTTE defense line the SLA failed miserably to break through. In the new strategic plan Puliyankulam does not rank high.

Plenty of SLA soldiers in the rear are ripe targets for LTTE DPU attacks. Just one division (62) will be insufficient to guard against intruders.

Sorry about the typo. I meant "vetting". Many thanks for correcting me.

The SLA's capture of territory will become its liability. The biggest liability will be Pooneryn. Sometime in the future I will explain that to you with hard data (instead of speculation :)

There is no need for any LTTE offensives yet. They want to enjoy setting death traps for SLA. Stalingrad of SLA is in very initial phases. So take a chill pill and not worry about lack of LTTE offensives.

LTTE is not in the business of giving what the GOSL expects :)

Peter said...


You are correct. My bad.

NoFake_55778819501 said...

I think this is the first time in EelamWar-4 LTTE launched a preemptive strike against SLA preparing to launch an offensive.

That clearly means LTTE defenses are hardening.

Peter said...

Another example of ArmyLK brilliance.

Today, they announced the capture of “Nedunkeni”. A map accompanies the report on

Look closely, and you will notice that the village marked as “Nedunkeni” is actually Nedungkeni fields south of Vavani-kulam, to the west of A9.

Nedunkeni village that most people know of is to the east of the A9.

real said...


well spotted with the identicle article by poor Sunday Observer.

I feel sorry for them, coz they in need to report some thing to sell news papers.

I wonder how many Sinhala intellectuals have spotted this?

Sri Lankan said...

How come LTTE is being defeated in all fronts???

I thought they had enough cardres to secure atleast one area.

Mate how come your living in self denial too???

Hmmm cant bear the truth with the facts right in front isnt it.....

And hmmmmm you used to say Pooneryn was not fallen and hey here you are saying troops are only close to Killi and its not under siege.... he he...

next you will be saying Mullativ is not yet fallen but troops are only close he he